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Rose-Breasted Cockatoo from Jonen, Intl

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I read about Rose-breasted Cockatoos and when I saw an advertisement in a local animal magazine I applied for him. The owner claimed that Rosa was female, hence the name I gave him. He was selling him because he had had to hand feed him and didn't have the time for him. His parents had plucked and injured him in the nest. Rosa also had one toenail pointing up instead of down, which made it difficult to climb sometimes. I fell in love with him and took him home. A blood test later proved him to be male, but since Jimmie and saha and later Jacko called him by name, I didn't change it.
Rosa started talking two weeks afer I brought him home. He learned to speak from Jimmie and from Saha.
Unfortuneately, 6 years later Rosa was diagnosed with fatty liver desease and given a month to live. With help from alternate medicine Rosa lived 6 months after the diagnosis.
I miss him still. So does Jimmie and Jacko, who liked to beak wrestle with him.
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Hi! My name is Rosa

I am a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo from Jonen, Intl.

Little Boy. He calls himself Big Boy.

18 years old   M

Rose-Breasted Cockatoo

Walnuts and pistachio, which he seldom gets.

Wherever there is something to get in to.

When Rosa clamps on to something, he will NOT let go. His beak is like the mouth of a bull dog. He has to be pried loose. He will go after all irregularities on the skin and try to bite them off. He gets a glint in his eye when he wants something and there is no detering him.

She talks a lot with me. She gives me lots of things to shred.

Rosa will whisper and has the voice of a small child when he talks. He will whisper "gotta go to sleep" Rosa has a short attention span. He needs lots of things to keep him busy..

I got it and I'm going to keep it..

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  Gidday Rosa and Crew
OOOOOOO- and I was equally impressed with your list! As mum was reading it all out- I was busy making notes and jotting down some new possibilites....I especially think I would like to try the Lino nibbling. heeheehee. I think that all parronts the world over would have nodding and shaking their heads over the electrical cords- they are simply irresistable to us birdies aren't they? Well, Mum threw me in the slammer I am having to squawk my messages from behind the cold black prison cell bars. How the heck was I supposed to know that the eggs on the benchtop weren't cooked? How could I help that three eggs rolled all at once and fell delightfully to the floor? I mean, I was just leaning over the edge and looking at them.....I didn't PUSH them off or anything. It's just not fair and to add injury to insult- I DIDN'T GET ANY SCARMBLED EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!.....neither did anybody else. How was I to know they were the last ones that were left? Aaaaaw!! heeheeheee. Hope you're having a great Sunday mate- mine is over and the new week has begun.....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

04/19/2009 08:46.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Rosa and Crew
BOO- it's Jack and I'm FINALLY back! Man, it's been a long couple of weeks without our IP service and I've missed my mates terribly! So what's been happening with you? Staying out of trouble? I would love to tell you that I've been good....but, know me- TROUBLE and MISCHIEF follow me everywhere ALL the time! heeheehee. My list of naughtiness has grown to epic proportions, so I'll just pick out some of the best to tell you about. Here goes....I ate the stinky mutt and tossed his whole bowl of good-o's across the kitchen floor and up the hallway, I tossed a full cup of coffee over mum's pile of clean laundry, I dropped yukkie broccoli on the unsuspecting kitty and then she groomed herself and threw up all over mum's carpet, I bit a big hole in the fly wire on the window, I got to the peanut container and helped myself to most of the macadamia and almonds so now there are just crumbs (heeheehee), I did an autopsy on mum's good sofa and found it doesnt breathe cos it's only full of foam and I discovered how to make confetti out of mum's new book - I dont know why she was cross about that one cos it was only borrowed from the library- it's not like I DESTROYED her property or anything!!! Well, I gotta keep flying cos I've got a lot of squawking to do- please excuse the generic message, but I've got to catch up on the last two weeks. Hope all is well with you mate and AAAAARK, it's good to be home!....Love Jack av4u2. PS- Yep, I have sure missed you too! I got to be a werewolf cos Maxie threw a big Fantasy Island party. It was a lot of fun and everyone was in costumes....I wish you could have been there!! Hope all is well with you and the flockily, squawk to you again soon...

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

04/17/2009 07:05.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Rosa
Yep- mum can really understand, she also gets very emotional and sad, when she thinks of all her furred and feathered critters who have gone to the Bridge. That memorial tree sound svery pretty and is a wonderful idea as well. Sorry I havent been around the last few days- mum has had to take a bit of a break and try to get fit and healthy again. I am well and am still up to my usual level of mischief and terrorism on a daily basis! Even though I am slow with my squawks to you, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you!!! Hope everything is good with you and the flockily....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

03/14/2009 09:32.24 PM Report This Comment  
  So Pretty/Handsom
Hi Rosa, u were a beautiful bird. What a beatiful breed of cockatoo. Ur pink and white makes you look like the most wonderful valentine on Earth. I'm so sorry you couldn't have a longer life with your mom, she sounds like she gave you a wonderful life.
May you always fly free....

Come visit me, Echo Byrd.

03/12/2009 09:19.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Rosa and Flockily
Have I ever told you just how much it makes my day, when you fly past to see me? Things sound very busy at your place- is Spring there already or are you just feeling it coming? We are in Autumn over here, but you would never know it- as it still feels like Summer for the most part. This morning we did get a lovely drenching of rain though, so mum is hoping that it will be enough to extinguish the last bushfire!! Mum says that she would love to visit Switzerland again - she loved it when she was ther last and has always wanted to go back and explore it some more. I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge, but I'm still drawn to your page to leave my notes! I hope it doesnt upset your mum too much, I just cant help it. Goinf to chow down on my lunch now- I think it's corn, snowpeas and pommegranite today!!....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

03/11/2009 07:29.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Rosa
Just wanted to fly past and thankyou for all your support- the last week has been a blast and I will be sorry to leave these digs. It took me all morning to pack and clean up some mess, but I think as a last hoorah, I might go chandelier surfing for one more time tonight. I apologise for the generic note, but mum is still feeling a little seedy and we have loads of birdies to squawk at!. See you tomorrow when I return to the Land of the Peasants (HEEHEEHEE) and am just Jack again. Mum says that is fine by her cos she has missed me AWWWWW- I love my mum AND all my BC friends....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

03/09/2009 03:35.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Rosa and Crew
Mum says it is very windy in Melbourne today- she nearly did a Mary Poppins impersonation while trying to ride her bicycle hom from the shops! This is great weather for drying washing, but there was a big fire alert yesterday- the Vic Police sent out mass warning messages on mobile phones! There are still four big fires burning, so we are hoping this wind doesnt make them worse- it is a relentless situation for our wildlife. As King for the week- my first duty is to inform you that there will be a celebration of sorts (Castle Games) later in the week. This will only require an hour of your time and if you are interested in participating, then please let me know. Some of the events will include the Regatta around the Moat (boats supplied by Poirot), Crown Rolling competition and How Far can the Butler Fly comp. Thanks for all your support this last week - you are all wonderful!!....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

03/03/2009 12:08.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Rosa
Oh -there you are! It was soooooo good to see your beautiful face at my page once again! That sun must have been good for you all to see, especailly after all the snow and ice. Here in Australia, we would like to see a bit less of it because it has caused some devastating bushfires right here in Victoria. We have lost over one million wildlife and 2oo humans, so we are praying for rain and cool weather. It's going to be an exciting couple of days waiting to see if I get a holiday at the castle, but regardless of the outcome, I want to thankyou so much for all your continued support and friendship, it makes me feel so very loved. I am asking all my friends to be thinking of Bobbi right now- she had a terrible accident with a car door and now has concussion and is quite crook. Please keep both her and Kathy in your prayers today- hpe you are having a great weekend....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/28/2009 05:49.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Rosa
Where have you been mate? I've missed you heaps. Thought it way past time that I flew over to see what's happening in your part of the universe and also to chuck my boomerang at your vote button! It's a pretty boring day here, so there's nothing to report. Mum wont play with me cos she says she gotta clean- I did TRY to help her but she said that eating the mop was WRONG and it isn't made for riding on. Aaaaw- I am now in my cage having a sulk and most probably after that I will hang upside down and have a scream...just in case she didn't get the message! from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/03/2009 11:06.44 PM Report This Comment  
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01/27/2009 04:02.27 PM  

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

01/17/2009 05:52.03 AM Report This Comment  
Ahem. Gidday mate, this is Jack. Hatchday party starting 4.oopm Pacific time Saturday Jan 17th, 6.00pm Central and 9.00am Sunday morn in Australia. Chauferred limos to arrive 7.00pm Friday 16th. Short trip to airport. Boarding chartered plane 9.oopm. Feathered persons fly first class. Humans fly economy. Meet limos at Tullarmarine airport. Those wanting true blue Oz experience, take battered up old Holden Utes. Those wanting true blue Outback experience, take the wombat road train. Meet you at my place. Kiddo will be co-host. WOO HOO. PARTY. PARTY. from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

01/13/2009 02:04.04 PM Report This Comment  
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12/10/2008 05:18.00 PM  
  Hi Rosa
Yep- mum is flat out here, like a lizard drinking in the sun too. She has been hanging out with an old friend and is lashing me again tonight- just so she can go out!!! I've been getting up to lots of mischief evrywhere I can inside the house. Everything I can find and move is tossed onto the ground, so lots of shelfs and surfaces are looking very spacious and clean heeheehee. Unfortunatley, mum is not sharing my sense of minimalist style and she is coming along behind me and stacking the stuff back up again. My flying adventure has reaped me an unexpected reward- mum has finally got off her butt and is working hard on my big play unit!!! YAY! Who said that crime doesn't pay? Squawk from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

11/20/2008 07:49.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rosa
Well, you'll be pleased to know that I have recovered from my free-flying adventure, but it has taken mum a couple of days heehe. I have been very smoochie but I am still managing to get into whatever mischief I can find! Yesterday it was tossing ewverything I could find off the kitchen benches! Yep- I thought that I would help to clean and off it all went onto the floor below, the only thing I couldn't move , was the stupid kettle- but I did try my hardest. Yesterday and today, we have had four wild Rosies coming to visit the vacant lot across the road- mum managed to get quite close and take some pics and she will email them to everyone soon. I get quite excited when I hear them call- mum is very relieved that they weren't around when I took off, cos she thinks that maybe I might have tried to follow them. Gotta fly cos I have lots of catching up to do and mum is meeting up with a friend that she hasn't seen for 20 years!!! Sorry for the generic blog- we havent got much time today, but I will squawk to you properly tomorrow. I am sorry for worrying everyone- it's nice to know that you love me too....Love from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

11/18/2008 02:42.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rosa
Today was a scary day- I flew away! I was outside with mum and then I got a scare and took off. I cleared the fence and then nearly got hit by a car- I missed it by one or two inches. Then I kept flying and starting gathering height and going faster and higher. I could hear mum crying out my name with panic and tears in her voice, but I was scared and just kept going. Somehow I managed to land on a roof. All my family were running everywhere and calling my name and then I heard mum and I answered her back, but she could not see me. She kept calling my name and I answered her again in a very frightened voice, when suddenly our friend spied me on the roof. I was as skinny as a snake and obviously terrified and then I took off again and landed in some nearby trees. Mum climbed the tree but she was too little to get to me, so she made our friend go home and get my skin sisters partner. Well, he came and climbed that tree, but I was too scared to get down by myself. I could see mum but I couldn't get to her. Eventually my skin sis camew too, so they were all there wondering how I could down and worried that I might take off again. Suddenly,I summoned the courage to get down far enough to reach a hand and then I was passed on down to mum, who promptly put me in a zippered bag and took me home. I was so happy to be back inside and am now enjoying a big snooze because I am exhausted. Mum says that is the end of my outside playtimes because even though my wings are clipped- it is now apparent that I am still a strong flyer. Mum has had to take extra heart meds because I really scared her and now she is not feeling very well. It has been an interesting day to say the least for her- this morning when she was cleaning Apollo's cage- he juped onto her hand and flew to the cane wall unit! Mum says it felt like 6 house bricks landed on her heehee. So mum and Apollo's mum decided to let him saty out and he is still enjoying some new found freedom and is very happy about it. I am just happy to be back home, safe and sound- no more pigeon chasing for from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

11/16/2008 06:59.15 PM Report This Comment  
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11/13/2008 12:00.00 AM  
  Welcome to the club! What a pretty one! Here is a vote, come see me too.

Come visit me, Kiki & Jaap.

11/12/2008 10:46.01 AM Report This Comment  
  please help ppl
hello i'm tori and i was wishing if you could help us win top bird because my mom just lost one of her birds because the cat got him and shreded him up. it was really sad please help. Were trying to win because we need to get 25,000 points for the bird cove prize for my moms b-day. Were going to put the birds pic on it that died. That would be the best presant ever.

Please help,

we voted for you

Come visit me, Jack, Laya, Candy, In memory of the best daddy bird ever. Leo & daizy.

11/08/2008 06:00.48 PM Report This Comment  
  #1 VOTE
11/08/2008 10:55.37 AM Report This Comment  
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