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Congo African Grey from Rock Island, IL
Ms LaLo-Waiting for the County Fair, such fun!

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LaLo and I have been pals for years, and when Flash needed a home, and due to my failing health, I thought LaLo would be better off living at the McFlock home, but l missed her from the start and Flash was determined not to be my friend! When it was obvious that he and Denise were very compatible, we talked it over and decided to make the swap! Flash is Happy, and I got my cuddle bug back, everybody is a winner! The major downside is, for the first time in 17 years, I will not be able to experience the true love of a Cockatoo, and yes, I will miss Flash but the swap was for him, not me...

Love from Ms LaLo, Chuck, & the Flash
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Hi! My name is Ms LaLo-Waiting for the County Fair, such fun!

I am a Congo African Grey from Rock Island, IL.

Kissy face, daddy's girl, and daddy's chin candy...

12 years old   F

Congo African Grey

Broccoli, corn on the cob,aunt Betty's birdie bread, sweet potatoes plain, unsalted peanuts, pasta, and scrambled eggs...

On the perch on the on the door of Jenny's old cage and on then cage ad play gym Flash left behind! She has a multitude of choices where to play, but she like to always be able to see me, she is never in a cage

She stays separated from Jen, but they get along better now...for which I am thankful…

Dad's crazy, I do no like the green witch...

He loves me to pieces, and I have a huge free roaming play area, and lots of cardboard to chew on, and I do that all day long! My daddy provides for me a wonderful life, and for that, I love him dearly...

She is by far the sweetest and lovingest bird that has ever come into our home, I missed her a lot during the 6 months she stayed at aunt Denise's home, and if you pick her up, she has to kiss you, I love it... Much like my Angel Christy, she doesn't talk, but if you knew her, you would know she don't have to, to convey her love and happiness....

I love, & love to be loved, and I give and get plenty of both, live life to the fullest, time is our most precious commodity, don't waste any of it....

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  Hello Lalo
I just sent SKY to rope two horses, One for you and one for Sam I Am. No fear about all that french. I might have to use a little, but I am not partial to the french myself, so fear-not, ENGLISH is our preferred language. After all I am a Canadian bird--speak English--GEESHHHHHH!
Angel Girl

Come visit me, rally and lacie, poncho botd 24/3/14, Jack, thank you all for BOTD, sassy, Casper, you fought a good fight l'il man, amando, sky, Angel Lupe', I will see you again!, l'il angel adler, dixie's wife-bird, broken wings, broken promises, casey, LittleAngel & Dixie's wedding album, Jesse, thank you for BOTD everyone!, flynn, ANGEL GIRL, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN SEPTEMBER, sarah little bird, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, QUEEN ZEENA, thanks for BOTM AUGUST & sweetie, thank you friends for BOTD.

09/01/2014 03:29.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Oh, do you look beautiful with that face paint!! Oh you poor daddy with the PT--every time our dad went to PT they hurt him more to the point where the VA discontinued the sessions for him. We all pray that your daddy is feeling better this weekend and you are all enjoying the holiday. Miranda and I have just finished breakfast with the parronts so it is high time mom started with our room service. Lazy mom, taking it real slow today. Then tomorrow more lockdown because the parronts have dad's VA appointment (hopefully will straighten out both their heads eggspecially mom and her worry phase) and then mom has to go to work, boo hiss. I hope she gets out early so we can all get out! Love and winghugs, CuBird

Come visit me, Carter-Justice For Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 8/28/14, Doo Diligence-Justice for Ozzi, Cookie-Justice For Ozzi-thank you for BOTD 7/31/14, Charlie-Thank you for making me BOTD 10-29-13, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/13, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-13, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/16/13, Joshua Chico Justice for Ozzi, Blue-Justice for Ozzi, Moggie -Justice for Ozzi, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird -Justice for Ozzi, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda -Justice for Ozzi, Captain Darling-RIP 5/19/2014 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

09/01/2014 10:18.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey There Miss Lalo!
Wasn't that a fun Milonga last night? Oh, it was just the best to me! I hope you had a greyt time, too!

Today, Mom had some work to do in the kitchen & when she was finished doing whatever Mom's do with pencils & papers, she came over where I was hanging out on the seed guard & she sat on the floor next to me. I had her scratch my head & it really was quite wonderful. It wasn't long until her mate called & said he was coming home from his motorcycle ride. So, when Mom took that call, this bird was doing the Sammy Two Toe Shuffle & Slide around the seed guard. I was on the backside of the cage when I listened to Mom's convo. I usually hear the phone announce that it's Bob on the line & I automatically go inside my cage! Mom doesn't even have to ask me anymore!

Well, here I am on the backside & Mom calls me with her sweet song voice to come to her. She called & called for me to come. I finally replied to her, "don't wanna!" Then a little while went by and I just said the word, "trap!" Mom fell over sideways laughing. She's never heard me use those words before!! ANY of them! But I certainly did & communicated that her mate was just going to have to come in another way. I got to stay out 2 full hours more.

I did head in when Mom took my food dish out to serve up some bake potato with veggies, (peppers, peas, & carrots) mixed in with the potato. When I knew I was going to be getting food, Mom didn't even have to ask me & I was inside my cage in 2 seconds! Hahahaha!

Hope you have a nice evening of rest tonight. Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/31/2014 10:26.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Ms Lalo Tell Your Good Poppa To Rest....
...and if he can manage the Milonga then do but not to stress out if he can't! We understand completely about COPD. Mom's grandpa had emphysema & father-in-law had COPD. Both of them quit smoking in their early 40's and still it damaged them severely.

You & your entire flock are such a joy to have around & you will be missed but not in a "bad" way at all. Just help your good Poppa get better & sometimes the best medicine for that is rest.

Hugs to all, SamIAm & Aunt Robin

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/30/2014 12:34.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Miss Lalo!
Well, it's finally here! Today's the Milonga County Fair! It's just going to be a blast! Pig races, face painting, pie eating, carnival rides & games, I can't believe it!! Let's go have a ton of fun! I'll see ya there! Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/30/2014 08:13.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Another day, another opportunity to find something to get into. I never pass up on a chance to get in trouble.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/29/2014 02:23.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lal
We had a big cooling of yesterday, cause it only hit 90. Gosh, that's so much better than the last few weeks when we managed to hit 100 several days.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/28/2014 01:36.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey, Miss Lalo! I'm BAAACK!! I Hope Not Like....
...a bad penny! Thanks for all the nice cards, calls, prayers & wellness thoughts for my Mom. She thought she'd never shake that lupus/RA flare. It didn't help at all because of that infected tooth. Any infection or illness, she's to stop taking the RA medicine. She's to leave it out of her medication taking until 2 weeks after the antibiotic in finished. That ended up being 3 weeks of no medicine to keep that RA in check. Once she started it up again, that's when she thought she should be getting better, instead she felt worse. That's because that kind of medicine has to "build up" to be effective in warding off the RA symptoms. She told me her hair even hurt! She couldn't even get out of bed some days. But she would try everyday. When she really felt terrible it was because her fever was so high. It would swing back & forth between 101 & 102. She had called her doctor about that & he was wondering if the tooth problem had come back. So, she had to be run up to the dentist's office just to rule that out. Thank goodness, it was all okay. Mom sure didn't want anymore drilling for China going on in her mouth again. It was just healing up nicely. Anyway, Mom has heard that somethings that are just the run of the mill everyday things that humans will go through, that it might be a bit harder for her because of her illnesses. This is the first significant trouncing she has taken from dental work. Her immune system is run by the 3 Stooges & she's quite sure of it! Things it's suppose to do, it does the opposite of it or goes overboard doing too much. Mom's glad it's over with & is now trying to "catch up". She went to her email & it was a thousand plus emails in there. She almost went back to bed seeing that many! I had to coax her out with me saying cutie things to her like, "come have a birdy day!" and also, "I want some toast!" I thought expressing my needs would kick start the "Mom instinct" in her to help her along. It's worked some.

Well, I think I better ask for some "treats" before it gets too close to dinner time.

Can't wait for this Saturday! Piggy races are going to be so awesome! Good luck to all! Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/27/2014 12:06.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
We moan and groan about how hot it is, what will we do when old man winter shows his ugly face. FREEZE?

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/27/2014 12:44.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
I try to ignore him, but he keeps pestering me. And I can't fly away from him either. Bummer.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/26/2014 12:38.22 AM Report This Comment  
  hi Lalo
Well I fixed him for the torture. I just ignored him all day. I don't get mad, I get even, ha ha ha.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/25/2014 12:40.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
It was Saturday, the day of DOOM and GROOM. None of us we very pleased, and fought the three of them the best we could. BUT, wrapped in a towel, not much could be done to ward them off. Nails, Wings, and Beak, what a rotten way to start a lovely day. I will get even.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/24/2014 12:47.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
A policeman pulled a female driver over and asked to see her license. After looking it over, he said to her, "Lady, it stipulates here on your license that you should be wearing glasses." "Well, I have contacts," the woman replied. "look lady, I don't care who you know," snapped the Officer. "You're getting a ticket."

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/23/2014 12:45.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
We're off to a really late start. Pops slept in until after 4AM which is a miracle in itself. Must be a lack of coffee.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/21/2014 01:38.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
In Heave there is no BEERR, that's why we drink it here. hee hee.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/20/2014 01:00.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
I am just getting back into blogs! I have missed squawking with everybirdy! How is your sweet daddy doing? Our dad is slowly improving and mom is a little more at ease. Miranda and I have been out for breakfast and have been watching movies with dad. Boy, does that make our fister Cookie mad! But then that little brat get her daddy time as well. I guess we all have to share. Love and winghugs, CuBird

Come visit me, Carter-Justice For Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 8/28/14, Doo Diligence-Justice for Ozzi, Cookie-Justice For Ozzi-thank you for BOTD 7/31/14, Charlie-Thank you for making me BOTD 10-29-13, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/13, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-13, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/16/13, Joshua Chico Justice for Ozzi, Blue-Justice for Ozzi, Moggie -Justice for Ozzi, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird -Justice for Ozzi, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda -Justice for Ozzi, Captain Darling-RIP 5/19/2014 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

08/19/2014 02:50.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
The day the world runs out of beer.... is just too terrible to think about.

sometimes I sit quietly and wonder why I am in a Mental Asylum, then I take a good look around at everybody and realize, MAYBE I ALREADY AM !

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/19/2014 12:47.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning Dear Lalo
Always love a woman for her personality! They have like 10, so you can choose.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/18/2014 12:55.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
How was the meeting. did Dad have a good time, and flirt with all the ladies.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/17/2014 01:40.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
I was going to ask for your wing in marriage but then Uncle chuck would be our father in law. Ah, ah, ah, hee hee.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/16/2014 01:12.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Lady Lalo!
What do you know for this day? I know I'm having a BLAST on my rope knot that used to be a perch until I killed it & now it just dangles down from that white thing that holds it to the cage! I've been making mounds of threads on the bottom of my cage, seed guard, and Mom's kitchen floor. Lots of pretty colors.....everywhere!!! heehee! Mom just sighs when she looks at me. But I'm all into what I'm working on. Which is the whole thing being dismantled into a nice big heaping pile of threads!

I think Mom's coming over with some snacks! Isn't that thoughtful! I have been working very hard today. Squawk later with ya! Hugs to all, SamIAm

PS: TGIF, Lalo!

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/15/2014 10:55.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Jetta's One Liners For Everyday Use.

Even Duct Tape can't fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.

I could be a morning person, if morning happened around Noon.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/15/2014 12:13.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Me again. coffee on the desk, pops half awake. Can it get any better than this. Sometimes I wonder.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/14/2014 12:23.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Lalo! Sam Props Himself On Her Cage Door...
....Yep, I've already been here & talked about last year's baseball season. Had a greyt time reminiscing with you. Then I proceeded to tell you what a huge surprise that befell Mom Saturday evening, late, that her son & his children were coming over to let Mom & her mate have their very first birthday celebration with the youngest one, Joel. He turned 4. They were going to be over on Monday morning & stay the day. Sunday they had to jump out of bed running when their feet hit the floor because Mom had nothing prepared for a 4 year old's birthday party!! They were out like a whirlwind! Monday, the kids arrived more around noonish but Mom was so happy that she was hiding the tears that she couldn't help to shed. It was a loud, active, crazy day but Mom loved every minute of it. Lots of hugs & kisses & goodbyes, and soon Mom & her mate were just us again. They were wore out but in a good way! It took Mom 2 days to get things straightened back up even though she was very tired, she smiled the whole time she cleaned up. Humans are truly funny creatures. I don't think I'll ever figure them out.

The BC is always messing us up, especially when we come here to your page. I don't understand it at all but it's just messed up. It ate my blog for you, again, and Mom's too old to remember how she just wrote it! It's like pouring a glass of water, she can't make it exactly the same way twice without seeing it. It's always better the first time she writes it. Sorry about that.

Hugs to all & big "howdy" to your good Poppa, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/13/2014 09:15.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Siiver Slugger Coach Sam, from LaLo
...but that was in the good ol' days, boy do I ever miss all the baseball friendships, and good times we all had We are still having unseasonable cooler weather at our home, and to us it feels really good, but we know you are all warm weather worshippers! Every thing went well for dad at the VA appointment yesterday, the major concern was his Potassium levels and he has brought the numbers up to acceptable levels and the visiting nurse is scheduled for today, but dad might cancel that one! Happy hump day dear friends, and give my love to all in your home, see ya tomorrow...

Love from a trail driving Ms LaLo & the Dallas family

Come visit me, Ziggy & Hambone at the Fair~We're in it to win it, Jen Lynn~My new banker face, pretty cool huh!!, Limon Dallas~Thanks for BOTD, I love my new home!, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, QUEEN ANGEL CHRISTY~Thanks for the honor of BOTD, Ms LaLo-Waiting for the County Fair, such fun! & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

08/13/2014 07:14.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Jetta was here, have a wonder day.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/13/2014 01:01.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
We're BOTH too BIG to be able to use that house for anything other than a decoration.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/12/2014 01:25.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Lovely Lalo
YOU want to kiss ME? That would be just fine and dandy, but if you think for one minutes, I would ALLOW Daddy Chuck's Jack Daniels breath even close to me, WRONG. Not going to happy my dear. I'd rather kiss Pop's, ha ha ha.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/11/2014 02:29.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Lalo
Ah, life as we know it has returned to normal. Mom's sister and her 'lovely' kids are gone, and quiet is once more. Hope they call next time before they stop, so I can go visit someone, and leave mom to fend for herself.

Come visit me, Cinn-A-Bun.

08/11/2014 07:41.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lao
Too late to re-instate the pages, can't be done according to the powers that be. But for the time being, I will be here if for no other reason than to be a thorn in some people sides. You know what a stubborn old man can be like, and once he makes up his mind, you'd rather fight a pack of pit bulls than argue with pops. Only way to add the departed is to put them on my page, and I don't like to share. So life goes on...

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/10/2014 11:12.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Middle of the night, and up already. For what I ask you? Maybe to get ready for the Orlando Bird Show. Naw, mainly cause he can't sleep.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/09/2014 12:25.35 AM Report This Comment  
  hi Lalo
Making plans to send Mom and Dad to the Orlando Bird Show on Sunday. One of our favorites, and we look forward to it a lot.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/08/2014 12:42.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey There Ms. Lalo!!
I want you to know Mom came by last night to leave a blog for you to read this morning & the blasted BC wouldn't take it !!! So she C/P and kept it for this later morning time. Maybe it won't be so "picky" & allow her to post it. It wasn't anything too long or all that important. It is just frustrating to try to say "hello" and then it just sits there & times out. Here it comes (since nothing has really transpired here of being noteworthy since then!)

Lots of crazy rain hit a friend of Mom's down there in Naples, Florida. Rained like 6 inches in one hour!! Filled up parking lots & streets & well, instead of being sea level, it was mostly underwater! Mom's friend really does have an airboat & he actually used it to help his family & neighbors who were stuck & needing rescue. Some had heart problems & well, with the weather looking like it was, they began to have problems right then! Can you imagine having to go to the ER via airboat?? Sheesh! I hope Florida doesn't end up sinking into the sea! We have lots of good friends down there, human & feathered, too.

How has the newbie been coming along? I hope he begins to love it there very soon. He sure has some nice colors on his noggin'. Not as nice as your pretty red feathers, Ms. Lalo, but they are striking. I hope you two become greyt friends.

Hugs for all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/07/2014 07:54.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
NEW YORK (AP) — Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of Internet heists affecting 420,000 websites, according to a report published Tuesday.

The thievery was described in a New York Times story based on the findings of Hold Security, a Milwaukee firm that has a history of uncovering online security breaches.

Hold Security didn't immediately respond to inquiries from The Associated Press.

The identities of the websites that were broken into weren't identified by the Times, which cited nondisclosure agreements that required Hold Security to keep some information confidential.

The reported break-ins are the latest incidents to raise doubts about the security measures that both big and small companies use to protect people's information online.

Security experts believe hackers will continue breaking into computer networks unless companies become more vigilant.

"Companies that rely on usernames and passwords have to develop a sense of urgency about changing this," Avivah Litan, a security analyst at the research firm Gartner told the Times.

Retailer Target Corp. is still struggling to win back its shoppers' trust after hackers believed to be attacking from Eastern Europe stole 40 million credit card numbers and 70 million addresses, phone numbers and other personal information last winter.

Alex Holden, the founder and chief information security officer of Hold Security, told the Times that most of the sites hit by the Russian hackers are still vulnerable to further break-ins. Besides filching 1.2 billion online passwords, the hackers also have amassed 500 million email addresses that could help them engineer other crimes, according to Hold Security.

So, far little of the information stolen in the wave of attacks appears to have been sold to other online crooks, according to the Times. Instead, the information is being used to send marketing pitches, schemes and other junk messages on social networks on Twitter, the newspaper said.

The breadth of these break-ins should serve as a chilling reminder of the skullduggery that has been going undetected on the Internet for years, said John Prisco, CEO of another security firm, Triumfant.

"This issue reminds me of an iceberg, where 90 percent of it is actually underwater," Prisco said in an emailed statement. "That's what is going on here... So many cyber breaches today are not actually reported, often times because companies are losing information and they are not even aware of it."

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/07/2014 01:10.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Look at the time, we managed to have pops sleep in until 4. Almost a miracle for him.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/06/2014 01:11.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Miss LaLo!!
....hey, controlled chaos is better than no chaos....means we're alive and breathing. Seriously, I hope the issues have been solved for you all and Uncle Chuck. As you work through things, be sure to know and tell Uncle Chuck we're some of his MANY fans and supporters and we're here for ya!! Just stay away from the quicksand and sticky taffy...bad news for a birdie beak and the quicksand speaks for itself :-) love and hugs~~Lady Tahoe

Come visit me, Cookie, Molly & Tahoe.

08/05/2014 07:31.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Can you believe it's already August? Pretty soon there will be snow. I love the snow season.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/05/2014 12:52.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Just a quick stop to say hi. Have to see what I can get into today, to drive pops crazy.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/04/2014 12:56.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
We hope all is ok, let me know.

Come visit me, Jetta.

08/03/2014 12:53.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Miss Lalo!
Well, look at you! You look lovely with your face painting! I have to admit, Aunt Denise is a true arteest! You really look very nice.

Mom's still recouping from some dental surgery that they did their final touches on her this past Tuesday. I'm afraid that "touch" felt more like sledge hammers & jack hammers to her jaw bone. Poor old gal, that just woke up her lupus & it had to kick her around ever since. She lets me come out to play but all she does is offer me a toy to play with. Our games of "chase" & "tag, you're it" will have to be on another day. I still like her handing me the toys. I will hold one for about half a minute, then toss it. Mom just reaches into the toy tote & hands me something else. When about a dozen are on the floor, she picks them all up & we start again. It seems to give her a purpose so I let her think that I'm having fun.

The last week sure has been rainy. It even turned much cooler, too! We only reached 72 degrees today. That's unheard of in the month of August in NC! Wonky weather guessers act like it's all normal. Sheesh! Of course, next weekend the stove temperatures are suppose to take over. Well, it is after all, August! Hope your August has started out greyt! Hugs to all & a big 'howdy' to your good Poppa, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says, Come to the County Fair Milonga!!.

08/02/2014 08:41.08 PM Report This Comment  
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