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Double Yellow-Headed Amazon from Cheboygan, MI

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Very unusual circumstances. When Danny was offered to us we declined, knowing the dedication required. The previous owner made it clear that in order to complete a business deal we would have to agree to taking the bird. We are animal lovers and decided that anyone that would put that stipulation on a business deal definately shouldn't own a parrot. So we took Danny home and he is such a joy. We are so glad we have him.. Awards
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Hi! My name is Danny

I am a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon from Cheboygan, MI.


42 years old   M

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

Sunflower seeds, nuts, apples, pineapple

Mom's shoulder and my play stand

Don't like to be ignored. Also, don't like red ball caps and wants to bite whoever is wearing one.

I love to be on my owner's shoulder when she is cooking, cleaning and getting ready for work. I especially love to pull on the dental floss when she is preparing for work

When I getdown on the floor I love to hide under furniture and in plants and then quietly call my Mom. I also like to bait the dogs by dropping food when I am on my play stand. When they come over I move to the edge of my tray and try to hit them on the head with my "business"..

Love, kindness, respect and trust are necesssary for birds and their people.

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  I already command the household with my cuteness. Everything revolves around me. Hehehehehe! I say, "Want Nut" and I get one. I talk to my african grey friend on the phone everyday. It's a hoot, she copies me! I love your picture of you and the statue.
Have a great day! Talk to you soon.

Come visit me, Annie B. Congo & Bing.

06/18/2010 10:09.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Danny!
You're cute. I'm a 2 yr old DYH girl named Bing. Good for you for taunting the dogs. I hear the neighbors dog and I growl and say, 'doggie'. hehehehe. Have a great day!

Come visit me, Annie B. Congo & Bing.

06/01/2010 08:53.06 PM Report This Comment  
my new home has a web page, i've made friends with an 11 month ACG stop by and see me at my new home. i have a t.v. in the bird room that's on all day and i have the run of the house and my new dad is going to let my wings grow out so i can fly!!!!

Come visit me, SISSY.

04/17/2010 04:01.16 PM Report This Comment  
i wanted to let you know that i've found a new home, my dad showed me off on how good i've gotten with people that some one wanted to offer me a new place to live. i will have another DYH for company that is about the same age as me. dad was vary happy but i could tell he was very sad too, i'll be moving this week so keep in touch with my sister. thanks for being my featherd friend.


Come visit me, SISSY.

04/12/2010 03:45.27 PM Report This Comment  
i'm sorry to hear about them being so sick. i've found that in order for the bird to give you all of it's attation is to be alone in a room, that's what's help Fred get so far in a short time and of course don't show fear you're going to get biten so just try not to show any responce which is very hard!!! good luck and just keep trying it'll happen.

Come visit me, SISSY.

03/30/2010 02:53.09 PM Report This Comment  
the biggest thing to remember is to move very slow and to be in a room with just you and the bird. this way there will be nothing to distract you and ofcourse give lots of praise even if it's for something small. i would only work with Fred for 15-30 min. at a time so he wouldn't lose interest just take it slow and work with them every day.

Come visit me, SISSY.

03/26/2010 02:38.40 PM Report This Comment  
yesterday was the best day ever i steped up on dad for the first time. i first got on his leg and then onto his arm. i think i might be able to trust humans again as long as they take the time to know me like dad. i get small pieces of unshelled almonds as a reward for doing things. dad would always show me with sissy on what to do and that was a big help.
Fred was caught in the wild and we think his vocal cords were damaged because he does not talk or make any noise that an anazon would make other than a clucking sound which is not loud.

Come visit me, SISSY.

03/25/2010 04:41.19 AM Report This Comment  
Dad has been taken it really slow with me and i knew that he wanted to touch me so bad that i had to let him, he's found out that i'll do almost any thing for an almond. in the past no one has offered me any thing as a reward for doing good and he just took the time to find out what i really liked. talk to you later


Come visit me, SISSY.

03/23/2010 04:24.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Danny
my foster dad put some new pics of me fly by and take a look.

Come visit me, SISSY.

03/20/2010 04:02.07 PM Report This Comment  
where did your mom get that statue of you i love it and would like to get one too.

Come visit me, SISSY.

03/19/2010 02:07.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Danny
thank you for the vote i left you one too. i think i'll learn to trust people again because my foster daddy is working with me every day and i already trust him to take treats out of his hands and i even let him rub my head last night before bed time but only for a SHORT time. my foster sister is not sure what to make of all this but her daddy always gets her first and tells her she is still loved and nothing will change that. talk to you soon

Come visit me, SISSY.

03/19/2010 02:06.30 PM Report This Comment  
His name is Fred and i'm told he is about 35-40. i think we'll get him to where he will let people hold him but what ever happens he'll be loved and welcomed in our house no matter what.

Come visit me, SISSY.

03/10/2010 04:23.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Fiesta!
I live in the banks area, little street called Kirby. My mom had a good friend in high school that lived on Grennfield Drive.

How does the peacock fit into your bird family, I'm curious.

Keep in touch!

Come visit me, Fiesta.

02/02/2010 06:04.17 PM Report This Comment  
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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  Hello my pretty, pretty, pretty Michigan friends!
Thank you for your vote--I voted back. Thank you for your message on & making me feel welcome as I am a newbie on here. Come see me if you make it back here to Bay Shitty!


Come visit me, Fiesta.

01/26/2010 05:19.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Danny!
Thanks for stopping by my page! Here is another vote for you and we will fly by and give one to each of your gorgeous flock members, too! Yes, I am spoiled and glad of it! We have a very well trained pet human. Don't tell her that because she thinks she has us trained but it really is the other way around. After all, who cleans up whose poop? Hee hee hee! mom has a bunch of videos of us posted on BC so check 'em out if you would like to see us in action. The latest is Poppy lays her first egg. She has to get started on the next one soon! Do you guys have Christmas socks? I bet you get spoiled too!
Squawk later and have a great day!

Hugs and Snugs,

Santa Joey and elves.

Come visit me, In loving memory of my beloved Joey, Cleo, Chicklet- Thanks for BOTD!, Poppy- Thank you for BOTD!, Jazz & Sunny-Thank you every birdie! Wow!.

12/09/2009 09:52.41 AM Report This Comment  
Glad that you got a great home! We love your quirky habits...especially the one with the dogs! Mom knows a woman that has a U2 that does the same thing! Mom has the same statue of am Amazon parrot that you are posing next to... very cute! Here is a vote and fly by and visit our flock anytime as we love the company!

Hugs and snugs,

Santa Chicklet and elves

Come visit me, In loving memory of my beloved Joey, Cleo, Chicklet- Thanks for BOTD!, Poppy- Thank you for BOTD!, Jazz & Sunny-Thank you every birdie! Wow!.

12/04/2009 07:51.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello how are you doing? Will you be my friend?

Amber, Bangor, ME.

11/09/2009 12:17.00 PM Report This Comment  
  hi again
Wow you got lucky! Your brothers prob do know how we used to feel. Sqawky started plucking when we got to our new home. He has stopped now but his feathers i dont think will come back. He is jealous of me and visa versa but we couldnt be without each other. You have great parents taking all of ya'll in!! My mom's been thinking of adding to our flock but wants to wait til we buy a home so she can give us BIG places to fly around. My wings were always "chopped" up so I'm not too good at flying but I'm getting better.My feathers have grown out and she says I'm beautiful now. I spread them for all I can. And this home has alot of open space for me to learn! :) Sorry I talk alot , heehee. Later :)

Come visit me, Cicero & Sqawky.

10/24/2009 09:51.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Danny,
Well that's what my previous mom told my now Mom they knew I was over 50. Yea I was caught in the wild longgg time ago. Lived w/my elderly couple parents for bout 20 yrs who willed me to their son when they went to heaven. He was a biker and took me to bars and smacked me when I bit so he sold me to a pawn shop where my prev dad got me for bout another 20 yrs.He remarried and prev mom got me and Sqawky( he was a baby) (for 5 yrs)had emotional problems aft her sis passed on and we didnt get much attention for a couple of yrs.She smoked around us too and our feathers were yucky.. She decided it was best for us to have someone who could give us a better life. so now I'm with my new Mom for LIFE!!!And boy does she spoil us. We have 2 trees and great condo outside for when it's warm outside! We kinda take over the house! She cooks us brkfst, and great dinners!! We used to just eat seeds and commercial food(u kno those colored piece things) Now we get fresh fruit, fresh veggies and warm stuff for dinner.Oh and no smoke in the house .Yay so our feathers are awesome now!!We used to just get baths in the summer but Mom now bathes us all the time & we love it. mmmmm. You look just like me!! We are beautiful! Huh? (wink)
I gave you a vote too . Thanks!!

Come visit me, Cicero & Sqawky.

10/22/2009 07:42.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Roscoe
Hi danny,Thanx 4 the nice comment's.Your handsome 2.That figurine almost look's real sitting next to you.V4u,lol


10/22/2009 01:24.48 AM Report This Comment  
  hi from Roscoe
Hi Danny,Just flying by to leave a friend a vote 4 Halloween.Fly,Roscoe


10/06/2009 08:19.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi. this is Baby girl. I just voted for you guys.
You guys are just beautiful and fun fun loving, just like me

Come visit me, Nytiri, Mary, Pamala & Baby Girl.

10/01/2009 05:38.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Roscoe
W ant a little more action,chatter w/more people.then they come visit by again sometime alway's nice to hear from,Roscoe


09/27/2009 12:50.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Roscoe
Stick your head in the water dish,WOW!That's not me but my brother salty will take a dive into his big waterdish and then it's splish splash he's takin a bath! And everyone anywhere nearby get's wet.Thank's for the,Roscoe.


09/25/2009 01:37.33 AM Report This Comment  
  hi from Roscoe
Welcome and I am glad you found such a loving home!Love to chatter with other DYH's.Always remember,bird's of a feather flock together.avote 4U


09/18/2009 12:27.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Danny from Cheboygan! I'm from Kalamazoo. At 35 years old, you must have seen it all. I like to walk around on the floor and chase the cat. Do you have a cat to chase?


Come visit me, Cookie, Toffee, Folger, Dante, Lucy & Peanut.

05/27/2009 08:41.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Danny
Here's a vote for you. Have a great day and feel free to swoop in anytime.

Come visit me, Precious, Miss Bianca, Cody & POPS.

05/24/2009 11:32.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Maxie the WonderBird!
Hey Danny! Thanks for visiting my page. Wow, you've been with your human that long? I believe (although I don't know for sure) that I was with my previous owner about 30 years as well. That wasn't my first home, though. And then I spent a year at the Bird Park before moving in with my new human. According to some old vet records, I used to be a California birdy. I've learned to call the cats that live here already. They don't come when I call anymore, because the last time one did I was on top of my cage and dropped one of my foottoys on its I actually didn't find out that I was female until my new human had me tested. For almost 40 years I thought I was "Max". Talk about gender shock....heehee... Hope you had a great day, and please come back and chat with me anytime! Cya...

Come visit me, Maxie WonderBird -Thanks for BOTD! & 10 Grand HOF Club - Welcomes DIXIE!!.

05/22/2009 10:01.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Maxie the WonderBird!
hey Danny! Welcome to Bird Channel! It's always a pleasure to meet another elder Double Yellow Head. I totally agree, your last owner deserved to lose you if he didn't love and appreciate you. I have only been in my new home for about a year, and I am now a totally happy and spoiled gal. I hope you'll come over and chat with me soon...Cya...p.s. your picture is awesome, I can't believe your pose next to the figurine--you look like twins! lol

Come visit me, Maxie WonderBird -Thanks for BOTD! & 10 Grand HOF Club - Welcomes DIXIE!!.

05/20/2009 11:01.12 PM Report This Comment  
Welcome to BC from one amazon to another!! Oh yay therest of the flock says welcome too. We gave you a vote

Come visit me, Daisy May, Skippy, Sabastian, Amilla, Sweet Pea, Dotty, Peabody, Cupcake & Willy.

05/20/2009 04:39.08 PM Report This Comment  
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