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Daddy (and Mom) took us home from the pet store (he was a falconer and had red tail hawks previously, but we smaller birds are easier...) If anyone is interested in becoming a falconer, you need to find a currently licensed falconer to sponsor and train you. You have to take and pass a test. You have to pay for a license. You need to have all the equipment to keep a bird - a mews (the hawkhouse), a travel box, a falconer's glove, jesses for the bird, hoods, food, etc. and everything is inspected by fish and game. Then when you have all the training and license you build a trap and catch a wild (first year) red-tail hawk, but during the trapping season. All novices start with a red-tail and you have to train it and eventually you take it hunting. Whew! Dad was the falconer, but Mom would tag along. They did that for a few years, but now they have us, the cockatiels!

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Photo gallery note: Chica of the Proctor Flock asked to see a pic of Mom's knitting. The cream colored top Mom designed and knitted for her sister. The burgundy colored sweater Mom designed and knit for skinsis. Earlier pic of three tulips Mom knitted from a free pattern she found online during Falco's BOTM spring flower theme. Hope you like them.
New pics: The three Red Rose Tea birds and the Christmas stocking our Mom knit for us.
Newest pic: Knitted hedgehog mom made (from a pattern bought at the yarn store.)
Newest pic: That pup of skinsis!
Our lemon tree, the fence behind it is about 5' tall.
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Hi! My name is Pearl & Silver

I am a Cockatiel from Cupertino, CA.

The 2 Birdikins

12 years old   M


Millet, bird seed sticks, pasta, egg, ak mak crackers (love the sesame seeds on top)

Top of curtain rod, top of pot rack, top of hanging baskets - favorite is top of own bird house

Not being allowed to chew on everything in sight *sigh*

plays with us every day

Likes to sit on people's knees and feet; "wall clinging" on inside of bird house; sitting on the cuttlebone like it's a perch.

It's a bird's life.

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  Hey guys !
Well, mom did it again ! She came home from school and started in on another room in the house ! Then around night-night time she realized she needed milk for coffee and off she went ! Then, as we all know, today is the day the folks go to help out at the g'parronts ! Hopefully they'll be back early or I may go on strike ! Enough of this ignore the bird stuff !!

The plumber comes back on Monday to install the shower/tub valve - so once again, I'll show off for him :) I wonder if he'll have an assistant ? When the new dishwasher was installed, I made friends with the assistant and daddy had to hold the flashlight and hand the plumber tools ! His helper was playing with me ! har har har !

Have a great Saturday ! love Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie goes to school, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

09/20/2014 03:50.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kids
Pops says I'm a one bird comedy show, and should be on the stage..... The one that leaves in two minutes. ha ha ha

Come visit me, Jetta.

09/20/2014 01:27.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kids
All I want to make is a MESS, cause that's what Quakers do best. RT

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

09/20/2014 01:07.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl & Silver,
A pretty quiet day here today. Mom sat out on the back deck and watched the birdies feeding at the feeder and a lot of them were on the ground. We have been getting the little birdies, doves, and some quail.

Mom is happy that Harley is eating much better now, sure hope she continues. Mom stopped putting the ground up dog food in it and then she dug right in. Mom thinks that Harley is not seeing as well as she used to...

Looking forward to watching the Seahawks play Denver on Saturday...Go Hawks...

Gentle hugs from your big bird protector, Chica ♥


09/19/2014 11:58.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl & Silver
Thanks, that's a good idea. Mom just takes water with her (never drinks coffee).
Thanks, I never thought I'd get to the 20K. I hope every bird makes their goals too.
What a greyt day! I hit the 20K at 1AM, thanks to my sweetie Scoober. Then, it was Talk Like A Pirate Day! I did my best. Today was a high of 65, partly sunny and rain tonight. The T-storms are back and will hit us from 2AM thru 8PM on Saturday.
I want to thank all of you who have voted for me. I wouldn't have this honor without you.

Come visit me, Chyna ~ Thanks for the 20K on Pirate Day & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/19/2014 09:28.03 PM Report This Comment  
  through his job as jeans are his uniform along with the shirts they give him and the two coats and rain gear and work boots,so he mainly wears his work jeans for an everyday clothing choice,the cleaning company at work cleans them so Mom doesn't have to wash them which is a good thing!
We were all the way down to 39 tonight and was it freezing,tomorrow will be in the 70's.Mom is thinking of taking us to the Blessing of the animals tomorrow morning if she can get up early enough to go and get Nana and my cousins and then head back this way and get to Yarmouth.
We haven't had any rain here in a while now but its supposed to rain on Sunday,so much for one more BBQ and laundry out on the line!
We can't wait to see new pictures of that sweet baby,she must be getting so big by now!
Don't you just love those farmers markets?My Mom just loves being able to pick out fresh fruits and veggies at a good price!I'll bet your sweet Mom had so much fun with skin sis and the grand going through the farmers market!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm tiel hugs and soft tiel kisses and a vote too!Loving you always and forever,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

09/19/2014 09:01.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver
This morning was a cold sunny day and our temperatures got no higher than 59 degrees and we will be at a low tonight of 48.Mom packed the trash and the recyclables in her car along with six heavy boxes of clothes and some dinner plates,sugar and creamer sets and tea pot and a box of shoes.By the time she got done trying to fit everything in her car,she could barely see out the back window,(she has a station wagon)!The she packed Dixie on the car seat and they took off to Nana's.Then Mom had to take everything out of her car and stuff it into Nana's car along with all of Nana's trash and recyclables!Nana has a tiny car and that whole car was jammed,Mom could barely shut the back doors!After Mom got the car loaded and Dixie settled in the sun room with Trixie II they took off for the senior center and dropped off the six boxes of clothes and the box of shoes,Nana dropped off her old meds to the police station who were collecting them as they didn't want anyone flushing them down the toilets as it would harm the water supply and wreak havoc on the ecosystem,after they collect all the old drugs they burn them.Then they went to the dump and got rid of all the recyclables and trash and then they went back to Nana's to see how skin sis was,she wanted to hang out with Mom and Nana for the day so Mom drove to her apartment and picked her up and they went to Comcast so skin sis could pay her cable bill,then the eye drs so she could get her new contacts and from there they went to Ocean State Job Lot and Mom got 4 bags of wild bird food 20 pound bags and Nana got one and they got a few other things,then they went to the Dollar Tree where Mom got my dad some popcorn and pretzels,then they went to Shaws where Mom got some pizza for Saturday night dinner,and a few other things,then they dropped skin sis back off at her apartment and headed off to Roche Brothers and Mom got some fresh broccoli,two gallons of milk,some angel hair pasta,a 24 pack of bottled water and several other things then they went back to Nana's as it was 4:00pm,Mom again unloaded the car and put those 4 bags of wild bird food in her car along with the milk and everything else she bought and brought Nana's things in the house for her,she stayed and had a cup of coffee with Nana and something to eat and then packed Dixie up to go home.It was good that dad was there to unload the heavy bags of bird seed and water as Mom was too tired and too sore to lift them for a fourth time!After Mom got everything put away and got us all cleaned up for the night(Dad had given us all our snacks)Mom got dad his dinner.Its been a long day and Mom is so tired and is so glad that its the weekend and she doesn't have to go anywhere til next week!
Its so hard to find the correct length and waist size in jeans lately and it seems there is just the one size that has the most popular sizes and lengths and its never the ones you are looking for,Mom has that problem with my dad,but he now gets his jeans throug

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

09/19/2014 08:59.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver
I dont eat any seeds so seed catcher doesnt catch much. Good your dad padded your seed catchers since you like to walk on it and climb up your condo then.
Usually Fridays are moms laid back days or a day if she needs to make an appointment she will pick that day. Its also my bath day for sure though I often get others thru the week as well so we got that over with too. The telephone man came cause there is noise in the lines again and this has been an ongoing problem for at least 5 years now. Of course while he was here I had to be in my condo. Then skin sis came up so back in the condo I was again cause she was showing mom something and I tried to be in the center of it all. Then moms cousin came so back in the condo I went again. Geesh I felt like it was moving day for me LOL. “Sometimes people ask mom how she can be friends with people she has never met and mom tells them then you have never been on bird channel I bet. That about sums it up to my friend” ~~ Hugs, Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus --Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

09/19/2014 07:03.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Pearl, Hello Silver~
I hope you both are having a wonderful day! It's been nice here. The clouds rolled out and the muggy feeling left but they are rolling back in so it's going to come back! I do not like muggy!
Mot much new here. We seem to have to restart a whole bunch of times in the morning and then it calms down in the afternoon. Problem is that when mom works she is sleeping in the afternoon so I don't get too many notes out at all. It makes me feel bad but dad has been looking at systems today so hopefully it will not be long before we get it replaced.
Dad is here for the day since he had to take his truck to the shop this morning. He is hoping the truck in done before 8 tonight but they haven't called yet so he may be sleeping here tonight and leaving tomorrow! It's nice to see him and he is sitting with me while we watch some TV show. I don't really care about the show but it's nice to have dad here!
I hope your evening is just perfect!
Love, hugs and a vote ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Seahawk Sugar and the 12th pig Pippo & The Calendar Page~Sapphire for September.

09/19/2014 05:48.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver

today we saw a red squirrel fighting with a grey squirrel. it looked like they were dancing. no shiver me timbers for the next few days at our house. tomorrow its going up to 80. YEAAAAY.

love Boo Bo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE AngelGirl BOTM 224627, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE AngelGirl BOTM 224627.

09/19/2014 05:19.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Day 19--Sights and Scenes to behold
"HELLOOOO!!!!!!!" Angel Girl yells, listening to her voice echo off the rock faces of the mountains. " This is so cool. We have so much to do in this one park, it's incredible."
"Oh look" Kaji points as he spies a large mother black bear with three tumbly teenage cubs following behind, wrestling and rolling in the long meadow grass.
There are many activities to do when visiting the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Activities include camping, hiking, sightseeing, swimming, fishing, cycling, golfing, kayaking and surfing. There are endless swimming options available for all ages in the park. There are five main salt water ocean beaches in the park and two freshwater lakes. The ocean beaches include Ingonish Beach, North Bay Beach, Broad Cove Beach, Black Brook Beach and La Block Beach. The two freshwater beaches include Freshwater Lake and Warren Lake. Freshwater Lake and Ingonish Beach are both supervised with a lifeguard during the summer months. There are very strong currents at Black Brook and Ingonish Beach which must be considered when bringing small birdies to these two beaches.
"Hey let's go white water kayaking down the Cheticamp River." Pookie says eager for adventure. " Then we could try surfing off the beach."
"Sounds like fun." Angel Girl climbs up on a tree stump to be heard. " OK, who wants to try some kayaking in white waters?" she looks as every wing goes up. " cool bunch of adventures."
"They Park ranger says they have kayaks arrival at the top of the river. We can ride the horses there, or hike cross country." Jenny-Lynn tells the group.
"We better hike, leave the horses here until we return and head down tot he ocean later for some surfing. Pookie offered to help teach us a few basics." Willie adds, grabbing his backpack
. The sun shines like sparkles through the heavy pine forest canopy. As the group walk they reach the opening over looking the ocean and park below. Steep cliffs and deep river canyons carve into a forested plateau bordering the Atlantic Ocean.
"BB, this is so beautiful, I feel like we have escaped into the past. Look how alive it all looks here." Sky hugs BB close as they look out over the park.
"Dixie, look, deer" Little Angel watches as the group graze in the shadows of the mountain.
Rio and Cydney, stand in awe at the size of the ocean stretched before them. " It goes on forever"
Jesse, joins Falco as they take photos to member their trip to Cape Beeton. " Popeye, Cori, Boo Boo and Pearl stop to admire an Eagle soaring high in the sky above them.
"We better get going so we have time to kayak before the sun gets too high in the sky. It will be so much fun bumping and splashing down the river." Angel Girl talks to Lalo and Sugar as they begin to hike down the soft, leaf covered pathway.
Sky grins, patting his backpack. " some pickles just in case I get hungry."
Angel Girl giggles and shakes her head at her frother, " always hungry"
Angel Girl 224627

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  Hi Pearl Hi Silver
It was like getting paid double.They let go on though for auite sometime dont think it got changed until last summer?Thats what my mom said either go on vacation or cancel it,why waste days off working.
Its just crazy how you guys cant seem to get any rain out there something got to change.Hopefully that humidity wont last to long.Have a super evening.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Angel Girl(224627) BOTM.

09/19/2014 04:03.28 PM Report This Comment  
Well we are having trouble with getting pages up on BC..Its just keeps spinning and spinning for the last 2 days...Do not know if you have seen on TV about the search for the person who shot and killed one of the 2 troopers leaving their barracks.Well it is not that far away from our area so it is a bit scary when driving any of the roads around here always wondering if he still might be in the area and decides to shoot at just anybody...Many schools in the area have been closed and people have been told not to go out if they do not have to...Must keep doors and widows locked...Hope they find him soon so everybody can relax and not be worried....It has been very cool and definitely Fall weather here...I am guessing it is here to stay now....Hope your weather is still comfortable for all of you there...Just pecked a V4U....Have a great Friday...With many birdie wing hugs to both of you...Love U 2 Tiels, Stormy :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

09/19/2014 01:07.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver
Today is my 3rd day on the antibiotics, so mom got her 3rd bite today (on the arm instead of the hand this time). Only 11 more doses to go, heehee. I don't really like getting toweled and told what to swallow, but I think mom means well. She is wondering if anybirdie out there has a suggestion for probiotics, as well. She hates to buy benebac, because I'm only one bird, and those tubes are expensive. Has anybirdie tried a dot of yogurt? We think that may work, but we aren't sure. Mom says it would be such a tiny amount, it shouldn't hurt, be we'd like to be sure.
Mom cleaned the coyote pens today, and both boys are getting big. They should be gone soon, we think. Yesterday the 22 outdoor raccoons were released, YAY, and today about 6 turtles said goodbye to us and went home to the wild. It's really clearing out there. Martha's foster owlets went into the flight cage this morning after the red tailed hawk was released from there, so it's starting to slow down considerably at the center.
I hope you are having a good day today, even though these days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down. Get lots of extra cuddles to keep you warm, okay? Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!, Peppino, Divo & Falco, thanks for the prayers, I'm doing okay.

09/19/2014 10:18.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Morning P&S, from your pal Cutthroat Jenny
Today is National "Talk Like A Pirate Day", avast ye swabbies, or ye shall walk the plank, and meet up with Davy Jones! We are running later today, and there is a good reason, coz there is a human problem! Dad is going to have to cancel his journey with our Bird Club tomorrow to visit his good pal Mike Hutchinson at the Iowa Parrot Rescue, and he has an emergency appointment at our VA Clinic on Monday, they are so good to our daddy! Please give my love to all in your fab flock and family, see ya all tomorrow, Lord willing...

Loving ya a lot, yarr ye scalawags from Jenny & the Dallas family

Come visit me, Ziggy~ I am hanging with my best pal Jenny Lynn, Jen Lynn~I too am entered in the Cowgirl Contest, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, ANGEL CHRISTY~Entered in the Cowgirl Contest, Ms LaLo-I'm entered in Queen Chuey's contest-yahoo & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

09/19/2014 09:57.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Buddy's
Today the temps are going to be 84 degrees. Hopefully they don't go back up again. It's better if they keep dropping.
We may get some rain with lots of humidity. The humidity is what I don't like...The heat either. I hate them intensely. So I guess they are both equally balanced on my list heehee...
Did you get a chance to check out the wedding page yet ??? That's where the wedding will be. It's on BB's account easy to find.
Snowflake say's they only need songs for the reception and the wedding dance.
We still want you to be there even if you are quite.

Have a nice cool weather day
Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi say's Cheyenne said yes. Hurry up autumn !!!, Snowflake luv's Apache..I'm in the Cowgirl contest, Tweety loves Princess. SEE ME AT THE KB 9/15-9/29 & Panther loves Coconut...Waiting for autumn....

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  Hi Pearl and Silver,

Left you a vote.
Enjoy your day!!

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

09/19/2014 09:08.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl & Silver
I think mom would have trouble recognizing dads seizure cause he stares alot anyway cause half the time he can't hear (so he claims) mom. Actually we know he needs some hearing aids but they are so expensive mom says she will just yell at him .... oh boy lol. Have a happy friday. V4U. Hugs.
Love Rudy

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

09/19/2014 07:35.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Pearl and Silver!
Yup....... The visual of how skin sis dropped her phone is really funny. Bet she couldn't do that again if she tried. No wait.....we take that back! Heehee!
Printers are all different. We had one once that made scanning so confusing! Really? Scanning should be simple. If my mom can't find what she is looking for in the user manual.....which of course is always online....she always Googles it. It's a faster way to get your answer!
No rain? Well at least the temps are cooler!
Have a great day!

Come visit me, RAFFI AND PUMBAA LOVE CYDNEY!!!!!!!!.

09/19/2014 07:21.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl & Silver
V4U today. It's great that fall is finally here. We sure do like the cooler weather. Nothing new, just busy as usual. Our two clearance hibiscus flowered yesterday for the first time since we bought them. They were in pretty bad shape when we bought them so it was a treat to see them in flower with healthy looking leaves. Wishing you a nice weekend. From, Marigold

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

09/19/2014 04:05.31 AM Report This Comment  
  TGIF fellows !
It's been a busy week here ! Mom had back to school night last night and didn't get home till 10:00 ! ! Of course she said good-night and re-tucked me in ! Daddy is a great pal and my favorite playmate, but he's not very good about tucking in ! I'm hoping for lots of Cookie time this weekend !

After school today though mom has to go buy a new shower/tub valve - ours just fell off ! The plumber says it's because we have hard water things just don't last . . . last spring it was the sink - sigh - always something :(

Have a lovely Friday - Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie goes to school, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

09/19/2014 02:05.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kids
Sugar and Jenny to 25K.... Only separated by a little over 100 votes. WHO makes it first? And don't forget KIDDO, humping towards 30K. And don't forget Popeye, & Raffi, working on 15K.

Come visit me, Jetta.

09/19/2014 01:14.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kids
The call of the wild says, JENNY LYNN to 25K..... RT

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

09/19/2014 12:45.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl & Silver
Ok, glad it finally made it to you. Did the pics make more sense for you? That is the normal heating for most of us in the cold states.
It's a 9 hour drive not counting stops. Mom is worried about getting tired and being by herself. Once she is with Aunt Arlene, she will be fine. That's another 6 hour drive to Philly area.
I don't know where the geese go during the bad snow storms. but as soon as the sun is out there they are! They must hide somewhere safe.
Today was a cold day with a bit of sun. Mom & I did some house cleaning but mostly relaxed. Dad will be home tomorrow for dinner. I don't think he caught any fish. Mom & I would rather go out for dinner.
I made it to the 20K ... thanks Scoober!

Come visit me, Chyna ~ Thanks for the 20K on Pirate Day & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/18/2014 10:47.41 PM Report This Comment  





09/18/2014 09:51.41 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Pearl and Silver!
Sounds like furball was a bit of work! I bet you are glad he is gone so you get more time out and attention:)

The weather is rainy today, but it has been nice and mild. We were enjoying the nice sunshine and mom hopes it comes back so the temps don't keep dropping. We have been enjoying the Fall weather:)

I have a lot of pinfeathers on my head and they are itchy so I do enjoy the scritches, even though sometimes mom does rub me the wrong way. Jazz is molting too and it really looked like a grey feather pillow exploded in his cage. He is one messy 'tiel! Mom thought I was bad until she met Jazz! LOL!

We had some computer problems after some MS updates. Mom thought she would have to take it in to the shop and that would mean at least a week without a computer;( Thankfully, mom phoned one of her computer savvy friends that had had the same problems and she told mom what to do and so far so good! It looks like it is good now:) They sure can be a pain when things don't go right.

Mom got a wood tv table that was in need of some refinishing. Someone had set it by the dumpster and mom thought it would be a nice challenge to refinish. She just needs to varnish it now and it looks fantastic! Mom doesn't know why people don't look after things. It is solid wood too and not the cheap pressed junk! Had a lot of water marks and damage and needed quite a bit of work and some gluing, but it is a nice little table!

Hope you have a good evening:)



Come visit me, In loving memory of my beloved Joey, Cleo, Chicklet, Poppy- Goodbye Joey my love, Jazz & Sunny.

09/18/2014 08:32.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Pearl, Hello Silver~
I hope you had a wonderful day! I'm doing just fine. It's dark and cloudy on one side of the hose and very sunny on the other side! It looks so cool!
We are still struggling with the computer so it limits our time during mom's workweek! I hope you don't think I haven't been thinking about you, because I have! It can take us an hour just to get 3 notes out and when mom has to work that night, we just run out of time! I don't think it will be too long before dad can get it fixed up.
I am watching the Mikado with the skin sister! It's got lots of music and for some reason it is making me giggle! I don't usually like operas but this one seems to be funny!
I do hope you enjoy your evening!!
Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Seahawk Sugar and the 12th pig Pippo & The Calendar Page~Sapphire for September.

09/18/2014 07:03.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver
Oh yea those seed catchers are not designed for much of anything really. Mom doesnt like them cause they make the condo so wide. I never get on them but Chi chi would so guess its more for the smaller fids to do.
I finally got to sit out for my sun bath today. It takes awhile for the day to warm up so it was later then usual that I went out today but by then the day was warm and the sun was out nice. The cows were way up on top of the hill and hadn’t worked their way around down by the bottom so I didn’t get to see much of them today. I guess they have a system they use and do it every day so guess it wasn’t time when I was out there for my sun bath to come down around the bottom. The baby cows are so cute and they sure do like running and playing around the older cows. They must be have ok cause I never see any of the big cows give them heck LOL “Sometimes people ask mom how she can be friends with people she has never met and mom tells them then you have never been on bird channel I bet. That about sums it up to my friend” ~~ Hugs, Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus --Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

09/18/2014 06:48.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver,
Stopping by with a vote!
Have a good night!!!

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

09/18/2014 05:10.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Day 18--Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Hello everybirdie, Angel Girl here with today's BOTM post. It was so eggciting to see the whales so up close and personal. The majestic giants were happy to show-off their talents, leaping, and blowing for us as we paddled among them heading for our new campsite at Cape Breton National Park. I wish to take a moment to thank everyone for their their daily votes and support in my quest for the throne. Sharing this adventure with all my friends is making it a special memory for me.
After paddling along the coast we finally arrived at Cheticamp, on the edge of Park. Here we were reunited with our horses, and were able to pick up a few needed supplies that my frothers Jesse and Amanda, being boys, forgot to include in our packs. The park is located in the northern end of the island and covers one-third of the Cabot Trail. It passes through the park featuring spectacular ocean and mountain views. The park is well known for its "steep cliffs and deep river canyons that carve into a forested plateau bordering the Atlantic Ocean" The park was the first National Park in the Atlantic provinces of Canada and covers an area of 948 km². It is one of 42 in Canada's system of national parks. It is known worldwide as the place where singer Taylor Mitchell died after being fatally attacked by coyotes, the only adult human fatality from coyotes in history.
At the western entrance of the park is the Acadian village of Chéticamp on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence . On the eastern side of the park are the beaches at Ingonish on the Atlantic Ocean. In between are mountains, valleys, forests, waterfalls, rocky coastlines and a tundra-like plateau known as the Cape Breton Highlands. Park wildlife includes moose, black bears, coyotes, and Bald Eagles. The park provides habitat for the uncommon Bicknell's Thrush and Gaspe' Shrew. The first nest records of Boreal Owls for Nova Scotia were found in the south west corner of this park.
" Lalo, come on, you have enough souvenirs" Jenny-Lynn says, wings on her hips as she keeps an eye on her fister in the gift shop in Cheticamp.
"What's this Acadian thing?" Gus asks Hulk, "reading a sign mounted in town square
"Acadians are of mixed decent, French and other races. They came here from Louisiana"
"So we can get some Cajun cookin here? Let's go get something to eat!" Gus replies happily
"Wait for us" Susan and Snowy yell as they weave through the crowd of horses and riders." can't pass on a greyt meal"
Angel Girl continues to check their supplies list preparing to head to their next camp site.."Oh we need more eggs and oatmeal." She gives the list to Sky who heads off to gather all they need from the store near by.
"This place is beautiful" SamIam comments, looking out over the ocean, :has a historic appeal to it."
" I have everything we need. We better ride out before it gets too dark: Sky tells Angel Girl
"Ok, let's mount up birdies, time to head into the mountains."
Angel Girl 224627

Come visit me, rally and lacie, poncho botd 24/3/14, Jack, thank you all for BOTD, sassy, Casper, you fought a good fight l'il man, amando, sky, Angel Lupe', I will see you again!, l'il angel adler, dixie's wife-bird, broken wings, broken promises, casey, the l'il angel & dixie wedding album, Jesse, thank you for BOTD everyone!, flynn, ANGEL GIRL, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN SEPTEMBER, sarah little bird, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, zeena, thanks for august botm & sweetie, thank you friends for BOTD.

09/18/2014 05:04.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl Hi Silver
Yup those on vacation were already getting paid for that day then getting paid to work the overtime.Kind of seems like a waste of a vacation day to me.
Hope you can get a good soaking rain today.We are having another nice sunny day here with temps in the 70's perfect fall weather.Looks like we could have some rain for tomorrow and saturday but we will see.Have a super evening.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Angel Girl(224627) BOTM.

09/18/2014 03:58.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl & Silver
Well, yes we got the cool down, but they were calling for low 80s, and we got 87. Not low in my opinion, but it did mean I was able to go out for my sunbath at 9:45 and it was very pleasant. I didn't want my nutriberries for some reason though. I ate half of the first one and dropped it, and turned up my beak at #2. Maybe because they are the bottom of the bag.

However last night when Mom picked up the little can she keeps them in to put it in the hallway as a reminder to go on Amazon Prime and order more, I thought she was getting rid of them and got very upset. However they were back in my room this morning, so all is well.

Voting for rodeo queen begins today, so get on over to the milonga page #165848 and cast your vote for one of the lovely cowgirls in the gallery. Just pick a # and post your vote. One vote per bird in your flock each and every day until midnight EDT on the 24th. Lots of voting activity already, so it will be a great contest.


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote for Angel Girl #224627 for BOTM!!!.

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  skin sis's boxes of clothes she took from the metal closet that skin bro hauled away for her and some dishware and other things.Mom is hoping that as soon as she's feeling a bit better she will come and finish the other three rooms that still have stuff in them before the snow falls!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm tiel hugs and soft tiel kisses and a vote for you too! Loving you always and forever,Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

09/18/2014 12:20.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver
Its 72 here today and its really not that warm,at least not the 72 that you'd find about a month or two ago,its kind of more coolish than really warm,the sun is out but there is a breeze which makes the sun feel not as warm as it really should be!
More birds have been flying into our big window in the tv room and Mom always checks to see if they are all right and this time when she went out she found a grakcle dead in her flower garden which is right below the window.Mom has done everything she knows to keep them from flying into the window,she has all kinds of sun catchers and a twirly shiny star but nothing seems to be working.Most of the time they fall into the garden below the window and are stunned,but recover and fly away as soon as mom goes out there to check on them but this one hit the window hard and must've broke his neck when he hit it so hard!It really upsets Mom to see them constantly banging into the window and now they are also banging into the big window in the dining room and that one overlooks the deck!It too has those stickers up on the window so they can see there's something there but they still keep on coming and crashing into the window!
Skin sis had had severe pains in her belly since sometime before Sunday and Tuesday while she was at work it really got bad so she called her dr and he told her to go to the hospital for another MRI and some blood tests and they found she had a UTI and pancreatitis,so they admitted her and gave her something for the pain and put her on a liquid diet of jello and juice and chicken broth to see if she could keep that down as she was throwing up and nauseous alot,then in the morning they gave her a liquid breakfast and waited for her to keep that down but she got sick and never made it to the bathroom on time the second time she threw up so they waited to keep her longer to see if she could eat lunch which was roast beef on lettuce wrap,she kept that down and was released late in the afternoon but was told to never eat greasy foods or fried foods again(that was mainly what skin sis would eat)YUCK!She was sent home with meds for the UTI and omerprazole for the pancreatitis.
Mom keeps us on the natural pellets also Zupreem,along with our bean mix in the mornings!
It sure sounds like your sweet parronts were running around all day also,it sure wears Nana out these days as she can't take it like she used to do and Mom is just so tired by the time she gets home she just doesn't feel like doing much of anything after dinner!
Doesn't that just drive you crazy when you have stacks and stacks of jeans and there are only two pairs of the jeans that are in the size you want?
Its a nice sunny day here and the temperature is at 72 degrees but its not the 72 of a month ago or the beginning of summer,its a coolish warm but not warm enough for us to go outside and having a shower outside is strictly out of the question!Its Mom's only day off and she's been busy trying to load the car with more of

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

09/18/2014 12:19.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Pearl and Silver!
Don't think we will ever know how skin sis did that! It was late at night...and we got a phone call (she was using someone else's phone) and she told us what happened. We asked how on earth did she do that ? And all we heard just slipped! Still can't figure that one out.
So your mom has the printer up and running? Yeah.....she might want to find paper for it! Heehee!
Glad the weather isn't too warm for you! It's still warm here....but not too humid!
Hope you have have a nice day!

Come visit me, RAFFI AND PUMBAA LOVE CYDNEY!!!!!!!!.

09/18/2014 10:58.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Helo Cupertino California-from Jenny & flock
We are having great Fall like weather, and we will have it for at least the next 6 days, if the weather guessers are correct for a change! We were reminded by some friends to thank God for Queen Chuey and our dear Ms Falco, for having a good health report, two are well with one to go! As I see it, the problem with having so many BC friends is that we are subjected to their pain and suffering when something is wrong with their flock or family, especially if you have a loving caring heart like our daddy and all of us! It is the love of our dear friends that keep us in the race, and as daddy says, we wouldn't have missed it for the world! Happy throw back Thursday to you all and give my love to all in your precious home, see ya tomorrow for sure...

Forever love from Jenny & my family

PS~Way to go for your 20K votes Ms Chyna, we all love you very much, does it show...

Come visit me, Ziggy~ I am hanging with my best pal Jenny Lynn, Jen Lynn~I too am entered in the Cowgirl Contest, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, ANGEL CHRISTY~Entered in the Cowgirl Contest, Ms LaLo-I'm entered in Queen Chuey's contest-yahoo & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

09/18/2014 08:37.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Buddy's
87 degrees today. Not much of a cool down but better than hot and humid triple digits !!! The temps are going back up on Monday of next week. YUCK !!!
My mommy's rattling her brains trying to figure out what to cook for dinner heehee.
I hope you can make it to the wedding. A double wedding will be real fun.
Every one did such an awesome job at making donut recipes that Tweety doesn't know who's going to win. Your donuts look awesome and sound so yummy.
After the judging we get to eat them !!!

Have a cool and comfy day
Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi say's Cheyenne said yes. Hurry up autumn !!!, Snowflake luv's Apache..I'm in the Cowgirl contest, Tweety loves Princess. SEE ME AT THE KB 9/15-9/29 & Panther loves Coconut...Waiting for autumn....

09/18/2014 08:27.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl and Silver
We don't have Sprouts here, but we've heard of it. Hope your folks like the new store, and that it isn't as expensive as Whole Foods.
The Verizon mess is sort of straightened out, but mom is still not happy. There's a popup about Java script every time she signs on, and it's annoying because it won't go away. The first guy she talked to told her over 700,000 accounts had been disabled, due to a breach in security, so hers was one of them. The second guy told her that her computer has a virus, in spite of the fact that we have Kaspersky installed, which is one of the best antivirus thingies out there. Since she had no problems with the rest of the computer, BC, AOL, she figured the first guy was right and the second guy not so much.
In case you missed the buzz yesterday, the vet found nothing broken, but I do have a huge wound on my side, possibly one I picked open when my leg was hurting. Mom can't see anyplace in my cage where I could have injured myself that badly. It's about 2 cm of open wound, with the skin that far apart. She said it would make no sense to try to stitch it, so just to apply a topical ointment to the spot. She was pleased that my leg is nearly healed, too. That wound was all around my leg, and is healed to about a 2 to 5 mm area of scabbing. Mom is putting the ointment on that, too. I am also taking oral antibiotics for 2 weeks, and have a follow up appointment next week.
Mom has an event to attend as a GUEST tonight at the center, how about that? Last year she was invited as a guest, but worked the event instead. This year, they told her to just come and enjoy.
It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood here today, lots of sun and warming as the day goes on. I hope you are having a good day and getting love and sunshine. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!, Peppino, Divo & Falco, thanks for the prayers, I'm doing okay.

09/18/2014 07:55.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl, hi Silver.
It's Blue and Jewel.
It's cooling down today. Our high yesterday was 97 but today should be around 85. Much better. The low will be 64.
Mom worked at the police station for a while yesterday. She and dad had an open house meeting at 10am but only mom and dad and the community relations manager showed up. So they talked about birds and jewelry. Then dad stopped at Lowe's again and went home and hooked up some better sprinklers. Dad hopes to save water and still keep the lawn green. He also set up the big CD player, dual cassette tape deck and the Mini Disc Player. He managed to put everything on the junky computer desk. Now he has to figure out how to wire it all into the wireless music system.
When dad picked up mom they drove to Johnny Reb's for dinner. Wednesday was "Do Over" day. They can bring back their receipt with three weeks and they well get everything on the receipt, including drinks, for free. Not a bad deal. Dad said he'll go back when he's real hungry, which could be in about ten minutes.
Today dad will recheck his sprinklers and try to connect the stuff to the music system. We're all going to supervise.
Hope your day is fun.
Blue and Jewel.


09/18/2014 07:13.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Pearl & Silver
Yeah its weird cause mom always thought he just wasn't listening and it was likely a seizure. Course we realize that daddy has select hearing as well as being hard of hearing but watching him just stare and not respond .... freaky. The Drs said the seizure meds would make him sleepy ... they were not kidding ... he fell asleep last night at 5:30pm and didn't wake up until 4:30am this morning. Daddy already has problems falling asleep anytime anywhere so hope he can adjust to this. Mom doesn't want him falling asleep while he is driving cause we have already been there and didn't want that T-Shirt sigh. Hope you have a happy Thursday. V4U. Hugs.
Love Rudy

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

09/18/2014 06:15.22 AM Report This Comment  
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