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Lucky for me, mom likes even numbers. Prior to my arrival, she had a three-conure flock which meant one more was needed and that space was reserved for me. Like the other conures who joined the McFlock before me, I was adopted through the Quad City Parrot Society. The coordinator knew that my mom wanted a Sunnie so called her when I came in. Of course, a new adoptee here is welcomed with the understanding that it must be a two-way adoration—betwe- en human and bird, and more importantly, bird to human. When, within the first twenty-four hours I managed to give mom a royally good pinch with a whole lot of attitude to go with it, mom wondered if maybe I wasn't as equally excited about my being here as she was. But within days and with time to adjust to the crazy zoo that I've moved in with, I've come to the conclusion that this may very well be the place for me. In fact, I've even taken to following my new mom around, offering a foot in friendship (and a hope that I'll get some quality top-of-the-head "mom time"). It's good to be Home.. Awards
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Hi! My name is Riza, in love with Martini!

I am a Sun Conure from M., IL.


"Riza" is pronounced rye zu.

6 years old   F

Sun Conure

Banana Chips! I'm the only one here who likes them so there's always some left behind in everyone's bowls.

My side of the little bird room on my collection of branches. And when I get to sit on mom, her right shoulder. It has to be the right shoulder.

A hand or other beak near the dish I'm TRYING to eat out of. And no one near my sleeping space. Otherwise, I'm cool with whatever you want to do.

Update: I'm adding Jensen or Kirby sitting on MY mom. I'm about to get the nickname "bouncer" for running them off when they dare to fly to her head or shoulder.

I'm thankful that a homeless bird was given a chance over a baby bird. (One was about to be reserved when the call came in about my needing a new home.) I like that even though I'm a part of a large flock, there's always time set aside for just me. I live for those precious moments!

Instead of sleeping inside my Sleepy Hut, I'm now wedging myself between it and the side of the cage. It doesn't look comfortable but it is, trust me..

Sunny Side Up!.

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  Happy Friday, Riza!
You were not rambling on in your last note to me. I love hearing all about things that go on at the McHouse! It is far more interesting than what goes on at my house. It would be a very quiet house if I weren't there. Mama barely puts the tv on, dad is the one who has it on all the time. If she and I are alone in the house and all her work is done, she just sits in the sunroom in her chair by the window with me on her knee and either reads or takes a nap! And most times I have a nap at the same time. I do make a lot of noise when "That Boy" comes home or is around.

I hope the weather has been nice in your area. It has been warm here, but today we are expecting big rain storms in the afternoon. Soon it will be time for all of you to go outside either in the PP or BB. You must have a wonderful time being out doors.

I will have to check out the pics of your new flockmates. How cool to have all those birds in one house! It must be very eggciting!!

Well, sorry for the quick note, but my typist has to go now.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep an eye out for those two kisses, they'll be coming your way tonight!

Love you, Riza!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

04/04/2014 08:30.08 AM Report This Comment  
Thank you so much for the hugs and kisses ~ I love receiving them! I hope you know that I still give you two kisses every night when Mama tucks me into bed. Sometimes Mama wants me to give her two kisses, but I reserve them just for you!

Well guess what? I am LOUD too! So I guess if we were together, we would be in the same room! That's just what we conure's do, be LOUD! Are Kirby and Jensen quieter conures? Maybe it just us Sunnies. And now I will be nosey, who is Paige? Do you have a new flock member? You are one lucky girl to have all those feathered brothers and sisters. Your house must be a lot of fun!

Nothing much else to tell. I do have my shamrock tent to sleep in this week. I saw Mama had some new material with silly birds on it, so I'm thinking that I'll be getting a new tent shortly. The weather here hasn't been too bad, but we did have a bit of snow this past Monday. School was closed again, and "you know who" was home during the day.

Well, that's all I have for now. I'll be back for another visit soon!

Love you, Riza!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

03/20/2014 08:25.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
How are you? I hope you and the entire McFlock is doing well. The sun is finally out here today! We had a big snow storm last Sunday into Monday and the schools were shut down again and Mama and Dad didn't go to work, the roads were too icy. So everyone stayed home and kept me company. I must admit, when they are home I can't take my nap in the afternoon. I can't sleep, I just want to sit with Mama in the sun room or dig in my box. Mama said that they disrupt my schedule and she is right!

Well, I just wanted to fly by with a quick note for you before Mama's lunch ends. I'll leave you with a great big HUG and KISS!

Yours forever,

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

03/06/2014 08:42.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
Just to know that all of the hearts floating around me is enough to keep my little birdie heart all a flutter!
Mama has tucked it away for next year, but those little hearts are keeping me warm.

Well, yesterday I was a very bad boy. Mama and I were sitting in a chair at the kitchen table watching the tv with the family, and "That Boy" was going to band practice and he put the car keys on the table so he wouldn't forget them. Mama thinks that I didn't like him coming so close, and all of a sudden I started o attack Mama's right hand! I mean a full fledged attack! Mama had a towel on her lap, underneath me, and had to hold it up high with me clinging on to it so I wouldn't climb up her arm and bite her face. Well, as you might guess, I was placed promptly in my cage for the night. The next morning when she came to get me out for a while, I stepped up on to her right hand for a minute, then started in attack mode again! Back in I went! Luckily that evening I didn't do it again, but I sure was in trouble there for a while!

Have a great day and I'll be back for a visit soon!

Love, kisses and hugs!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

02/20/2014 08:58.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Good morning, my beautiful Valentine!
I hope you will do me the honor of being my Valentine again today, Riza. I wish you the best day ever, and am sending you back a kiss, kiss, kiss!

We had more snow this week (did you?), and "That Boy" only went to school 2 days this week! His year has been extended until June 9th, which isn't too bad. Kids in NJ finish at the end of June, but go back after Labor Day.

You guessed it! I have a snuggle tent with pink and red hearts all over it. Dad thinks it should be for a girl bird, but that was the best fabric that Mama could find at the time. I don't mind the colors, as long as it keeps me warm at night, which it does!

Well, time for my typist to begin work. Happy Valentine's Day, Riza. I LOVE YOU!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

02/14/2014 03:10.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I hope you are warm and snuggly as you read this.

The water problem was in the southern part of WV. There was some sort of chemical spill in one of the rivers down there, and everything was shut down for most of last week. It didn't effect anything where we live, as we are in north central WV, just about an hour and a half south of Pittsburg. But now the snow and cold temps have messed everything up this week. I think the kids in WV will never get an education this year!

How could such a beautiful girl as yourself ever be bad? I think you can just tilt you head and give your mom a cute look and all will be well. (Thats what I do when I'm bad!). But as you know, my flight feathers are always clipped to that I don't fly to "Him" and bite him. I have scooted down my cage leg when Mama wasn't looking and tried to charge him, wings flapping and beak snapping, but Mama always catches me beforehand and scoops me up just in the nick of time. I will get him one day, though.

When Dad and Mom went to work together this morning, the temp in the car read -8! Poor outside birds! I feel so bad for them. One other bad thing "He" is home again today. Mama left me all kinds of dried fruits under my papers, so I will have plenty of treats to eat while I am hiding.

I hope your snow drifts go away soon, as do ours here.

Have a good day, my bad Riza, and keep warm!

I love you ~ Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

01/22/2014 08:20.10 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, My Riza!
Is it snowing there again today? It sure is here. After schools being shut down for three days last week due to the Polar Vortex, they are closed again today, and most likely will be again tomorrow! I guess I'll be hiding under those papers, good thing Mama left me a bunch of Craisens and NutriBerries under some crumbled paper at the bottom of my cage. That way I can hide and snack so "you know who" doesn't see me.

I hope all has been well with you and the McFlock. We are all fine here in WV. Do you have any word on when BC could shut down? I am so upset about that, what a shame it will be.

Well, I'll leave you now with a little kiss on each cheek. I wish I were there to wrap my wings around you to keep you toasty warm.

I'll talk to you again soon ~ Love you Riza!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

01/21/2014 08:25.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy New Year, Riza!
Well, I'm a few days late in sending you this New Year's wish, but better late than never!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve. I thought of you every day that the family was away, as I had a lot of time to daydream about you.

Are you keeping warm there? It is terribly cold and windy here in WV, I can just imagine how it is there.
School is closed today, so I am home with "That Boy" alone. Mama rode in to work with Dad, and kept her eyes closed the entire trip! Our poor outside cousins, I don't know how they manage to be outside in the winter.

Please keep warm today, Riza. I wish I were there to snuggle up against you. Wouldn't that be fun?

Love to you, my beautiful girl!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

01/06/2014 08:36.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
I'm just so eggcited to be able to see you again so soon! I for one are not complaining,I just enjoy getting visits from such a pretty girl like you!
Yup! That Christmas tree in my gallery,that's in the bay window of our tv room,Mom just had to have lots of white doves and red cardinals all over it!
I just can't believe how fast this year went by! It usually takes forever for us to wait for a special holiday like Christmas or Easter and they all came and went so quickly you just had to blink your eyes and they were already here and gone! But of course you may help yourself to anything on that platter of cookies that I have there! I just might come and join you! I just love food and anything that is very colorful like those cookies are!Kallie wraps his wings around Riza and gives her a gentle sunnie hug!Taking her wing in wing he escorts her to the big platter of cookies and politely holds the dish out for sweet Riza to take her pick first!
Loving you always! Kallie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/26/2013 05:05.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
Merry Christmas to you and I wish that you got the bestest gifts and presents from SantaBird ever! Kallie runs over and gives Riza a warm welcoming hug! Oh you just don't know how you made my day! Kallie hugs Riza tight,oh! you really know how to make a guy feel sooo good! My Christmas is bright because of you! I've really missed you sooo much!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/25/2013 10:21.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello, beautiful Riza!
Thank you for sharing all of your adventures with me! I am sorry about you not being able to fly, but I'm sure your Mom wants you to be safe and not get a bite from one of the bigger birds if you accidently land on somebird other than Ranebeau!

All of the little bit of snow we had is gone, and the temps may reach near 70 over the weekend! It has been some weird weather here in WV over the past few weeks.

The family is going away on Sunday, and Aunt Lisa will be my caregiver once again. I get very excited when Mama tells me that she will be comeing over. I bob my head and wiggle my beak around in a way that only happends when Aunt Lisa's name is mentioned. Mama thinks I can associate her name with the family leaving and then Aunt Lisa appearing! You know that I am one smart bird, right?

"That Boy" starts Christmas break tomorrow, and he is going to the local hospital where he volunteers so I won't see him until the evening. They are off to DE on Sunday, so I will have to keep my little eye on him for the second half of his break. Will all of your human brothers be home for the holiday? I hope so, so your Mom and Dad will have their entire flock, human and bird around them for Christmas.

Well, I won't be on BC until Mama returnes next week, so I will wish you and your entire flockily a very Merry Christmas.

I love you with all my heart, Riza!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

12/19/2013 08:15.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, my beautiful Riza!
I also wish you could have come and gotten me while the family was away. I had a quiet time, and was able to catch up on my naps, and of course, dream of you while they were away!

Not very much to tell. It has been very cold here, and we had some snow on Sunday and a little yesterday morning. But all has melted now and the sun is out. It is still cold, but bright and sunny. I hope you didn't get that big storm the other day. It missed us, and Mama was happy about that as she hates to drive in the snow!

Have a wonderful day and I'll be back for another visit soon!


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

12/11/2013 08:25.10 AM Report This Comment  
I love, love, love your new pictures!! How are you? What ya been doin? Do you still have the guests there? I hope that their Mama is feeling better now!
Mom just put Silly mango to bed and he is laughing and playing under his cover! He is making Turkey sounds!! heehe When mom laughs he laughs and does it again! Mom's afraid someone will mistake him for a Turkey!! A little scary being it's so close to Thanksgiving and all!! No what I mean? :)
Mom had an appointment with a skin doctor to check a few moles she has. They handed her an I pad type thing to use to sign in on and fill out all the info electronically! Interesting huh? The little moles are nothing to worry about and mom had her freeze one that is on her stomach. Its been itching lately so she got worried about it. What a relief! Mom feels better knowing its nothing serious!
Tomorrow is moms nail appointment. After she is going out with a friend. Jason wants her to pick up some Greek Olives for him so she can bring them with her Thursday! She will have to go to Delray Beach for them.
So it looks like she will be out and about all day!
I gotta get some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs!
Hugs and kisses,

Ps... did you know that when you put your name in the look up you are the ONLY Riza on the BC! Your sure are unique!! :) xo

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* I have a video!!, Peetie Thank you for Hatchday wishes & BOTD! Yay!!, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep! Loves Willie! 4/28/12.

11/22/2013 06:37.45 PM Report This Comment  
I am so happy to hear that you are all okay from that terrible storm. How horrible for all of the people that lost their homes. We only had a little rain and some wind, nothing much more here in our part of WV.

Not much else to tell you. The family will be going to DE next week, and I am excited to have Aunt Lisa come and take care of me while they are away. I was so happy last week to have so many visits from so many friends.

Well, time for my typist to begin work now. I will try and email you before the family leaves, but if I don't, I wish you and the entire McFlock a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

Love you, Riza!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

11/20/2013 04:56.49 AM Report This Comment  
No apology necessary for yesterday. I know your house is a busy one. As long as I know you are thinking of me, all is well!

My day yesterday was very nice, and that sun flower head is yummy!

Today I would like to ask you to join me at the castle. If I am the king for a day, then you are my queen!

See you there!


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

11/14/2013 04:44.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
No, unfortunately, the bats did not glow. But the tent did protect me from all of the Spookys roaming around on Halloween night!

Today I was woken up with Mama singin "Happy Hatch Day". It was still dark outside, so I just hung upside down in my cage and listened to her. Dad wanted to make sure that my ears weren't bleeding due to her wonderful singing, but I really enjoyed it.

For a present, I received a dried sunflower head, which was hung in my cage. While everyone is away at work or school, I will enjoy some quiet time pulling the seeds from it.

I hope you are keeping warm! It is really cold here, and yesterday we had snow! Mama was not happy about the white stuff, but at least there is no more in sight for now.

Have a wonderful day, Riza.

Sending a big KISS to you!


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

11/13/2013 04:52.16 AM Report This Comment  
I'm here!!! Thanks so much for your last note! I know how busy your house hold has been with having a few guests staying over! We are hoping your guests sweet mama is feeling much better soon! I bet they must really miss her! It must be like a zoo at your place! Wait! It is a zoo at your place!! Haaaah! Sorry, I couldn't help myself! haaha! :)
How are you? My Mom had her nails done in fall colors yesterday and then stayed home the rest of the day wish us! It was nice...Mango and Callie drove her nuts! :) me and Paulie are always sweet little angels! You can tell by just looking at us right? :)
Moms been putting Callie to bed at 5:30 cause she looks like she is about to start laying eggs again! Ugh..
I hope your having a fun weekend.

love and big hugs and kisses,

Peetie xo

Mom said to give your mom a hug from her. :)

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* I have a video!!, Peetie Thank you for Hatchday wishes & BOTD! Yay!!, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep! Loves Willie! 4/28/12.

11/10/2013 06:10.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Beautiful Riza!
Please do not ever worry that you don't have a lot of computer time. I certainly know how that is, especially lately! It has been so busy at my house, "That Boy" has a lot to do in his junior year, and Mama has been helping him with some things. She also has been very busy at work, so she cannot type as much for me as she has done in the past. She and dad both work for the govt., and have been a little hectic lately.

So, you have quite a few guests at the McHouse??!!! Wow, your Mom is certainly a special person to take care of all those extra beaks! And your Dad too, my Dad would go crazy with all the noise in the house!

Yes, I am holding a piece of candy corn in my foot. Mama loves the stuff and always gives me a bit of the little white part at the top. But when this pic was taken, I grabbed the whole thing from her! Luckily she had her cell phone close and took the picture. I was so busy with the candy that I didn't even get mad at the evil camera. It sure was yummy!

Glad you like my avatar, Mama needs to change it again for me now that Halloween has passed. I like yours also, you look so beautiful inbetween the fall colors.

Well, time for me to go now. I am going to say hi to Sugar and then sign off.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your guests!

Love you always, Riza!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

11/08/2013 08:19.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Rizzzzzzzzzzaaaa!!!! Boooooooo!
Just a quick note! Mom finally got a little break! Dad has a bad head cold and stayed home from work. Mom worked till 3:30 went right to the store and bought stuff to make Dad some chicken soup! She came home at 4:40 and started making the soup.. It looked like a lot of work and mom was complaining that her back was hurting. After making the soup, eating and cleaning up the pots and dishes she had to start cleaning our cages and vacuuming up our messy rugs! Then Dad went to bed early and mom had to take the garbage out.. Mom is in pain tonight and is going to go lay down and read a new book! :) Have a fun weekend. Tomorrow mom goes to West Palm beach to get her nails done! :) Oh, oh , oh... and she won 100.00 on a scratch off!! :) That's all the news for tonight! :)
I love your photos.. Mom has a hard time making pics now that she has dumb old windows 8!!

Love and kisses,

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* I have a video!!, Peetie Thank you for Hatchday wishes & BOTD! Yay!!, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep! Loves Willie! 4/28/12.

10/25/2013 08:43.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello, My Riza!
I said to Mama, you just have to type a note to Riza for me today, so she doesn't forget all about me! So here I am!

I like your new picture, pretty spooky. Now I just have to get Mama to change mine and change my avatar, I think the beach scene is a bit old now.

So what is going on at your house? Nothing too much happening at mine. Mama did get some Halloween material for a new tent for me, so hopefully I will have it before the spooky day. It is black and has lime green bats flying on it. I'm not sure if they glow in the dark, they just might though.

Well, sorry my note is short but Mama's lunch is about done so it's back to work for her.

I love you, Riza and I'll be back again soon to visit!

Martini (:>

Kiss ~ Kiss ~ Kiss ~ Kiss

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

10/22/2013 08:25.58 AM Report This Comment  
Oh how I miss visiting you!! Moms been so busy with junk!! :) She finally got her license after the 3rd try! She did read the requirements before going but she thought that the name change was after the last license that she received. She never needed the marriage certificate before! Who knew!!? She is just glad that its over with for the next 8 years!! :) Callie is finally off of her dozen eggs and mom pulled the little plastic guys from her cage the other day! heehe
hey... guess what?
Dad and mom saw a UFO! Did your mom see the video? It was much clearer to see in person mom said. strange huh? Dad gets real into that stuff! Mom likes ghost stuff better! :) Crazy wacky parronts! lol
I think the UFO came looking for Mango and Green!! haaah! They wanted to take them back home if ya know what I mean!! :) Those 2 birdies are the big mouths of the flock.. I am sure you've got a few of them over there at your place also! :) Speaking of big mouths.. Mango his sends regards to rainbeau! :)
Maybe mom will let him visit with rainbeau later..
I gotta fly my adorable friend!!
Say hi to Martini and I hope to see ya soon...

Love and hugs,

Peetie :)

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* I have a video!!, Peetie Thank you for Hatchday wishes & BOTD! Yay!!, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep! Loves Willie! 4/28/12.

10/16/2013 08:20.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Riza, Riza, Riza!
Thank you so much for your wonderful notes! Today is the first day in a long time that Mama's been able to type for me. You know that I am always thinking of you, even when I can't get on to BC. And by the way, there was a bunch of problems with BC last week, I was trying to get on but couldn't.

How nice that you have new flockmates! Your mom and dad are wonderful people to give birds in need a home. Your bird room must be a fun place, and noisy too!!

Not much going on here. The weater is a bit colder and as it gets darker earlier, I get to go to sleep in my tent earlier. And Mama gets to do more things around the house, with me tucked in my tent!

Well, I have to go now. Have a wonderful weekend!

I love you Riza!!


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

10/11/2013 09:36.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!!
We are on the countdown to the next bird mart. Which is on Saturday the 26th. And the day before Mom's birthday. I've got my list on what toys I want to get. Not to forget a big bag of nutri berries. Hope you had a wonderful day
Hugs, Mango

Come visit me, Mango***I'm getting married!!***, Sunshine***Peepers asked me to marry him!!*** & Poppy.

10/03/2013 07:45.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
Well, I'm glad your caption still says that you are in love with me, even though I have been bad and not visited you lately!!

Things are still really busy at work for Mama, and the evenings too, with "Him" and all his homework. He has taken several AP classes this year, and I guess they are harder than regular classes, as they prep you for college classes.

So, what's going on with you and the McFlock? Any new bird friends added? Not much going on with me. I did have my wings trimmed last week, and was not happy about that at all! To make me feel better, I did get vanilla ice cream as a treat. I had it all over my beak, and Mama had to wipe it off with a cloth!

Well, time to go for now. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

I love you, Riza!!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

09/27/2013 08:41.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!
Thank you for the kiss last night! I hope you know that I still send you two kisses every evening when Mama puts me to bed.

Well, it's gotten cold here. Today there is a bit of rain too, but it is supposed to clear up later in the day. I guess it's getting to be that time again.

Not too much to tell here. We had a quiet weekend at my house.

Well, Mama has yet another meeting in a few minuets, so I'll say good-bye for now. But before I leave, here's something just for you......KISS KISS!

Love you, Riza!!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

09/16/2013 07:42.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
Well, I guess you must have thought that I flew off somewhere, as I haven't been on BC in I don't know how long!

Mama has been very busy at work, even working through lunch some days, and as lunch time is when she types my notes for me, hence, the reason why I have not been able to sign on!

Things have also gotten busy at my house. "That Boy" has started school, and with that comes a lot of homework. He is even taking an on-line class, so that means more work for him. This is good for me you see, because then I have more Mama time! Very selfish, I know!!

So what has been happening with the McFlock? Are the PP and BB still in use, or is it getting colder there? Today it is beautiful here, temps in the high 70's, with bright sunshine. I really like it when the sun warms my feathers, it makes me really sleepy.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And thank you for the Sept. 1 kiss. Here's a special Sept. 6 kiss, just for my most favorite girl!

I hope to speak with you next week. Until then, sending all my love to you!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

09/06/2013 11:30.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sweet Mzz Riza!
Just a quickie note!! :)
How are ya? Nothing too much new here... Callie has finished laying eggs and seems to be getting bored with them! Mom took them out and replaced them with plastic ones. She had 4 but only has 3 now! I am guessing that one flew the coop!! heehe... We all got groomed on Saturday and Dad was actually handling the Mangler, kissing him and playing with him like the old days! He only got bit twice!!! hehe ... That Mango is a baddie!!
Mom put his video on FB! She tried to upload it on BC but it was taking soooooooo long that Mom gave it up! Its a really cute one too! Sheena the dog is in the back ground! I think they call that photo bombing! heehe Sumpin like that!!

Chat soon! Hugs and kisses, Peetie

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* I have a video!!, Peetie Thank you for Hatchday wishes & BOTD! Yay!!, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep! Loves Willie! 4/28/12.

08/19/2013 06:52.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
Wow, I really love the way you have signed your name. And guess what? I am very much in love with you, too!

I also must compliment you on your new pictures, they are beautiful! I think it is time for Mama to take a new one of me also, and change my avatar too.

The family was away last weekend for the last weekend before school started here today. "That Boy" is now in 11th grade, so I will only have to share Mama with him for two years, then he is off to college! But I guess there is still Dad to share her with. Maybe I can send him off to college too!

Not to much happening here. Aunt Lisa took care of me while the family was away, and I had some quite time to nap in my tent, so that was sort of nice. More time to have sweet dreams of you, Riza!

Well, I must sign off now. Have a wonderful remainder of the day.

Love always,

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

08/19/2013 11:43.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
It's been a blast cheering with you!! I agree with you on keeping in shape. Us girls have to watch our figures to. Since winter hits my knock of the woods later on. We can all meet at my house. I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind two more Sunnies!!
Hugs, Mango

Come visit me, Mango***I'm getting married!!***, Sunshine***Peepers asked me to marry him!!*** & Poppy.

08/18/2013 07:36.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!
I am dropping you a quick note, as Mama has a meeting at 3:00 and has to prepare for it.

I won't be "live" today at the game because of the meeting, but I will certainly be there in spirit!

Talk to you soon!

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

08/12/2013 11:23.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza
See you at the stadium tomorrow!!
Hugs, Mango

Come visit me, Mango***I'm getting married!!***, Sunshine***Peepers asked me to marry him!!*** & Poppy.

08/11/2013 04:13.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rizaaaaaa!!!! Guess who???
Not much new here eggcept Callie the Cockatiel has got 3 eggies in her cage now!! Moms hoping she will finish soon and get this whole egg laying thing over with so we can have our sweet girl Callie back!! She is not very social and wants noting to do with anything but her little eggs!! Ugggggh...This is her first time laying eggs! She is only around 15 months old!!
Mom got her nails done today in a deep royal blue! :) She grocery shopped and came home around 5:00 then started cooking a seafood dish. She promised us that she will stay home all day with us tomorrow!! Maybe we can get outside in the sun!! :)
Chat soon...


Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* I have a video!!, Peetie Thank you for Hatchday wishes & BOTD! Yay!!, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep! Loves Willie! 4/28/12.

08/10/2013 05:01.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Last Game of the Regular Season
Alrighty, mighty CJCs! Our last game in the regular season is coming up on Monday! We're playing my frother's team, the White Hawks! I think we can beat these 'toos so let's give it the All-American Conure best and go for it! See you at the stadium!
Coach Squeaky
Go Crackerjack Conures!

Come visit me, Scion, Budgies, Kiwi & Button, Limon & Lima, Squeaky: Vote Chipper BOTM 257319, Picabo & Angel Alfie (RIP).

08/09/2013 01:01.59 PM Report This Comment  
Rizzzzaaa!!! Guess what? Callie laid an egg!!! Its the cutest little eggie we've ever seen!! In fact its the only egg we've ever seen! heehe..Man-o-man... She is meaner than a tyrannosaurus Rex!!! No birdy and I me Nooooo birdy can go near her little eggie without getting attacked!! Whats up with that? Have you ever had any baby eggies? I just wanted to stop by so you didn't think I feel off the planet!! :) I hope all is good!! Great game the other day right?!!! I hope to get over here again soon!
Mango says hello to Ranebeau!!
Big hugs, Peetie xxxxoooo

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* I have a video!!, Peetie Thank you for Hatchday wishes & BOTD! Yay!!, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep! Loves Willie! 4/28/12.

08/07/2013 03:01.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Riza!
I am so happy we won the game yesterday. I think we have only one more to play, correct? I will have to have Mama check the schedule and read it to me.

Nothing much going on here. The weather has been very pleasant, not hot, hot, hot like it was the other week. But I think we will get more hot weather before the fall comes in.

Hope all is well with you and the entire McFlock.


Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

08/06/2013 08:17.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Riza!
WE WON! You, Kallie and Mango did great passing out all those crackerjack boxes, too. Thanks for all you do for us! I love our cheerleaders this year! Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, always in my heart, Willie,Chipper, 257319 for BOTM, Peppino Vote Chipper, 257319, BOTM, In Divo's memory & Falco, vote Chipper 257319, BOTM.

08/06/2013 07:33.27 AM Report This Comment  
runs up to Riza and gives her a warm hug! I just can't wait to go to our game and we're going to win this one,I can feel it! I've got to get Kallie to practice his cheerleading!
GOOOOOOOOO CRACKER JACK CONURES!!!!!GOOOOOO!!!! Dixie just loves Riza's cheerleading voice!

Dixie reaches up high with his wing and catches Kirby's warm up throw! I did it I did it!
We're going to win! This one is ours!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

08/05/2013 10:05.44 AM Report This Comment  
I'm glad you came over for a visit last night. I feel really happy when Mama opens my page and a note from you is waiting for me there!

I think you mom and your entire family is just wonderful, taking in all those feathered friends. And I am glad that they are fitting in well with the McFlock. I'm sure Jenny Lynn and Lalo will do just fine whenever they arrive. It must be nice to have had them so close that they could come over to visit with all of you.

And I am also glad that you are able to sit with Kelly on a perch! That is really great of your big sister to let you sit with her. And how is that Alfie? From his videos, he seems like such a character!

And one more thing before I leave, we were finally able to watch that short video of you that your mom sent to us a long time ago. I guess we just didn't open it with the correct movie viewer. I was thrilled to see you in live action.

Well, my typist needs to return to work now. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Sending all my love to you, Riza......

Forever your Martini Beanie (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

08/02/2013 10:44.02 AM Report This Comment  
I like your new avatar also!

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

08/01/2013 08:28.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello, Riza!
I was so happy to spend some "live" time with you at the game the other day. Too bad we lost, but I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes.

I see that your mom has added our beach avatar to your pictures. It looks really good, it was nice of her to do that! I hope you didn't mind that I gave you a flower necklace in it, BC should really put some new items in the avatar store for all of us to use.

Not much else going on here. It is rainy and cool here today. School starts on the 19th, and "That Boy" will be away at band camp all next week (yeah!!), so I will only have to share Mama with Dad for the week.

So you have moved into a big cage while on the porch? That must be nice for you to be outside and get some nice fresh air. But I was thinking, I'm sure your mom can find a nice macaw who needs a home who would fit into it, don't you think? I'm sure she doesn't need me adding to her flock!!

Well, I must fly now. Hope you enjoyed the ice cream after the game.

I'll be back to see you soon!

Love always,

Martini (:>

Come visit me, Martini ~ Happy Spring! & The Martini Bar.

08/01/2013 08:27.39 AM Report This Comment  
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