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Lucky for me, mom likes even numbers. Prior to my arrival, she had a three-conure flock which meant one more was needed and that space was reserved for me. Like the other conures who joined the McFlock before me, I was adopted through the Quad City Parrot Society. The coordinator knew that my mom wanted a Sunnie so called her when I came in. Of course, a new adoptee here is welcomed with the understanding that it must be a two-way adoration—betwe- en human and bird, and more importantly, bird to human. When, within the first twenty-four hours I managed to give mom a royally good pinch with a whole lot of attitude to go with it, mom wondered if maybe I wasn't as equally excited about my being here as she was. But within days and with time to adjust to the crazy zoo that I've moved in with, I've come to the conclusion that this may very well be the place for me. In fact, I've even taken to following my new mom around, offering a foot in friendship (and a hope that I'll get some quality top-of-the-head "mom time"). It's good to be Home.. Awards
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Hi! My name is Riza •v•

I am a Sun Conure from M., IL.


"Riza" is pronounced rye zu.

9 years old   F

Sun Conure

Banana Chips! I'm the only one here who likes them so there's always some left behind in everyone's bowls.

My side of the little bird room on my collection of branches. And when I get to sit on mom, her right shoulder. It has to be the right shoulder.

A hand or other beak near the dish I'm TRYING to eat out of. And no one near my sleeping space. Otherwise, I'm cool with whatever you want to do.

Update: I'm adding Jensen or Kirby sitting on MY mom. I'm about to get the nickname "bouncer" for running them off when they dare to fly to her head or shoulder.

I'm thankful that a homeless bird was given a chance over a baby bird. (One was about to be reserved when the call came in about my needing a new home.) I like that even though I'm a part of a large flock, there's always time set aside for just me. I live for those precious moments!

Instead of sleeping inside my Sleepy Hut, I'm now wedging myself between it and the side of the cage. It doesn't look comfortable but it is, trust me..

Sunny Side Up!.

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  Hello, My Riza!
I just wanted to make sure I send you one last note today before our beloved BC is gone :(. I have had such a wonderful time on it, especially since it was here that I met you!!

We have had a lot of fun, with playing baseball, and the kissing booth and many other things. It is so sad to see it all go away. Please send me an email if your mom is going to use any of the sites that were mentioned in the email chains. We don't use Face Book so that option is out for us. If none of the sites work, we can always communicate via email. I certainly don't want to lose speaking with you, Riza, and I am sure we will find a way to communicate.

I hope you have the chance to read this note, before the site is gone. As a matter of fact, Mama was a bit surprised that she was even able to sign on today.

Next week, the family will be going away on vacation, and Aunt Lisa will be my caretaker. Mama will have limited internet access while they are away, but will be able to send some notes.

Well, until we speak again, always remember that I love you very much, and that you are always in my heart!

Here's a last vote for you :(,

Your guy forever ~ Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

07/11/2016 08:48.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
Thank you for your note, you know I love hearing from you!

Isn't that interesting about Miss Kirby! And even laying an egg! And the others who went to the vet with injuries ~ you sure live an exciting place! My house is pretty quiet, with only myself and "That Boy". He is pretty quiet during the day. He has finished his on-line courses and has just been reading and watching a little TV. But the other day I kept him on his toes, as unhooked my water bottle from my cage and it went crashing to the floor. It is plastic, so it didn't break, but he had to come over and re-attach it. I thought it was pretty funny that as he was trying to get the wire hook on the bars, I kept trying to bite his fingers!! I heard him call Mama at work, complaining that he wasn't going to try to help me if I was going to be a bad bird. But Mama told he must fix it, and finally, I let him do it. You see, I am not as nice as you are with Max, I would bite Colton any chance I would get, even if he were helping me!!!

Other than that little bit of excitement, all is quiet here. I hope your Mom and Dad enjoy their camping trip and you are a good girl while they are away.

Enjoy your weekend and I will speak to you next week!

Love always,

Your Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

07/08/2016 08:53.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!
Aw, thank you so much for worrying about us. We are all well and dry. The flooding happened in the southern part of WV, we are in the northern part of WV, about 2 hours south of Pittsburgh. Those poor people, everywhere is collecting money, food, water, clothing and a lot of other things. I can't imagine how terrible it must be for them.

On another note, I am doing well. As you may remember, "That Boy" is home from college and is taking on-line courses to speed up his degree. I just stay quiet in my cage and let him do his thing. Sometimes he comes by to give me a treat in my bowl or a piece of bread, but I really don't touch it. Other than that, all is well here. The family will go on their vacation to Delaware on July 15, and come back on July 24 and Aunt Lisa will be taking care of me once again.

Not much else to tell. I do hope your Mom and Dad are enjoying their trip and have a safe trip home.

Happy Fourth of July!

All my love ~

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

07/01/2016 07:34.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Riza!
What wonderful surprise to see your note on my page!

I am glad to hear all of your news, and also very glad to hear that you did not fly out of the BB when you very easily could have. Better safe than sorry!

Our weather here has been very nice and warm. Only bad thing is the cicadas are out again doing their 17 year thing. They chirp so loud that it makes me upset, even in the house! I don't really know where the sound is coming from, and have been looking out of the windows to see what the big racket is. Do you have tem every 17 years in your area? Mama hates them, and is a big baby when it comes to bugs. She is afraid that they will land in her hair as they fly around looking for trees to land in. They are normally here for about six weeks, so should be gone by the end of June.

"That Boy" is taking on-line college classes this summer to try to cut his time as an undergraduate down a bit. His college offers a five-year MBA, and he would like to start the MBA classes as soon as he can, and finish in four years. Then he would like to apply to law school. As he is busy with the classes during the day, I really don't see or hear him around the house. All the better, more time for me to take a nap and shred my papers without having to keep an eye on him.

That is really all the news I have for now, nothing exciting happening around my house. How are Kelly and Kirby doing? I really need to take the time to pay them a visit. Please tell them "hi" for me!

Time for Mama to get back to work, so I will say goodbye for now. I also have to make a quick stop on Sugar's page, as she left me a note also.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll speak with you again soon!

Sending you back some conure kisses and hugs ~

Your guy, Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

06/10/2016 09:10.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I am here to wish you a very early Happy Hatch Day! Mama will be going to visit her mom on Saturday for the week, and will not have access to the internet, so I didn't want to miss coming by to see you before she left.

Not much going on in my world. My flight feathers have grown in, so I'm sure I will be getting a wing clip before long. I've been busy shredding papers, playing with my balls and eating Craisens. I hope you have been a good girl, I have certainly tried to be a good boy but sometimes I just can't help myself!

"That Boy" comes home from college for the summer in two weeks, so he and I will be home together once again. He is taking on-line courses until July, so at least he will be occupied during the day. I will just have to keep on shredding those papers!

I hope you enjoy your special day and receive lots of treats and attention from your Mom.

Have a wonderful day and I will be back for a visit soon.

I love you, beautiful Riza!

Yours forever,

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

04/15/2016 09:08.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I didn't want to forget to come by for a visit to wish you and your entire family a very Happy Easter!

Not too much happening on my end. I guess we are nearing the end of BC, as Mama doesn't receive and emails when we have notes posted to our pages. I will be very sad to see it end, but hopefully it won't be too soon.

As "That Boy" is home for the weekend I am trying to behave and not lunge and try to bite him when I see him walking in the kitchen. The kitchen has a very wide open door which goes into my sunroom, so I can see every move he makes when he walks through. I have to keep an eye on him you know :)!

It is cool and a bit rainy here, as most Good Friday's seem to be. Mama is making ham, asparagus, mac and cheese, Cole Slaw and deviled eggs for dinner with shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate for dessert.
"He" will take some food back to school, just in case the cafeteria has something that doesn't look appealing (which is quite often!). And I will have some ham and mac and cheese, which I love! Hopefully the weather will be a little nicer on Sunday!

I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter and you get to enjoy some dinner also. Mama has already taken out my Easter sleep tent, it has little chicks and eggs on it.

Have a great weekend, be a good girl, and I will be back soon!

Love you always, Riza!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

03/25/2016 09:09.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
Thank you for your wonderful note, you know that I always love to hear from you.

I had a restful time while the family was away. Mama left a big stack of newspapers in my cage for me to shred and a big bowl of Craisens to snack on so I was one happy guy. Aunt Lisa won't give me the papers, because she is afraid that I will get hurt with them, so Mama always takes care of things like that for me when they go away.

It is yucky and cold and windy here today. I think that March lion is here in WV today. But next week we are supposed to have the lamb visit us, temps may be in the 70's!

One thing I am embarrassed to ask you, when is your hatch day? For some reason, Mama can't find where she wrote it, and I think I miss your day every year! I will make sure she keeps it in a safe place this time!!

"That Boy" is home for the rest of the week and has some homework to do, so I was told this morning to try and be quiet and to be a good boy. I am trying my hardest to stay under the newspapers, shred and eat Craisens until Mom and Dad come home.

Well, I'll continue to shred and behave, and I will be back for a visit very soon.


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

03/02/2016 08:47.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Riza!
Thank you for your Valentine's Day note, I loved receiving it, especially since I had you as my beautiful Valentine!

I would have gotten back to you soon, but was having trouble getting on to BC. I guess a lot of birds were. At least BC is still here, and we can all still communicate.

Not very much to tell. I have a good size of newspapers in the bottom of my cage which I shred up, much like you do with your boxes. There is always a little plastic bowl filled with Craisens under the papers also, which I like to snack on. I just eat the soft insides of them, and throw the harder outside "skin" on the floor for Mama to pick up. I have to keep her busy you know!

"That Boy" will be on spring break starting this afternoon, so Mama and Dad will be picking him up after work, and they are going to DE tomorrow morning for a few days. I, of course, will get to spend some time with Aunt Lisa, who I like very much. I will catch up on some sleep and do some quality shredding while they are away.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will speak to you again soon.

All my love,

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

02/26/2016 07:13.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I am happy to hear that you are doing well and have been busy chewing! I have been chewing things also, so that keeps me out of trouble also.

We have been having a very cold winter. We had that terrible big snow storm a couple of weeks ago, which gave us 2 feet of snow! Did you have any snow from that storm? Boy, it was terrible. Right now it is 10 degrees in Fairmont and we are expecting temps in the minus degrees over the weekend.

As for my tent, right now it has penguins with scarves and little hats on it. Tomorrow, after my shower, Mama will put my Valentine's Day tent in my cage. Speaking of Valentine's Day, will you do me the honor of being my Valentine once again? I will not be on BC on the actual day itself, so I am sending you a GREAT BIG HUG and TWO KISSES to you right now!

Not much else going on here. "That Boy" will be coming home from college this weekend, so you can bet I will be doing my lunging and snapping of my beak when he passes by. I have to keep him in line, you know.

Enjoy your weekend, and rest assured that I will be thinking of you on Sunday.

You are always in my heart, Riza, and I love you very much!

Your Valentine forever ~

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

02/12/2016 07:53.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Riza!
A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the entire McFlock!

I am sorry for being so late, but the family was traveling visiting relatives over the holidays and I did not have my typist around. My faithful Aunt Lisa was here to take care of me while they were away.

Somehow, I did receive your kisses on New Years Eve and they just made my evening wonderful! I look forward to receiving and sending many more kisses during 2016!

Love you always,

Your Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

01/04/2016 08:56.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, My Riza!
Thank you for your note, it kept me company while the family was away last week.

I was a good boy for Aunt Lisa, and she told Mama that I was dancing up a storm one day when she came to visit me. I love to dance, and sometimes Mama dances with me in the sunroom when music that I like comes on with a commercial. I also like marching band music a lot, and when "That Boy" plays video of his high school band, I just dance and dance!

Poor Jack! Getting a nip from you, he must be your family equivalent of "That Boy"! At least he is brave enough to change your water and give you treats. Colton will not come anywhere near my area. But then I'm sure you don't lunge at Jack the way I lunge at Colton!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sending you back some XOXOXO's!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

12/04/2015 08:27.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I hope you have been doing well these past few days. The family will be away for the Thanksgiving holiday so I am writing early to wish you and the entire McFlock a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Aunt Lisa will be coming over to take care of me, and I have a brand new sleep tent with little turkeys on it for the holiday.

Sending you love, two kisses and a big hug!

Gobble, gobble ~

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

11/23/2015 08:55.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I'm a little late with my notes, but thank you for visiting my page when I was BOTD. It was such an honor!

Saturday was a bit hectic at my house, so Mama was not able to get on to BC except for one time in the morning to thank my friends.

Nothing else much happening here. I did have some pizza crust as a treat and I received a new wooden toy for my hatch day, which I a working on tearing apart. Don't worry about missing my hatch day, I seem to remember that I missed yours also.

Well, I must get some more thank you notes out, so I will visit you next week, before Thanksgiving.

I love you, Riza!

Martini (:>
Hugs and vote ~

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

11/18/2015 09:08.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Queen Riza
Congratulations on botd. I hope you had a great day at the castle and in the spotlight. Have a good night.

Come visit me, Hulk GoodBye BC Thanks For The Memories.

10/17/2015 09:27.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Congrats Riza!
Another vote for you... love your friend, Giggle Green

Come visit me, Abby~WOW Thanks EveryBirdy!, *~Blueberry~*, ~*Ogre*~ (2003-2013), Grendel~ WOW Thanks everybirdy!!!, *~Snowball~*, Grithr, Lucky, Homer & Giggle.

10/17/2015 07:38.28 PM Report This Comment  


Teri, Joliet, IL.

10/17/2015 07:36.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
congratulations on winning BOTD. hope you are having a blast celebrating your special honor at the birdy castle today.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, PaddyCake & PiddyGirl, CORI & BOO BOO.

10/17/2015 06:13.44 PM Report This Comment  
Just stopping by to "Congrats to you on being our BOTD"...Have a wonderful day celebrating at the Castle with King Hulk and all of your BC friends..Enjoy your day..Pecked a V4U..Many birdie wing hugs to you...Stormy :o)


10/17/2015 04:59.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
Congratulations on winning botd and enjoy it to the fullest
For the day at the castle sure goes fast for some reason!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, ~~Gus~~ & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

10/17/2015 04:49.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza,

Congrat's on being BOTD. It's Cheyenne, The Meyer's Parrot. Hope you have as much fun in the Castle as my Flock and I did when we were there. Here's a vote for you, cutie. Bye for now.



10/17/2015 03:58.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
Congratulations on your BOTD. Bye bye

Come visit me, The Moocher Ducks, Norman, It has been fun. See you on YouPet, St Francis Chapel, Say a prayer today, Phoenix Base Fliers:Home of the 2013 World Champs & Jude, It has been fun. See you on YouPet.

10/17/2015 03:28.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Riza~
Congratulations!! Here you are BOTD and I'm late getting on here to tell you how happy I am for you! It's all moms fault! She left and took forever to get home! I may forgive her but it's going to take some bribery I think!
I grabbed your beautiful royal portrait and hung it in the gallery on the calendar page for all to admire!!
You enjoy your day in the spotlight!
Sugar ♥

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

10/17/2015 12:13.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Congrats Queen Riza!
Wishing you a spectacular sunny day as our Queen of BC! You look so beautiful! Enjoy some extra scritches and treats on this special occasion!
Love, Squeaky
PS. Hugs to Kirby and Kelly from me and Picabo

Come visit me, Bud, Modelo, Patito, Malt & Pilsner, Squeaky- I will miss my BC friends! Love to all!, Kiwi & Button & Ivy, Scion (RIP)- Love Forever, Limon & Lima, Angel Alfie (RIP), Domingo & Picabo-Fond Memories of Fishing with Friends.

10/17/2015 08:39.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
Thanks God today is Saturday
Im flying by
your page to stamp U
a votie and to congratulate U
4 winning BOTD!
be a good birdie
Have a greyt weekend
beaky kisses
Your friend, Baby

Come visit me, Baby/Vote10K BCWarriors263181/mou- rningChiper257319 & Oki,/Vote BOTM K&Mikey229611/Mourni- ng Gizmo.

10/17/2015 08:17.38 AM Report This Comment  
on BOTD!Riza!We are so eggcited to see your sweet face on the Spotlight page this morning!We are so wishing you a greyt day in the castle with King Hulk for a day filled with fun,food,friends and family!Its just sooo good to see you!Please give that wonderful Mom of yours a warm hug from my Mom and all of us here and we all give you a big wing hug also.Dixie says hi to RaneBeau,Kirby and the whole flock and family!
Wishing you a greyt day filled with love and bright sunshine!And lots of Mom time on your special day!
Love,Dixie,Kallie and Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

10/17/2015 07:32.39 AM Report This Comment  
10/17/2015 07:18.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Way to go sweet Riza for BOTD-love always from Jen
...Mr Martini will be so proud! We woke up to very Fall like weather, and dad got up in the middle of the night to turn on our furnace to take the chill off our home! It has already warmed up to 34 degrees, and looks to be a nice day! As is the usual case, we do not have a lot on our plate today, it is amazing how our old dad can ever get behind on anything, but you will all understand someday, he just don't have the strength and stamina he once did, but he keeps plodding along! I know many of you do not follow baseball, at least not our Cubs, but after all these years, we have something to cheer about! The Mets have excellent pitching, and the Cubs have great young hitters, game one tonight Have a great Sat and give our love to all in your happy home, CYA tomorrow...

Forever love from Jenny Lynn & our Dallas family

Come visit me, Mr Ziggy-Chyna dear I am trying to be a good YCM, Jen Lynn~Good-bye BC, it has been a wild ride!!, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Love from Christy~Love to my beloved country..., Ms LaLo Lee~Because I love you all so much... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

10/17/2015 07:11.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Riza!
10/17/2015 06:36.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Queen Riza
Congratulations on BOTD. Here's a vote in celebration. Have a wonderful day at the Castle with King Hulk. Wing hugs and beak kisses, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

10/17/2015 04:50.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Saturday
Happy Saturday.
The wind has grown colder this week. We're getting our first slushy-snow this weekend in Buffalo, NY. You know it won't be our last.
= = =
Dad, Uncle Geno and Uncle JJ went to see "Sicario" this week. Very well-made film. Very dark and distubing tale of drug cartels - would not recommend if you're seeking light entertainment.

= = =
I guess we'll be getting new windows in the apartment...but the window company has not told Dad when to be home so they can measure for new windows. If they won't let him know - he won't be home when they stop by.... Don't you love the Communication of some businesses. I don't know how they make money.
I certainly won't let them in if Dad isn't home - but I will Squawk loud enough to scare them away.

- - -
Hope you have a wonderful day.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer, March 2015 BOTM.

10/17/2015 03:10.24 AM Report This Comment  
  congratulations Riza !
I know King Hulk will take good care of you today over at the castle :) Enjoy all the adoring public stopping by with good wishes . . . like me !

Come visit me, Cookie loves his friends !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

10/17/2015 02:08.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Beautiful!
Thank you for your wonderful note. I am glad to hear that you enjoy your time in the little bird room with the 'keets and cockatiels. As Kelly is just a little bigger than you are, I think it's wise that you don't go in her room very often, especially if you continue to bother her!

Our weather has become very chilly in the morning. Dad always makes sure that the heat is on at night so that I stay snuggly warm. Sometimes he still puts the air conditioner on during the day, but that's okay because the sun room where I live gets a little toasty in the afternoons.

"That Boy" will be coming home this weekend, so no need to try to bite the iPad, I can try and bite the real thing! Mama will have to keep a close eye on me as my flight feathers have grown in a bit, and I can fly some. I guess I had better try and behave this weekend!

Thanks all I have for now. Be a good girl and enjoy the weekend.

Sending you two xx's a bite earlier today!


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

10/16/2015 08:26.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I have been thinking about you so much lately, that I wanted to fly by and find out how you have been.

Mama was busy as August was ending, getting "That Boy" ready to go to college. He is doing very well, and the first quarter classes ends this Friday. That sure has gone by quickly.

Some evenings he Face Times Mama and Dad, and if I am close enough to see his image on the iPad I try to bite it! I guess my dislike for him will never end!

Not much else going on. The weather here is cool and sunny here. And it gets dark a whole lot earlier at night. I think Mama is happy about that because then I don't squawk so long into the evening!

I almost forgot ~ Mama wanted me to tell your mom "hello" for her. It seems there was some sort of computer glitch and her entire address book was wiped out, so no more contacts. Mama is trying to rebuild them, but wanted your mom to know that she hasn't forgotten about her!

Well, I hope you are doing well and have been a very good girl. I guess the time in the Parrot Pen and Bird Barn is coming to an end as it is getting colder.

Have a wonderful day and remember, I am still sending you those two kisses at night!


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

10/05/2015 08:49.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!
I am so happy to hear from you! I know that the summer can be hectic and it is hard to get our Moms to type for us.

Mama has been busy getting "That Boy" ready to depart for college on the 19th. I've been helping her wash and fold all of his new college sheets, blankets and towels. I even tried to put my mark on one of them by putting a little hole in the towel, just to remind him who is boss around here. But I was caught just in time by Mamas quick hand.

Next week, the family is going the beach one last time before he goes off to school. Faithful Aunt Lisa will be coming to take care of me again, of course.

Well, that was certainly quite an adventure flying that you had! I am glad you didn't have any lift, so your poor Mom didn't have to climb a tree to get you down. Better keep those little wings trimmed!

That's about all for now. Enjoy your day and I'll speak with you again soon.

All my love ~

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

08/06/2015 07:54.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!
I just wanted to fly by and leave you a quick note to say "Hello" and tell you that I love you! I have been having problems getting on BC for the past few days, and I couldn't even see my messages. I can now, and have instructed Mama to write down your page number so that we can find you if the same thing happens again.

The family is going away next week to the beach, so Aunt Lisa will be taking care of me while they are gone.

I hope you are enjoying your summer so far, and have been able to get out in the fresh air.

I'll be back for a visit when my typist returns from vacation.

All my love ~

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

06/26/2015 10:56.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!
Well, Mama is finally back in the swing of things...sort of! Her foot is much better but she is still wearing that ugly black boot. Hopefully, when she visits the dr tomorrow, he will let her take it off for good. I don't like it at all and try to bite it whenever I can get close enough. The other day, I got onto the floor and ran towards it, beak snapping and wings flapping. Luckily, Mama caught me in time and scooped me up before I reached the ugly thing!

We had bad thunder storms here last night. I was sitting on Mama's knee in the sun room when they started, and I didn't even flinch. I hope the weather has been good in your area.

When I signed on to BC today, I did not have any of my previous messages. I hope it is just a glitch and not permanent.

Well, that's about it for now. Hope you are doing well and being a good girl.

Talk to you soon ~ Love,

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

06/01/2015 08:26.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza,
Sorry for the lack of notes but Mama has been off her feet due to the surgery for 3 weeks now. She is going back to work next week, so I will be back then for a proper chat.

Happy Memorial Day!

Love you!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

05/22/2015 05:59.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh my goodness.........................!
Did I miss your hatch day, Riza! I just saw a note on your page wishing you a happy hatch day!

I am so sorry! Mama has been so busy with college things that she has about forgotten everything else.

I hope you will forgive me.......!

Your forgetful boyfriend who loves you very much :)!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

04/27/2015 08:43.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
How have you been since I last spoke with you? I've been a little bad lately, squawking and squawking. Maybe it's the time change or more daylight hours. All I know is that I have not been a good boy at all!

We have now finished with all the college work, "That Boy" will be attending a small private college here in WV. This past weekend, he went with Mom and Dad to the college for early course registration. He applied thee because it offers a five year MBA program/degree. Later on, he hopes to attend law school and become a corporate attorney. He seemed very excited about it. After that, they went shopping for college dorm room stuff. I did not go along on the shopping trip. Mama said I would be a bad boy, so I stayed at home and took a nap! I think the nap was way better than the store would have been!

Next Monday, Mama will be having surgery on her left foot. Seems she has a stress fracture on the top of it and it is causing her a lot of pain. She will be on crutches for a week, and possibly out of work for two weeks. I wanted to tell you this because I may be absent from BC for a week or two, or until she feels like signing on to the computer.

Not much more to tell. I hope you have been behaving better that I have. I'll be back to visit you as soon as I can. Until then, I'm sending you a big hug, all my love, and of course, a vote!


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini Loves Riza! & The Martini Bar.

04/27/2015 08:39.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchway
Guess what - I actually got to say Happy Hatchway on your day !! I've not been doing very well at keeping up with your flock mates. Hope you have a super good day -- pretty girl. Gramma

Sylvia, Florissant, CO.

04/19/2015 12:50.38 PM Report This Comment  
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