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African Grey from Airmont, NY

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When my parakeet flew away, I was wanted a new bird and decided on a bird that I could really play with. I did some googling and came across the Paterson bird store in Totuwa(an awesome store with amazing staff) and met my grey Sammy. I was really nervous of her because I was used to a chirpy little parakeet not a dignified, nervous, cautious grey. We got used to each other very quickly and now we have a great relationship.. Awards
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Hi! My name is Sammy

I am an African Grey from Airmont, NY.


7 years old   F

African Grey

Carrots, grapes, apples, peas, lima beans.
Yeah those are her healthy treats, the ones she gets all excited for and starts flapping are walnuts, nutriberries, and unshelled almonds.

Wherever the top is! He is slightly annoyed that he cant get onto the ceiling of my room.

She likes to be the king of the hill"!
She will also do ANYTHING for a walnut!
Do not do anything to her tail. She is much too proud for such undignified behavior.Also under the wings is strictly off limits to any human hands.
Whatever my mom is eating, I have to eat too.
I will choose when to come out of my cage, doesn't matter to me if you need to catch the bus and you want a cuddle before you go, the bird is in control here!
Don't put me back in the cage! I don't care if it's 10:30 at night! I want to stay out!

I feed her treats and bring him to high places. I also give her walnuts which are so delicious they fall under the category of ambrosia. She cuddles with me and gives me lots of kisses and head scratches.

She guards her food bowl
She also likes to hang from the top of the cage like a bat!
When I want a scratch, I cup my head in my hands.
I've started to laugh like a more like a hyena.
She doesn't want to leave the cage in the morning and she never wants to go back in at night!
She sticks her tongue out at me!
SHe bables hysterically when we're out of the room and when we come in, she gets all quiet, and looks at us as if to say,"Who me? Me... talking... no you must have the wrong bird... look over there at the chirpy parakeets, they must be the one's talking"
She will do ANYTHING for a walnut!

WAAAAAALNUTS! Give me a walut!.

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  Hi Sammy!!!!
just checked out all your new pictures !!!! Girl you get prettier all the time!!! Sorry it's taken so long for me to answer you but my mom has been so busy, back & forth toi California, thank goodness I have my bff Hope around, mom leaves on monday & isnt home til the following thurs. but she said she'd be home for thanx giving & xmas, my fav. holidays !!!!! Stay as beauitful as you are!!!!!! fill u in all the holiday stuff when it comes around!!! THE CRUZ MISSSSSTEER!!!!

Come visit me, Cruz.

10/14/2010 02:20.41 PM Report This Comment  
Well you see, my mom is jealous of your mom because her dream bird is a grey. I am a huge talker and mama says i talk too much, I talk during the soaps, I talk while she is on the phone, I talk toalk talk all DAY long! And Yes I am very loud. I flock call loud enough to make the walls shake. But mama just squirts me with a water bottle. Hopefully mama will one day get her a grey. I don't like mama much and bite her every chance i get!!! But atleast mama understands and just leaves me alone! TO be a boy I really hate girls!

Come visit me, Rosie, The Keets, Kudzoo, Precious & MOJO.

10/14/2010 03:49.55 AM Report This Comment  
Hope everyone is doing great! I'm talking up a storm over here, adding lots of new words to my vocabulary. Have a great day!

Come visit me, Hedwig, Lynne & Sammy.

10/11/2010 06:09.53 PM Report This Comment  
I'm doing great! Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. I'll write more later.

Come visit me, Hedwig, Lynne & Sammy.

10/03/2010 06:47.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi My Beautiful Girl!!!!
sorry its taken so long to write back but moms been soooo busy latley. I know I cant wait till summer is over, open windows, get to go outside & see all my friends in the neighborhood!!! I love watching the kids play!! then they come over & sit with me, we have so much fun. Well Beautiful thats about it for now talk to you soon......... :-D your best bud Cruz !!!!!!!!

Come visit me, Cruz.

09/17/2010 05:14.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Sorry I haven't been around much last week. Mom has been sooooo busy. Today she is super busy getting ready for my hatchday party! I wish you and your Mom could be here to join us. How fun that would be. I promise to fly by later this week to catch up on all your doings. I certainly have a story or two to tell. You can see a bit of what I have been up to in my new pics. Hope you have a great day. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

09/12/2010 06:05.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Everyone!
i'm doing great! I had an awesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Mom is trying to be extra nice to me cuz she's leaving to school soon. She's not going away but school for her is 10 hours a day cuz she had a double curriculum of hebrew and english studies. What that means is that mom is crazy busy during the year. So now she's being seriously nice to me to make up for all the tie she has to be away! I;m going to miss her!

Come visit me, Hedwig, Lynne & Sammy.

08/31/2010 04:53.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
So how was your trip to the spa? Nails all trim? Mom does my nails herself. Dad holds me in the towel and Mom trims them. I have never had to have my beak done. Fortunatly it seems to stay in trim without any help. Well time to fly. Hope you are having a great weekend. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

08/22/2010 04:52.41 AM Report This Comment  
I'm glad your Mom is home now. My Mom's been real busy this summer too, she comes home for a day or two & then she's gone again. Hope all is good with u & your family. Have a great day i'll be flying by again soon!!Angel Wing hugs & beacky kisses. Your Best Bud. Cruz!!!!

Come visit me, Cruz.

08/19/2010 08:12.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
So glad to hear your Mom is home. I bet you were very pleased to see her. I hate it when my Mom goes away.

As for me I am doing just fine. It is hard to belive that we have now been in our new home for almost two months now. I very much like it. Mom took the oppertunity to have new rules for me on places to perch and such like. I picked up on it quick and am not unhappy about it.

Well time to fly. This is the first time in days I have had Mom to type for me so I want to fly round a few more friends to say hi. Hope you have a great day. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

08/17/2010 06:47.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
If Mom is looking for some good stuff to add to your meal plan, get her to steam/cook up some sweet potato, carrots and squash. Mash them all together, divide into portions and freeze. Than all she has to do is defrost, warm it up (I don't like mine cold) and serve you some. It is packed with Vit A that us Greys need and is very tasty.

Glad to hear you are speaking out. Hehehe. Us Greys need to keep up our rep for talkers you know. Mom and Dad were having a good time listening to me talk to a local wild bird. I was calling out 'coming to see me', 'hello' and 'who's that'. All of a sudden I shouted 'what do you want' which got them laughing. I have no idea why they thought it funny. Seemed like a resonable question to me.

Hope all is well with you. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

08/05/2010 11:43.35 AM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  Hi my BBF Sammy!!!!!!
Hope all the work in you kitchen is done & your house is back to normal!!! Mommie, Daddy & sissy Mojo just back from Montana they were go toooooo long 9 whole days but my BFF Hope was with me & her friend Morgan, I had a great time ( they spoil me ) but at least their home for the 4th of July!!!! They got to go to Glacier National Park & see snow, really my mom took pictures , oh my mom says if your mom is on facebook then you could see some really neat pictures of me & mojo & all the places we've been my mom's name is Andrea Dasilva, if your mom wants too see. O.K. then gotta go fly by and see me!!!! you BBF CRUZ !!!!!!!!!!!

Come visit me, Cruz.

07/02/2010 05:20.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
I finally convinced Mom to sit down for a few minutes. She has been super busy with the move thing. I am having great fun exploring the new house. It does throw me a little as several of my 'landing' places don't exist in the new house. Dad got to England OK and has called twice to see how we are. Several of our friends have been helping Mom with some of the move stuff but she is doing most of it herself. It must be important cause she hasn't even stopped to played golf in a whole week! Hehehe. Well have to fly. Will let you know how we are getting on in a day or so. Hope all is well with you. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

06/25/2010 01:44.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
As you know we are moving house. The move happens on Tues but of course there is a lot to do before hand. Mom and Dad are very busy getting everything ready and they are having things done in the new house so it is all very hectic. We even had some workmen that were coming on Friday to do a job told us today that they were backing out. They don't want to do the job. Fortunately, Dad was able to find someone else who can do the job but not until Tue which is move day. Mom said if she wakes up Wed and is still sane that will be a bonus. Hehehe.

Will fly by when I can. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

06/16/2010 07:14.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi my BBF Sammy!!!!
Its been such a long time since I flew by and said Hi. So whats been going on in your neck of the woods. Nothing much going on down here, its hot & they say there are buffalo knats around the coast so mom wont let me go outside but she's been making me forts out of boxes for me & we've been playing hide & seek and a game we call getit getit getit!!!! Stop by & say hi. Talk to you soon........ CRUZ

Come visit me, Cruz.

06/14/2010 06:35.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
My goodness what is going on! Mom and Dad spent a lot of time yesterday moving everything out of the kitchen. They even moved some of the furniture around. I didn't know what to do with myself really. Mom had me in lock down most of the time. Today there are people in the kitchen making a lot of noise. They are doing some things with the cabinets but as I have been sequestered upstairs I don't know for sure. It is all to do with this move thing. Mom said there is so much to do with lots of disruption over the next two weeks before the actual move date. She put my large play station and my cage in her bedroom today so there would be lots for me to do and I would feel safe with cage at hand. That is where I have been all day. Mom spent a good deal of the day with me so I would get to worried about all the hammering and noise. I guess it will be a few days before the work is done.

I am not too worried about the move. When we moved here from England I took it all in my stride. As long as I have my cage, my bell and Mom I am at home. Hehehe. Have a good day.

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

06/10/2010 07:52.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
How nice to hear from you. Our weather is moving to summer conditions now so it is getting very hot and humid. Of course hurricane season has now started so Mom is getting in the hurricane emergency supplies just in case. They are predicting a big season this year and are expecting a lot of storms. Of course that doesn't mean that they will all end up in Florida but we need to be prepared in case one sets it sites on us. Just one of the joys of living in Florida. Hehehe.

My other news is that we are moving to a new home in about 2 weeks. Mom and Dad are making all the arrangements. Mom said we will be in a bit of upheaval for a while and I am to visit friends on the actual move day. She doesn't want me to be upset by seeing a bunch of strangers removing our stuff. I have been to the new house a couple of times. Mom wants me to get used to it a bit before we go. Anyway, I must fly. Hope you have a great day. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

06/02/2010 10:02.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Well at last I have Mom's attention. Skin sister went back to Enland late last week so I am playing catch up with all my BC buddies now. I am doing well and enjoying the summer weather. Nothing like a bit of sun on your feathers. Hope all is well with you. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

05/24/2010 12:13.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammie
You asked What is a Bluebell? Well,let me tell you,Bluebell is a beautiful amazon that happens to be my fiance`The prettiest in the world.Stop by her page and take a look.
Your friend,King Manu av4u

Come visit me, Joey, Kiwi, Manu 96626 I love Bluebell! & BABY DIRL RIP 4/26/2011.

05/18/2010 07:43.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
So what did u get your mom for mothers day? My dad is going to get my present I told him she wanted a shark steamer so she could clean everything real good with no chemicals & he said o.k. that was a good idea. She'll give me good treats for that!!!! I can't go out side for a while there are buffalo knats in lousiana & there hurting domestic & wild birds so mom says we have to wait and see about mississippi. I guess she knows whats best but she's gonna get me a window perch so I can watch the kids & sissy dog play outside, the play soccer & my sissy is real good. She plays on my bff Hope's team & I root for them. Talk to u real soon wish your mommy a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY from me your BBF (best bird friend) CRUZ

Come visit me, Cruz.

05/07/2010 11:25.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
A mojo is my sissy dog, she's a 4 yr. old rottie. My mon & dad bought her for me so I wouldn't be alone when I was on dads truck ( his 18 wheeler ) I love her so much & she lets me preen her ears & she licks my feathers & I call her rrrrraaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Showers r great my mom started me out with a spray bottle & the fine mist now I love them & then she give me a blowdry on the cold setting thats great too!!!! I put my whole face into it & make believe i'm cruzzin around on a motorcycle LOL:) keep up your word learning i'll flyby real soon.... CRUZ

Come visit me, Cruz.

05/06/2010 06:56.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Its been like a month since I talked to. How are your & your family doing? Alls good here. Mom & mojo are back so we're having fun. I got a great shower yesterday, mom let me stay in the shower for a long time ( IT WAS FUUUUNNNNN) the I got a real blow dry with moms blowdryer I love it.How's your talking comming along? Mom & mojo are going outside to play ball ( she got a new soccer ball & i'm gonna sit on the porch & watch!!!! I'll fly by again your friend CRUZ

Come visit me, Cruz.

05/04/2010 02:43.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Oh no! It won't go to my head! I am busy with Bluebell!
King Manu

Come visit me, Joey, Kiwi, Manu 96626 I love Bluebell! & BABY DIRL RIP 4/26/2011.

05/03/2010 08:43.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Well Mom has a busy week. She is out today, tomorrow she is playing golf and on Wed we are doing a big house clean ready for a visit from Skin sister. She is flying in from England and will stay with us for 2 weeks. I don't mind the visit cause she is very nice. She gives me attention but is not pushy.

Speaking of cleaning. Mom took my cage outside to give it a super clean with the hose. Well, would you believe it, she gave me a super clean with the hose too. Yep, put it on a fine mist and then aimed it at the sky over my cage. Mom said she was just imitating my natural habitat in the African jungles. Natural habitat my foot! I've never been to Africa! I sure got wet and although I didn't like getting sprayed I certainly liked the after effect. It felt sort of nice and I talked and wagged my tail and played.

Well time to fly. I want to get by a few more friends before Mom has to go. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

05/03/2010 05:58.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Yep, the bath bowl is sort of nice. Mom puts it on the breakfast counter top. I will usually jump in once in a while when she is doing the dishes. Seeing her splash around in the dish water makes me think maybe I should get wet too. It doesn't work everytime but Mom says that once in a while is better than not at all. Hey, I might even take a bath this afternoon in honour of Mom being home again. Hehehe. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

04/28/2010 05:46.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Just a quick fly by to let you know that Mom is home from her visit with Grandma in NY. It has been a long 6 days without her. Dad and I are sure glad to see her back.

On taking a bath. I hate Mr. Bottle. Mom puts out a big bath bowl (I prefer to think of it as a paddle pool) for me which I use about twice a month. I will fly by again very soon to talk more about bathing. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

04/26/2010 08:25.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Coach Gizmo here...
04/23/2010 11:25.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Cruz here just wanted to fly by & see how your doing. Wassss up? Nothing going on here, mom & mojo just got back from arizona, the stopped & brought me back some presents, all kinds of wood for me to destroy !!! Hope all is well with u & your flock. Talk to u soon. CRUZ

Come visit me, Cruz.

04/18/2010 06:01.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Just had to fly by with the exciting news. Bird Paradise is now selling palm nuts which you can order online. They are on a special intro special of $1.74 per quarter pound. You can find them at cgi?product=247211&group=247210. They are not the red palm nut that I got in England but very similar. As palm nuts are the natrual food of us Greys I am spreading the word as this is the first time I have seen palm nuts for sale here in the US. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

04/12/2010 05:23.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Hey, are you on Gizmo's baseball team? So am I!! I can't wait to see my team photo. This is my first time playing in a team. It sounds like it should be fun. Mom has had me in training. She has been tossing me plastic golf balls and then I toss them back. Hehehe. Anyway, just flying by to say hi and see how you are doing. Hope you had a great weekend. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

04/11/2010 01:32.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Coach Gizmo here
04/10/2010 09:58.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Coach Gizmo here...
04/06/2010 11:43.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Just wanted to fly by and see how you are doing. Things are fine here. Dad is back from England so the flock is all together again. Mom bought me a few new toys the other day. She said they were my Easter present as I am not allowed chocolate. Well I must fly. The sun is shinning and Mom has some things to do today. Hope you have a wonderful day. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

04/04/2010 06:37.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
Sorry it took so long to get back to u but mom & sissy were gone & my bff hope only wanted to play. so have u learned yellow yet? Thats & red are my favorite colors , yellow for my plumb & red for your tail feathers( I think I have a crush on u) I'll be flying by this weekend.your friend CRUZ

Come visit me, Cruz.

03/31/2010 08:16.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sammy
How nice of you to fly by. My Dad has been in England all this last week. He comes home tonight so Mom has been real busy getting the house all clean and looking nice. It sure will be nice to have him back home. As for me I helped mom clean house today and I have been busy shredding paper. Hehehe. The weather is good here as well. At last we have the warm weather back. Well have to fly. Mom still has some things to do before Dad gets home. MM

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

03/28/2010 10:03.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Gizmo
03/24/2010 12:20.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Sammy please do Play
It's so much fun, tell Gizmo you'll play, you don't have to do anything but give him 15 numbers and your on the team, they do the rest, the plays are all computer generated..But you'll see you name and all the great plays you'll have when we have a game..Send Giz a note that you'll play,,Rusty

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

03/24/2010 11:19.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Gizmo
03/23/2010 10:59.48 AM Report This Comment  
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