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Quaker from croton, NY
Cookie says VOTE for LAKA page # 259145

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I was just out of the nursery after my Sept. 25 hatch day and it was love at first sight ! Now I rule the roost !. Awards
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Hi! My name is Cookie says VOTE for LAKA page # 259145

I am a Quaker from croton, NY.

13 years old   M


kiwi, pea pods (actually, anything yummy I call popcorn)

computer, play gym

anything that resembles a pole: mop, tripod, music stand, wrapping paper roll, etc.

love to wrap myself up in calculator paper.

The BIRD is the WORD.

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  Hi Cookie
It's Blue and Jewel.
Yes, the critter work has a one year warranty.
Dad bought some traps and placed them in areas where he has seen critter activity but didn't catch anything. Dad's going to keep putting the traps out until he catches the critters.
Yesterday was cage cleaning day but not all of us got a cleaning. Mom needs to finish up but not today. She and dad have a play to go to at the Carpenter Center in Long Beach. They're going to see "West Side Story". Dad says it's a classic.
Today will be clear and warm, with a high of 88 and a low of 61.
Hope your day was fun.
Blue and Jewel.


02/14/2016 08:52.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh Cookie!
Thank you for the sweet Vakentines card! She hugs him so tight and I love you my sweet friend! :)

Laka throws her wings around her friend and gives them big birdie hugs and says Happy Valentine's Day my sweet friend! ;). Laka gives all the flock members and parronts big birdie hugs too.

She says I want to say thank you for all the votes, love and support for me during my campaign run for BOTM. I appreciate all that you all do for me, then she gives everyone soft beaky kisses and says I love you all now and forever. ;)

I brought some Mac nut kisses to share but, I'm sorry it's not in the shape of a heart but love also comes from kisses too. :). Especially when it's a Hershey's kiss with Mac nuts in um. ;)

But it does come from my heart and I am truly very appreciative of all the love and support I have received. :)

Okay let's eat shall we? Laka dumps out all the individually wrapped Hershey's kisses on the table and everyone grabs one and starts opening the wrapper so carefully as to not break the tip of the Hershey's kiss. Laka likes to bite the tip off then plops the whole thing in her beak. Now she looks like a full cheek chipmunk. Hahahaha everyone laughs and has a good time.

She says even though the weather outside is bad we can have a little fun with some sweets, right? :). Everyone agrees with a full cheek of kisses.

Okay I must go and hit the campaign road and get back to campaigning.

Happy Valentine's Day my sweet friends! :)

I love you all and leave you with a Cupids arrow vote. :)

See you all tomorrow!

Leaving you all with warm birdie hugs and Hershey's kisses.


Laka Aolani, BOTM candidate

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/14/2016 08:04.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
♥Happy Valentine's Day!♥
Last night's bean and ham soup was a huge success, and mom made pumpkin cornbread (Trader Joe's box) to go with it. It was a great hearty winter meal, and Jeff was happy that mom used his dried beans in the soup.
We're in the deep freeze here today, it's not supposed to get into the double digits at all. Tomorrow will be a different story though, it's going into at least the 20s. Mom did a quick walk with the dogs again today, just around the block. It's a good think she's working at the museum today, doing 3 tours, otherwise she'd get no exercise at all. Mom is doing 2 mini tours on Bears, bears, bears, and a full featured tour in Dinosaurs in their time. She will love both topics, we think.
I hope you are getting a lot of attention, cuddles and scritches today. Stay warm (or cool, in CA), my friend. Hugs, Falco♥

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Vote Laka for BOTM, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

02/14/2016 07:38.04 AM Report This Comment  
Thanks so much for stopping by my page! It was so sweet of you and your mom to think of me. Hope you and your family are having a great Valentine's day! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Leaving a vote for you!

Come visit me, Chipper.

02/14/2016 06:42.16 AM Report This Comment  
  What an swesome Valentine from Cookie
The fids all shout! Heehee!
Poppa Jims heart pancakes were yummy! Everyone is having a great time! WooooooHoooo!
Happy Valentins day!

Come visit me, Raffikki , Pumbaa & Max Say Happy Valentie's Day!.

02/14/2016 06:22.37 AM Report This Comment  
Happy Valentine's day to you and the parronts.

Thanks for the poem. Not really doing any big celebrating here since mom'll be at work. They'll share some chocolate with strawberries later.

Still warmish and sunny here. We'll see if our rain returns later in the week.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

02/14/2016 05:32.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy day Cookster-from your Valentine Jen Lynn
...well darn it anyway, I was hoping you would have saved me one wooden heart, LaLo and Zig would destroy them immediately, but I would savor mine, if I had one, LOL! Happy Valentine's Day our precious friends, it is on this day we recognize all the ones we love most, and we love all of you! We wish all of you love and total happiness today and always! Be certain to be good to one another, sometimes outside friendships come and go, but your family is with you forever! We really miss so many of our old BC friends who have dropped out of the BC for their own reasons! Once again Happy Lover's Day to you, and give our best love to all in your happy home, see y all tomorrow...

Valentine love from Jenny, Christy, Ms LaLo, Ziggy, & our daddy

PS~We are still experiencing bitter cold temps at our home, brrr...

Come visit me, Mr Ziggy~We all want Jenny to be the rider again., Jenny Lynn~Alfie is my only Valentine-forrever. .., Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Romey, daddy, and me-in a better time-real love!, Ms LaLo Lee~Because I love you all so much... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

02/14/2016 04:53.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi cookie
Candy and flowers,
And eating out.

Fighting the crowds, and
listen to them shout.

Another commercial day, for
the stores to make money.

Happy Valentines Day.


Come visit me, Tweet & Squak.

02/14/2016 02:57.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Valentine
Happy Valentine's Day
Much love from Flitzer and Dad
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

02/14/2016 02:42.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
My mom likes Paul Revere books. That is so nice you have your own book. Now you and mom can enjoy reading together.
Glad you liked our FB pics. Did you see your card in the one pic? It was on the antique ice box.
This will now be busy around here. My parronts are getting married again on Sunday 6pm on the beach. dad signed up for it and surprised mom. They only allow so many couples ... maybe one will take a few pics of them. then my aunt and uncle will be here on Thursday.
Today, the neighbors came over and I said one word for them as they were leaving.
Another beautiful sunny day of 75, I hope this is the trend from now on. Sunday, I will be an honorary flower bird for my parronts renewal on the beach. I hope there's cake!
Hope everybird and their flock and family has a lovely Valentine's Day.

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna ~ Happy Valentine's Day & Bailey ♥ RIP.

02/13/2016 10:11.15 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for stopping by with your congrats on me being BOTD..I am glad you will be at the celebration because I sure will need you and Stormy there because of not having any idea what King Jedi will be up to....Hope you are having a great Saturday...Many wing hugs to my friend...Sam :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME BOTD 2/13/2016", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

02/13/2016 09:55.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
mom was very surprised with me tonight. i never fly but sometimes will attempt to flutter but most of the time i just hop around. tonight when mom went to pick me up i flew right over the bed which mom thought was amazing. i must say i amazed my self

its 6 degrees outside.

love Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote LAKA BOTM 259145 & BOO BOO vote LAKA BOTM 259145.

02/13/2016 09:19.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Cookie and Hulk
Pull the train out while thry watch SpongeBob square pants. They slowly push it around in case mama Sandy is watching. Hulk tells Cookie he would rather be chewing on the furniture too.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Laka(259145) For BOTM.

02/13/2016 08:51.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Cookie!
Gotta say that we are super cold here too. The wind chills were bad, and thankfully the wind has stopped so it feels like 7, and the temp is 7.

Nice day with Mom here--just stayed in cuz it was cold. She did the old sucking machine thing, and then dusted the furniture. I supervised at a distance, just to make sure she didn't miss anything. Hate that sucking machine!

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote LAKA AOLANI #259145 BOTM in February.

02/13/2016 07:35.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
I like to do what my mom is doing then too.
Wow its cold here today and looks like the same for tomorrow. Kept the parronts home all day so that was good LOL. Mom has been having a hard time with me going to bed for the night for some reason. I used to kiss my toys good night and then give mom a kiss and went to my perch for the night. Now I want back out and wont go in and want to play with my toys more so mom has either making me go in for bed or letting me play a while longer. Now tonight she put my toys on the floor and waited for me to be ready to go in and that worked. Thinking there is some reason this is happening but not sure why. Mom says its hard to figure out a fid LOL. “My heart smiles just thinking of you.“ Leaving a vote for you my friend~~Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus- & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/13/2016 05:57.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
It was quite the ordeal here Thursday night! It's funny now but mom wasn't laughing then! Her biggest concern was keeping me warm, & I was nice and toasty warm! Mom dressed warm & put the coats on the wiener dogs. Mom & the dogs slept on the couch under a stack of blankets and the kitty cats slept on top of mom. It wasn't mom's most comfortable night but all stayed warm! As for me, all 3 heaters were around my house and I was nice and toasty warm!

We are very glad that the furnace didn't quit today, we never made it out of the single digits today! Right now, 3:30 pm it's 8° with a wind chill of 9° BELOW ZERO! We are under wind chill advisory until 9am tomorrow. Tonight it's going down to -9° and wind chill values as low as -20°! We are not used to this kind of cold! It is going to warm up tho, Mon-Wed it will be in the mid 30's and Fri thru next Tues it will be in the mid 40's...that's going to feel like a heat wave! Hopefully mom's car window will thaw out! She doubts it's the motor, had a new one installed a little over a year ago.

I know that your sweet mom is an avid reader and my mom wanted to share a website I her that mom stumbled across. It's called: thrift Mom was thrilled to find this site! All books are used but every book mom has purchased has been in good/very good condition! Mom's favorite author is Sidney Sheldon & she had every one of his books. She had some boxes stored in my sissy's basement. A lot of her treasured books were destroyed in a flood & mom was heartbroken over losing her Sidney Sheldon books! She had been searching online to replace them & came across this site. The very good & like new hardback books were less than $5 each! Mom has her precious collection back! She also added a couple new ones! Sheldon was writing 3 or 4 others at the time of his death and these books were completed by Tilly Bagshawe, Sheldon's daughter! The only negative thing mom found is that a few of the books had a musty smell but they aired out in no time at all!

I hope your day was a good one!
Love & a vote
From your friend
TiaMaria "Bub"

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

02/13/2016 05:29.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Mom and I are so eggcited for you to be having Mama Mary home with you non stop all week long!How awesome that her bookbag is pretty empty too and that really means lots of Mom time for you!And there's no place better to be on a frigid cold night and day than to be snuggled up close to Mom and warm!
This morning was a frigid ice cold morning with the highs for the day of 24 the lows of minus 1 and right now its 7 and going down.We had snow overnight and C Crew was up so my dad got to stay home.But he's up next.Mom and dad really overslept this morning and when Mom finally came downstairs to get us up we were really yelling at her for being so late!She cleaned our cages and Peepers and Celine made a big mess out of their cage with splintered wood from a toy they chewed up so it took Mom longer to get to the rest of us.We got our bean mix and just as Mom was going to get to Candida the doorbell rang and Candida wouldn't go in her cage to eat,she flew out into the dining room and Mom couldn't open the door(we have two front doors)one for the dining room that goes out into the mud room and the main front door that gets you into the house.Mom finally got her to stay on the play gym and let the plow guy in.She flew around him and he ducked.Mom had to chase her back to the play gym so the poor guy could get back outside!Then Mom spent the day cleaning out her china cabinet.There was a lot of stuff in there that got dumped for a better reason than to put it where it belonged,Mom threw out a lot of stuff too that wasn't needed anymore.Mom is hoping to get more cleaning done tomorrow but right now it doesn't seem like it as skin bro has other plans.Skin sis called Mom this morning and she sounds much better again,she was waiting to get her lunch and they were getting her up to walk.She was waiting for them to put wheels on her walker so it would make walking much more easier for her.Because of this bitter cold and all the warnings of not going out tomorrow if one doesn't have to because of health reasons and frost bite Mom will be staying inside.Three of us got to spend dinner time with Mom and dad,Celine got to stay on the playgym,Candida got to join dad in his pizza and her Candies jar,and Dixie got to stay in his travel cage on the table getting handouts.
Mom and all of us here are praying for the g'parronts to be safe and warm in this nasty cold weather.Isn't it just wonderful when you get a nice grocery store somewhere else and you can't find the same thing in your own town!I'll bet those sugar snap peas are so tasty too!
Other than that we're having a boring day but only too happy to be inside a nice warm house!Mom and all of us are so grateful for all the prayers you are sending for Shiloh and for Anthony!Shiloh sends you all her love as does Anthony for always thinking of them.Those prayers mean so much to them and to all of us more than you'd ever know!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/13/2016 04:35.17 PM Report This Comment  
  HI Cookie
You are invited to join Dixie and me in our daily sunbaths for sure. The more the merrier, and there is room for three in my carrier. Hey a rhyme!!

I got out for my sunbath this morning, and once again double team trickery and a piece of a tater chip (or as Dad calls it: bait) was used to entice me. They almost failed today and just Dad coming in to my room was not enough. The big question is whether I will ever be able to resist that yummy chip? Oh yeah, the sunbath was very nice, but it is the principle of the thing, don't ya know?

High is only 80 here today, so Dad is taking the slight cool down as his opportunity to mow the lawn. Only one problem with that: It is MY lawn! So I am in my room screaming while he goes back and forth with that noisy machine in my front yard. I guess it is a good thing he is finally strong enough to do the mowing, since it was starting to look like no one lived here!! Mom kept threatening to do it herself, but Dad won't let her touch his mower....says she can't handle it. Guess we'll never know.

Here's your daily reminder to vote at the milonga page #165848 for the pics of your flock's choice. So get on over there and support your favorites.


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote 4 Laka #259145 for BOTM!!.

02/13/2016 02:07.02 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Buddy
Great idea...Lets make a bloody valentine heart and scare everyone too!!!

Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi says thank you for BOTM my BC family!, Snowflake says... vote for jedi botm, Tweety and buddies say Happy Valentines.V4 me 5K & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/13/2016 10:25.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
It's Blue and Jewel.
That's why we weren't on the BC yesterday. Mom and dad thought they had been hearing chewing but figured that the critters were outside trying to get in. But when dad came out for his coffee yesterday, he noticed that the little rocks in one of the Bamboo plants were scattered all over the counter and one of the fresh potatoes had been chewed on. Dad cleaned up the mess and called the Rat Patrol again but Mike can't make it till Tuesday. Dad's going to buy a few traps and set them out to see if he can catch the critters.
Dad had his appointment at the wound center yesterday and his leg continues to improve.
Today will be clear and warm, with a high of 84 and a low of 56. Mom and dad are going to try make home made carnitas today.
Hope your day was fun.
Blue and Jewel.


02/13/2016 08:56.05 AM Report This Comment  
Hi Cookie,
Mommy says the soup recipe is on it's way and should have arrived in your Mom's inbox by now. We sure hope that she and your Daddy enjoy it! How exciting to have your Mom home with you for a whole week, plus the weekend. Yea!

We have about 4 inches or more on the ground. We got a very little bit more yesterday morning. Everything is white! And it IS very cold...ZERO!
Happy day-before St. Valentine's Day!
Lots of Love and Hugs from Little Miss Lucy♥

Come visit me, Finnegan - Will you be my Valentine?, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - Will you be my Valentine?.

02/13/2016 05:03.10 AM Report This Comment  
  Cookie, my Brother
I feel your pain, and cold, but I'm so SORRY that I'm not there to share it with you. You will have to suffer without me. But you have my support. Har, Har, Har. R T

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

02/13/2016 02:49.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
This was report card/conference week for our teachers. They are a bit behind because of last summer's construction making a late start. It is also the winter weekend. The kids have Fri and Mon off, the teachers just have Mon.
Today is colder, but not too bitter. Mom said she shoveled a whole INCH of snow by late afternoon. There was no new snow this morning. We are beginning to think we may finally get SNOW at Easter.
Mom took my collar off when I asked her this morning, now I'm avoiding people cause I LIKE when it is off. Zippy is still quite hungry and upset when she does not have company. She especially wants skinbro to give her skritches.

Come visit me, Polly; vote Laka #259145 BOTM & Zippy;.

02/12/2016 03:30.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Cookie~
I hope you are having a wonderful day! It just took mom 45 minutes to do one note so you know how things are going around here!hahahahahahaha McKenzie is running around and I'm hollering to get out of the play cage! Afraid that is not going to happen as long as the dog is running around. Pretty soon Ian will puppy-sit and I can have playtime with mom!
Really rainy here today but not cold so I can not complain. There are going to be tons of places that are below zero today! Hope that Polar whatever goes away quickly! Spring is really, really close and I think we are all ready for it!
I'm really happy that you get a vacation now! We really enjoyed ours and I hope we get to do it again soon! Any plans for yours???
Enjoy your day! Leaving a vote and a big hug too!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar & The Calendar Page.

02/12/2016 01:50.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi cookie
I am the Grey bird of happiness.

Don't want her to forget her roots, ah, ah, ah, SNOW.

Come visit me, JeTTa.

02/12/2016 01:41.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Good Evening Cookie!
Man, Mom's been working on tax stuff for 3 days now. She thought she'd be done today, but things didn't work out. It may have had something to do with a certain bird who was suppose to be playing on his gym but decided to get into the pantry instead. Crackers, cereal, noodles, my beak had to investigate everything I could get into! Yes. There was a mess all in the cabinets. Trails of food went back to my cage where I was piling it up on top of my play gym area. I had found treasure & was making like a pirate! I even stuffed some of it under the papers that line my play gym. I got into some "Annie's Bunny Grahams" that Mom has for when the gran'kids come over. I liked turning them into powder but didn't seem to really "eat" them.

Mom should've known better. I had gotten so quiet. No whistling for her or saying, "Hey, baby, need some water." No, I was taking inventory & sampling what I could. I chewed on the tupperware canisters that house Mom's flour, sugar, & other yummies. I broke into the tricolored noodles & ate the regular colored ones & threw the orange & green noodles all over the place.

When Mom came into the kitchen for some more water, that's when she saw I wasn't on my cage. She saw the upper cabinet wide open & the lower cabinet was halfway opened. She walks around the cabinet door & there I was, sitting on the first shelf & I PEEPED real loud, like I was saying, "LOOK WHAT I FOUND! I'VE HIT THE MOTHER-LODE!" Mom turned this funny color, really very white. I thought maybe she was coming down with something. Next thing I knew she snatched me up so fast, I didn't know what was happening. She had me in my cage & I was upset. "Out, Sammy out!" Mom looked at me like one of those CATS!! All squinty eyed & she started to turn RED in the face! She'd raise her finger, pointing it at me, & all she could do was make this sputtering noise. Then she'd go back to those squinty eyes again! And pointing at me! Point! Point! Point!

She took a break from the taxes & started to put my treasure away in bags for just ME, she said! Isn't that nice of her?!? She must have been just so proud of my haul that she couldn't find the right words. She put all those yummy things in bags then put them inside the "pet station" cabinet. I remember where it is. It was a greyt hiding place for treasure!

Well, I'll squawk with you tomorrow, Cookie. Do you like colored noodles? They make great scratchers that I use around my beak to get at those itchy little feathers. Feels fantastic! See ya & hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says Happy Valentine's Day!.

02/11/2016 09:50.14 PM Report This Comment  
You are a bad influiance on P&P. They are acting like you & Tweety now.
Where did you get the booze to spike the coffee & the fruit punch? Did you knock of a liquor store with Jenny Lyn???.

Mrs BB

Come visit me, Mrs BB-- Be my Valentine !!!!!!!, TPB&G., Jedi has taken over the casthe throne, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Paddy Cake & Piddly Girl running the KB now & Buba, ready for the race.

02/11/2016 03:45.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Cookie--
Those candies look yummy....are you putting them in the coffee in the KB?

Sorry I and my fiblings have been so long absent from the BC...The Old Guy spent a week in the hospital, and then Mom had to deal with Auntie and Hubby in Law visiting for more than a week...She is just now beginning to get her act didn't help that Rosie just about got her toe chewed off by the lovebirds (again)...and that she is busily trying to chew the keys off the computer while Mom types. Rosie is just back from the vet now, and the vet said she is going to lose a toe, but they are not going to cut it off unless there are complications.

The rest of the flock is fine....Sherman and Peabody are pretty much encased in vinyl right now since Rosie won't stay away from them. The finches are pretty much ok except that Phoenix is developing a crossed bill...we kinda think that is from an injury he had before he was rescued, but it's looking like he may be the next one to visit the vet....good thing the Moms found a good one. Anyway, as long as Phoenix keeps eating, things are good, but ....

Please excuse the cut and paste....Mom will be back as soon as she can....and Rosie has a stint in the Kissing Booth coming up, so that should help!

Hugs and Kisses to all,


Come visit me, Rosie: Peekaboo!, The Society of Finches, Sherman and Peabody & Tooth: Flew Home 8/11/2014.

02/10/2016 01:51.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Dude - Thanks for the PaRTy HaT!!
... and the song was great too. I totally recognized it as the hatchday song. Really, I did! You ROCK, Cookie!

So, how's winter treatin' you there on the east coast? It's been really rather boring here. I think the sun went to Chyna's for the winter. It sure ain't been here in IL, that's for sure. All's good with me and the McFlock. We're all doin' the same ol' same ol' day after day, but ya know, that's perfectly okay.

Thanks oodles for stoppin' by on my hatchday and serenading me!

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/10/2016 10:39.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie,

How are you, Buddy? It's Apache. Yes, we're also getting snow from last night but really not much so far but it's suppose to continue into tomorrow bringing most through the night. Mom can take the snow because she has an SUV but NOT the ice! Hopefully, it won't be tomorrow as she's watching Hope. Mom did our cages today and vacuumed the Living & Dining Rooms and Steps. She's still hurting but she said she's not ready to lay down & die, yet LOL! Now what a thing to say, Mother! Shirl made a Perdue Oven Stuffer & stuffed it with home made Stuffing (she always has extra in a pan). What a yummy dinner! Oz is really the only one who eats people food! I will eat Cherrio's besides my Seed & Pellets. Okay, take care and have a great day. Hope your Mom & Dad are home safely. Here's a vote for you, Coookie. Bye for now.



02/09/2016 01:40.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
More Superbowl snacks! Airport is open late tonight! Love and winghugs, Moggie

Come visit me, Carter-Justice For Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 8/28/15, Doo Diligence-Justice for Ozzi TY 4 BOTD!, Kookie-Bird -Justice For Ozzi-ty 4 BOTD 7/31/15, Charlie-Justice 4 Ozzy-TY for BOTD 10/29/15, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/15, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-15 Justice for Ozz, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/22/15, Joshua Chico Justice for Ozzi, Blue-Justice for Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 1/29/16, Moggie -Justice for Ozzi TY 4 BOTD 7/11/15, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird -Justice for Ozzi, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda -Justice for Ozzi-ty 4 botd 5/13/15, Captain Darling-RIP 5/19/2014 ty 4 BOTD 9/19/15 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

02/03/2016 05:54.02 PM Report This Comment  
As far as a friends and family pic you are in one with Tweety, Hulk, and Peppi. It is on Tweety's page as his profile pic.


Come visit me, February's Milonga of Love!!.

02/02/2016 08:08.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Ahoy, Cookie,
Captain Barnacles on deck wishing your parronts all the best forever. My Mom remembers when your parents got engaged. My brother was in your Mom's class. She is one of his favorite teachers.
I hope you have a nice celebration at your house tonight. You should get a special treat to celebrate with them. We will celebrate them here tonight.
Captain Barnacles on deck sending feathery hugs to your parronts.

Come visit me, Rusty Duck & Skipper and Captain Barnacles.

02/02/2016 07:54.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks, Cookie
For remembering me on the day I flew to the RB! That is very kind of you! I enjoy watching over all my dear friends and I wait patiently for the day we will be together again as angels!
With warmest thoughts, love, Angel Scion

Come visit me, Bud & Modelo- Wintertime, Squeaky-Thank you dear friends, for this honor!, Kiwi & Button & Ivy, Scion (RIP)- Love Forever, Limon & Lima-Winter Wonderland, Angel Alfie (RIP), Domingo-Loving Golf! & Picabo- My Hearts on Fire for Kookie Bird!.

01/31/2016 06:34.17 PM Report This Comment  
  hi Cookie
They called me Creature at first, but one day my dad had me and the other quail out and I kept creeping past him to explore. Then he started calling me Creepy Creature, and the name stuck. So, not that kind of creepy. I guess a better name would be Sneaky Creature. Here's a vote.
Creepy Creature

Come visit me, Tomato Candy the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM!, Apple Cyder the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Popcorn the Button Quail Happy Valentine's day!, skyguy echos manakin the bird Happy V day!, Buttons the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!, Mr. Flathead the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM!, Lastaloo the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Cutie Creature the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!, Brownie Tec the Chicken Vote Laka BOTM!, Zebra the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Officer Sequoia the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!, Squeakers the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM!, Sawdust the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM, Rainbow Rosie the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Bock Bock Bockie the Hen Vote Laka BOTM! & Zipper the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!.

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01/26/2016 10:05.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie,
Happy New Year!

I should be able to get back to visiting again, mom had to keep helping dad learn something on the computer and it was very time consuming...

Love, Chloe


12/31/2015 09:56.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Hope you're having lots of fun playing with all the toys you got for Christmas! We are doing great--enjoying that dad is home. Our favorite thing is sitting on parront's shoulders!


Angel & Pepper


12/26/2015 02:10.16 PM Report This Comment  
  TiPaul and Angel Micky
have come to visit... and spend a bit of time with you after the big day yesterday. It was a bit of a quiet day, not having the entire family together but Mom cooked up a meal fit for all of us, and everyone human too. The only thing is, there are never enough bones for all of us. We got new toys, and are happy. It was different, having a green Christmas, because we had snow up until the day before. Tomorrow we are going back to freezing weather again. So, how was your Christmas? CONGRATULATIONS on 35K votes! That is a very big accomplishment. See you again soon... love from Quebec.

Come visit me, Leroy, Little Bit & Chloe - Thank you for BOTD!, Gizmo - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, Max - Thanks every birdy for BOTD!, Jasper - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, Micky - RIP My Sweet Boy, PEPPER - Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!, TiPaul -Thanks you all for BOTD!, Floop & Porky - ready to win the race!, Jockey Marley & Exchange Rate, Zak - Off to the milonga tomorrow... & Lee-Roial RIP - Thanks for remembering me..

12/26/2015 07:38.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Cookie and Dory in kitchen making cookies. Rudy following along sweepin up and tasting anything left behind. Lol. Have a great day. V4U. Hugs.
Love Dory

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

12/17/2015 02:17.14 AM Report This Comment  
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