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Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!

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purchased my first baby on Apr. 25th, 2010
I'm starting to change color--my head is getting a little bluer! My beak is turning amber, I think I'm really a boy!!!
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Hi! My name is Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!

I am a Moustached Parakeet from Verona, PA.

Little Boy, Willie Woooo

4 years old   M

Moustached Parakeet

I like it all! I eat everything!

swing, owner, top of my cage

Getting the cage cleaned--just when I have everything where I want it, someone spoils it all by cleaning!

She thinks my voice is cute!
She adores when I say, "What a good boy!"

Loves to swing on the boingy rope and hang upside down from it..

Bring it on, I want to taste it or chew it!.

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  ♥ Hi sweet Willie!
I know what you mean and I miss you too!! I asked mom if she she could bring me to you more often and she agreed to try!! :) We could go rollerskating tomorrow if you want to come pick me up!! That Japanese place sounded interesting that your mom went to. My Mom and dad went to a sushi place over the weekend. It was expensive and mom brought home her JB roll and forgot it was in the refrig and it went to the trash this morning! I will see you tomorrow Willie!!

Love and kisses,

Callie xxxooo

Come visit me, Callie*Thank you for the hatchday wishes & 4 BOD, * Mango*, GREEN*, Peetie Mourning the loss of his princess Lola<3, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep meets Lola at the RB 6/8/14.

07/23/2014 03:39.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
I loved having my mom home and playing ball was a good time.Moms niece has met me before and has seen me a few times but had never got a chance to play with me so I put on a good show for her.
The restaurant sounded really good my mom has always wanted to go to one of those places dont think she would have got a fried banana either.
Hope all goes well at your moms appoitment today.
Happy humpday have a good afternoon.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/23/2014 12:05.38 PM Report This Comment  
  OH Wow!! That Is So Cool!
Your good Momma going out to those fancy Japanese restaurants where they do they're fancy stuff cooking the food in front of you! Those are so greyt! Did you get to have a "birdy bag"? Maybe no leftovers that birds could share in? Well, at least you get to have basil flowers!! Mom didn't know we could eat those! She used to have this deep burgundy basil that bloomed ALL the time. She frequently would pinch those flowers because the rabbits seemed to like them so much, as well as the squirrels. Mom would set those out away from her plants & it seemed to keep them away from where they actually bloomed. She'd set the pots up but the squirrels would knock them over pulling on the plant. Mom just figured she share & that has seemed to work! She gives them old food from my supplies with it laced with the fresh herb pieces & they have been staying in the woods where they need to be. Safer for them & Mom's family.

Before these cats were here & long after Spooky had died, one winter the big rabbit decided to stay close to the wrap around porch. Mom would feed the wintering juncos that would roost in her hedges around the porch. It was eerie if she'd have to go out on the porch at night because the shrubs were literally FILLED with juncos bedding down for the night. They seemed to think the rabbit was okay to have around. Mom always would throw seed down around the bushes for them to snack on before bed & first thing in the morning. They never got on the porch but were very happy with the ligustrum & boxwoods that surround the porch. Mr. Bunny was happy with that, too, although he never munched on any of that. Mom would make sure he got mostly peanuts & some lettuce & cucumber. Sometimes, he'd be eating that with snow on the ground. So he was a pampered rabbit considering it was winter & he was eating springtime veggies.

Well, got to go. Mom needs the computer to do bills now. Yucko.

Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Lots of fun in the summertime!.

07/23/2014 11:08.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
V4U today. Your weather sounds like ours. It's been on and off rainy with both hot and cool days. It's actually a nice summer. Some summers have had droughts, others have had floods, but so far this one is pretty nice. We'll take it! LOL :) Have a good day. From, Dandy

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

07/23/2014 05:43.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
well the frackers only have to now announce water contamination in the drinking water but they don't have to announce any contamination in wells or streams. over 200 water contaminations have occurred and no one has heard about them. most of the frackers will not do anything about water contamination since it is cheaper to pay any fines than to do any cleanup or preventative measures. mom made a few phone calls to some senators because as long as there are laws passed that the frackers must not contaminate water and alert everyone if they do so they if they choose not to abide by the laws they can have their fracking asses sued .

love Boo Boo a anti-fracker

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116.

07/22/2014 10:49.34 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Today was a really hot day and it got into the 80's and was really humid.Mom worked on cleaning the bathrooms and the bedroom and got rid of more junk.Then she went downstairs and made grapefruit juice from the grapefruits she had in the fridge,then she cut up some broccoli and we all got to have some,my baby fister Candida sure did love it and actually ate it!My Dad was out all day in the hot sun painting the trim on the house and by the end of the day he was red as a lobster!Mom wouldn't take us outside til late in the afternoon because it was way too hot on the deck!We got to have several soaking showers and even got to join Mom and dad for dinner on the deck.Dad put the a/c on for Mom as soon as dinner was done so Mom could do our blogs without slipping off her chair!It will be a cage day for all of us tomorrow as Mom will be gone all day first to the gym for Zumba and then to run errands with Nana and skin sis.Dad will be home with us but he will be outside painting again and we won't see much of him.
I sure can't wait to come home and have some of that greyt bean mix my Mom makes for us every morning!And all the late afternoon snacks that we get right before dinner!Now just how much stuff has skin sis got in Mom's house anyway?You should see skin sis's apartment everything is just all over the place because she has no place for storage and she's only got three small rooms,the bedroom being the largest room in the whole place!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses,Loving you always and forever,my sweet Willie,Love,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/22/2014 10:07.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Willie!
Oh, now that is nice that your Mom got the Groupon for the restaurant! They do have some good deals.
Hope the dinner was great!

Woo...we were toasty today! It got to 88 degrees, but the humidity was super high, so it felt warmer. The nice part was that it was kinda windy where Mom works, so that helped cut the heat from feeling as warm as it was. Mom did get a walk in though after lunch--she said there were not many sailboats out on the lake today. Guess people are working or something. It was a good day though, and the time pretty much flew by. I don't know anything about time flying, do you? I don't see it. Do you?

Hoppy Tooooosday!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/22/2014 07:54.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Was very was and humid here today in the 90's with the real feel around 103.It was overcast then would clear up and get overcast again.Mom never went to the pool she said it was way to warm and worried about getting sick from the heat so she spent most of the day with me.
One of mom's nieces is in town and is staying with mom's parents and wanted to come over to see me so I played ball with her I think she gets a big kick out of me.
Mom left to then go have dinner with her family then run a few errands now she's all mine the rest of the night. Have a good evening buddy.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/22/2014 06:14.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sweet Willie!! ♥
How have you been cutie? All is okay here.. I had a broken blood feather last week and mom made such a HUGE deal over it!! She stopped the bleeding! The Groomer lady came over and pulled my cracked feather the next day! Thank you for the hatchday wishes sweet Willie.. And for helping to make me Queen BOTD! Come have some cake with me today! Lizzie baked me a beautiful cake!!
I hope everyone there is well.. Love and big hugs and lots of kisses,

Callie xxxxoooo

Come visit me, Callie*Thank you for the hatchday wishes & 4 BOD, * Mango*, GREEN*, Peetie Mourning the loss of his princess Lola<3, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep meets Lola at the RB 6/8/14.

07/22/2014 09:32.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
we also noticed the lack of quills on the porcupine in the video and were thinking perhaps that is why he lives at the rehab place instead of in the wild.

love Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116.

07/21/2014 11:03.49 PM Report This Comment  
  HELLO, Hello, helloooooo, Willie!
Today I got to come out & play! Mom was busy making a picture of me & Queen CoCoPuff dancing in celebration of her coronation! As I was working that big knot out of my perch, by me hanging on the side of my cage. I can't stand on it anymore because I turned around & began working the rope out of the part that attaches it to the cage! Mom said I buggered up the perch & now it's not a perch anymore but a hanging knot. I'm doing just fine on it, thank you.

Anyway, Mom worked on the picture for two whole hours when suddenly pizap ate the picture! Or stole the picture? Or this is where the squawk-a-tiels have moved off to? That picture was GONE & no matter what, Mom couldn't retrieve it. I pecked a few buttons & that didn't work either! Mom was so mad but she had to make dinner quickly & in between things simmering & salads being cut up, she made another one. So, she put it on the BC FB page & she's about to post it on my page for Aunt Betty to pick it up if she'd want it.

We had spaghetti tonight & I love eating that! One day Mom's going to catch me with the noodles on my beak but so far I just stop eating & look at her & that enemy, the phone, & I just sit there until she goes away. She mutters so. Today, she really mutter when I came out with, "You need to get me a treat!" She said, "WHAT?" Boy, there is much training needed here or Mom needs a hearing aid. Maybe both!

Have a greyt evening & get lots of sleep! Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Lots of fun in the summertime!.

07/21/2014 09:30.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Willie!
We are due up for hot and humid tomorrow. It was lovely here today, with a wonderful breeze and not as humid as they predicted. Would be lovely if things are nicer tomorrow, but at least one day was hot and NOT humid! Even though it was warm, Mom took her walk down to where she can see the lake, and that haze over the horizon sure seems like we are gonna get that icky weather. Good day for sailing--Mom wishes she were out there on the boat!

Hope you are having a great evening, and sending big wing hugs your way!

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/21/2014 07:21.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Well the Drs don't think daddy had another stroke. The think it was a high spike in blood pressure combined with inner ear problem. Dad is scheduled for an EEG, whatever that is, tomorrow. Mom is doing ok but still hasn't got in to specialist. Cappy in another lockdown due to another nasty attack at dad. Dad is sporting another ear piercing. Sigh. Have a great day. V4U. Hugs.
Love Dory

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

07/21/2014 07:12.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
I just love being with Kallie,Candida and Dixie when skin sis brings us home again!I can only hope that she hurries up and gets all her things out of Mom's house so that I can come more often,I miss getting my home cooked meals that Mom always made for us!
It was another busy day for Mom even though she was home with us all day,while my dad was outside scraping paint on the trim of the house so he could paint it with fresh purple paint that my Mom bought a month or two ago! Mom was going through more stuff to take to the donation places and to the dump and recycling places.It was a cloudy,on the cool side day but yet humid if you were out side working!It was 72 degrees and the sun never came out until 4:30 this afternoon.Mom decided that as she was waiting for dinner to heat up she would take us all out on the deck to get some sunshine as we haven't been outside for several days.It was good to be able to watch all the wild birds come and go all around us!
Mom will be home for one more day before she goes to Zumba on Wednesday morning and then her errand runs with Nana and skin sis so I'm taking advantage of every moment that I can!At least my dad will be here all week so we won't be totally alone while Mom is gone all day!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Loving you always and forever,my sweet Willie,Love,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/21/2014 07:11.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Happy Monday!!I hope your week is off to a good start.Its off to a warm and humid start here and tomorrow could be the warmest day we have seen so far for this year good thing its my moms day off otherwise she would be cooking at work whatever that means.See you later buddy.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/21/2014 04:05.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie:)
Went into haf a look at Foster and Smith, dose pine cones sure look nice, I am nods dat fond of seed doe, neber ate dem actually. But I can see da fun of shredding:))) I too haf been keebing mom and da vaccum monster busy wif me wooden toys and plastic beads I pick in two , LOL!

Keebs on chewing Willie;) And haf a good day:)
A V4U 2:)))

Come visit me, Dino.

07/21/2014 03:11.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
go to moms timeline on Facebook if you get a chance . mom has a video saved on their that shows this porcupine at some rehab center that will really mke you laugh. the womb handling the porcupine is wearing gloves and the porcupine wants her to tickle and scratch it and then when the woman does it makes theses sounds and spins around in circles. it is hilarious. if your mom can't find it mom will hunt for it and try and email it to her.

love Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116.

07/20/2014 11:39.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Willie!
How cool to repurpose the bed and turn it into a bench! Mom thinks that is something really cool, and she definitely thinks that it takes a special talent to be able to do that--just thinking of what it can be used for is not something everyone can do.

Another wonderful day with Mom, though I am grumpy today cuz she did not get up until 8 AM! I was up and ready to go at 7 but that lazybones did not get out of bed until later. Now mind you, 8 AM is not super late, but she is normally up by 7 on Sunday. So I had to wait a whole hour for her! Sheesh. But we had a good day, and now she is getting things ready for her return to work tomorrow, and I am not happy about that at all. So I am velcroing myself to her shoulder. Get me to move? No way.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/20/2014 07:47.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
The skin sibs both came down today and skin sis started working on the mud room again while Mom gave skin bro a haircut out on the deck.Skin sis got a lot more boxes dragged out from the mud room and once again Mom
can't get near her car!She's going to have dad help her load the car and take all the things skin sis left there to our dump!Its just way too much now for her to keep lifting those heavy boxes and having to put them in her car and then back to Nana's and reloading them in her car and then take it all out to the donation places and the dump.It was raining here,mostly drizzly and it must've really rained last night because everything on the deck was in puddles!The skin sibs wanted a bbq and dad checked his weathers and asked Mom if she wanted to go for it and Mom said yes!So she went and got hamburgers,(which shrank to the size of a pea)hot dogs,chicken burgers and she put a pork tenderloin in a pan and put that on the grill also!Skin bro came with another key lime pie and they all had that for desert.It was so nice sitting on the lawn and watching all the birds come and go!But we couldn't come outside because it wasn't really that warm,64 degrees and with the rain Mom didn't want to drag our deck cages out only to have to drag them back inside if it started dumping rain!I only wish this weather would get better and we could see the sunshine again!After Mom got everything cleaned up and the care packet of leftover hamburgers and hot dogs and rolls that skin sis wanted to take home with her,Mom finally opened our door so we could hear them once again!Mom is hoping to get more things done in the house tomorrow and start working on the tv room closet and get rid of some of the junk and stuff that's clogging that up!
Skin sis does take me with her but the last couple of times I had to stay in the apartment because of all the boxes she was taking home from Mom's house,her car is always loaded from the front seat to the back seat to the whole trunk!It was the same today,and as soon as she gets done taking all the boxes out and things she has left at Mom's I can start coming down again,I really miss Mom and the rest of my fiblings!
Mom and I think its awful when you plan a special occasion and the weather makes a mess of it so you have to scramble to find another way to have people over and not have them outside in the rain!Its good that they had that large garage to use for the party!How much fun can those kids have had with the little toad?And it was so cool that Aunt Arlene wasn't grossed out by it!I'll bet that really surprised all the kids at the party when she held the toad too!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Loving you always and forever,my sweet Willie,Love,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/20/2014 07:01.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Willie
I do miss my mom when she goes back to work after a vacation but I think she misses me more.No worries though she has another vacation coming up in a month.
Sorry it rained all during the party but good there was a nice place to spread out and take shelter.
Bet those kids were surprised your mom wasnt grossed out from the toad.
That bench sounds really cool sounds like he did a goood job with turning the old bed into that.
Have a great afternoon.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/20/2014 12:31.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Willie!
Mom's feeling better but she's still weak as a kitten! She is getting around better but she tires out quickly. She's trying very hard NOT to do too much but It has been hard when her services have been offered up to others without asking her first.

You know Mom & her mate went to a peach orchard about 2 counties east of where we live. They picked up a half a peck of peaches to put in the freezer. They were fresh off the tree so Mom let them sit out since last Thursday to ripen up a bit. They sure are pretty & wow, they're really sweet! I've had a sampling that she cut up for me yesterday. I was very happy. She also had some fresh off the vine cucumbers & tomatoes. She cut those up for me to try, too. I liked the cucumbers & tomatoes but I think I like the peaches better.

Yesterday, Mom made a peach cobbler but also had to make one for her son. That's because his dad volunteered her to do it!! What's so strange is that he NEVER would eat it when he lived at home. I mean NEVER!!! Not even a bite just to try it! Well, his dad called & asked him if he liked cobbler & he said yes, so Mom's mate grilled a bunch of burgers for them to eat as well as put up in the freezer, too. Then he grilled a bunch of burgers for their son to have for their freezer & desert on top, too! Mom hopes she gets her pyrex dish back. If she wasn't feeling so bad, maybe it would have gone over better but he knew & he still offered her services without even asking. He would've never allowed that for himself. You can bet on that.

Well, have a greyt Sunday. Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Lots of fun in the summertime!.

07/20/2014 08:11.54 AM Report This Comment  
  BC Lakers summer basketball camp starts tomorrow !
When ? July 21 - August 4
open 24/7 !

Where ? Laker Stadium page 263176

Welcome all comeback players and new recruits ! Get in shape for the upcoming season !

See you there - Coach Tweety and Captain Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie - summertime, summertime . . ., BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

07/20/2014 07:57.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Willie!
Oh yah, Mom says that these days giving them young'uns money is the way to go. That way they can use to buy something they want, or they could save up for something good, or just save it. Mom never objects to that kind of present, for sure! favorite day of the week: Saturday! I knew it was THE day to go to the Farmer's Market with Mom, and she can't figure out how I know. I mean, I followed her everywhere today--just in case she tried to pull a fast one and leave without me. She kept putting me back on the playgym, but that did not stop me! I went down the ladder and hustled my tailfeathers to find her. She did go to the store, but I know I can't go into places like that. And once we did go, I was the center of attention, as usual! I saw my friend Paula and her nephew, and visited with the nice young man at the pie booth. And so many people stopped Mom to ask about me, and so she did her usual explaining of how much I love going in the car, and especially to the market. I flirted with Paula, which made her laugh.

And then we went to get the car washed! Talk about it being a 5 star day!! That is always a lot of fun. When we got home Mom made me some corn on the cob--the first of the season. Still a little young, but by next week it will be perfect. And the cherry tomatoes are starting to show up...yum!

Hope your Saturday was as stupendous as mine!

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/19/2014 07:53.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
It was a kind of a dark morning and quite cool out there and then by late afternoon the sun finally came out and it wasn't really that warm here.Mom ran around the house and cleaned our room and then she vacuumed the house and put some things away that were around the house.It sure feels like its been a real long day after getting up so early,hopefully tomorrow she'll get to sleep in later than 6:00am!
Mom is hoping to BBQ here tomorrow but right now it looks like rain.She was planning on getting the laundry done and out on the lines to dry but that don't look like its going to happen either.Mom spent most of the morning pulling weeds in her vegetable garden and she still didn't finish half of the garden!Her back was killing her with the half she had already did!She will try to finish weeding the garden tomorrow if it doesn't rain!
Dad had to get up at 4am this morning and Mom got up with him to fix his thermos of coffee so he could get all the barricades set up for the Osterville Village Days,after he got the barricades set up he got to come home around 8:30am and then he had to be back out by 11:00am to wait for the parade to end so he could collect the barricades and bring them back to the shop!He and Mom went out as soon as he came into the driveway to pick her up and they were back home by 5pm for dinner,Mom made a French Bread pizza with meatballs and bacon on it for dad and a spinach and crushed red pepper and cheese one for herself and they ate on the deck,we didn't get to go out with them as it was getting late and starting to get cold,hopefully we'll get out tomorrow!At least both Mom and dad will be home tomorrow so we'll have some outside time with them if it doesn't rain!Our highs here were 75 degrees and the lows are 61.
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Loving you always and forever,my sweet Willie,Love,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/19/2014 07:01.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Happy Saturday!!Well mom's vacation is over and she's back to work today she always misses me so much her first day back.
Its pleasantly warm today but its going to really start heating up after tomorrow lucky for us though its only going to last a few days.
Cant go wrong with giving money to a kid that already has a lot of stuff that's what my mom does with her nieces and nephews. Enjoy that mom time later buddy. Have a good afternoon.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/19/2014 11:51.25 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, PEBBLES-R.I.P. BOTD 12/27/10, ** BABY SKY** R.I.P., *BLUEBERRY** BOTD 4/29/11 RIP 8/12/11, ANGEL COACH DUTY "GO KEVLAR KEETS", R.I.P.flower girl MUFFIN 1/4/14 & MIKEY & KACEY MY WIFEBIRD VOTE FOR ME 10000 CLUB.

07/19/2014 10:57.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Mom left with Dixie early this morning after loading the car with all the donation things and recyclables and the trash, the traffic was really bad,it took Mom over a half hour to get to Nana's and it only should take no more than fifteen minutes!When she finally got to Nana's,she unloaded her car and put all the boxes of stuff along with Nana's stuff in Nana's car(which is small)the whole car was loaded to the max,Mom could barely see out the back window!Mom and Nana left to go to the dump and then to the bottle return place,and then to the donations place,then onto grocery shopping.Neither one of them got much in the grocery stores and by the time they got back to Nana's it was well after 5pm. Nana and Mom had some coffee and a bite to eat.It took Mom forever to get home again tonight and after she took care of us,and got dad some dinner,she spent some time with skin sis as she came to visit Mom but really didn't stay too long.Mom had to get dad's things ready for work tomorrow as he has to be up at 4am to go to work for 5am for the Osterville Village Days tomorrow,its going to be a long day tomorrow as dad will come home around 11am and go back out by 2pm to take all the barricades down and bring them back to the shop.
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Loving you always and forever,my sweet Willie,Love,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/18/2014 09:50.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Willie!
I kinda thought your Mom would pass on the job. There comes a time where spending time doing things one enjoys outweigh the need for a job. Especially if she is able get by without working! Mom was ready to do that, even though it would have been tough. But then this job came along, and it was perfect for her, and if she doesn't get the contract renewed, well...she will be okay.

Today was another lovely, sunny day, that was not too hot or too cold. Mom said she walked to the spot near the Art Museum to watch the sailboats--there were a lot of them out there today, cuz it was just a perfect sailing day. She hated to go back in to work, that is for sure.

And if things go good, the weather should be good for me to go with Mom to the Farmer's Market. That is gonna be the most wonderful ever. Mom stopped at Sam's Club tonight on the way home from work. So that is one less run to the store for her. She shops at different stores cuz they have different things that she likes, and are on sale. Or they carry the watermelon with seeds. When the farmers have their watermelons for sale, she buys from them. That won't be for a while yet, but we sure do have a great time buying local and really fresh!

Time for a great headscritch. Got one or two earlier, but I always get one before I perch. Spoiled, huh?

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/18/2014 08:28.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Willie!
Mom's crown fell off again this past Tuesday. She got another appointment for Wednesday for supposedly another glue on & she'd be out in 20 minutes. Well, the first time, they did X-rays just to make sure nothing was wrong with anything below & all was well. This time, however, it wasn't ok & they asked to take another X-Ray. So they do & it was astonishing what they found. The tooth was now infected all the way down the root & also had started to infect the wisdom tooth & the molar on the infected Tooth's other side. Mom felt NO PAIN! Most of the time they would give an antibiotic & have Mom come back but this was so aggressive that they felt it wise to handle it now. Which they did quickly. They gave Mom 4 shots to numb out just about her whole head! Then they drilled to Antarctica via Mom's mouth! They have fitted her with a temporary bridge loaded her up with antibiotics & will see them again on the 29th. Mom has felt weak & generally not her usual self & finding this infection explains why. Today she feels like she has bad flu aches which is the lupus making her feel like that. She's been sleeping a lot which helps the lupus not be so angry. Through the whole thing, the dentist kept saying over & over, "you should've been in terrible pain!" Mom finds herself lucky to be in the hands of one of the top dentists in the country. He even called Thursday to see how Mom was doing. She'll be doing great when this infection is gone!

She's let me out & I've been happily playing with my toy & rope perch. Mom hasn't had any choice but to cool it on all activities until the lupus settles down.

Have a greyt weekend, Willie & hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Lots of fun in the summertime!.

07/18/2014 06:42.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Sounds like our day here.The sun is out in full force now it's turning out to be a beautiful evening so mom is going to take me out for a bit to get some fresh air.
Now that mom is due to go back to work tomorrow its going to start heating up again could be 92 on Tuesday.
That's great Bree will be able to stay with you guys when your mom goes on the trip.It will give her peace of mind that you guys will be well cared for and with someone you know. Have a good evening.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/18/2014 05:23.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Barely saw the folks yesterday. Mom ran in changed food and water and ran out. I guess daddy was in ER with suspected stroke. It was late when mom and dad both came in to say goodnight ... Our lights had already shut off ..... But they came in anyway so we knew everything was ok. The hospital didn't see any reason to keep dad as his symptom had improved and the tests were all ok. Whew. We don't want anything happening to daddy.

I guess momma having some issues with her eyes too so we we
Praying that they both get and stay healthy. The Drs suspect moms Psuedotumor Cerebri may be rearing it's ugly head so mom is trying to get an appt with her Opthomologist Nuerosurgeon for a recheck. Geez I swear my folks have had enough health issues for several lifetimes. Hope you have a great Friday. V4U. Hugs.
Love Dory

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

07/18/2014 04:10.16 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
mom does not want any close contact between me and Cori since Cori is not to be trusted and Coris mood can change in the blink of an eye. for all these years i have been very watchful of Cori and its only in the last few days i have been showing this aggression. dad says its probably because i don't like Cori drinking my water. mom says it doesn't matter what it is i am not allowed to get close to Cori. when mom tried to put me to bed tonight i flew straight up in the air and over her head. mom said i looked like a whirlybird. the only good thing about it is i am feeling pretty good and not sitting like a lump all evening. it must be the hard boiled egg i am getting every morning for breakfast.

love Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116.

07/17/2014 09:21.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Today started off dull and dark again but much cooler and the humidity was gone,so at least Mom got to vacuum the house without the dirt sticking to the floor!Then as she worked on weighing and repackaging the ground chicken she bought yesterday for meals,the sun came out and it went up to 79 degrees and was so pleasant outside,but Mom wanted to get all her chores done first before getting us all outside.We finally got outside late in the afternoon and got our soaking showers and got to dry off in the sunshine while we watched all the wild birds come and go from the feeders along with the chipmunks and squirrels!We even got to stay out on the deck with Mom and dad as they ate dinner getting some snacks of animal crackers and Madagascar Mix!Its so nice to see the sunshine again after all that rain we had!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Loving you always and forever,my sweet Willie!Loving you always and forever,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/17/2014 07:53.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Willie!
Oh dear, sure hope all that stuff works its way out before Parrot Palooza! I bet you would rather have someone stay with you, rather than be boarded. I sure enjoyed the last time Mom went on vacation and I got to stay with one of her friends who has birdies. That was awesome fun!

Glad to hear Falco is off the medicine. And hoping her leg is healing up nicely.

I think summer might be coming back again: we had sunshine and the temperature was warmer. Mom says it was so pretty when she walked down to the area where she could overlook the Milwaukee Art Museum and see the lakefront. The sailboats were out in full force today, and the three masted boat was out there too. Mom says it could be a yacht--a big one, to be sure. And it was hard to go back inside to work. She could have sat out there watching the boats all afternoon.

I am hoping it stays nice and I can get to the Farmer's Market this weekend with Mom. We have had such icky weather, I am not counting on anything!!

Other than that, a quiet but Terrific Thursday. Hope yours was just a great as mine.

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/17/2014 07:38.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Willie!
We all get really loud in the morning and early evening......but my parronts don't mind at all.....they love it!
Good thing your mom is looking for a bird sitter early! I sure she will find one before she has to go in October!
Glad Falco is finally done with her meds!
So.....did you get some of that yummy Chinese food? I get to taste it when my parronts have it......and I love the rice!
Did you mom get to the pool today?
Hope you had an awesome day!

Come visit me, Raffi and Pumbaa say Have Great Summer!.

07/17/2014 04:22.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
A little warmer today only if it could get more sunny it would be perfect.
Yeah for Falco being all done with her meds hope her leg is all better.
That General T so's chicken is really yummy I would love a taste of that and like you said when you order they always give you more than enough.
Not much happening here today should be a lazy kind of day mom's going to work more on getting that closet straightened up. Have a good afternoon.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/17/2014 10:55.22 AM Report This Comment  
  MIKEY #61671/KAJI #43005 4-10K CLUB




07/16/2014 11:28.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
tonight i did something i have never done before. Cori was sitting on moms dresser tonight drinking some water and i was about 2 feet away from her sitting on the cat scratching post. it looked to mom like i was going to pull corks tail but instead i fluttered up in the air about 6 inches away from Cori did a twist and then went to the floor. mom isn't quite sure what that was all about but is going to make sure i don't do it again.

love Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116.

07/16/2014 10:20.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Willie
Mom left early this morning in the down pouring rain with skin sis to go to Zumba and they had to detour out of our neighborhood as a car rolled over and knocked down a telephone pole,our power was out when Mom came downstairs to get my dad's lunch and breakfast and thermos ready,the coffee wasn't even made as it knocked the time out on that also,everything was flashing!We had loud thunder last night and Mom ran downstairs to make sure we were all right!They got to the gym late because of the detour and all the heavy traffic!Then they picked up Nana and went to Hyannis to get some errands done and Mom got some ground chicken that was on sale.They went to a few other stores and then headed back to Nana's so that Mom could help Nana with a few things,but the screen door slider they couldn't get the old wheel out to put the new one in so my dad is going to go there and do it when he has the time,then they fixed her sofa which needed fixing and then Mom gave my cousin Trixe II a birdicure,her nails were like pins!It was dark,dumping and dreary here all day long and the traffic was really atrocious today,because of the rain everyone must've been out shopping and going places and Mom and skin sis had to go through the detour again as the street was still cordoned off!Its 70 degrees here and still down pouring!So far we haven't seen any cooler weather,its still muggy and damp here!Mom as usual didn't get home til 6:30 and by the time she put everything away,got my dad's dinner,cleaned our cages and fixed the vcr,it was almost time for our bedtime!Candida(my baby fister)was so delighted to have dinner with my dad again and she was hopping like a sparrow on the dining table for him and backing into his arm to get her back rubbed by him and her head rubbed!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses my sweet friend,Loving you always and forever,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/16/2014 09:54.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Willie!
Hey buddy! Sounds like your mom had a nice day! Did you have a nice one too? I sure did! Scarlet and I talk back and forth now and Teiko joins in too! It's so much fun!
Hope you had a great day!

Come visit me, Raffi and Pumbaa say Have Great Summer!.

07/16/2014 08:31.45 PM Report This Comment  
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