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Blue-and-Gold Macaw from Imperial, MO
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Hi! My name is Ms BBs page.

I am a Blue-and-Gold Macaw from Imperial, MO.

Big Bird. Hay you. Brat! Bird!!! Stuped Bird, Loud mouth, Beak with feet!!

27 years old   F

Blue-and-Gold Macaw

Pine nuts!!! A jug of ice cold Little Bits Best rootbeer !!!!

On my play stand!!

Not being able to be in the front room on my playstand any more.

He gives me cardboard boxes to tear up.

Hanging upside down and ringing my bells..

Special Note to all BC Birdies

Mr. Sky and Queen Ms. BB, wish to inform all our friends that the wedding has been postponed till the new Birdeville site is up & running.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Sky, Queen Ms. BB, with Momma Deb, Dad Frank and Eva.

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  Dear Frank and BB
Mom has already done the picture! It's on my gallery. Send me the info and I'll put it on right away!
Luv, Spot and mama Rea♥

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!!, Spot::vote Chuey 245908 BOTM!!! & Lemon Le'BonBon Thank you all for this honor! BOTD.

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  Spot flies in to BB's house.
Here I brought your flock some hondy buns!
Tell your pops that we would be glad to fix up the picture of Princess in the KB! Mom's already got the pic off the profile page and will get Princess in there right away!
E-mail me the info, for the KB page!
Luv, Spot and BonBon&hearts'

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!!, Spot::vote Chuey 245908 BOTM!!! & Lemon Le'BonBon Thank you all for this honor! BOTD.

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  Howdy Ms. BB
Yes mom like everything I got on the trip. Im finally back on the BC Mom has been so busy at work again that some nights she don't get home till midnight and she leaves the house at 10 in the morning. Dad don't know much about the BC SO he don't get on here with us. I told him we could teach him but was not up for that. Plus he not getting home till late either cause of work. Mom is off for the next 3 days so she said she let us catch up on here. Its hot and sunny here and SUPOSE to be hotter tomr and Saturday so just maybe we will het some outside time . One of our baby Zebra finches flew out of the nest today. Mom thinks its a she it looks like the dad but no orange cheek patches. Mom did go get us some toys from Petsmart today so we are destroying them and having a blast doing it. I learn what lock down was on Tuesday. I was being well lets just say not nice to Little Peep and the TIELS so mom put me in the cage and lock the door while the others stayed out . Boy was I made I yelled threw a fit as mom called it . She said I could not bite toes of my fiblings till they jump so much and fell off the play gym and it was all mine. Something about I have to share. Then when she went to pick me up I ran from her jump off the gym ran behind the couch . This did not make her happy. She pulled the couch out I ran out the other side across the room be hind the chair . This time she block the other side pulled the chair out just a little and I was trap . She said I was very naught. I call it catch me if you can :) Not much else going on here been pretty boring. Hope you having more fun . Here a vote for you . BBF RIO


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  Day 21-- The Perils that lurk in the water
Howdy wranglers, Chuey here with today's Cattle Drive Update. It's a warm day as the sun rose over the horizon. The final night watch was in from the herd as Kaji and Lizzie served up a mes of biscuits with gravy, oatmeal and black thick Texas Coffee. A mighty fine feed if ya are askin' me. Mikey was busy loading up the hot-rolls into the Dragon-wagon (chuck-wagon to all ye green-horns) as the light finally began to bounce off the milling herd of critters out on the pasture just north-east of Doan.
I'd been a ponderin' what had become of Jenny-Lynn and the spies we'd left yonder in the hills keepin' an eye on our rustler friends there. About the time I was gettin to frettin' some, Kiddo came galloping into Doan with news. " Jenny-Lynn had decided the only ways to know what a rustler was thinkin' was to become one of them." .she acted like she is running from the law and asks to join them, she knew Kiddo, Panther, Finnegan, & Sweetie had got her back! This is not an attack, merely a fact finding mission to determine fire power and numbers, BUT JL IS READY FOR COME WHAT MAY! She will slip out of the outlaws camp when they are all sleeping like babies cuz they had to much Red Eye to drink! " That left me with some concerns but knowin' Jenny-Lynn she could handle herself, we began to prepare the herd for the River crossin'.
One of the most dangerous parts of driving cattle was the River Crossings. A deep river that was wide like the Red River, and had a strong current from recent rain presented three great hazards. One was the cattle could be swept downstream, making them tired from struggling and causing them to drown. Cattle have no lick-a-sense and can get half way across and change their minds and turn back, causing the herd to become tangled up together and drown. The River banks themselves were a problem As the herd entered and exited the stream they need firm ground, enough to support 800 pounds of wet beef. Sometimes with the wet cattle ahead, followers found themselves mired in quicksand that sucked the cow down where it died a slow terrified death.
When the water was too hazardous to cross it meant delays which caused problems as many herds arrived at the same locale, needing grass to graze and putting the drivers behind schedule. Wranglers worked 24/7 to keep herds separated while they waited on the River to recede.
With all this in mind, we set out to gather the herd of ornery critters back into one place to begin the arduous task of crossing the rapidly flowing Red River, running fast after all the recent rains. With guns blasting into the air, whips lickin the flanks of some very stubborn strays, and ropin' in cows with infant calves at their sides it took well onwards to noon before the herd was back in line to begin the water crossing.
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Day 20-takin' a break in Doan's Crossing
Howdy Pardners; It's a fine day to be settin' back relaxin' in Doan. Now, I must be tellin' ya, that some of these cow wranglin' birdies are inside Doan's Store at the Saloon but all in all it's a mighty good day. The chuckwagon is being restocked as I enjoy restin my vent right here in front of the Doan General Store. Henceforth it's a mighty long trail to the next town along the line. I wanta take today to tell you all a bit about the duties and requirements for each position on this cattle drive.
Trail Boss--must be very experienced, a quick thinker, cool-headed, co-operative and have leadership skills. Carries full responsibility for the entire group-cowbirds, cows, horses. Locates water, grass with the help of scouts, knows how to track different animals, keeps the peace between cowbirdies, and handles all money. Wages in 1880--$90.00 month
Point Bird--High level of experienced, most honored position on the drive, determines direction of the cattle-must be reliable, work in groups, and works in twos keeping lead steer/cow going the correct direction. Wages in 1880--$30-40 month
Swing or Out riders--must have some experience, must be knowledgeable about cattle and using horses to keep them in line on the trail. Position third ways back from the head of herd Wages in 1880 $30-40 month
Flank Riders--must have some experience on trail drives, must know how to ride a horse, Cuts in cattle that stray,rides two-thirds way back from the front of the herd. Wages in 1880 $30-40 month
Drag Riders--Usually an entry-level position--willing to work hard, endure dust & dirt kicked up by the herd, rides at the back of the herd to keep older, calves and cows etc up to herd. Wages in 1880 $30-40 month
Horse Wrangler--Entry-level job, work hard and learn, drives the remuda of horses before the chuckwagon and ahead of the cattle, rounds up extra horses, herds them into a rope corral several times daily, keeps the horses together, eating grass until change over time for cowbirds, makes sure ridden horses get extra feed-corn and grass, keeps saddle horses grouped together, helps the cook gather wood, harness the chuck wagon team. Wages in 1880 $20-30 month
No matter what position a cow bird has, it entails hard work, sweat, and determination and a drive to get the job done. Tomorrow we start our crossin' of the Red River, a dangerous and difficult task for both herd and riders. I think I'll be moseyin' along to the Saloon myself to wet-my-beak.
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hello BB~
I hope you are having a great day. It's very nice here. Cooled off and we still have sunshine!
I am taking over the 10K Hall of Frame page for a little while. We emailed Maxie's mom since we had not heard from them in a long time. As far as I know they are all okay but just really busy and not able to get on the BC right now. I just used Little Angel's shower page since we are done with that for now.
Not much going on today. I've been watching the people in the pool and watched them bring back the golf cart that the office people use to take people around the complex. It must have been broken because they brought it back on a tow truck.
Lots of Halloween stuff coming into mom's store. Tons and tons of candy. They say that Snickers fun size bars are the most popular kind of candy mom's store sells. Dad likes them but not mom. She likes the 3rd most popular which is Reese's peanut butter cups! In between that is the tootsie roll candies. They sure do sell a whole bunch of candy this time of the year! They put it out early so that everyone will buy some, eat it and have to come back for more!hehehehehehe
I hope the day is just perfect! Stomping out a vote and sending hugs your way!
Love ya ~ Sugar

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar ~Rest in Peace Tooth ~ I'm gonna miss you & The Calendar Page~August Birthstone is the Peridot.

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  Day 19--The Gathering at the River
Yeehaaaaw; Chuey here with a Cattle Drive update. We've been watchin' some would be rustlers whilst the herd was running full out towards the Red River. Trustin' that my wranglers had everything under their control I sat a while and simply watch and listen. The herd slows as it nears the water, as the foamy wet horses breath deeply catchin' a breath after miles of gallopin' all out to keep up with them dawgies.
There's many a peril on the long western trails, from snakes to rustlers, but none is as deadly as the Red River Crossing. Historian Andy Adams described Doan's Crossing:
"Red River, on the northern border of Texas, was a terror to trail drivers. The majestic grandeur of the river, with its red bluff banks, the sediment of its red waters marking the timber along its course, while the driftwood, lodged in trees and high on the banks, indicated what might be expected when she became sportive or angry. The crossing had been in use only a year or two when we forded, yet five graves, one of which was less than ten days made, attested her disregard for human life. It can safely be asserted that at this and lower trail crossings on Red River, the lives of more trail men were lost by drowning than on all other rivers together. Doan was the last town before entering Indian Territory and was the last spot where US inspectors were stationed to inspect herd brands before allowing them to enter Oklahoma.
"The thundering of the herd could be herad clear to Doan and beyond, the dust cloud arriving before the thristin' herd. I figured I'd better get moseyin' along, and keep check on the rustlers later, as the wranglers might be needing me, and the birds to get them back from the water before they drank themselves to death. We creep out real quiet-like and urged our mounts into a gallop and caught up just shy of Doan.
" Boss, what's up with the rustlers?" Sky asked riding fast to catch up
"They ain't movin no where fast, so we left'em settin' and joined back up to bring these dust-bags under control again." Chuey wiped sweat from her forehead with her bandanna.
" Pookie and Snowy have rode up front to cut them back before they hit the water full-out" Cookie yells as he races past on Thunderbolt. " Spot and Chipper are guarding the remuda, to try to keep the horses in check."
The sign for Doan's store whipped pasta s the herd started to pull to a stop atthe river edge, heads down, gulpin' water up like a sponge. " Sugar, Sweetie! Cut them two cows back before they drop dead from over drinkin"" Panther yelled trying to get a red checked bull back into the herd without much success. As the dust began to settle, we could see that the herd had spread out over a mile of river bank in both directions. It would take a lot of skill, energy, and work to gather them back into a herd. Quick horse changing, with Peppino and BonBon saddling and ropin our mounts expertly to keep us movin them Long horned devils back in place.
Trail Boss Chuey 2459

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hey BB...
That's my theme your giving to Princess !!! Remember me Tweety ??? I'm having my KB pit next month....See you at the KB.

Come visit me, Jedi. Cheyenne said yes. I'm Riding the wind, Snowflake says. I'm getting married to Apache..., Tweety... Princess is my wife ! V4 CHUEY PG 245908 & Panther loves Coconut....

08/18/2014 04:50.29 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Ms BB!!!
I did not change the theme on you...I said the school theme was great.....Tell Dad not to change the picture....Had some trouble with the BC page going round and round all day until now...I would like to get started whenever you say...Have a great day...Just pecked a vote for you....With many birdie wing hugs to you my friend..Love, Princess :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

08/18/2014 03:39.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey BB
I would love to fill in your empty KB spot. What about another Army boot camp theme ???

Wing hugs

Come visit me, Jedi. Cheyenne said yes. I'm Riding the wind, Snowflake says. I'm getting married to Apache..., Tweety... Princess is my wife ! V4 CHUEY PG 245908 & Panther loves Coconut....

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  Day 18--Red River's calling
Phew what a long night. Keepin' watch on them Rustlers,and holdin' the herd close is a job, especially when they smell water. These Long-horned varmints can smell water for miles and when they do, it's a job to keep them from stampeding. With the comin' of mornin' we are still hankered down watching them, keepin' the rustlers under close eye.
Leaving the herd under the care of my trusty cow-hands, they're up and movin by first light. We're headin' to Doan today,at the Texas-Oklahoma line and our first difficult river crossing. Corwin Doan settled at the crossing back in 1878 and built his homestead there in 1881. Doan had a large stock of goos to supply the cowboys who annually drove cattle along the Western Trail. The village of "Doan't Crossing" had 14 or more buildings. Doan, his wife Liddie (1850-1905), and their 3 children entertained people from all walks of life - English lords to Indians - in theirs adobe house. In fact it is estimated more then seven million head of cattle and horses made this difficult crossing between 1876 and 1893.
"You all better head back to the herd," Chuey instructed, " Kiddo, Jenny-Lynn, TiPaul and Cori, you stay hankered down here and keep watch."
"Ok Boss" Boo Boo exclaimed sneakin' back all quiet like to where our horses have been ground hitched.( reins left hanging from the bit, used when horses might be needed to make a quick escape). The others rode back to the south of where the rustlers where hidden out to pervent their horses getting wind of them and tippin' them off.
"I'm goin' sneak up closer to get a better look, see if I ain't able to hear what they have up their sleeve." Chuey crouched down low and worked her way silently towards boulders not more then 50 yards from where the rustlers sat drinkin; their coffee and eattin' grub.
Sugar, Polly, Zippy, Moggie and Susan where riding point today, but the herd was itchin to run from the get-go. They kept turnin' the anxious cows back into the herd. The whole mass of cattle began to trot as they caught wind of the river ahead. Cinn-A-Bun, and Chyna rode from the drag to talk to the Point riders.
"We might as well give'em head and let'em run, we are can't keep them in and the out-riders are spending their time cutting strays back in. If we don't they're goin' a break anyways and we'll be chasing them to the Red anyways."
"You're right, tell the others to pull out a ways and give them their head." Sugar told them
Cinn-A-Bun went to the south side and Chyna took up the north and rode by to tell the others to pull a ways off and let'em run. The herd picked up it's pace as the smell of water grew stronger in their nostrils. Suddenly the lead cow took off on the run, with the others moving like a massive dusty wave over the ground. The sound of pounding hooves would be heard clear to Doan and beyond.
We're in for a fix of troubles now I'd say, sures hope they can get the herd back from the water in time.
Trail Boss Chuey 245908 for BOTM

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi Ms. BB...Chipper Here!
I want to remind you that I have the KB on September 1.
I would like to blog me own picture. Do you have a background for me? I was thinking of a carnival/fair theme. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Please blog me back. Looking forward to being in the KB again. You also told my I can do one at Christmastime if BC is still on. Last year I did Thanksgiving.

Hope you had a nice weekend. Leaving you a vote.

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

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  Thank you, Ms BB
Ipo gives a big hug* I am so grateful that you had me in the booth an all the help you gave me while mom was havin such problems. Hope to have things worked out soon but not sure just when. hehe I have made sure all is in order after Cookie was there today, although he didn't do much. I see Princess is going to be next. I do hope she'll have as much fun as I had. I'm leavin the zucchini bread an peanut butter cookies Oatie brought so she'll have somethin to munch on right away. I better get back an ready for her to take over.

Come visit me, Pimer--formerly Jack Jack, Sophie O'Too, Sidney ~~ALWAYS IN MY HEART~~6/1996-2/2013, Ipo, Shaggy--2010-2013, Oatie Odette *Thank you for the honor 11/27/13 & Punkin *My Dearest Little One--RIP*.

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  HI Ms BB!!!
Yes Mom did get the pictures of the KB and I really like the Back to School Theme....Is your Dad okay with the pictures he got from my gallery?...So I will do some things dealing with school and some with having fun the last days of summer vacation before returning back to class....How does that sound?...Hope you are having a great Sunday...Just pecked a V4U..With many birdie wing hugs to you my friend...Love, Princess :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

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  Day 17--Keepin' watch on the Rustlers
WHOA there Cutter, we have to stop and post our daily Cattle Drive update. I must say, driven cattle ain't for the weak or faint of heart. It takes a real Bird to sit that saddle 12-14 hours a day, 6 to 7 days of the week. Queen Zeena sent word, that we are headin' for another rain shower before we make Doan, on the Red River. That ain't good news, ain't good at all. I be tellin' why.
" Kiddo and Finnegan comes barrelin' in from the hill country with word that we goin' be havin' company right soon. Jenny-Lynn and her side-kick Sweetie are keepin' watch from a safe distance, keepin' tabs so to speak on them rustler-type birds. The others have taken cover in the hills surrounding their news camp, watching, waiting least they make the decision to try to run off some of our herd during the night-watch."
"Boss, what we goin' do bout them rustlers?" TiPaul asks pushing his hat back on his head.
"Don't rightly know. They ain't done anything yet so we best be watching them, and tendin' to our own business along the trail." Chuey says before slapping Cutter on the flanks to get him off in a quick run.
"Cori, Boo Boo and Peppino, come along with me. We're gonna go take us a better look at these rustlers." Chuey finishes as she dashes past at a fast trot.
"Silver, you and Raffi, take first watch. Keep a good eye on the back of the herd. We gotta keep 'em tight tonight. No strayin'" Chuey stops for a moment then moves on.
Dixie, Jedi, and Snowflake see Chuey and the others comin' from a distance, and ride out to meet them. They exchange a few words before turning their horses in the detection that Finnegan said he saw the riders bedded down. In camp Sugar, Kacey, Sweetpepper and Celine saddle up their night horses preparing to start their shift as night-hawks. Swinging up into the saddle Sweetpepper takes one last parting look at the warm fire burning n the camp before she and Sugar begin their watch. The four riders head in the direction of the herd, listening all the while for any unusual happens in the far distant hills.
" I sure hope there ain't no troubles tonight" Lizzie says to Kaji and Falco sitting by the fire. " we been lucky so far to have not encountered any troublin' situations."
"we're ready for them, if those rustlers wanta try taken our herd" Angel says out loud,
"We're a bad group to tangle with." Chipper adds "Cydney, why don't ya come sit for a spell, no sense in wearin' your legs out."
The Scouts, with Chuey and the others ride down-wind of the hidden camp so as not to alert the horses to their presence. They stop at a safe distance and ground-tie their horse, as they creep closer for a better look."
" home, home on the range, where a cow-bird is watchful all day, lest he falls asleep while countin' his sheep, and a rustler runs off with his herd."
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  a kiss and a vote
from your friend, Flitzer

Come visit me, Flitzer.

08/17/2014 02:36.18 AM Report This Comment  
  HI Ms BB!!!!
I definitely will have Dad send some new pictures of me tomorrow....Back to School Theme is a good one...Okay Mom has to work on that for me...I thank you for every thing...Have a great day...Just pecked a vote for you...With many birdie wing hugs to you my friend...Love, Princess :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

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  Day 16--The Chuck Wagon part two
Well howdy to all you cow-birds out in the wild west on the cattle drive. I hope you all had a good nights rest, cause am supectin' that we are in for some troubles come sunshine tomorrow. The scouts have been trailing some shady characters up in the hills, but somehow they seem to be one step ahead of us. Though I'm pretty certain, that when Jenny-Lynn, Kiddo and the other scouts find 'em they'll be wishin' they'd stayed clear of us.
With our bellies full of some more of Lizzie's greyt cookin' we be set to move the herd on the trail towards the Red River Crossin nearby to Doan. I do think it's important that we all know how important having Lizzie, Kaji and Mikey drivin' the "Dragon Wagon" Chuck-wagon is. So, without any further jawin' from me we'll finish our history lesson.

The Chuck wagon is equipped with the wide array of supplies needed to make the journey. Besides food, the supplies would include Farrier and Blacksmith tools for horseshoeing or making repairs to the wagon and horse tack. Sewing needles for mending clothing or saddles, first aid and alcohol tonics used for medicinal purposes. Bedrolls and rain slickers for the working cow hands along with the crew’s personal items. One side would be equipped with a large wooden water barrel to carry a two day supply for the working crew. The other side often had a tool box, as well a smaller attached wooden box in front called the jockey box. Additionally, the wagon would have a canvas cover called a Bonnet that had been treated in linseed oil to repel rain keeping items in the wagon dry. To allow headroom in the wagon, bows where added raising the canvas and providing securing points.
The chuck wagon would be managed by the cook . He performed all the needs for the camp sites along the cattle drives. He would be second in charge of the outfit to the trail boss. Due to his importance and position, the cook received pay around $45 per month while the wranglers and cow punchers received $25 to 30 dollars each month on a trail drive. The Cook also was expected to act as Barber, Banker, Doctor, Dentist, letter writer and sometimes referee in camp should tensions flair amongst the hired hands. His normal day started hours before others. Getting up around three in the morning he started by grinding roasted coffee.
Today, the Chuck Wagon so historically represents the era of the trail drives and the Cowboys whom worked the cattle that it was Honored as the Texas State Vehicle and continues operations on many ranches nearly 150 years after its invention. It is no surprise to view a chuck wagon and immediately think of those nearly forgotten trails and the cowboys who drove over 10 million head of cattle to market. Trails of majestic beauty where you can nearly hear the wind echo a ringing camp bell and the Cook calling out, “Come and get it. Get it while its hot”.
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Day 15--The Chuck Wagon part one
Howdy all, Chuey here with a TGIF Cattle Drive Post for you all. I think it is important that we all learn some history about one of the most important aspects of any cattle drive. THE CHUCK WAGON. Now, any cow-birdie worth it's weight in gold, loves to eat. We have been well fed by our wonderful cook Lizzie, and her two helpers Kaji and Mikey. They have been dishin' out some mighty tasty vittles.
There is a majestic beauty viewing over the massive grazing lands that run from Texas north through the Dakotas reaching into Canada. These plains expanded westward into Colorado meeting the rocky mountains and northwest to the Cascade Mountain Range. Scenic hills covered in tall Buffalo grass that whispers its historic past as one might sit silent reflecting upon the romantic images of the American West. As the wind blows through the wild blades of green stems that still flourish today, the sounds of the cowboys yawp can nearly be heard as they command their livestock on the long cattle-drives. Today, no other item best reflects the images of those cowboys who worked the cattle drives than the “Chuck Wagon”.
Prior to the Chuckwagon, Cowboys often relied on eating what they carried in their saddle bags such as dried beef, corn fitters or biscuits. In 1866, cattleman Charles Goodnight knowing the importance for his crew to drive cattle they'd require daily meals, bedrolls, extra gear and supplies. A humble Cowboy could work harder on a full stomach and a good night sleep. The trail would often last two or more months moving cattle several miles each day. Some drives lasting up to five months. Goodnight took a surplus Army Wagon made by Studebaker and added a large Pantry box to the wagon rear with a hinged door that laid flat to create a work table. The cook would then have everything he needed at arms length to prepare food. Shelves and drawers were added to the inside of the pantry to carry supplies and cooking gear. The larger pots, cast iron skillets and utensils would be carried in a box mounted below the pantry called the boot. The Army wagon merely was a light supply wagon of that period with Goodnight’s added design creating the invention of the CHUCK WAGON.
Tomorrow we will finish our history on the Chuck wagon. I smell dinner, gotta go!
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

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  Hi B B
Jetta's One Liners For Everyday Use.

Even Duct Tape can't fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.

I could be a morning person, if morning happened around Noon.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/15/2014 12:25.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Ms BB
I'm thinkin we should show Robin Williams movies tomorrow. He was a special actor an funny too.
Thanks for all the goodies! I'm sure goin through the ginger ale. hehe. Could ya please bring some more of that too? I better get back to the booth. Thank you so much for ALL you've done for me. *Ipo gives a big hug and heads back to the booth*

Come visit me, Pimer--formerly Jack Jack, Sophie O'Too, Sidney ~~ALWAYS IN MY HEART~~6/1996-2/2013, Ipo, Shaggy--2010-2013, Oatie Odette *Thank you for the honor 11/27/13 & Punkin *My Dearest Little One--RIP*.

08/14/2014 10:38.16 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Ms BB!!!!
That will be great...If the picture does not turn out just let me know and I will have Mom e-mail another couple of pictures....So please explain the theme you mentioned to me...I am anxious to go to the KB but I must make sure I have everything planned for my stay...Thank you for all of your help....Just pecked a vote for you....Hope your day has been a nice one...With many birdie wing hugs to you.....Love your friend, Princess :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

08/14/2014 07:18.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Day 14--Rustlers in the hills
Howdy all you cowbirdies out there in BC land, Chuey here with today's Trail Update. It has finally stopped rainin' and we're movin' slow along the Great Western Trail headin' for Buffalo Gap and our first major river crossing. I been figurin' some and we should be able to bed down close to where Brownsville is now located. The herd has been having a tough go of it what with all the mud and rain it is slick and the footin' is bad.
With the fresh horse prints heading off into the hill country, the possibility of rustlers lurking anywhere along the trail, we have been riding doubled up and our eyes open. Jenny-Lynn had taken off with riders to scout out the hills, Jedi and his frothers came across a fresh camp fire hidden well away in the heavy brush, but no riders where found. To some's thinking, this might be good news, but I know well enough that we are far from free from danger.
A drive often covers 1,500 miles and takes four to six months. The hours are long, the conditions brutal and the dangers are very real, especially from stampedes, which could be sparked off by the smallest thing. Longhorns are nervous creatures and easily scared, so stampedes are common, and often fatal for both men and animals.

A calm herd can become a solid wave of nearly unstoppable alarm and panic in the blinking of an eye, and neither man nor horse is safe. In Idaho, a 1889 stampede led to the deaths of one cowboy and 341 Longhorns. In July 1876 near the Brazos River in Texas, almost an entire stampeding herd plunged into a gully; and more than 2,000 head were killed. The sound and heat generated by a herd on the run is truly staggering, and on a hot night, a steer that ran 10 miles may lose up to 40 pounds. It's out job to keep the herd calm, moving and always be on guard.

Panther comes galloping in to tell me that he, Jedi and Kiddo had come across three horses and riders 'bout a mile up the trail. That was disturbing news, but we were all ready, just in case they had in their mind to steal the herd. I told Panther to warn the others riding point, and I'd warn the out riders, stopping to tell Little Peep to ride back to tell the drag to keep their eyes opened.

Rustlers were never taken lightly in by-gone days. In fact when caught many a would-be rustler was hung from the nearest tree, or shoot on sight. Horse thieves were not taken as severely as cattle rustlers but often had the same fate. The wranglers had to be ever vigilante for signs of rustlers along the trail. These often made night raids, when it was easier to make a sneak approach, stampede the herd, then drive off a considerable number under cover of darkness.

"It's gonna be a long day and night for the cow wranglers."

Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

08/14/2014 03:35.58 PM Report This Comment  
  hi BB
Seems like forever since I invaded your page, and smacked that vote button. The old guy has had a few problems, and slowly getting back to normal. See ya later.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/14/2014 03:06.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya BB~
I hope you are having a great day! Everything is fine here at my nest. I'm having some playtime with mom and soon I will head off to the play cage for my apple.
We have lots of chores to get done today and I think mom is going over to the market to get a few things. It's only at the end of our driveway so she won't be gone long. Later on we will be getting some cooking done. My beans and grains for my mash are soaking and mom will cook those tonight. I am hoping that some corn bread will be on the menu too! A little corn bread to go with my mash sounds like an excellent idea to me!
I do hope you enjoy your day! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
With love ~ Sugar

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar ~Rest in Peace Tooth ~ I'm gonna miss you & The Calendar Page~August Birthstone is the Peridot.

08/14/2014 11:23.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ms. BB
It's Popeye.
Wow, what a busy day yesterday was. First, dad ran off to Smart & Final for eggs, butter, Hot dogs, bread, lettuce and radishes even before mom got up. Then while mom fixed breakfast, dad fed all of us. After breakfast dad drove to Home Depot to exchange two empty propane cylinders for full ones.
When he got home, the uniform shop had called. His uniform was ready to pick up. So dad sat all the stuff up so mom could clean the lettuce and radishes and off he went to the uniform shop. If you remember, the last time he was down there they got lost and had a tour of the Orange County freeway system. This time dad knew where it was and drove right to it. Dad also took his uniform pants with him so they could take up the legs about an inch more.
Dad gave them his pants and tried on the shirt. It was a bit large so they marked it in a bunch of places and took it to a back room while dad looked around the store. In about thirty minutes they brought everything back out and dad was ready to go. But not home yet. On the way home dad stopped at Walmart for 7up and stopped at Sam's Club for Coffee. Then home.
After dropping everything off at the house, dad took everything out of the car that he didn't want stolen and took the car to the carwash. The carwash over did it a bit with the "New Car Smell" spray and dad choked all the way home. But at least, now you can tell what color the car is.
Last night was "Concert in the Park" night so mom, dad and mom's parronts headed off to the park. And yes, dad got his giant burger at "Choice Burger". Mom had one, too. Mom's parronts had coupons for Carl's Jr. It's also known as Hardey's. Compared to their burgers, mom's and dad's were the size of manhole covers. Much bigger and much better.
The group that played was a Celtic-Bluegrass fusion group. I guess that means they mixed the two sounds together. Mom and dad said they were very good.
By the time they got home we were asleep so mom and dad watched TV for the rest of the evening. We're surprised that they didn't pass out from the busy day. We're not sure about today but we heard dad talking about Costco.
Today will be partly cloudy, with a high of 88 and a low of 63.
Hope your day was fun.


08/14/2014 08:29.28 AM Report This Comment  
  HI Ms BB!!!
Sorry about getting back to you right away...We have not been on BC Monday or Tuesday because the painter was here and doing the area where the computer.....For my theme on the KB I do not know what to call it...Like to do some last days of Summer Fun in the Sun...Yes I would love if you could have a picture made for me...Mom is not that computer smart....So if you have an idea what I can call my theme I would appreciate it....Hope you are having a great Wednesday.....Just pecked a vote for...With many birdie wing hugs to you my friend...Love, Princess :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

08/13/2014 11:54.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Day 13--Troubles brewin'
Howdy trail pardners, Chuey back in the saddle today. We had an ornery time getting onto BC yesterday. Finally, here I am again. I am happy that the rain has slowed down some and that all you cow wranglers did a greyt job keepin' the herd bedded in the trees and under control. Now that the rain has blessed the thirsty ground with water we face yet another danger. Cattle drivers often fought one threat or another when moving cattle. As dangerous as drought can be, too much water carries it's own risks.
Cattle gorge themselves on water and die within minutes from water intoxication. The thirsty cows over-drink, and once they fill up death can happen pretty quickly. Cattle wranglers must keep a safe medium between dehydration and over-hydration. Often a challenging task, trying to drive thirsty herds back from watering holes after they have gone without water. A cow consumes up to 8 1/2 gallons of water daily. In drought conditions they may get less then half a gallon. So, when water is available they gorge on it. Water that stands in the heat often becomes dangerous for the cattle to drink. Heat and sun produces toxic algae to grow rampantly, a fatal hazard to cattle.
Today we will move our herd onto the trail again, to make up for down-time during the storms. Our biggest concern will be to prevent, if possible, stampedes when they smell water as we approach Buffalo gap this afternoon. Due to the rain, the trail is muddy and slick, a bad combination for both cattle and riders.
" Pepper, Gus, Willie and Cori, take up the right outrider and keep those long-horns close. Sky, Silver, Pookie, BonBon and Chipper, you ride drag on the right and keep close up, they're goin' ta bolt when they get wind of water. " Chuey directs the wranglers into position." Jenny, Sweetie, Kiddo, Raffi, Snowflake and Cookie, you scout for water that ain't movin' too fast, keep your eyes open for rustlers hopin' to make an easy raid and drive off some of the herd. We need to keep them bunched tight today."
"Boss, do ya want me to take left out-ridin' today?" Spot asked.
"You gather the riders, keep the group close, and watch for strays that decide to make a break." Chuey tells Spot.
Pushin' her hat back, she stands tall in the saddle to scout the land ahead. " I have a bad feelin'" she tells Strawberry and Falco, " a bad feelin' indeed. We better keep our eyes wide open today. With all that rain, we're bound to have problems"
"BOSSS" yells Jenny trotting fast across the open field behind the slowly moving herd. " Found fresh horse tracks to the north, headin into the hills yonder." she points towards the heavily treed hills. " Want us to check'em out?"
Chuey instructs Jenny to take 4 riders and scout out the hills, keepin their eyes open for an ambush by rustlers. Watching Jenny gallop off to the north Chuey sits a stride for a moment to think, then races off to gather herself a searchin' party to join Jenny-Lynn in the hills.
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

08/13/2014 11:40.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ms. BB
It's Popeye.
Mom and dad spent the day doing nothing. After all, it was their day. Oh, and we all got to watch little SweetPea gobble down a millet spray. After all, it was his day, too. And, he's still velcroed to dad. Mom and dad did go out to lunch. They went to a small fish grill that they found, not too far away. It will never match the Seafare Inn but it's good. Mom had recorded some movies on the DVR so mom and dad spent the rest of the day watching movies.
Today they will join mom's parronts and drive to Los Angeles to see a play called Buyers and Cellers.
Today will be partly cloudy, with a high of 87 and a low of 63.
Hope your day was fun.


08/12/2014 08:27.45 AM Report This Comment  
  How do, Ms. BB
Are those new I-talian leather boots? Whooie! Did you tell your pops how much you spent? I bet you did'nt or we'd hear him clear up here in New York!Hahahaha!!!
To answer your question, I did show mom what I bought, but I did'nt tell Spot all of it! I ain't crazy!Hehee!!!
Also, I've been waking mom up from her naps by biting! I've been in jail 4 times already for that! Mom says she's going to have my wings clipped and my beak rounded off! She can't do that, can she?
Well, see you on the Range!
Luv, BonBon♥

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!!, Spot::vote Chuey 245908 BOTM!!! & Lemon Le'BonBon Thank you all for this honor! BOTD.

08/11/2014 06:26.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ms. BB
It's Popeye.
Today is a very special day. First, it's mom and dad's anniversary. But most importantly, it's Baby Sweetpea's first hatchday. He's one year old today. He doesn't have a BC page but you can see pictures of him in Blue and Jewel's picture gallery. The first two pictures are of Sweetpea today, at one year old. The third is of Sweetpea when he was two months old. Blue and Jewel are very proud of their little baby, and so is dad.
Mom and dad don't have any real plans for today but they may go out to dinner later.
Yesterday, mom and dad both worked on their Open House projects for the police department.
Today will be mostly cloudy and hot, with a high of 87 and a low of 69.
Hope your day was fun.


08/11/2014 08:15.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ms. BB,

Stopping by early with a vote!
Hope you had a good weekend!

*Thanks for the great trip!

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

08/11/2014 06:28.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ms BB
Thanks for asking me on the shopping trip. I had the best time ever! I love shopping and so does my mom. She loved everything I bought! haha that's too funny ...only 2 (dozen pairs) of shoes!!!
we have a Smokey Bones in Grand rapids MI.
We had another beautiful day of 80 degrees up here. I enjoyed dinner cause I got my own little corn on the cob to chew ... yum!
Looks like the t-storms will be back on Monday afternoon and Tuesday. Just when I thought summer was here to stay! I hope it comes back soon.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/10/2014 10:48.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ms BB
saw this on Facebook and thought you might like to share it with your dad.






love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE CHUEY BOTM 245908, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE CHUEY BOTM 245908.

08/10/2014 09:57.27 PM Report This Comment  



08/10/2014 09:41.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Day 10--When the rain comes down
Howdy cow wranglers, trail Boss Chuey here with some important news. As I perdicted yesterday the rains came upon us from over the mountains to the North. Now, we be needin' that there rain, but it does also bring us cow punchers a mess a trouble when it comes to tending these long horned critters. Havin' just traveled over one hundred miles with little more then a shallow creek or river here and there, these dawgies is itchin' to get some good grazin and a long, cool drink.
The thunder could be heard for miles before the first grey clouds dotted the blue horizon. The wind had picked up early on, and the herd had been spookin' and bolting all the day long. The first heavy drops of rain came as a blessed relief after sittin-saddle for fourteen long, dusty hours.
"Boss, rains comin' want that we move these cows closer to the trees?' Kiddo asked reining in Freckles in a cloud of parched dust.
"Better, they are boltin and fussing. Have Cydney and Gus help cut out the bulls and bed the herd down over yonder." Chuey points towards low lying grass land."Now, let me tell ya the cowboy life is no bed od roses so to speak. It's plum full of troubles, woes and dangers. In addition to hard work, the cowboy and his horse encounters many dangers on the cattle drive, particularly when crossing rivers. If the leader of the cattle was distracted or disturbed by a tree or brush floating in the river she might turn around, which would turn the entire herd around, causing them to "mill" in the river. The cowboys have to drive straight into the center of the mill, striking the animals to force them back on track or the cattle would drown. In 1879, a herd of 3014 cattle panicked while crossing the Platte River in Nebraska and 800 died. The cowboys often a time die in the river, thrown from their horses or gored by horns of panicked cattle swimming in the middle of the mill. A surprising number of cowboys are also unable to swim, according to Western historian Albert Marrin, who claims that most rivers on the cattle trails had numerous graves of drowned cowboys. Now, back to the troubles we was havin'."
Sky comes flying in so fast his horse skidded to a stop. " Rains coming hard, we'll be in the middle of it in fifteen, maybe twenty minutes."
"Strawberry. Hulk, Cookie, Susan" I holler over the mowing and bawlin' of the cows, " move' um yonder to the trees." Quick as a whip they had their horses cutting and herding the leaders towards the trees and low lands.
"Panther and Kacey were working hard to keep the cows with young calves moving. Some of them there calves bein only a few hours old and all."
Snowy and Cappy were busy helping Lizzie, Mikey and Kaji to get the pots and what-nots loaded back into the chuckwagon when the clouds over-head bust and the driving rain began. It was gonna be one long, night keeping them cows together.
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

08/10/2014 06:34.44 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Ms BB!!!
Sure did get everything out and showed it all to Mom...I guess I had about 10 pairs of shoes, did not even count the amount of dresses or pieces of jewelery that I purchase while in Italy...One piece I just had to show to Mom and it was the solid gold necklace(made in Italy) that I brought home for Tweety plus a leather wallet, belt, pants and couple pair of shoes...Wow, that meal sound really good...Sure is making me hungry right now...Hope yo are enjoying your Sunday...I just want to thank you for inviting all of us to go along on the trip it was awesome....With many birdie wing hugs to you my friend...Love, Princess :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

08/10/2014 05:15.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello BB~
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! Today is Mandy's 16th birthday so it's Burger King for lunch! Mandy was found in the trash at a Burger King when she was just 10 months old. She was starving so mom's sister took Mandy through the drive thru and got her a hamburger. Every year on her birthday, she gets a Burger King hamburger! She really loves hamburgers but then Mandy loves just about any kind of food. I don't think there is anything I would be interested in there!!
Mom is going to go to the library before she goes to Burger King so I'll get some new stories to read! I really do enjoy sitting on mom's knee while she reads a story to me.
Here's hoping your day is just perfect! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar ~Rest in Peace Tooth ~ I'm gonna miss you & The Calendar Page~August Birthstone is the Peridot.

08/10/2014 12:44.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi BB lady, vote #7182, from Cowgirl Jenny Lynn
We are having a cool and overcast day, with a slight chance of rain later today! We got a phone call from our sweet aunt Theresa yesterday with an update on Cheeta & Ceasaur! All their bandages are off, and they are recovering very well, but have a ways to go! THANK YOU LORD, you have answered our prayers once again! Let's remember to be good to each other, the rest of the world is always ready to pounce on us it seems! Have a great Sunday and give my love to all in your happy home, see ya tomorrow...

Love always from Jenny & the Dallas family

Come visit me, Ziggy & Hambone at the Fair~We're in it to win it, Jen Lynn~Riding the range with my pal Sweetie.., Limon Dallas~Thanks for BOTD, I love my new home!, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, QUEEN ANGEL CHRISTY~Thanks for the honor of BOTD, Ms LaLo-Waiting for the County Fair, such fun! & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

08/10/2014 07:08.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ms BB
This is so much fun! I'm loving all the shopping YSL and Gucci!!!!! I spent a lot of shoes, purses, dresses and of course my favorite ... jewelry! That was really nice of you to arrange the shops to send everything to the shuttle for us. You certainly picked out fabulous places to eat. Every meal has been scrumptious!
Oh no .... is Jenny in trouble again????

I'm back! Mom had a fun mini vacation. First she visited with Finnegan, Lucy Blue and their mom. It was a short but lovely visit. Finn gave mom lots of kisses and Lucy was so funny and adorable. Mom hopes they can get together for a longer visit next time. Then she went over to aunt Gail's house for a few days. They had a greyt time with aunt Lydia too. I only wish I could have gone with her, maybe next time. The weather was really nice too. I'm happy mom is back home with me.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/10/2014 12:02.08 AM Report This Comment  
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