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Bailey flew into our backyard one evening and was noticed first by our dog. He flew to our fence and was friendly enough to accept some dry dog food and a bowl of water. Hungry and thirsy, he chowed down. As the evening grew darker, we went inside and left the bird in the tree.

The next morning, when I took my dog out for a morning walk, Bailey flew down from the tree and at me. He dove a couple of times and then settled in a low branch of a tree. I called him with more dog food and he came willingly. I got him to sit on our patio table and eat and drink while I called my husband to figure out what to do.

We decided that I would go to the pet store down the street and purchase a cage and some food. I hurried to do so and was home in only a few minutes. Bailey was still in the backyard, on the gutter above the back door. I set up the cage and put food in the dish. I put more food in my hand and coaxed Bailey down and to the cage. With the door open he walked right in and started eating his food. Surprised at how easy it was, I called my husband back to let him know Bailey was now in his cage. We had Bailey weighed and DNA sexed to determine that he was a male, and that he weighed only 58 grams.

For the rest of the day, and that week, I called bird hospitals, pet stores, vets, and watched the lost and found sections of the newspaper to search for anyone who had lost a Sun Conure. No one reported a missing bird.

Bailey had found us and decided to adopt us. We searched for the right name for him because we couldn't keep calling him "bird" forever. Finally, we settled on Bailey. Bailey Bird.

Bailey will be with us for two years this April. (His birthdate listed here is really is "adopted" date.)

We never had a bird before and wouldn't have considered ourselves "bird people" until Bailey wiggled his way into our lives. Now, we can't imagine life without him. At Bailey's last vet visit, he received a clean bill of health and he weighs 118 grams now. Finally, what a normal Sun Conure would weigh. He's very special to us.
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Hi! My name is Bailey

I am a Sun Conure from Tampa, FL.

Bailey Bird,
Pretty Bird,
Noisy Bird

11 years old   M

Sun Conure

Sunflower seed kernels. Hands down, that's my favorite. I'll also munch on safflower seeds and rolled oats.

One of my favorite places to hang out is near my snuggle hut. I love to cuddle with it. It's so soft and warm. When I'm out of my cage, I like to hang out on the top play area and eat safflower seeds.

I don't like hands. Don't put hands near my cage. Unless they're holding a sunflower seed kernel. I won't step up on your hand, but offer a perch and I'll quickly step up for you.

I love that my mommy takes me wherever she goes in the house. She bought me a really big cage with wheels on it so she can push it from room to room. She spends all day with me, every day.

I love to give my mommy kisses. This is how I give kisses. I put my beak between the bars of my cage and stick my tongue in and out really fast.

When my mommy calls me a "pretty bird", I'll hang from a bar on my cage and flutter my wings showing her how pretty I am.

When I want to go to bed, I let everyone know it. I will start squawking and making loud, consistent calls. It's my bedtime call. Mommy and Daddy know it well.

The day is over when I say it is..

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  I'm an Uncle
My human sister had a baby girl... her name is Kasey Belle.

Whoo hoo!!! She's too little to play with, though.

Come visit me, Bailey.

02/29/2008 07:15.13 AM Report This Comment  
  HI Bailey, What a pretty bird you are, we share the same name and same species of bird, please visit me, you look and sound like a wonderful role model for such a young little guy as me. I am 9 months old, and still going through my first molt, so I look quite a bit greener than yourself. Would love to chat some more, so please be in touch,ps, my flock and i are really pleased to read your touching story and take comfort in you having found a very loving home with your mum and dad. Take care my friend Bailey xoxox

Come visit me, Chicane, Bailey, Memphis, Tom (Galah), Archie, Bird, Jersey (passed away 01 May 2007), Boy & Girl & Mia (Grey male) & Pierre (pearl female).

01/23/2008 01:49.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Summer is Here
Summer in Florida. Did you know there are lots of thunderstorms? They don't really bother me much. I can take 'em or leave 'em. But they get the dog upset so that makes me happy. He barks when it thunders. Even goes running to mommy when they're particularly loud. Rain just makes me want to take a bath. I jump into my water dish and splash around making a big mess all over my cage and as far as I can fling water outside my cage. Mommy doesn't mind. She just gets out the paper towels and cleans up the floor laughing at me. That's my mommy!

Come visit me, Bailey.

08/03/2007 12:34.40 PM Report This Comment  
  New Room to See
Mommy and Daddy have been neglecting me a little bit lately, but I found out why. They have been working on the back patio getting it screened in. Now I have a new room to play in. Yay!

Mommy says she's so sorry for not playing more, but now we have a new room to play in. I get to sit outside without worrying about critters getting me. It's so cool. Mommy took me out there last night until it was my bed time. I can't wait to go out there again!

Come visit me, Bailey.

06/11/2007 08:23.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Glad to Be Home
My vacation is over. But, I'm really glad to be home. Daddy picked me up from the Vet. Boy was that a surprise. He said mommy was having her wisdom tooth pulled.

Ouch! I don't even have any teeth and I imagine that would hurt.

When we got home, daddy opened the door to my travel cage and I saw my big cage and flew right to it. Daddy put me inside and I crawled all over it, checking to make sure everything was in the same place I left it. What a relief!

Best of all, mommy came home and was so happy to see me. And I was happy to see her. I chirped and coo'd, making lovey noises, just for mommy.

Come visit me, Bailey.

05/08/2007 08:44.39 AM Report This Comment  
  My Vacation
Mommy is going on a short vacation and can't take me with her. So, I'm getting a vacation of my own. I'm going to my vet's office where they'll take care of me until Mommy comes back to get me. I've been there before and everyone there is really nice. They let me squawk and scream as much as I want. They even laugh at me when I do. I'll have to let you know how much fun it was when I get back.

Come visit me, Bailey.

04/27/2007 11:34.30 AM Report This Comment  
My mommy plays music for me. She found music with bird calls. Sometimes, I'll talk back to the birds I hear. Mostly, I listen. It soothes me.

Sometimes, mommy will play Pink Floyd. I like that music. Mommy has it on right now. I like playing with my toys while the music plays. She turns it up loud.

Mommy laughed at me this morning when I took a bath. I splashed water everywhere, especially on the clean floor. Mommy had to clean it up. So sorry, mommy. But, getting wet is fun!

Come visit me, Bailey.

03/31/2007 06:42.16 AM Report This Comment  
  Well, Bailey!
What a delightful story and what a pretty boy you truly are! It appears you flew right into your mommy and daddy's hearts... which is a great place to be. I can't help thinking someone else is missing you terribly, but the most important thing is you are healthy, happy and safe. By the way, hands aren't so bad. It took me quite a while, but I'm actually starting to really like when my mommy gently strokes my back and kiss my cheeks and belly. She's been really patient with me and it's paid off I suppose for both of us. I keep getting more and more confident and more and more loving. OH, I can really fly now too and I love it! Has done wonders for my self esteem. Your friend, Jessie

Come visit me, Jamie, Twinkie - Pastel-Faced Lutino, Skittles, Carley & Jessie.

03/26/2007 06:58.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Bailey
Well sounds like you flew to the right home! You are very handsome. Come visit sometime. Rocco

Come visit me, Nani, Rocco & Kai.

03/13/2007 02:38.32 PM Report This Comment  
  A visitor in my house
My mommy brought a new person into my house and she hasn't gone away yet. Jack, my dog, calls her "nanny". Apparently, she's my mommy's mommy. Whoever she is, I didn't like her at first. I screamed when she came near my cage and I would attack my toys. Even pecking at her through the cage.

But, she's kinda growing on me. I don't get upset anymore when she comes near me and I even like it when she gives me sunflower seed kernels. That's when I like her the best. Yummy, I love those sunflower seeds.

I guess, I'd probably do about anything for a sunflower seed. I hope my Nanny sticks around, but mommy says she's only here for a few more days. I better be nice to her so she'll give me more sunflower seeds, then.

Come visit me, Bailey.

03/13/2007 01:26.34 PM Report This Comment  
  I'm not sure who I like best. It used to be my dad but now it's anyone who will give me attention! Mom says the best gifts are the unexpected ones. That's how she got me and Alex! ~Snuggles

michelle, rochester, IN.

03/05/2007 07:43.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Tweety needs your votes for her poem. Her foot had to be amputated Feb. 26th due to the main blood supply being cut in her leg. We had to separate her from her cage mate. I wanted to get her a big cage to move (fly around) in and after paying 258.00 for her leg to become amputated we could not afford to buy her the cage of her dreams. We notice that she flies a little to get around her cage and can defiantly use a bigger one. Thank you; please visit her web site at

Come visit me, Tweety, Frosty and Ringo.

03/04/2007 04:21.10 PM Report This Comment  
  I like your story. Not all of us get to "pick" our parents. It sounds like you did a great job! Here's a vote.

michelle, rochester, IN.

02/27/2007 10:04.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Bailey!
Tell mommy sometimes were like Lays potatoe chips...can't just have one! my mommy wound up with 11 parrots...just from having one. Were addictive!!! love, LaaLayLee

Come visit me, P.T., Sassy-Blue & China.

02/25/2007 09:41.43 AM Report This Comment  
You are a pretty bird! You look happy,and very spoiled.I bet your mommy loves you very much! I like your cage and all your toys...My mom's Sun Conure loves to tease her dog too.

Come visit me, Sirona, Trance & Frankie.

02/24/2007 09:56.03 AM Report This Comment  
  The Other Animal in My House
My mommy has another pet. It's a dog. Yeah. But, he's easy to annoy. One of my favorite things to do to him is get food out of my dish and pitch it out through the bars of my cage. As soon as he hears me rustling around in my dish, he comes running. He's easy to train.

He'll sniff around on the floor and eat up the food I drop. While he's doing that, I move down to the bottom of my cage and peck at him through the bars.

Silly dog.

I'm not afraid of him. When my mommy puts me on my playtop if I want to give everyone a thrill, I'll dive at the dog. It makes everyone jump up and start shouting. They yell, "No, Jack. No. Stay." Heehee. So, in a way, I get the dog in trouble. What fun!

One thing that really gets me going though, is when that dog starts barking. I can't help myself, I have to join in. I screech and squawk as loud as I can. Mommy says we're quite the noisy pair.

Guess there is something we can do together, so I guess he's not so bad.

Come visit me, Bailey.

02/07/2007 10:54.38 AM Report This Comment  
What a great story of how you found your home! My mommy found me in a pet store that was about to go out of business. I don't like it outside and if I have to go there even for a little while I scream and beg to go back in the house. In the house I rule!! Sometimes I try to bite my mommy when she picks me up, but most of the time I like it. I just won't tell anybody that. I like to give kisses too. My brothers and I rule the house, but that's the way it should be right? I love sunflower seeds too but my mommy won't let me have too many either. No fair!!! Thanks for visiting me and come see my brothers! They're not bad for not being sun conures.

Come visit me, Piper, Radar & Herbi.

02/07/2007 07:42.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Re: Same Name
Hi Bailey! Thanks for saying I'm cute. The bird fair was fine, even though I got put in a little paper baggie to be taken home in. :) How is it in Florida?! My family keeps saying they want to go to Disney World. Have you been there? My brothers, Sprite and Paddy want to say hi. (HI!!!) My family has 2 dogs, maybe you can look for them (Riley and Sadie). Our house has about 6 inches of snow! (BRRRRRRR!!!) :) Visit me any time! Your Friend, Bailey

Come visit me, In memory of: Bailey (02/17/2010), Paddy & In memory of: Sprite (07/05/09).

02/07/2007 07:38.12 AM Report This Comment  
  A birdie story with a happy ending
I am so glad you ended up meeting such nice people and welcomed you in with such love. Thanks for the comment you left me. My mommy would love for a little angel with wings like yours land in her backyard. You are so pretty!

Come visit me, Careto, Sunny, Ray-Ray, In memory of Travieso & Tweety.

02/05/2007 12:35.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Wow! What an Adventure!
Bailey, I'm so impressed with your survival abilities and selecting a new home! I would love it if a Sun flew here to our flock. It would probably be too much noise for mom, though, having two conures. I love to fly from room to room to find my mom. During the warmer months my wings are clipped, but mom lets me fly in the winter when the doors are always shut. Maybe my mom could wheel me around in the off season like your mom does.

I also love sunflower seeds. My mom knows the lore about caged birds and sunflower seeds, but since I eat all my fruits, veggies, and whole grains, mom lets me eat as many sunflower seeds as I want. She thinks they are nutritious and help me keep a little meat on my bones. I tend to run underweight than low. I'm perfectly healthy - no parasites - so I guess I'm lucky that I get to eat so many sunflower seeds, YUM! Thanks for visiting me, Bailey! {{{hugs}}} Zuni (PS: we would be a cute Valentine pair, wouldn't we? Too bad I'm focusing most of my attention on a neon green budgie named Chiquito, otherwise . . .).

Come visit me, Zippi, Independence "Indy" RIP, Zuni & Chiquito ~ RIP ~ he died May 30, 2009.

02/04/2007 09:07.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Bailey. Zack THE Sun Conure here. I am glad you "found" a good home. For not being "bird people" it sounds like your humans take good care of you. I love sunflower seeds also, but I don't get many of them because they are bad for us caged birds. I have alot of children out there somewhere. I know they are in good and loveing homes just like ours. The doors are oppen on my cage all the time but I don't come out much. I am retired from breeding and going back to being a pet. I will get dad to vote for you. Wing flap and tail wag to you!!! Zack

Come visit me, Mrs BB 4 th of July 2016, TPB&G. & The Kissing Booth is open for all !!!.

02/03/2007 06:09.58 AM Report This Comment  
  What a great story of how you came to own Bailey. I have a Senegal named Jack that was found at someones bird feeder, she had a hurt leg, I took her to the vet and it had to be amputated, she was also underweight. Thank God for good hearted people like us to of taken in such lovable creatures. Sun Conures are such loving birds. I have one named Brutus and he loves kisses too. Baily is absolutely beautiful. Give him kisses from us!

Come visit me, Kiwi, Greenlee, Jolea Renee (formerly Brutus), Sundance R.I.P. Sweetheart, Popeye RIP my sweet baby girl...... & Jack.

02/03/2007 04:47.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Bailey, you are a very pretty bird. What a beutiful picture! Come visit us sometime. Welcome to the club. You birdie friends, Boxie, Leelers, and Minnie.

Come visit me, Minnie White, Leelers Redcheeks & Boxcar Bird.

02/01/2007 11:44.13 AM Report This Comment  
  My very own website
Hi, My name is Bailey and this is my website. When my mommy told me that the dog in our house had his own website, I wanted one too. She said "of course," and signed on to

She's a great mommy. She promises to help me make sure I check in here as often as I can and let you all know how I'm doing and what life is like at our house.

Life is pretty darn good, I gotta tell ya.

Come visit me, Bailey.

02/01/2007 08:42.56 AM Report This Comment  
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