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Green-Cheeked Conure from Kempton, PA
Hawkeye Cricket

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found him at a local breeder and fell in love!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Hawkeye Cricket

I am a Green-Cheeked Conure from Kempton, PA.

6 years old   M

Green-Cheeked Conure

broccoli and apples

on my shoulder and in his bird tent

she lets me hang out with her while she goes about her work


To each bird be true.

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  That's a great idea! If you want to reply to this message please add the comment on my page (the one titled "Ferb") because Mom doesn't check the Toy page as much. Vote for you today and we hope to talk to you again!

Come visit me, Ferb's Homemade Toy Page, Send a Birdie Friend a Stuffed Animal! & Ferb.

07/14/2011 12:12.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi! I was wondering if you wanted to be friends? I left you a vote and hopefully you will come fly by my page!

Come visit me, Ferb's Homemade Toy Page, Send a Birdie Friend a Stuffed Animal! & Ferb.

07/13/2011 09:37.22 AM Report This Comment  
  If you’re not already getting your monthly issues of Bird Talk, you’re missing out on more of the latest avian information on health, nutrition, behavior, training and grooming how-to’s, new products, housing tips, shows, clubs and more. Subscribe today-- 1 year (12 issues) as low as $13.00. 06/01/2011 01:04.16 PM  
  Thank you all so much
I miss Polly so much, and I'm so honored to have him as BOTD. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him, and I still miss his I love you's and kissing his naked wings. I know he's at peace now and telling me not to cry, but I can't help it. He took a huge piece of my heart with him. I love you little guy!

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

12/18/2010 02:56.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Hawkeye!
We woke up to snow this morning! Momma went out today and got us some good foods, and she visited Abby again too. She came right to Mom today and stepped up with no problem. They sat with each other for awhile, and Momma talked to her gently to calm her down because she was very nervous with other people walking by her, and was picking at her feet pretty bad. Momma says she needs a good aloe spray down because her skin is really dry, and with her picking at her feet so much, they are getting cracked :( Momma got a really good pic of them together and put it here on my page.

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

12/01/2010 11:24.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Hawkeye
I visited the Grey today and found out her name is Abby (pictures of her are on Ichi's page). She came up to my face again, cat called, and told me "hello." She wouldn't step up for the longest time, so the bird store lady got her out for me and set her on a stand. I got a few more bites from her trying to get her to step up, not hard bites tho. Then finally I was told to just keep my hand in front of her and take her bites no matter how hard til she stepped up. So there I was, preparing myself for a horrible bite when all she did was nibble and then stepped up! I started crying as soon as she did because I was so happy she finally made that step with me. The bird store wants 25% down to hold her which isn't bad, and they are giving me a cage too. A little much for what I want to pay, but they said they'll work with me because they know me and they really just want her in a good home. I really needed this today. I had yet another sleepless night because I couldn't stop thinking about Polly and crying. No matter what I'm thinking about as soon as I lay down and close my eyes, I see him. This has been so hard :(

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

11/29/2010 11:12.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you everyone and birdies
I am still completely tore up, and the tears come in waves. I couldn't sleep last night without the comfort of birdie cuddles and I guess Ichi understood that because he cuddled with me for a long time. Which he normally doesn't do at night. It was especially hard this morning waking up without Polly's I love you's. But I decided to venture out to the local bird store today, and within 2 minutes of being there, I managed to find the nakedest bird there. A female African Grey whom her owner of 14 years just passed away last week. Losing her owner and the transistion to the bird store really messed her up and she's been plucking bad. She came right up to me and cat called. I looked at my husband and said, I think I may have found my new love. I normally wouldn't go for an African Grey as I'm partial to Conures and Macaws, but the fact that her and I both just lost a loved one, made me feel like fate brought us together. The lady in the bird store looked very excited as I asked about the bird and told her I may be interested. I was asked to come back and keep visiting. There's also a Large Bolivian Mitred Conure there that was a breeder but lost his mate and is now a plucker. He needs quite a bit of work tho, and the store is looking for someone who can work with him. I may just start coming in a few times a week help out and get to know the birds. I can definately spare 2 hours a day to do something really good! As it was today, I gave attention to the Grey, played with a goofy B&G Macaw (my husband actually played with a Lesser Sulfur Crested Cocokatoo!) and I picked up a run away Senegal off the floor. And I'm ALWAYS educating people on birds everytime I go there. It's not the best store in the world, but I think I could help make it better. I'm still definately going to write my book. There will probably be a chapter or two about Polly. I'm still very heart broken, but helping others does help fill the void, and I do take great comfort in knowing that Polly was a very happy bird in his last month with me, and I learned so much from him.

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

11/27/2010 03:55.25 PM Report This Comment  
  I miss you baby
11/26/10- Polly's heart gave out unexpectedly this morning. I guess with everything he's been thru in his 12 years of living, he was weaker than he led on. He showed no signs of sickness and gave no indication that anything was wrong, just yesterday we were sitting on on the couch sharing a piece of toast and he was telling me that he loved me. This morning, he was gone. I only had Polly for a month, but in that month, he gave me so much love and stole a huge piece of my heart. I miss his cuddles and his I love you's so much, and my heart is aching so bad right now. I really loved my naked chicken. Looking at his empty cage......I feel so broken right now. I had more to say, but all I can do is cry and miss my baby. I loved you so much, Polly. You were definately the joy of my life and I will be and am missing you terribly.

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

11/26/2010 02:06.03 PM Report This Comment  
  To the parronts:
I submitted Polly's story to BirdTalk magazine, and I've really been thinking about one of the lines I wrote- "Pluckers are often overlooked because they are not considered "beautiful." It's really a true statement and it breaks my heart. People shy away from naked birds because they are not considered "beautiful?" Like a lack of feathers has anything to do with a bird's personality, or a bird that's not fully feathered has more "issues" than a fully feathered one. In my experience, the pluckers I've met have been the sweetest birds. Kiwi and Polly especially, are HUGE sweethearts and they are just as silly and active as fully feathered birds are. I believe that the bond between a plucker and a good owner can be even stronger once trust is gained than the relationship between a what's considered "normal" bird and a good owner. See, most pluckers were abused or neglected and have lived without love for so long, that once they finally are loved, they don't take it for granted. They cherish the time and attention I give them even when they're not in a cuddley mood. And you can tell when you look into their eyes, that they are so greatful for what they have and receive. It makes me sad that people think pluckers are "ugly," and miss out on the love they have to offer because they don't want them. This morning, Polly and I spent a great deal of time together as he cuddled up under my chin, layed on his side, and fell asleep while he let me scratch his head and rub under his wing. I got so emotional just enjoying that time with him, that I had tears coming out of my eyes, and I kept telling my husband how I can't believe his previous owner had so many problems with him. I was told before I took him home that he was aggressive, mean, a screamer, and overly demanding. He is SOOOO sweet, protective yes but not aggressive, and he's the quiest bird in my flock. He also enjoys his alone time and is not clung to me 24/7.

I've decided to start writing down my experiences and thoughts on my dealings with parrots and keep them collected and eventually publish a book so that people can read and learn from my experiences. Hopefully, it will open people's eyes a bit more, and for the people like me out there, provide a good read they can relate to.

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

11/21/2010 05:22.17 PM Report This Comment  
BirdTalk did the caption but it was appropriate because it really was taken at night and that's what Ichi wanted lol.

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

11/17/2010 11:29.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey everybirdie!
For those of you that don't know or haven't seen yet, Ichigo made it to the "Watch the Birdie" section on page 48 of the January 2011 issue of BirdTalk magazine! We can't believe it! As soon as we get our copy of the mag, we're going to have the page blown up and framed!

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

11/16/2010 11:50.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Hawkeye!
Polly is home now and is a handful! Lol when he's not eating all my food or his, he's busy licking my ears and face off! He's such a goof. He's already adjusting so well to the move, and it's not even been 24 hours yet. He's definately already made him at home here, and is establishing his place in the flock.

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

10/31/2010 12:50.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Cricket -
thanks for your vote..
and here is one for you!

you are beautiful!

my neice is getting a Half Moon conure soon, we will take pictures and he/she will join the Bird Channel as soon as we get him/her!

Come visit me, Twister, Pebbles, Shimmie, Perky the Bourke, Bisquit, Rodeo, Cocoa Pops, Mudgee, Wobbie, Amarillo, Pop A Tops, Idgy & Shammy.

10/31/2010 09:56.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Hawkeye
Polly isn't home yet, I visited him Sunday, brought him food, and allowed him to sit on my shoulder for the first time. I was nervous, but he did really well and pretty much licked my face clean lol. I'm visiting him one more time tomorrow, then Saturday he comes home with me.

Ichigo is being hormonal and biting my ear while making kissing noises lol. The Aloe Vera Juice spray is working really well for Kiwi. Kyo is still not a people bird, but he clings to me like glue in the shower. And Maverick is chattering away with his human words. His favorites to say are "good boy" and "buh bye." Still amazes me cuz I never expected my Budgie to talk!

Big storms over here, tornados in my neighboring counties, but right where I'm at is still safe. My area usually gets missed.

Hope all is with you,
Momma bird

Rachael, Grand Rapids, MI.

10/26/2010 09:54.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Hawkeye
10/06/2010 10:55.48 AM Report This Comment  
  I voted for guess who, you!
left a vote for you please vote for my chickens and chicks

Come visit me, sarah and cenderlla, Lass & Rocky, browney, Lucy, Spot, chickens, apple's, Rooty, Blueberry, BOB BILL, racer & PAROT BOB.

10/02/2010 08:08.17 AM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  Hello Hawkeye criket
I made the backgruond of my avetar by using thr body parts that are provided, for instance the sky is actualy a very large blue body that i made bid enough to cover the whole thing. the cloude i got from thr avatar shop (for free)and I used three green bodies to make the hills.I hope yhis helps

Come visit me, Calem & Claerwin.

06/04/2010 11:30.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hawkeye Cricket has chosen his mate. Her name is Katy. She will be getting her own page soon.

Come visit me, Hawkeye Cricket, Cody, Katy, BeeBop & Piper.

06/03/2010 10:11.10 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks for your complements and here is a vote

Come visit me, Calem & Claerwin.

06/01/2010 05:17.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Won a Flock Giveaway!
I received a Coco Clusters Bird Toy in one of the Flock Giveaways today in the mail! I didn't even know I won! It is a neat toy, Hawkeye Cricket likes it. Thank you to Bird Channel and to the toy maker Molly's Bird Toys!

Come visit me, Hawkeye Cricket, Cody, Katy, BeeBop & Piper.

05/17/2010 05:34.28 PM Report This Comment  
  hi haweye cricket
I am adding tou to my aviary today, here ia is a vote

Come visit me, Calem & Claerwin.

05/17/2010 05:06.07 PM Report This Comment  
  hi haweye cricket
thanks for your vote here is one in return. I would be great to win bird of the day, but of cource it will not happen, at least any time soon but if you can try for me I will try for you!

Come visit me, Calem & Claerwin.

05/12/2010 03:06.12 PM Report This Comment  
  hello again
Yes calem is an english budgie. I added hawkeye ckicket to my freinds list today and a I am leaving a vote.

Come visit me, Calem & Claerwin.

05/11/2010 02:02.40 PM Report This Comment  
here is a vote from calem and I.What a beautiful avetar and bird.

Come visit me, Calem & Claerwin.

05/10/2010 04:55.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hawkeye Crickets New Mate?
There's Hawkeye Cricket hanging out with two beautiful Pineapple chicks. One of them will be his future mate! Wonder which one he'll choose?

Come visit me, Hawkeye Cricket, Cody, Katy, BeeBop & Piper.

04/27/2010 02:00.13 PM Report This Comment  
  hi there!
great name here is a vote!

Come visit me, vern--good bye, RIP tressa RIP, scout, amos, RIP scarlett,rose,poppy, iris- RIP Chickens, noah, malachi, silas RIP & RIP ike RIP.

04/17/2010 11:37.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Welcome Hawkeye Cricket =]
We wanted to say hello and welcome you here to BC. Take care & see ya around some time. Left a friendly conure vote for u...

Tsume & FireTail =]

Come visit me, Suta'Tatsu, Ki, Sheero, Fala & Tsunami, Tsume & FireTail, BOO ( R.I.P ) & KiiSan.

04/17/2010 11:32.41 AM Report This Comment  
  welcome to BC
here's a welcome to BC vote fly by and visit me sometime

Come visit me, SISSY.

04/15/2010 08:45.16 AM Report This Comment  
HI and welcome to BC! Here is a HUGE vote from Kiwi and me!

Come visit me, Kiwi.

04/15/2010 04:47.20 AM Report This Comment  
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