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Bare-Eyed Cockatoo from Nelson, BC

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Mom put a down payment on a cockatoo. When we were weaned and the time came for her to choose between me and my brother, she asked us, "Which one of you guys would like to come home with me today?" My brother wanted nothing to do with her. I took one look at her, climbed up on her arm and up onto her shoulder. She said, "It looks like I have been chosen!" and took me home. I did choose her that day. I knew she would be easy to tame! HATCHDAY: MARCH 20, 1995. ADOPTION DAY: JUNE 4, 1995. My Parents are: His Majesty and The Queen. I am royalty and mom says I definitely have the attitude!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Chicklet

I am a Bare-Eyed Cockatoo from Nelson, BC.

Chickerdoodles, Chickabee, Chickabeast (when I am bad), Bones, Dover, Baby Bare

20 years old   F

Bare-Eyed Cockatoo

Almonds in the shell, bananas, mangoes, almonds in the shell, spinach, almonds in the shell, peanuts, sugar snap peas, almonds in the shell...

I absolutely love my pet human(PH), so I want to be with her! I also prefer that we hang out in the bathroom because of all the vanity mirrors. Mom can't complain...she even has a 'throne' to sit on! ha ha

I really hate the vacuum! I also don't like it when the neighbours across from us sit out on their patio. I have to yell my head off and let everyone know of my disapproval. I have a cagetop sitting area and sometimes the 'tiels like to perch there. I tolerate Sunny, but not the others.

She is a perfectly trained pet human. I love the head scratches I get and all the loving attention that she gives me. She also makes yummy food for me and gives me lots of things to play with. Ok, I guess the wicker laundry basket WAS hers, but I bit the handles off and chewed it down several inches and it is now my toy basket. I mean I can get away with anything when I look up at her and sweetly say, "I love you!" It works like a charm! Hee hee hee!

I am a feather plucker-even more so since I became sexually mature. I lay 2-5 eggs(usually 2) every year around Dec. to March. I insist on laying them in my pet humans hand while snuggling underneath her sweater. I even get her up in the middle of the night to do this. hee hee hee! I also like to wash my feet after I am done eating..

Anything not nailed down is mine;anything I can pry loose is not nailed down.

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  Hi Chicklet & flock
V4U today. Thanks so much for flying by to congratulate me for winning Bird Of The Day. :) I sure am enjoying every minute of it, and I even got some more blueberries and blackberries today to celebrate. It's a hot and sunny day here today. The heatwave won't last long though, more rain is on the way so that will help to cool the weather down. Have a good day. From, Mayo

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05/08/2015 02:54.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a great day! Yep! This is a new one for BC. Blogs invisible and not updating! Very creepy! I can not update anything~no Calendar, no BOTD list! I was able to ad Jake's royal portrait thought only is doesn't always show up when I go to look!! I'm pretty sure it's there!
I had a seagull come visit outside my window this morning. They usually hang out at the Burger King up the street mooching french fries from people! Mom says it heard me making all this noise and came to see what was the matter! I don't believe her at all! I think she is just trying to make me be quiet but when the joy wants to come out, I let it out!hahahahaha
Enjoy your day! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

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04/08/2015 11:42.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
Happy Easter! I hope you are having a great day!
We are having pizza today!!! I know it's not the traditional Easter meal but we had the traditional one on Tuesday when dad was home! We took a vote and pizza is what everyone wanted! Well, mom didn't really care. She has a cold and just wanted something that wasn't fussy!
I hope your Easter is just fabulous!
Love, hugs and a vote ~ Sugar ♥

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04/05/2015 10:51.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a wonderful day! It's been too long since I got blogs out to every bird and I wish I had something exciting to share but it's been rather dull around here.
Dad is home for the day since he had to go to his doctor. Just the usual 6 month check up because of the cholesterol medicine he takes. You would think the cat would be all over him since he doesn't see him much but Merlin is still following mom everywhere. She is the one who feeds us so I can't blame him for sticking close by! You wouldn't want to miss a snack!
I will be having "turtle tank" cleaning duties once mom gets back from dropping Ian off at work. He wasn't suppose to work today but someone called out again! Ian picks up most of his hours that way!
I have the very important job of watching George and Gracie while mom washes the tank. They go into a little box which mom calls there summer home! I watch to make sure they don't escape! Gracie is always wanting to get out although I have no idea where she thinks she is going to go. It's a turtle thing I guess!
I hope your day is just wonderful! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

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03/30/2015 12:43.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatch Day
Happy Hatch Day To You!
Happy Hatch Day To You!
Happy Hatch Day To Chicklet!
Happy Hatch Day To You!And Many Many More!
We are all flying by to wish you a happy hatch day filled with lots of new toys,and treats and lots of hatchday cake and of course lots of those wonderful scritches too!
Love always,Dixie,Kallie and Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

03/20/2015 10:17.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~~
Happy Hatchday sweetie! It's your golden hatchday since you are 20 on the 20th!! Very cool! I was only 5 when I had mine so I don't even remember it!
I saw all the cool toys you got when I was on Facebook! I know you are going to have a great time with them!
Enjoy your day!
Hatchday Hugs ~ Sugar ♥

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03/20/2015 08:57.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet
Wishing you a very HAPPY HATCHDAY and many more. Enjoy your day.

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna ~ cheer 4 American Pharoah & Bailey ♥ RIP.

03/20/2015 08:45.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Chicklet!
Happy Hatch Day sweetie! Hope you have an awesome day!
Love, your picture!

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03/20/2015 07:04.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet
Sending lots of hatch day wishes your way
On your special day. Hope you have the best one yet and many more!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus~Did somebirdy mention "nut"??? & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

03/20/2015 06:21.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchday Chicklet
V4U today. We're flying by to wish you a very happy 20th hatchday. Enjoy and have fun! :)

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

03/20/2015 01:53.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet
HAPPY 20th HATCHDAY! We brought almonds to celebrate! Have a wonderful day. We sure do miss the days when your mom had time to blog.


Angel & Pepper


03/20/2015 12:07.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchday!
Hey Chicklet, long time no squawk! We hope you have the best hatchday ever, filled with attention, toys, and treats just for you you you! Have a wonderful day, sweetie, and don't overdo it on the almonds, haha. Say hi to the tiels for us, too, please. Hugs, Falco and the boys

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Peppino & Falco.

03/20/2015 10:58.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet
flying by to wish you a most happy hatchday.
FIRST DAY OF SPRING: its snowing at our house
A sure signs that spring is on the way is the return of the migratory birds. : One morning, the bushes and trees around you are suddenly filled with singing birds that were not there just the day before. They have arrived during the night, following a combination of celestial (by the stars) and magnetic cues that are part of their genetic heritage.
These birds may have flown thousands of miles to reach your yard, after spending the North American winter in Mexico, Central America, or South America, where the days remain warm and food is plentiful during our cold season.Many of the birds we consider "our birds," in north america, actually spend less than half of their lives here. They move north as the snow melts and raise young on the plentiful supplies of insects that are abundant only during the long warm days of our late spring and summer. At the end of the breeding season, usually in late summer or fall, they move south again, most of them following only their instincts to reach the traditional "winter" home of their species.

The spring migration, for each species is a specific, optimal time when the birds need to arrive in their breeding areas. The strongest males arrive first and stake out the prime territories, often in the same location where they nested the previous year. When females arrive, they select the males that occupy the best habitats for raising young. The pair must then construct a nest, incubate eggs, and raise their brood in the short period before it is time to start the journey back to the wintering range.

In the last 20 years, many species are arriving earlier, and a significant number of species are also shifting farther to the north. Why? Scientists now believe that climate change caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases is disrupting the timing of migration and sending some species farther north in search of insects.
There has been an alarming decline in the populations of many migratory bird species. This is a result of several converging factors. Species that depend on unbroken forests in their North American breeding range are suffering because of forest fragmentation. The same species face additional threats south of the U.S. border, where logging and slash-and-burn agriculture are rapidly destroying thousands of acres of their habitats each day. Much research has focused on the lives these birds lead during their stay to the south , how they interact with nonmigratory resident species and how the habitat changes taking place in southern forests might affect the migrants.
love BOO BOO the rare Blue Bali Mynah

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03/20/2015 10:57.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Chicklet
Happy 2oth Hatchday. Hope it's your best ever. Here's a vote in celebration. May you have lots of treats, toys and attention. Wing hugs and beak kisses, Pearl and Silver.

PS: Hi to Cleo and the flock!

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

03/20/2015 05:07.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchday Chicklet !
I know it'll be wonderful ! Say hi to Cleo !

Come visit me, Cookie getting ready for Saratoga !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

03/20/2015 03:57.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya Chicklet~
I hope you are having a wonderful day. Still spring-like around here. Even the cotton wood trees are already blooming. There are tons of commercials on the radio about how we had such a mild winter and that maybe everyone should buy and A/C for their house since it might be a hot summer!hahahahaha
Quite morning so far. Mom is going to take Jennifer down to Olympia so that she can spend the weekend with her dad. He had a heart attack 2 weeks ago but is home now and doing okay. He can't lift or do too much right now so she is going to help with the house cleaning and just keeping him company. Mom won't be gone for too long and then we are going to do some cooking. I am hoping for some lovely birdie bread today!
Mom starts her workweek tonight so I'm sure there will be laundry being done too. I know she already did the bedding and the towels so now she will have to do her clothes. I got a new toy in my playcage so I'll will be busy with that.
Enjoy the day! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

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03/07/2015 11:55.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a lovely day! I had a lovely cranberry scone for breakfast so it's been a great day so far! The gardeners are here but since it's raining they are not going to get much done! I suppose that it will be all bush trimming and sweeping today so it won't be too interesting, Suppose I'll have to find someone else to yell at today!
Mom is cleaning today so I will just supervise and wait for the cooking to start and see what is on the menu for the day!
I do hope you enjoy your day! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

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02/27/2015 12:02.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a wonderful day! I finally have some time to get a note out! Dad has been home for a few days and is now getting ready to head out again. He was suppose to go tomorrow but there might be snow in the mountains tomorrow so he is getting a head start to avoid the snow!
Just the usual stuff going on around here. Lots of cleaning up and boring stuff like that. I have kept myself busy with toys and snacks and lots of play time with mom.
I hope your night is just perfect! Leaving a vote and a big hug! Hope you are staying warm! Spring is only 27 days away!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

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02/20/2015 07:02.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you guys are having a great day! Lots of cleaning going on this morning. Mom wishes she did not have to work tonight so she could get more done. She'll be off tomorrow night so the chores will continue tomorrow. Mom will come home and take a nap in the morning and then get me my toast!! She thinks she will go to Ross tomorrow to buy some new clothes. Dad gave her a gift card for Christmas and told her that her clothes were mostly junk and she needed some new stuff! I guess you can tell mom doesn't like clothes shopping much!
Dad has been in a motel in Phoenix for 3 days. He is really bored and wants to get back out on the road. He has his laptop with him and can watch TV. There is a Jack in the Box and a Waffle House within walking distance but I think he is tired of them. The satellite system broke and it is taking them forever to get it fixed. His terminal up here is complaining to the shop in Phoenix because they are taking so long. They told dad it should be done today but if it's not done by 6pm he will be in the motel for another night.
Mom and Jennifer went over to the dollar store and bought some cards and candies for the kids at the daycare. They are having a Valentine's party tomorrow. The kids decorated paper lunch sacks and all the candy will go into their bags!
I think they are going to have lots of fun!
I hope you have lots of fun today!! Leaving a vote and a big hug too!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

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02/12/2015 02:22.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a great day! I heard that BC was all messed up this morning! They usually do that on Sunday mornings but maybe they were busy yesterday!
The school bus was late this morning!!! I know what you are thinking~~Sugar has no little kids in her house so why is she worried about the school bus being late??
Well, the little kids love to stand in the driveway while waiting for the school bus and pump their arms up and down! This causes the many big rigs going down our street to honk their loud honking horns!!!! A few times is cute but when the school bus is 8 minutes late, you get it 22 times! It quit being cute after the 3rd time! Lets hope Mr. Bus Driver will be much more punctual tomorrow! Sugar will be checking up on him!!!!!!
Ian worked his first ever overnight last night. He came right home and went to sleep!HAHAHAHAHAHA Mom has already cleaned the carpet in the living room, mopped the dining room and done 2 loads of laundry! She would love to come home and go to sleep but I am use to my schedule and need to have my toast and my apples and tell mom all about what went on while she was at work! Since we are all sleeping while she is at work, there usually isn't much to tell!
I hope your day is just wonderful!! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

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02/09/2015 11:09.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a great day!
The weather has been so mild here that the frogs think it's time to get out and do come croaking!! I think there were a gazillion of them last night!! The moat is filled up from all the rain we have had and they were having a croaking party down there! The sparrows were sitting on the balcony this morning too. The trees have not started blooming so it's not really spring but is sure sounded like it last night!hehehehehe
We are going to get some cooking done today and mom has to go get Merlin more food and litter. There will be the usual laundry and mom is going to clean out the fridge too. We still have to figure out where to put the stuff they bought at Costco yesterday.
I hope your day is just wonderful! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

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02/07/2015 01:59.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a great day! I am supervising laundry today! It's a rough job but some bird has to do it! I really don't know what mom would do without me here to yell and fuss while she is trying to get chores done! I really do think it makes her move faster!hahahahahahaha
Well the Seahawks have shown us how to win a game in 3 minutes and now how to lose one in 26 seconds! They are still my team, I am still a 12th bird and I really am very proud of all their achievements this year! I hope they are proud of themselves too and just move on!
One very nice story is that Chris Pratt~from Seattle and the star of Guardians of the Galaxy~and Chris Evans~from Boston and is Captain America~made a bet. If the Hawks won Chris Evans would visit Children's Hospital in Seattle dressed as Captain America! If the Patriot won Chris Pratt would visit a charity in Boston dressed as Star Lord! Even thought the Patriots won, Chris Evans is coming to Children' Hospital Seattle!! They are both really good guys! Those kid's are going to be so excited!
Punxsutawney Phil says there will be 6 more weeks of winter! I really don't think that was a hard call at all!!! Did you know that in the old days the use to eat the groundhog! Is that gross or what???? ICK! The poor groundhog and really?? Who eats groundhogs? Guess they didn't have McDonalds back then!hahahahahaha
I hope your day is just fabulous!! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Seahawk Sugar~ the 12th bird!

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02/02/2015 11:05.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a wonderful day! Happy TGI Blue Friday! There are lots of events going on up here before the big game on Sunday. It is going to be an exciting weekend up here!
Jennifer's boss sold her playoff tickets for $500 a piece!!! She is a season ticket holder so they always get a chance to buy their seats first. She is going to use the money to buy plane tickets to Arizona to see the Superbowl! She is that confident that the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl again! I must say that I agree with her! GO HAWKS!!!
It's a pretty quiet day around here. Everyone else is at work and when Ian gets off he is going to take the Sounder train up to Seattle to visit with his friends again. The one who lives in Pennsylvania is going home tomorrow.
Me and mom are going to continue with cleaning and do some cooking. Mom is off for 3 days after Saturday night so we don't need to cook too many meals. I think baking some cornbread would be an excellent idea!!
I hope your day is just perfect!! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

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01/16/2015 12:28.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~~
I hope you are having a wonderful day!!
You will not believe what happened here last night! Mom was cleaning up the kitchen and put the trash bag out on the balcony. Sneaky Merlin went out there without mom knowing and jumped over the balcony!! He is perfectly fine, which is a miracle, but mom says unless he has his harness and leash on he is never going out there again!
She noticed he was missing and went to check the balcony and didn't see him. She checked the whole house out and he was no where to be found. She looked over the balcony but did not see him. She grabbed her jacket and went around the building, climbed down the embankment, sloshes through the moat and climbed up the wall to get to the downstairs neighbors patio. She saw Merlin run onto the patio and called to him. He came right to her! She bundled him up in her coat and brought him back home! She was muddy and banged her knee while climbing the wall but at least Merlin was okay. She checked every inch of that cat and he is just fine! Mom explained to him that cat do not really have 9 lives! He stuck to her like velcro for the rest of the night. Just before we went to bed, he was at the door howling to go out! Not too smart, is he? He sure is one lucky cat because it was only a few minutes between the time mom put the trash bag out and going downstairs to find him! If he had done that when mom wasn't here, no one else would have noticed him gone!
Have a fabulous evening! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

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01/09/2015 06:01.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet
Hello everybirdie, I must finish Paoo's story even though it brings much sadness and grief to us. Paoo was real, his story was shared with my Momma Deb by Miguel a former poacher who has since learned the truth and now fights daily to stop the illegal trade in wild-caught Parrots in South America and Mexico. I wish to thank him for showing us the reality of poaching of Parrots world-wide. Flew free my friend Paoo.
" The terror that filled her once beautiful eyes broke my heart, and spirit. I sat next to her as she slowly died a pain-filled death, screaming in agony. It is this faithfulness to one another that allows many Parrots of all species to be trapped in the wild. When one among a group is injured the others respond by coming to their aid. As I sat next to Rosa, watching her life fade IW as unaware of the danger soon to befall us. A net was sudden shot over the group of Macaws settled on the ground guarding their dying comrades. Some escaped the net as it hurled across the opening launched from special cannons. Many of us did not."
"When the net fell I tried to fly but the weight held me to the ground, I fought hard but became entangled in the webbing. Men came, Miguel came and grabbed each of us roughly. Some of my friends received injured or broken wings due tot heir rough handling and our struggle to get free. We were thrown into metal cages one upon another, cramped together so we could not move, or barely breath. The hot sun, no water and food made many of us sick and very weak. By the time we arrived at Miguel's home in the Amazon we were tired, scared and unable to put up a fight. We were left in these conditions for days. Finally one by one we were yanked out, our wings were pinioned( a practice were the end of the wing is cut off to prevent any future ability of flight). Some of my family fought the men, and they were dunked head first into pails of cold water again and again until they quieted down or died of fear. I was young and strong and fought and screamed in anger as they cut the ends of my wings off. I bit hard and tried to escape. Unable to fly I fell tot he ground and was easily captured. To stop my fighting I was held down as a red-hot needle was touched to my iris of each eye. The pain was unbelievable and somewhere during this abuse I passed out. When I awoke I was once more in the cramped cage, but my world had become filled with pain and darkness. "
" Miguel and the men took the remaining survivors from my flock to the market were we were sold for $60.00 to $200.00 US each. Many of us had died from abuse, fear, sickness, thirst and hunger. Other had infections in their open cuts were their wing tips had been chopped off, and some of us were forever blind due to our desire to once more fly free. My friends be careful of man. No matter what never stay in the open long, avoid common feeding grounds and please take the baby home."
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

01/07/2015 06:04.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet!
I hope you are having a great day! I apologize for the boring
C/P but things have been crazy around here for the past few days. Getting dad ready to head out is always crazy! He always thinks of something he wants to get before he goes and then leaves stuff behind as well! He'll be having to get himself a new soup bowl and some coffee creamer because they are both sitting on the kitchen counter!hahahahahahaha
There has been the usual clean up after the dog and giving her a bath too! She is doing pretty well but manages to pee off the edges of the wee wee pads! Mom has 4 of them taped together but she still manages to miss part of it! She is still happy and eating up a storm so this is not such a big thing to deal with. It's just takes some time!
This morning we were all set to get my notes out when Ian asked to use the computer. Something happened to his and he needed to download something to fix it! It took an hour!
Right when mom sat down at the computer, I screamed! Mom got me out of the cage and checked me out! I was chewing up wood and she was afraid I had hurt my beak. I let her check out the beak and look at my tongue but there was no way I was going to let her touch it!! Who knows where those hands have been!!
Anyway, nothing seems to be damaged but I insisted on sitting on mom's lap for a long time! I had a fright and I needed to be fussed over! I'm back in the play cage now, having an apple and a goldfish cracker! Perhaps tomorrow will be a bit quieter and I can get a better note out! I just don't want any bird to think I have forgotten them! Never gonna happen!
I hope your day is just perfect! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

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01/06/2015 01:07.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet and Flockily
Hello Amazon Adventurers, Amando here in sunny Belem, Brazil. With our safe trip, and successful scouting of the surrounding area we took the opportunity to explore the area and attractions before getting down to the serious job of returning our Baby to his Parronts. "Come on let's go check out the beach and market place" Chyna says, Cori and the girls agree to that plan and leave together, swimsuits and towels under their wings."Stay together, and watch for any signs of danger!" Amando calls after them
"We better go keep an eye on them" Sky tells BB. Spot and BonBon with Parker follow along at a short distance to keep watch over the girls.
The girls giggle and laugh as they make they way to the beautiful, sandy beach. Seeing that they are in a safe, public location, Amando and Sky decide to go check out the market place. As they walk around, they come upon a small store on a side street. Here is where they meet Paoo. Paoo was sitting quietly on an old tree limb, barely moving, staring off into the distance Rainforest. The once beautiful Scarlet Macaw was dirty and his feathers looked dingy and rough.
"Hello!" Amando says startling the large bird. He looks bewildered as he tries to locate the source of the voice. "Hello?"
"He speaks Spanish" Sky says, " Bueno" Sky says
"Bueno" the Parrot replies, " I speak English. My name is Paoo. Who are you?"
"I am Sky and this is my frother Amando. We have come from America to return a baby Amazon to his Parents."
" I once lived free too. But one day it all ended and I was brought here. I was born in the Central part of the Rain Forest, high in a tree hole nest. I lived with my Parents and my flock. I learned to fly, and grew big and strong. When I was 5 years old I met a beautiful girl named Rosa who lived in another flock. We met everyday at the clay licks and had become very close friends. That ended one day. I awoke early that morning, as was my way and flew with my parents, siblings and flock to the licks, but no Rosa. Her flock never arrived that morning. I busied myself with eating clay as did all my flock members. The silence suddenly was shattered by the screams of macaws close by. Their panicked screams filling the air with terror. We rose into the sky as one, but being a flock and faithful to our own we flew fast towards the source of the panic calls. Circling above we saw several Scarlet macaws flapping wildly on the ground below and descended to assist them. There, on the ground I found my Rosa. She was covered in blood from a missing wing as were two others from her flock. I could not abandon her despite my fear of blood, so I landed close by and went to her side.
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Chicklet
Hello everybirdie, time to rise and shine. We will finish loading the shuttles and grab a quick breakfast before the sun rises over the BC castle. Then we are off to the warm, tropical Rain Forest of Brazil. We will land in Belem Brazil. From Belem, we shall begin our dangerous journey into the interior of the Amazon Rain Forest, following the Amazon River and the Orinoco Water Shed.
"I have spoken to a dear friend of mine, who once flew free in the Amazon. He was trapped and brought into Brazil’s $1billion illegal pet trade. It targets many highly desirable psittacids. Domestic and international demands for Brazil’s parrots is enormous. He warns us that according to a recent report by researchers David Pearson and Les Beletsky, domestic aviculture is an “iconic (activity) in all classes of Brazilian society”. Over 70 percent of wild-taken parrots are sold domestically, despite harsh laws that prohibit possession of wild-caught psittacids. The remainder are shipped to the USA, and Europe. We must be ever watchful, and careful least we too become part of this illegal trade in wild Parrots."
"Come and get it" BB calls between gulps of steaming hot coffee.
The boys yawn, and try to go back to sleep. They had spent the night taking turns feeding and caring for the baby Amazon. The baby is wide eyed and ready for breakfast as Kiddo opens one eye and looks down at the bundle of energy snuggles beneath him for warmth. " You sure don't sleep very long do you little one?"
After a quick hearty breakfast, the shuttles are loaded and with one final glance around the KB the Amazon adventurers and baby with his watchful foster Moms Dory, Sugar, Jenny-Lynn, Sweetie and Spot are belted in. With a final look around at BC and home, they head south-east towards their starting point in the resort city of Belem, on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. The flight is uneventful, and Baby sleeps quietly only waking long enough to eat and take a quick look out the windows at the clouds and blue skies around them. Landing carefully under the expert talons of Ms BB and Mr Sky, the shuttles touch down outside the city in a secluded location, where it will be safe for them to exit the shuttles and get their bearings. Having left the cold and snow of Canada and many parts of the US behind, the sun and heat feels good after the long flight.
" Hulk, Kiddo, Sky, Picabo, Silver, Pearl and I will go scout out the area. Wait here till we return. Be care and keep an eye out of humans." Amando says, as the boys head off towards Belem. The others unload the backpacks, tents and gear they brought along, readying everything for the long trip up the Amazon River. After a short while the scouts return with word that "it should be safe to explore some today in Belem, but stick together, never be alone."
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Chicklet and Flockily
Hello fellow Adventurers, as promised today we will pick the baby's name. Due to the number of names I have made a separate list and posted it onto my page--PLEASE pick one name and let me know your choice--they are all greyt. Remember the baby is a BOY.
Rushing into the food tent, everybirdie places their food on the counter, as Sky and BB get busy cleaning and blending them through the food Processor. "WAIT SKY, not the Blackberry, it's not a fruit it's an ipod." Hulk yells as Sky prepares to drop the blackberry into the mixture.
Spot finishes feeding the baby by regurgitating food into his hungry mouth. "There, all full" he hands the baby back to Sugar who makes a disgusted face and tries not to gag.
"SPOT, you really know what you're doing" Parker says looking sorta nauseated
"THAT was so, owwwww, yuck!" BooBoo says holding her beetle in her beak. "GROSS!" she says, tossing her head back sending the beetle into the air. It falls straight into her beak. "YUMMY! Now that's how I like my food. Fresh, squirmy and crunchy"
"Now, that's GROSS!" Jenny-Lynn says, turning her attention back to the sleepy eyed baby in Sugar's wings. "Finnegan, how'd you like to take a turn watching baby for a while so we Zon Girls can get something for supper?"
Finnegan takes the little fluffy baby gently into his wings, looking at him with soft, wide eyes. "We'll get you home, don't worry little fellow"
The moment is broken by BB's loud yell, "SKY! What are you eating?"
Sky turns red, a large ladle in one wing, his beak full, " NUFFIN"
"Did you eat the baby's supper?" She eyes him and the half empty pot of blended food.
"I just tried a little, you know to be sure it tasted right without the pickles in it" Sky replies
BB shakes her head, taking the pot and ladle away from Sky. "We put this into small jars for our trip, unless you want to feed him?" she says with a shiver.
"We'll take turns BB, we're all pretty good at feeding fingers, hands and toys, so we can all take a turn feeding baby." Kiddo says proudly, smiling at the little sleeping chick, "it'll be good experience for us"
With the baby soundly sleeping in Finnegan's wings, the hungry birds fill up their plates from some of Lizzie and BB's fine cooking at the food tent. With full bellies, they set about fueling the shuttles, packing provisions, and building a bed for baby to sleep in during their long trip up the Amazon River.
"Jenny-Lynn, you really think we'll be able to find the baby's parents in all that Rain Forest?" Sweetie asks as she packs her favorite toy and some extra pellet and Finnegan's bag of Kaytee handfeeding formula into her backpack
"We'll find them. We're Zon's we don't give up, we don't back down and we don't ever break our promise to a baby" Jenny-Lynn says with deep conviction.
"Let's get some sleep and we'll leave at dawn. We need to take turns feeding baby every two hours or whenever his crop is empty, whose first?" Amando asks
your pal Amando 226029

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Chicklet and Flockily
Hello everybirdie, Amando here with our third day's Adventure update. I want to say the names you are coming up with are great. I will post them in Sunday's blog and everybirdie can vote on their favorite choice. The name with the most votes on Monday will be our new name for the Baby Amazon. Talking about baby's I sure hope we can find his Momma soon, he's starting to get pretty hungry.
"Chirp, chirp, CHIRP!!!!!!!!!" the baby cries as he stares at Jenny-Lynn and Sugar who are snuggling him close to help keep him warm. "CHIRP!!!!!"
"He's hungry, what are we suppose to feed him?' Sweetie asks Kaji who is watching from a safe distance. "Do you think Lizzie might cook something for him?"
"I don't think babies eat food like that, he needs special baby food, mushed up bugs, and worms and spiders" BooBoo says, hurrying to bring the baby a nice plump beetle she just caught.
"Boo Boo, stop, baby birds don't eat that stuff, not baby Parrots anyways!" Cori grabs her fister by the wing to slow her down
"That's correct, a baby Amazon needs high protein foods, warm, partially digested and fresh. Fruit, leaves, bugs and other foods the parents find when foraging. Being how young he is, he needs fed every hour or so, from sun-up to sun-set" Jenny-Lynn explains
"Ok, spread out everybirdie, look for fruit, veggies, leaves, and other healthy foods, seeds and nuts especially" Amando directs, as he rushes off in search of dinner for the little hungry fluff ball.
" I have a couple pickles" Sky says loudly, he'll love them!"
"SKY!"" BB frowns at Sky making him turn red, " babies don't eat pickles, and besides what are you doing with those pickles?"
"Look I see a walnut tree" Sky points and tries to get away as fast as he can, but BB follows him telling him all the dangers of too many pickles all the way there.

" It's ok baby, I'll take care of you" Jenny-Lynn tickles the baby under the chin, " we'll get you back to your Momma safe and sound."
"Just wait until I get my beak on those poachers, they'll regret stealing baby Parrots" Sugar adds, an angry glow in her eyes that only Amazons have.
"Let me at 'em, I'll show them a thing or two" BonBon yells in her highest Budgie voice. Spot holds his fister back as she gets worked up over someone stealing baby Birds from their nest holes.
" Look what we found!" Amando says happily as the group of foragers return to join Sugar and JL with their treasures." We have walnuts, chestnuts, oats, wheat, apples, a pear and someone found this, a Blackberry.
" Let's go to the Kissing Booth food tent and get our little friend fed, then we'll get ready to start our trip to Brazil" Amando says eggcitedly.
your pal
Amando 226029

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Chicklet
Hello everyone, Amando here with today's continued adventure BOTM blog. We are certainly heading off into dangerous territory as we return this "Baby" to his parents and flock. I need your help as we face countless dangers, unknown mysteries and spiders. Amando shivers at that thought. We must be fearless, bold and brave.
"AHHHHHHHHH, isn't he cute?" Little Angel says looking softly at the baby in Amando's wings. " Dixie, look, a baby"
"We can't keep him Little Angel, he needs to go home to his parents and family" Amando reminds her
" What is he?" Dixie asks smiling, and making soft coos to the curious bundle of down
"Maybe it's a Conure?" Hulk says
" I think it's some kind of Amazon Parrot" Jenny-Lynn says startling everybirdie, as she moves in closer with Sugar and Sweetie. " Yep, it's an Amazon, too young to know what species but it's an Amazon alright"
"Aren't you just a cute little baby" Sugar says taking the chick from Amando, and hugging him close to her chest. " Don't you worry, we'll get you back home to your parents"
Jenny-Lynn takes the soft fluffy baby and holds him up at eye level. The baby bird coos softly as he looks into Jenny's eyes. "MOMMA?"
"OH NO! I'm not your Momma baby, but I will help look after you until we find her for you" Jenny-Lynn looks around to make sure everybirdie is in agreement. " all of us will go with you and Amando to the Amazon River and take you back home."
" I think the baby needs a name. We can't keep calling him BABY. So, let's think of a name for our little boy baby. Post them on my page and then we will all get to vote on the name we will call our new found friend." Amando says as he watches the girls kissing and cuddling the little down-covered baby.

"Jenny-Lynn, do you think we can get him to Brazil and back home ok?" Sweetie asks, uncertain of what might lie ahead.
"Of course. We will take the Shuttle, I am sure Ms BB will help us out, to Brazil, then travel by foot and boat up the Amazon River until we find our baby's flock, a piece of Avi-cake. You see, it'll be easy." even as she spoke Jenny-Lynn knew the dangers that lie ahead; snakes, dangerous animals, insects and.. "she closed her eyes, and kissed the baby. "It'll be fine Sweet Baby"
your pal
Amando 226029

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Chicklet and Flockily
I'm Amando and I am your JANUARY BOTM candidate-I hope I can count on your daily votes and support!
Good morning everybirdie, my name is Amando and I am a member of the Sky Flock and this January's BOTM candidate. Not too many of you will know me well as I am one of the quieter frother's of Sky. Bazeball vans might recall that I played on my friend Jenny Lynn's Rain Forest Raiders Team.
I came to be part of this large Sky Flock out of necessity. My Momma Deb and my former owner had been friends for years when the subject of Amazons came up one day in conversation. I had lived in other homes before my arrival at Momma's friends aviary but never seemed to stay too long in any one place. See I am rather loud by some people's standards and have a rather short temper at times. That being as it is, I ended up in a breeding aviary with a large outdoor, indoor flight and a very pretty girl as company. Now to most of you boys out there that would have been a wonderful life. It would have been except that girl, she didn't take too kindly to me being in her home. She attacked me one day and pulled out all the feathers on one wing, and bit my wing so badly they never did regrow. I was so afraid of her that from that day on I hid as far away from her as I could.
That is how I came to once more be looking for a new home. Momma's friend gave me to Momma knowing I would never have to leave again and that I would be safe and happy living out my days as a pet not a breeder. I am still afraid of other birds, and often react very aggressively to their presence. I like Sweetie, so long as she stays in her cage away from me, and we talk all the time. I have even took it upon myself to teach her to scream and yell just like I do. She's doing an awesome job, but I don't get the annoyed looks I sometimes receive when My Momma Deb hears the two of us screaming happily about, well, nothing.
Enough about me. What I really need is your help. On one of my daily walk-abouts I found something, or should I say, somebody. While strolling around on BC I found THIS! Amando holds out a small ball of feathery down with big dark curious eyes for his friends to see. The tiny baby chirps softly, looking from one birdie's face to another. "Momma?" he asks softly
"I need your help. We must return the baby to his parents in South America. He was bird-napped from his tree hole nest by poachers. Getting him there will not be easy. We will have to get him safely back home by taking a trip up the Amazon River. It won't be easy, there will be lots of dangers and risks, but knowing that you faced Black-Bart the Cattle Rustler fearlessly, I am certain we can do this together.
your pal
Amando 226029

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hello Chicklet~
I hope your day is going great!
I wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year!
With much love, lots of hugs and a vote too!
Sugar ♥

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  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope your Christmas was fabulous!
Mom got home late from work this morning so my schedule was all off! At first I was pretty upset but it turned out okay since mom doesn't have to work tonight and spent lots of time with me.
There were lots of people at the store very early today. All the Christmas stuff was 75% off so they were grabbing stuff right and left! Mom managed to grab the cards for next year and two really nice shopping bags. They have Christmas pictures on them but who cares! One of them will be our new book bag since they are water proof. The old one is starting to rip on the bottom!
There was no traffic to report on the radio news show this morning so they were reporting when each mall was going to open!!! You would think everyone would be tired of shopping at this point but it certainly didn't look that way! Ian was suppose to work 4 hours today but he ended up staying for 8 since it was so busy. All those little kids who got gift cards could not wait to get to Toys R Us and find a new treasure! It's always exciting when they have their own money to spend!
Enjoy your evening and I hope it's just perfect!
Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

PS Chipper made 10K today so I hope you will congratulate her if you haven't already!! Thanks!

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  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a wonderful day! Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! I hope your day is perfect and filled with love and joy!
I figure not too many birds will be on tomorrow so I wanted to get over here and wish Merry today. We have lots of cooking to get done and it's going to be wonderful!
Happy, happy Christmas!
Love, hugs and a vote ~ Sugar ♥

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  Hello Chicklet~
Happy Monday and may I say GO HAWKS!hehehehehe They did good yesterday! Now if the BC had not squawked me off all morning I would say it was a perfect day!
When mom got home this morning they had the side gate to the complex blocked. Mom had to turn around, go up the street past the complex, make a U-turn and come in the front gate. As she making the turn at our building, a sheriff's car and the Medical examiner's van were going out the gate! That is not good. We have no idea what happened but it can't be good! Dad told mom the fire department pulled in around 6am but not with sirens. I guess someone passed away. Mom will find out from the lady downstairs since she seems to know everything that goes on here. There are 251 apartments here and we only know the people in our building.
Only 2 nights to go and mom will have a day off! YAY! She'll probably just sleep most of the time off anyway but it will still be nice to have her around at night. Mom already has lots of great stuff for us to eat on Christmas Eve and on Christmas. It will be nice just to have the whole family together for a couple of meals! That doesn't happen around here much!
Dad bought a new computer chair yesterday. It was what he and mom decided would be their Christmas present. I hate it! It is way too big and I can not see mom when she is sitting in it. I think she needs to move my play cage so I can keep an eye on her!!
I hope your day is just perfect! Leaving a vote and a hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

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  Hello Chicklet~
I hope your day was just perfect! We had some very dark clouds to the west but sunshine to the east! It looked very pretty. We didn't do a whole lot today. Mom is off tonight and tomorrow night and we have lots to get done around the house. Dad will be home Wednesday and he gets to stay home until Christmas is over!!
Mom went to the mall today to the Hallmark store to get Ian an ornament. She got him the Spiderman one this year. Mom has been buying him a Christmas ornament every year since he was born. This will be ornament #32! He has a strange collection of book characters, Godzilla, spaceships and action figures! The very first one was the Poky Little Puppy! That was his favorite book at the time!
I hope your evening is just wonderful! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar, Pippo & Mei Mei Ready to Race! & The Calendar Page~For August we have Apricots.

12/15/2014 07:45.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet
What a nice surprise to see you here!I have really missed you!You have to come to the castle for a day of fun,food,friends and downright partying with me!Can you believe this is my third time here with you this week?Come share in my special day,there are so many things to do at the castle and we can have such a fun time together!It just wouldn't be the same with out you here by my side joining in the celebrations!Sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses! Love Kallie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/14/2014 08:13.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chicklet~
I hope you are having a great day! We've had no rain and the wind has died down too. It is a bit cooler but it's more like it should be this time of the year!
Look at that playstand! It is awesome! Looks like you are having a great time up there!!
There was a blackbird running around the furniture pad at mom's store this morning. Someone left the garden doors open and he came on in!! Mom tried to get him to come to her but he just hid around the back of an ottoman. She called her manager and told him that the bird was there and he told her that he had come in the day before. Her manager chased him around for half an hour but couldn't catch him. Mom thought about the fishing nets in the sporting goods department but the mesh is too big and she doesn't want him hurt. Mom suggested they make a trail of seed to the garden door. If he has been in the store for a day he must be hungry. There is a fountain in the indoor garden so he had access to water at least. Mom will find out tonight if they managed to get him out.

There are only 11 more ads until Christmas!hahaha Of course they are going to do an ad the day after also so mom will have to be there at midnight. They have tons of wrapping paper so everyone will probably be in for that. It will get slower after a few weeks. They have a storage event and early tax time and then it will be Valentine's Day! They already have throws, blankets, pillows and decor for Valentine's Day! At least it's all in the stockroom and not out on the floor!
I hope you enjoy your day!! Leaving a vote and a big hug!
love you ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar, Pippo & Mei Mei Ready to Race! & The Calendar Page~For August we have Apricots.

12/13/2014 11:53.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chicklet
Mom and I love all the beautiful Christmas pictures your sweet mommma has sent us. They are all so pretty.We sent you a message that disappeared from the computer when mom hit a wrong key. So now we will write you another one. The cats here have managed to knock down some balls from the Christmas tree and mom manage to step on one this morning getting ready for work but it was only plastic so that is not to bad. It has been cold and windy here but today the sun it out at least. Hope you and the flock have a nice day. Stay safe and warm.


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