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I met my mom when she came to meet my African Grey flockmate who, like me, was in need of a new home, our first family having grown too old to care for us. It is with pride that I tell you that I think I made more of an impression than the sulky grey did 'cause I waved and said "HELLO!". Saber said nothing and did nothing but glare. I owe that bird though because after he was adopted, he put in a good word for me, mentioning my name often in the days after he moved in. That had mom thinkin' the grey bird missed me after eight years of bein' together. Truth be told, Saber didn't miss me but I sure love being a part of this family.
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Hi! My name is RaneBeau ('>

I am a Macaw from Monmouth, IL.

'Bo', BoMan, RaneBeau, BIRDBRAIN (according to CocoPuff)******- *
I joined the BC 1.2007. **** ******* ***** My Hatchday is Feb. 10!

18 years old   M


Pistachios and hazelnuts in the shell. I love cheese but so rarely get any, it's like the ultimate treat.

It used to be a laundry basket with a collection of mismatched socks or the top of Saber's cage but that's all changed now. I love to have a big cardboard box on the floor behind the door of my room where I can hide and no one can see me. Except for my tail that is. I also hang out on my grapevine perch on the side of my cage or in the closet if I happen to catch the door left ajar.

When Reba is invited out of the bird room and I'm not, it gives me cause to holler at the rude human that didn't take ME too. Other than that, I'm rather unruffled about most everything else in life.

My mom sticks up for me when I'm noisy, reminding the family that I'm just excited and want to be in on the action! She tries to keep life interesting for me by including me in most everything she does, whether inside the house or outdoors. I appreciate that I'm allowed out of my cage most of the day...until those guys come home...

I have to float almost everything I eat in water first; Birdie Bread, granola bars, Walnut loaf, fruit, you name it, it's goes in there. (Update; I don't do this much anymore. It's just dried apricots I put in my water bowl now. Can you believe that flat things becomes a plump apricot after a long soak? Me neither!) I prefer to play on the floor, unless that's the norm for all macaws. I don't know.

Wherever my Mom is,that's where I wanna be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- ~~~~~~If you'd like to see me 'In Action'... YouTube. com/kelybrd.

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  Hi RaneBeau!
Wow, it's great to see you again! We got about 7n inches of snow from Sunday to Tuesday AM. Mom hired a guy to shovel the driveway and front walk. She doesn't mind doing it normally, but that was just too much. She even called off from the wildlife center that day, which she hardly ever does. Guess she's getting old.
I like that your folks built you a cabinet all for yourself, that's a great idea. Sorry Reba helped to redecorate, though.
Mom is a little worried today. She has to go to the museum, which is about a half hour drive. This is normally fine, but they are predicting freezing rain for exactly the times she'll be gone today! They said it would start late morning and continue to early afternoon. Her tour is at 11:20! We hope driving conditions aren't as bad as predicted. Mom doesn't mind driving on snow, but ice is a whole different story.
Other than that, there's nothing new. I hope you are having a great day and getting lots of cuddles and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

01/29/2015 06:59.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey RaneBeau
What a great surprise seeing your handsome face at my perch ! You have sun ? Maybe you could send some this way ! We have 2-4 more inches of snow coming tonight - of course we were lucky with Juno - only about 10 inches, so we've got room for it !

Good news ! The last of the needed papers arrived yesterday so that the taxes can get done :) Daddy made an appointment and mommy is hoping there's enough to get a new sofa for the living room ! Our is old and so worn out mom put particle board under the cushions so when someone sits on it they don't land on the floor ! ! !

Have a happy Thursday :) love you - Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie - staying warm, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

01/29/2015 02:31.16 AM Report This Comment  
  t fishtailing for most of the way down here.Mom was so scared he might slide into something.This snow is way too much and we have no place to put it and we're supposed to get more on Friday and on the weekend.We are only so happy to be back on BC again,my dad will not be coming home again tonight as the roads are really bad and he doesn't want to get stuck in our driveway and on the roads coming home.He's been working in twelve hour shifts for the last several days.Mom's arms are killing her and she is so happy to be back in the warm house,she doesn't want to see another snowflake for the rest of the winter,the deck is still piled up as is the walkway and the mailbox,she was too tired and sore to deal with it today!And tomorrow they're supposed to send a truck down here to plow the street out better and there goes the end of the driveway that was plowed out,this time it will be higher than ever and like one big wall!Mom's none too happy with that!I'm so sorry for rambling on and on like this!We're just so happy that we can talk again and visit!Now Mom's got a lot of catching up to do and not much time to do it in!
Dixie gives RaneBeau one more hug before he has to go and he tells RaneBeau that his Mom and he just can't thank him enough for all the prayers they send them,it really means so much to him and his Mom~Loving you always and forever,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/28/2015 09:12.50 PM Report This Comment  
flies into RaneBeau's warm embrace and hugs him close,he has so missed him and was so frightened of the horrible winds that were trying to break down his house!
We are so sorry that we never got back to you,our power went out on Tuesday morning around 7:00am and Mom was busy trying to get the old coal/wood stove to run and after two and a half hours she finally succeeded.Then when the embers were bright orange she put the coal on top and it actually took this time.Mom shut the tv room door to keep the heat in the tv room and brought all our small deck cages in and then brought us all inside,she had to tie the door shut as the strong winds just whipped through the house and kept opening the door.All day and all night we listened to the wind whipping around us out there and the windows were all pasted with the snow so you couldn't see out the windows.Mom called NStar and they told her that it would be multiple days before we got our power back because as soon as they would fix one area another would break down.Then on the street that we are off of a big tree fell down and one of the town trucks broke down and NStar couldn't do the repair job that needed to be done.Early this morning Mom went out to see just how bad things were and there's a tree that fell over in the driveway and the snow is piled higher than my Mom is.The deck and yard are covered and the snow is as high as the four foot fence,the snow on the deck is up to the top of the bottom of the glass part of the storm door and right against the house.Mom was out there this morning trying to shovel the snow,its 23 degrees and the sun is out today but Mom's fingers are frozen and they were beginning to sting so she came inside for a rest.She tried to use the snow plow but the snow is way too high for that little thing.Mom is trying to get just dads side of the driveway done as he's been staying at work overnight for the last few nights and is running out of food so Mom has to get the driveway shoveled so he can come home.She tried calling plow companies but they haven't gotten back to her yet.We got well over 24 inches of snow as the surrounding towns got 24 inches.
Mom finally got someone to plow out half her driveway and the guy kept getting stuck as there was lots of ice underneath it,he had to get pulled out by the guy who was plowing out the neighbors yard across the street with a bob cat.He had a big truck with a plow on it and no matter what he did he kept getting stuck.He even pulled the tree up that had fallen across the driveway for Mom.The roads here are badly done and you can see everyone bouncing up and down coming down LakeSide even in their SUV's and skin bro came to help Mom this morning and got stuck on the corner of Lakeside,the street that Mom is off of and no one would help him,he had to get out and shovel himself out and finally someone came along and pushed him but instead of coming into Lakeside they pushed him onto the main road so Mom told him to go home as he kep

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/28/2015 09:05.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey my handsome buddy !!!
Finally I hear from you. It's so good knowing that you are doing fine. How's it going at the homestead ???

My mommy is slowly but surely healing but still in pain.
Trust me I heard that this shoulder surgery is very pain full...
My wings healed up but I can't fly to well anymore.

Every thing is back to abnormal here at home. The skins arguing and driving my mommy crazy.
That's ok cause I join in the arguments by screaming my high pitched tiel scream heehee !!!

Have a warm and comfy humpday
Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi say's Cheyenne's my wife. Happy New Year, Snowflake luvs Apache...Thanks for x-mas BOTD !!!, Tweety luvs Princess...Thank you for BOTD & Panther luvs Coconut...Happy Valentines.

01/28/2015 09:25.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
Hello from the sunshine and warm temps! I'm really enjoying the sun on my feathers. Mom says this is our rest time ... then when we get back it will be time to start working on the derby.
My parronts went to Tampa Downs and enjoyed the races. Mom says it was good to be near race horses again. Then on Monday we went over the very high skybridge to have a playdate with Felix and flock. I had lots of fun. On the bridge, the pelicans fly next to the car ... very cool! But, yes we are up that high!!!
Chat when I get back.

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

01/27/2015 06:50.13 AM Report This Comment  
runs over to RaneBeau and with a loud happy conure squawk wings wide open hugs RaneBeau and holds him tight!Oh RaneBeau I'm soo happy to see you again!Its been really crazy around here lately!My dad went to work early and then called Mom as he couldn't wait for the Iron House to open,where he gets the coal for Mom to run the coal/wood stove with.He wanted to know where else she got coal and Mom told him the hardware stores around here so he went down and brought Mom two 40lb bags of coal to keep us in heat for a few more days.Mom packed his lunch box cooler and then added another one with extras and Kcups if he should run out of coffee.The snow started at around 11:00am this morning and kept getting steadier and steadier as the day wore on,then the Barnstable Police left an emergency call to tell Mom that the shelter places they could go to here were open at 6:00 tonight and pets were welcome this time.Then Mom got a call from the town and was told all offices were closed tomorrow and no one should be on the road and to heed the governors warnings.My dad came home tonight as they held B crew over(he's A crew)and Mom got him a quick dinner at four when he walked in the door,he lay down on his couch to get an hours sleep before having to return to work for 6:00 tonight,Mom got his lunch coolers restocked with everything from KCups and goodies and 8 more PB&J sandwiches.Dixie thinks that was so much fun for RaneBeau to be bounced around on his awesome Mom's knee while she kicked the ball for Sasha,Dixie can imagine how much fun that must be to bounce up and down like that!That was a greyt workout you had there for sure!
Skin sis just loves spending Sundays with Mom baking all kinds of goodies and Mom is only too happy that both kids take the goodies with them,Mom is getting fat with all this baking going on!My dad knows that they bake lots of stuff but he's so slow to come down and get anything!Dixie is laughing so hard when RaneBeau tells him to tell his dad to drive by their places and come in for a treat!
Dixie tells RaneBeau that his Mom is trying to get them all caught up with their visits before they lose their power!He and his Mom don't want to go through another week or so with no power again!The snow is really piling up outside and the wind has picked up big time!
Dixie can't thank RaneBeau enough for coming by to check on him,if only you knew just how much that means to me!He hugs RaneBeau one last time and holds him close!When Mom gets done with everything she's going to come and get him and wrap him up in his favorite blankie and snuggle with him!He just can't wait!I love you sooo much RaneBeau,more than you can imagine!Love always and forever,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/26/2015 04:57.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello RaneBeau~
I hope you are having a great day! It's really nice here.
I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. I made mom come over here first today!
Some days are not so bad but yesterday was not one of those kind of days! It started out nice enough. We watched the send off for the Seahawks and it was very exciting. We were working on some notes on BC when Mandy missed the pads and peed on the dining room floor. Ian was out there and made too big of deal of the situation which sent Mandy through the living room peeing all the way!
Mom had to get me and Mandy into the bedroom before she can get the carpet cleaner out. Neither of us like it much. It was 3pm before everything was cleaned up so mom needed to get to bed. I tell you, it is not easy living with an old dog but she is family and mom and I won't give up on her!

Dad dropped his cell phone in the washer last week and didn't notice it! Guess what?? It doesn't work anymore!!hahahaha
He is such a dork! It went through the entire wash cycle so I think it's a goner! He got a new one and the first thing he did was put your picture back up on it! He says it does not feel like his phone if he doesn't see RaneBeau's picture when he turns it on! With an other bird, I might be jealous, but I have to agree that you are an awesome bird and very handsome too!!

I hope you have a great day! It won't be too long now and you'll be able to stretch those wings in sunshine and warmth!

Please give mom and the flock our love!!

Huge Amazon Hugs from me to you!!<<>>
Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

01/26/2015 11:23.03 AM Report This Comment  
  got to have 4 brownies he couldn't believe his eyes!Mom had told him before that he's got to be faster and come and get it as soon as it cools off.After the skin sibs left,Mom made dad some dinner of left over pork tenderloin,mashed potatoes and peas all in one skillet.Dad probably won't be home after tonight because they are telling us that this blizzard we're going to be getting is going to be going on and on right into Wednesday.We'll be getting a lot of snow,then rain then back to snow again and we won't see our dad til probably after Wednesday night.Supposed to get anywhere from 12-16 inches.Mom is not happy about that one and the things she's most worried about are the high 75mph winds,that could knock our power out and cut us off from being with our BC Family.Mom is worried about keeping us all warm.
Oh RaneBeau you have made my day so perfect!I wish I was snuggling with you in your playhouse it sounds just wonderful!
Dixie hugs RaneBeau one more time and holds him close for a minute or two,a big smile lighting up his beak and a glow in his eyes!Dixie tells RaneBeau that he made his day so special and he just can't thank him so much for coming to see him!
Dixie loves the big warm Harlequin hugs that RaneBeau gives him and he closes his eyes and takes in every bit of the love he feels in those wonderful hugs!It warms his heart from his head to his twisted toes!I love you RaneBeau!Love always,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/25/2015 07:49.41 PM Report This Comment  
is so excited to see RaneBeau and runs to him and gives him a big little GCC hug!We had a storm here last night and it was snowing then it turned to rain,then back to snow which made everything so slushy!My dad had enough time to eat the last piece of pizza he had for dinner when the phone call came in for him to go out!He was gone til after 1:00am this morning.We are getting a bad storm here starting tomorrow night at 7:00pm and its going to be lasting right through Wednesday and now the weatherman is telling us that we are going to have winds of 80mph here.Mom is so worried about losing our power and trying to keep us all warm.We are supposed to have 12-16 inches of snow.Mom is getting my dad's things ready to go with plenty of sandwiches to last him a few days along with cookies and juice boxes and cereal bars and lots of KCups when his thermos is empty.We won't be seeing my dad back here until after Wednesday sometime when the storm ends.Oh how awful that Reba did that to your playhouse,chewing it up and she even took the whole wall out too!How awful that you can't even hide in your own place!Those Green Wing beaks are really huge and strong!It would only take one small bite from them to tear half the place apart on you and without even trying!Thats so awesome that your sweet Momma has another piece of wood to fix the big gaping hole with so you can at least have some privacy again!
This morning was a dull day here,the highs being 37 and the lows to be 18 and right now we are hanging in at 28.Mom barely got all our cages cleaned and our warm bean mix served,the floor quickly swept up from all our mess and a load of laundry in the washer,my dad's breakfast and coffee made when skin sis was at the door.Mom went down cellar to put her wash in the dryer and skin sis put her wash in the washer and then they came back upstairs to start baking,and as soon as they got started with the first thing they decided to make skin bro called skin sis and wanted to know if it was all right if he could come over also.Mom said why not?And he was here in no time at all.Mom went down and got her wash out of the dryer and then folded it while skin sis got her first dish put together,then after Mom got her dish ready to go in the oven she made lunch for them all of meatball roll up with lettuce and cheese.Then skin sis and Mom finished baking and got the rest of what they made in the oven,they made brownies,Orange Rum Cake,Cherry Cheesecake Dumpcake,and Mom made 12 cannoli's. Mario got to join everyone at the table after lunch and Candida got to hang out with Peepers and Celine on the big play gym in the dining room while everyone was busy.After Mom finished cleaning up the kitchen and washing all the baking dishes and putting everything they baked in containers,the skin sibs were ready to leave to go home as it was after 5:00pm so before they left they took nearly everything that was baked today and when dad came to get himself some of what was baked and only go

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/25/2015 07:48.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey RB
Where thou art ??? I have not heard from you for a longtime. I'm just flying by to see how my buddy ol pal is doing.

Mommy's still healing from that horrible surgery she had.
Well I can say we get plenty of mommy time !!!

Have an awesome Sunday
Luv & Wing Hugs

Come visit me, Jedi say's Cheyenne's my wife. Happy New Year, Snowflake luvs Apache...Thanks for x-mas BOTD !!!, Tweety luvs Princess...Thank you for BOTD & Panther luvs Coconut...Happy Valentines.

01/25/2015 02:01.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
We have had wonderful weather until this morning. We had a lot of rain all night and early morning. Then, the sun came out and we are at 72 degrees ... so we are good! I am lounging by the pool working on a good feather tan. I have also made friends with an egret that I call E. We speak daily by the pool screen.
I do miss my friends and will be back to blogging when I get home. It will be time to start the derby stuff mom says. So, you will be getting info after that.
Hope you are having fun. We so enjoyed those 80 degrees days.
Mom says we can get used to having our own pool real fast!
YCM Huggies

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

01/24/2015 10:12.54 AM Report This Comment  
Thank you for the wonderful warm hug! We got it today. Mom was in Detroit last week and when she came home, our DSL was down. So catching up now
We had a small snow storm today. So very pretty with big flakes coming down. They are still on every twig of every branch of our trees and so magical. Such a nice view before Mr Wind moves that snow away! It was perfect cause the snow is not on the sidewalks (guess the bricks were warm enough to melt it) and not really on the streets but the woods are so pretty!
We have been hopping here. Mom put the molding up in the parlor big wall just shy of 1 frame. So we can see good progress. We'll send pictures when the wall is done!
We are having a dinner party Saturday for our nice neighbors. Such nice people! The last snow we had started while Mom was walking to the train. And by the time she got home the neighbor shoveled and salted in front of her house and steps. See what I mean?
So Mom's big thank you is a dinner for 6 and I'm practicing my favorite songs for them to hear during the meal!
We got great news about Mom's new diet working, After 6 months with no gluten her Iron is back to normal so she's getting iron and other key nutrients now. Wow was that a happy dance long overdue. We now share our kale with her and do it happily too.
Shes at the DC car show this week but its not too far from the office so we get her home on time
Big hug to you big guy! Here's a special friendship song for you to enjoy and please share with Kelly (sweet girl) and Grover my buddy!
By for now
Your loyal friend,

Come visit me, Sunny(RIP) and Haley, Romeo and Julie(loving memory of Maxi ) & Tahoe and Pearl.

01/21/2015 03:20.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
I'm so happy to hear from you! I hope you do blog me at least once a week!
Yeah, the snow is still halfway up to the windows. Dad keeps us plowed so, no worries. It's been an easy winter for us so far. But I'm still ready to go south. Isn't that what the wild ones do??? But, I'll have my own room and a pool too ... this is living! I will see my first palm tree. I can't wait! Sunday I'll be soaking in the sun!
Well, I wake up at 9am. My room is dark and I'm covered up too. So, no early light or chattering ...shhhh.
When we get back, it will be time to work on the derby. I think we will have a new system as we did get a couple of complaints. It will be a lottery system as to who can be a jockey. We'll see. Right now, I have to concentrate on a tan.
The Bird Talk Annual 2015 is out ... we have it.
This will be a busy weekend up here with the sled dog races, ice sculptures etc. But, I only care that I have 2 more sleeps until vacation!

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

01/14/2015 09:00.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Mom feel so good knowing that he's eating again and he even wanted more so Mom gave him a pinch more of his pellets before she pulled his dish for the night so he can empty his crop for the morning again!
Nana's eyes are not doing so good these days and Mom is driving her all around to get her errands done and taking her to her drs appointments etc.
Mom is busy on Sundays as Shiloh(skin sis) comes down to spend the day baking with her and doing her laundry,Mom is going to get to be huge by the time she gets done with all these baking days with Shiloh!Than Anthony drops in on her and spends a good part of the day when he comes home from work in the morning,he works for UPS from 4:00am til around 9 or 10:00 am.He's looking for another job and has gone on more interviews but is still waiting for word on one of them anyway!Mom is hoping that she will be having some boring days coming up soon!
Dixie reluctantly lets RaneBeau go after giving him one more big little GCC hug!Oh RaneBeau you have really made my day so special today!I love you sooo sooo much!
Give your amazing Mom a big hug from me and say hello to everyone there for me,Kirby,Reba,every birdie! Give them all my love too!Loving you always and forever,my awesome wonderful friend!Loving you always!And I'm sending lots and lots of GCC hugs! Love Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/14/2015 06:52.33 PM Report This Comment  
is one very happy GCC to see RaneBeau here on his page and he runs to give him the biggest warmest little big GCC hugs he can!Dixie tells RaneBeau that its been snowing here all day since yesterday and it isn't much in the way of needing to be shoveled,which his Mom is only too happy about that but it called his dad out to work yesterday morning at 1am and he didn't come home til after 4:00pm late yesterday afternoon and all he wanted to do was take his work clothes off and go right to bed which he did,Mom had no idea what to do for dinner as once he goes to bed he can sleep til the next morning when the alarm goes off!But he came downstairs two hours later and Mom made BLT's as that was the quickest thing she could make at such a late hour!Then he had a shower and went right back to bed again!Oh was it ever so nice to be able to sleep with my Mom all wrapped up in my blankie on the couch,but I had to share it with my baby fister Candida,she's such a daddy's girl and whined all last night because she couldn't come out to the table to join him for dinner like she always does!She just loves him big time and he loves her,she loves how he rubs her head and face and purrs at him and twists her head so he can get right where she likes it most!She loves to put her butt right up his arm while he's eating and then crawl up and snuggle right by his neck!I love just being off my feet all night and my Mom is so warm and it makes my feet feel so good.Oh how awful to have fallen off that flat board!Especially in the night when it was so dark,it must've been so scary too,and I so hope you didn't get hurt either!How awesome to have that shelf built for the back of your cage with the lip on it so you wouldn't fall off and be able to stretch right out and relax!I think I would be scared to sleep outside of my cage only if I had you to snuggle close to I wouldn't mind it at all!I have a flat board perch that's got some soft material covering over it that I sleep on and sit on all day while I wait for my Mom to come and get me!I hate that I can't even ride her shoulder anymore,my toes are so twisted I can't hang onto anything!My cousin Trixie II is making holes in Nana's chair and her clothes now,and she's sneaky while she does it too!I just love your profile picture!You are the most handsomest awesomest Harlequin I know!I'm snuggling with my Mom right now with Candida on the same side as me.Mom is going to stay home with me tomorrow and maybe I'll get some time in the acrylic cage to look outside the big window in the tv room at the world outside!Oh RaneBeau you have made my day complete!I have really missed you and having this time with you has really put a smile on my beak and made me feel so much better!
Dixie hugs RaneBeau one more time and holds him so close the smile on his beak so wide and his eyes bright with joy!Mario is having a good week so far,this is his fifth day of eating everything in his bowl,blueberry yogurt/millet/pellets and medicine,it made M

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/14/2015 06:50.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya RaneBeau~~
What a wonderful surprise to see a note from you! That play stand sounds awesome!! What is wrong with Alife not loving it?? I guess he has his mind on other things!

Only excitement we've had around here is that Merlin jumped off the balcony last Friday night! Is he an idiot or what??? It's like 12 feet down to the patio below! Mom didn't even know he was out there. He got out when she put the trash bag out there. When she finished the dishes she couldn't find him. She looked over the balcony but didn't see him. She grabbed her jacket and had to climb down an embankment, slosh through the moat and climb up a stone wall to get to the downstairs neighbors patio. He was sitting right there and came right to mom when she called him. Needless to say, he is not allowed out at all anymore. He is lucky he didn't break his neck and mom had to explain to him that the whole cat's having 9 lives thing is just a myth. It could have been that he jumped up on the railing and slipped off since it was pretty wet that night. He is still howling at the door to go out so I guess he didn't learn his lesson.

We are very proud of our Seahawks! We think they are going to win the Superbowl again this year! Not just because we love them but this team is just perfect and we don't think there will be another one like them for a long time. The whole contract thing is going to happen next season so it won't be the same team. It is good that Russell Wilson will finally be getting paid what he is worth. He seems to be a very nice young man and spends a lot of his free time visiting children at the Children's hospital in Seattle.
A football career is very short so they have to get as much money as they can while they can still play.

I hope you are staying warm and enjoying your days. I know you would rather be outside but it won't be too very long now!
Please give our love to your mom and the flock!!

Giant Amazon Hugs from me to you <<<>>> Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

01/14/2015 02:23.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneScarf from Jen, Ziggy, & Angel Christy
Happy hump day everybody, this appears to be another cold Wintery day, but one more day closer to our precious Springtime! We want to take a moment to wish Chyna's momma a very Happy Birthday, aunt Jane is a peach of a lady! Dad's nurse will be at our home in a few hours, so he must tidy up our home a little bit! Tomorrow we have warmer weather headed our way, and it will be a welcome change! Enjoy your middle of the week, and give our love to our dear aunt Denise, and all in your happy home, see ya tomorrow...

Much love always, Jenny Lynn, Angel Christy, & our Dallas family

PS~Daddy's Nurse just left and all his numbers are not just good, rather they are perfect, and he has lost eight more pounds! Blood Sugar is normal, BP is right on, Oxygen levels are perfect, and we are all very pleased! We couldn't ask for more, thank you Lord...

Come visit me, Ziggy~Happy Valentine's Day dear friends, love ya, Jenny-I'm watching the Superbowl with Tiama & Sugar, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Christine~Happy St Valentine's day BC friends, Ms LaLo~I'm just me, Happy New Year in 2015... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

01/14/2015 01:30.08 PM Report This Comment  
Dear friends,

For the first time in the history of The Pretty Rose Flower Shop we were unable to complete all orders by the date requested. For this we are deeply sorry and hope you will forgive us. We are delivering the orders to you at this time. We hope that you are pleased with them.

Alex, Ruby and Mikey
The Pretty Rose Flower Shop

To pick up your order, do the following:
Go to The Pretty Rose Flower Shop, Page 188440 and scroll down to the picture gallery. You will see your order receIpt, followed by your order. Your order may be on more than one page. Be sure to check all pages in the picture gallery.

To get your order, do the following:
1. Click on the image to open to full size.
2. Right click on the image to bring up the sub menu.
3. Click on "Save Picture As" and choose a location to save the image.
4. Simply copy the image and paste the image where ever you wish.
Do the same for all images.
Images will remain posted for one week. At that time, your order will be moved to a file folder. If you wish to reorder the same item, just let us know and we will repost it.

Alex, Ruby and Mikey
The Pretty Rose Flower Shop



01/09/2015 11:39.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
Oh yes, I danced the night away. Wha??? You go to bed at 8pm on a normal night???? My time is 10:30 sometimes later. But, I don't get up until 9am at the earliest. I'm on mom time! I did take a nap while the parronts were out but got up to watch the ball drop and then went back to bed.
This is going to be busy around here this month. dad's family is getting together (3 hour drive) closer to the middle of the state. Then appointments and finally we leave on the 16th. What do you mean ... south FL gets snow??? Really???
Yes, the horse was a gift for Christmas. I did very well as you can see (Santa Bird, parronts & friends). I tried to be a good girl ... well, mostly.
I hope that you will be on the BC at least once a week this year ... miss you tons!
The derby will be here before you know it!
Hope you had a nice NYE. We had high winds, bitter cold and whiteouts with non stop snow for NYE. My parronts had a late dinner and then headed for the party at the casino. They had this large separate room fixed very nice and several bands. They had a good time. I woke up when they came home for the countdown. Oh yes, I rang my bell, we took a couple of pics and then we all went to bed. My skinsis went to TC for the Cherry Ball drop. I think she was frozen! Snow again today and for 3-4 more days until we get a break. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and have a greyt 2015!
YCM Huggies

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

01/01/2015 10:54.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Big Guy,
It's Da Pring to wish you a Happy New Year and the very best of everything.... :)

Come visit me, Pepper, Poirot, Pringle ~ Thank you for the Hatchday wishes! & Artistic Avian Avatars.

01/01/2015 10:36.40 PM Report This Comment  
so excitedly runs up to RaneBeau and gives him the warmest,biggest little GCC hug he can muster wrapping his wings around him so tight and holding on for a good minute or two!I'm soo happy to see you and you have just made my day so perfect!Dixie tells RaneBeau that he has plenty of Hatchday cake left over for him to take some home to everyone,Kirby,Kelly,Reba and all the others!Mom made me a cornbread hatchday cake with all kinds of goodies baked inside!Then I got to snuggle with her all night long with my dad,even though I had to share my favorite blankie with Candida as she too was snuggling with me and Mom it felt so good to be off my feet for the whole night!Mom still gives me long foot massages and hot foot soaks to try and untwist my toes so I can walk right,sometimes it feels like I have a stub to walk on with my toes the way they are!Mom has had her hands full between me and my frother Mario,Lutino tiel as he has gout worse than I do and a crop bacterial infection and has been on and off meds since October,Mom is constantly administering to one or the other of us and sometimes both at the same time!
That must be so much fun to be allowed to chew the pine trim around the closet door and not get scolded for ruining the woodwork!Now I think that is the most wonderful idea ever to just change out the artwork that you do instead of having to keep you behind bars all day long!That's just what us fids do anyway is chew!You should see me with my cage paper,all over the floor the back of the cage and now between Kallie on top ripping paper whenever he has to stay locked up and Candida down below me Mom has a greyt time of sweeping up the mess every morning and night!Kallie has his boxes in the big play gym in our room and the mess he makes from those Mom could use to fill boxes to send out somewhere or stuff something with!Hehehe!Oh my dad made us some popcorn last night and saved us some big pieces too!He always saves me and Candi popcorn whenever he makes it and Candida is a major request for him at the dinner table every night!She even beat me up last night when my Mom had me out there to enjoy my dad's meal because it was my special day and the linguine was really good too!She's beginning to think that she owns my dad and the dining table,she's chewed all the corners of it already and Mom has to find a new tablecloth,she's got both the table cloth and the protective plastic covering chewed big time on all three sides of the table!I love grapefruit and whenever my Mom has it,I know she's got some in the fridge right now I come and help her eat it!
Mom and all of us here are wishing you and your wonderful flock and Mom and dad and family the bestest New Year ever filled with love and good health and all good things coming your way!I know you sure made mine so special more than you can know!
Loving you always and forever, and sending you warm GCC hugs and soft GCC kisses,Love and hugs!Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/01/2015 06:33.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya RaneBeau~
Happy 2015 to you~~~~
We celebrated when it was 2015 in Australia since mom had to work last night.It was fun!

Today we just made snack food to eat all day. Cheese sticks and celery with hummus and some sort of garlic cheese spread on crackers. I just at the crackers and some apples. It was still good!

I hope the day is just perfect and that the year is even more perfect!

We love you guys and always wish nothing but the best for you all!

Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

01/01/2015 03:09.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ranebeau
Have a very Happy New Year! Hugs & Kisses to you and your whole flock!

Angel & Pepper


01/01/2015 11:32.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello RaneBeau~
I hope your day is going great!
I wanted to stop by to wish you, the flock and your family a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year!
With much love, lots of hugs and a vote too!
Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

12/31/2014 12:02.28 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Pretty Rainbow,
I understand completely about raely getting on the computer anymore or on BC. Things changed a lot after Daddy got sick and Mommy rarely has time to be on BC. So sad, but that's the way things are sometimes.

Let's see...who's in my flock...well, of course, there's Finnegan, then there are the two 'tiels who live together, Larry who's 21 and Pixie, who's handicapped. We don't know her age since she was a real rescue, animal control and all that. Then last year Mommy rescued Dolly, our Goffin's cockatoo, who had a broken leg. Then a few months ago we acquired two more birdies from Mommy's daughter, a cockatiel named Sammy and a tiny little Fischer's lovebird named Pepin. and that makes 7 of us. Our other little cockatiel, Bobbie, died a year ago. She was 17, and adorable Binky(our caique) died a year and a half ago. We also used to have a beautiful lutino Indian ringneck named Princess. But when Daddy came hone from the hospital last spring, he absolutely coouldn't stand her extremely loud screaming, so Mommy had to give her back to our rescue. Mommy gets to see her every time she does a show because she always comes to the shows. So Mommy holds her and shows her, and if Daddy's there, he holds her the rest of the time. Daddy loves her, but her screaming just made him crazy. Anyway, she lives with our bird club president and his wife now, but is always so happy to see Mommy and Daddy.

Thank you for your lovely card. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Life was pretty down at our house. Poor Daddy stayed in bed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and didn't go to any of the festivities with our family. So skin-sis, her husband and the grandkids came over yesterday and brought gifts for Daddy. It made him happy to see them all. He feels a titch better today, but feeling better, never good, usually only lasts for a day or two, and the pain never goes away. Momma doesn't know what to do anymore.
Lots of Love and Big Hugs from Your Forever Friend, Little Miss Lucy♥

Come visit me, Capt. Finnegan - Green Angels Squadron, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - Baby it's cold outside!.

12/27/2014 01:33.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya RaneBeau~
I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope your Christmas was fabulous!
Mom got home late from work this morning so my schedule was all off! At first I was pretty upset but it turned out okay since mom doesn't have to work tonight and spent lots of time with me.
There were lots of people at the store very early today. All the Christmas stuff was 75% off so they were grabbing stuff right and left! Mom managed to grab the cards for next year and two really nice shopping bags. They have Christmas pictures on them but who cares! One of them will be our new book bag since they are water proof. The old one is starting to rip on the bottom!
There was no traffic to report on the radio news show this morning so they were reporting when each mall was going to open!!! You would think everyone would be tired of shopping at this point but it certainly didn't look that way! Ian was suppose to work 4 hours today but he ended up staying for 8 since it was so busy. All those little kids who got gift cards could not wait to get to Toys R Us and find a new treasure! It's always exciting when they have their own money to spend!
Enjoy your evening and I hope it's just perfect!
Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

PS Chipper made 10K today so I hope you will congratulate her if you haven't already!! Thanks!

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

12/26/2014 07:41.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
I bet Christmas was crazy with all your flock. Hope Santa Bird was good to you.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I sure did. Mom had to put me in my condo cause I got too eggcited, chewing everything, eating too much and running around. I was so exhausted! After a big rest I was ready to go again. I have some pics on my page. It was a white Christmas here but no snow storm for us ...yay!
PS We are at the 36 degree mark and going down to 20 to 22 soon.

I have my Holiday Milonga-New Years Eve pic up ... many thanks for making me look good :)

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

12/25/2014 10:26.02 PM Report This Comment  
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday!! Enjoy your day!!! Leaving a vote for you.

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

12/25/2014 08:30.31 AM Report This Comment  
  HI RaneBeau
Parrot’s Night Before Christmas
by Cheryl Tamburri
T’was the night before Christmas, so much to do!
Not a creature was stirring not even the Too
The stockings were hung, the parrots were bathed,
To wrap the bird toys, my efforts enslaved.
The cages were covered, the birds all in bed,
While visions of almonds danced in their heads.
And mom in her bird shirt, dressed looking poor,
on hands and knees cleaning poop off the floor.
When out on the lawn there arose such a chatter!
we jumped up to see just what was the matter
we peered out the window, what now to endure!
A Macaw in a sleigh, pulled by tiny Conures!
A Scarlet, he was, in a jaunty red hat,
I thought to myself, Good Lord, look at that!
He flew off the sleigh, and into my room,
bringing foot toys and blocks and a raffia broom.
we gasped in pure wonder; and we love Santa too
‘Oh yes!’, said the Scarlet, ‘i love you!’
“They love and they play and to owners they chat,
How many folks have pets just like that?!”
The joy parrots bring you all through the year,
The ones without out homes that are equally dear,
They deserve affection and enrichment all year,
But tonight especially, in hearts hold them all near.
The wise old bird gave a nod and a wink;
After dropping off toys he was gone in a blink!
And we thought to ourselves, we are blessed, yes indeed;
and to people who take take rescue birds, and to fill all their needs
He flew to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And off they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim as they flew out of sight
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE PEPPINO BOTM 262561.

12/24/2014 11:03.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello my handsome RaneBeau~~~
Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas wishes! You know I wish you all the same! I'm sorry your oldest skin bro won't be there but perhaps they can all get together at another time.
It's going to be a quiet day around here and that will be perfect.
I hope you all enjoy the day and find lots of joy in it!
I love you my friend!
Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

12/24/2014 02:53.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Merry Christmas Santa Macaw, from Ziggy & flock
Ho Ho Ho, 'tis the season to be jolly! We hope our little blog note finds you and all your friends and family, filled with the sweet spirit of Christmas! There is however, not one thing we can say that hasn't already been said, this time of the year speaks volumes for itself! Joy to the world, our lord has come, be well and be happy, and give our love to all in your happy home, Santa Bird is coming to town, we'll see ya tomorrow...

Love on Christmas Eve, Mr Ziggy, Jenny, Angel Christy, & our happy flock

PS~Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas time, and let's never forget the reason for the season...

Come visit me, Ziggy~Happy Valentine's Day dear friends, love ya, Jenny-I'm watching the Superbowl with Tiama & Sugar, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Christine~Happy St Valentine's day BC friends, Ms LaLo~I'm just me, Happy New Year in 2015... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

12/24/2014 09:19.16 AM Report This Comment  
  Well BFD, a santa suit for you, from Jenny & Ziggy
...I am guessing your mom had to dress you, ya big lummox! You do look good though, oh hush it Zig, he is not the real on, LOL! He is what we call reasonable facsimile, but a phony none the less! You Macaws sure do stick together, well ya should, nobody else would love ya! No I am not taking you to see your hero, I am shacking with Alfie, and can't be bothered! We are having much warmer than normal weather right now, but no complaints! We woke up to a melancholy feeling in our home with memories of Christmas' past, present, and hopes for the future! We love Christmas season, but it comes and goes to quickly to suit us! Tomorrow is the Eve of the special Birthday celebration, we hope this the most happiest time of the year for all of you as advertised! Give our love to all in your happy home, see ya tomorrow or as time allows...

Forever love from Jenny, Ziggy, and our Dallas family

PS~Thanks again dear aunt, we love ya so much..............

Come visit me, Ziggy~Happy Valentine's Day dear friends, love ya, Jenny-I'm watching the Superbowl with Tiama & Sugar, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Christine~Happy St Valentine's day BC friends, Ms LaLo~I'm just me, Happy New Year in 2015... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

12/23/2014 10:47.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
So good to see you active on the BC today. You look so festive and handsome ... I LOVE IT! Sorry that your presents are hidden cause of that dog ... so unfair. Maybe you should check out your cabinet? I did check on mine and I have 7 -8 gifts and still have a Santa Bird gift coming and I have my stocking too!
OK, I will agree that my house looks festive with the snow and lights. I'm not saying too much as we don't have the snow like last year, it really slowed down. Mom just hopes the roads are good when they go for the drive to FL.
Thanks again for the lovely pics. Hope to see you pop in at the Holiday Milonga on Saturday (27th). Mom wants to get the pic up with the dark blue background for that and NYE. I hope it works out ... it should!
The sun was here for a short visit today. It was nice to see it. But, I think the snow will be back soon. I was busy today checking out some gifts with my name on them ... mom caught me! I'm still being good, hope Santa Bird sees me.

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

12/22/2014 11:26.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Howdy my friend!
Mom will try to get a good picture of ginormous-cat for my page. For some reason mega-kitten loathes cameras and instantly senses when the phone has gone to photo mode, so it's a bit of a challenge. As for my vest, it turns out I have a special talent. I can tell when my niece is about to have an episode of FMD, and a quick interaction from me can help stop the episode. I'm trying to help train my Conure cousin to do the same thing, since I really don't want to leave my flock to help with hers full time. (FMD is Functional Movement Disorder.) All I need to do is hang out on a shoulder and take action when needed. It's cool to have a special talent. I have no doubt that we all do, I just had an opportunity to show it off. I'll keep you posted on mom's success or failure with the whole monster-kitty photo session business. Ciao for now! ~Sarabi

Come visit me, Sarabi & Frosty the Keet with the little pink feet.

12/19/2014 09:23.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
I would think your mom would put up a snow pic with you if not a Christmas one. I think she needs to come here and take some snow home with her. I hope she got my email with snow pics taken today.
Well, we are back to cold and snow. Looks like a good peppermint hot chocolate day around here. I can drink it while watching dad plow the snow. He must like to do that cause he does it a lot ... must be fun. I just don't see it.
YCM Huggies

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

12/17/2014 09:45.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Buddy~~
Bedtime hugs <<<>>>

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

12/15/2014 10:30.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
Hey you handsome ref ... where's your Christmas pic? It's less than 2 weeks away.

Mom just put up a pic of me by my tree. I think your mom should keep it in her Chyna folder as it's recent and clear (for once).

Today was a no snow no sun just cold day. They say the snow will be back on Tuesday night. I understand that many birds will not have a white Christmas. Therefore I'm offering our snow to any bird who wants it. Have a warm and cozy night.
YCM Huggies

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

12/12/2014 11:17.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya Buddy~~
Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you!!
Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Flitzer 260922 Everyday!! & The Calendar Page~For February it's Lemons.

12/06/2014 01:23.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
You look so very handsome in your ref uniform!
Well, here we are in December already. I was kind of thinking that I'd see your mom sledding on our hills ... hehehehe.
I have one more vet visit before FL ... to get my Interstate Travel paper. Fly down and enjoy the pool with me.
It was a dark and dreary day but in the mid 20's. I had my vet grooming appointment today. I think I should get a special prize for not screaming. I just clenched my toes really tight. I was giggling at that ... hehehe. He didn't even put OPI on my nails, how rude!
YCM Huggies
PS Tonight, I deleted all the blank pics with X's. Then I re-entered them and it worked!

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

12/02/2014 11:47.36 PM Report This Comment  
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