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 from Jackson Springs, NC
Misty Blue

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I was at pet smart last night, my birthday money in my hand. I had always wanted a bird, but my parents hadn't let me have one as a child, so I looked through the large cage where they kept the parakeets, and one happened to catch my eye. It was a beautiful white parakeet with a stormy blue underbelly and tail feathers, and a touch on her elegant wings. And I knew I wanted that one. So, the woman suggested I get the cage set up at home before getting her. I was afraid that she would be gone, as she was so very pretty, but I was relieved to find she was still there. I bought her on the spot.. Awards
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Hi! My name is Misty Blue

I am from Jackson Springs, NC.

My owner sometimes calls me Mist, for short.

6 years old   F

Millet Spray! I can't get enough of it!

I love to sit up on the highest perch, which has three branches. I also like the sand perch, and my other wooden perch is alright. My owner bought all three from petsmart, so she knows they are safe.

She always fills our (mine and Teally's cage) with plenty of seed and several branches of millet spray, which is our favorite.

I love to listen to songs off of youtube, and I particularly love to tweet and chat to this one video in particular of happy budies. I get so chatty on that one!.

To become friends with my new owner. (And to annoy her sometimes in the near future!).

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  Hello Misty!
prettybird here im also an american type parakeet! i was flying around checking out my other parakeet friends!i stopped by to give you and Teally a vote! I think you are very beautiful and your colors are so pretty!

Come visit me, Prettybird.

12/07/2010 11:43.38 PM Report This Comment  

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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Tweety is loving the family even more. I got her millet spray for christmas. OH MY GOD SHE LOVES IT! I opened the bag and took one out, and she flew like crazy all over. So the next time I opened the bag, she had already flown over to me.

Come visit me, Tweety.

12/26/2009 12:15.42 PM Report This Comment  
What a wonderful bird! She missed you. ^_^ I bought a new bird the other day, and named her Teally. She and Misty get along wonderfully! I was worried about it at first, but Teally just took right to Misty right away.

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

12/14/2009 10:51.13 PM Report This Comment  
I'm not 100% better but still good enough to see Tweety! She was very happy to see me! I peeked my head into the room where her cage is and she flew onto my shoulder. She is a funny bird!

Come visit me, Tweety.

12/01/2009 06:46.11 PM Report This Comment  
  hey there
Hey there! just flying by to say hi! This is Kiko here and Im hoping to meet some new birdie friends! You are such a gorgeous bird!!! Come visit my page someday! Sqwack to 'ya later!!! ~Kiko p.s. happy thanksgiving

Come visit me, Buddy, Kiko, Mr. Marabell R.I.P., Sprite & Petey.

11/27/2009 08:36.24 AM Report This Comment  
It sucks right now because I'm sick so I can't go near her. She wants attention!

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/26/2009 11:13.45 AM Report This Comment  
Aww, that's wonderful. Add me if you decide to play any games, or just because. My name is Tabitha Fuson on there, and I have a few other accounts - I always send stuff daily too!

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/23/2009 05:18.36 PM Report This Comment  
I have a facebook, but I haven't played any games in a long time. Earlier today I walked into my room and Tweety flew onto my shoulder. She trusts me alot more now =D. I played music and she's been chirping and chatting for a while. I really want to get her a bud =[.

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/23/2009 12:44.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Lol yeah, I think I'll give her a few days - I think I should remove the towel over her cage - I think that towels are better than most commercial bird cage covers, cause towels are more breathable and cheap. (Cheep! lol, I made a pun.) And thanks for all the advice. Oh, do you play any games, or are you on facebook? ^_^ I'm a big fan of farmville.

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/23/2009 05:41.57 AM Report This Comment  
Good luck. I gave Tweety a cuttlebone when I first got her cage. Poor bird ={. Sorry to here about Misty flying all over your room. I think you should just leave her in her cage for a few days, and softly talk to her constantly.

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/22/2009 09:31.04 PM Report This Comment  
I hope so too - oh my gosh, I put on this video on youtube about parakeets (natural ones in austrailia, I believe) on, and her little noises and tweets grew much louder!

I was relieved that she ate it though - she didn't look like she had touched her seeds at all. (I got her seed-based to start out with, but I plan on buying a pellet based soon.) I try to chat with her constantly, especially when she chirps to let her know that I'm there.

Next, I got to introduce her to the cuttlebone - I don't think she's touched that either, but I think she's still getting used to her new cage away from the rest of the parakeets.

Tomorrow, I plan to introduce her to my mom and dad (my dad is quite superstitious though, so I'll try to steer away from him - he thinks that birds in the house is a bad omen - and that if people sweep under his feet, they won't get married! Crazy, cause he and mom have been married over thirty years!)

Ooh, I bet you did have a handful! Or two! I did once have a bird - well, I had to return it, because it disliked everyone and it would bite and would fly out until it reached a corner in the ceiling. It was a nightmare.

Correction - I just let Mist out of her cage - it was hectic! I was so afraid that all I could do was duck while my boyfriend caught her in his hat. She went crazy, and circled the room a few times before she settled on a box. Now though, she's back in her cage. *wipes sweat from forehead*

Sigh, she won't even look at me - I think she's in a bit of shock - she even let me touch her tail when we had her back in the cage. And she hasn't moved from where she landed on her sand perch. :( I hope I didn't make a mistake, and bring her out too early. I was scared that she'd have a heart attack, cause I've heard that little birds like she can have them when they're scared. Not to mention that she about gave me one too.

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/22/2009 09:00.12 PM Report This Comment  
I think you and misty are going to be great friends. That's awesome that she notices you and she trusts you enough to eat the millet spray. I remember when I first let Tweety out of her cage. She didn't trust me at all since it was the second day that I had her. She hid behind her cage and ran away from me. It took me a half hour to just catch her. I talked softly to her, it seemed to calm her down. I put her in her cage (it was late) and she went to sleep. She was very cute.

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/22/2009 05:49.08 PM Report This Comment  
Lol, I swear, that's so funny! The 'Mom Look'. Mist is just looking at me from one of the branches on the perch I got her at petsmart. She's so cute when she turns her head - ooh, and she ate some of her millet spray today when I nudged it to her with the sand perch!

(I'm a little afraid she might escape with just me in the house, so I'm waiting on my boyfriend to get home so he can help me with her. He has a great affinity with animals, like me. I'm the cautious one, and he's the hardy one. ^_^)

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/22/2009 03:07.36 PM Report This Comment  
That's cool. Right now Tweety's on my shoulder while I am typing. She's doing this cute little "dance" thing where she bobs her head up and down. It's really funny. I played some music from my iPod. She flew around in circles while Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin was on. It was adorable. She also made a little nest/fort out of tissues. I was watching her, doing my homework on my bed, and she flew over. I had my knees up. She jumped up onto my knee like a bunny and watched me do my homework. She acted like my mom because every time I looked up, she gave me an evil eye. It was soo hard not to laugh.

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/22/2009 12:30.36 PM Report This Comment  
That's a relief - I mean, its nice to speak with people who has lots of birds, but its equally nice to speak with someone who is a first time bird owner like I am. I'll probably dump the water out after I train with her for a little while, and fix her up with some new, warmer water.

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/22/2009 10:30.05 AM Report This Comment  
Don't worry. Tweety is my first too. I looked on the internet to look for good bird habits. I looked on multiple websites to confirm it. Tweety didn't go in her bath for at least a half hour. She just stared at it. But she finally went in and loved it. Just make sure the water isn't too hot or cold for her comfort.

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/22/2009 09:54.37 AM Report This Comment  
I just put her bath in - it was a small blue one that's shaped like a little bathtub in a deep blue color that I liked - filled with warm water. She hasn't went to it yet, but I hope in time she will. ^_^

I'll do as you suggested - soon after I clean a little I'm going to close the door so I can work with her one on one - I have to confess to being a little nervous though - I've never had a bird before.

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/22/2009 09:48.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi again
Misty is chatting? That's awesome. She loves you already. Whenever she chats, you should chat back. Put your hand near her (not too close) whenever you talk to her. She will get used to your hand and will trust you more. Another idea is to put a thin towel/blanket over her cage at night when she's asleep. I'm not sure why they like it, but it soothes Tweety for a goodnight sleep. Here's a vote!

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/22/2009 09:40.34 AM Report This Comment  
Lol, in the petsmart where I got her, they called her a rare parakeet. But yes they do rule! And thanks for the suggestion - I'll have to do that now for her. ^_^ (I thought she would be a great beginner bird for me, and I wasn't wrong - she's wonderful, and I love animals, so she was perfect for me.

Today, I'm going to work on the step up commands with the sand perch - watched a great vid on it - and my finger, and then I'm going to try to work her up the 'steps' on my fingers.)

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/22/2009 09:36.24 AM Report This Comment  
I thought so! ^_^ I love the name you chose for yours - its rather original. I would have never thought to name mine patronus.

And thank you so much for the advice - yes, I plan to hand train her today - I figured yesterday I would let her get used to her new home. I always chat with her when I'm on the computer. (her cage is close to my computer) And today, she's quite chatty, so I'm pleased.

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/22/2009 09:30.53 AM Report This Comment  
  OMGosh! Misty loves music! Lol, there's a person on the forums, screamingcocatoos. that has a video of her cocatoo dancing to a song, and when I played it, she started talking up a storm! She's still chatting now.

^_^ I'm happy cause she didn't really chat so much yesterday, but then again, she was new to the envirnoment, so, yeah.

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/22/2009 09:15.33 AM Report This Comment  
  HP Fan...?
Why Yes! Patronus and I are HP fans, hence the name =]. A good bit of advice I have that helped me alot... just spend alot of time with Misty Blue. Talk to her, dance with her, y'know?... Are you going to hand train her?

Come visit me, Patronus.

11/22/2009 06:41.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Budgies rule!
I have an American budgie too! they are great companions and easy to tame for beginners. Tweety is already playmates with my dogs and my family. Try giving Misty Blue a small bird bath in the mornings. Tweety loves it.

Come visit me, Tweety.

11/21/2009 08:50.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy New Bird Owner!
I just got my bird this morning, and I am delighted! (I think she's asleep at the moment - all my petsmart had was females. I had originally wanted a male, but she's perfect as could be!)

My new parakeet's colors are sooo pretty! A beautiful white plumage covers her body, and long elegant tail, but she's flecked with a beautiful stormy steel blue-grey. And her wings are etched beautifully in a pattern of black, and mingled with the same stormy blue.

Naturally, as a new avian fan, I would love any comments and especially any advice concerning anything. I think I have everything I need (including a seed (but hopefully will be able to find a decent priced pellet) food for her.

I also have a cuttlebone with a decent holder (the one that came with the cuttlebone was weak and flimsy) a bag of millet, a water bottle (from the bird department naturally) a food dish and some toys, including a pack from petsmart with a plastic swing with bells on one end, a dangly thing which looks like three cat balls hanging from it, and a cute little pink mirror. (I couldn't find blue unfortunately, which was the color I went with for the cuttlebone holder and the little inside bath I got her.) Oh, and I also got her one of those little blankets, and fixed it as a bed.

Lastly I got two perches - three came with my cage, but I didn't like them too much - although I did keep one in it. (Not to mention I cut my finger on it good - it bled all over one of the wooden perches that came with it) Its nearest to the top. One is a sand perch, and the other one is one designed as a branch, bought at petsmart. It has three footholdings that she can use.

Again, any sort of advice would be treasured. I'm currently trying to teach her the up and down commands. I hope she speaks soon. Her cage is nearby my computer, so I have talked to her alot, and sometimes I hear a little cheep or sound coming from her cage. (I have a towel for a cover at the moment - I heard it was good to put one over the cage at night, since its breathable, though its not completely over it.

On my next birthday, I hope to get her a friend, or mate. ^_^

Come visit me, Teally & Misty Blue.

11/21/2009 07:38.27 PM Report This Comment  
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