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Quaker from croton, NY
Cookie and Goldencents

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I was just out of the nursery after my Sept. 25 hatch day and it was love at first sight ! Now I rule the roost !. Awards
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Hi! My name is Cookie and Goldencents

I am a Quaker from croton, NY.

12 years old   M


kiwi, pea pods (actually, anything yummy I call popcorn)

computer, play gym

anything that resembles a pole: mop, tripod, music stand, wrapping paper roll, etc.

love to wrap myself up in calculator paper.

The BIRD is the WORD.

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  Hey Buddy
I got a bunch of burlap sacks filled with squishy tomatoe worms to scare every bird Let's put on our disguises and go to the KB
heehee !!!

Love your buddy

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04/28/2015 07:57.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
The class trip sounds like fun. Hope mom enjoys it.
Mom planted some VA bluebells today, hope they take and flower next year. They are so pretty. Later on, she has to lead a tour at the center. It's for some 4th graders from a local school who have been doing a collection of money and goods for the wildlife center. Mom is looking forward to that, because she loves 4th graders. That's the grade she taught most when she was working and it's always been her favorite group.
Maybe she will have time for nails today too, it's time to change the blue fish for something a little more springy, haha.
It's a sunny bright day, hope it warms enough to get us outside when mom gets home. She might even get a little work done outside today.
Hope you are having a good spring day and getting lots of cuddles and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

04/28/2015 07:51.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
It's Blue and Jewel.
The first egg hatched on April 24th and the second one on the 26th. We're expecting a third one today. They should start hatching around March 14th.
Dad mowed part of the front yard yesterday. It just about killed him. Mom and dad's colds are hanging on and won't let go.
Today will be clear, with a high of 92 and a low of 61. Mom and dad are going cage shopping.
Hope your day is fun.
Blue and Jewel.


04/28/2015 07:44.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Howdy partners, Mikey D here. I sure am relieved that Black Bart is safely behind bars with his band of would-be villains, and all our friends are safe and well. With the rescue of Falco, and Jesse, we are all set to continue our way to sunny California.
"Well, all's well that ends well, and I do believe our showdown with Black Bart and his band of ne'er do wells ended just fine for us good guys." Kiddo tips his hat to the ladies and saunters over to Freckles to mount and head back to the wagons. His grand exit is marred a bit when he trips over something in the road. He bends over to pick it up and realizes he is hold the Hawk's hat! He throws it down and stomps on it a few times and then finishes mounting Freckles and waits for the rest of the team to head on out.
Sam smiles, as he watches Jesse escort Falco out of the General Store & sees Cappy taking a soggy Hawk-eye into the jail. He puts away his knife because he was ready to carve a big turkey hawk into a Thanksgiving Dinner. Or at least, de-plume the varmint! He riders over to join Kiddo as they wait for the others to get ready to head on back to camp. Kaji is so happy that things are (hopefully) done with Black Bart. "Hmmm" he says to himself. "Think I will check out that tunnel before heading back. The tunnel birds did a fabulous job on it!" With that, he heads back to the saloon, and is quickly joined by the other Tunnel Birds who take the short-cut back to their base camp.
Mikey D stops by the Jail House to check on Bart and his would-be-bad guys gang. Cappy is standin' guard with Picabo, Cookie and Pookie. "the Beakerton Agents will be here shortly to take over. We'll leave ya horses and some grub, but you should be up to us at Porcupine Crossing by night-fall." Cappy asks " is it ok to rough up the prisoners a bit? A well placed TOO bite might make them think again before getting into further trouble." Cappy chuckles. Mikey d just grins and waves good-by as he heads on out into the crowded street. He hops up onto his wagon's lazy board, and looks at the empty place Chuey had shared with him. With a tear in his eye he clicks to the team, and turns them out of town, back the way they had come. The othes follow behind, leavin' the excitement of the day behind, as their thoughts turn to the trek still ahead of them.
The smell of roastin' beef sizzling over a crackling fire could be smelt for a clear mile before the Team reached the base camp. A hot meal, strong, black coffee and everybirdie was ready to reload their cargo, makin' certain it was balanced and tied down securely. By mid-day with the sun on our backs we were movin' on down the line. Moggie joins Chuey to drive the team as they take the lead. The trip ahead was goin' to be a tough go, but they were ready for whatever might come their way!

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, ANGEL CHUEY--April 26/15, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

04/28/2015 07:41.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Well it was Chewy that went to the Rainbow Bridge but it was Micky Ds mate not Buddys.

We are off to another birding trip at the booth. This time to the beach. Maybe we will get to see Ms Gull & her kids, Have not seen then since our last adventure on the Pirate Pearl.

Still Ms BB

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04/28/2015 06:31.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Momma Terry yells at Doru to watch out for the rose bushes and the Lilly's .... The aviary spot is currently under water ... that's why we need to raise it a bit lol. Have a great day. V4U. Hugs.
Love Dory

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

04/28/2015 06:24.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Board Games....yessssssss!
The fids get some games out of the cabinet! Checkers, bowling, cards.......WooooooHoooo! Hey......wonder what's for dinner!

Come visit me, Raffikki,PumBaa & Max at the Derby!.

04/28/2015 05:44.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Cookie
Maybe your crankiness was due to all three things! We get the door shut on us if we're too noisy. Hopefully today you are more like your normal self.

Another busy day for mom at work. She was glad there weren't too many price changes to work as takes a while to make the new tags and signs and she had a trainee. He'll be going to another store so has to learn quickly all the different jobs. Said the day before he got to tackle cleaning a mess in the bathroom, yikes! Not part of the normal job description but one that any worker might have to deal with.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

04/28/2015 05:20.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi cookie
I was here, while you were still getting your beauty sleep.

Come visit me, JeTTa.

04/28/2015 03:45.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Tuesday
A quick "Hello" today. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler's Page & King Flitzer at the Movies.

04/28/2015 03:11.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Cookie,
No, we were good birdies. :). We didnt go walk about anywhere today. :)

Sorry but there's nothing that can entice Laka away from dads room eggcept mom. :(

Of course it was not good that mom came home crying cause of the day shift supervisor.

She made it really hard for mom today and didnt even believe her when she told her that she had a standing dentist appointment and had to leave early. She gave mom a hard time about that till she saw the note from moms other supervisor.

Mom is going to the employment office to look for something else pronto!

She can't take it anymore. She tried to give the day shift a chance but they were hard on her and didnt give her a break. The only break was to call personnel about parking and even that she used her cell phone and they got on her case.

To make matters worse mom got a parking ticket cause the boss said she had to finish up something before going out. My goodness it only takes 2 minutes to feed the darn meter!

Her ticket was for $40.00 and she still had to feed the meter cause if she didnt they would ticket her again!! How bad is that??

So mom called in sick for tomorrow and she is on vacation for the rest of the week and will go back to work on Monday catching the bus. A monthly bus pass is $60.00 so mom spent a total of $100.00 today that was totally unnecessary.

Now you can see why she wants to really find another job.

Here's a vote for you.

Love & hugs,

Laka and Pookie

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins, Pookie says I'm back chillin' in moms shirt. :) & Laka says more beach days for us, yay!!.

04/28/2015 12:42.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Glad you are back to normal. We won't be until after this weekend. It should be in the 50's every day starting Tuesday for the week ... maybe derby party will be 60??? That would be nice.
Today was cloudy and chilly but no rain or snow. There is still ice on the bay on Lake Michigan and snow on the ski slopes. Tuesday should be mid 50's with sun ... YAY!

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

04/27/2015 10:35.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Cookie, that corn was delish,
it is funny how it tasted so much better because it is cooked outside...That is a beautiful yellow bush...

We mainly have robins in the backyard looking for worms but we do have more birds are making use of the fountain to take a bath. Mom put up a feeder today to see if she can attract more birdies...

The sunroom floor is a light grey with a hint of blue or at least that's what mom thinks. She will take some pictures of it. Dad put the second coat on the half that was painted yesterday. Tomorrow, the other half...
The paint is meant for decks or concrete, the reason that the parronts are painting the floor is because there were a lot of water stains as there were leaks around the edges. Dad sealed up the problems but the stains looked ugly.

It was another beautiful day here around 75...and the parronts sat out on the back deck for a while after lunch.

Are you planning on getting a job at the Pie Shoppe? You would do really well...

Wing hugs, Chloe


04/27/2015 09:57.54 PM Report This Comment  



04/27/2015 09:33.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Cookie!
School year is drawing to a close for ya! Gosh, how fast time goes these days!! I know you are gonna love your Mom time!

Mom is calling me her appendage. I guess it is cuz I am on her pretty much as often as I can. I mean, she is here, and I should be on her, right?

Nothing on the job front. Mom is applying, which is fine. But nothing from the law office. So Mom washed down the bathroom walls today to do something constructive. She wants to do the kitchen next, and will probably do it tomorrow. Then pulling out all the furniture and vacuuming and washing the baseboards. Doesn't that sound boring?

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MIKEY D. #247164 for BOTM in May!.

04/27/2015 08:34.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Today I kept flying into the kitchen and mom kept tell me “home” so I would fly back to my condo. Then when I stayed there a while mom cracked me a walnut just a wee little bit and showed me where it was open but I had to get it open the rest of the way. I worked on that thing about an hour and finally had all the nut out but some had fallen between the grate and was down below on the play gym.. When mom cleaned my condo and the play gym out tonight I jumped down on the bottom tray and gobbled those pieces up too. Mom made sure the tray was clean first though where the nuts were. “Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.” Left a vote for you ~~Your forever friend, Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus--Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

04/27/2015 07:48.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Oh how wonderful for Momma Mary that all the stress from the show is done until next year and now we will be praying that the trip to Philadelphia will be fine and the kids will behave themselves all the way up and back!Mom knows how nerve wracking that could be though with a wild class to have to take out on a long trip!
It sure must've been so good to have Momma Mary home at a regular hour!I sure know what you mean about that for sure!I hate it when My Mom comes home late several times a week!
This morning was another sunny morning here and the highs for the day will be 52 with the lows being 40,its 54 right now.Mom got us all up and had to take Celine and Peepers cage out side on the deck and really scrub it out.They had to wait for her on the big play gym in the dining room while she was out there cleaning their cage.Mom had to take the whole cage apart and scrub every inch of it,they are such messy birdies!They had to wait for their breakfast.They were happy to get back in and get their warm bean mix.Mom is hoping to have a quiet and boring day here with us.Its still on the cool side so we still can't get outside and enjoy any sunshine yet.The weatherman on TV said that we won't be seeing consistent warm weather in the 70's until June.That's a long time to have to wait to get outside again!Mom did get today off and it was kind of quiet until she had to fight with the ants.They invade our house every spring right around April first or so,we hadn't had any and Mom thought we were going to be free and clear but they fooled us by coming late!Mom tore apart the couch and vacuumed everything good and when dad came home he sprayed outside the house with strong stuff and sprayed inside the TV room with safe stuff under the couch and all around the coffee table and end tables.UGGGGH!Those horrid carpenter ants belong outside not in our house!
Nana went up the stairs to her loft and attic today again and used the cane,she went up fast and then Amy,her PT and she walked around the attic and the loft area looking at all her dolls and clothes in her closets up there that she can't wear anymore,coming down was harder and slower but she did it!They walked outside and got her mail.She will only have Amy and Brenda her VNA who gives her showers for maybe three more times,by next week she will be signed off with all of them.Shiloh is doing well so far,still in lots of pain though and still using the walker.Both Nana and Shiloh send you all their love and warm hugs for always sending them those much needed prayers,Mom and all of us do too,we love you all so much for always being there for us!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses for everyone there from everyone here!Loving you always and forever,Kallie&Flock and family too!
Ps Don't forget to go to Name That Tune and leave your guesses for this weeks song list!Along with the fabulous juke box that could be yours to own for your ga

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

04/27/2015 07:47.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Cookie and Hulk
Take Goldencents and Union Rags to the track for a hard work out.They have them work on their starts out of the gate and how to finish strong.Hulk tells Cookie he can't believe how fast the derby is coming up.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Mikey D(247164) BOTM.

04/27/2015 07:10.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Caden here. Thanks for flying by to congratulate me on BOTD. I enjoyed my hatch day and being king of the castle put my fidster's (Monty Mae) beak out of joint. Hehehe

Come visit me, Caden - is my name, exploring is my game & Monty Mae - I'm queen of this household!.

04/27/2015 02:35.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
The heat wave finally rolled in, and I got a nice long sunbath today. They forecasted 90, and it was about 85 when Mom and went outside at noon. She kept moving back and forth between the sun and shade, but I just basked in the warmth the whole time. Those two nutriberries didn't hurt any either! And even though it is trash truck Monday, not a single one came by while we were there. Awesome!

Voting on the Hat Contest is heating up. I can now state that every single pic has at least one vote, but that doesn't mean your flock should slack off. If you want your favorites to win, get on over there.

Mom really enjoyed Frost/Nixon yesterday. It brought back a lot of memories of the 70s for her, but even more so she learned a few things she didn't know before. She might just rent the movie now.


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04/27/2015 01:46.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Howdy friends, Mikey D here in the Wild West Ghost Town. I wish to thank everybirdie and their parronts for the kind words shared at the loss of my beloved wife-bird Queen Chuey. I miss her terribly and will forever love her, but I also know she is waiting for me to join her one day on that big cattle range in the sky. She would not want anyone to grieve for her too long, she lived each day to the fullest. Ride free my love till I see you again some day!
Hawk-eye stares wide-eyed at the Smith and Weston pointed his way, and slowly stumbles to his feet. One beady eye on Jesse,the other on the door, he cautiously walks towards the opening. At the last second he has a change of heart and makes a bolt for freedom, right into the chest of one Mr. Sky. Not to be trapped easily, he dives between Sky's legs and makes a dash for freedom.
Cappy, is getting bored guarding Black Bart, he hears all of the commotion going on outside. Not one to sit back Cappy checks to make sure the cell door it shut tight and walks outside to see if he sees anything when suddenly Hawk-eye runs smack-dab into him. Cappy grabs hold of the scruffy bandit as the two fly backwards onto the wooden sidewalk. Hawk-eye grabs for Cappy's pistol, but is too slow as Cappy rolls onto his feet so fast he sends Hawk-eye tumblin' over him into the water trough. Cappy lunges after him, pinning his prisoner in the water. "Now, come along nice-like or I'll show ya how hard a Too can bite"
Jesse stands stunned as everything unfolds. Seeing Cappy haulin' Hawk-eye along to jail, he rushes to where Miss Falco is standing smiling happily. "Oh Falco, you're safe. I was so worried they'd try to hurt you. I had to get free and save you my sweet girl" Jesse holds Falco close, thankful they are once more freed and save. Everybirdie on the street cheers when Jesse walks outside his wing around Falco protectively. " After a group-hug the Team matches the remainin' gang members into the jail house from the wagons, lockin' them away for safe keepin'
"You'll stay here. Beakerton Security officers are on their way here, to escort your sorry tail-feathers off to prison." Mikey D tells them before he turns tail and exits the Jail house. The Bird looks on from the top of the boarding house as Jesse breaks down the door of the General store to get to Falco. The Bird turns & disappears back the way he/she came. Ms BB puts away the few things she has & resumes her walk down the dusty windy trail to the ghost town. She can see birds moving in town but can not make out who they are. BB passes a cactus & it moves to walk next to her. Its The Bird in another costume. He/she tells BB about what has been going on in town, mounts her/his burro, & wanders off into the sunshine.
Sky sees BB walkin' in the distance and rides out to pick her up. "You missed all the fun Sweetheart!" he says as he reins in beside her. BB laughs and climbs up into the saddle, " do you think the horse might run outta hay

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, ANGEL CHUEY--April 26/15, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

04/27/2015 10:40.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Yay, a successful show, now they can take it to Broadway and win a Tony, hahaha! Good to have mom back I bet.
Last night we were in lockdown because mom, Aunt Gin, and Jessica went to dinner and a movie. They ate at Houlihan's, a local bar/restaurant, and saw Woman in Gold, with Helen Mirren. All 3 of them loved the movie, it was very good.
Today mom fed the bats again, and there are baby raccoons in the RVS room now so mom got to hear them crying while she was feeding the bats. The staff came in to feed them, so mom got to see a couple of them too. They are so cute, it's too bad they grow up to be such pests. Mom is hoping that the staff can get in touch with the folks that brought in 5 babies. They trapped them in their attic, but mom is still up there. My mom told the staff if they could trap the mom, they could bring her to the center and she can raise her own babies in one of the outdoor pens where they will be safe from human interference.
I hope you are having a good day today and getting some spring weather, cuddles and scritches. It's raining here. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

04/27/2015 10:21.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Buddy...
Mommy Staci's puter is fixed and the bird is back !!! I missed you so much !!! Let's put our heads together and figure out on how to make BIG mischief at the KB !!!

Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi luvs Cheyenne forever..... GET PANTHER TO 5K, Snowflake luvs her Apache...V4 PANTHER 5K, Tweety Luvs Princess...Support our US troops !!! & PANTHER... PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 5K.

04/27/2015 08:56.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
It's Blue and Jewel.
Guess what? With all the excitement of Izzy coming to live with us we forget to tell you that we are sitting on two eggs, with more to come.
Izzy is a 6 year old Congo African Grey. He lived in Northern California. His mom couldn't take care of him anymore so she searched for a new home for him. She got in contact with Paula in Canada, who knew the La Habra flock and through her, Izzy came to live with us. Right now he's quiet but he likes mom and tolerates dad. There will be many interesting and exciting days ahead for us all.
Yesterday was a day of rest for mom and dad. They are still not feeling 100%. After taking care of all of us they sat and watched TV for the rest of the day. Dad didn't even open up the garage. Hope the car is still there.
Today will be clear, with a high of 87 and a low of 59. There's work to do outside but it all depends on how dad feels.
Hope your day is fun.
Blue and Jewel.


04/27/2015 08:00.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Monday
A rainy damp start to the week here in ol Buffalo
Dad and Uncle Geno went out to see "The Age of Adeline" which they liked, for the most part. Dad says that Harrison Ford has a great role in it.
Our hearts to out to the Family and Friends of Angel Chuey -[Page 245908]. Miss Chuey was one of our firstest friends here on BC and we will miss her dearly.

Come visit me, Mario Adler's Page & King Flitzer at the Movies.

04/27/2015 03:22.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Queen Boo Boo
takes Cookies wing and leeds him around the birdy castle garden and explains all about the honey bee queen and bees they will be getting soon. Queen Boo Boo Bought them on ebay. first we had to find good spots for the hives. we have built these boxes called supers for the bees. the opening must face the south east so the honey bees can get the early sunlight. the supers are protected from the harsh winds blowing from the north and northwest with plenty of shrubs like forsythia, ilex and juniper. we dont want the little honey bees to get too cold or too hot so we are placing the supers under shade trees so that they get dappled sunlight and not full or direct sunlight. first we built a base with cinder blocks and then surrounded that wit pretty brick so it looks nice. then the super is built with layers of board and planks in a box. we can add on to it as the hive gets bigger but for now its best to go with small. i am very excited about the bees arrival and hope you will be here at the castle when we release them. it will be so much fun. i have to check with UPS to find out the expected shipping date

love Queen Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & QUEEN BOO BOO vote Mikey D 247164.

04/26/2015 11:10.18 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Cookie,
It's good news to hear that your Dad is learning to speak Bird. It's about time, I'm sure. By the looks of the other blogs the play your Mom was directing is all over? I hope she got some rest today.

This was a very busy weekend for my Mommy because it was bird club weekend. Well, it's actually just today, but Mommy spends most of Saturday cooking. She always makes a main dish and a dessert. Everyone must have liked the baked spaghetti and the strawberry pretzel dessert because there was nothing left! Steve, our VP, is going in for hip replacement surgery May 6th so Mommy is going to take over being the editor of our club's monthly newsletter and also writing his column, except that now it will be her column. She doesn't know how long she will be the substitute editor, but after his left hip heals, he'll be having the right one done about 2 months later. So this looks like it's going to be a several months long job. I'm sure that I'm going to have to help her. She can't do anything without me.
Love and Big Hugs from Little Miss Lucy♥

Come visit me, Finnegan - "HI!" FROM THE DERBY!, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue at the Derby.

04/26/2015 06:31.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Greetings from Angel Shananigans
Thank you, it is wonderful.

Come visit me, Babycakes, Snigglefritz, Pumpkin, HALDIR AND PINK LADY, Sparkle and I am lost, escaped my cage, Shadow & Shananigans.

04/26/2015 07:44.35 AM Report This Comment  
  OK Cookie
Aunt Vickie got a new car. R T

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

04/26/2015 02:10.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Cookie
The door is always open for you.

I refuse to bite that paper.... I have better taste.


Come visit me, Tweet & Squak.

04/26/2015 01:59.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Its theater time? On top of testing? YIKES! Cookie time soon????
My mom has deserted me this week, AND told me she was going shopping with skinsis today. I gave her my tail feathers!
Last week I got to have blood drawn again--everything looked good, so I can stay off the med. I've had sweet pepper cores a couple times after mom made stuffed peppers, that is the good of this week. The leader of the Alpha course wanted to do a 'mini-retreat' for the people who had missed the real one. SO, mom left before dinner and had stuff to do prior. SHE claims the leader had lots more to do--bet HE doesn't have a bird!(mom says just wife and young kids).
Only 2 more weeks tho', and she will be done til the fall. Only a couple more weeks she'll be in school too. There is an early ending this year so that remodeling of the asbestos filled wing can begin. The kids get out the end of May, but mom won't be needed for most of the month.

Come visit me, Polly; V4 Mikey D #247164 BOTM & Zippy; V4 Mikey D #247164 BOTM.

04/25/2015 10:59.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie,

How are you, Buddy? It's Apache. We're all wishing your Mom lots of luck tonight! It's chilly in her Philly, right now only about 45! They're saying more showers tomorrow. Right because Mom had her Durango washed today LOL. Well, have a good weekend. I'm sure your Mom will need lots of rest tomorrow! Here's a vote for you, Cookie. Bye for now.



04/25/2015 08:57.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Cookie~
I hope you are having a wonderful day! I hate to tell you this, but there is no school today because they never used any snow days this year so they get today off!
I think most of the people who left have gone over to Flock Call. It's run by the lady who does Felix's blogs! I just love those blogs! He is such a funny guy! I'm not sure what the site is aiming for but for now it's all article about bird care. It's nice but it's not BC. I'll be here until it ends!
I hope you enjoy the day and that the rehearsal goes well!
love, hugs and a vote ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar,Pippo, Mei Mei-Vote 4 Mikey D 247164 & The Calendar Page~Pineapple for April.

04/24/2015 12:58.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi's ME, Cookie!!
Don't pass out! I almost did when Mom told me to join her at the computer! She's doing better...had some restrictions on how her body would tolerate sitting at the computer...LOTS of body pain, but seems to be diminishing! Drs. are happy with her tests and all----just taking longer than she expected to get the body to do what it used to do. All is going well 'cept Spring is being stubborn in coming! I'm ready to go outside in my travel cage and catch some rays and maybe a hose misting! Hope you are all doing well! ~~hugs, Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie, Molly & Tahoe.

04/24/2015 08:52.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
V4U today. Nothing new here, just been very busy. Along with everything else, the lawn and garden chores have started again, so that adds more to the to-do list. The heater had to go on last night, it was so chilly. The weather here hasn't been too good, lots of rain and even more rain is on the way again. Have a good weekend. From, Mayo.

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

04/24/2015 05:50.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi ookie
Well, I se sunshine and blue sky's forecast for today. I do believe you should vacation in Florida and enjoy the lovely weather. We'll pick you up at the airport.

Come visit me, JeTTa.

04/24/2015 02:39.22 AM Report This Comment  
It just seems we cannot shake these colder temps out of here.Today we are having what looks like snow pellets and occasional flakes and then sun appears with temps hanging around 40...Glad to hear Dad finally understands what you are hollering for now.Well anyway at least he has learned bird talk....Yes, I bet your Mom is going to need a lot of Quaker time when this is all over...For the time being during the day until somebody gets home with Cookie hope you are enjoying watching all that outside activity...Intend to go to NTT and check out what answers I might know...Have a nice Thursday..Pecked a V4U...Many wing hugs to you my friend....Love you buddy, Stormy :o)


04/23/2015 08:55.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Cookie!
I wish we had some ka-booms around here! I am tried of this hot, dry weather. We shouldn't have rain u til at least mid- May!
I woukd love to keep time with your stopwatch for you and GC at the track. I have been sleeping there in my hammock so i'm there for the early morning practice. Just come get me and i'll help you out!
This afternoon my parronts went to a wine tasting at a hitel in the city and then dad had a very long dental appointment. I didn't think they were ever going to come home! Needless to say, we had a late dinner!
See you at the track!
High 4-Picabo

Come visit me, Scion- RIP our Buddy Bird - Jan. 29, 2015, Budgies, Kiwi & Button, Limon & Lima, Squeaky, Picabo- Vote Mikey D! daily at 247164 & Angel Alfie (RIP).

04/21/2015 07:44.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie--
Long time no squawk,eh? Looks like spring finally arrived at your house, too! Mom has been busy running around the yard, but a full day of rain made it to soggy to do anything here she is!

Last night she posted a video of us shredding the books Chyna's Mom sent us. It's on FB, so be sure to stop by and see us!


Come visit me, The Society of Finches, Sherman and Peabody & Tooth: Flew Home 8/11/2014.

04/21/2015 08:15.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Charlie here and I really enjoyed our day outside and the lovely picnic! The house you made from the cards was just awesome. Charlie gives Cookie a big wing hug and oops knocks down the house of cards. They both laugh as mama Theresa brings a puzzle out for them to put together with a picture of wild birds and two glasses of lemonade for them.


Come visit me, Nippy, "Angel " THANK YOU EVERY BIRDIE", Opie, Sunny RIP "THANK YOU FOR BOTD", Greenie "The newest member of the flock", Puffin " Come on Spring ", Little Bird R.I.P 3/24/2010, SHADOW, Feathers" Thank you for BOTD ", Ceasaur "Come on Spring", CHEETA, Scarlet "One of the Mighty Macaws", Alex & Sweetie "Thank you friends", Julio, Charlie"Spring is here", Angel Baby "THANK YOU FOR THIS HONOR", Happy loves Maxie Pie, "SASSY GIRL It's my Hatch Day", Peppy, Emy"I laid two eggs May 14, 2014", "Sweetheart" RIP Beautiful Girl, Sweetie & Chatterbox.

04/20/2015 11:11.31 AM Report This Comment  
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