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I got her at this really good family pet store. She was about maybe 6 or 8 weeks old at the time, my mom is the bird expert so she knew how to feed the babies. Once I held her, I could not let her go, she was so cute and cuddley
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NOTE: I am making bird toys now! The pictures are at the bottom of the page! If you are interested, please leave a blog with your email and I'll get back to you ASAP:)
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Hi! My name is Sid

I am a Quaker from St. Louis, MO.

Sid Bid, Tweet Tweet Bird,Pin Head, momma's little girl

8 years old   F


Yogurt Dips, treat sticks, not really a big fan on cuttlebones, but I really LOVE fruits and veggies!!!!!

In my mom's bedroom and I love hanging around my cage.

When I don't come out I like to start getting really loud, I think the whole neighborhood hears me.... or that what my mom says....

She takes me out of my cage everyday for at least a hour, she cares for me and loves me. Teaches me tricks and spends time with me

I like to go on the other birds cages, and squawk when I land somewhere. I also talk, (I say: Pretty Bird, Tweet Tweet Bird, ect.) I cough like a human, I make the sound of water, and dance!.

Ok, time to suck up.

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  Hey Sid~
About that BOTD dream for your Mommy's birthday, would you like me to nominate you for the BOTD schedule? There's a page here on the BC where Floop sort of organizes a schedule so that lots of birdies will show up at your page to help you win the award. I could ask for May 12th to be your election day which would make the 13th your BOTD honor. It helps a lot though to be involved in voting for other birdies prior to your election day. Sharing votes with the other BOTD and Bird of the Month hopefuls helps insure you'll have lots of visitors on your special day. Let me know if you'd like me to nominate you!

And thanks for bein' willing to come by my page tomorrow and give that vote button a good pounding. See ya then! R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

04/13/2010 07:22.22 PM Report This Comment  
  A Wonderful Flock You Have
It's great to have feathered company, don't ya think? I'd be lonely, I suppose, if I was the only bird here. Then again, I wouldn't have to share mom.... Mmmm.... there's a thought. Nah, just kidding. I like my flockmates. We get along quite nicely. Kelly spends more time in my cage than I do, except at night. She sleeps on the top and I sleep inside.

The Macaw Fund is growing! I'm impressed. Little by little... that's the secret.

Oh! Before I go, I'd like to highlight that my friend PEANUT (25589) is up next (Tuesday, April 13) in our BOTD Election. And then, believe it or not, there's been some crazy birds nominatin' ME for that BOTD privilege on Wednesday. That's daring, t'wanna see this big beak of mine on every BC page, but I'd be honored, none the less.

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

04/12/2010 09:04.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Sid!
Hey, I just went and met Petey! I didn't know you had an African Grey and a lovebird at your place. Alright, what else ya got hidin' there? 'Fess up!! Suppose I should be honest too; I live with a couple of African Greys myself. Yup. And they've got pages here on the BC as well. Kelly *v* and Sheba °V°. We were all hopin' to spend some time outside today in the barn you see me in at the bottom of my extra pics section but it was just too cool to be socialin' outdoors today. The temps tonight are supposed t'get down around 33°. Guess winter's not quite ready t'call it quits.

Chat later, Sid. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

04/08/2010 10:18.28 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Sid!
Well, it's official. Unless the x-rays show something different my pins will finally come out on Thursday! Whew! It's been a long haul...nearly 9 weeks and I'm just excited to see how it goes! It sounds like I'll have to stay with Doc Melissa again for a day or two, but that's okay. Mommy says that I can trust her, and she would know cuz she works there now. Speaking of mommy, it's her hatchday tomorrow! Only they call it a BIRTHday. Whatever. And the other big news is that we have 2 new flock members! Two more sun conures like me! They are mates and mommy named them FlutterBug and Bonkers. They were rescues...locked in a basement for almost 4 years. They've been here for a couple of months because they were supposed to be adopted, and there was a couple different families that wanted them, but they were SOOO scared in a different house. Mommy said that's funny cuz they were never scared when they came here, but I say it's cuz they know how much mommy loves all us fids. They always cuddled right up in mom's shirt when they came back, so she decided that they needed to stay with us! (not to mention that she fell in love with them too!) So they were in quarantine for 2 months and they just got moved into the bird room tonight! Bonkers kept flying over to my cage though...I'm not too sure about that. He was real friendly though. Not a mean bone in his body. Anyway, that's the big news in our house! I'll be sure and have Zebers stop by and let you know how my surgery went! Love you very much!! ~Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

04/06/2010 09:35.07 PM Report This Comment  
Date: April 10. 2010
Time: 8 PM EST
Place: Milonga 2010 #165848

Hey everybirdy!! Get out those ice skates and sharpen up the blades! The milonga this month is inspired by the ice dancing at the recent winter olympics. Bring home the gold for your best dancing efforts on the ice. Whether you prefer a staid waltz or you want to boogy down to a rock and roll beat, come and put your best ice skate forward and show us what you can do. There will be instructors for you novices, so there is no excuse for anybirdy not coming and having a good time. Refreshments will be provided by Lizzie and the Proud Bird Pie Shop. Since we will be spending the evening on the ice, our food will be hot and tasty treats to warm us all up. From cocoa to hot toddies the drinks will warm and comfort you.
The entrance to the Castle Ice Skating Rink will be through the Milonga 2010 page, so come on over have a freezing good time!! Bring your friends and your flockmates. Everybirdy is welcome!

Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

04/05/2010 11:33.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid!
You know what? I don't think we got the e-mail!! Please send it to us again!

Are you having a good spring? It sure has been gorgeous around here! But it's been REALLY windy and that makes mommy crabby cuz she can't take us outside and she doesn't like to go horseback riding either because the horses act all goofy when it's windy. Oh'll stop soon!

Thanks for stopping by my friend! And we'll be looking for that e-mail! Love ya! ~King Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

03/30/2010 09:03.42 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Sid,
Tell your Mom that you may be getting hormonal and that could be why you're biting. Tell her to please be patient with you and give you a little more attention. Momma is FINALLY home!! She got home very late Sat. night or Sun. morning, I'm not sure cuz I was making lots of zzzzzz's. But there she was when I woke up yesterday morning! Lucy and I have been all over her and we've been smothering her with kisses. We are SO happy that she's back home! Daddy was here with us while she was gone, but there's no one like Momma! I'm a Momma's boy and proud of it, too! Big Hugs from your friend, Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/29/2010 07:32.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sid!
See, I'm not fast about getting a message back to you either. All of a sudden, I realized I'd let mom do too much of her own stuff 'cause now I'M behind in my writing.
Big SQUAWK of excitement over the thought of summer bein' here soon and you gettin' even more time with your momma. Sounds like she's got plans of keepin' busy in the love summer days; that Macaw Fund's gonna grow fast! I'm sorry t'hear though, that her grandma past away. Gramas are wonderful peoples. Mine used t'live right next door t'me and I got t'see her all the time. Mom would walk me over to her house and I'd sit on the fence while the gab session went on. One time I got tired of waitin' for somethin' really exciting to happen so I quietly got down off the fence and started shufflin' for home. Mom saw me, but let me do my thing, curious to see just how far I'd go. It's a couple hundred feet from one yard to the next. I made it to a small grove of pine trees before mom thought she'd better pick me up. She didn't exactly wanna spend the afternoon tryin' to get me out of a 30 foot tree. We birds, we keep life exciting, don't we.

Say "Hey" to Petey for me. Later, Champ. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

03/26/2010 12:42.58 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Sid!
I have lots of good news!! Good News #1: My leg looks VERY good!! The x-rays show that it's healing even better than last week which is GREAT! And this week, for the first time, I've been using it and putting weight on it. Mommy is really happy! They still decided to keep those nasty pins in though. Doc Melissa said that it'll just get better if we leave them in for a week or two yet. Sigh...I was SOOO hoping to get this darn cast off my leg. Oh well.

Good News #2: Miss Lucy Blue accepted my offer and she is now the Official Lady of the King's Court! So if you have some time, please stop by and congratulate her!

Good News #3: I have some of the most amazing BBFF's in the whole wide world! They have been secretly working with Zebers on lots of amazing things here at the castle. Hulk, of course, made the racetrack, but he made ME a car that I can drive with just my beak! So I can still race around without having to worry about hurting my leg!! Sugar made the most beautiful railing you have ever seen and it goes ALL over the castle! That way I have something to use my beak on as I'm walking if my leg starts to hurt. That girl sure is good with that wood! And then, Divo and Falco did incredible work in the throne room! There's a ramp, and railings and the best part....a MOTORIZED throne! Tehehe! It's been so fantastic having such wonderful friends! I can't wait to see what Norman does with the motorized throne! Thank you so much to my dear BBFF's who did such fabulous work! You make me feel very loved and humbled to be your king. And I hope everybirdie comes by the castle to see all the wonderful work they have done!

Good News #4: Mommy FINALLY got a job! She's actually working for Doc Melissa! Tehehe! She really likes it, although it's going to be a bit of adjustment for us since we're used to having her home all day. She says she really misses us during the day, but she sure does like having a job again!

Well, that's it! It sure is nice to have some good news to share! It's been a very sad couple of months on the BC, so some happy news sure is a breath of fresh air! Hope you are all enjoying the springtime weather! Love you lots!! ~King Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

03/19/2010 10:02.59 PM Report This Comment  
Oh dear, Sid, I am so far behind, my typist has been very busy doing her taxes, whatever that is. I don’t see why that has to interfere with blogging my friends. Sheesh! I sure am glad that I don’t have to do taxes. She finally finished them today! Yipeeeee!!!

The last few days around here have been just wonderful…sunny and warm for March. Lucy and I have been out on our sun porch playing most of the day. The ducks and geese are back, too, and even one of the swans. He appears to be looking for a mate. Of course, when he comes around, the other birds all get out of the water. Those swans, boy, they act like they own the lake! They never let any of the other birds swim while they are in the lake except in the late summer and fall when their babies are pretty much grown. I don’t see why the ducks and geese can’t swim now ‘cause the swan not only doesn’t have any babies yet, he doesn’t even have a mate yet! Go figure! You know they are really pretty, but they aren’t very nice at all. When the geese come with their babies in the spring, there are lots of fights between the different families, too. They don’t want other geese near their babies either. I don’t know why they all can’t get along, they’re all very protective of their babies.

Daddy says that we’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful weather for a few more days, but then Whamo! We’re going to get some more snow on Monday. Can you even believe it? Our flowers are coming up and everything. I hope the snow won’t hurt them. He says not to worry though because the snow can’t stay for very long now that spring is just around the corner. That may well be, but if it gets cold again, I won’t be able to go out on the porch and play. I’ll have to be back in the house where it’s warm. Well, I have to go and play now. Hope all is well in your world. Big Hugs, Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/18/2010 07:16.41 PM Report This Comment  
Hey, no worries about not writing back right away. Anytime is great. I rarely write back promptly. I can't keep mom at the computer desk long enough to accomplish that.
That Big Bird Fund is growing, little by little. And now mom's making and selling bird toys! Well, that oughta help the collection. I love material toys. I tend to make a mess of them because I, well, this is a little embarrassing, but I tend to "lurve" on them. I regurgitate a little of my food on soft material when I can get my beak on it. Sadly, I don't get the chance very often. Mom says she wants my food to stay on the inside where it'll help keep me healthy so no soft toys for this macaw. For a birdie who doesn't have my quirky behavior, your mom's toy design will be wonderful to cuddle up against. I bummed 'cause I probably won't be allowed to get one from you. Thanks though.

The birdshop that family owned sounds like a good place to find the big bird of your mom's dreams. Someday, your mom'll walk in there, knowing that she's going to walk out with a new birdie friend for her and you. Oh boy!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, you already-green bird. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

03/16/2010 06:34.20 PM Report This Comment  
I'm sending out a special message for my dear friend, King Huey. His Mommy has been very sick and in bed for the past few days. He thinks she has a bad case of the flu. He has a message for you though. He said, "I saw Doc Melissa on Wednesday and we did x-rays and things look really leg is still going to be a little crooked, not nearly as crooked as before, and the bones look like they are healing very nicely! YAY! The bad part is, I have to keep my cast on for at least one more week. I go back in again on Wednesday for more x-rays and maybe we'll take it off then. Doc Melissa knows what's best and we all trust her, so I guess one more week isn't all that bad. Hopefully, Mommy is feeling better by then!"

From King Huey's loyal handmaid, Princess Lucy

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/14/2010 09:53.21 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Sid, Tell your Mom thamks for posting the pic of the toy. It's cute. Is it made of fleece? Also, I hear that you may be laying more eggs. Tell your Mom that if they aren't fertilized, (I don't think you have a husband, do you?), that she should just leave them for the duration or until you are tired of sitting on them. Because if they fly away, you will just keep laying more and that could cause you to become calcium depleted and you could get very sick, or become egg bound and even die. Your Mom can even get fake eggs that she can substitute, but I don't know where. It's best to just leave them since they won't hatch anyway. That way your little body won't think it needs to make more right away.

Well, little Pepin has been safely delivered back to his home and was very happy to see his little Mommy. But I know that he’ll be back again soon when his Mommy comes for an overnight or two. Lucy and I had a great day today! The temperature got up to around 60 degrees and the sun heated up our porch so nicely that we got to out and play on our sun porch for hours! Boy, was it ever fun! I hope tomorrow will be just like today! I hope you had a great day, too! Big Hugs from Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/11/2010 07:05.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid
My mom says ekkies are good bridies for apartments, one of the quieter species of big birds. Neko is very talkative but he does not make loud noises often. Sometimes he will but I think all birdies need to vocalize sometimes. We have never had a complanit about either one of us. Mom says she would not have anything larger than an ekkie because of space and noise level. Shasta is much quieter than Neko hardly makes a sound and the funny thing is Neko is picking up Shastas sounds and makes it really hard for mom to tell which bird it is sometimes. She also says she is just where she needs to be with the cost factor, double food,toys,cage liners, everything. The cost of the Macaw sized products are just out of range for her to keep up with. She did a lot of research before she decided and that was just the decision she made, you dear friend tell your mom she must do what is best for her. You are always welcome fly by again soon.

Come visit me, Neko & Shasta.

03/10/2010 06:15.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid!!
Mommy is interested in those toys that your mommy makes (so am I for that matter!!) can you e-mail my mommy with the information?? Her e-mail address is That'd be so great!!

Zebers here. Well, Huey has his appointment tomorrow with Doc Melissa, so he will be out of the castle most of the day...that way we will be able to uncover everybirdies work. The ramps, the railing, and Hulks go cart track with Huey's special car. That way it'll be a big surprise when he gets back to the castle! I'm so excited!! And of course, you are welcome to come to the "unveiling" and see King Huey's beak drop open in surprise! It'll be so much fun!! And of course, we will be sure to update you as soon as we get a report back from Doc Melissa on Huey's foot! have a fantastic day!! Love you my friend!! ~Zebers

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

03/09/2010 08:35.10 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Sid, Tell your Mom to take a good pic of the bird toys she's making and post in on the bottom of your page in your photo gallery. That would be very helpful. Your friend, Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/07/2010 12:25.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid
Just flew bye to make a new friend. Your mom sure is brave to tackle a Macaw we couldn't have one they are too big and loud we live in an apartment.

Come visit me, Neko & Shasta.

03/06/2010 04:02.05 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Sid, WOW, your Mom has THREE birds already?! No wonder you're jealous. Momma says she only has two hands or two shoulders. She doesn't know what she would do with a third bird. We all like lots of attention and there's only so much time to go around. Remember if you get another bird, the ones you aleady have will be getting even less attention because then you'll have to divide your time in 4's instead of 3's. Give it lots of thought. Hugs from Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/06/2010 12:33.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sid!
Always a nice surprise t'fine a note from you on my page. Happy t'hear the Macaw Fund is growing. As for finding a rescue, yes, Googleing it would be good. With most rescues, if they're good ones that really care about where their foster birds go, will want to evaluate the future home for their birds. I don't think the fact that you live with your parents would affect the decision as long as your parents were in agreement with your adoption of the pet and were willing to care for it in the years you may go away to college/etc. Us Macaws can live some 80 years so there has to be a plan for who will love us for that long. Many of the macaws in rescue are not as pretty as they once were; lots have picked due to stress and sadness in their lives. They're still the same wonderful bird on the inside, but the outside's not as glamorous. Giving one of them a home is an extra special act. As your mom's a young gal, I would almost recommend she find a breeder and meet the baby macaws. (Pet stores will charge so much more and you'll not be as sure about their health...) A good breeder will really care about her babies and want to help your mom do her best with finding the right bird that "clicks" with her. I've heard it said that birds pick their people. I picked mine. I waved and said "HI" which I feel is what melted her heart. She wasn't even at the foster home to look at macaws. She was there to visit my grey sister. I poured on the charm and made an impression she couldn't forget. She never imagined having a macaw as a part of the family and now she can't imagine ever living without me! Yeaa!! If your mom wants, she can share with me and mine the places that she's checking out and we'll check'm out too. We want you to have the perfect macaw buddy, Sid.

Hey, speaking of buddies, if you've got a minute more on the BC today, say after your mom gets done making those extra bucks, would you fly by and meet my friend HulK? He's collecting votes today so that he can be our BOTD tomorrow. He'd appreciate it and would also remember YOUR name when you're ready to go for that prize yourself.

Happy Saturday, Sid. R ('>

P.S. I live with four dogs too!!

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

03/06/2010 07:34.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid!
Well, this is it! Mommy has been singing "The Final Countdown" all day. She says it's from the movie Rocky. I think she's crazy though, cuz the only Rockys I know is Rocky PR and Rocky from FL. I've seen Rocky from FL's YouTube videos, and that song isn't in there. Yup. Mom's completely fallen off her rocker. Having Ellie back up and feeling better is keeping her on her toes, so I'm guessing she's just kinda lost it. No matter though. I'm sure she'll be fine once spring finally gets here! Thank you so very much for all of your support this month on my quest for BOTM! Tomorrow is the big day! I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time! Love you my dear friend!! ~Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

02/28/2010 10:11.28 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Sid, Oh, my, it's been a very sad week here on BC, hasn't it? Mama and I felt SO terrible about poor little Comet and Lee-Roial and their dear Mommies. Mama's internet service has been out all week. That's why you haven't heard from us. Now she has SO many emails to sort through it's not funny, to say nothing of a zillion blogs on BC! And on top of that, she has to do our taxes! So you may still not hear from her for awhile. Anyway, she and I just wanted to let you and your Mom know that we aren't dead!

Oh, and about getting a macaw....Mama would really like to recommend that she study up on various types of birds BEFORE she buys another one. It all depends on what type of bird and it's personality she wants or expects. Macaws are really noisy, as in L-O-U-D! Do you live in an apartment? They are not suitable for apartments because of this. Also, they can do MAJOR damage to the woodwork, doors and cupboards. Ekkies, on the other hand, are more laid back and quieter. I also don't think we are very destructive. I am a very gentle bird, myself. Also some of my ekkie friends like Gus, Roscoe/Rascal and Neko have very similar personalities as mine. I'm not trying to talk you into or out of a particular breed, only make your Mama aware of what she'd be getting. She also needs to be aware of how you may feel about a newcommer. Lucy is terribly jealous of me. Quakers are like that. If your Mommy is still in school, you might be enough for her right now. A bigger bird is a lot more work and a lot MORE expensive, not just for the bird either. Have you looked at how expensive macaw toys are??!!! And they go through them pretty fast, too! The bigger the bird, the bigger the mess! :) That's what my Mommy says anyway. Love from Finny

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

02/26/2010 04:26.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Little by Little
That Macaw Account's comin' right along, Sid! You're gonna have a great big buddy one of these months for sure. The greeting card creations sound like a good way to keep the dimes and pennies rollin' in.

I was thinkin' maybe Spring was considerin' showin' up here but as it's only 1° this mornin', I'm thinkin' now maybe not. BRRRRR! Talk about chilly. Once again, I'm really glad I'm NOT a dog... if you know what I mean.

Happy Thursday, Sid R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/25/2010 05:01.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid
Huey here. My heart is breaking and I don't have much energy to blog. My dear BBFF Comet flew to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. And we just learned 5 minutes ago that another dear BBFF, Lee-Roial also flew to the Rainbow Bridge tonight. So I am keeping this short and blogging for them in their memory tonight. Fly free my brave, sweet BBFF's. We love you very much and miss you dearly already. Don't worry...we'll look after Sunny and your mommy Comet. And Lee-Roial, we'll be there for you mommy and flock too. Many angel kisses for you sweet ones. ~Huey, Mommy and the flock

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

02/23/2010 10:06.47 PM Report This Comment  
02/23/2010 09:08.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid!
Thanks so much for stopping by my friend! It's always great to see you! Ellie is feeling much better today! By tonight, she was back to her old self. She was even doing her "wing exercises" from the top of her cage again tonight...making all the papers on the bottom of the cages blow everywhere again. Mommy didn't mind at all picking them up tonight because that means she's feeling better. She even went up to mommy's office to hang out for awhile this afternoon. And I am feeling (nearly) as fit as a fiddle! (I don't even know what that means, but it sounds good) Of course, I still can't put any weight on my one leg, but hey, at least it doesn't hurt so much anymore. Now the cast is just getting annoying. Tehehe! Hope you are having a great day too! Love you lots!! ~Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

02/22/2010 09:26.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Sid!
Rainbow here again. Comin' by to see what's up. Any news on your BOTD quest? Wonderin' if you've asked Floop to have your name added to the agenda. The list hasn't been updated lately so maybe your name will be there when it is.

How's the pennie and dime macaw-collection comin' along? Little by little, I hope.

Was it a sunny day in St. Louis today? Had a little of the bright stuff here. Made the snow from last night sparkle and shine. Later, Sid. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/22/2010 07:01.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid!
Sunday? It's already FEBRUARY!! Sheesh! This whole MONTH has gone by fast! Huey here! I'm feeling MUCH better and I'm loving being back in my own cage! I need to profusely thank my frother Zebers for all of his fantastic work in keeping you all updated on my progress as well as campaigning for me. He really is a great frother and I hope you got a chance to chat with him a little bit and get to know him too! Well, Miss Ellie has been pretty sick the past couple of days. A bacterial infection. And her labs came back with a "stress and bacterial response". She's still on antibiotics and she came out of her cage today for the first time since last Wednesday, so that made mommy feel very relieved! It's not like her to not be getting into mischief, let alone not even come out of her cage! She's still eating well, so that's good. She's definitely feeling better than she was, so maybe those yucky medicines are working for her too. (I have to take the same kind...GROSS!) She doesn't like them any better than I do. Thanks so much for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. Mommy and I can't hardly believe how many BBFF's we have and how much you love us and care about us. It brings tears to mommy's eyes! Sometimes she gets a little stressed out taking care of my leg and Ellie's illness, but when we come on the BC and see how concerned you all are...well, it just really helps. So thank you so much for helping out my mommy. And thank you too for you support on my quest for BOTM! Only one week left! I'm gettin' nervous! Love you my dear friend!! ~Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

02/21/2010 11:04.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid!!
Zebers here. I need to apologize for my fister...little rascal snuck up to the computer while I was napping! Crazy girl! I hope she wasn't offensive in any way...she has a tendency to get into trouble without meaning to. She's locked up tight tonight!!

Huey is still doing great. His mood is getting better and better every day and tomorrow he gets to see Doc Melissa to see if he can maybe go back in his cage! MAYBE Mommy keeps reminding him. Doc Melissa might say not yet, so don't get your hopes up too much. But I already know that they are up! Well, it's very late here and we have lots more blogging to do. Love you lots and thank you so much for your support for Huey for BOTM! ~Zebers for my frother Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

02/18/2010 02:29.47 AM Report This Comment  
Hi Sid, Sorry I haven't been by much for a couple weeks, Mommy has been very busy trying to catch up with all the stuff she had to let go during my campaign and reign. She says that she doesn't ever want Lucy or me to run for BOTM. Daddy would have a fit, too! LOL. My Momma and Daddy stayed in for Valentine's Day. They watched the Olympics. Hope all is well with you, my friend. Big Hugs from Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

02/17/2010 02:22.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid,
well here i am again, mum worked last night.
Very quiet day today for me, i just preened & played & ate & had mum scritch my head, ahhh, bliss!
Cool wind keeping it all nice now & mum's happy about that!
Is your mum getting my mum's emails?
She send her 2 about the calendar! It's ready & my mum needs your snail mail addy to send it to you!
V4u & a big hug,
Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

02/16/2010 02:59.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Sounds Like a Plan, Sid
You go for that BOTD! Yea!

Baby macaws; ahhhh, I bet they're so cute. My mom wishes she could've seen me when I was a baby. I'll bet I was cute too! Ha ha! Just think, some lucky bird out there - and maybe it's not even hatched yet, much yet laid- is going to be one lucky bird. That your mom is willing to save her every penny and dime for a macaw really means she's a devoted bird lover. That means YOU'RE one lucky bird too, already living with her!

Thanks for stoppin' by, Sid. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/15/2010 04:12.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sid.
We were over on Rainbows Page and saw your blob. I hope you can get the B&G baby. I will keep my wing feathers crossed. my mama wants one too. They are cheaper out here in Ga. Mama had the opertunity to get one for 800 dollars, but said our flock was too big already and it would need alot of attention and we might have to share ours. Mama likes to give everyone their fair share. Well I just thought I would come over and wish you some luck. here is a vote for you. TTYL

Come visit me, Halo, Rosey & Jazz Man.

02/15/2010 11:59.00 AM Report This Comment  
  .•*°*•. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY .•*°*•.
Sid! I'm so glad you stopped by, and just in time to inspire me to get my tail here to wish you a Happy Heart Day.
You asked how things are here for me. They're pretty darn good, thank you for asking. I've managed to keep myself entertained with all the boxes and wooden stuff that keeps showing in my room. Did you happen to see the pics on my page of me out in the snow? Thank goodness I remembered to wear my scarf 'cause it was rather chilly out. I should've worn my boot too 'cause the rock I was on was downright cold!! Mom's hugs after the 2 minute photo session warmed me right back up. I can't fly so there was no worries about my takin' off. Bum wing joint keeps me grounded.
Hey, about that BOTD thing, you should go for it!! Do you know where to go to request your name be added to the list? "Floop" is tending to that matter. Looks like Miss Lucy Blue may have told you all about him. Your best bet is to be there voting for each BOTD contestant so that your name is a known one, that way when it's your turn, lots of birds will say, "Hey, we know that guy!" and come by to share a vote with you. I'm probably not going to go for it as I've got myself a BOTW and a BOTM badge. Wanna share the fun around the BC instead. I'll be here to vote for you when your special day comes up. You can count on that.
We'll keep in touch... More about that macaw adoption later. For now, it's so long, farewell. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/14/2010 09:50.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid,
"Happy Valentine's Day" to you & your family.
Yes, we celebrate it too, since it is an international event!
I have been very quiet today for a change, no screaming at all, mum's wondering if i'm alright, hehehehe!
Guess, i just wanted her to have a nice relaxing Valentine's Day!
Have a good one, my friend.
V4u & a big hug,
Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

02/14/2010 12:41.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid
02/13/2010 12:28.12 PM Report This Comment  
Hiya Sid, I've been kinda slacking off the past few days 'cause Momma has had to catch up with lots of housework that she had to let go during my campaign. We sure got a lot of snow here yesterday. I like to look outside and watch the birds and squirrels that come to eat the corn my Daddy throws out for them. It's kinda like reading the newspaper for birds. LOL. Big Hugs from your friend, Finnegan

P.S. No, Momma doesn't want me to run for BOTM. She said that BOTW was enough work. Now that award is gone and they're doing BOTD (Day). You should run, too.

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

02/11/2010 03:57.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sid!
Wow!! Zebers here blogging for my frother Huey. First off, mommy wants to apologize for making you wait for so long for news, but she just got home about an hour ago from being with Huey. But here's the news: the surgery went 100x better than mommy ever dreamed!! Huey is doing GREAT!! He's still at the hospital and mommy says his leg is really swollen and he's on a lot of pain meds, but the vet got the bones to line up PERFECTLY! Even with it so swollen his leg already looks straighter! The vet was able to pin it and then put some stuff on the pins to make it hard so that it can't move. Mommy got to stay for the whole surgery and she even took bunches of pictures (don't worry, she won't put the bloody ones on BC! Tehehe!) Mommy got to stay with him all day until the clinic closed (which is why this blog is so late tonight!) and she was really happy about that. We just feel like this was the absolute best outcome that we could have. He did so great and was such a trooper! Doctor Melissa put some essential oils in the room tonight to help him sleep, and she'll get up to give him more pain medicine at night and then mommy can go and pick him up tomorrow afternoon! Mommy said he was pretty groggy and a bit silly in the head from all the pain medicine, but he wanted to be sure that I tell you all that he loves you very much and he could feel all of your thoughts and prayers, even while he was under during the surgery. It means the world to us that our BC family is there behind us 100%...thank you all so very much! I'll be back to update tomorrow night after Huey gets home! Oh! And thanks for all your votes for Huey for BOTM too! ~Zebers, for my frother Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

02/10/2010 11:53.11 PM Report This Comment  
02/10/2010 11:04.07 AM Report This Comment  
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