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Australian Parakeet from Enfield, CT

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One scary Christmas . . . but that's a long story. OK, OK (the pressure ...) I will tell the story of how I came to my family. 2 Christmas's ago, my family's oldest son adopted me from a pet shop. He didn't have a place to hide me (cuz I was going to be a gift for his brother), so I stayed in the shop until late Christmas Eve . . . until he came to get me. I was put in a box and we drove in his car. It was snowing and cold. The ride was scary but I knew I was going somewhere good. The next thing I knew I was out of the box and into a big cage with lots of toys and food and mirrors. IT WAS GREAT. Then . . . I met my family. ALL SIX OF THEM. I was sooo surprised to see all the people friends I would live with now. Plus the big dog (who I stay WAY, WAY away from), the 2 fish and the hamster. What a great family I have now. Scary start, but awesome finish. That's my story. Now . . . tell me yours - I'm listening, really I am !!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Kawi

I am an Australian Parakeet from Enfield, CT.

Kaw Kaw and Kawbird

9 years old   M

Australian Parakeet

Potato chips (even though I'm not allowed to have them). I'm pretty partial to millet spray too.

Dad and the bathroom (not necessarily in that order) and even better if at the same time.

I don't like dark or enclosed places (No paper towel rolls for Kawi)!!

um . . . everything (can I have a chip now?!)

I live for the shower, dish water and the blow dryer. I have an unhealthy obsession for potato chips (even though I'm not allowed to have them)..

A bird in the hand . . . is me!! -- Pass the chips, dude! Did u know I am named for a motorcycle, Kawasaki (cuz I am lime green) . . . and fast ---- I fly !! GO ME!.

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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  Got your email
Hi Kawi,
Glad you dropped by, nice to hear from you. Summer sure flew by, I am not looking forward to winter, cold and blah days. Especially when the sun doesnt shine. One thing I do like is Christmas! Thats when ole Santa brings some new toys and stuff. Maybe Santa will bring me a heated perch, sometimes my tootsies get a little cold, and I know my mommy worries about me catching a cold. Right now, I am running loose and free, and it is time for me to hit the sack. Well, I have to go now mommy is calling me to tuck me in for the night. Drop by again. Your Friend, Petie

Come visit me, Petie.

08/29/2009 06:09.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Flying by and saying hi
Hey Kawi!
I was flying by and thought Id drop in to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Petie green cheek conure and I was a year old May 7th. I have been in Bird Channel for about as long as you have I guess. My family bought me from a breeder in Pittsburgh PA, my mommy couldnt take me until end of August last year. And boy, I am one lucky bird! I have a nice big house with lots of toys and mirrors like you and always have a clean house, and my favorite foods are pancakes, spaghetti and I looooovvve sweets! But dont get that often because its not too good for me, mommy says it could give me the runs, whatever that means. I really dont have any place to run to so I dont know what she worries about. You sound like you have a real nice family too and it sounds like you are spoiled like me. (Heh, heh). Well, gotta go now, mommy will be letting me out for awhile, she usually does this time and in the morning before she goes to work, I eat breakfast with her. I voted for you too. Drop me a line or fly in sometimes I would love to be your friend. Petie

Come visit me, Petie.

08/06/2009 02:46.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
Hee hee hee- you snore? I didn't know that birdies could do that- how clever of you!! That would be really funny to hear you do that- I sure hope that it's just a little foible of yours and that there is nothing wrong with your lungs! I am also extremely impressed with your ability to mimmick the telephone! Mum is glad I dont do thatone- she says it would drive her MAD cos I am sooo loud sometimes and never shut-up! Aaaaw- well, I cant help it that I've got a lot to say now can I? Yesterday, it wasn't ME that was was MUM!! Yep, she went out and left me all alone and then when she got home, she turned around and went out AGAIN!! Man- did I BUST her good when she finally got back! I dont why she bothered tiptoing about cos I heard her and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"...heeheeheee.I think I might have scared her cos she walking a bit wobbly...wonder what was up with that? Squawk to you later my friend, the secretary is playing catch up!!....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

04/21/2009 07:32.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
You have been one very busy little birdie also! I also loooove potato chips and even when mum gives me one, I STILL want the ones in the bowl too! heeheehee. When I am lucky enough to get to the bowl, I stick my beak in and fling them all around until I find the perfect potato! Well, Mum threw me in the slammer I am having to squawk my messages from behind the cold black prison cell bars. How the heck was I supposed to know that the eggs on the benchtop weren't cooked? How could I help that three eggs rolled all at once and fell delightfully to the floor? I mean, I was just leaning over the edge and looking at them.....I didn't PUSH them off or anything. It's just not fair and to add injury to insult- I DIDN'T GET ANY SCARMBLED EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!.....neither did anybody else. How was I to know they were the last ones that were left? Aaaaaw!! heeheeheee. Hope you're having a great Sunday mate- mine is over and the new week has begun.....Love Jack av4u2. Ps- I keep forgetting to ask if you talk?

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

04/19/2009 11:09.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
BOO- it's Jack and I'm FINALLY back! Man, it's been a long couple of weeks without our IP service and I've missed my mates terribly! So what's been happening with you? Staying out of trouble? I would love to tell you that I've been good....but, know me- TROUBLE and MISCHIEF follow me everywhere ALL the time! heeheehee. My list of naughtiness has grown to epic proportions, so I'll just pick out some of the best to tell you about. Here goes....I ate the stinky mutt and tossed his whole bowl of good-o's across the kitchen floor and up the hallway, I tossed a full cup of coffee over mum's pile of clean laundry, I dropped yukkie broccoli on the unsuspecting kitty and then she groomed herself and threw up all over mum's carpet, I bit a big hole in the fly wire on the window, I got to the peanut container and helped myself to most of the macadamia and almonds so now there are just crumbs (heeheehee), I did an autopsy on mum's good sofa and found it doesnt breathe cos it's only full of foam and I discovered how to make confetti out of mum's new book - I dont know why she was cross about that one cos it was only borrowed from the library- it's not like I DESTROYED her property or anything!!! Well, I gotta keep flying cos I've got a lot of squawking to do- please excuse the generic message, but I've got to catch up on the last two weeks. Hope all is well with you mate and AAAAARK, it's good to be home!....Love Jack av4u2. PS- Where have been my cute little friend? How is Jakey doing? I sure have missed you....

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

04/17/2009 10:00.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
YAY!! Jakey's home and with you again! How did he do in his exams? No wonder you are sooo happy my friend- I can almost hear you smiling!! It is good that you are getting heaps of attention- a sweet little birdie, such as yourself, should always be the centre of attention. Come to think of it, I dont mind being in the spotlight either!! Not much happening here today, so I'm gonna squack off and find something I'm not allowed to do! heehee....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

03/18/2009 10:03.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kawi
Hey there! Sorry it's been so long since I've flown by, mom's been pretty busy these days and I've been pre-occupied with Basil, I just love her so! Now that spring has sprung I spend all my time feeding her and preening her, though mom says she draws the line at baby making! She says wee little ones are alot of work and that we are just too young to have them right now even though we'd like to. It's a good thing we require nesting boxes or mom just might wake to find a surprise one morning! I guess you could say we're twitterpated, Basil and I. Has Jakey been able to give you lots of attention these days? You must have missed him while he was gone. Here's a vote, Basil says hi :)

Come visit me, Baxter, Basil & Morghan.

03/18/2009 01:46.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
Sorry I havent been around the last few days- mum has had to take a bit of a break and try to get fit and healthy again, she's pretty run down right now. I am well and am still up to my usual level of mischief and terrorism on a daily basis! Even though I am slow with my squawks to you, it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you!!! Hope everything is good with you and the flockily....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

03/14/2009 10:44.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
That was a nice surprise to see you at my page today- I was wondering where you'd got to! Please tell Jakey good luck with his exams, but I am sure he will blizt them anyway cos he looks like such a smarty. It's a good thing to be studying hard these days and he will go a long way, with that sort of committment. We finaally have had a decent downpour here overnight- hope fully it was enough to put out the last of the fires!! .....Love Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

03/11/2009 04:41.35 PM Report This Comment  
Here's a vote for my Basil's twin! How have you been? Are you getting lots of flight time? Baxter

Come visit me, Baxter, Basil & Morghan.

03/09/2009 11:11.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
mum has been flatout all week with volunteering and fund raising but now she will have a break and re-charge her batteries. She says that I am going to be her number one priority this week cos I have been neglected somewhat. DAMN STRAIGHT!!! I am currently making a list of all the things she can do to make it up to me. A quick update on our fires here- there are still 4 burning out of control and one is in a beautiful National Park. Tomorrow is set for temperatures and winds to start warming up again, so our little state is not out of the woods yet. A lot of this area is inacessible, so it may be that the fire will just have to burn itself out. It is not threatening any humans but again, our wildlife is being decimated. The good news is that the IFAW have sent an international specialist team here to assist us with those critters that have been saved. Mum will try to send an email to everyone showing some of the little survivors. Hope you are all well and having a great weekend and once again, mum and I thankyou for your concerns, best wishes and prayers. Squawk to you Jack av4u2. PS- Excuse the generic blog, the secretary is trying to catch up and I am terribly impatient waiting for her to do it!! heehee

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/21/2009 08:17.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey there!
Hi Kawi,

Thanks for stopping by while on your flight :) Thank you for telling my how nice looking I am, I'll try keep it from going to my head! It's amazing how much you look like my Basil! I had to shake my head twice just to be sure I wasn't seeing double. I'll have to let Basil know she has a twin out there, I'm sure she'll be very surprised! Fly by anytime you like, here's a vote for you buddy, may you get many more :)


Come visit me, Baxter, Basil & Morghan.

02/21/2009 05:32.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi there
Hi Kawi!

It was so nice of you to fly by and say hello. We could be twins we look very much alike. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one who likes to hang upsidedown on a daily basis! Here's a vote for you pretty bird :) Stop by and see me again sometime, I'd love to compare our upsidedown antics!

Come visit me, Baxter, Basil & Morghan.

02/21/2009 05:25.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
Winging through quickly, with a hi and a vote. Mum has been feeling crappy the past few days- it's been a long and tiring week. I have been unusually good, but have spent a lot of time in the slammer cos mum has been helping the Red Cross people. Of the handful of injured wildlife victims that have been found, there is a turtle, a couple of dingoes and a peacock were discovered last night! Hope you had a wonderful Valentines from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/15/2009 10:10.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
We are all ok! Thankyou to all our wonderful, caring friends here on BC- your thoughts, concerns and prayers are all much appreciated. The fires are still raging and the death toll is up to 183 and is expected to exceed 300. Our beautiful state has been devasted- it used to be called the Garden State and now it is ash. Wildlife orgs are saying that most of our precious featherd and furred critters have perished because the heat was so intense. One cockatoo has survived- with all but a crest feather singed off, but he is going to be ok. The other heartwarming story is of a little koala called Sam- the link is . Squawk to you all later and remember how important LIFE is! Love to you all.....Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/10/2009 06:41.53 PM Report This Comment  
  hi kawi, whats going on. heres a vote. come stop by me and sidneys nestpages

Come visit me, Sidney & Polly.

02/08/2009 09:04.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
Aaaaw- you say the nicest things but you had better stop it befire I start to blush! heeheehee. What a bad naughty owner not paying attention to you, maybe you should scream at him a little louder and a lot longer!! You must always get what you want my friend- that is how it is supposed to be with us birdies. This morning my wild cousins came to the park for a visit. It was very early and I was still perching, but I couldn't resist screaming out a hello! Mum wasn't too impressed because I woke her up- she said "Jack- I am NOT a bird and I wanted to sleep in"....oooops, I forgot that she had a very late night! heeheehee. At least i got my breakfast EARLY today!!! from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/06/2009 02:17.02 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Kawi
02/04/2009 10:55.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
It's a pretty boring day here, so there's nothing to report. Mum wont play with me cos she says she gotta clean- I did TRY to help her but she said that eating the mop was WRONG and it isn't made for riding on. Aaaaw- I am now in my cage having a sulk and most probably after that I will hang upside down and have a scream...just in case she didn't get the message! from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/03/2009 10:16.51 PM Report This Comment  
hey im polly. welcome to BC im new to. your a pretty tight bird. heres a vote. come fly by and feel free to coment or vote.

Come visit me, Sidney & Polly.

02/02/2009 02:05.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
Thanks for flying past to visit me- it sure made my day. Dont worry about me getting lost under the table cos I know it like the back of my wing- it's my most favourite place to go when I want to play Peek-a-boo!! Ooooo- that IS a great story !! I just loooove happy endings- is that your owners shoulder that you are sitting on in the pic? He looks like a lot of fun, no wonder you are smiling..Sqauwk to you from Jack av4u2

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

02/01/2009 02:37.45 PM Report This Comment  

Ron & Dee Ann, Bellevue, NE.

02/01/2009 12:12.42 PM Report This Comment  

Ron & Dee Ann, Bellevue, NE.

02/01/2009 11:20.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Gidday Kawi
What a little cutie ! I would love to hear the story of how you met your forever family- italready sounds interesting! Fly past and tell me from Jack av4u

Come visit me, Tico, SECURITY ...GRRRR, Jack..goodbye BC mates, thanks for all the love !, Apollo & Mr BB and Honey.

01/31/2009 09:26.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kawi
01/31/2009 08:25.08 PM Report This Comment  
woo hooo I get to leave you the first vote.. You sure are a pretty color and hope you will be my friend! Blue Quaker hugs.. LUCY BLUE

Ron & Dee Ann, Bellevue, NE.

01/31/2009 05:59.02 PM Report This Comment  
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