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Hi! My name is Belle

I am a Moluccan Cockatoo from kathleen, GA.


11 years old   F

Moluccan Cockatoo

She loves grapes and corn on the cob

Likes to be in the computer room on her play stand

Doesnot like to be left out of anything.

They give me lots of toys to demolish.

Loves to shower and then expects to be blow dried..

If I touch it; it is mine..

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  Hi Belle
I am a mole also. I too love the shower. I get in everyday with my dad on my shower perch and love to get wet before he goes to work. Mom gets up too early for me to shower with her. Have a great day and here is a vote for you.

Come visit me, Crackers.

04/23/2010 02:47.37 PM Report This Comment  
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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM
hi you are the prettiest pink bird i've seen ;) heres a vote for you and i'll go visit the rest of your flock. whos the boss? whos the loudest? tee hee are you the diva of the flock?

Come visit me, Apples.

10/05/2009 12:11.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey! Long time, no tweet!!
Hey! Sorry it's been so long. Mom's had this new job for about a month, give or take, and she is just SO wore out when she comes in (not to mention LATE) that we haven't been able to get on the comp much. Dad's might have a virus, and Mom put a password on her laptop when she discoverd Dad was getting on it (which he's not allowed to do), so we're kinda stuck for communique :p

Sophie and her new sister Oreo, me and Girlfriend are all going to be meeting at the campfire and toasting marshmallows with chocolate and millet and stuff. Why don't y'all meet us there? We'll see who has the silliest birdie boy story, tell some jokes, and just have fun! TTYL o/ ~~Flygirl

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

07/14/2009 09:15.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Eggs & Mom
yeah, Mom's kinda beside herself on that. She's going to get her first check from the new job this Friday, but she forgot to make an appt with the vet to get me in on tmw, so she's lookin' at sometime next week.

One thing she is happy about is it appears my tail feathers may be growing back finally! She's taken a close look thinking maybe they were wing feathers needing to come out, but they def look like tail feathers to her. She's hopin' and crossin' her fingers :D

She & Dad did some Fourth of Grill shopping today, and the stupid cats they have asked them to pick up some Budgie Buns!!! Can you believe those twerps?! How about I ask Mom & Dad to get some Supersize Furrball Buns?!! YEESH!!! Anyhoo, hope you and yours have a wonderful Fourth, and make sure to wear your earplugs. Some of those fireworks get mighty loud ;p God bless!! ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

07/02/2009 03:36.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Infrequest Visits
Hey! Sorry I haven't been by regular. Mom started a new job this past Sunday that goes from 4p-midnight, and since we're not allowed on the comp unless she's her to "supervise" none of us have been able to post much. That, and Mom's laptop's been running hot and shutting down for some odd reason within 20mins of start up and/or when she tries to play YoVille or Pet Society on Facebook. (Mom is HOGGIN' the laptooooooooooooppppp!!! We want our own laptooooooooooooppp!!!)

Anyhoo, she's going to drop it off at Staples to have them back it up and maybe fix it depending on what she gets for her first paycheck. Also, she's going to take me to the vet for a looksee 'cause now I'm up to 11 eggs total in about 2-3 mos time. Mom doesn't understand why I'm trying to supply Easter all by myself all of a sudden, but is determined not to let me watch the VeggieTales "Easter Carol" again. LOL!

Well, lemme roll by the others and give votes. You guys stay cool, and tell Mom to spoil you more ;) It IS Summer Vacation, after all ;D ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

06/26/2009 11:42.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Mom & "'throids"
Well, don't feel too bad about not being able to get on. My Mom & Dad lost their cable/phone/internet the week before this past Tueday and just now got it cut back on. They still owe a bit (they thought they were current), and only have enough left to get the house note paid. Mom's check tmw will get her deficit erased, but not much else. They saw/heard about how Bank of America was deliberately making folks accounts go negative so they could charge them service fees, and just settled a class action suit outside of court. Mom & Dad don't know if they'll see any of that, but it sure explains a lot!

Mom's going to be starting a new job Sunday night that's full time, $8/hr, and is hoping to be able to finally get new tires for her vehicle. She's still going to have the P/T @ Family Christian, but doesn't think she'll be getting much in the way of p/t hrs with having this new job. Still, everything's needed to get bills paid and groceries would be nice too :7

Sorry to sound so bleh, but just wanted to letcha know why we haven't been on much lately. I'm going to go around and get everyone votes, as I've missed being able to do that. And, I'm sure Boyfriend will want to get with his "Brutha" Oliver (he's the one dating Sunny *wink wink*). Take care & flap atcha later!! ~~Girlfriend

p.s.-I laid two more eggs. Mom's having a COW over it too! LOL!

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

06/18/2009 07:32.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Good morning Belle.
You are one cutie there. I hope to look as good as you someday. Now that I have things to do I dont need to pluck my feathers. And guess what Mommy is getting another too ... a Rose Breasted one but I am still gonna be top too around here. Gave ya a vote.

Come visit me, Patty, Bane, Buddy & Bobbie.

06/12/2009 05:35.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Howdie Belle!!
Hey! I seem to have stopped laying eggs, and Mom's taken the nesting box out of my cage. Flygirl & Boyfriend had a few things taken out of their cage. They have a neat hanging thing in their cage to tear up on and a wavy thing with mirrors and a bell. I got the kabob to tear up on and toy with two swivel mirrors and a bell on the end of it. OH! And, Mom put a honey bar in my cage too!

How's everyone doing?, gotta go. Mom just noticed I "derailed" the ladder in my cage. Oops! LOL! Say hey to everyone for me!! ~~Flygirl

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/27/2009 02:48.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Vote & Thanks!!
Thanks for the vote! I left one for you too!

Mom's going to take me to the vet Thursday to see what's wrong with me, why I've laid 6 eggs in the last month & a half, or so. Also, why I keep hugging the cage floor, but will still act normal insofar as getting food/water, even hitting my cuttle bone, but don't hit on my honey bar or other nummy stick(s) she puts in there.

She's even going to film me so she can show the Doc what I'm doing (and not doing). She just wishes she could get the footage to edit without the laptop having a cow and shutting down.

I hope you don't think me too forward about Ace. He's just such a GOOD LOOKING guy, and I dunno...maybe he's outta my league. If you don't think we'd be a good match, then I'd trust your judgment. Maybe I'm just getting "ideas" what with Kiddo & Sweet Pepper getting hitched and all.

I'm going to go give everyone their votes as Mom wants me to get off here and get my bath for bedtime. Talk to ya later! **wing hugs & beak kisses** to everyone!! ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/17/2009 03:34.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Bird Fair?!!
Oooooooohhhhh!!!! I LOVE to shop!! But, Mom never takes me. She said where she goes there's lotsa dogs, and sometimes a cat, and cars and stuff and since I don't have my tail feather (and don't stay put no ways anyhow) it just wouldn't be safe to take me along.

Mom keeps putting me in my nesting box hoping I'll catch on that she wants me to use it and get off the cage floor. (She says with the feces and all it's just not sanitary).

I left you a vote also, and am going to give one to the rest of your family. (Um, could you see if maybe Ace likes me any? I've invited him out for a millet frappucino at the local StarBeaks, but haven't heard a peep back. Thanks!!) ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/13/2009 08:52.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle
It's always great to meet friends of Rockys (I think everyone is!!) You are absolutely stunning!! So it looks like you are only 3 years old...are you the first Moluccan your family has had? I'm only 3 also...moms been doing all of her homework while thinking about adopting this female M2 & everything she's reading says we (cockatoos) go thru some behavioral changes at certain ages. It says at 2yrs we tend to go thru the terrible twos...moms worried cuz neither me nor Gabby have gone thru any terrible twos. Sounds to me like we are just really awesome birds! But then it looks like we go thru "puberty" around 7-8yrs old. Everything she's read talks mostly about males during this time...which is why she has said that although we love Rocky we will never ever have a male M2. One of the petstores she gets alot of her stuff from the owner also has said that he would never own a male M2 & refuses to breed them as well. So moms kinda hoping that M2 females are alot like Gabby & I ( Umbrellas) She's just scared to get in over her head. The rescue group hasn't gotten back with us yet...they may just tell us that they don't adopt out of state...but maybe they would let us keep her for a couple of weeks to see if she would fit in with us. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, Kisses, Fergie

Come visit me, Fergie & Gabby.

05/12/2009 05:18.10 PM Report This Comment  
I hope your mom doesn't work to hard! I'm so glad my mom doesn't work anymore!! She's been on disability for a year now. She had stage 5 cervical cancer 6 years ago and all the radiation killed her hip bones so she's on heavy pain meds and is tired all the time! But I'm just happy she's still here with me and now she stays home with MEEEEE!!!

So did your mom have a nice Mothers day? My mom has been sick so she didn't do much yesterday, just relaxed and played on her laptop..

Well beautiful, I better get going.
Please if you can do me that favor and fill Fergies mom in about female moluccans, I'd really apprisiate it!!

have a great Day!!!!

Love ya,
Rocky xoxoxoxoxoox V4U


05/11/2009 12:32.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Mom & Vote
Hey! Hope your Mom had a great Mother's Day. Wadja'all get for goodies? My Mom thinks you looks so cute and funny with your feathers all fluffed out and your expression.

Dontcha wish they had where you could select more than one option on the current poll? Mom said she'd save a molted feather, frame a photo, create a scrapbook and/or website, and a couple other things on there. She could only pick one, though, so she picked framed photo. Thanks for the vote, and I left one for you also.

Happy Monday!! ~~Girlfriend

p.s.--Mom needs to get her laptop worked on, so might not be on for a few days, but she won't take it down prior to a payday, so there's still time. Letcha know what/when whatever happens. *wink*

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/11/2009 10:15.13 AM Report This Comment  
How are you? Long time no squawk! I just wanted to stop by and wish your mom a Happy Mothers Day!! I hope she had a nice day. I also have a favor to ask you. My girlfriend Fergies mom wants to adopt a female moluccan and she has questions about it so I answered them the best I could but I think females are alittle diffrent from us males as far as behaviors. So maybe you can help answer some of her questions. To find her, just go to my page and scroll down my blogs and you'll see her name: Fergie and Gabby.
I really appreciate it if you could help her make up her mind on whether she should adopt a moluccan or not. I told her she'd enjoy one and she already has two umbrellas so I told her that we're not much diffrent. I'm not sure how you females are so thats why I thought you might be able to help her out... Oh and her mom's name is Lori. She's really sweet..
Thanks so much for all your help sweetie!!!
Have a great day and Happy Mothers Day again!!!

Love ya,
Rocky xoxoxoxoxoxox V4U
p.s. Stop by more often, I miss hearing from you..


05/10/2009 04:03.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Mother's Day!!!
Hi Belle! Just wanted to fly by and drop off some Mother's Day votes for your Mom. I'm on my way to the others' sites to drop votes there.

Oh! Mom saw my hiney and thinks I'm going to drop another egg. It's REAL red and sore looking, which is how it's looked when I've been "baking" another one :7 so she's really wanting to get me a nesting box!

TTYL! Beak Kisses to all!! ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/10/2009 03:54.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya Belle!!
I know you're Mom must be super tired! My Mom knows that the day she gets to have a FT schedule again she'll prob feel big time tuckered out too, for a little while anyway. She did have a really nice dream about me last night, though. She dreamt that she put her finger in my cage and said "step up" and I did!

In reality I still acted scared around her and back up when she comes to let me out during cage cleaning. Mom doesn't quite know (or is able to) how to spend time with me and get me to do the basic things I need to know. She'd love for me to sit on her shoulder, or somewhere close. She really wanted to get this play necklace she saw at PetSmart but didn't think any of us would approach her to use it, so she didn't get it...this time ;7

Mom needs to go through email (see if there are anymore jobs she can apply for), and get other stuff done. Please pray for my Mom to be able to get bills paid that are due this mid-month. I won't go into detail, but Mom really, really needs a blessing right now!!

Take care and say hey to everyone for me!! I'll drop by and give everyone else votes. Chirp atcha later!! ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/08/2009 08:36.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Belle!!
Hey Belle!! Dropping off votes for everyone. I posted some stuff on BooBoo and Captain's sites. Had a short note on Ace's, so now I'm going to get off here before the storm hits.

Take care and happy week!! ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/06/2009 07:54.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Internet & Dad
Yeah, I know what you mean. My Mom says our Dad sometimes messes things up. She says one reason is because he lets EVERYTHING download with any and all updates; so, if there's a Google toolbar update and they're offering a free download of yet another internet search engine "THAR SHE BLOWS!!" as Mom says. He used to be pretty good with fixing computers, but now he's just a "thumb bunny". (Mom comes up with all these hilarious little euphemisms).

Mom's home now and once again disappointed that Dad didn't get the yard mowed. And, our cages apparently hadn't been cleaned while she was gone, and so she's thankful she wasn't gone longer.

In any case, I need to get off here so Mom can get the rest of the bills done. She's hoping to get additional part-time work at the rest home where my "Grammy B" is a resident. They have housekeeping and cafeteria P/Ts available and that would SO help Mom out, especially since some guy who knows the district mgr at her present job got "hired" (Mom rolls her eyes on that one) and so crapped out a lot of other PT employees on their hours. A LOT of peeps at her job are hurting major time for hours/income just to pay basics!

I let you a vote and am going to go say HI to Captain and the others. Take care and pray for Mom please, ok? Thanks!! ~~Girlfriend

p.s.-I laid another egg while Mom was gone. That makes FIVE!! She's going to get a smaller nesting box that will fit in my cage until she can get me to the vet to check me out. Beak Smooches!!

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

05/02/2009 10:38.21 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for stopping by! So how is your weekend going?? Mines going ok, it's a pretty boring one a so far! I'm just sitting in front of my new UV light and loving it!!

So do you have any plans for this weekend?

Well whatever you do, I hope it's fun!!

Have a great weekend!

Love ya,
Rocky xoxoxoxoxoxox V4U


05/02/2009 09:13.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle.
You sure are a looker. I hope someday my chest is all feathered like yours,but now that I have lots to keep me busy I dont need to pluck my feathers anymore so I have been a good bird and am letting them come back in.Thanks for coming to visit me.

Come visit me, Patty, Bane, Buddy & Bobbie.

05/01/2009 02:34.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Mornin' Miss Belle
Hi! Girlfriend here. Just making a few morning vote rounds :) I dropped off an update with Ace about Mom's visit in TN with her folks. I'm going to go vote for BooBoo and....oh, goodness!! I forgot your other siblings name *blush* Well, everyone will get a vote even if I have to backtrack to make sure I don't miss anybody! ;) Take care, and will chirp atcha later *hug!* ~~Girlfriend

Come visit me, Boyfriend_*Oliver is Muh BRUTHA!!*, GirlfriendGoneToGod & Flygirl.

04/29/2009 06:43.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello there miss gorgeous, you look so fluffy and adorable, thanks for visiting and supporting me, love percy

Come visit me, Yoogoos - RIP 17/04/10 my baby Oog, Umberto - in Memory of - & Percy - I miss my brother.

04/28/2009 08:32.42 PM Report This Comment  
Your welcome! I love helping beautiful Moluccan girls!!!
Theres not alot of us M2's on here so we all have to stick together.

So you have to wear a harness when you go out? It looks like your wings are trimmed or is that older pictures?
My mom keeps my wings trimmed so I can't fly because theres NOOOO WAY I'd ever wear one of those things!!!!! Theres been a few times when my wings started growing back and I almost flew away and I almost got hit by a car so now my mom makes sure my wings stay trimmed..
Well I'm glad you get to hang out in the screen room, thats better then nothing..

Hey are you looking for a BC boyfriend? I know a very handsome guy and he's been looking for a girlfriend for quite some time and I think you'd be perfect for him!! His name is Cuddles and he's an Umbrella too'.. Let me know if you'd like to meet him and I'll hook you two up, ok?

Well beautiful, I better get to sleep now. Have a good night and a great monday!!!

Love ya,
Rocky xoxoxoxoxoxox V4U


04/26/2009 08:16.09 PM Report This Comment  
04/26/2009 08:08.02 AM Report This Comment  
I'll add you to our BOTW list! I'll remind you a week before you run so that way you'll be ready.. It'll be about 9 to 10 weeks before you run but you'll have a chance to meet some friends before you run.

Yeah our weather has been in the 80's to and we have our air on too. My mom knows all about those hot flashes! She gets them all the time and she says they are no fun!!!

I got to go to the dog park today with my mom, sister, Aunt Cathy and our puppy!! I had fun laughing at our puppy. She was scared to death of all the dogs and she was crying and screaming like someone was killing her. I laughed and laughed at her!!! She's such a cry baby! But atleast she's tired now and sleeping!
Well thats about all here so I better get going.

Have a great weekend!!

Love ya,
Rocky xoxoxoxoxox V4U


04/25/2009 12:38.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle
04/24/2009 10:50.11 AM Report This Comment  
04/24/2009 10:41.40 AM Report This Comment  
04/22/2009 11:34.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle
04/22/2009 10:12.30 AM Report This Comment  
It sure has been a long time since we talked! I'm doing a little better. The itching is getting better but I'm still getting the skin infections so I think I'm gonna have to start back on the yucky antibiotics again!!

So how have you all been?? Have you done anything exciting?? How's your weather? Is it warming up there in GA?? Our weather has been beautiful! 80's during the day and 60's at night. Great sleeping weather but I think by sunday we'll have to turn the air on because it's gonna be 88. I think summers here already!!!

Well thats about all here. Oh one more thing. I'm campaign manager for BOTW so if you'd like to nominate yourself or one of your flockmates, let me know and I will add them to my list. It'll be about 10 weeks or alittle longer before you'd run so that will give you time to make some friends before you ran. Just let me know what you think. OK?

Now I'm going. Have a great day!!!

Love ya,
Rocky xoxoxoxoxoxo V4U

P.s. Please stop by more often! I love hearing from you... Your such a pretty girl!!!!!


04/22/2009 07:47.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle
I've been out of pocket for the past two days, Mom's been dealing with a death in the family so we haven't been out much..Everything's okay and we're trying to play catch up..Great to see you, Love Romeo

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

04/18/2009 05:11.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pretty Lady
Just stopping by to say hi and keep in touch. Hope your having a fun day, see you soon, Romeo

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

04/16/2009 11:28.15 AM Report This Comment  
just wanted to drope a note to say hello, and thank you for stopping by sorry took so long to get back still learning how all this works, LOLA


04/13/2009 07:42.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle
Oh that screened in porch sounds great and glad you got to enjoy everyone too on it!!Mom had lots of errands to do today so she got her household things done here then left. Dad was home with us so we weren’t all alone hihihi. She told us she saw a cockatiel and was holding it when it flew to her…can you imagine that story? At least she didn’t come home with it or the conure she saw either. Hmmmppttt. “Good friends are like angels….you don’t have to see them to know they are there”. V4U and please stop in anytime and sit a spell and cheech with me….Friends forever, Chi chi

Come visit me, ~~Gus~~ & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

04/13/2009 06:14.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle
It was another cold day here though the sun was shining bright. There was a cold wind and don’t think it ever got above 50 if even that. That Gus got on moms shoulder then climbed over to my cage. I was on my way to get him when mom got him off my cage. He don’t know how lucky he is hihihi. “Friends are the umbrellas in the storms of life”. Leaving a vote as I say stop in and visit me anytime …I will be waiting for you. Leaving you green kisses and hugs….Chi chi.

Come visit me, ~~Gus~~ & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

04/12/2009 04:52.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Belle
Glad them nasty storms missed you and you didnt get anything but wind there. Today was cold this morning but turned into a very nice day. It was around 50 but the sun was shining very bright. Happy Easter and I hope the Easter bunny visits you and brings you lots of goodies!! “Friends are the umbrellas in the storms of life”. Leaving a vote as I say stop in and visit me anytime …I will be waiting for you. Leaving you green kisses and hugs….Chi chi.

Come visit me, ~~Gus~~ & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

04/11/2009 05:29.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Guys It's Romeo
Just flying by to wish my new friends a Happy Easter, hope the Easter Bunny brings exactly what you want..maybe some nutraberry treats, that would be awesome..Romeo

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

04/11/2009 07:45.35 AM Report This Comment  
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