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Cockatiel from berwyn, IL
Frannie and the Flockl

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I love cockatiels and went to bird shows and pet stores
and fell in love.
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Hi! My name is Frannie and the Flockl

I am a Cockatiel from berwyn, IL.

no but named frannie and max after the nanny

5 years old   F


nutri berryd, and millet

on the valance and on the china cabnit

she gives us plenty of out time and takes good care of us and loves us.

when their out flying they land on top of your head..

there always room for more cockatiels.

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  Hi, Frannie and Flock,
Hmmm, won't Frannie sit on the egg? Though a makeshift incubator could work. Let us know if a baby hatches and then that'll be a lot of work to feed it and keep it warm if Frannie isn't gonna do it.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

05/09/2013 06:45.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and Flock,
Yeah, we've been staying up a lil later than normal with the staying light later. When mom went to work today it seemed very odd to be getting really light at 6am when it is usually dark.

Sounds like Frannie 'knew' that egg was not worth bothering to sit on. We assume that Pearl and Biscotti are not related? No fid mingling going on we hope.

Quite warm again here the last few days, still hoping for a cooldown for this w/e.

Have a wonderful day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

05/04/2013 05:17.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and Flock,
We didn't realize that Snowflake was a guy bird, heehee. Not that Pearl should squawk since he's a guy with a girl name. (What is the gender of the Pearl in your flock?) What's happening with the egg(s)?

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/30/2013 06:20.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and flock,
Hmmm, if you (Frannie) is 'tiel mom to Biscotte and Angel Rugula who was the father of the flock? Would it be Max?

BTW, is Baby Bird the same that's a cheerleader for the 'Tiel Terrors? Silver's a 'tiel terror. Pearl's equipment manager. Games start soon we hear.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

PS: Oh, yeah, Blue and Jewel tell us that two of their 5 eggs hatched the other day.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/27/2013 07:10.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and Flock,
Errrr, two guy birds here. No egg experience so not sure what advice to give. Have you raised babies before? We never thought about you and the flock having the mixed genders and us 'tiels being easy breeders so to speak. We had recently asked lovebirds Blue and Jewel (sitting on 5 eggs) how soon they would sit on the eggs since it took several days before all 5 were laid. Know that wild birds wait and then sit on all so they hatch around the same time. Is there a chance the egg(s) would be fertile? How exciting that would be. Good luck!

Have a great day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/21/2013 05:04.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and Flock,
Thanks for flying in and the vote. It's been windy here so making our spring a tad cold, but also sunny so can't complain too much.

We got some waffle yesterday. Such a yummy treat. Think furball got a bite as well. We also had some green beans that mom picked just for us since most of the batch at the store didn't look that great. Not sure what the cashier thinks seeing only 6 green beans in the bag, heehee.

Have a great day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/18/2013 06:27.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and Flock,
With furball in the house makes it hard for us to get out as much. Mom doesn't trust her with us. Don't think she's gonna do anything deliberately, but she's a furball and would think we're toys. Her toys do not last long. Except for that super tough chew toy that looks like a dino.

Have a wonderful day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/09/2013 06:26.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and flock,
Think one of the 'tiels needs to be the brave one, heehee. With us we alternate depending on the situation, but neither of us wants to get near furball.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/05/2013 05:41.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and flock,
The parronts both adore shelties, but never had one. The furball here is pictured in our gallery. She was a kinda rescue and is a lil over a year old. We don't trust her as she's rather rambunctious and exciteable. Last year she got a baby bird that fell out of the nest outside skinsis window. Mom pried open her jaw and it was still alive, but understandably stunned. The parronts assumed it survived. Perhaps with 2 furballs they are a team and don't feel the need to befriend you 'tiels. How brave of Snowflake to fly near 'em and get barked at. We go sleek when we hear that barking.

Have a wonderful day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/04/2013 07:15.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and Flock,
The back of Pearl's head has a big spot of yellow/white so that's what the parronts look for. Generally speaking Pearl is wayyyyy more pecky than Silver (he has his moments though) so that's a big telling point too, heehee.

We don't like to be near the furball that lives here. She stares at us. She also trolls around the bottom of our birdhouse and eats leftovers, but mostly the parronts keep her away from us. What kinda dogs (yikes!, more than one??) live there?

Have a wonderful day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/03/2013 06:07.56 AM Report This Comment  
Heres one right back at you...Wing hugs love Jedi...

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

04/02/2013 01:57.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Frannie and flock,
Thanks for the congrats on BOTD. Such an honor to be royalty for the day. Come to the Castle for some fun, food and festivies.

Love that pic of the flock all sittin on the perch together. So many cute 'tiels!

Have a great day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

03/30/2013 07:33.57 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the congrats.Im looking foward to meeting all of you.Heres a big wing hug and a V4u.Love JEDI...

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

03/29/2013 09:13.21 AM Report This Comment  
Hi Frannie,
I want to thank you so very much for congratulating me and helping to make me BOTD. Mommy and I still don't understand how that happened since I'm on here so infrequently these days, but we really appreciate it. I just love being a Queen and/or a Princess. That's what I am at home!
Love from Little Princess Lucy♥

Come visit me, Finnegan - 5K...YIPPEE!! THANK YOU FRIENDS!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - FAREWELL TO MY BELOVED FRIENDS.

03/17/2013 01:54.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie
09/15/2012 01:50.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Frannie & flock
Corn, what's not to like? Besides polenta is kinda soft so EASY to scarf.
Tonight for dinner mom let me have some seeds from the red bell pepper she used in stir fry, I LIKE seeds, but I'm gaining weight again, so only a FEW.
Cpt. Queen Zippy

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

09/11/2012 07:53.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
When dad got dianosed with celiac, mom determined that Bette Hagman was the goddess of GF baking. She has the bread recipe book and uses it frequently.
Polenta sounds yummy.
Cpt. Queen Zippy

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

09/10/2012 06:52.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie and Flock
Tell mom she is suppose to LOSE weight with GF diet. Mom has not looked, but there are some pizza places that do GF. Dad types in gluten and restaurants in google to hunt for places. He has to travel some, even out of state. I know we have a few places in the area here, one the owner even blends his own flour for the pizza crust--that place is GOOD.
Cpt. Queen Zippy

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

09/06/2012 06:12.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
Dad and the skinbros have celiac. It took dad about 5 years of going gluten free to stop having issues. Mom still occasionally poisons him when she doesn't carefully read labels, but now we read then reread them.
when we had lightning yesterday, I was ALERT, but mom was not concerned so I decided it was ok. (She is pretty skittish with storms, so I know I don't have to worry if she doesn't. Then again it wasn't at night) Glad you didn't have night frights even if the dog did. Good to hear you got RAIN, we just got a little.
Cpt. Queen Zippy

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

09/05/2012 07:15.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Flock
I could NOT believe last night. Just as mom was getting ready for bed--RAIN. There was a LOW chance, and we got RAIN. Mom was eggcited.
Then this morning, when it had pretty much dried, we had a couple t'storms--nothing dangerous, but close enough that the computers and appliances were unplugged. RAIN. This year that is a welcome, but STRANGE occurrence.
So mom made dad's gluten free sandwich bread and then ran errands.
Cpt. Queen Zippy

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

09/04/2012 05:34.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Flock
Thank you so much for supporting me, you were one of my first friends on BC.
Do you like wires??? I'm installing a tech room in the castle. Come help yourself to some earbud wires!
Queen Zippy

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

09/02/2012 01:50.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Flock
Zippy's Journal
Day 1
After packing the van and doing my last speech of my campaign, I was very tired. I cuddled with my Pepperbird, then fell asleep. Pepper did ask me to remember to bring my fountain spa. I hope I remembered to put it in the van.
Around midnight there was a loud knocking. The castle guard had come to escort me to the castle. I think Miss Chirps has been talking to them, we WALKED for eggcersize. Actually, that helped me wake up again.
Pirate King SamIam was also up, looking a bit tired. He passed me the scepter and tried to give me his sword, but I told him a Pirate King needed to keep that! Then King Sam showed me where to start Miss Popeye's holographic tour, I sure hope I remember where later this morning. I asked King Sam to please stay and sleep until morning. Next George the TIGER started the official tour. He showed me THE MAGIC BANQUET TABLE, you know I'm ALWAYS hungry so I found that particularly interesting. I stayed there awhile, maybe Miss Chirps knows me too well, hehehe.
Then the castle staff showed me MY room.
Cookie and Polly were being quiet, I almost forgot about them. THEN they started giggling. The staff showed them where to sleep also. The moving van had arrived--I think that is where Cookie and Polly came from--and will be unpacked later today.
I can't wait to see WHAT LIZZIE is going to fix for lunch.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I will try very hard to be a good queen.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

09/01/2012 12:18.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
“Polly another good toy! That is quite the noisemaker.”
“Would you believe it was DAD who suggested it? Then, later, skinbro said the same thing.”
“Maybe they thought they would not be here when you played it, hehehe.”
“Listen while I plaaaaay, my green tamborine!”
“Polly its not GREEN. AND dad wants all these instruments packed up, he is tired of tripping over them,”
“Do you think we could get mom to help us? There are 30 of them!”

Today I would like to thank all those birds who have helped me so much this month. Thank you for voting for me, each and every vote helps.
I especially thank:

Those with tag lines for Zippy
PEPPER (my Pepperbird who gave up his NAME this month for ME), Oki & Baby—my new friends, Chica, Cookie, Pirate King SamIam, Boo Boo, Hulk, Gizmo, Falco, Tooth, Sugar, Kaji, Angel Coach Duty, and of course Kiddo who also coached and encouraged me throughout this campaign. Taz had a special note to vote for me on his page.

There are a number of birds that helped me with my campaign speeches, so I'd like to thank: for
Information and stories: Popeye—Sunny's tour, Alex's tail kicking, BCHomeland security,
Kiddo information about LOTS of BC/castle history, Kaji for Lizzie's story, Norman about baseball history, Miss Eva lots of BC/castle history.

SamIam for having Zippy as part of the treasure hunt, and suggestions on HOW to run for BOTM. Pearl & Silver for tips on how to campaign.

Cookie for a couple 'guest' appearances for background music.

Please forgive me if I've forgotten WHAT YOU did special for me, I have had SO MUCH help.

Thank you for the time you've spent with me. Whether or not I get to the castle, this has been one fun month of learning and getting to know you birds. AGAIN, thank you for your votes.


PS I FORGOT the magic music room on some pages yesterday! Also Kiddo reminded me about the sometimes MOAT. Miss Popeye had it filled with SALSA at one party.
And Norman said “I think the Moocher Ducks put in a golf course when they were in the castle.”

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/31/2012 12:40.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Flock
“Polly why did you bring a table with holes and strings??? Is it your INSTRUMENT?”
“You got it Zippy! This is a hammered dulcimer. I get to bang on it—something I like doing.”
“That sounds pretty! What will you play?”
“If you are planning to review, I thought I'd play Memories.”
“Greyt choice.”

Today will be a bit boring. I thought I better make a list of some of the areas we visited around the castle. I don't want to forget what to look for!
"Self guided tour" of the completely handicap accessible castle, with 72 holigraphic stations
Angel Wings Toy Shoppe
Bailey Memorial Flight Cage (for Raptors)
Banquet table
Bowling Alley
Castle Coach, probably 'garage'
Coach Duty Wildlife Center
Dance Studio
Dragon Cave (Complete with Lizzie)
Dungeon, with Coke machine and suit of armor, and NO “presance” thanks to Alex!
Gallery of Artistic Avatars
Go kart track including one beak operated kart
Hospital Room
Ice skating rink
Juke Box with music from every era
Jungle room (with George the Tiger and Gary Gorilla)
Large modern kitchen
Magic Music room
Observatory on top of the rear tower
Portrait of Turk
Saint Francis Chapel
Throne room


Horse stalls with 20 horses currently, plus Bailey's (now Chyna's) office
Race track
Pig pens
more gardens
peanut bed
River to sea

Thank you for your patience with me, and your support. I have learned a LOT. PLEASE anybird who knows, remembers other spots. Let me or the Castle page know. Thank you again.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/30/2012 11:01.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
Please forgive my tardiness. Mom had a meeting last night, then had to mow the lawn before letting me campaign today.
“Polly, you took your toys apart!”
“No, I got these SPECIAL for today. Look, my toys are all the way I left them; a bit chewed up, but the bells are still attached.”
“So what ARE these from?”
“The music room, of course! You strike them in a pattern and you have a melody.”
“Show me.”
Polly starts ringing “On top of Spaghetti.”

Today I'd like to mention a bit about the castle environs. There are several businesses. You know the
Angel Wing Toy Shoppe page #158100, is in the castle, as is The Gallery of Artistic Avian Avatars page#101296 as well as The St. Francis Memorial Chapel page#174314. Olly's Proud Bird Pie Shop Page#162867, The Pampered Feather Spa page#199578, The Pretty Rose Flower Shop page#188440, < And the Beak Goes On Supper Club page#52987 (Reservations Recommended), Martini Bar page#180143, The Kissing Booth (currently the kissing beach) page#163138, and of course the Thirsty Parrot Bar & Grill –TPB&G page#171712 (meet you there after the game!) which is right next door to the kissing beach are all in the castle neighborhood. I'd like to mention that Olly's Proud Bird Pie Shop has TURK on the sign. He really was a greyt chef, and not only Lizzie looked 'up' to him.
Recently Peekaboo's Pasta Palace page#239439 was built “across from the Thirsty Parrot Bar and Grill, with the Bathing Birdies Club's building and Charlie and the Lardfeathers band studio on either side. We are also very near the Proud Bird Pie Shop and the Pretty Rose Flower Shop, and a few blocks from the Kissing Beach .”

(numbers are the page#)
Other 'businesses' on Bird Channel include: Calendar page 190654, 10 Grand Hall of Fame Club 197082, The Baseball Page 123746--to see some of the history of birdie baseball, BC Department Of Homeland Security~~~Director Popeye 40498, The Bird Channel News 190464, Broken Wings, Broken Promises 232121, Milonga Page 165848 where we have our many of our parties, usually located in or near the castle because we want LIZZIE!, Name That Tune Page 231616. Please forgive me for those I have forgotten. We have many busy and creative birds!

Kevlar Memorial Stadium page #239836, has some sort of connection with the castle. It is where the All Stars game was held and where we will be playing next season.

Thank you for your votes and support. (And thank you Sugar for your listing of sites on BC)

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/29/2012 11:04.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Franny & Flock
“Polly, are you constructing or Deconstructing today?”
“What do you mean Zippy?”
“WELL, you are carrying a TOOL, tho' I don't see your tool belt.”
“For today, this is an INSTRUMENT of music! Did you know you can play it? It is something like a violin.”
“I need to hear this.”

Today I will let Miss Popeye tell us about the formation of BC Homeland Security. Once set up in the castle, there has to be security.

It's Popeye.
Well, way back before BC Homeland Security there was the BCSS, Bird Channel Secret Service. When I found out that they needed officers I joined the Bird Channel, back in September of 2007. I signed up for BCSS and soon after, my sister Calico also signed up, too. The BCSS is was in the same place as the BC Homeland Security offices are now. Only there was nothing above ground and you entered through a hidden elevator in the storeroom of the pie shop.
Well, through the next few years, Calico and I worked our way up through the ranks and soon we were in top management. When the director's position opened up I was given the job
In 2010 I had to deal with a dilinquent budgie. It was messy and a lot of the BCSS came out in the open. Many birdies didn't like the secrets and covert operations, even though nothing bad was going on. After other issues, I had gone through enough and went to BOTM RaneBeau, and requested that he disolve the BCSS. He relunctlly did so. From that time on, there was no law enforcement on the BC and problems with outsiders became a problem.
Because of the problems, My sister Calico, who was BOTD on June 1st, 2010 she wrote a royal proclimation, forming The Bird Channel Department of Homeland Security and named me as the Director. You can read the Royal Proclimation on my page. It's printed under my main profile picture. There were to be no secrets and everything would be out in the open, for all to see. We built the cammand center where the old one was. Only difference is that there is a big building behind the pie shop, where there are community meeting rooms, a gym for all to use and all security agents are in uniform and drive marked patrol cars. You can see pictures of everything in my picture gallery.
I named Jenny-Lynn Dallas as my deputy director and Calico as my Chief of Operations. We just graduated our third acadamey class and sister Ginger is one of our new reserve agents, assigned to search and rescue opts.
Well, that's the story fo BC security.

Thank you again Miss Popeye.
AND thank YOU for your vote and support.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/28/2012 10:07.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
“Polly, What do you have today?”
“THIS is a bass violin. It has a nice deep sound.”
“It is HUGE”
“Yes, its kind of heavey too, TALK FAST!”

Just a bit more on Baseball.

Since the Mighty Macaws are BIG, they were always accused of using SIZE to get an advantage when playing, so the 'No Flying Around the Bases Rule' was created. I wonder what Miss Jenny Lynn and the Zons thought about that, with their 'tude.

With so many birds wanting to play, there were LOTS of teams. The Senegal Savages split into 2 teams—9 with the original name and the rest becoming the Super Sennies. Then there was a Mixed Pois team, 'Da Pois N Dem'. The Greys became 2 CAG and 1 TAG teams. The Zons also became 2 teams. All games were played using numbers and 12 baseball probabilities ie: strike out, triple, home run etc. The hard part was writing the play by plays.WHAT a lot of coordination and work for Norman's mom and Asha's dad.

Then Asha died, and then her dad, Mr. Tim. It was sad, and hard. A fter a period of mourning, a shortened season was tried. It is a LOT of work to run the Birdie Bazbol.

Thank you to Noman for the history of Birdie Baseball. Thank you for your votes.

PS I was wondering how Lizzie could get to the ballgames, this is what Kaji told me:
“there is a magical connection to the Castle grounds, so Lizzie can always go to the Stadium with no trouble. Thank heavens, cuz she was one of the Cheerleaders for Da Pois'N'Dem!! I can't explain how she can do it, but she can. And gosh, everyone is glad cuz she always brings snacks “


Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/27/2012 05:42.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Flock, today's installment
“Polly What Is That Huge Thing? Youv'e been getting BIG toys lately!”
“Hi Zippy. Think you could give me a wing? This is an Alpen horn. Can't wait to get my beak on it!”
“Sure we're not just going to add it to our perch collection?”
“NOT until I get to try playing it!”

There has always been 'trash talk' in Birdie Baseball. The first year the Zons accused the Senegals of using birdie growth hormone, and they believed it was hidden in Norman's medicine cabinet. (See Norman's profile pic—page #43401). Norman likes his medicine cabinet, so it would be possible. Another conflict occurred when a Zon, Max turned out to be a GIRL, Maxie. Because of this, all birdies need to be DNA tested. Sounds like it was LOTS of fun.

In the 2nd season, the Kevlar Keets lost half of their team over the Rainbow Bridge, they also lost almost every game they played. Norman's mom and Asha's dad got together and named the stadium for the Kevlar Keets at the World Series. The Keets also did concessions at the stadium, mostly Turk and Duty.

More to come tomorrow

Thank you so much for your support and your votes.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/26/2012 11:05.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
“ZIPPY, ZIPPY, ZIPPY!” RaneBeau is right, that is fun to say.
“What Polly, WHAT?”
“Look what the MUSIC ROOM produced for me!”
“It looks like an organ”
from the calendar page:
See ya at the KEVLAR Memorial Stadium (239836)

4:00 Eastern
3:00 Central
2:00 Mountain
1:00 Pacific

Today I thought I'd tell you a bit about the start of birdie baseball. Way, way back when, Norman's and Fortune's parronts were trash talking the NCAA Men's basketball tournament and tried to figure out a way for a birdie basketball game to settle things. Well, that just did not seem to work, so they settled for BASEBALL. The first games were played between the Senegals and the Toos. Would you believe Birdtalk's editors got involved? There was so much eggcitement, that Asha and the Zons and the Macaws wanted to play. These were the 4 original teams.
For the first couple years Norman's mom and Mr. Tim (Asha's dad) did EVERYTHIING. The second year Birdie baseball had eggspanded to 9 teams, the 3rd year it was 14 teams. LOTS OF WORK by parronts for us birds to have fun!

I will continue tomorrow.
Thank you for your votes and support.

A PS on the Jungle Room from Pirate King SamIam:

I wondered how it became to be? No wonder when I sent Mr. Kiddo's Dad a get-well gorilla, (Gary)he was put in the Jungle Room! He will fit right in a rainforest environment! HA! Even his name starts with a "G" to go with George the Tiger! I'd bet they've become close friends in there.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/25/2012 06:55.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Flock
“That sure is a weird looking instrument Polly. Are you sure you can play it?”
“Yes, Zippy. The music room does many wonderful things.”
“Do you know WHAT it is?”
“A clue is Benjamin Franklin.”
“Is that $100 USA?”
“NO. He is the inventor. This is a glass armonica.”
“Do you blow into it?”
“You play it by touching the edge of the spinning glass with dampened claws, like a crystal glass.”

When TiPaul was king he put in an amazing juke box. It has music from EVERY era. I think I want to find THAT box.
His frother Zak ran a Speedo campaign. The history started in Loch Kishorn Scotland, went to Syndney, Austrailia then on to the WORLD. There will be a pic from that amazing campaign in my gallery. You have to see Lizzie's swimwear! You might want to check his photo gallery too, page #150100.
He added a hospital room because he had a toe amputated. Polly feels for him, he is missing a toe too.
That is Zak on George in my gallery, and the trifold of Miss Maxie—I think, Zak, and LIZZIE.
A tired Zippy thanks you so very much for your votes and support.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/24/2012 10:31.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi FLOCK! Could
you please help me turn this thing?? --Polly
“Polly, you sure do like to collect different perches!”
“That BIG perch next to you.”
“NO, Zippy, this is a RAIN STICK”
“There's rain in there?”
“No, it SOUNDS like rain. Listen.” He turns the stick over, it makes a tinking sort of noise.

Remember way back at the beginning of the month I told you about the first castle wedding? While Kiddo and SweetPepper were away on their honeymoon, Kacey (SweetPepper's flockmate) and her boyfriend Mikey put in the skating rink and bowling alley at the castle as their wedding present to the new couple. The ice rink was for SweetPepper and the B.A. was for Kiddo. This began the tradition of the BOTM adding something to the castle if they so decided. It came in handy, because one of the earliest milongas was an ice dancing party and the next month was a bowling party.
However Kiddo wanted a contribution to the castle of his own, so he put in the Jungle room which if filled with rainforest type plants and a stream which ends in a fountain. The trees are specially picked for climbing, and the fountain and stream are exactly the right depth for a nice bath. Soon after the Jungle Room was finished, the BC Circus was held. Anyway Kiddo was in the circus with George the Tiger in a big cat training act. So when George told Kiddo he wanted to run away from the circus, Kiddo invited him to come live at the castle since he was so fond of birds (but in a good way, not a hungry way). Over time George become a sort of emissary or even a butler of the castle. When the BOTM comes to the castle his or her tour is conducted by George, and usually from his back.

Thank you so much for following my version of the history of the castle and BC. Thank you for your votes.

A PS from Kaji
You know, Turk was the Master Caterer. When he flew to the Rainbow Bridge, my nephew Olly took over the catering. He ran the Pie Shop, and he and Lizzie ran Turk's Dragon Catering. Then Olly flew to the Bridge. Lizzie continued to do the catering for the Milonga's and she did the catering for Mikey and Kacey's wedding. Just hearing Turk's name makes me smile, cuz Lizzie just adored Turk! She still goes to get recipes from him at the Bridge.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/23/2012 09:00.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Frannie & Flock
“Polly, what is that instrument?”
“Well, I asked for an English HORN, and this is what showed up!”
“Looks more like an overgrown oboe.”
“I think it plays like one too.”

Some of the 'other' themed milongas have included Disco, Ice Dancing, Baseball, Luau, Memorials, Country Fair—Polly raced on a pig, Water sports—Polly & I tipped in the canoe race, Pirate, Wild West—that's when Pirate King SamIam was chased for the crime he did NOT commit, a Bachelor Auction, and Beach. Recently we had the Bird Olympics. In May 2011 Bailey started the Annual Derby Milonga. The lady birds wear hats and the gentlemen place bets. Birds get to ride horses with names from former Derby winners. Polly got to race in the 2nd annual derby, he had fun. Chyna called the race this year. It was very eggciting.
There is a LOT of work and planning that goes into the milongas. Mostly this is done by Kiddo, RaneBeau, and Pringle. Sometimes there are games that we play before the party, like for the western milonga. Birds were joining with the sheriff or with Jenny Lynn Ringo's band of 'outlaws'. Pringle will sometimes collect avatars and there will be voting for which one is best, or follows a theme. Sometimes there is voting on the Artistic Avatar page. Thanksgiving had many awards for profile pictures and avatars.
These parties are usually in and around the castle. Lizzie, the chef, provides MANY wonderful foods.
Also pieces have been added to the castle to accommodate what we use for the parties. There is the barn with stalls for the race horses, and the pig barn for all the racing pigs. Yes Polly, I know you want to go visit Itsy.
There is a river besides the lake by the castle, that is where the Water sports Milonga was.
I know some birds are frustrated during Milongas because of the high 'traffic' on the page. The rule WE follow is to type our comments, (sometimes its best to copy them to the clipboard too!) and then try to post. We do get SQUAWKED, but that is where clipboard is handy. We just try again. Then there may be several threads, but it is all fun. Remember you can 'refresh' by clicking on the picture in the “Family Photos”. This will also be true for the game this Saturday. Check the calendar page for details.
Thank you for your votes,

PS Mr. RaneBeau remembers those Tango Milongas. He had a note about Turk the Chef. Turk got his start at Kelly's Masquerade Ball, remember that first party at the castle? Queen Kelly asked him to tend the mead and all. Seeing how greyt a job he did, other birds started requesting his services, this led to “Turk's Catering”. You can view him on page #26646. His mom MAY get up some of his food pics.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/22/2012 12:18.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
“Polly, a guitar? Something sort of normal?”
“Well Zippy, talking about tangos made me think Flemenco”
“Polly, you are very confusing”

Please forgive me, I found more info on the beginning of the milongas. Kiddo and Mango (source of the Mangita) spoke about the Argentinean milongas. They started a tango craze with monthly parties. Hosting was originally rotated until the Milonga de Mangita page was created. It went inactive, so Kiddo and RaneBeau started the current milonga page. Here is one of the early invitations:
Join us on the Milonga de Mangita on November 14! Sonnito and Quincito of the FLorida FLock will be your hosts for the evening with music by the Milonga Tango Trio! Fine food supplied by Turk's Dragon Catering. . .so come to eat, laugh and dance!

The evening will include a Salsa demonstration by our dear friends Kiddo and Maxie the Wonderbird. Quincito and the lovely Lolita of the NYC Gang will have a beginners Tango demonstration dance for the novices present. . . EVERYBIRDY DANCE!

Come to the Milonga de Mangita page on November 14 at 8 PM EST. We hope to see you there. . .it wouldn't be the same without you!

Spread the word!!!

Sonnito and Quincito

Picture of the castle ballroom is on the Milonga de Mangita page OR you can view it in my gallery.

Also, I had an 'update' from Miss Popeye regarding the dungeons. It apparently is now safe to complete the tour!
“There's more to the dungeon story. A little while later, my sister, Alex, made BOTD. By that time, I had put up a sign, warning all who venture into the dungion, that it is scary and could be dangerous. Well, Alex took the tour and when she got to the dungeon she said, "Hmmmm, how scary can it be and went into the dungeon. Well, it was just as it was when Sunny left; dark cold and scary. Alex walked and walked til she got to the four corners where Sunny was. She felt the presance behind her. She kept walking and soon she felt the presance getting closer and she could feel it's breath on her tail feathers. Alex stopped walking, turned around, raised her right claw and "HAIIYAAAAAA", Karate kicked the presence, head over heals, down the dark corador and out of sight. All that could be heard was screaming and yelling, that sounded something like "MOMMY, MOMMY!". The presence was never seen or heard of again.
A short while after that, I had the dungeon completely redone. Now, when you take the tour, everything is well lighted and air conditioned. I left the dongeon in it's original condition but made it into a museum. Sunny's story is displayed as well as Alex's. The suit of armour is back in it's place by the coke machine and the lever for the elevator now controls a video of the past.”

Thank you for your votes,

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/21/2012 03:04.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Flock
BLLAAATTTT “Hmmm, I need to practice this one.”
“POLLY, that is noisy!”
“It's a flugelhorn Zippy”
“I'm going to talk about DANCING”
“OK, I'll play a POLKA!”

Today I thought I'd start on Milongas since we just had one. I had wondered what MILONGA means, I found a definition at: htm

Definition: A tango dance party. Milongas originated in Buenos Aires. During a milonga, three to five songs are played in a row followed by a short musical break to give dancers a chance to find new partners. Dancers who attends milongas are called milongueros or milongueras.
The term milonga also refers to a distinct style of tango. Milonga is a faster-paced and less complex form of tango. Milonga can also refer to a musical genre.
Also Known As: Tango dance party

Which now makes sense to me, as the first milongas were all birds dancing or learning to dance the TANGO. The first ones exist on the page called Milonga de Mangita. I was unable to figure out the Mangita, which would be little Manga. (Those cartoon things???)


After moving to the current Milonga page, the parties started having themes. Often these themes reflect the 'holiday' of the month, such as Jan. is New Year, Feb. Valentine's, March St. Patrick's, July US independence, Oct. Halloween, Nov. Thanksgiving, Dec. Christmas etc. If you would like I can give a list of the themes I found soon. (Let me know, cause it would just be a list)

Thank you so much for your continued support. Your votes are keeping me working, hehehe.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/20/2012 10:08.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Story is in 2 parts today
Polly is eggcited to hear the rest of Queen Sunny's story and this time pulls out ANOTHER theramin, that was what he used yesterday. Today's looks more like Dr. Sheldon Cooper's theramin. But he will not play the Star Trek theme, instead he does the 'Twilight Zone' theme.
“Polly, you don't mean Sheldon, the CAG that dad got for mom, do you?”
“NO, that is a puppet NAMED for the character on the Big Bang Theory.
Zippy calls, “Popeye, will you continue the story? Thank you for telling us!”

Queen for a Day part 2
Queen Sunny reaches an area where there are no lights at all. She feels very strange, like someone is watching her. She feels a cold wind through her feathers and knows she is not alone. All of a sudden she feels something brush against her tale feathers and she starts to run. "AAAAAAAAGH HELP AHHHHHHHGH!
She reaches an intersection where there are four ways to go. Back the way she came. "NO"! Right, left or straight ahead. Sunny looks to the right. Nothing but darkness. She looks to the left. Nothing but darkness. She looks straight ahead. Ah Hah, she sees a faint red glow off in the distance. Behind her she hears heavy breathing. No time to loose! Sunny starts running straight ahead.
Queen Sunny runs toward the faint red glow. The red glow gets brighter and brighter. Behind her she feels the presence getting closer and closer. Sunny keeps running.
When she reaches the red glow she sees that it is a Coke machine. Sunny's memory flashes back to when Jack was BOTW. He got lost in the dungeon and Popeye was able to lead him out by telling him to look for a suit of armor standing by a coke machine. Popeye told Jack that there was a lever next to the suit of armor and to pull it down. She franticly looks around. No suit of armor. But wait, what's this? It looks like it could be a lever. In a frantic effort, Sunny pulls the lever and a panel slides open revealing an elevator. Sunny pushes the call button and the door opens. She rushes inside just as the presence reaches her. The door closes as the presence slams into the elevator door. As the elevator starts to move upward Sunny hears a muffled voice say "Ouch. Darn".

The elevator slowly comes to a stop. Sunny stands at the back of the car, beak and claws ready. The door opens and she finds herself in an area just outside the main kitchen. She has been here many times at parties, bringing food to the main hall. As she exits the elevator she thinks to herself, "I always wondered where that elevator went".
Queen Sunny rushes into the ladies room to check herself. She looks into the mirror and is horrified by the way she looks. She says to herself, "Geeez, I must have been scared out of my wits". Then she notices the worst. "Oh no, I wet my feathers".
Sunny spends what seems like hours cleaning herself up when she realizes it is early evening. The tour took longer than she figured it would. She hurries out of the ladies room and outside so she can, at least, look around the grounds

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/19/2012 11:09.40 AM Report This Comment  
Queen Sunny just finishes touring the castle grounds when she hears the royal time keeper ring the dinner chimes. She realizes that she didn't have any lunch so she hurries to the royal dining room.
In the royal dining room she is greeted by her royal staff and presented with what seems to be the most elegant feast she has ever seen. She is so hungry that she gobbles down every morsel, including dissert.
After dining, Sunny excuses herself and heads for Maxie's fashion party to meet up with her sisters, Calico and Alex.
Just before midnight, Sunny returns to the castle and makes herself ready for the passing of the scepter ceremony at midnight.
She makes her way to the royal throne room where she awaits her successor.
Soon, the door opens and Waddles, the next Bird Of The Day walks into the room and bows to Queen Sunny. Sunny returns the bow and passes the scepter to the new BOTD. Sunny then makes her way out to the main yard of the castle. She sees Popeye waving to her.
"Hey Sunny, I came to give you a ride home". "Wow, you look tired, hey did you take my castle tour? How'd you like the dungeon? I made it pretty scary didn't I".
With that, Sunny walks up to Popeye and punches her right square in the beak.
"No thanks, I'll walk"!


Thank you kindly for your support and votes.
Zippy, praying for Miss Eva

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/19/2012 11:09.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
“Polly, what DO you HAVE?”
“Believe it or not, this IS an instrument”
“I don't think I believe it”
“You know that sci-fi show the skins like? Dr. Who? This is the instrument that plays the theme”
“I still don't get it”
Polly starts the Dr. Who theme.

First off a tip for those birds who will be attending the ball game for the first time. (You can get there by page #, typing Kevlar in the Bird eClub profile tab, or use my or the Calendar page aviary)
There will be LOTS of chatter. To easily refresh the page, in the family photo section click on the Kevlar Memorial Stadium picture . This is the quickest way to do so.

Today I'm going to let Popeye start the tale of his fister's BOTD. Sunny is another bird that has flown to the Rainbow Bridge and is missed.

When I was BOTW I built an observatory on top of the rear tower. But I also installed a "self guided tour" of the castle, with 72 holigraphic stations. At each station an image of me appears and I tell you about that part of the castle. Well, shortly after I was BOTW, my late sister, Angel Sunny won BOTD. She decided to take the tour but there was an area where not quite all the bugs were worked out. It's a fun story with a little scary part.
Queen for a Day part 1
It is late. Queen Sunny wakes up from a restful sleep and for a minute, doesn't realize where she is. As her eyes clear she realizes that she is at the castle, in the royal sleeping chambers. She is Bird Of The Day. She pinches herself to make sure she isn't dreaming. OUCH! No, she's not dreaming it's real.
Queen Sunny quickly readies herself for a late breakfast. She rushes to the royal dining hall where she is greeted by her staff, some of whom she met the night before. She sits down for a scrumptious breakfast and then sets out to tour the castle. She has only been in the public dinning areas during dances and parties. She knows there is so much more to see.
As she enters the main courtyard Queen Sunny remembers the self guided tour holograms that Popeye installed when she was BOTW. "What a great way to see the castle", she thinks.
She makes her way to the first hologram station and an image of Popeye appears. "Hello Sunny, welcome to the tour" the hologram says.
Sunny is taken aback by the fact that the hologram knows who she is. She listens to the first hologram and follows the instructions and continues to each hologram, each one explaining a different part of the castle.
All is fine until Queen Sunny reaches the part of the tour that winds its way through the jails and the dungeons. Sunny thinks to herself, "how bad can it be?" So she continues on the tour.
Queen Sunny enters the long winding staircase that leads down to the dungeons. It continues to get darker and darker. At the bottom of the staircase there is a sign. The sign reads, "WARNING" The sounds and images in the dungeon are very realistic. If you scare easily, do not continue. "Hummmph!" Sunny says, "I'm tough, I can take it." So, Queen Sunny co

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/18/2012 10:01.14 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Flock
“Polly, not ANOTHER drum!”
“But listen Zippy, this a very pretty drum.”
“It looks banged up.”
“No, those dings are very precisely placed, LISTEN.”
“That is nice. Hmmm a steel drum ”

Today I will mention Chi Chi's campaign. We had so MUCH fun. Chi Chi must be related to Maxie the Wonderbird. She danced, and danced, and danced all month. She gave out feather boas one day. She danced the Can-Can for each bird for their votes. Another day she handed out her much admired feathers for each vote. Another day she gave us garters from right off her lovely legs, plus DRINKS. Miss Chi Chi mentioned to me that she used her boing to practice dancing. She danced so much, she wore out her dancing shoes. While purchasing new ones, she left word that anybird who voted for her should receive a pair also. One night we could dance with her stuffed lion, I think he was dry after his trip into the water bowl. Then she had us do the 'Scoot Boot Boogie'. We had drinks in the saloon since it was the month of the Western Milonga. Pirate King Sam, who was then a 'cow'-bird, was being chased by the marshalls because he was accused of a crime he did NOT commit. It was fun watching how he'd disguise himself. In the meantime, Jenny Lynn collected a gang to break her Alfie out of jail. There was a lot happening at that Milonga.
With all the dancing, of course a dance studio was constructed in the castle.

I still covet your votes. Thank you

PS A note from Miss Chirps yesterday:
By the way, the largest kazoo factory in the world is in Chili, NY,(Pronounced with long 'I's). It's a suburb of Rochester, NY.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/17/2012 10:13.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Frannie & Flock
I'd like to apologize for our tardiness today. MOM HAD to go mow the lawn before it rained, and COULDN'T be coerced into being our typist before it was done.

“Polly, you got a new TOY, it looks like it would be fun to destroy!”
“NO! This is for today's background. Its a kazoo.”
“It's from that city in Michigan???”
“I know we here in Michigan sometimes call Kalamazoo 'Kazoo' for short, but NO. It is a funny instrument. You hum into it to get vibrations and tone.”
Polly starts humming “Roses are Red” and finds that he joined by his buddy COOKIE.

We come to Falco's campaign. Falco, mistress of flowers. We learned about all kinds of flowers. Mom (skinMom) was especially pleased to see about brown- and black-eyed Susans. While she was in the castle, Falco planted a wide variety of gardens. Please take a walk around the castle grounds and enjoy the beauty. The castle is always in a pleasant climate, so the flowers bloom year round.

Next Polly has a large cage with a BIRD on top of Zippy's wagon.
“Polly, WHAT ARE YOU doing?”
“I thought you would be talking about Willie today, and I helped BUILD when he was Emperor”
“SO...Why the bird? I don't like being jailed!”
“The cage is for protection, after the background music is done, I will release him”
“BUT WHY do you need the bird?”
“Just wait a minute. Mr. Lyre, please go thru your repertoire.” Soon Polly and Zippy hear a chain saw. “That is what I was going for!”

Willie is Miss Falco's frother. He campaigned by taking us on tour, complete with photos, of the nature center where his skinMom volunteers. We got to see ALL kinds of animals, babies who needed care, teaching animals that were too injured to be released, birds, mammals, reptiles. That was an eggciting month.
We, Polly & I, say Willie is an Emperor because his BOTM photo looked like a Roman Caesar. He was also known as King. During his reign a number of birds helped to build the Coach Duty Wildlife Center. Now there is a place for any animals that needs help on BC. I believe this was during the time of the Western Milonga prep. Our current King had been WRONGLY accused of a crime and was going around incognito, during which time he assisted in this construction. We also lost a dear friend, Bailey, a special friend of Miss Falco. This is the proclamation Emperor Willie made:


Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/16/2012 12:42.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Frannie & Flock
Zippy, tho' a very brave bird—witness how often she dares Polly's beak to steal pellets—is cowering behind her 'treasure' box.
Polly yells “ZIPPY, Where are YOU?”
Zippy lets out a VERY quiet chirp.
“I'm ready to play today.” He starts playing 'I am a fine musician, I practice every day...'
“Polly, WHERE are you?”
He squeezes the accordion closed and squints over the top. “Come on out, Zippy. This is the instrument of the day. Its dad's favorite.”
Zippy cautiously comes from behind the box to tell us today's story.

Being the middle of the month, or close, today I thought I'd let you in on HOW Polly is getting all these instruments. The only one he brought from the flock was skinbro's panpipes.
Way, way, back in BC history, Floop was our sovereign. During his reign he built the MUSIC room. This room has within it a wall that produces every imaginable instrument. Once Pirate King SamIam and the Scruffy Birds visited the room.
Talking to SamIam's mom, my mom was informed of the magic music room. Once upon a time Sam and the Scruffy Birds got into it. Every time an instrument was taken down, a different one appeared in its place. Now you know the Scruffy Birds in the band, they are playful and mischievous. Pretty soon there was a rather LARGE collection of instruments. Sam went thru quite a lot to find a good school to 'dump' them. Of course he left a note saying the instruments were for the school from the Scruffy Birds of BC.
But the music room is much more than magically appearing instruments, even tho' that was what gott the Scruffy Birds' attention. It is soundproofed, and there is a stage to try out the instruments. There is a piano, guitar and drum set and microphones and stands that cannot be packed away. When visiting the castle be sure to try out the music room, with the soundproofing you will not disturb anybird or embarrass yourself with trying the various instruments.
If you check my gallery today, you will see King Floop and 4 pictures of the music room.

As always, I thank you kindly for your votes and appreciate your continued support.

Come visit me, Polly; Summertime! & Zippy; WOW, Thank You Friends for this honor!.

08/15/2012 09:53.29 AM Report This Comment  
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