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My family and I went to a bird shop after we moved from NJ. The Bird Shoppe (name of the store) had alot of interesting birds and supplies. We ended up talking to the owner of the store, who had seen my family and I petting and playing with the birds. When I went to find my family, they were holding the most beutiful bird in the store, a blue mutation quaker! The owner told us that the quaker had a bad right wing and was on the look out for the perfect family for him and that we were the chosen ones. We talked over the idea of getting him and we ended up getting him, his cage, a few toys, and a book on quakers that same day. My quaker, Paddy, is the most talkative of the family and won't hesitate to nip one of our cats noses, which sends them off in a hurry!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Paddy

I am a Quaker Mutation from Cincinnati, OH.

Paddybird, Padpad, Pretty bird

12 years old   M

Quaker Mutation

Peanuts, pistachio shells, carrots, grapes, and a good rub on the neck.

He loves his cage (of course), sitting on a shoulder, The Bird Shoppe (a specialty store), & on the porch (he has a fused wrist in his right wing, which has been there since he hatched, so no need to worry about flying off!).

His leash, Sadie (our puppy!), cramped spaces. ;)

I love it when my owners let me ride on their shoulders, so I can say "Nanny, nanny, poo, poo!" to my owners little black lab mix, Sadie. I also enjoy driving my owners wild for tissues when I poop on their clothes! ;) My favorite thing to do is to watch my big brother, Sprite & Bailey (budgies), fly around the house and land on their cages again. My owners give me fresh fruit every day, but I hate that 3 of my owners have to go to school. I used to have a sister (another budgie), who died a few months after I got brought to my new home. I really never got to know her, though. :(

Weaving, saying I love you, laughing,joinin- g in on my brothers conversations, & kissy noises..

"Nanny, nanny, poo, poo!" - Paddy.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  hi there!
hehehe nipping kittie noses, great idea! here is a vote from us! :) ~>

Come visit me, vern--good bye, RIP tressa RIP, scout, amos, RIP scarlett,rose,poppy, iris- RIP Chickens, noah, malachi, silas RIP & RIP ike RIP.

01/31/2008 03:02.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi everyone!
Hi out there! How is everyone? Hope to see some blogs soon! - Paddy

Come visit me, In memory of: Bailey (02/17/2010), Paddy & In memory of: Sprite (07/05/09).

10/05/2007 10:13.11 PM Report This Comment  
heres a vote for you, your a very pretty birdie. mom wants a quaker but cant till they move next yr cause california wont allow then in this has 7 of us. mom says quakers are talkers and learners.well have a great weekend

Come visit me, STARBUCK, PEANUT & jazzy.

08/17/2007 11:25.46 PM Report This Comment  
  i love the pictures of you! it hasn't been too loud down here so far with fire works. Mom said she's heard some in other parts of the town. I know the french quarter had some last night, but we can't hear them from here. I'm not sure how the rest of the week is going to go. I hope it quits down for you though. fireworks sure do scare me.

Come visit me, Chester.

07/01/2007 05:58.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Everyone!
Being a flightless quaker is one of the best things in life (no escapes)! So, how is everyone? Up here in Ohio is a little too hot for me, but the air conditioner helps. :) Plus, keep voting for me when ever you can! Sincerely, Paddy

Come visit me, In memory of: Bailey (02/17/2010), Paddy & In memory of: Sprite (07/05/09).

06/27/2007 11:44.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Paddy, you are a very good friend to me also. The points, I know you can get by doing the quizes, polls, voteing, blogging, visiting the site each day, you can also send greeting cards. If you comment on any of the videos i believe you can get points that way too. So how are things up there? It's been so hot down here, mom has been working like crazy at the shelter trying to keep the dogs cool. There is a new doggy pool that was built though. It's a nice little inground pool, and then they also just set up a mister tent for the dogs and volunteers to sit under. Most of the dogs do enjoy it, but some don't like the water very much. I know our dogs would love the pool but not the mister tent. Funny things. They love to go in water but hate it being sprayed at them, or getting baths.

Come visit me, Chester.

06/14/2007 01:34.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Paddy, sorry I haven't written much either lately. We have been real busy here with the house getting worked on. Also my mom started to volunteer at the animal rescue place here. She walks the dogs there and stuff. They dont have any birds right now cause they just dont have the room. We haven't seen the new Pirates yet, we just finally saw the second one. It was nice hearing from you.

Come visit me, Chester.

05/30/2007 03:25.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Paddy!
Hi! You are a pretty quaker! My owner would like to have a quaker and has one in mind, but she's not sure. Please come and take a look at mine and all my friend's profiles!

Come visit me, Kiwi, Ringo, Valentine, Dax (Hi Everyone!) & Mrs. Beasly ^v^ ~ It's a Beautiful Day.

04/29/2007 08:37.31 PM Report This Comment  
  you are so pretty
Hey there I'm just a normal green Quaker But I lost flight when i was bite by a dog when I was young. Watching the other birds fly is so much fun I like it when the humans try catching one of my flock mates who can fly really well it is so funny.

Come visit me, Romeo, Kent & Juliet.

04/28/2007 08:15.20 PM Report This Comment  
  You are a very pretty blue quaker. I am a green one and my name is Treasure. For being a pretty blue I will give you a vote!

Come visit me, Pudgie & Treasure.

04/25/2007 07:46.13 AM Report This Comment  
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PADDY!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Let me know if you get lots of new toys or treats or something. Your friend Chester

Come visit me, Chester.

03/17/2007 06:53.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Paddy. The way I see it though, is the ocean is just taking back what is theres anyways. Things are going good down here though. We did have some thunderstorms last night though and might get more today. The weather has been really nice though. Mom got me a couple of wicker balls the other day at a bird fair. She put peanuts in them and I actually chewed them. Now i'm even chewing them after the peanuts are all gone. Mom's very proud of me. Her and dad are also looking into getting a Cockatoo. they have been talking to a breeder. Its' just a matter of when they should get it. Your friend Chester.

Come visit me, Chester.

03/15/2007 08:51.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Paddy. It's funny that you asked me about the ocean. Seems I can't get away from it really. When my mom rescued me I was living in Falmouth, MA, which is one of the towns that makes up Cape Cod. So I had the ocean all around me. Now I am in New Orleans, and have water all around me again. I have the Gulf of Mexico, lakes, and the mississippi river. I just can't seem to get away from the ocean or water. As for this state sinking into the ocean. I dont know how you can call it sinking, since we are already below sea level haha.

Come visit me, Chester.

03/07/2007 04:13.54 PM Report This Comment  
  It's wonderful down here. The weather is beautiful right now. We were supposed to get a bad storm as well the other night but it missed us. They were saying possible tornados and everything. Some hit farther up north but we mainly just got some wind and a little rain. Lightning here and there but nothign major. We were pretty happy we didnt get any hail though. Mom and dad just bought an antique furniture set to refinish. Well the wood is beautiful it just needs to be cleaned up a bit, but the fabric needs to be redone. They had to leave it on the back porch for right now cause there's no where they could fit it at this point. It's covered up fine but the hail could have done some damage to it. Yupper Pattys day is coming up!

Come visit me, Chester.

02/26/2007 08:29.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Paddy
You asked what is pokind sticks? Well my old owner would take a long stike and hit me with it. Did not like it one bit. I would bite at it and he would laugh. Sense I talked to you lsat I got a sister her name is penny. mom Also got a lutino tiel she is very pretty. well so long for now. Talk to you again soon

Come visit me, Rosey & Smokey.

02/22/2007 10:56.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Mom needs to get some sort of tent thing inorder for me to go outside. I wont let her put a leash on me. She was supposed to go get my wings clipped today but she couldnt make it. Even after they are clipped though she wouldnt trust me with out a leash or anything. And about the black ice. mom said she knows all about taht. It's very bad stuff. on the drive down here to move there was a lot of it. It was along and kinda scary trip. First there was a snow in ny, then tornados in PA. They pulled over to eat in a town in PA. That town had a tornado while they were eating. It was good that they pulled over though. Then it rained the rest of the way too Tenn. After that it was black ice. Once they got to Mississippi though it was clear and sunny. Mom hates driving in bad weather though. She had the dogs with her while I was in dads vehicle.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/22/2007 08:15.01 AM Report This Comment  
  That's cool that you can go outside without a leash. My wings aren't clipped right now. Mom is going to have it done though. She doesn't like the fact that I can fly. i like being out of my cage but mom doesn't allow me to unless she is in the room. She's too worried that I will try to fly to find her or something and fly right into Imus or Josie. That wouldn't be such a good idea.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/17/2007 02:44.44 PM Report This Comment  
  My favorite character is Squidward. I think it's funny how grumpy he always is. Kinda like how moody I can be haha. Does Florida allow quakers? My mom was looking the other day cause she really likes them. They do allow them here. There's a flock of wild ones down the street at the park. I know Georgia doesn't allow them. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done down here. It's going to take along time though. It's getting there though. The part of town we live in is coming back nicely. most of the stores and stuff around us has opened back up. There are still sections of some streets that aren't there yet. Some areas have a lot that still needs to be rebuilt. They are still gutting the houses and stuff. And yes it is nice to have someone to talk to. Has the weather improved any? It's in the 30s here. Way too cold for New Orleans!

Come visit me, Chester.

02/16/2007 08:19.26 AM Report This Comment  
  HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! I lived in Tenn. for a year and we had a really bad ice storm there. Lost power and all from the ice. I lived on a little hill too so I couldn't leave my place or nothing. It sucked. My aunt said a 9 year old girl died from ice falling on her. my aunt lives in new richmond. Don't know if you are any where near there. My favorite holiday. Hmm that's tough. I really love Halloween and Christmas. Halloween would have to be my favorite though. I like Christmas cause I had so much fun watching mom decorate the tree, adn mom collects ornaments. Her favorite is halloween though and she did a good job decorating our place before we moved down here. most of the stuff was packed up so she did the best with what she had. She dresses the dogs up though and that's really funny to see. Imus has a st pattys day hat though! hopefully mom will get her stuff from storage in time so she can put that pic of him on his page. Spongebob is pretty funny. Mom said she hasn't watched it in a while though. But when she does get the chance to watch it, she enjoys it.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/14/2007 08:12.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Paddy! I'm sorry it's been a little while. I was having problems with the internet so it was really frustrating. It's all fixed now though. New orleans is great, but there were some tornados early this morning. We didnt get any damage here, but two other parts of the city did get some and then across the river on the west bank. My gramma has 108 inches of snow right now and she is supposed to get more. Boy am I glad I am not there. I hope you dont get too much ice after all that snow. Mom said she will look for hopey. It was taking too long before and then she would lose her connection.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/13/2007 08:05.35 AM Report This Comment  
I visited Sprite and decided to come see the brothers. And guess what my mom and dad are getting me a brother that is a blue Quaker! They have four possibles they are going to go see over the next few weeks and one lined up to see at the end of March. They are already planning his cage and my big sis and I can't wait till he comes home. - Sprite

Come visit me, Hedwig, Sunshine, Sprite, Luna, Snowball & Saphira.

02/12/2007 07:12.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Reply to Paddy
Hi Paddy, this is Kelly. Got your message and thanks for the vote. So glad you don't eat shells! We don't know where Gibson is, we have only been in Tucson for a year. We came from CA. We love it here, and today I was outside in my outside cage enjoying the 75 degree weather. Two weeks ago we had Snow! It was very rare.
No I don't watch Disney, I do have a doll that I love, her name is Girlfriend. Bye.

Come visit me, Kelly.

02/07/2007 02:49.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Barn Yard
We haven't seen that yet. From what you say though it sounds pretty funny. I hope that heater starts working better. It may have been sunny yesterday but it got cold in the night. Mom woke up to come down and check on me to make sure i was ok. She covers me up good though so I stay warm. Yes I was told that Sadie and Riley visited my dog friends. Mom also told me she went to the catchannel to visit your cat friend. She must have done that when I wasn't in the room. I'm scared of cats. Mom hasn't been getting bird talk for too long. She used to get it when she was younger but the past couple years she's been moving around so much she didnt know where to have it sent. She likes to travel from time to time now but she said she likes it down here so much she is staying. She did all the moving and stuff before me. The dogs went along with her. But they love being in the car and going different places. Probably cause they have since they were puppies.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/07/2007 07:58.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Your such a doll. We had to vote for you again. Mom says you can email her if you want, she doesn't care. Hope your staying warm!

michelle, rochester, IN.

02/06/2007 07:53.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Stay warm up there my little blue friend. Mom said it's pretty cold up there now. And bailey said you guys are getting snow. I dont miss the snow one bit but Imus does I think. He likes digging in it and getting snow thrown at him so he can try to catch it. The dumb dog even likes it when someone throws a whole shovel full at him! he just barks and barks cause no one can shovel fast enough for him. Hey whatever keeps him away from me haha.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/06/2007 07:47.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Paddy
You are so pretty. Blue is rare. I am worried about you, if you really do eat Pistachio shells. That is dangerous. My mom had a Cockatoo, who ate hard plastic and died from it ripping her insides. Please don't eat shells. Kelly

Come visit me, Kelly.

02/05/2007 03:22.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Another vote for you cutie pie! Mom's been really busy since Snuggles moved in. He's not as easy going as me! Mom really has her hands full since she agreed to give snuggles a home. ~Alex

michelle, rochester, IN.

02/05/2007 01:17.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Paddy. I just flew by to give you a vote. On to see the new family member. Have a wonderful day. Will talk to you soon.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/05/2007 07:20.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Paddy
Yes, it's really cold up here. Mom was originally from Northern California, lol. Also lived in New York, well, Governor's Island Technically. The Macy's Parade was Miserably cold when she went. Ca. is just way too expensive for us, but this past week, we are ready for some warmth. We will have to go see the dogs. I have a freind named Sadie now, but she is a dobie. We voted for ya


02/04/2007 02:41.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Paddy
Mom does not know my birthday, so I think we guessed May. Painesville is Notheast Ohio. In Lake county, by Lake Erie. Maude and I are about the same age. You sure are a beautiful blue. We don't have any blue birds yet....give us time, lol. How's the weather down there? You are about 5 hours away.


02/03/2007 08:00.04 PM Report This Comment  
  You are so beautiful!!!
We love your blue color. You sure are a handsome birdie. Does your doggie sis hav a page at the dog channel? My dogs are there. We have 4 dogs, and Uzi loves to call them and tease them.


02/03/2007 11:23.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Paddy
My name got changed from Pete to Chester. Mom thinks it's a funny name but I liked it the best out of all the other names her and dad said. They changed my name cause mom noticed that whenever my name was said I got really upset. I also got upset when someone said pretty bird. And I say prettybird when i am mad or scared. So she figured it was reminding me of my last home. So to give me a brand new start she changed my name and also no more pretty bird. Besides I'm a guy. I'm not pretty. Mom doesn't know my birthday cause my last owner didn't know anything about me. She didnt know where the lady before her got me from, how long she had me or anything. Mom said she is celebrating it on sept 23rd though cause thats when she got me. Mom was wondering why the name Paddy. It makes sense now. Her mom's side is all Irish so she has a lot of Patricks, and they are all called Paddy. hehe. Well here's a vote for you my friend.
CHESTER! hehe.

Come visit me, Chester.

02/03/2007 07:50.20 AM Report This Comment  
Hey Paddy. I've actually traveled kinda a lot when my new mom got me. She rescued me from Cape Cod (mass), from a lady her aunt knew. Then we drove to her house in upstate ny (near syracuse kinda). They were in the proscess of moving when they rescued me. So then 2 months later we were on the road to new orleans. I like being in the car though so it worked out okay. We had to drive two cars cause the dogs had to ride also. Mom made sure i was okay riding in the car before though, otherwise we would have been on a plane. I got to see soo many different things though in the car. It was fantastic. Haven't gone anywhere since (we moved in December). Well out of town i mean. I went to the bird store in the city. Oh and i think my favorite color is orange or green. (those are moms and i like what she likes hehe) Carrots are my fave veggies though and they are orange.

Come visit me, Chester.

01/31/2007 07:37.55 AM Report This Comment  
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