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Hahn's Macaw from Damascus, MD
Stitch Auli`i Koa Mea A`a SURF'S UP!!!!

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Surfing, or heenalu, was invented thousands of years ago by the Polynesians who first settled Hawaii. Their boards weighed more than 150 pounds and measured up to twenty feet.
My Mommy looked for me for a long long time...our eyes meet I said "HELLO" and the rest, as they say is History! They lived happily ever after! Aloha!
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Hi! My name is Stitch Auli`i Koa Mea A`a SURF'S UP!!!!

I am a Hahn's Macaw from Damascus, MD.

Boo Bird,Chatter Bird, The Abomination, Love Bug

11 years old   F

Hahn's Macaw

I LOVE POPCORN! My mom makes it spicy just the way I love it best! I like Papaya's too! Oh an Friday night Pizza YUMMY!

I love to hang out my mom's shoulder or my totally awesome playstand in my (human people) brothers room. I love to help him play his game boy video games! :) My other favorite spot is the BEACH! Especially when the Surf is UP!

I hate it when mommy makes me go night night or when I don't get to chew on what I want to chew on! Like her earrings.

She gives me Lot's and Lot's of LOVE and kisses and treats and attention. She bought me my very own shower perch so I can take a shower with her AND she taught me to say things like people do! I can even tell the dogs to Lie down right now! LOL :) :) I can laugh too!

I love to preen my mommy when she is getting ready for work in the morning. I think I do a great job with her "people feathers".

Where there's a mom there's a treat and lots of love. ~:) Catch a WAVE and your sitting on top of the World!.

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  `Ü´ Greetings & Happy FootBall Sunday to You!!!
11/03/2014 12:11.41 PM Report This Comment  
11/03/2014 12:11.35 PM Report This Comment  
Hey Stitch-a-Roo! If I remember correctly, t'day's your Mom's birthday. bet the party's goin' on already. If ya get the chance, share a little love with her and tell her I hope her special day's been a real treat.

Your pal,

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

11/13/2011 12:43.58 PM Report This Comment  
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Hello. Your a beautiful bird. I love all your photos. I hope you will come visit me, and I hope we can be friends. I am new to BC. Have a great day:) ♥ Amelia

Come visit me, Falcor.

05/10/2011 10:52.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Easter, Stitch
I wonder how you're doin' AND HOW WAS YOUR MOM'S SURFIN' VACATION? I sure hope she had a KOWBUNGA good time.

How are YOU, little Miss Stitch? Keepin' busy with this and that? Have ya worked at all on that toy from the Angel Wing Toy Shoppe? Uncle Chuck made me a new one with my name not too long ago as I finally did the old one in, chewing it up till there was nothin' left but a couple a'pieces of rope. It hung in my cage, untouched, for about two years— mom kept rinsin' it to wash off the dust! She also stuck pistachios here and there on it so I suppose that's what got me started takin' chunks out of the wood. I'm doin' the same thing with the new one now; ignoring it! Maybe it's cause I like how it looks, all new and everything, and don't wanna mark it all up. Who knows.

Here's hopin' you and A and Lola along with the pooch and the parronts have a very happy Easter Sunday.

Smooches to you~
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/23/2011 06:18.21 PM Report This Comment  


Teri, Joliet, IL.

03/23/2011 09:52.39 PM Report This Comment  
I've been thinkin' about ya and hopin' you and Lola and the family are a-okay.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

03/15/2011 07:36.51 PM Report This Comment  
How ARE you? And how about that Lola? She okay too? I had me the chance to do a little bloggin' today so I'm ceasin' the opportunity and flyin' by to say "Hi" and have me a gander at all your pretty pictures. Kelly and Alfie recently posted some pictures of themselves in flight. It's not too likely that I'll ever be puttin' any like that up on my page. I'd have t'be thrown off the Eiffel Tower t'get a snapshot of my wings out. Don't think a trip t'Paris is happenin' for me anytime soon. I could try divin' off the big towers at the farm granary down the road. That's probably high enough to give mom time t'snap a photo before I beak-dive into a snow bank. Anyway, what I'm gettin' at is that there aren't any flyin' pictures of me on my page. I'm just sitttin' here or there, bein' ME.

This ME misses YOU and hopes all's well with you and your family.

SMOOCH-A-Roo to you, Stitch.
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

01/12/2011 10:45.27 AM Report This Comment  
  .;i;. Merry Christmas .;i;.
Here's hopin' you've had a wonderful Christmas time.

R ('>x

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

12/25/2010 11:37.53 PM Report This Comment  
Guess who? It's understandable if ya don't recognize this big ol' beak. Few do around here anymore. I've become a stranger here on the ol' BC. Haven't been around as much in recent months, somethin' that really sort of bums me out. Life keeps gettin' in the way. Life is good though for this big ol' boy. The newest news here is that like you, I have a macaw for company now. Yup, there's a second macaw in the McFlock now! Her name's Reba and she's a GREENWING! I first met her when she and her Blue & Gold frother moved in here as foster birds. Their parronts were having to move and could not take any of their five birds with them so the bird club mom's a member of put out the word that foster homes were needed and ours was offered for the macaws. Mr. Ellis found himself a new place to call home and Miss Reba, she got an invite to stay here with me. I never imagined there'd ever be another big bird here. Mom always figured I'd be too upset, having to share her with another macaw but on the contrary, I rather like the company! Reba's cage is right next t'mine and though we don't hang out side by side, we're both cool with visitin' back and forth. If I thought I was a big baby about gettin' attention, Reba's all the more so, and ya know, it don't even bother me t'have t'share a little mom-time with the Red-head. Life is good and I'm lovin' the recent changes. Except that less BC stuff. That one stinks.

I see you've been teachin' Mr. A how t'SURF! Ain't he somethin'!!! Bet your Mommy is so proud, she can't stop smilin'. And looky there, you've got yourself a personalized toy from The Toy Shoppe. Cool! Aren't those things the neatest. Wish I'd have had the chance t'beak that toy before it was sent to you. Then I could've said I was sendin' you a kiss via a little rubber ducky. Have you de-beaked any of those yellow birds yet? I've not bothered the duckies on my toy but I have pretty much whittled away the wooden blocks. Good fun. Good fun. What'd Lola think of her toys? I'll have to wing my way by her page and see her pics too. You're sure lookin' cute in yours. Oh, Stitch, look how darlin' you are on that mug. What a wee little bird you are. Whose the goof in the straw hat? Oh wait, I recognize that beak now. See? I told I was even a stranger t'myself.

Hey, here's hopin' your pre-holidays are joyful and headed towards triumphant. I've missed talkin' with you these past months and would like t'think that maybe I'll get better at showin' up in the ones t'come. Sending you a big ol' SMOOOOOCH so that ya know I adore you IMMENSELY!

Your Guy,

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

12/10/2010 04:11.11 AM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  Aloha My Stitch
Wonder how your summer's progressin'. Keepin' busy with the SWAT Team surveillance and the A-Team entertainment committee and the Misha Project and all the dozens of other things you've got goin' on there? I wish ya could've been HERE last week when Jake and Ruby, Sidney, Corky and Priscilla were visitin'. It would've been so awesome t'have you sittin' in the Parrot Pen with us. If you and Lola could've joined us, that would've given the macaws the strongest attendance showing. Instead it was the Greys that had the most presnt. There were FOUR of those self-assured creatures here. Along with my two fisters, there was Arthur Alex from the Quad Cities and Sidney from the K-Kritter Korral flock. Additionally there were two Zons and a 'Too which made for quite an impressive gatherin' of feathered friends. Surprisingly we all got along quite well, although that little Caique sister of Jake's was trying to give me static about sitting on the other end of the perch she had chosen as her territory for the day. Could that gal be blind? Could she not SEE the beak on the front of my face? I could've sent that little girl sailin' with one swipe of the schnoze! But no, I just kept movin' on over 'til I ran out of perch. That seemed t'satisfy her a couple of times. Another time though, Prissy decided it was better t'bail than to see how far I could push her. Other than she and I doin' a little dancin' on a limb, the group got along fantastic. Sure wish YOU and Lola could've been a part of the party. It's would've been somethin' really special t'have you as my guest.
Well, here's hopin' all's well with you.
SMOOCHES (many of'm) t'you.
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

07/21/2010 08:28.44 PM Report This Comment  
  /*˜˜˜ Happy 4th of July!! ˜˜˜*\
Stitch-A-Roo! It's America's Birthday. Let's celebrate!!

Wonder what you and Lola are doin' today in honor of our nation's independence day some whole bunch of scores and seven days ago. Bet it's pretty quiet there what with A off on his world adventure. Imagine though you're takin' advantage of havin' mom home t'hang out with. I'm hopin' when the steaks come off the grill I get a bite from dad. There's watermelon and corn on the cob too so I'm sure t'get somethin' yummy out of this holiday.

SMOOOOCH to you, Stitch.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

07/04/2010 01:43.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ya Stitch!
Flying by to wish you a really Happy 4th!! I hope you are going to have lots of fun and really good stuff to eat!! I hope it doesn't get too noisy in your neighborhood!!
Stay safe and I'll see ya soon!
Love, hugs and a vote~~~

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

07/02/2010 07:48.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Aloha Stitch!
A surfin' adventure for you and me; that'd be a totally cool way to spend some time together this summer. That's gotta beat cleanin' house. I'm allergic t'that sort of work! It's much healthier to soak up the sun and drink fruit juice from a fancy glass, don't ya think?

So A's off on an adventure of his own. What a lucky guy, gettin' t'see and experience all those places. He'll have lots of stories t'tell when he gets back home.

Wonder where the Swat Team's gotten themselves off to this year. They've always been around by this time, haven't they? I saw one of'm buzz through here not too long ago but there's not much in the way of a smorgasbord of flowers and the red juice doesn't get hung out 'til one of'm is spotted. By the time the juice is out, they've buzzed on to other places. Our neighbor man says there's lots of them out at the lake where he keeps his travel trailer. Bet there's lots of red juice cups hung for them there. That stuff must be good, the way they hurry around to get some.

It's a perfect summer day here; 79° with blue skies and white fluffy clouds. I'm out in the parrot pen, soakin' up the sun through the slats in the roof, pestering Kelly by keeping her moving from one branch to another. Hey, she looks like she could use some more exercise. Don't want the little grey girl gettin' fat now.

Leavin' ya with a sweet SMOOOOOCH~
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

06/28/2010 02:38.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Yeah!!! Your Mom's HOME!!
And Yeaaaaa, I'm here at your page. It's been like three days since I got any proper BC time. I've been sufferin' terrible withdrawal symptoms from not bein' able to read or write any messages. I've been forced to share the computer time with Sheba the last three days 'cause one of her friends went and nominated her for that BOTD thing. She's about to move back home from the castle which means this guy can actually have HIS computer back.

I'm excited t'think that you might get t'hang out some this weekend. I'll be lookin' for ya. Until then, here's a tender smoooch t'let ya know I've missed ya and I's luvs ya lots.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

06/24/2010 11:01.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Stitch!
Sorry it's been so long since we've been on. Mommy gets awfully busy in the summertime but I finally pitched a fit and MADE her take some time to blog for me! (It helps that it's raining today though!) How is everything going with your flock?? Hope you're enjoying summer like we are!

Well, can't hold peanuts yet, but you should see how I can climb all around my cage and walk on the floor and perch with both feet without even hanging on! It's pretty great. My crooked toes keep getting tangled up in mommy's hair though! Tehehe! She said that if I stayed on her shoulder instead of climbing on her head that wouldn't happen, but I can see farther when I'm on her head, so I just keep on doing it. I don't get all panicky anymore when it gets stuck either. I just pick up my foot and scream and mommy untangles it for me. I have her so well trained! Tehehe!

And mommy FINALLY got pages up for Bonkers and FlutterBug, so if you have some time and you want to stop by and welcome them that would be so fantastic! I've been telling them what great BBFFs are on the BC and they're pretty excited to meet you all.

Well, Mommy promises to try harder and let us be on BC more than she has been, so we'll be back to see you very soon! Love you lots!! ~Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

06/21/2010 12:22.21 PM Report This Comment  
  A Love Note for You
Hey, my little surfer girl! I hope you're holdin' on tight while the revolving door at your place spends 'round n'round. I've heard weddings are a crazy thing to plan. Never done it myself. I'll keep my toes crossed that everything comes together without a hitch. I mean, I hope the two lovebirds GET hitched but I'm hopin' it all goes smoothly. After all that's over and taken care of, maybe you and me, me and you, we could go away t'some quiet beach somewhere and just hang out. I'd love to spend a whole bunch of time with you. That'd be a treat. For now though, this guy completely understands your predicament. I myself ain't gettin' a whole lot of BC time. Hopefully I'll have that little matter taken care of by the time YOU get some more computer time yourself. Hopefully our timin' will be perfectly synchronized. That'd be great. For now though, don't you worry about your beau here wanderin' away. I'll be waitin' right here for ya till the tide comes in and brings you to me.

Passionate SMOOCHES to my Girl~
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

06/15/2010 11:08.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Okay Gal Pal
What's all the 'another Surfer Girl' stuff you were wailing about awhile back? (I'm obviously hurtin' for computer time as I'm respondin' to a note your wrote on the 25th.) First off, I'd best explain about the Luau. It was a party of sorts I threw together for those that were comin' by with votes as I got closer and closer to my 10,000th vote. Each bird that came by got a "lei". Eventually my page was filled with photos of my visitors. You, my precious girl, had a lei too, a pretty one wrapped around your gorgeous neck as you stood there in the white sand with the ocean waves lappin' up against your feet. Your picture was first in line! Once I hit that 10K mark, the party was over, the tiki lamps extinguished and the bonfire allow to burn itself out. Somebirdies took their pictures home as souvenirs. One gal missed her so I put it back up. That might be why you wondered if I'd found another surfer girl. Heaven's no, Stitch-a-Roo! Dry those tears, silly girl. You're my sweetie, my little green angel! Nobirdie SMOOOCHES like you do and I couldn't live without those kisses.

Leaving you one now before I say farewell. SMOOOOOOCH!!

Your Guy, R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

06/09/2010 02:49.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Aloha, Stitch
Rainbow here with a quick note to say 'Hi' and let ya know I haven't forgot about cha. Nope. Just haven't been on the BC for almost a week. I sort of hogged the computer back when I was doin' that BOTD thing and then my 10,000th vote Luau so I thought I'd let some of the others try and get caught up. Don't know if they did but I can only go so long without my BC privileges. Had to come share a SMOOOOCH with my pretty little gal.

Hope everything's good with you and Lola. Been out on the deck in these warmer days? There's been some really hot ones here but for the most part, it's still actin' like spring here, just like it's supposed to be. Nasty weather t'be comin' through tomorrow. Welcome to summer-time. Yuck.

Take care and we'll chat some more here soon. At least I'm hopin'.

SMoooOOOCH!! R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

06/03/2010 11:22.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Stitch!!
How is everything in your nest???
I am flying by to wish you and your family a very wonderful Memeorial Day weekend! I hope you are going to have lots of fun and tons of treats!
I peeked in the kitchen this morning and saw corn on the cob so I'm one happy zon! It seem like forever since I had that! Don't you just love food that doubles as a toy?
Whatever you do stay safe and enjoy the day!
Leaving a vote and a hug!
Love from Sugar

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

05/29/2010 10:37.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi again Stitch
You live around DC right? We live 15 minutes from the ocean and beach and mom works on Wallops Island and the building she works in is about 50 yards from the ocean and beach but it has no windows so mom only sees the ocean when she comes out to go home or coming to work. It is nice but the mosquitoes here are really bad. I like being out in the aviary and so do the other birds but we do not get to go out all together because we do not all get along. We our a large of flock. There are 17 of us 6 macaws, 2 cockatoos, 2 tiels, a amazon,a grey,a caique,a conure, 2 quakers,and a meyers. The 2 blue and golds and a severe macaw have an aviary all to themselves and the smaller birds have their own enclosures. The cockatiels love being outside and would live there all year round if they could. Mom makes sure all the birds are in at night. We have raccoons,snakes, and possums here and a lot of hawks so it is better to be safe then sorry. We also have a cat and kio and goldfish but the cat is an outside cat. He is a stray mom took in. She is always rescueing animals. Have a great evening and thank you so much for the compliments and for coming to my page again. Have a nice evening and I am glad you get to go outside on the deck.

Hugs Queen Scarlet

Come visit me, Nippy, "Angel " THANK YOU EVERY BIRDIE", Opie, Sunny RIP "THANK YOU FOR BOTD", Greenie "The newest member of the flock", Puffin, Little Bird R.I.P 3/24/2010, SHADOW, Feathers" Thank you for BOTD ", Ceasaur "Happy Fall", CHEETA, Scarlet "One of the Mighty Macaws", Alex & Sweetie "Thank you friends", Julio, Thank you for BOTD, Angel Baby "THANK YOU FOR THIS HONOR", Happy loves Maxie Pie, "SASSY GIRL It's my Hatch Day", Peppy, Emy"I laid two eggs May 14, 2014", "Sweetheart" RIP Beautiful Girl, Sweetie & Chatterbox.

05/27/2010 04:20.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Stitch
Queen Scarlet here to thank you so much for coming by my page and hitting my vote button. I am BOTD today because you helped give me that honor with your vote. You sure are a gorgeous Hanh's macaw and it is a real pleasure to meet you. Your pictures are awesome. Please stop by the castle and help me celebrate. I bet the outside aviary that is here at the castle is huge and would make mine seem so small. Thanks again for your vote. here is one for you.

Hugs Queen Scarlet

Come visit me, Nippy, "Angel " THANK YOU EVERY BIRDIE", Opie, Sunny RIP "THANK YOU FOR BOTD", Greenie "The newest member of the flock", Puffin, Little Bird R.I.P 3/24/2010, SHADOW, Feathers" Thank you for BOTD ", Ceasaur "Happy Fall", CHEETA, Scarlet "One of the Mighty Macaws", Alex & Sweetie "Thank you friends", Julio, Thank you for BOTD, Angel Baby "THANK YOU FOR THIS HONOR", Happy loves Maxie Pie, "SASSY GIRL It's my Hatch Day", Peppy, Emy"I laid two eggs May 14, 2014", "Sweetheart" RIP Beautiful Girl, Sweetie & Chatterbox.

05/27/2010 12:44.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Stitch
Queen Scarlet here to thank you so much for coming by my page and hitting my vote button. I am BOTD today because you helped give me that honor with your vote. You sure are a gorgeous Hanh's macaw and it is a real pleasure to meet you. Your pictures are awesome. Please stop by the castle and help me celebrate. I bet the outside aviary that is here at the castle is huge and would make mine seem so small. Thanks again for your vote. here is one for you.

Hugs Queen Scarlet

Come visit me, Nippy, "Angel " THANK YOU EVERY BIRDIE", Opie, Sunny RIP "THANK YOU FOR BOTD", Greenie "The newest member of the flock", Puffin, Little Bird R.I.P 3/24/2010, SHADOW, Feathers" Thank you for BOTD ", Ceasaur "Happy Fall", CHEETA, Scarlet "One of the Mighty Macaws", Alex & Sweetie "Thank you friends", Julio, Thank you for BOTD, Angel Baby "THANK YOU FOR THIS HONOR", Happy loves Maxie Pie, "SASSY GIRL It's my Hatch Day", Peppy, Emy"I laid two eggs May 14, 2014", "Sweetheart" RIP Beautiful Girl, Sweetie & Chatterbox.

05/27/2010 12:44.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Stitch
How is everything in your nest these days?? Mom is on vacation this week, so I've got her busy catching up on all my hello's! HELLO!!
We had a beautiful weekend but our rain came back today. It's ok cause I had so much fun sitting at the window on Sunday yelling at everyone who came by. I know they can't hear me, but it's just too much fun so I gotta do it!
Spent today supervising the cooking--I'm not allowed in the kitchen when they are cooking, so I supervise from the dining room. I was rewarded with a taste of the cake mom made! It was yummy! Then she made me pasta and veggies for lunch. My favorite lunch! I could come to like this vacation thing! I have spent the rest of the day chewing on some wood--mostly on my playstand perches. Mom says she doesn't know why I haven't fallen on my feathery tail--zon's coordination that how!! I keep getting toys shoved in my direction, but for now the playstand is so much more interesting!!
It's been weeks since I destroyed the last perch, so I thought it was time!
Hope all is well and that you are happy and healthy! Leaving a vote and a hug! See ya soon!
Love from Sugar

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

05/10/2010 09:42.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey, Cutie
I was thinkin' of you today when a handful of popcorn was tossed on top of my cage. It wasn't Stitches' Popcorn but it was tasty none the less. I asked mom if maybe next time it could be. I'll be thinkin' of you when I'm munchin' on it.

Think of me with this: SMOOOOCH! R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

05/04/2010 08:41.58 PM Report This Comment  
  A Revolving Door!
Your place is definitely busy if one of those circus doors would come in handy. When the wedding "I do's" are said, you're going to have t'take your Mom on a surfing vacation so she can lounge on the beach, soak up some sun and catch a few extra Zzzzs. And of course catch a good wave every now and again. For now though, watchin' the CrAzY routine should be entertainin', t'say the least!

You bet there's Stitches Spicy Popcorn served at the Kevlar Stadium. The games wouldn't be right without it. The Mighty Macaws have a game this Thursday against the Brazilian Bombers. Should be a good one. It'd be great if you could be at the Stadium to cheer us on. Not sure when that game'll be 'played'. Some are right around 1:00. Others are quite early in the day. It changes.

Sendin' you a great big Macaw ((HUG)). You have yourself a good one, my Stitch-A-Roo. Here's a SMOOOCH for you. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

05/03/2010 10:32.12 AM Report This Comment  
Yup, mom's finally back home. Been here since last Tuesday. But as the Grama's still here visitin' and what not, my BC time has taken a hit. These daughter and mother conversations can get long!

Baseball season here on the BC off to a pretty good start. I think we've won one and lost one. Oh, goodness, I'm not even sure at the moment. Suppose I'd best check that out. Sort of need my facts straight if I'm gonna be don' any braggin' about the MIGHY MACAWS. With you and Lola bein' my cheer leader gals, I'm bound to do awesome. KOWABUNGA, Baby! Cheer me on! Have you been by the Baseball Page lately? They actually had an architect designs a birdie baseball stadium, (123746) complete with restaurants and snack bars and what not. It's pretty impressive! BC birds have a good time gettin' into the baseball spirit there.

Hope your Sunday's a nice one. I think about you and Lola and "A" and your mom and dad and always hope you're havin' one of those cozy family days. ((HUG)) to you, Stitch, my precious friend. And a SMOOOOOOCH too. Can't leave without one of those! R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

05/02/2010 11:22.28 AM Report This Comment  
Mom's almost home! She's visited the NC Osprey. Now she's about back to her IL Macaw. It's gonna be a good day.

SMOOOOOCH to you 'cause I'm SO happy. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/27/2010 01:50.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Beautiful bird. Heres a vote from my bird Emily and my cusins bird Lemmie. Visit anytime. No Hurry!

Come visit me, Navajoe & Angel Emilian • Nov 8, 2004 - Dec 17, 2012.

04/23/2010 08:52.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Aloha My Stitch
I had t'blow the dust off your page when I got here; it's been awhile since I've been on the BC. After my totally awesome time as BOTD, I had t'untie mom from the computer chair and let her get some work around the house. Things had sort'v gone t'pot after three days of the McFlock in the Castle. And with my Grama on the way from Colorado, cleanin' up the house was top priority. You see, Grama's come to take care of the McFlock while the family heads south to visit our Marine at New River. So as I type (Grama doesn't know we birds aren't allowed on the computers unsupervised- she believes everything we tell her!), mom's on her way through the mountains of VA. That leaves me home to count the days 'till she returns. Six is suddenly a lot of days...
I'm so bummed for ya that your Red Wings lost. Darn it all. Not havin' a good night on the ice, were they? Sounds like the day ended ok though; Blue Hawaiii ~ ahh, wish I could've watched it with ya. I'd have grooved with the tunes on that one.
Thanks for the nighty-night smoooch ya shared with me. I'm leavin' ya a good afternoon one now. Smmoooooch! R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/22/2010 02:03.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Ya Stitch
Flew in to say hi to Lola and I'm stopping off here before I fly home!
Hope everything is great with you! I'm doing ok. Been helping with some chores---really boring--but got to play a video game with the skin sister so that was fun. I have no idea what it's all about, but it has pretty colors and nice music. She and the skin brother both like these things. I watch then and pretend to laugh at the right place, but I'm not really good at that. Mom says I tend to laugh at inapropriate times! If someone is crying on tv, I laugh. If something blows up on tv, I laugh. Well, I thought it was funny. It's sometimes hard to figure out what these humans are thinking!!!
Here's hoping you have a really good day! Enjoy it and do nothing but fun stuff!!!
Leaving a vote and a hug!
With love from Sugar

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

04/21/2010 09:30.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Presenting "The Coronation of Queen Kelly"
I invite you to a special event, orchestrated by my Grey Guy, Poirot in honor of both my reign as BOTD and the celebration of my 6th Hatchday. Please visit the Bird Videos here on the BC and watch the Avatar Movie titled:

Coronation of Queen Kelly

It is a GREYT honor to be your Bird of the Day. Thank you for your part in bestowing this title to me. Your hatchday greetings are equally valued.

Forever your friend ~ Kelly *v* Your Bird of the Day

(Yes, Stitch, the crown was made just for me! Mom took it and bent the thing 'till it fit! But because it's heavier than the tiara I wore back when I was BOTW, I was unsure of letting it stay in place so it had to 'helped' there this time. It's been a KOWABUNGA DAY so far. Thanks for your visit and best wishes.)

Come visit me, Kelly *v*.

04/16/2010 12:22.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Aloha, My QUEEN!
Really? Ya think I look handsome with a crown on? Cool!! Here, let me hold ya up... ya look like you're knees are gettin' weak. You silly girl, ya make me smile. And blush. Sayin' all those sweet things. I don't care if it is the hormones talkin', I like it!

No bird rises to the top without a flock of wings lifting him to such lofty heights. I am soaring today thanks to you!.

R ('> Your Hawika, your Bird of the Day

A SMOOOCH!! from your King

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/15/2010 09:08.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Call out the BSS & Col Santini!!
You're right, your pic's gone missing! When I deleted all the pics to prepare for today's arrangement, I forgot I was not on the computer where your picture was created so I didn't have it to put back on. For shame, huh?!

Hey, thanks for them gazillion votes you wanted to leave. I'd give ya a smoooch for each n'every one of them! Here's just one though for bein' my gal and sharin' a special vote with me today. SMOOOOCH!! R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/14/2010 08:47.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Stitch!!
WHEW!! What a crazy week it has been! First, our computer wasn't working AGAIN on Thursday, then mommy's boyfriend, Paul took her away from us on Friday for the whole weekend! It was a surprise for her birthday...they went to Minneapolis. But our Auntie Shawn took care of us all so it was just fine. We love our Auntie Shawn, but it sure is nice to have mommy home again today!

Well, it's official. The cast is off!!! WOO HOO!! It sure feels good! It scared mommy because I started bleeding a lot from where one of the pins was, but Doc Melissa was there and took care of it lickety split. No problem at all! I even got to go home and not stay in the hospital overnight! THAT'S how good my leg is doing! I still hold it up, but mommy thinks that it's just from habit because when I'm not paying attention I'll perch with both of them on her hand. Doc Melissa wants to wait about 3 more weeks or so before starting physical therapy. Just because where the pins were needs to heal some. So we get to start that in a little while too. But it sure feels good not to have that clunky old thing on my leg anymore! Maybe by the next milonga I'll be able to dance!!

FlutterBug and Bonkers finished their 60 day quarantine and are now moved into the bird room. They seem to like me an awful lot...they're pretty okay too. Mommy is hoping to have a BC page up for them soon. When that happens, one of us will be around to let you know!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and kind thoughts! Love you so very much my dear friend! ~a castless Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

04/13/2010 09:47.05 PM Report This Comment  
  A Welcome Home t'Jen!
I bet you're still lookin' at pictures from all Jen's experiences. Sounds like she lived the chance of a lifetime while in Australia; trekkin' through the Outback, eatin' *gulp* Kangaroo, divin', sailin', surfin'! She'll have the bestest memories of this part of her life. That welcome home meal your mommy cooked had t'have been a nice way to end the excursion. Yum!
The llama in the pictures is my mom's! He's been a part of the family longer than any of us parrots. He's nearly 20 years old now; quite aged for such a beast. He needs a set a dentures 'cause most of his have fallen out. Truthfully, mom's surprised he made it through the winter but then again, the Old Goat, as she affectionately calls him, is so ornery sometimes, he'll probably outlive us all. I don't like him much; he always wants t'smell me and that's just a little too close for me. I always hightail it for the shoulder farthest from the hairy animal. He no longer lives in the big field the picture was taken in but right beside my Bird Barn. I can see him through one of the outdoor sections if he happens to be outback of the building. He's fine as long as he's that far away. I told ya; this place is a ZOO!!

If you get the chance t'be at the computer in the next couple of days, my friend PEANUT (25589) is up next (Tuesday, April 13) in our BOTD Election. And then, believe it or not, there's been some crazy birds nominatin' ME for that BOTD privilege. That's daring, t'wanna see this big beak of mine on every BC page, but I'd be honored, none the less.

SmoooooOOOch to you, Stitch. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/12/2010 08:06.39 PM Report This Comment  
  "Swimsuit Issue" Picture
That's right, Girl, I bought it off the paparazzi. Cost me a fortune in pistachios but it was worth it, Baby!! Somebirdie asked me the other day if I had a special girl and of course I told him, You betcha. Then Abby told me I should have a pic of you on my page and I told her, You're right, I should. So I do now!
I'm bummed you're mom's still hangin' out with frog. He's doesn't sound like he's much fun t'be with— he don't wanna go out and do anything. No Zumba, no nothin'. Boring amphibian. The only up side I'm seein' is that you and Lola get some extra time with her. I'll bet it feels like somethin's missin' though when you can't hear mom say "love you, Stitch". I'd be wonderin' what was wrong with my mom if I couldn't hear her talk.
Today's been the nicest day. I just came in from the barn after having spent several hours out there watchin' mom hang more branches and rearrange nest boxes for the cockatiels. It was bright n'breezy in there and made for a great way t'spend the afternoon. Hope the warmness makes its way back t'you soon. Actually, it looks like you and I are gonna have about the same temperatures all week. If I go outside tomorrow, I'll holler at cha. See if you can't here me.
SmOOOOch to you, Stitch. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/10/2010 03:26.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Alo*croak-croak*HA *croak-corak*
Ah, Man, I'm bummed t'hear that frog's got itself stuck somewhere in your mom's throat. Ornery thing. Hop it's hopped off by now and she's found her voice. Where does that thing hide when it goes missin'? Here you've got 80 and 90° temps and I'm lookin' at a whoppin' 33° tonight. Brrr. The heat's been cranked back up in my room. And t'think the windows were opened to cool the room off just a couple a'days ago. Wishy-washy-weather. That's SpRinG!!

SMOOOCH to you, my Stitch-a-Roo. I luv ya. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

04/08/2010 08:45.59 PM Report This Comment  
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