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Macaw from Monmouth, IL
RaneBeau ('>

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I met my mom when she came to meet my African Grey flockmate who, like me, was in need of a new home, our first family having grown too old to care for us. It is with pride that I tell you that I think I made more of an impression than the sulky grey did 'cause I waved and said "HELLO!". Saber said nothing and did nothing but glare. I owe that bird though because after he was adopted, he put in a good word for me, mentioning my name often in the days after he moved in. That had mom thinkin' the grey bird missed me after eight years of bein' together. Truth be told, Saber didn't miss me but I sure love being a part of this family.
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Hi! My name is RaneBeau ('>

I am a Macaw from Monmouth, IL.

'Bo', BoMan, RaneBeau, BIRDBRAIN (according to CocoPuff)******- *
I joined the BC 1.2007. **** ******* ***** My Hatchday is Feb. 10!

18 years old   M


Pistachios and hazelnuts in the shell. I love cheese but so rarely get any, it's like the ultimate treat.

It used to be a laundry basket with a collection of mismatched socks or the top of Saber's cage but that's all changed now. I love to have a big cardboard box on the floor behind the door of my room where I can hide and no one can see me. Except for my tail that is. I also hang out on my grapevine perch on the side of my cage or in the closet if I happen to catch the door left ajar.

When Reba is invited out of the bird room and I'm not, it gives me cause to holler at the rude human that didn't take ME too. Other than that, I'm rather unruffled about most everything else in life.

My mom sticks up for me when I'm noisy, reminding the family that I'm just excited and want to be in on the action! She tries to keep life interesting for me by including me in most everything she does, whether inside the house or outdoors. I appreciate that I'm allowed out of my cage most of the day...until those guys come home...

I have to float almost everything I eat in water first; Birdie Bread, granola bars, Walnut loaf, fruit, you name it, it's goes in there. (Update; I don't do this much anymore. It's just dried apricots I put in my water bowl now. Can you believe that flat things becomes a plump apricot after a long soak? Me neither!) I prefer to play on the floor, unless that's the norm for all macaws. I don't know.

Wherever my Mom is,that's where I wanna be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- ~~~~~~If you'd like to see me 'In Action'... YouTube. com/kelybrd.

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  Congrats, King Ranebeau!
Due to overpopulation of tourists for the last 6 weeks, we have been without internet and phone service! So we regretfully missed your special day! So here is a big basket of birdie bread muffins, strawberries and our most heartfelt hugs and kisses!
Love, Picabo, Squeaky & Scion
Scion sends his best wishes to the always lovely Miss Kelly!
And Squeaky sends beaky kisses to her buddy Kirby!
We have misses all of you!

Come visit me, Scion, Budgies, Kiwi & Button, Limon & Lima, Squeaky, Picabo & Angel Alfie (RIP).

08/27/2014 11:38.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Late Greetings
I see I missed your BOTD celebration! So this Congratulations is LATE. Ranebeau you always are a handsome bird but with that crown and the beautiful background you are REALLY Handsome.
Love, Gramma

Sylvia, Florissant, CO.

08/25/2014 09:41.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
I have to tell you that we did NOT get that warm weather or sun today. This is so unfair!! I asked dad why do we love here? Mom wants to know the same thing!!!!
Please make room for me and mom in the Mc Aviary ... we will camp out there!
Today I was busy supervising dad. He was repairing and painting the side deck. I know I was a big help. We didn't get our 80 degrees today. It was only 74 and very cloudy. We might get 82 and t-storms on Monday. I think I need a refund on Sunday's weather. At least I had barb-bee-Q chickens and corn still on a cob ... it was deelicious. I guess it made up for lack of sun.
YCM Huggies :)

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/24/2014 09:37.42 PM Report This Comment  
  you sure do look good in a crown
maybe mom should let you wear it always ! Thanks for sharing the day and your mom with us ! Love the Milonga pictures - they came out extra nice this year ! That's why me and Petunia are going to win ! ! !

Come visit me, Cookie and Petunia - ready to win !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

08/24/2014 03:52.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ranebeau
My name is Angel Girl--Angel for short. I am SKY and Little Angel's fister. I am going to be your September BOTM candidate.
I have spoken at length with my frother SKY and Chuey our cousin and Sky had agreed to let all of you keep your cow-pony for next month as we take a horseback tour of the beautiful and historic
Cape Beeton Island, Canada. We will require birdies willing to lead a pack-horse of two as we rough it out under the stars, learn about the Celtic heritage of this Island, whale watch and more. I hope you all will be able to join us on this day by day tour.
Angel Girl 224627

Come visit me, rally and lacie, poncho botd 24/3/14, Jack, thank you all for BOTD, sassy, Casper, you fought a good fight l'il man, amando, sky, Angel Lupe', I will see you again!, l'il angel adler, dixie's wife-bird, broken wings, broken promises, casey, LittleAngel & Dixie's wedding album, Jesse, thank you for BOTD everyone!, flynn, ANGEL GIRL, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN SEPTEMBER, sarah little bird, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, QUEEN ZEENA, thanks for BOTM AUGUST & sweetie, thank you friends for BOTD.

08/24/2014 03:38.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ranebeau
Haha, you look like the Burger King, all you need is a beard, Hahahahaha! Willie and Peppino

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!, Peppino, Divo, welcoming his old buddy Tooth home & Falco, fly free, Tooth.

08/24/2014 01:23.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ranebeau
That is one impressive crown! You sure look handsome in it, you should wear it all the time. Mom will be getting glasses that work in about 3 weeks, and can't wait. Both surgeries were good, the cataracts are gone. She still has to get those shots for macular degeneration in her left eye, but other than that, she can see again. Yes, she needs to keep a closer eye on everybirdie else, because I'm perfect, heehee.
Mom has foster squirrels! Last night she got an email saying the center was flooded with babies and they were in desperate need for fosters. This morning mom picked up a baby fox squirrel and a baby gray squirrel, both eyes closed. She wanted to take more, but our space is limited and we only have 2 heating pads. Anyway, that's why we're so late getting online today. Mom had to find her squirrel foster kit in the basement and clean everything today, she's already fed them twice, and she also got to the pool. It's been over a year since she fostered, and it should be fun.
I hope you are having a good day, getting lots of sunshine and scritches! Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!, Peppino, Divo, welcoming his old buddy Tooth home & Falco, fly free, Tooth.

08/24/2014 01:22.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya RaneBeau~
My wings are not as big as yours but here is the biggest hug this little green zon can muster!
Your Pal Sugar

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo & The Calendar Page~August Birthstone is the Peridot.

08/24/2014 12:16.47 PM Report This Comment  
  HI RANE BEAU('> !!!!
Like your profile picture....So nice to be able to send Congrats...Always happy when checking out the BOTD and finding it to be one of our special friends....Have a great Sunday...Just pecked a V4U...With many birdie wing hugs to you my friend...Always, Sam :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

08/24/2014 09:23.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau,

It's your Friend, Oz. You are "Too" kind with your sweet words but I must say that my Mommy thinks I'm beautiful "Too". Can I ask you a dumb question? What kind of Macaw are you? Are you a Catalina (I think that's what some are called but I could be wrong)? Whatever you are, you are very handsome, my Friend. You can fly down here anytime you want "Too". Our Pool is still open til around the 3rd week in Sept. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Here's a vote for you, cutie. Bye for now.

Love & Winghugs,
Oz (Your Pink Friend)

Come visit me, Parker, Silver, APACHE IS SO HAPPY SNOWFLAKE SAID YES ON 04/27/14, Oz & Cheyenne said YES to her Jedi 5/3/14.

08/24/2014 08:22.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, RaneBeau
Was so awesome to see you in the spotlight yesterday. Been seeing your mom's pig race pics on many pages and they are all wonderful.

Yup, the parronts became first time grandparronts end of June. Those two pics are when the grand was only a couple of weeks old. Our dad made the cradle years ago and it was skinsis first bed and now her baby has slept in it. We have never been allowed near it so no scratches or beak marks on it, lol. Hopefully mom can post a new pic soon.

We love to chew up paper but nothing much can beat millet for a 'tiel. So, if you get your way into those closet doors just remember to tuck that long tail inside or else your mom'll find you hiding in there, heehee.

Love the crown pic with you staring right at us!

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

08/24/2014 04:54.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rane
It was Saturday, the day of DOOM and GROOM. None of us we very pleased, and fought the three of them the best we could. BUT, wrapped in a towel, not much could be done to ward them off. Nails, Wings, and Beak, what a rotten way to start a lovely day. I will get even.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/24/2014 12:39.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
"Let's dance put on your red shoes
and dance the blues
Let's dance to the song
they're playin' on the radio ...... "
Chyna is thrilled to dance with King RaneBeau!
Oh please don't temp mom ... she will be there in a heartbeat!
REALLY? Us four got you in the castle ... how cool is that? Glad your mom is allowing the King to do as he pleases today.
Yes, mom needs several Kleenex boxes after hearing about that nasty Polar Vortex coming soon. She told dad that they will be kicking up the heat and wearing shorts or swim suits!!! He just looked at her strangely!
Maybe she will have a kiddie blow up pool in the living room ... hehehehe. After all, the average temps up here this summer was in the 60's. We did have about 10 real summer days. This weekend is a good one too ... so far.
At least, dad is taking me and mom to Florida next February for vacation. Mom says we might not come back!
I wasn't happy that mom replaced some of my toys and rearranged my condo. So today, I chewed up almost all the new parts ... hehehehe. Every time she cleaned up my artwork, I did more. I also got to go out on the patio for a while and watched dad repair the side deck. I hear that Sunday will be sunny AND 80 degrees ... can you believe that! I think I need a pool and a beach chair just for me. I hope to work on my tan.
YCM Huggies and extra ones for the King!
As soon as the face pic is done, it can be put up on my page ... I'm looking forward to it. Thank you thank you thank you!

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/23/2014 11:10.20 PM Report This Comment  
  hi RaneBeau
Floop here, to congratulate you on behalf of our entire flock! WE are running very late, because Mom had this festival thing today. Tomorrow she is all ours, except for an hour. hoping you had a wonderful day, and it continues til the end... there are still a couple more hours left.

Come visit me, Leroy, Little Bit & Chloe - Thank you everybirdy!!, Gizmo - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, Max, Jasper - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, Micky - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, PEPPER-Thanks for BOTM!, TiPaul - Who was 8000??? Who will be vote 9000?, Floop and Porky Ready to Win!, Marley - Thanx everybirdy 4 BOTD Carrot cake 4 all, Zak - Thank you everybirdy for BOTD! & Lee-Roial RIP - Thanks for remembering me..

08/23/2014 09:55.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi King RaneBeau!
Yes I guess you could say I got me a little dynamite beaky hub? ;)

It was during the hurricane approaching us that's when I was getting nervous that's why.

I'm okay now not as much chewing but I still like to chew tho. :)

Enjoy your day as king, you handsome one! :)


Little Laka

Come visit me, Angel Sally says smile when you think of us Angels, Pookie Riding Cody & Laka Aolani says have a safe summer !! :)..

08/23/2014 09:14.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi King RaneBeau
Congratulations on BOTD! It's great to see you on the homepage today!


Angel & Pepper

Come visit me, ANGEL & PEPPER.

08/23/2014 08:59.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Congrats Ranebeau
Hope you had a great day at the is everybirdy in your flock! Hope we get to play basketball again this year. Please say hi to Grover and the Tiels for me...hugs..Toby, Snowy and Miss Ronnie

Come visit me, Snowy-White Hawk Coach-Go Hawks, Toby-3/12/14..Thanks for BOTD & Veronica (Miss Ronnie)-Go Kevlar Keets.

08/23/2014 08:24.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Dear King Ranebeau
Look at you! In the spotlight again! Congrats, and here's a basket of Pistachios and hazelnuts in the shell, and the ultimate treat: laughing cow cheese, just for you buddy! Have a greyt day in the castle with Queen Zeena!
Luv, Spot and BonBon♥

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!!, Spot::vote Chuey 245908 BOTM!!! & Lemon Le'BonBon Thank you all for this honor! BOTD.

08/23/2014 07:18.58 PM Report This Comment  
his little GCC wings wrapped ever so tightly around RaneBeau,closes his eyes and savors the warm comforting squeezes that RaneBeau is giving him!Dixie looks up to RaneBeau and tells him how very happy he is to have him as his King today!He was doing such an incredible happy dance when he saw RaneBeau's picture in the Spotlight this morning!Oh RaneBeau you look soo Royal with that beautiful crown on your head!What a fabulous portrait of you!Oh RaneBeau you always have all my votes anytime anywhere!I'm soo happy to hear that you are getting lots of outside time in too!With the way this summer is going we gotta get out there as much as we can!I never got out today because it was too windy and not that warm til much later in the day but its supposed to be a nicer day tomorrow so Mom is going to get us all out on the deck and we just might be able to join her for a BBQ with corn on the cob too on the deck,the skin sibs are supposed to come over for the BBQ,what else is new?They hear BBQ and drop everything and fly on right over here!Nana had about 30 wild turkeys in her garden this morning and they dug up her veggies and ate most of everything she planted,she tried to shoo them away but they wouldn't budge and they weren't afraid of her either,she finally had to go after them with a pvc pipe,not to hit them but just to scare them off her property,they were pooping all over her driveway too!Don't you just love watching the wild birds coming and going from the feeder to the bird bath?A few days ago a big hawk came over and landed in the neighbors yard across the street and you should've seen all the sparrows taking off from the bush they were hiding in in droves!Mom pulled us all inside the screen door in the mud room,that thing was huge,I think Kallie was watching it in the air before it even got here!
Dixie gives RaneBeau one last big GCC hug before he has to continue on to finishing his Kingly duties!Oh RaneBeau you sure know how to make my days so bright!You will always be my King now and always!Dixie waves good bye as he watches RaneBeau take his leave,I love you RaneBeau!Say hello to Kirby,Kelly,Reba and the whole flock for me!Give them all my love!
Loving you always and forever,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

08/23/2014 06:15.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ranebeau
Congratulations on winning botd and enjoy it to the fullest
For the day at the castle sure goes fast for some reason!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus --Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

08/23/2014 04:43.05 PM Report This Comment  
  H RaneBeau !
Hey big buddy! Good to hear from you! Hope you are having a great celebration today!
Pumbaa and I are excited for the races! We have been running a lot. Pumbaa and I have been boating this summer and my dad takes us tubing! It's been really hot here.
So you still look for cupboards....and chew your tshirts? My skin sis moved down to NC with my two cousins Teiko and Scarlet. She is staying with us for awhile . I love having my cousins living here with us!
Hope you are having a great day!

Come visit me, RAFFI AND PUMBAA LOVE CYDNEY!!!!!!!!.

08/23/2014 03:43.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi King RaneBeau!
How are u sweetie! I've missed u! Congrats on winning BOTD!
Lots of love & a vote

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

08/23/2014 01:36.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Congratulations on BOTD Ranebeau
Whoopie, Ride 'em down Pookie" I hollered as the bull charged through the millin' herd at the water's edge, and out into the open grasslands beyond, followed by half the herd. Susan and Kacey light out after the herd at top speed, cutting cows back towards the river. The panic of one cow runs wild through a herd, it becomes a dangerous game for both riders on their horses and the herd itself.
" Cut her off Zippy" Rio yells over the thunder of hooves. Zippy maneuvers her horse into the herd, and swings the horse towards the river, turning a fleein' heifer and calf, several others follow her, as they slow their pace to a fast walk in the right direction.
"Giddiy up" Sky slaps Chief on the shoulder as he lunges out of the rushing river, after the runaways. Pookie let's his rope fly, catching the bull by the front leg. He tumbles forwards to the ground, giving the riders time to get in front of the stampede and turn them back. Pookie holds the rope taunt with his horse preventin' that bull movin' for a spell. Finally with the herd slowin' and turning towards the River, the bull staggers to his feet as the rope slacks. Pookie is joined by Gus as they haze him back into the center of the herd once more.
"What expert horsemanship!" I yell across the River to those responsible for stopping a stampede. We'd managed to hold the herd already crossed calmly in the sea of grass. "Ok, let's get' em over" I yell and wave my ok, as the herd is once more pushed into the water and swam over.
It takes a goodly part of the day to move our herd across the river, what with strays, them gettin' bogged in the mud on the banks and needin' pulled out, and the water pulling weaker ones with the current. Finally with the calves swam over across saddles, the herd is put to graze as the horses and Dragon wagon prepare to join us.
"Alright, let's get the wagon over" Sky and Jenny-Lynn help the ferry man roll the heavy vessel onto the raft,. It's goin' be a slow process to carry first the wagon, then the supplies across the rushing river. The ferry is pulled by heavy rope cables strung shore to shore. It is hard, difficult work, but surely as not it is finally finished. As Kaji, Lizzie and Mikey help re-load the supplies the remuda is driven from their oped corral towards the river.
" OK Boss, let's have'em go" Peppino calls out to Chuey on the opposite shore. Chuey raises her cowbirdhat and the push begins. The horses are herded for the bank and quickly out into the moving waters. We don't give'em time to rethink this. Horses are good swimmers, but some still flail wildly and have to be roped and pulled to the banks, amongst the screams and high shrill fearful whinnies.
Sugar sees a white gelding pulled under the current, tossing her rope over his slender neck as he comes to the surface further down stream. She clicks to Thorin who lunges for shore and up the grassy embankment. The gelding pants heavily.
Trail Boss Chuey 245908

Come visit me, mikey d, birdie haven park, CHUEY, VOTE ME BOTM in AUGUST, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

08/23/2014 01:26.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello King RaneBeau!!!

Greyt to see your fine beak on every page here. Enjoy your day and party to the fullest,


Come visit me, Pepper, Poirot, Pringle & Artistic Avian Avatars.

08/23/2014 12:48.10 PM Report This Comment  
(Good thing you are an actor, huh?)
You do look very regal.
Mom is avoiding the store at the library. She just finished looking up stuff for dad about some of his symptoms. I get to stay home and pout. No collar but I bet its coming--stressful around here.

Come visit me, Polly; V4 CHUEY #245908 BOTM; Red White Blue & Zippy; V4 CHUEY #245908 BOTM Fireworks time.

08/23/2014 12:45.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi King RaneBeau
So good to see you in the spotlight today . Congratulations! I hope your having fun. Hope your summer has been good too . Mine has been nice but I can't believe how fast it's gone by . Take care and I will squawk with you soon.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Chuey (245908) BOTM.

08/23/2014 11:45.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya RaneBeau~
Well look at you!!! You look handsome as always! The crown is pure perfection and you wear it so well! You are a natural when it comes to being royal ya know!

I am so very happy for you! It was such a thrill to log on and see your handsome beak in that spotlight box! I hope you enjoy the day!

I'm grabbing that gorgeous royal portrait and hanging it right up in the gallery on the calendar page! I know I will be hearing nothing but ooohs and aaahs today as every bird admires your portrait! It is truly spectacular just like you!!

Royal hugs buddy ~ Sugar

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo & The Calendar Page~August Birthstone is the Peridot.

08/23/2014 11:03.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey RB
You look so handsome with your crown on...
Congrats on BOTD !!!
Party on my first pick draft player.

Love you

Come visit me, Jedi , Cheyenne said yes. I'm Riding the wind, Snowflake says. I'm getting married to Apache..., Tweety... Princess is my wife ! V4 CHUEY PG 245908 & Panther loves Coconut....

08/23/2014 10:56.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
Congratulations on winning BOTD!

Have a greyt one
be a god birdie
wings hugs and V4U
Your Pal, Oki

Come visit me, Baby/Vote10K /Ti Paul40680/Chip257319 & Oki,/Vote BOTMChuey245908/Mour- ning Gizmo.

08/23/2014 10:44.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
congratulations on winning BOTD. hope your day is super fun celebrating your special honor at the castle today with Queen Zeena.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE CHUEY BOTM 245908, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE CHUEY BOTM 245908.

08/23/2014 10:30.55 AM Report This Comment  



08/23/2014 10:04.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Congrats King Duf, I mean RaneBeau~Jen & Christy are every bit as handsome and loved as you ever were, no matter what JL says! My little bro Zig thinks you are the next coming of our Lord Jesus! We are all so very proud of our dear neighbor guy, and never fail to tell our other friends that we are proudly connected! You certainly deserve BOTD, we can not think of a more deserving parrot! BTW, Jen offers you a word of advice, STAY OUT OF ART'S CAGE, but if you must go in, stay away from his food bowls, unless you have Jen or Alfie with you! Dad went out to get our paper from the sunroom, and it was already sticky yucky hot, and it is supposed to be in the 90's for several more days! We don't mind the heat so much but the humidity is a killer! Fortunately we only have inside things planned for our day! I hope your Saturday is peaceful and comfortable as you enjoy your family time together! Have a great day and give my love to all in your happy home, see ya tomorrow...

Saturday love from Angel Christy, Jenny & the Dallas family

Come visit me, Ziggy & Hambone at the Fair~We're in it to win it, Jen Lynn~Riding the range with my pal Sweetie.., Limon Dallas~Thanks for BOTD, I love my new home!, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, QUEEN ANGEL CHRISTY~Thanks for the honor of BOTD, Ms LaLo-Waiting for the County Fair, such fun! & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

08/23/2014 09:41.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
Oh my handsome boyfriend of my mom, you look spectacular in your royal portrait! What a handsome king you are. I'm so happy for you. CONGRATS!!! OK now, you can do whatever you want today! Make sure you wear your crown so your mom knows. Enjoy :)
YCM Huggies
Chyna ... oh and a big hug and kiss from mom

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/23/2014 09:36.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau,

Congrat's on being BOTD. It's your Friend, Oz. So happy to see your face in the spotlight! Think I'll stay and party with you. Hope you have as much fun in the Castle as my Flock and I did when we were there. Oh I have to tell you that my Sister, Cheyenne is marrying Jedi and my Brother, Apache is marrying Snowflake who is Jedi's Sister on Sat. Sept. 20th of this year. It's gonna be at the Castle and EVERYBIRDIE is invited. I'm the Maid of Honor and Cookie (the Quaker) is the Best Man. If you want to bring someone, please do but make sure you save me a dance cause you know I love to Dance! Here's a vote for you, handsome.

Oz (Your Pink Friend)

Come visit me, Parker, Silver, APACHE IS SO HAPPY SNOWFLAKE SAID YES ON 04/27/14, Oz & Cheyenne said YES to her Jedi 5/3/14.

08/23/2014 09:34.48 AM Report This Comment  
  HI RANE BEAU('> !!!!
Just stopping by to "Congrats you on being BOTD"...Have a wonderful day celebrating at the castle with Queen Zeena...Enjoy.....Just pecked another V4U...With many birdie wing hugs to you my friend....Sam and the Dingmans Ferry Flock :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

08/23/2014 08:06.24 AM Report This Comment  
RaneBeau!We were so eggcited to see your sweet face in the Spotlight this morning!You make the most fantastic King and we are wishing you all the best for having the honor of BOTD!We are wishing you the most fun in the Castle today with Queen Zeena for a day filled with fun,food,friends and family!Dixie runs over to his new King and bows down low to him and tells him Your Majesty that he is here for him!He gives his new King a big GCC hug and squeezes him tightly for a minute or so and then leaves his King with a big basket of pistachios,and his frothers Kallie and Peepers leave the king a golden basket filled with hazelnuts in the shell and a tray of assorted cheeses to munch on!
They all bow to the King and quietly step out of the throne room!
With all our love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses,Love always and forever,Dixie,Kallie and Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

08/23/2014 07:44.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, King RaneBeau
Congratulations on BOTD. Here's a vote in celebration. So awesome to see you in the spotlight. Have a wonderful day at the Castle with Queen Zeena. Wing hugs and high 4s, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

08/23/2014 07:02.52 AM Report This Comment  
Wow Rane, it's great to see a friend in the spotlight! Hope all is well with you, the McFlock, and human family. We all miss seeing your handsome face around here! Hope you enjoy your day in the spotlight and in the castle, of course! Hugs, Falco and the boys

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!, Peppino, Divo, welcoming his old buddy Tooth home & Falco, fly free, Tooth.

08/23/2014 07:02.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi RaneBeau
Congratulations on your BOTD. Bye bye

Come visit me, The Moocher Ducks, Norman, St Francis Chapel, Say a prayer today, Phoenix Base Fliers:Home of the 2013 World Champs & Jude.

08/23/2014 07:00.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey RaneBeau!
Hey big buddy! Congrats on winning BOTD! You are a handsome King! Have a great day at the castle today!

Come visit me, RAFFI AND PUMBAA LOVE CYDNEY!!!!!!!!.

08/23/2014 07:00.24 AM Report This Comment  
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