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Yellow-Naped Amazon from Puyallup, WA
Sugar,Pippo,Mei Mei~VOTE TWEETY 245629 BOTM

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My parents were wild caught zons from Ecuador. I was hatched in Pasadena California on February 5, 1978.

1st family~lived with them for 6 years. Divorce~Sugar ended up in a pet store!

2nd mom~mom's sister~adopted me from the pet store! I lived with her for 25 years. She had to move and couldn't keep me.

3rd times the charm!hahahahah- a
Moved in with mom 7 years ago!
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Hi! My name is Sugar,Pippo,Mei Mei~VOTE TWEETY 245629 BOTM

I am a Yellow-Naped Amazon from Puyallup, WA.


37 years old   F

Yellow-Naped Amazon

I have discovered the pleasure of corn bread! I still like peanuts & Corn bread????

The arm of the computer chair


She lets me be crazy me!!

Likes to scream HELP and then laugh about it.

carpe diem then bite it.

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  Hi Sugar
Toy's, treats, and a new picture for the Quakers wall.... RT

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

11/30/2015 02:51.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar & Pippo & Mei Meir
we did enjoy the movie very much. we watched it on HBO. we had never seen a movie where there were so many synchronized explosions of peoples heads with music and fireworks. i guess the fireworks were the result of the explosions of the peoples heads .

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote TWEETY BOTM 245629 & BOO BOO vote TWEETY BOTM 245629.

11/29/2015 09:15.16 PM Report This Comment  
  for everyone!Dixie tells Sugar that he too is happy that this week is over for Aunt Eileen,she works way too hard!Dixie tells Sugar that Nana is still in lots of pain and she might go to the hospital if it doesn't stop by tomorrow.Shiloh is going back to the dentist to find out about her sore mouth and swollen cheeks and lip.She is still having a hard time eating anything.Just soft foods and soups etc.She spent the day with Mom today and baked a peachy keen cake and some coconut blondie bars while Mom made pumpkin bread and date nut sugar cookies.And she did her laundry here too.Anthony came over as well and he left to get a brake light for his car and came back so my dad could help him put it in.Then he took off.He's moved all out of the Plymouth apartment and into the house in Osterville not far from us.It sure cut a good 45 minutes or so off his commute,it takes him about an hour now to get to work and back.Mom is worried about Kallie now as he suddenly became lame sometime this afternoon and hasn't eaten anything all day except the pnutbutter he came out to the kitchen for when Mom was making dad's lunches.Mom took out my thermal perch and put it in his cage and so far he's been sitting on it,she did go in to check on him and he was on the cage floor.Mom will stay up all night and check on him every half hour or so.Hopefully he'll have something to eat tomorrow.
Kallie and the others come back with the movie Paulie!Sugar tells them she loves that movie!They go to the kitchen to get some popcorn and settle in to watch the movie!Sugar tells Dixie she's so happy to be here with him!She loves visiting them!Dixie tells Sugar that having her here with them is what they all wished for,Dixie loves having Sugar here with him,and the flock just adores her and loves how she can make them all smile with the stories she brings to read and the games she brings to play.And they just love watching movies with her and cuddling close!Dixie can't complain about the schedules being messed up because it only means that Sugar gets to stay with them longer!And that's just what they all love the most!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

11/29/2015 07:57.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Sugar and Dixie
thank Aunt Rose for the fabulous lunch and help clean the kitchen up before they waddle down the hall.They join the rest of the flock in the tent.Dixie finds the rice krispie treats Sugar packed in her lunch box and passes them out while Candida hands every bird a juice box.They all settle in while Sugar starts to read!
This story is called "The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners".Brother and Sister are at a birthday party and having a great time.Some kids crash the party!Too Tall and his gang don't have any manners!They bump into people and don't apologize.They make rude noises too and pretty soon everyone at the party is being rude!Its very catching!
Brother and Sister are still in a bad mood when they get home.They're arguing with each other and start throwing food at the dinner table!Mama says enough is enough and she gets out a big board and makes a list of rude behaviors.Next to the behavior she writes a chore and if anyone breaks the rules they have to do the chore!Papa starts asking a question when Mama is still talking and the punishment for interrupting is dusting the entire downstairs!As Papa gets to work,the cubs decide they don't want to get stuck doing chores and they make a deal to be overly polite to each other so they don't have to do chores!After a few days of being overly polite its starting to come naturally to them!Mama is very happy but Papa isn't so happy because he has had to do a lot of chores!The family goes off to the market and Papa says he's happy to be out of the house and away from the politeness chart!Mama tells him its just as important to be polite when you are out of the house and Papa starts to disagree when he bumps into the car in front of him!He gets out of the car and the other driver is being very rude but Papa remembers what Mama said and is very polite to the man.The man starts to be very polite also!There was no damage done so Papa and the man apologize and go on their way!Papa tells Mama and the cubs that being polite all the time and remembering your manners really is very important!
The birds all start to giggle because Papa had to do so many chores!They all agree that life is so much simpler if you are polite to everyone!
While Kallie and the others go to find a movie to watch,Sugar sits close to Dixie and she tells him they have so much to catch up on!She feels awful that the schedule was all messed up!She tells Dixie that her Mom had to leave early again tonight but she'll be off tomorrow night!Dixie just can't wait for Aunt Eileen to have tomorrow night off so she can relax!Dixie tells Sugar to not feel bad about the schedules being all messed up,he sure understands what that's all about.Dixie can't believe how much work that Aunt Eileen had to do after the Door Buster and all those signs that never got up because the time just ran out!And for the manager to tell her that someone would be there to put them up during the day and that never happened either!These holiday's are so much work

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

11/29/2015 07:56.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Glad u guys made it through the rush
We were totally crazy the weekend before thanksgiving getting ready with holiday orders. Fri and Sat were not that bad cause everyone was at the malls. Kinda chilled today.
Back to the shop Monday
Hope u can relax a bit. We have cracker barrels out here and they r really good. Cu

Come visit me, Molly-Palmer MA FALL!!! & Molly-Palmer MA Fall!!!!.

11/29/2015 04:01.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Glad u guys made it through the rush
We were totally crazy the weekend before thanksgiving getting ready with holiday orders. Fri and Sat were not that bad cause everyone was at the malls. Kinda chilled today.
Back to the shop Monday
Hope u can relax a bit. We have cracker barrels out here and they r really good. Cu

Come visit me, Molly-Palmer MA FALL!!! & Molly-Palmer MA Fall!!!!.

11/29/2015 04:01.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Ipo snuggles in the big, warm wings. We had a very good day on Thurs and again on Fri. Mom stayed home with us and we all got snuggles and felt safe. Sophie is plucking again because the neighbors fight so much. They were gone and mom wanted us to know we're safe. When they got back home it was horrible!! It was so bad with them saying f this and that...every other word!!!! It got even worse when they were throwing things! We were all scared to death and sounding warnings to mom! She finally called the police and it quieted down quite a lot for a while. It was AWFUL! They're still a bit quiet, but we know they're there and are very vocal! Mom is staying with us to try to calm us.
Other than that, mom still doesn't have much of a voice and her ankle is finally starting to heal. She can go around the house without a brace now.
We got snow and feels like more on the way. Just dustings since we had the big snow. It's been bitter cold though. It's only up to 29 today. We got in the mid-high 30s yesterday. We're glad to hear your dad didn't get into the ice storm we heard about!!!
I better go and help mom with company. I hate leaving your warm wings but I hear the shuttle landing so a quick dash is ok. See you later. OH, mom says it's so wonderful all the lovely royal portraits. Bye for now.

Come visit me, Shaggy--2010-2013, Ipo, Sidney ~~ALWAYS IN MY HEART~~6/1996-2/2013, Oatie Odette *Thank you for the honor 11/19/15, Sophie O'Too, Pimer--Thanks you all, Jules, Punkin *Thank You for the Honor* & Makana *I am honored as BOTD 10-17-14* Thank You.

11/29/2015 11:30.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Thanks God today is Sunday
Im flying by
your page to stamp U
your daily votie
be a good birdie
see U tomorrow
Go to church if U can
Have a greyt weekend
beaky kisses
Your friend, Baby

PS: Thank U for the information on the BOTD.We will belated congratulate them.

Come visit me, Baby/Vote10K BCWarriors263181/mou- rningChiper257319 & Oki,/Vote BOTM Tweety245629/Mournin- g Gizmo.

11/29/2015 11:29.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Morning Auda Marie & Ms Woogers-from JL & Christy
...we sure hope our favorite lady finally got some rest! She is tops in our book, but she will never know it! We heard it was very cold there today, that is not the norm in your Puyallup area is it! The bears and Packers do not play today, but at 3:25 the Steelers come to Taima's field to give it a try, we think not! First I want to say what a great BC football game we all had last night, and the best part was we all walked away winners! No birdie was injured, but my muscles are very sore this morning! Thanks to the producers for setting this all up for all of us and for allowing us to be a part of the fun, you all did a fantastic job! We are planning a peaceful stay at home Sunday, our favorite kind, have a great day, and give our love to sweet tired aunt Eileen and all in your happy home, see ya all tomorrow...

Moving on to Christmas, love from Jenny, Angel Christy, Mandy, Daddy, & our Dallas family

Come visit me, Ziggy-I'm going deep, catch me it ya can,touchdown, Jen Lynn QB~Omaha set hut, Pilgrims lose, ha ha!, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Angel Christy~Love eternally from Heaven....., Ms LaLo~I'm playing Pilgrim foot ball-beware Jen! & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

11/29/2015 10:14.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Sugar
Temp was 21? Yikes! Still on the cool side here but not that low, whew! There was an itty, bit of frost on mom's back window the last two mornings.

The first day of food was the whole turkey. Yesterday it was a honey baked ham! More side dishes to go with so plenty for another day (or two). In years past they'd have cold cuts or ordered pizza. Breakfast stuff would be pastries, bagels, donuts and cuties. Guess donuts is better than nothing, but best to bring own food and have that as a dessert.

Always irksome if things aren't done when one is off eggspecially if left things ready to go. Mom had her ad all printed and prepped so was easy to put up. However, she didn't finish as she had to make a bunch of big signs for things in bins and that takes awhile. Hopefully one of the opening crew gets it done as mom did hand it to the opening manager. The stock crew was busy, busy putting things out and filling the online orders.

Have a great day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

11/29/2015 09:21.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Sugar, 30,352
Another stinking day of torture. Football starts at 1PM, and that means TWO darn TV'S going at the same time. What they subject me to is terrible. Somebody report pops for being so cruel to us.

Come visit me, JeTTa.

11/29/2015 08:57.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
It's Popeye.
Dad's leg is a little better today but still hurts. Yesterday mom and dad were on critter patrol again. Seems that the mice are back. Dad spent the day closing off some areas where he thought they might have gotten in. So far, no sign of them today.
Last night mom made a concoction of Brussels Sprouts, Shallots, Garlic and chunks of ham. Sounds weird but dad loved it. Good thing, cuz mom tends to over do the size of the portions. Can you say "leftovers"?
Today will be clear, with a high of 69 and a low of 42.
Hope your day is fun.
Dad buys a lot of stuff on Amazon so he signed up for Smile and put Iowa Parrot Rescue down. What a great way to help out.


11/29/2015 08:56.24 AM Report This Comment  
comes running as he hears Sugar come in the door!He hugs her tightly and tells her that she's not to worry about not getting to post the story!He understands that Aunt Eileen is so tired and is working so hard at these Black Friday events and then having to take everyone else to work and back again.Dixie tells Sugar that he will be so happy to read the story with her and enjoy their snacks together and just be together and enjoy each others company.Dixie always looks forward to spending the day with Sugar and she never has to apologize for not posting the story!We will cherish our time together and snuggle close while you read me the story here until Aunt Eileen can post it for us!
Sleep tight and sweet dreams Bird Of My Heart!I love you more than there are stars in the sky and wider than the ocean is deep!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

11/29/2015 08:31.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Mom's friends never made it to lunch, but she'll see them soon.
Thanks for a great milonga once again! The game was lots of fun, the tie at the end was perfect. The cheerleaders put on quite a show, both during the game and for their special halftime show. The pictures were wonderful, too. Thanks to all the moms who do those, as well as Kiddo, Taz, Kaji and Lizzie, Sam, and everyone else who helped make the party so much fun.
Mom's tours yesterday were both the hour long ones but one was in dinosaurs and the other one was called 3 cultures, which normally focuses on 3 desert cultures: the ancient Egyptians, the Inuit on the tundra, and the Hopi tribe from Arizona. They were both well populated, and mom even picked up a few more people in the halls as she walked through, talking about each subject. She always tells people they are welcome to join, as it's a free public tour.
Today she has 4 tours scheduled: 2 in American Indian hall, and 2 in Dinosaurs in their time. All 4 are the half hour tours, and they're scheduled more or less back to back. There is one break built in, but mom will be running, for sure. She also did some shopping yesterday at the museum gift shops. She likes to buy there for family, because it means the gifts are unique, and probably won't be duplicated. Plus, this time of year, the employee discount is 25%!
I hope you are having a great day there. It's in the 40s here right now, and cloudy, but that's typical for this time of year. I hope you get lots of cuddles and scritches today, too. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Tweety for BOTM, Peppino, vote Tweety & Falco, vote Tweety for BOTM.

11/29/2015 07:30.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Mom sometimes drops into the Facebook Hole as she calls it. She actually hates when she does that, though, as she could be doing something more productive. We are at Ella's celebration on the bridge today, but we will see you tonight for story time. Hugs and angel kisses, Divo and Gizmo

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Tweety for BOTM, Peppino, vote Tweety & Falco, vote Tweety for BOTM.

11/29/2015 06:58.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
The day after turkey day is very special. That's the day I was rescued from he great outdoors. Mom & Pop's and out neighbors spend several hours trying to catch me. And since then I have had a very good home, and a buddy, SCREECH, to live with.

Thanks for remembering me on BOTD. Have to make this a little short, so I can get the old guy moving to get ready for a Bird Show This morning. R T

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

11/29/2015 01:43.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar,
Mom loves the leftovers, especially turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and stuffing...yum! I think that is her favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner...

Funny thing about that new TV that dad just bought, dad saw the curved TV at Costco and right beside it was another TV...another Samsung but this one was a SUHDTV with an amazing picture. He then decided that he liked that one better so mom ordered on Thursday and it arrived tonight so of course dad wanted to get it set up right away so mom missed the game and so that means I missed talking to everyone at the game...
They got it all set up and the picture is amazing, they also boxed up the curved one ready to go back to Wal*Mart tomorrow. The curved TV was great but the parronts really don't need that style of TV.
Mom's new TV for her office should be here next week and mom is rearranging her office since she wants to put it in a different spot. Where the old one is, isn't working out to well as it is hard to see when she is at her desk.

Bet your mom is happy that Black Friday is over now...

Love, Scoober


11/28/2015 09:57.57 PM Report This Comment  
  HI SUGAR & Pippo & Mei Meir


Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote TWEETY BOTM 245629 & BOO BOO vote TWEETY BOTM 245629.

11/28/2015 09:20.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Mom went out today to get the rest of the groceries and the store wasn't bad at all. Guess everyone is tired from the past few days that they all stayed home. Otherwise its been a quiet day mom did some cleaning and wants to get the Christmas tree up but dad said something about wanting to shampoo the carpet first. That will probably happen close to never so mom will probably just get it out anyway. Besides the few troubled spots on the carpet are no where near where the tree goes.
Mom also wants to make some homemade chocolate carmel turtles and then get me to the milonga. Hope your weekend is off to a good start. Have a good evening

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Tweety (245629) For BOTM.

11/28/2015 03:41.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Mom uses Amazon Smile all the time, and she just changed her charity to Iowa Parrot Rescue. Thanks for the suggestion!


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote Tweety #245629 for BOTM!!.

11/28/2015 03:30.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
My mom is really impressed by all you do. You have a wonderful attitude about it all. Bless you, your family & flock. You had quite a Thanksgiving & Black Friday. Dad used to go out & wait to get in on Black Friday...lately, the folks just pay more or give $ for presents. The crowds are pretty overwhelming and the good deals aren't as good as they used to be. It takes a special person to be in retail. Mom knows she couldn't do it. So thank you, we appreciate you & Ian too. Hope you get lots of rest this busy season.


Angel & Pepper


11/28/2015 01:38.42 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Sugar
Thanks God today is Saturday
Im flying by
your page to stamp U
your daily votie
be a good birdie
see U tomorrow
Have a greyt weekend
beaky kisses
Your friend, Baby

PS: Sorry we did not blog yesterday nor Thursday but the Public Library was cosed. We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving Day. Please let us know who won BOTD for Thursday and yesterday Friday. Let us know their pages number please.

Come visit me, Baby/Vote10K BCWarriors263181/mou- rningChiper257319 & Oki,/Vote BOTM Tweety245629/Mournin- g Gizmo.

11/28/2015 11:57.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar!
I hope your mom is getting lots of rest! That sure sounds fun with people dressing up in ugly Christmas sweaters and headbands! My skin sis was with relativs in Ohio and i bet she went to the sale there. She always goes. My mom has never been.
For Thanksgiving here, which isn't celebrated here, mom did bake two pumpkin pies and shared some with the workers who had never had it before of course. Yesterday we had the fumigator to spray for bugs (every three months) and he and his associate also tried pumpkin pie! They were excited since they have heard of Thanksgiving and the feasts in the US. We didn't have turkey. Dad bought a pre cooked brisket at Costco and he didn't share! Mom was lucky to get any! Hahaha! We did get to have mashed pots though which all of us enjoyed.
The workers are done tearing out the floors and all the debris has finally been hauled away. They are chipping concrete in the bathroom ealls to prepare them for putting up the new tiles. Dad is working on electrical lines for new ceiling fixtures and moving some plumbing around in the bathrooms. I would supervise but it is too dusty! Hack hack cough!
See you at the feetball game tonite if your mom is awake!
Big hugs, Love, Picabo
There is a nice pic of you and Domingo and i think Zippy and another bird watching the game on the milonga page! Domingo said he is so happy to sit with you as it is his first game and first milonga!

Come visit me, Budweiser & Modelo, Squeaky-Vote Tweety BOTM @ 245629, Kiwi & Button, Scion (RIP)- Love Forever, Limon & Lima, Angel Alfie (RIP), Domingo- Kiss me in the KB @ 163138 & Picabo.

11/28/2015 10:00.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Garage sale, company coming, BOTD, gonna be very busy around here all day. I get to count the $$$$$$, and I might let Pops spend some tomorrow at the Bird Show, if he's good. Got my list made out for him. Roof Top

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

11/28/2015 09:37.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Sugar
Think when the store opened at 5 or 6am everyone got there a half hour or hour earlier. Not sure when the ad was done. Maybe everyone there just did it since so many would be there to start.

Wow, no parking? That's good to know people are shopping. It wasn't too busy when mom got there at 10pm since the crowd would've been there at opening time. She had signs to check, replace, print, sort so all is ready for Sun. At midnight had to ensure the doorbuster signs were removed and when she left let the manager know that the 7am ad was ready to be put up.

Have heard of Cracker Barrel. Don't think one is near us or if so haven't been. Glad your dad had a good meal there.

Have a great day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

11/28/2015 08:59.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
It's Popeye.
Mom and dad love Polar Express.
Mom and dad went to see their friend Ron, who now lives in an assisted living home. He seems to like it and was sure glad to see mom and dad. They stayed for about 1 1/2 hours. Then they went to Sprouts and then home for dinner Dad's leg is starting to really bother him again. He has another appointment at the wound center on Monday.
Today will be clear, with a high of 64 and a low of 42. Hope your day was fun.


11/28/2015 08:44.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
Hugs and kisses from both of us, Willie and Peppino

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Tweety for BOTM, Peppino, vote Tweety & Falco, vote Tweety for BOTM.

11/28/2015 07:45.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
We love Polar Express, too. It's a good movie for us birdies to watch. Do you like it? There's not a lot of blowing up stuff in it...
Yesterday was a nice quiet day here; mom stayed in with us, finished the cleanup (except for the tablecloth washing) and got all the good serving platters and dishes put away until Easter. Today mom has 2 tours at the museum, and maybe, just maybe, some friends will be joining her for lunch there. One of the ladies is a dog trainer, so if she's done, they will meet, and if not, well, there's always another day.
Tonight is the big game! We are all looking forward to the Pilgrims and the Braves doing their annual face off, and to Lizzie's big feast afterwards! Hope to see you there. GO PILGRIMS! Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Tweety for BOTM, Peppino, vote Tweety & Falco, vote Tweety for BOTM.

11/28/2015 07:16.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
That is pretty cool, hope Ian enjoyed the meal and isn't too tired by 11. We'll see you for story time tonight. Hugs and angel kisses, Divo and Gizmo

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Tweety for BOTM, Peppino, vote Tweety & Falco, vote Tweety for BOTM.

11/28/2015 07:00.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi sweet aunt & Sugar-love from Jenny & Christy
...we are getting aunt Auda and Ian are more tired than normal, tell them both to get some rest, Christmas is coming next! We have the BC Turkey game tonight, that is always a good time! Are you ready for some football, I think we need that pretty young lady that sings 'we've been waiting all day for Saturday night', like they do for NFL games! Our family is wired and ready, and it will be fun, no matter who wins, we just love being on the same field with all our best friends! We are going to have dad rest this afternoon so he might stay awake a little longer tonight! Have a great Saturday and good luck in our Milonga Bowl, give our love to our dear aunt Eileen, and all in your happy home, see ya all tonight and tomorrow...

Love always from Jenny, Angel Christy.Mandy, & our Dallas family

PS~The story on Dixie's page is very cute, for "Thanksgiving Henry", things are not always what they seem to be...

Come visit me, Ziggy-I'm going deep, catch me it ya can,touchdown, Jen Lynn QB~Omaha set hut, Pilgrims lose, ha ha!, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Angel Christy~Love eternally from Heaven....., Ms LaLo~I'm playing Pilgrim foot ball-beware Jen! & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

11/28/2015 06:22.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar !
Big game day ! GO PILGRIMS ! While mom and dad are at the g'parronts hanging a few lights outside and doing a few errands with and for them, I'll be in lockdown with my barbells - and getting some rest. I'm ready ! ! !


Nice quiet day yesterday - mom put out her Christmas dish towels and pot holders, she washed her Christmas dishes, and put a Christmas santa piñata out for me :) Slowly but surely it's beginning to look like Christmas . . . of course it'll take a couple weeks to finish !

So mom came home with a new door mat ? Mom is shopping Friday with her sister . . .

Have a great day ! love Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie - waiting for SantaBird, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

11/28/2015 01:59.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi sugar
RT, also known as RAT TRAP, makes BOTD on a day we have so much to do. As pops calls it, a garbage sale, and company later this afternoon. Guess he's gonna be busy as all get out. Squak

Come visit me, Tweet & Squak.

11/28/2015 01:47.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar
I feel so bad for your mom having to work retail at this time of year!!!! We stay home on Black Friday but, we do use the computer for cyber Monday!
The BC is acting up really bad for me tonight!!!!
Today I was in lockup in a room by myself. I had toys, food, mom checking on me etc but still not fair. The parronts were painting a room. I say this calls for mucho treats!!!

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

11/27/2015 11:53.57 PM Report This Comment  






11/27/2015 10:57.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi My Loving Sweet Sugar
My Mom went to the Mall today also to check at Sears for a dishwasher.And Mom had to park way down and Nana was forced to walk the distance to the store.There were people everywhere and you couldn't hear it was so loud,Mom was so happy to get out of there.How sweet of Ian to buy Aunt Eileen the Polar Express!That must've been so much fun to watch the movie with your amazing Mom!Kallie took a shower this morning in the kitchen faucet and got the whole countertop soaked and the floor too and Mom was trying to get out of the house on time.
Mom Nana and all of us are so happy that the holiday is over with for another year,we can only know how poor Aunt Eileen must've worked her tail feathers off in all that madness last night.That was awful that she got stuck with the bedding/bath department because they didn't schedule the lady to come in til 4am.We are all glad that its all over with so Aunt Eileen can get some sleep hopefully and a little rest before the Christmas rush begins!
I've been waiting all day to perch with you and snuggle with you my precious Sugar!This time is the high light of my day to be cuddling close to you and having our story together,you are my sunshine and my life line!The hours and the minutes can't go by fast enough for me until its time for me to be with you!I love you more than words can explain!You are my world!Angel wing hugs and soft angel kisses on the wings of a summer breeze!Love forever and always,Gabbie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

11/27/2015 10:01.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving!
Well, here it is Friday night and I'm glad your mom and Ian survived the crazy Friday shoppers. I bet you've be hearin' all sorts of stories about their day. Good one about the guy with all the lights in his cart and his January power bill. Ouch! My parronts said no matter what need might come up t'day they were not going to go out to buy anything just so they could avoid the crowds. Worked for me 'cause it meant mom was home all day and I could stand at my door and peek out whenever I wanted to. One time I came out and tried to slip inside the cabinet the fish tank sits on but my darn tail gave me away and I got hauled out of the cubby-hole. Blast! Me and my beak are in trouble right now 'cause an older iPhone cord got chomped in half by yours truly. I managed to pull the closet door open and for some reason the cord was dangling there and I couldn't resist. It's usually kept tucked inside a plastic container but just this once it had slipped out, and wouldn't ya know it, I'm the one that found it. It charges an old iPhone that's used in my room at night to play cricket sounds. Yes, I hear crickets and running water all night long. It's a wonder Kelly, Alfie and Saber don't all know how to sound like a cricket! Anyway, I doled out lots of "I'm sorry" kisses and got myself forgiven. Another old charger was found and my night music is back on. Yeah. It'd be too quiet without the noisy crickets!

Your Dad is a long ways from home right now. Bet he missed bein' there for Turkey dinner with his family. I hope he stays safe through all the crazy rain and snow and ice that's out there right now. Hope your mom gets all rested up from the holiday weekend at work. She needs wings so she can fly around that store and save her feet from all that runnin'!

Thanks so much for all the notes you share with me. You're over-the-top awesome.

(((Big HUGS))) from me t'you.
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

11/27/2015 08:11.44 PM Report This Comment  
  and sweet potato!
Poor Aunt Eileen must be so exhausted from Black Friday!Its so good that it will finally be quieter now and not so busy!We hope she gets to catch up with all the things she has to do!It was really bad at the Mall today when Mom and Nana went to check on a dishwasher for Mom and even Joann's a craft store was mobbed when Nana went to check out the sewing machine she saw.Oh your poor dad trying to get a Turkey sandwich.They have a nice Turkey sub you can get in West Falmouth Market called the Gobbler and I'll bet he'll love that,its got stuffing,cranberry sauce turkey and lettuce and tomatoes and dressing in it and is it really beak watering good!
Oh poor Ian working like Anthony with just one day off!And poor Aunt Eileen not being able to get a break one way or the other!Dixie so knows how Sugar feels about the schedules being so messed up and so un routine the way they like them!Dixie is so looking forward to after the holidays are over with and everything can return to the way they were again.
They say their prayers and add a special prayer just for Nana.They add prayers for the whole family!They add special prayers for Aunt Eileen and Sugar's whole family also,they all mean the world to him and his family!If only Aunt Eileen and Sugar knew just how special they are and how much we all love them here!Dixie has his own special prayers for Sugar!He thanks the Lord each and everyday for having Sugar as his warm wonderful loving friend and he can't ever imagine his life without her in it!He knows just how blessed he is for being able to be with Sugar every day!Sugar means the world to him!He loves her soo sooo very much!Sleep tight and sweet dreams Bird Of My Heart!I love you more than there are stars in the sky and wider than the ocean is deep!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

11/27/2015 07:46.35 PM Report This Comment  
can hear Sugar quietly waddling down to the bird room and as she gets closer to the door he throws the door open wide and yells HELLO!to Sugar!Dixie giggles when Sugar asks him how he does that all the time when she's coming down the hall!Dixie agrees with Sugar and he too wishes his Mom's schedule would return to normal also!She just never stays home and is out the door early in the morning and today she came home after dark!Dixie looks at Sugar standing there all fluffy and looking so pretty from her shower!Dixie tells Sugar that Kallie thinks he owns the turkey and stuffing leftovers,he got on the container and wouldn't let Mom have it back!Dixie can't wait to dig his beak into the scones and have some of the warm cocoa that Sugar brought with her tonight!
This story is called 'Thanksgiving Henry'.Henry is a turkey and he lives on a farm with lots of animals.A chicken named Sassy comes up to Henry one day and tells him does he know what humans have for Thanksgiving!Henry says no and Sassy tells him turkey of course!Well Henry does not believe her.He heads over to the house to see what the humans are doing and he looks in the window and sees a cook book with a recipe that says'roasted turkey' and Henry then panics!He waddles over to his friend Quinn who's a peacock and Quinn has a greyt idea!She tells Henry that hes got to wear a disguise and she has plenty of stuff for Henry to use!Henry has peacock feathers,string,paint and glue!His first attempt doesn't go well so he tries again and the second attempt doesn't go well either but on the third try he thinks he looks great!He walks through the barnyard and everyone stares at him,perhaps his disguise isn't so good!The humans are sitting at tables and yell hello to Henry.They tell him he's the guest of honor at the Thanksgiving feast!Henry waddles closer to the table an sees the menu with roasted turkey seed cobbler listed!It wasn't roasted turkey but roasted turkey but roasted turkey seed cobbler!That is his most favorite dish and Sassy tells him of course they would have that cobbler since he's the guest of honor!
Dixie and Sugar love the scones and they are both giggling at the story!That Sassy was really mean to freak Henry out like that!
Sugar cleans up after their snack and gets Dixie's lets up onto the Hello Kitty Pillow.She massages his legs and asks about his day!Dixie tells Sugar that his Mom was gone early this morning and he got to go with her to visit his cousins while his Mom and Nana went to the dump and then to run other errands,mostly to look for a sewing machine for Nana and a dishwasher for Mom,but neither one of them came home with those things!Dixie tells Sugar that Shiloh was rushed to the hospital early yesterday morning because she couldn't open her mouth at all and it hurt her to open her jaw just a little!They gave her some pain meds and sent her home.She had to eat very slowly and cut everything up very small.She couldn't eat much but she did get to eat some turkey

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

11/27/2015 07:43.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Sugar!
BC is having issues again. Hope the blog gets to ya! And oh, we love Cracker Barrel. Good food!!

Got cold here, now in the 30's. At least the rain stopped. It was quite a drencher yesterday! Mom did not brave the crazies out doing shopping. Instead she tried to get our DVD/VCR combo to work. It did, for 59 seconds. Then it froze and that was pretty much it. It is old, so no surprise. She will need to pick up a DVD player--as the VCR tapes she has are so old that they probably will break if she tried to play one! Hehe. Ah well.

I dived into my turkey again today. Okay, I did the stuffing, potato and coleslaw too. Good food!!

Hope you have a greyt rest of the night!
Wing hugs coming your way,
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~VOTE TWEETY #245629 FOR BOTM During Nov.!.

11/27/2015 07:37.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sugar!!
I'm glad that you and your family had a very nice Thanksgiving. The stores can get crazy on black Friday, and I'm sure that your mom and Ian are glad that is is over with for another year. My parronts went out to the stores for a little while this morning, but they didn't buy much of anything. Afterwards mom and dad went to Island Beach State Park because mom heard that snowy owls had been seen there. She didn't see any, and she only took a few pictures while she was there today. Now mom is wondering if the pictures of the snowy owls that were at Island Beach State Park and were on facebook, were from 2014!!! Lol My mom is such a silly birder, and skin brother calls her "crazy Bird Lady". (She even has a t-shirt that he gave to her that says "crazy bird lady" on it.) Lol Our Thanksgiving was very nice and I hope that yours was, too!! Have a great weekend!!
Your Friend,

Come visit me, SUSAN, sooo Sweet!, ROCKET....rocking the house!!, Zazu R.I.P. - Waiting at Rainbow Bridge <3, OOdles, The "finchey" bunch., PEDRO...the destroyer!! Thank U 4 BOD! & ~~BUDDY ~~Thank you for BOTD! :-).

11/27/2015 07:08.03 PM Report This Comment  
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