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Congo African Grey from Rock Island, IL
Ms LaLo~Ready for Spring & the Derby, love my hat!

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LaLo and I have been pals for years, and when Flash needed a home, and due to my failing health, I thought LaLo would be better off living at the McFlock home, but l missed her from the start and Flash was determined not to be my friend! When it was obvious that he and Denise were very compatible, we talked it over and decided to make the swap! Flash is Happy, and I got my cuddle bug back, everybody is a winner! The major downside is, for the first time in 17 years, I will not be able to experience the true love of a Cockatoo, and yes, I will miss Flash but the swap was for him, not me...

Love from Ms LaLo, Chuck, & the Flash
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Hi! My name is Ms LaLo~Ready for Spring & the Derby, love my hat!

I am a Congo African Grey from Rock Island, IL.

Kissy face, daddy's girl, and daddy's chin candy...

11 years old   F

Congo African Grey

Broccoli, corn on the cob,aunt Betty's birdie bread, sweet potatoes plain, unsalted peanuts, pasta, and scrambled eggs...

On the perch on the on the door of Jenny's old cage and on then cage ad play gym Flash left behind! She has a multitude of choices where to play, but she like to always be able to see me, she is never in a cage

She stays separated from Jen, but they get along better now...for which I am thankful…

Dad's crazy, I do no like the green witch...

He loves me to pieces, and I have a huge free roaming play area, and lots of cardboard to chew on, and I do that all day long! My daddy provides for me a wonderful life, and for that, I love him dearly...

She is by far the sweetest and lovingest bird that has ever come into our home, I missed her a lot during the 6 months she stayed at aunt Denise's home, and if you pick her up, she has to kiss you, I love it... Much like my Angel Christy, she doesn't talk, but if you knew her, you would know she don't have to, to convey her love and happiness....

I love, & love to be loved, and I give and get plenty of both, live life to the fullest, time is our most precious commodity, don't waste any of it....

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  Hfello Lady Grey..
I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter Sunday, I hope it's a fun relaxing day for you and Dad, Your hat is gorgemous, but you'd make anything look beautiful..Hugs and Kisses from Rusty, ask Dad 'ya wanna beer'....heehe
Love ya sweety..Rusty

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

04/20/2014 07:52.05 AM Report This Comment  
  hi Lalo
HoPPy Easter. Have a great day. We're going out to lunch.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/20/2014 01:38.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
A word of warning.... DO NOT eat the brown M & M's, from the Easter bunny. hee hee

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/19/2014 01:14.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Lalo
Have a very joyful Easter.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/18/2014 01:12.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Lalo
A nice place to visit, BUT, so many people there it was hard to move. And the prices were out of this world. Too rich for my blood.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/17/2014 01:34.27 AM Report This Comment  
EXACTLY why we use a FLASH DRIVE to keep all the important stuff on. And back it up daily, on the other computer that is never online. We have well over 1,000 pictures taken over the years, and sure don't want them getting hijacked.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/16/2014 01:31.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
I may be a mommy's boy, but pops spends a lot of time teaching me new things to say. Mom is more fun, and likes to play.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/15/2014 01:43.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Lalo
NOT really back, just making a causal appearance while old grumpy is up and moving at the pace of a turtle.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/13/2014 02:06.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Pretty Lady Grey..
Thank you ever so much for coming by with your sweet hatchday wishes, Mom forgot, but how could she when I share the same hatchday as her oldes grandson, but a lot was going on yesterday with Julie's Dad passing and she was needed to provide love and support to the family. I guess my hatchday present will be our new aviary that I love. I'm still figuring out how to move around in there, it's so much room now, but I'll get it down pat in no time. I have lot's of the wonderful hanging toys Dad sent us so there's never a boring moment. I appreciate you coming to visit me, your a sweetheart, and I'm crazy about you..along with many other CAG's that think your awesome..Kisses from Rusty

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

04/10/2014 12:13.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Finally! Mom was able to upload my images! Then she wonders why I bop her in the head with my beak and give her the "V8" thunk! On the weekend, I had to put up with her miserable, out of tune voice singing "here she comes, Ms African Grey, so beautiful in every way, such a gorgeous face, you just forget every place...." and on it went! I wanted to put my wings over my ears already but instead gave her a good nip when whe put me back in my cage! Now CuBird is complaining that I have a song and my Derby fashion and now she wants, she wants...what an entitlement brat bird she is turning out to be! I assume you heard about her flight into the dining room the other day with that crash landing on the place mat on the table! Thought she was Aladdin or something flying through the air on that place mat and boing! thunk! There went the silverware onto the floor. Then MS CuBird just oomes strolling back into our room like nothing undignified happened! The Carter-Darlings were laughing their conjugal tail feathers off, while Teal'c, Blue and Cookie all wanted to hold up those cards like you see in the athletic or dance competitions! Just another day in Stark's Raving Mad Aviary! Love and winghugs and a special kiss to oyur daddy, Miranda

Come visit me, Carter-Thank you for BOTD 8/29/11,12+13!, Doo Diligence Thank you BOTD 4/1/14, Cookie Thank you for Making me BOTD 7/31/11,12+13, Charlie-Thank you for making me BOTD 10-29-13, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/13, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-13, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/16/13, Joshua Chico Thank you for BOTD 3/6/14, Blue-Thank you for BOTD 5/19/2013, Moggie Thank you for BOTD 7-1-13!, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird Happy New Year-I laid an egg 12/31/13!, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda Thank you for BOTD 5/13/2013, Captain Darling-Thank you for BOTD 9/18/2013 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

04/10/2014 10:56.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
In big trouble with dad today. Mom came home from work last night and was appalled that the temperature in our room was 57. She called for "engineering please, in the conservatory". Well dad came out and eggamined the thermostat and discovered all my naughty work. The chewing on the device and unplugging from the wall. He fixed it as usual but was not happy with me. Mom couldn't believe it because I have toys inside and outside my cage (I even still have the one with my name that your daddy made me) But dad has forgiven me. Now if mom can just figure out how to post the wonderful Derby pics that Sam's mom made for me. Love and winghugs, Miranda

Come visit me, Carter-Thank you for BOTD 8/29/11,12+13!, Doo Diligence Thank you BOTD 4/1/14, Cookie Thank you for Making me BOTD 7/31/11,12+13, Charlie-Thank you for making me BOTD 10-29-13, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/13, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-13, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/16/13, Joshua Chico Thank you for BOTD 3/6/14, Blue-Thank you for BOTD 5/19/2013, Moggie Thank you for BOTD 7-1-13!, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird Happy New Year-I laid an egg 12/31/13!, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda Thank you for BOTD 5/13/2013, Captain Darling-Thank you for BOTD 9/18/2013 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

04/08/2014 11:24.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
90 yesterday, mid 80's today, and then the bottom drops out for a few days. Only low to mid 70's. I guess I can handle it .

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/07/2014 02:32.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Pops has a smart phone, and loves it. He can do video chat with people, and it works great. You get to see who your talking to. And pops sticks his tongue out and makes funny faces. hee hee.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/06/2014 02:13.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo!
Just stopping by to wish you greyt weekend. We think Spring is finally here. We supervised Dad's assembling of a new swing for the deck while enjoying breezes on the porch . Fun! Mom enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air in a whole new way! All is good here....Cookie, Molly and I even stopped by the Toy Shoppe the other day....that was bittersweet,but fun to see the greyt changes! Hoping today finds you with sweet contentment and a smile on your pretty beak! Hugs to all! ~~Tahoe

Come visit me, Cookie, Molly~~SPRING??? WHERE??? & Tahoe.

04/05/2014 06:00.44 PM Report This Comment  
  That Jetta Is a Java Junky!!!
Hello Miss Lalo! I hope you're having a very nice day, today. It is quite lovely here with blue skies & bright sunshine. Mom is trying to talk me into getting inside this new travel cage of mine. Since Christmas, it has been creepy crawling closer & closer to me & my big cage. She's done some "crafting" on it because the handle was just one of the bars that was bent & fastened to the top of the cage. Needless to say with Mom's hands already hurting, she went & bought some soft cotton rope & macramed a thicker, softer handle now. It will be something I can perch on....if I EVER get brave enough to do it, that is.

Today I have actually walked all around this cage which is now close enough that its opened door touches my seed guard around my big cage. I've hopped down on the floor to look inside it. I even bit it a good one. I even stuck my head inside the opened door. Oh, Mom was encouraging me to get in it but, no WAY!! Not even a toenail is going in there until I inspect it even more. Some long thin critter could be hiding underneath that perch in there! I will have to observe it closely before I actually get into it. Then, the truth be told, I'm not too sure of Mom's handling of it! We will just wait a little longer before we do something rash!

Mom's told me, she isn't some spring chicken & that I have to hurry things up more. Sheesh! Rush rush rush, that's all they do around here. Everything is suppose to be done yesterday.

I'll see you later, and I really like your hat. You look very classy in it. Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says HAPPY EASTER!.

04/05/2014 12:38.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
As you can see in my gallery, there's a picture of a book that pop's got for Mom. YES, finally she agreed to get a smart phone. Pops has only been after her for the last year to get one. And I guess she was ready, and the time was right.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/05/2014 01:34.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Give a WOMAN an INCH, and she thinks she's ruler.

I'll have a Café mocha vodka valium latte to go....

I have discovered the Fountain Of youth. And it looks and tastes just like coffee.

If I ever go missing I would like my photo on wine bottles instead of milk cartons. This way my friends will know where to look for me!

I tried cooking with wine, but after four glasses I forgot why I was in the kitchen.

I finally got it all together, BUT, I don't know where I put it.

It doesn't matter if my coffee mug is half empty or half full. Clearly there is room for more coffee in it.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/04/2014 02:33.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
What would happen if you were scared half to death, TWICE?

25 years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Bob hope, and Johnny Cash. Now we have Obama, No Hope, and No Cash.

No, you're right. Let's do it the dumbest way possible because it's easier for YOU!

Marriage is like a DECK OF CARDS. In the beginning, all you need is TWO HERTS and a Diamond. By the END, you wish you had a Club and a Spade.

People said I should follow my dreams. So, I went back to bed.

I have PROOF that men can focus on two things at the same time.

I don't trust Camels and anyone else who can go a week without a drink.

the last Mosquito that bit me was hung over for a week.

I am so exhausted from watching you do all the work.

Karma takes way too long. I'd rather just smack you right now.

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/03/2014 01:21.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
11. the only trouble with doing nothing at work is I never know when I'm done.

12. I have to stop saying, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? Some people take it as a challenge.

13. ADMIT IT....Life would be boring without me!

14. When you REALLY need to SLAP somebody, do it, and say Mosquito.

15. I just read an article on the DANGERS OF DRINKING. Scared the crap out of me. So that's it. After today, NO MORE READING!

16. I always go the extra mile at work. BUT my boss always finds me and brings me back!

17. I could be a morning person. IF morning happened around noon.

18. Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advise.

19. Even Duct Tape can't fix stupid. BUT.... it can muffle the sound.

20. WHY do I have to press ONE for English, when you're just going to transfer me to someone I can't understand anyway?

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/02/2014 12:44.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
1. Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can and wine to accept the things I can't.

2. I'm so old my birth certificate Expired.

3. I drink coffee because I NEED IT, and Wine because I DESERVE it.

4. Don't get me started, I don't come with brakes.

5. There is no LIFE without WATER, because without water there is no Coffee, and without coffee I am not a nice person.

6. You are about to exceed the limits of my medications.

7.Sometimes I drink water to surprise my liver.

8. Lord give me patience. Because if you give me STRENGTH, I'm gonna need BAIL MONEY to go with it.

9. When you hear a Southern Girl say, Ah, Hell No, YOU better run.

10. If one day I should happen to meet GOD, and he Sneezes, What Do I Say?

Come visit me, Jetta.

04/01/2014 02:31.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Jetta's Believe it or not. Pops did see that tv show about coffee.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/31/2014 01:21.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
I talked to Uncle John last night. that earth shake out in California hit just two miles from his house. A lot of shake, rattle and roll, but they are all ok. the La Habra flock was lucky that there was no major damage.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/30/2014 01:36.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Ms. Lalo!
Happy Saturday to you! Hope this weekend finds you well & doing what you like to do the most. Me, I’m watching Mom do work as usual. She has helped me a lot during the Pirate Pearl Adventure & voting for all those 10 grand wannabes. I do hope all of you running for that make it in leaps and bounds! Have you any plans this weekend? I’m just getting ready for the Milonga tonight & hope to see you there! Remember, it starts at 8pm at page #165848.
See ya soon & hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says HAPPY EASTER!.

03/29/2014 01:45.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Only thing in this world, WORSE, than Mcdonalds coffee, is that nasty stuff from Dunk Yer Donuts.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/27/2014 01:23.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
[Yes, we know we said ten, but we couldn’t help ourselves!]

11) Guatemala Antigua Coffee

Grown at elevations more than 4,600 feet above sea level, the grade of coffee beans of Guatemala Antigua is known as Strictly Hard Bean and include the
Arabica varietals Catuai (Coffea arabica var. catuai), Caturra (Coffea arabica var. caturra), and Bourbon (Coffea arabica var. bourbon).

An exceptional premium coffee, Antigua exhibits the typical Guatemala coffee qualities of a full body (heavier than the usual Central American coffee) and
spicy taste often rich and velvety. The Antigua coffee bean works well with a Dark Roast that creates a pleasing smoky taste in the brewed cup of coffee.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/25/2014 01:19.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi LaLo
You are looking so very lovely in your derby hat. :)

Come visit me, Chyna ~ Derby Girl & Bailey ♥ RIP.

03/24/2014 09:56.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
10. Kenya AA Coffee

Clearly one of the world’s finest premium coffees, Kenya AA is grown at more than 6,600 feet above sea level on Kenya’s high plateaus. The AA refers to the
biggest screen size in the Kenya coffee grading system with specifications that the beans are just a little more than one-fourth inch in diameter.

Kenya AA coffee beans exhibit a full body and strong, rich taste with a pleasant acidity that some say provides the world’s brightest coffee. The aroma of Kenya AA is fragrant with floral tones while the finish is winey with berry and citrus overtones.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/24/2014 01:37.23 AM Report This Comment  
  oooh Lalo!!!
You look magnificent in that hat!!! We're so excited that Spring is here, but have one more (we hope) snow to enjoy!? Mom had the window open today so we could enjoy the sound of a woodpecker...thank goodness it wasn't on the house! Mom's doing real good with unexpected extra energy and feeling good...must be the extra nice kisses I've been giving her! We just keep praying that Uncle Charles is blessed with full recovery.
BIG hugs and love to you, your flock and special Uncle Chuck!~~Tahoe

Come visit me, Cookie, Molly~~SPRING??? WHERE??? & Tahoe.

03/23/2014 05:23.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
We try to have a variety of coffee to keep the old guy happy. Do a lot of shopping for it on line. Do care how it's pronounced, as long as it's good. Not like that mud water from McDonalds.

9) Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Grown in Jamaica’s Blue Mountain District, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is often described as sophisticated with a smooth and silky, complex taste, outstanding full body, and very well balanced. Many have called it the quintessential cup of coffee and it clearly stands among the world’s top gourmet coffees.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is a wet processed (washed) coffee, and its slightly sweet flavor is refined and mild, sometimes almost creamy and with rich hints of

The acidity is vibrant and bright, yet very smooth, revealing virtually no bitterness in its overall clean taste. The aroma of Jamaica Blue Mountain is
sparkling and bold exhibiting floral notes as well as nutty and herbal overtones.

Jamaica Blue Mountain peaberry coffee beans – when one whole bean forms in a coffee cherry (fruit) rather than the usual two half-beans, are separated out from the other coffee beans and traditionally used for espresso.

Named for Jamaican mountain ridge, the Blue Mountain coffee growing region is located south of Port Maria and north of Kingston. To be certified as Jamaica
Blue Mountain and not one of the lesser grades the coffee must be grown on the estates at elevations between 3,000 feet and 5,500 feet above sea level.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/23/2014 02:46.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Lalo!
I'm still in me Captain's Quarters making out Pirate Certificates. Wish they were really valuable, like trading in for a McSandwich or somethin' but it's just a way of letting everybirdy know how much they are appreciated. I also have to post all these treasures! I love to be a pirate sailin' the ocean waters but the paper work is murder! Hope your day is filled with lots of good things! Hugs, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says HAPPY EASTER!.

03/22/2014 07:56.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
8) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Fragrant and spicy, Yirgacheffee coffees are known for their sweet flavor and aroma with a medium to light body. The coffee is wet processed and grown at
elevations from 5,800 feet to 6,600 feet above sea level.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffee displays a bright acidity along with an intense, clean flavor and a complexity of floral notes in the aroma, perhaps a hint of toasted
coconut, along with a vibrant aftertaste and perhaps a slightly nutty or chocolaty quality. Yirgacheffe coffees are high-toned, floral and citrusy in
contrast to the wild and jammy Ethiopian Harrars.

If you prefer your coffee heavy and sweet then choose a medium-dark roast or dark roast, though a medium roast allows the coffee’s delicate qualities to shine and enhance the bright acidity.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/22/2014 02:58.18 AM Report This Comment  
  hi Lalo
7) Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

Spicy, fragrant, and heavy-bodied, Ethiopian Harrar coffee is a wild and exotic dry-processed (natural) Arabica coffee grown in southern Ethiopia at elevations
from 4,500 and 6,300 feet above sea level. The dry-processing creates a fruity taste likened to dry, red wine, a power house coffee exhibiting a bold taste
that resonates in the cup.

Known for its winey and fruity, floral-toned acidity, Ethiopian Harrar is bright in the cup, even intense with a heady aroma that is rich and pungent, often with
notes of blackberries and a lingering finish that may seem slightly fermented with intense notes of jasmine.

Edgy and bold, Ethiopian Harrar displays a complexity of spice tones including cardamom, cinnamon, apricots, blueberry jam, and compote. Some Harrars exhibit
tones of very rich, dark chocolate.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/21/2014 01:24.24 AM Report This Comment  
  hi Lalo
6) Mocha Java Coffee

Perhaps the most famous coffee blend, Mocha Java includes Arabian (Yemen) Mocha coffee and Indonesian Java Arabica coffee, two coffees with complementary
characteristics. The Yemen Mocha provides a lively intensity and pleasant wildness which complements the clean and bright smoothness of the Java coffee.
The traditional blend of Mocha and Java coffee beans creates a complex and yet well-balanced brewed cup.

See the World’s Best History of Coffee to read about how sailing ships arriving from Java Island arrived in the the great Yemen port of Mocha [Mokha] where the
two types of beans became mixed in the wooden hulls of the ships creating the favored blend, a happy accident of history.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/20/2014 01:27.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Impressed with one of Felix's feathers, huh? well, this African Delegation here is starting up Greyt Wednesdays. We are tired of that dumb camel and Hump Day and we greys are taking Wednesday for ours. Remind me, next post to your sweet daddy to include one of my raving red tail feathers and one of Cu's conservative maroon tail feathers. Yeah, Felix watch out! Here come the Greyt Grey Stark Fisters! (mom loves Felix and posts all his diatribes even saving them to a special file!) Back up into the crow's nest! Love and winghugs, Miranda

Come visit me, Carter-Thank you for BOTD 8/29/11,12+13!, Doo Diligence Thank you BOTD 4/1/14, Cookie Thank you for Making me BOTD 7/31/11,12+13, Charlie-Thank you for making me BOTD 10-29-13, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/13, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-13, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/16/13, Joshua Chico Thank you for BOTD 3/6/14, Blue-Thank you for BOTD 5/19/2013, Moggie Thank you for BOTD 7-1-13!, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird Happy New Year-I laid an egg 12/31/13!, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda Thank you for BOTD 5/13/2013, Captain Darling-Thank you for BOTD 9/18/2013 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

03/19/2014 03:48.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Did ya miss any? well here we go again.

5) Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

This multi-dimensional coffee is grown in the southeastern highlands of Sulawesi. Known for its full body and rich, expansive flavor , Sulawesi Toraja
coffee is very well balanced and exhibits notes of dark chocolate and ripe fruit. The acidity is low-toned yet vibrant, with less body than a Sumatran coffee though slightly more acidic, and with more earthiness than a typical Java Arabica coffee.

Toraja’s rustic sweetness and muted fruit notes create a deep and brooding taste with a pungent spicy quality similar to finer Sumatran coffees. Toraja coffee is
processed using the Giling Basah wet-hull method, which produces chaff-free green coffee beans. For Toraja coffee a dark roast is recommended.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/19/2014 02:24.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
Jetta was here.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/18/2014 12:58.10 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lalo
PK, who let your dad out of his cage so early? Not like him to be up so early, after all, OLD people needs their rest, ha ha ha. Especially pops.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/16/2014 04:39.48 AM Report This Comment  
I hope t e-mail explained things, and I will be scarce for a while.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/15/2014 04:48.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiiii Lalo!
So good to hear from you and so good that Mom's showing energy today to be upright to be able to say Hello!!! woooohoooo!
I know Arthur has his wings full with all the stuff there is to do at the McFarm....not like your dad doesn't keep you busy with this, that and the other to chew! We are so happy to see the snow melting and nicer temps showing up! The dr gave Mom more good news that her blood continues to stay steady as he expects it and all is good going into the LAST treatment on Thursday. I'll bet your dad is enjoying getting back to the garage for Toy Duty! His work is amazing and you make a Great Supervisor, I'm sure!! Best of hugs and love to you and your flock. Everybirdie is doing greyt here!~~Tahoe

Come visit me, Cookie, Molly~~SPRING??? WHERE??? & Tahoe.

03/15/2014 07:13.22 AM Report This Comment  
  hi Lalo
I guess everybirdie is getting burned out on my coffee stories, so I'm gonna cut them for awhile. We found another WEB SITE that pops has been spending a lot of time on. Jetta.

Come visit me, Jetta.

03/07/2014 01:30.29 AM Report This Comment  
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