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2005 Guide to Avian Diet and Nutrition

Find out about diets, treats and supplements.

Feather Up moulting supplement contains vitamins A, D3, E plus 10 other vitamins, 'Rapisorb' minerals: selenium, iron, cobalt, manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium, iodine and sulphur, amino acids, protein and Glucose polymers. Use one pinch daily on seed, fruit or eggfood. For treatment of Feather Plucking, use with CalciBoost and Potent Brew. Available in 50-, 100- and 360-gram packages.


2 Sisters Aviary

(407) 310-9446



Eight in One Pet Products now offers a new pelleted food, Avizon Super Premium Daily Diets. Each pellet is nutritionally balanced and fortified with vitamins and minerals, and contains fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. Produced with nutrition and taste in mind, Parrot, Cockatiel and Parakeet diets are available.


8 In 1 Products

                                     (800) 645-5154




Avian Medicine Chest, specializing in natural remedies for bird health, has developed: Botanical Bird Food. This organic, stone-ground combination of herbs, proteins and amino acids was formulated specifically for birds having difficulty absorbing their food, convalescing from serious illness or having difficulty weaning. It can also be used as an adjunct to current natural feed programs.


Avian Medicine Chest

(712) 644-3535



Avi-Sci, Inc. introduces Dr. D's Pelleted Food. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or animal by-products, which helps prevent E. coli and Salmonella. Great prices available on 25- and 50-pound bags. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours by UPS. Avi-Sci, Inc. guarantees your bird will switch with a money-back guarantee on a 5-pound bag.



                                                     (800) 942-3438





Beak Appetit introduces the Beak Bucket, a revolutionary new packaging concept that allows bird-owners to cook and store wholesome warm food right in the package. Six varieties are available in the 6.5-ounce Beak Bucket. Flavors include: Caribbean Crunch, Cinnamon Sunrize, Cream of Tweet, Nuts for Alfredo, Cheese Teaser and Calypso Spice.


Beak Appetit

(800) 467-4677



Birdcamp Sprout Mix is a nutritious mix of 15 whole grains, beans and legumes. When sprouted, the mix provides a broad, balanced, "live enzyme," low-fat diet of natural foods. Sprouts grow in three days in the sprouting bag provided. Available in a 2-pound nitrogen-flushed package.


Birdcamp Sprouts/Gulf Coast Exotic

(850) 265-5675



Gold Label Feast softfood contains unique health promoting herbs to support immune and digestive function. This traditional breeder product is being increasingly used by pet owners to provide all the supplements required to complement a seed based diet.


Birdcare Company

(+44) 1453 835330



AVI-LYTE PLUS is a powerful, advanced nutritional supplement and biological product, which maximizes overall health of pet birds. It contains probiotics, acidification, electrolyte therapy and supplemental vitamins and minerals. Use AVI-LYTE PLUS as a preventative treatment against potential problems.


Brightwood Bird Clinic

(440) 357-5600



Give your bird the health benefits of fresh grass year-round for just pennies per day with the Fancy Feathers premium wheatgrass kit. Premium seeds yield at least 3 harvests of tasty wheatgrass, loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and chlorophyll. Also, the see-through container allows you to watch roots and sprouts as they grow.


Brisky’s Pet Product

(800) 462-2464



Avian FRESH Diets are 100-percent natural for birds The Avian FRESH Program provides complete sprouted diet that takes little time to prepare. An Avian FRESH Diet Starter Kit includes 10 pounds of human-grade grains, seeds, legumes and herbs for sprouting, Fresh Addition (premium all-natural avian supplement), FRESH stabilizer (for safety), the Sprout Tower and complete instructions. Choice of two formulas: AFD-psittacine for most parrots and AFD-micrograin for small parrots, budgies, cockatiels, doves and is also a favorite with cockatoos of any size.


China Prairie

(888) FRESH01 [373-7401]





L'Avian Plus™ TropikTreet for Large Parrots is an all-natural fruit and nut mixture containing tree nuts, papaya, pineapple, bananas, apricots, coconut and peppers. Provides interesting, clean, healthy and natural nutrients. TropikTreet for Large Parrots is available in a 3.25-pound bag and comes in a reclosable PETE plastic jar with a “Keep Fresh” inner seal.


D&D Commodities

(800) 543-3308


Entrée is a nutritious blend of 24 dehydrated fruits and vegetables with extruded pellets. Ducote’s Parrot Place offers a diet that provides your birds with the variety and balanced nutrition they require. The variety of Entrée provides a path to convert your birds from a seed-only diet to a more nutritious one. Entrée allows you to introduce a large variety of fruits and vegetables without having to worry about the problems of fresh foods spoiling and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. It is available in sizes: Large Parrot, Parrot/Conure, Cockatiel, Parakeet/Parrotlet and Canary/Finch.


                                              Ducote’s Parrot Place

                                             (225) 686-1095





Gonzo's Gourmet Birdcakes are a blend of fresh, healthy, veterinarian-approved ingredients -- a great way to get your pet bird to eat fruits and vegetables.
Gonzo's Gourmet Birdcakes are made-to-order and hand-mixed. Birdcakes are 100 percent human consumable, and fruits and vegetables are pureed right into the batter to outwit even the fussiest of eaters. For more information, contact Lorna at Gonzo's Gourmet Birdcakes.


Gonzo’s Gourmet Bird Cakes

(603) 332-5865



Crazy Corn® soft food mixes are an easily-cooked natural, lowfat diet for birds. Five mixes are available. Cook up a thrilling batch monthly, freeze excess and serve in seconds. A leading soft food brand for 17 years. No hull waste!


Crazy Corn

(800) BIRD YUM






Bugs-N-Berries Universal Insectivore Diet is formulated to fill the needs of insect-eating mammals and birds. It can be offered alone or mixed with fresh fruit and/or vegetables


Cuttlebone Plus

(800) 747-9878





Harrison's Bird Foods -- High Potency Super Fine Formulas. It's the same premium, certified organic formula as traditional High Potency Fine, be these nuggets are only half the size of that formula. The smaller size is readily acceptable by the more stubborn birds such as cockatiels, budgies, canaries and finches. Super Fine is also available in the Adult Lifetime formula.


Harrison’s Bird Foods

(800) 346-0269



Peck N' Coo introduces Zoys™, a quick and easy food. Zoys are made with soybean and rice cracker powders puffed and rolled in sesame seeds with less fat and fillers. Give breeding or weaning birds Zoys soaked in warm water and offered in a separate treat bowl, or crumble them and put them over your bird's regular food.


DD Pet Products/Peck N' Coo

(800) 598-9486



The Missing Link Avian Formula by Designing Health, Inc. was designed to offer bird owners the best in nutritional supplementation. The Missing link provides essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and phytonutrients for improved overall health, thicker plumage and enhanced color and shine


Designing Health

(800) 774-7387



Kaylor of Colorado introduces Sweet Harvest Fruit Mix, Nut Mix and Fruit & Nut Mix all in a new 11-ounce stand-up pouch with a hanging hole. These mixes include papaya, almonds, walnuts, apple slices and other selected all-natural ingredients. Nitrogen-flushed barrier bags maintain freshness and eliminate bugs.


Kaylor Of Colorado

(888) 317-6347



Ionic Silver Care™ is comprised of negatively charged ionized silver atoms electrically suspended in structured pure water. In this mono-atomic negatively charged state, isolated silver ions are known to cleanse the anatomical system of harmful bacteria in reptiles and birds associated with respiratory infections, bald spots, West Nile virus, fungus, infectious discharge, pox, stress dehydration, Salmonella, yeast infections and more.


Exhibitor Labs

(800) 377-7963



Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food. Newly designed and formulated 5pound. stand-up pouch bags of F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Pet Bird Food. It is a vitamin-nutrient fortified food and treat, all-in-one. This super premium gourmet food is specially formulated for the daily dietary needs of your pet and is jam-packed with a medley of delicacies, plus, added beneficial bacteria to aid in proper digestion. Tropical Carnival is available for Small Hookbills, Large Hookbills & Cockatiels.


F.M. Brown

(800) 334-8816



Lake’s ® Premium Bird Foods provide a superior diet for all companion birds. Using carefully blended natural ingredients, Lake’s proven formulas ensure longevity by providing sound, balanced nutrition. Available in Maintenance Pellets, Mini-Pellets, Crumbles, Special Needs breeding and Hand-Rearing. Available in 2, 5, 12, 25 and 50 pound bags.


Lakes Unlimited

(800) 634-2473




Nekton-Lori is a copy of a natural diet As with all species-specific diets the company manufactures, the formula is based on current scientific findings on avian nutrition, field studies and experience. Ingredients are of the highest grade available and come in powder form for longer life and easy assimilation. Nekton-Lori is a carefully thought-out combination of nutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fats) and active substances (vitamins, macro and trace elements). The nectar powder mixes with water.


Guenter Enderle Enterprises

(727) 938-1544



Halo's Fanta-Seeds come in new packaging, making Fanta-Seeds stackable with snap-top lids to keep them fresh. Bulk bags are also available. Choose from three varieties: Large Birds, Medium Birds and Small Birds. Each unique food mixture contains all-natural human-grade quality fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and seeds. The Large Bird mixture now boasts Vegetable Pasta to add more variety to your bird's diet. All Halo products are free of chemicals, preservatives, coloring agents or pesticides and are guaranteed.


Halo, Purely For Pets

(800) 426-4256



Nemeth Farms Golden Harvest Spray Millet has been proven to be a spray millet that birds prefer. The supreme quality, farm-fresh plump, golden sprays are just what birds love so much. Golden Harvest Spray Millet is an all-natural treat with wholesome nutrition for all birds. Available in 5- or 25-pound boxes, custom packaging is also available.


Nemeth Farms

(800) 854-0814



Sunburst Gourmet Diets are premium diets loaded with natural treats. Depending on whether the diet is for large, small or medium hookbills, you'll find ingredients like papaya, bananas, pineapple, plump raisins, carrots, filberts, pine nuts and almonds. Large hookbills can enjoy nuts in the shell. Medium hookbills, like cockatiels, conures and lovebirds, will find fruit and smaller shelled nuts. Smaller hookbills, like budgies and parrotlets, are treated to small chopped nuts and fruit. No other gourmet diet can compare with the amount of different fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds you'll find in these fortified diets.


Higgins Group

(800) 878-2666



Introducing the newest premium hand-crafted blend from Island Treat Mixes. Like all other Nature’s Garden Blend Mixes, conure is made form the most aromatic, highest quality all-natural ingredients. Sized and blended for conure-size parrots.


Island Treat Mixtures

(631) 361-0011



Kaytee Fusion daily diet for pet birds combines fun, taste and nutrition. Vitamin supplement Kaytee exact is added, and works to provide birds with nutrition for better feathers and general health. Fusion is blended in three specific formulas: Cockatiels, Parrots and Parakeets. Parakeet mix includes Canary Grass Sees and Millet; Parrot mix contains papaya, bananas and carrots.


Kaytee Products, Inc.

(800) 669-9580





Gourmet Nutri-Berries are available in four varieties. El Paso Berries are a blend of red and green bell peppers and spice. Orchard Berries contain cranberries, apricots and golden raisins. Tropical Berries feature pineapple, papaya and mango, while Garden Veggies feature peas, carrots, corn and broccoli. Gourmet Berries are available in 10-ounce and 2-ounce bags.


Lafeber Company

(800) 842-6445



Orchard Sweets, a division of Marshall Pet Products, spotlights Orchard Sweets 100-percent Apple Treats for Birds. These all-natural treats contain 100-percent apple with no additives or fillers. Unlike fresh fruit, Orchard Sweets Apple Treats are easy to store and take along. Economical, convenient, wholesome, nutritious and delicious, they are available in slices, rings, diced or whole apple treats.


                                                    Marshall Pet Products

                                                   (800) 292-3424





McLeod's Parrot Cuisine is a freshly frozen gourmet bird food formulated as a convenient ready-to-serve meal. The dishes created are Parrot Pilaf, Birdie Cornbread, Sweet Potato Pie, Bee Berry Good Oatmeal with Bee Pollen, Chicken Pesto Pasta with Spirulina, and Coconutty Cookies with flaxseed meal. These six different cuisines come in 6 by 9 inch bags.


McLeod’s Parrot Cuisine

(805) 637-4173



Fabulous Feathers is formulated to provide an exact proportion of feather-enhancing nutrients. Biotin and fatty acids. All species, especially young birds, need these nutrients for strong, beautiful feathers with rich pigmentation. Fabulous Feathers also helps them grow and maintain healthy talons. It can be sprinkled on a slice of fruit, or put directly in the feeding cup.


Nicker’s International

(800) 642-5377





Polly’s® Ultimate Cuttlebone is a new treat that provides birds with essential Calcium.  Made with real cuttlebone and 100% digestible ground calcium, it is designed to be eaten and is available in 3 great flavors: Citrus Lime Twist, Honey Maple, and Spicy Red Pepper. Cuttlebone contains the highest amount of natural calcium and phosphate as well as many other important trace minerals.


Polly’s Pet Products

(888) 765-5971


New Pretty Bird Natural Gold for birds is a product designed to contain specific ingredients to help support a healthy immune system, increase fertility and improve digestion. Bursting with nutrition, Natural Gold is now available in two sizes. Both contain light, crunchy, noncolored morsels.


Pretty Bird International

(800) 356-5020






Mazuri Small Bird Maintenance Diet, a complete diet for small psittacines and passerines, is specially formulated for non-breeding birds.  Our diets are time tested in zoos, create less waste and mess, and contain natural vitamin E.  It is an extruded round particle available in a 2.5-pound bag.


Purina Mills/Mazuri

(800) 227-8941



Rose's Pet Products carries only the finest quality in-shell nuts -- no polishes, dyes, bleaches or preservatives are used. Varieties available include: almonds, walnuts, filberts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, pecans or custom mixes. Bulk sizes are available.


Rose’s Pet Emporium

(888) 418-2269



Roudybush, Inc. introduces a new maintenance diet formulated from rice products, minerals, and vitamins. Birds showing signs of allergies to other food products, such as feather picking/self mutilating, may benefit from this diet. The Rice Diet is available in 40 oz packaging, and in Small or Mini size pellets. There are no added sugars or colors. Please call for instructions on how to use this diet, or for additional information.



(800) 326-1726



Tropican Food developed by HARI (Hagen Avicultural Research Institiute) has been successfully feeding thousands of birds since 1986. Tropican is a complete life-cycle diet to meet the nutritional needs of birds. Tropican has a blend of eight grains and nuts, contains natural rosemary extract without ethoxyquin, BHT or artificial colors. All bags are safely CO2 gas-flushed to prevent bug infestation.


Rolf C. Hagen, Corp.

(888) BY-HAGEN [294-2436]




The Quicko Bird Wellness Kit for home use is a supplemental feeding product designed to eliminate stressing factors like coccidia, parasites (roundworms, threadworms), certain negative bacteria (E. coli, streptococi) and fungus (candida, aspergillus). It also provides all essential vitamins and increases the protein of the overall diet.


Sun Seed Company, Inc.

(800) 221-6175



Canopy Spirulina provides your bird with natural sources of vitamin B12, proteins and carbohydrates. Used as directed, Canopy Spirulina naturally enhances plumage color and sheen, encourages healthy growth and development and enhances birds’ health overall. It is especially beneficial as a stress reducer during molting and breeding periods. Always consult a veterinarian before using this or any other supplement on a sick bird. It is available in 1.2-ounce, 35-ounce and 486-gram powdered supplement sizes.


Kent Marine/Canopy Scientific

(770) 966-5200



Birdie Party Mix is a healthy treat made of top-quality human-grade ingredients. It includes sesame sticks, roasted sweet corn kernels, wheat nuts, soy nuts, chick peas, cranberries, coconut and date pieces rolled in wheat flour. No salt, additives or preservatives are added.  Eight-ounce, and 5- and 10-pound bulk packages are available.


White Feather Distribution Inc.

(888) 221-9332



Trail Mix is not just a healthy snack for people. LM Animal Farmsª Trail Mixª is a unique blend of all natural fruits and nuts like papaya, pineapple, cherries, raisins, dates, almonds and peanuts. Yogurt-covered soynuts are added for variety and extra flavor. These specially developed treats for birds are available in two flavors; Raisin, Date & Nut and Tropical Fruit & Nut.



(800) 999-3000



Zeigler’s line of scientifically formulated, nutritionally balanced diets for companion birds include: Handfeeding Formula/Starter Breeder, Parrot Maintenance, Medicated Parrot and Bird of Paradise. Zeigler’s pelleted natural-ingredient diets are available in three stages and contain 100 percent of the daily nutrient requirements, contain no artificial colors, are highly palatable and ethoxyquin-free.


Zeigler Brothers

(800) 841-6800



Zoo Med's Avian Plus is a naturally orange scented vitamin and mineral powder for birds.  Avian Plus is preservative free and concentrated with "human grade" ingredients including all 16 isolated amino acids.



(888) 4-ZOOMED







NEW ZuPreem® AvianEntrées™ Diets are ultra premium, everyday diets for adult birds. Three mixes, Garden Goodnessª, Harvest Feastª and Wild & Spicyª, contain a different variety of nutritious nuggets mixed with an assortment of high-quality fruit and vegetables. AvianEntréesª Diets balance nutrition, variety and fun, and are naturally preserved to ensure freshness. The same premium nutrition found in every ZuPreem diet. Reclosable, stand-up pouches in sizes for parrots and small birds.



(800) 345-4767


(This article is featured in the February 2005 issue of BIRD TALK. It was compiled by Anastasia Thrift)




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