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Cockatiel from detroit, MI

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i have always been an animal freakazoid so i have had many animals. i have had about 200 fish, ad 2 guinea pigs that i have had to give away because of allergys. but in the end im glad because thats what brought me and tiki together.. Awards
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Hi! My name is tiki

I am a Cockatiel from detroit, MI.

well my real name is tikitikitembono- sarembocharibar- iruchipipperrip- embo so my nickname is tiki

8 years old   M


almonds,seeds NOT sunflower,waffl- es,and pita bread

i love to camp out on anyones shoulder, but if i cant get that i will just lounge on the top of my cage

i hate it when i see a treat and i dont get it!

my owner always puts his chef talents to the test and serves up great meals like brocli and seed salad, and stuffed rigatoni with cilantro and tofu

UPDATE 4/27/10
i had to be boarded today! i was real nervous but the person caring for me has being working with everybirdies like me for over 15 years! wow!now i feel safe and snugly.
and guess what!!??my cage is FOUR FEET LONG!!!!!thats huge for a teil like me!
i had to

i love to steal eggo waffles off my owners plate at breakfast. I also participate in a whistle contest with my owner every morning!.

give me that almond NOW!ooh!I see a waffle!.

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  *Coocooo here.
*Sorry I couldn't talk back after about 3 months now! I was very busy with training for making humans like- I mean LOVE me more!
*your avatar is SOOOOO cuteand so is your brothers

Come visit me, Cooca & Coocoo.

05/23/2010 06:00.17 AM Report This Comment  
  HI Tiki!!
Okay everybirdie! Our dear friend Sugar has nominated my frother Zebers for BOTD tomorrow! He is such a great frother and helped me out so much when I was campaigning for BOTM and I was in the hospital. He blogged every day for me! So if you have a free minute to stop by and let him know how much we all love him that would be fantastic!! He usually just kinda hides in the background, helping out without being seen. He's pretty shy and kind of humble like that, so it'd be really exciting to put him in the spotlight for a day! Thanks so much!! Love ya! ~Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

04/27/2010 09:54.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Tiki!
Thanks for liking my profile picture...and my frother Kiwi's too! I have to tell you though...we didn't make them. Somebirdie's mom made it for us, for all the baseball teams. I'm not even sure who did it, but I think if you ask Kiddo, he would probably know. He's a wise one, that Kiddo is! My mommy is guessin' that they used PhotoShop or something like that. All I know is that there's NO WAY that we're good enough to do THAT! Hope you are having a fantastic day!! Spring sure is beautiful, isn't it?? ~Zebers

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

04/20/2010 08:58.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Tiki!
I can tell by your profile that you love food as much as me! Here's a vote for you, and fly by again to see me sometime - Romeo

Come visit me, Connie & Romeo.

04/19/2010 08:38.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sir Tiki!!
WHEW!! What a crazy week it has been! First, our computer wasn't working AGAIN on Thursday, then mommy's boyfriend, Paul took her away from us on Friday for the whole weekend! It was a surprise for her birthday...they went to Minneapolis. But our Auntie Shawn took care of us all so it was just fine. We love our Auntie Shawn, but it sure is nice to have mommy home again today!

Well, it's official. The cast is off!!! WOO HOO!! It sure feels good! It scared mommy because I started bleeding a lot from where one of the pins was, but Doc Melissa was there and took care of it lickety split. No problem at all! I even got to go home and not stay in the hospital overnight! THAT'S how good my leg is doing! I still hold it up, but mommy thinks that it's just from habit because when I'm not paying attention I'll perch with both of them on her hand. Doc Melissa wants to wait about 3 more weeks or so before starting physical therapy. Just because where the pins were needs to heal some. So we get to start that in a little while too. But it sure feels good not to have that clunky old thing on my leg anymore! Maybe by the next milonga I'll be able to dance!!

FlutterBug and Bonkers finished their 60 day quarantine and are now moved into the bird room. They seem to like me an awful lot...they're pretty okay too. Mommy is hoping to have a BC page up for them soon. When that happens, one of us will be around to let you know!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and kind thoughts! Love you so very much my dear friend! ~a castless Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

04/13/2010 09:39.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Tiki!!
Well, it's official. Unless the x-rays show something different my pins will finally come out on Thursday! Whew! It's been a long haul...nearly 9 weeks and I'm just excited to see how it goes! It sounds like I'll have to stay with Doc Melissa again for a day or two, but that's okay. Mommy says that I can trust her, and she would know cuz she works there now. Speaking of mommy, it's her hatchday tomorrow! Only they call it a BIRTHday. Whatever. And the other big news is that we have 2 new flock members! Two more sun conures like me! They are mates and mommy named them FlutterBug and Bonkers. They were rescues...locked in a basement for almost 4 years. They've been here for a couple of months because they were supposed to be adopted, and there was a couple different families that wanted them, but they were SOOO scared in a different house. Mommy said that's funny cuz they were never scared when they came here, but I say it's cuz they know how much mommy loves all us fids. They always cuddled right up in mom's shirt when they came back, so she decided that they needed to stay with us! (not to mention that she fell in love with them too!) So they were in quarantine for 2 months and they just got moved into the bird room tonight! Bonkers kept flying over to my cage though...I'm not too sure about that. He was real friendly though. Not a mean bone in his body. Anyway, that's the big news in our house! I'll be sure and have Zebers stop by and let you know how my surgery went! Love you very much!! ~Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

04/06/2010 08:59.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Tiki my friend!
You know what...mommy and I didn't even make that picture! We would have no idea how!! Tehehe! There are lots of really talented birdies on the BC though. Talk to Kiddo...he's the one who found somebirdie to do the picture for me! He'd know much better how to give you information. Thanks for liking my picture though!! Hope your spring is as beautiful as ours is here! And thanks for stopping by too! I always love to have BBFF's visit my page! Have a great day! ~King Huey

Come visit me, Dakotah, Babe, Kiwi****, Ellie**, Huey***FLY FREE PRECIOUS ONE (7/8/07-3/15/11), Suzie *MISSES HER MURPHY (11/17/08 - 8/13/10), Zebers**MISSES HIS FROTHER HUEY. WE LOVE YOU HUEY! & Nola.

03/30/2010 09:01.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi! Thanks for your comment. Tiki looks so cute! Anastasia

Come visit me, Maisy.

03/10/2010 09:34.34 AM Report This Comment  
hi everyone! its tiki! i was just wondering how to run for the BOTD. if any one could help me that would be awesome! so long!

Come visit me, tiki & cozmo.

03/09/2010 06:22.00 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for visiting us! I guess Mom will need to change the profile on Snap Dragon. Well, Mom will have her son do it! Here's a vote and I hope you get to meet tons of birdie friends here. Stop by any time!

Come visit me, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, August Rayne, Snap Dragon, Tequila Sunrise & Ginger Bread.

03/06/2010 11:51.04 PM Report This Comment  
  hi fin! thanks so much i learned alot from your blog!i will keep it up for others to see! thanks and hugs from tiki

Come visit me, tiki & cozmo.

03/04/2010 04:07.32 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Tiki, thanks for your visit. Yes, I did win BOTW and also BOTD. I've only been on the BC about for 6 months or so, but my fister, Lucy, has been on here for 2 1/2 years and my little fister, Daisy, was on here before that. So we have lots of BC friends. You should visit some other cockatiels' pages, or any other birds for that matter, and make some more friends.

Every time you go to your own page it counts as a visit. Even if you start on your page (one visit), then go my page and come back to your own page, that counts as two visits, then go to another bird's page and come back. Now you have three visits. So you see that those 87 visits up on top could be mostly your own visits. Most folks leave blogs and votes. Mikey, the little bird in the box to the right of your blogs, won BOTD today and is a very nice little cockatiel, too. You may not get this message until tomorrow, and if you do, he won't be the BOTD anymore. It'll be a different bird, probably Roscoe. But you can always go to the top of your page where it says Bird eClub Profiles and type in his name in the box on the left where it says bird's name and click go, and it will take you to other birds named Mikey. He's the one who's the cockatiel. Click on his name or picture and it will take you to his page. Also when you go to Bird eClub Profiles, there you will see all the new birds who just joined and need friends. You can go to their pages and welcome them like I did you. Hope all this info helps and that you will enjoy the BC. Hugs from Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/03/2010 08:39.20 PM Report This Comment  
  hi everyone welcome to the page!

Come visit me, tiki & cozmo.

03/02/2010 12:48.27 PM Report This Comment  
  thank you
hi people! this is tiki im glad that so many friends visit my page but theres one rule....BLOG BLOG BLOG!! have a great millet filled day.

Come visit me, tiki & cozmo.

03/01/2010 01:08.30 PM Report This Comment  
  More Chances To Win!
Bird of the week is now becoming Bird of the Day! Beginning Monday, February 1, 2010, we will switch from Bird of the Week to Bird of the Day. The winner will get 1,000 Bird eClub points and his or her bird’s photo will be in the spotlight all day.
01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
Hello little Tiki, I am so thrilled to be the first to welcome you to the Bird Channel. This is a very fun and interesting place where you can meet so many new friends. We are practically neighbors. I live northwest of Detroit in a township called White Lake. It's actually closer to Pontiac. Well I hope that you'll fly by and visit me and leave me a vote while you'e at it. In fact I'm running for BOTW (Bird Of The Week) next week, and I would really appreciate your votes everyday starting this Sunday. I'm leaving a vote for you, too. Your new friend, Finnegan

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

01/22/2010 09:16.03 PM Report This Comment  
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