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Zebra Finch from Yardley, PA
**Franklin--RIP 10/24/2013

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Franklin is the nestmate of Ivy and a spitting image of his father, Scooter (RIP). In the photo, he's standing behind his sister.. Awards
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Hi! My name is **Franklin--RIP 10/24/2013

I am a Zebra Finch from Yardley, PA.

10 years old   M

Zebra Finch

The top of the fluffy tent, but he'll fly to any corner of the cage if he thinks someone needs rescuing.

Sings Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" very well. Okay, just the "Toot-toot" part..


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  angel Franklin
07/16/2016 10:12.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Angel Franklin
congratulations on being honored as our Angel Bird of the Day. remembering you with love.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, PaddyCake & PiddyGirl, CORI & BOO BOO.

06/11/2016 09:43.44 PM Report This Comment  
Just stopping by to "Congrats you on being our Angel BOTD"...Have fun celebrating with all of the other Angel Birds...Pecked a V4U...Lots of hugs...Stormy &the Dingmans Ferry Flock :o)


06/11/2016 07:46.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Franklin
Leaving a vote in your memory ...glad you got Angel BOTD ..Hugs, Gus

Come visit me, ~~Gus~~ & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

06/11/2016 06:04.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Congrats on Angel Bird Of The Day!
Here's a vote.

Officer Sequoia

Come visit me, Mr. Flathead the Rooster BOTD 2-5-16, Tomato Candy the Rooster BOTD 1-27-16, Echo RIP, Rainbow Rosie the Hen, The Buffys, Officer Sequoia the Button Quail BOTD 2-16-16, Supersonic BOTD 06/30/2016, Zebra the Hen, Popcorn the Button Quail BOTD 1-13-16, Apple Cider RIP, Brownie the Hen, Sky Guy Echos Manakin the Bird BOTD 1-12-16, Cutie "Creepy" Creature the Button Quail BOTD 1-28, Lastaloo the Hen, Sawdust the Rooster, Zipper the Button Quail BOTD 6/10/16!, Secret the Hen BOTD 5-17-2016, Bock Bock Bockie the Hen BOTD 4-30-16, Whitey the hen, Squeakers RIP & Buttons the Button Quail BOTD 2-14-16.

06/11/2016 04:14.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Franklin~~
Congratulations! It's awesome to have another Angel in the spotlight!! It reminds you guys that even though you live on the bridge you are still part of our family here on the BC!
Your royal portrait is now hanging in the gallery on the calendar page for all to admire!
Royal Hugs ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

06/11/2016 12:02.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Angel Franklin
Keep shining down from Heaven on everybirdie.

Come visit me, The Moocher Ducks, Norman, It has been fun. See you on YouPet, St Francis Chapel, Say a prayer today, Phoenix Base Fliers:Home of the 2013 World Champs & Jude, It has been fun. See you on YouPet.

06/11/2016 09:43.55 AM Report This Comment  
  aangel Franklin
06/11/2016 09:33.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Franklin,
Congrats on being our Angel BOTD!

Here's an Angel vote for you.

Hope you have fun at the Castle. :)


Angel Sally

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says I Luv-U-Always-N-4 ever! :), Tweetie-kins, Polu Kai says I will go down with the BC Ship ...., Angel Pookie says Let's play ball !!! & Laka says we're still here!!!.

06/11/2016 09:18.11 AM Report This Comment  
06/11/2016 07:54.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi King Angel Franklin
Congratulations on BOTD. Here's a vote in celebration. Have a wonderful day at the Castle with Queen Laka. Eggstra wing hugs, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

06/11/2016 05:20.09 AM Report This Comment  
  happy angel bird of the day
enjoy your celebration and don't forget we're all thinking of you and all the angels always . . .

Come visit me, Cookie loves his friends !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

06/11/2016 02:45.28 AM Report This Comment  
  November 20th Spotlight on Caring
Novemebr 20th Spotlight on Caring
Hello every bird, SKY here with our continuing SPOTLIGHT on CARING featuring our good friends Polly, Zippy and their Mom Karen.

SKY; Please continue. Did you get another bird right away?
Mom Karen; No, After taking the opportunity of not having pets to paint and refloor the house,we got another budgie. This time thru the family owned pet store “Preuss”; they advertised in Bird Talk and have a well trained staff in their bird room.
SKY; When did Polly join your family?
Mom Karen; Shortly thereafter, mom was told by another parent at the Middle School that the science teacher was looking to rehome a parrot. This was Polly.
SKY; Did you run into any difficulties when you made the choice to add Polly to your home?
Mom Karen; Polly came to us rather neurotic. We are her 4th known home. She had been taken to a vet and just started on a pelleted diet. Feathers had just started filling in again. She also had a missing toe.

My husband did a bit of looking on the internet about Quakers. Mom just wanted a larger parrot that might live longer than a budgie. Polly was to be my daughter's bird. They did bond well.
Not really understanding the feeding habits of a bigger bird, I may have unintentionally 'starved' Polly initially. She had a food cup FULL of dust or crumbs--but she does not eat dust, crumbs (the cockatiel DOES she eats the pellet dust, crumbs), so I was waiting for the food dish to go down.
My daughter was in high school with all the activities of that time of life. Polly did not get consistent attention, though she did appear in a few video projects.
SKY; Was there any problems that developed from this inconsistent interaction?
Mom Karen; He started pulling feathers again, so I took him to MSU to a vet who taught avian vet medicine. She is the mother-in-law of one of the two avian vets we see at the vet clinic we use. She did not push me to get the $200+ blood work done, and my spouse is not keen on spending on pets, so that was not done until this vet retired and we saw our current vet. He did NOT ask, just did and charged. But that began me becoming VERY familiar with the clinic.

Polly needed vitamin A injections a couple times each year. We tried several kinds of collars. We tried the vet version of prozac. Eventually we took him off the drug because he was too lethargic. Thru the process of being on this drug I had to learn HOW to inject him. That was a bit nerve wracking for me.
See you next week with the conclusion of our interview with Polly, Zippy and Mom Karen.
with a heart filled with love

Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD & Little Angel.

11/21/2013 03:07.03 PM Report This Comment  
To pick up your order, do the following:
Go to The Pretty Rose Flower Shop, Page 188440 and scroll down to the picture gallery. You will see your order reciept, followed by your order. Your order may be on more than one page. Be sure to check all pages in the picture gallery.

To get your order, do the following:
1. Click on the image to open to full size.
2. Right click on the image to bring up the sub menu.
3. Click on "Save Picture As" and choose a location to save the image.
4. Simply copy the image and paste the image where ever you wish.
Do the same for all images.
Images will remain posted for one week. At that time, your order will be moved to a file folder. If you wish to reorder the same item, just let us know and we will repost it.

Alex, Ruby and Muffin
The Pretty Rose Flower Shop

Come visit me, ALEX has moved to YouPet., POPEYE has moved to YouPet., SAWYER has moved to YouPet., BLUE & JEWEL have moved to YouPet., GINGER has moved to YouPet. & CALICO has moved to YouPet..

11/04/2013 03:55.25 PM Report This Comment  
  angel Franklin
11/04/2013 08:11.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Franklin
Hello everyone, Casey here with today's blog. Once more I wish to thank you all for your continuing support of my BOTM guest. I apologize for lack of blogs on Thursday and Friday. Momma Deb had made prior plans that could not be changed once she found out I was running this month. I hope to have no other technical problems from here onwards.
Queen Muffin stands very still listening at the opened door. Suddenly she hears a terrifying scream from Casey. Slamming the door tightly she leans against it, trying to catch her breath.
"HELLO. IS anyone home?" comes the familiar voice of Little Angel. " Come on Ranebeau, let's go find where everybirdie is"
Little Angel and Ranebeau head towards the long corridor of doors. Turning the first corner they run into a frightened Queen Muffin.
"Oh my, what is wrong Queen Muffin, your Highness?" Ranebeau asks through a mouthful of juicy red pear.
"Listen!" Little Angel says her wing to her hears. " I hear Casey. Isn't that Kiddo's voice too?"
"YES, it is. They went into this room. We need to figure out a plan to rescue them"
The three friends put their heads together to discuss just how to do it. In hushed tones they plot and figure their safest course of action.
"Kiddo, what was that?" Casey asks turning a very pale shade of colour.
"Let's move over there, under that large leafy bush and hide" Kiddo quickly leads the way. " IF we stay very still and don't make a sound we should be safe!"
Listening intently, Casey and Kiddo hear the soft trodding of a large animal on the pathway, moving towards them. The sound suddenly stops and the jungle becomes very still and calm once more.
"I think we're safe to continue now" Kiddo tells Casey. The two explorers move off towards the east, keeping quiet as they stick close together on the winding path.
"WOW. Look at that Kiddo" Casey exclaims pointing to a family of antelope. They stopped to look at the visitors before continuing their trip to the water for a drink.
"Follow me" Kiddo says to Casey as he ducks under a fern.
Casey is startled by the amazing beautiful before him as he
takes in the waterfalls, vines and lovely pond covered by water Lilies. Grabbing a close by vine Casey climbs up to get a better look at the view...........
see ya all tomorrow
with love and votes
Casey 225323

Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD & Little Angel.

09/07/2013 12:21.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Franklin
Jesse stopping by with a vote and hug. Greyt to hear from you. Stop by more often buddy we birds can have fun together.

Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD & Little Angel.

09/04/2013 08:28.03 AM Report This Comment  
  The Adventures of Casey and Kiddo
Hello every birdie, CASEY here with today's blog. It is hard to sneak away without Little Angel seeing you but some how I was able to distract her with a bottle of bubbles and a bubble wand long enough to make an escape.
"Good morning Queen Muffin" Casey says as he bows before the throne. I think we should go look around the castle and see what you and I can get into. HEHEHE
"I'm pretty sure there are tons of things here to see"
Casey grins with a twinkle in his eye as he points his wing towards that door that had so interested Queen Little Angel.
The door with the sign saying; PLEASE keep the door closed at ALL times"
"So? what do you think your highness?" Casey asks
"RACE YA!" Queen Muffin yells as she zips past Casey and heads for the door, Casey running fast to keep up with her.....
The two stop to catch their breath. " Ok, you open the door?" Queen Muffin tells Casey standing back.
"HHHHMMMM?" Casey pauses for a second then begins to reach out his wing when all of a sudden
"STOP!!!!!!!" yells Kiddo wings spread wide in front of the door, causing both Casey and Queen Muffin to jump into the air in fright. " you have no idea what lies behind this door. Be very careful. Better still let me be your guide?"
Looking at each other, then back to Kiddo both shake their heads in agreement.
"Casey are you sure we should check it out, after all there might be wild beasties behind the door ." Queen Muffin looks at Casey nervously. " OR what if there's a monster there waiting to eat birdies that enter without knowing?"
Casey stops for a moments to catch his breath,
"I think we should, even if just to be able to warn the rest." Casey walks slowly towards the door with the sign hung on it (trying to look brave.)
Looking back once to see if perhaps Queen Muffin had changed her mind and was about to join him , he reached out his wing tip to turn the door knob.
"OK, Kiddo you better come to be on the safe side.' Casey sighed when Kiddo grinned his agreement
"One, two, THREEEEEEEEEEE. WAIT MAYBE you, Kiddo better do the honors." Kiddo steps forward and carefully turns the old wooden knob. The door opens easily revealing a gorgeous jungle scene.
"OHHH, WOW! Look Queen Muffin, it's beautiful!" The sounds of wild birds flying in the trees fills the air with the need for ADVENTURE!!
"OH NOOOOOO!" Kiddo gasps as Casey rushes into the jungle ahead of him.
"Wait Casey, wait. We need to remain together. You have no idea what might be lurking in the heavy jungle under growth." Kiddo runs to catch up with a quickly disappearing Yellow Naped Zon.
"Kiddo. Look" he points at a tall water falls spilling down over the smooth rocks into a clear blue pool below. Vines climb up the steep rock to the top.
"Let's go this way Kiddo" Casey yells starting up the nearest vine. Poor Kiddo hurries to keep up. " Please slow down Casey ....
see ya tomorrow
love Casey 225323

Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD & Little Angel.

09/03/2013 02:56.46 PM Report This Comment  
08/30/2013 09:29.26 AM Report This Comment  
I am pleased that you are looking after Miss Ivy. It is a shame that she has taken to living on the bottom of the cage. I understand that there are certain birds who actually choose to live on the ground, but I've never heard of finches being among them. Oh well, different strokes....

Come visit me, Rosie, The Society of Finches, Sherman and Peabody & Tooth: Flew Home 8/11/2014.

06/21/2012 04:58.57 PM Report This Comment  
  My dear Mr. Franklin. You know full well, I visit you every morning for a brief spell, and even longer when the Hoomans are attending to your basic needs. While you may have feathers in common with me, it seems like that's about all we share! You guys are just weird. And don't get me started on those other guys and their constant meetings! They're a nightmare out of a Dilbert strip!

I think it wise if we keep our interactions cordial but brief. After all, good cages make good neighbors, don't you agree?

Come visit me, Rosie, The Society of Finches, Sherman and Peabody & Tooth: Flew Home 8/11/2014.

06/16/2012 01:46.07 PM Report This Comment  
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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  More Chances To Win!
Bird of the week is now becoming Bird of the Day! Beginning Monday, February 1, 2010, we will switch from Bird of the Week to Bird of the Day. The winner will get 1,000 Bird eClub points and his or her bird’s photo will be in the spotlight all day.
01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  Zebra finchies are cool!

Come visit me, In loving memory of Magic Littlebird & ♥ Bellatrix LeLove ♥.

12/18/2009 09:22.51 AM Report This Comment  
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