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My bird’s wing feathers are trimmed
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Blue-and-Gold Macaw from plant city, FL

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He was missing a toe and i just fell in love with him. Awards
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Hi! My name is Kali

I am a Blue-and-Gold Macaw from plant city, FL.


6 years old   M

Blue-and-Gold Macaw

Nothing yet

On momies shoulder

She spoiles me



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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  Hey Kali ~
Haven't heard from you lately so I thought I would fly by & make sure you're okay.....hope to see you at the party! Pico

Come visit me, Poco, Pico, Bindi - R.I.P. ♥ & Skittles - R.I.P. ♥.

03/05/2009 08:02.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali ~
Okay, the party is next Saturday at 7 p.m. EST on my page.....sure hope you can make it! It think it will be a lot of fun & you'll be able to meet everyone ~ Pico

Come visit me, Poco, Pico, Bindi - R.I.P. ♥ & Skittles - R.I.P. ♥.

03/02/2009 06:49.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali ~
Flying by to invite you to mine & Mikey's hatchday celebration on March 7th - not sure where yet, but will let you know. It's going to be a "motorcycle theme" party & should be lots of fun! Pico

Come visit me, Poco, Pico, Bindi - R.I.P. ♥ & Skittles - R.I.P. ♥.

02/25/2009 07:43.14 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ SO-oo-oo … It would seem …
… that most everybirdy would like to SEE the sketch that Rio Feather Duster drew of Ruby Francesca Begonia in the sitting room of Suite B-52/56 aboard Titanic. ~~ Well, after a great deal of urging, plying, pressuring, promoting, cajoling, coaxing, beseeching, and finally begging, **Ruby draws in a fresh supply of air** Momma has consented to allowing Mr Rio’s work of art to be posted on my page. H-o-w-e-v-e-r … you will need to take the journey to the very bottom of the page to view his masterpiece, in my Photo Gallery there. (Momma seems to think that it may take some time, if indeed ever, before Daddy will find it there!) ~~ I have been having the time of my life aboard Titanic, meeting Mr Rio Feather Duster, finding true love and romance, and simply being together with him for oodles of time! Although, to be truthful Mr Kali, by now I can barely wait until our adventure is concluded and I may return home, to my very own page, and notes from my very own featheriends, so I can get back to visiting with each and every one parrotsonally! But that will have to wait, for a short time yet anyway. Even I-I-I do not know where this adventure will lead. Only ‘The Momma’ knows for sure! ~~ Remember, if you have not experienced the entire adventure with us as it has unfolded (or if you desire to relive any portion of it), Momma has typed instructions in the area of my page where “My motto:” is, to direct you to the BirdChannel Forums, where she has also posted each chapter of the story we have already lived through. ~~ I can now promise you though that the end of this adventure will be only a beginning for My Mr Rio ® and I. You may need to forgive us however, if we do not include y’all as intimately as we have thus far in our continuing adventures! I will take my leave for today then, Mr Kali, depositing a Vote of Gratitude for your company on this adventure. And I shall be ‘round again soon with the concluding chapters. Toutes alors, mon ami [Until then, My Featheriend] ...`Ü´ ♥’s ®

Come visit me, `Ü´ Ruby Francesca Begonia.

02/25/2009 06:42.12 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the welcome! You are beautiful. Have a good day!

Come visit me, Al Bird.

02/25/2009 12:06.12 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´Ruby & Her Mr Rio ® on a Titanic Adventure~Pt 5
As the sun sets Rio, Ruby, and Titanic seem to merge into a single force of power and optimism, being lifted…buoyed forward on a magical journey, soaring onward into a night without fear. It is the last time Titanic will ever see the light of day. ~~~~ Ruby admits Rio into the sitting room of Suite B-52/56, “I assure you it is totally proper.” Rio is totally overwhelmed by the opulence of the room. He sets his sketchbook and drawing materials on the marble table. ~~ “Will the light do? Aren’t artists used to working in good light?” Ruby asks in answer to the question on Rio’s face. Quick to recover his sensibilities, Rio responds (in a VERY bad French accent) “Zat ees true, but I yam not used to working een such ‘ooreeble conditions.” ~~ Ruby crosses the room and approaches him saying, “Rio, I want you to draw me like one of your French GirlBirds, wearing this (as she lightly touches the “Heart of the BirdChannel” necklace around her neck)…and ONLY this.” The feathers on her head fluff, stand out momentarily, and smooth again. Rio moves to arrange the sofa to capture the best light in the room. He lays out his pencils like surgical tools, his sketchbook open and ready. ~~ Ruby approaches holding out a portion of seed to him. “The last thing I need is another picture of myself looking like a pet bird. As a paying customer (dropping the seed in front of him), I expect to get what I want.” Rio looks so stricken, it is almost comical. “Go perch on the divan. There,” he directs her, pointing with his slender, elegant wingtip. “Set your wings comfortably. Snap them a couple of times to help you…er, THEM relax. Stretch your toes and relax your grip on the sofa cushions. Head down. Eyes to me. And try to stay still!: Rio goes to work on Ruby’s sketch, but not before taking in a huge breath and releasing a deep sigh. ~~ “So serious!” Ruby says, teasing, as Rio shakes his head to clear a loose feather from in front of his eye. She sits quietly, smiling contemplatively. “I believe you are blushing, Mr Big Artiste. I can’t imagine Monsieur Monet blushing.” Rio (who would be sweating if birds did that sort of thing) replies, “He does landscapes.” Ruby continues to observe Rio thoughtfully, intently, as he completes his work. ~~ When he has finished, Rio signs the drawing as Ruby leans over his shoulder. He has X-rayed her soul! “Date it, Rio. I want to always remember this night.” Rio complies and hands the completed work over to Ruby. “Thank you” she says. Then she kisses him…and giggles.

Come visit me, `Ü´ Ruby Francesca Begonia.

02/23/2009 05:04.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Kali ~
Haven't visited you in awhile & thought I would fly by & see what you've been up to lately? Did you have a good weekend? Hope your week is starting off fun ~ Leaving you a vote....Pico

Come visit me, Poco, Pico, Bindi - R.I.P. ♥ & Skittles - R.I.P. ♥.

02/23/2009 12:20.08 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings, Mr. Kali!
I would very much like to welcome you to the BirdChannel. I am `Ü´ Ruby Francesca Begonia, a GRITS GirlBird [GirlBird Raised In The South]. So if there are times you have difficulty understanding my way of speaking, you may blame it on my momma! ~~ I was adopted into my flockily from a store in Charleston, South Carolina where my parronts were living at the time. Momma herself is a Midwesterner and therefore not really qualified to bring me up in the true Southern Belle tradition…but she tries! ~~ My ManBird, My Mr Rio ® (who also has a page here on the BirdChannel), and I have been on a Titanic Adventure for the past couple of weeks, “A Voyage of Love and Romance”. Might I invite you to join our Adventure in progress… ~~ Please feel free to join in the fun by visiting my page and viewing the photographs in the gallery at the bottom. I promise that, once Momma sees your name on my page, she will begin sending you each chapter of the story as it occurs. For you to find out how all of this frenzy began, Momma has typed instructions in the area of my page where “My motto:” is, to direct you to the BirdChannel Forums, where she has also posted each chapter of the story we have already lived through. ~~ To be truthful, Mr. Kali, I can barely wait until our adventure is concluded and I may return home, to my very own page, and notes from my very own featheriends, so that I can get back to visiting with each and every one parrotsonally. But that will have to wait, for a short time yet anyway. Even I do not know where this adventure will lead. Only The Momma knows for sure! ~~ We shall be weighing anchor again very soon. Please hurry and join us aboard Titanic! Leaving you with a Vote of Anticipation. Toutes alors, mon amie…`Ü´ ♥’s ® [Until then, My Featheriend]

Come visit me, `Ü´ Ruby Francesca Begonia.

02/20/2009 07:52.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Kali! Welcome to the BC!!
My good friend Pico told me there was this gorgeous macaw I would surely enjoy meeting, particularly since his wings are in a pose similar to how I posed for MY first picture on the BC. That was two years ago now and I've since posed for lots of pictures (that's one of the great things about the bird channel; it inspires your humans to take lots of pictures of you to add to your page). You've got an impression spread of feathers there. Glad you're here to show them off! R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/20/2009 02:24.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali ~
Just flying by to see what you're up to. I told my friend, Rainbow who is also a Macaw, to come see you....he's a good friend of mine! Hope you're having a fun day! Pico

Come visit me, Poco, Pico, Bindi - R.I.P. ♥ & Skittles - R.I.P. ♥.

02/17/2009 09:27.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Kali ~
Hope you had a happy Valentines day ♥ - I sure did! I have a lot of Macaw friends that you need to go visit - Rainbow, Ruby, Rio - to name a few. Have fun today! Hope to see you again ~ Pico

Come visit me, Poco, Pico, Bindi - R.I.P. ♥ & Skittles - R.I.P. ♥.

02/16/2009 06:35.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali
Glad you stopped in to see me and Chi chi but since it came to my page will write to you. Dad got the mail while mom was gone with her cousin to do some scrapbooking. There was an envelope for me and Chi chi and when mom came home she opened it for us. Mom got us some plastic nuts and bolts to play with. Chi chi keeps hitting the one around in her cage and mom threaded one thru my porch door. I tried getting it loose but it is on there pretty good. Guess I will have to work on it more. Come visit me anytime…your always welcome. If your happy, or if your blue, I’ll aways love you!! Your friend, Gus…..V4U

Come visit me, Gus --Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/12/2009 07:04.21 PM Report This Comment  
VOTE4U, Hi Honey, Welcome to BC, you ate going to have lots of fun meeting great birdie friends! My sister Libby won BOTW, she is very happy and actually being nicer to me. She has been coming into the family room for dinner time and in the bedroom for playtime with me. We are finally beginning to be able to be a whole family of four. (I don't count my 2 droolie sibs cause we can't be out if they are in the room) Mommy even said since it's suppose to be warm this weekend, Libby can get her first shower. Wow, I hope she will love it BUT then I'll have to share my shower perch with her. I guess that's what big brothers do, actually she's bigger than me, he, he,he. Mom has to figure out how to make her a crown since she saw PICO's. She sure is girly, she asked the Vet if she got red nail polish with her manicure last weekend. No me I asked the Vet to "Let me out!" He put me in a stove pot with a lid, he said to weigh me but Libby thought it was lunch time! Thank goodness it had holes in it so I could keep an eye on her. I don't trust her too much yet! Hope you have a great week! Love ya lots, Louie XXXXOOOO PLEASE VOTE RIO BOTW, THANKS!!

Come visit me, LOUIE Hi! Pals, LIBBY LU - Hi Pals! & LACIE - Hi Pals!!.

02/10/2009 10:28.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali from Sam!
Just wanted to say hi! Wish I had the wingspan you do!! Wow Mom thinks you are gorgeous! I voted for you. Stop by and say hi!
Your friend, Sam


02/10/2009 07:05.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali
We are glad you joined BC and hope you will be our friend. Come visit us anytime you can ..the door is always open. This is a great place to learn things and meet nice people and their fids. Leaving a vote for you as we say cheech to you later my new friend. Chi chi and Gus

Come visit me, Gus --Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/10/2009 07:02.19 PM Report This Comment  
  02/10/2009 12:56.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali ~
Welcome to Bird Channel! This is a great site with a lot of great information on birds plus you get to meet a lot of new friends ~ Leaving you a welome vote! Pico

Come visit me, Poco, Pico, Bindi - R.I.P. ♥ & Skittles - R.I.P. ♥.

02/10/2009 10:34.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kali
Welcome to the coolest place for birds. You certainlys are gorgeous. I am a Hahn's Macaw, a much smaller version of yourself. Here is my vote for you. Please stop by and say hi.

Sweet Pea

Come visit me, Sweet Pea.

02/10/2009 04:46.36 AM Report This Comment  
here is a vote for your today

Come visit me, Mr. Clouds - @)-->--->-----.

02/10/2009 03:27.10 AM Report This Comment  
  welcome to the BC.. here's your first vote.

Come visit me, TIKI, Gizmo (RIP) & skiper.

02/10/2009 02:55.02 AM Report This Comment  
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