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Quaker from croton, NY
Cookie - summertime, summertime . . .

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I was just out of the nursery after my Sept. 25 hatch day and it was love at first sight ! Now I rule the roost !. Awards
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Hi! My name is Cookie - summertime, summertime . . .

I am a Quaker from croton, NY.

11 years old   M


kiwi, pea pods (actually, anything yummy I call popcorn)

computer, play gym

anything that resembles a pole: mop, tripod, music stand, wrapping paper roll, etc.

love to wrap myself up in calculator paper.

The BIRD is the WORD.

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  Heya, Cookie!
I love hot, hot peppers--the dried kind, and then go give Mom a kiss. Hehe! Italian anything is great in my book!

Woo...we were toasty today! It got to 88 degrees, but the humidity was super high, so it felt warmer. The nice part was that it was kinda windy where Mom works, so that helped cut the heat from feeling as warm as it was. Mom did get a walk in though after lunch--she said there were not many sailboats out on the lake today. Guess people are working or something. It was a good day though, and the time pretty much flew by. I don't know anything about time flying, do you? I don't see it. Do you?

Hoppy Tooooosday!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/22/2014 08:04.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Cookie and Hulk
Are all excited and talking at once . Mama Sandy tells them yes she saw them and how exciting the slide looked.They all walk together to find the wave pool mama Sandy helps get a tube and get into the water.Now they just have to wait for the waves to start.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/22/2014 07:21.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
So are you enjoying the LAKE this summer? Must be wonderful to feel the cool breezes over the water! We know what you mean about being spoiled having your mom around. The Cuddler was home (sort of) for three weeks to do moving stuff and we got used to her face!

The last month and a half were awful! The move took forever, with only the Cuddler and the Feeder doing all the work. Then the Cuddler got behind in her classes and had to catch up. She also started a new job on the 1st. So up until last week, it's been nothing but work and study, work and study. She finally turned in her last assignment and hopefully will enjoy the rest of the summer in the new house!

As for all us fids, we are doing great. We have a couple newbies in our flock - Donovan the yellow parrotlet (can you guess how he got his name?), and Sammi the rescue sennie. Sammie is the Cuddler's special friend and can usually be found on her shoulder, chewing holes in her shirts.

Thank you so much for keeping NTT going the last couple months! We are so grateful!

The Ninjas

Come visit me, Pepper & Jamaica, Butterball, Apollo, Annie, NAME THAT TUNE - Congrats Kiddo!, Chardonnay, Rico & Paulie - the Ninja Budgies, Buddy Beak, Sally - In Loving Memory & Valentine.

07/22/2014 07:08.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Nice when the festivals come close to home and one doesnt have to cook. There are some around here that mom and dad go to just to eat. Moms favorite is the fried veggies but only a few places make them that they are really good.
Well dad got the mailbox today but the one with the flag (to tell you that the mail man went) that mom wanted is no longer being made. Mom painted the names and number on the box and then helped dad get it on. Mom had me in the outside cage and I kept yelling real loud to the parronts and mom kept yelling back to me. It was very hot and humid today so I didn’t stay out long and tomorrow looks like rain so doubt I get out then either. ”Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward”. Leaving a vote for you!! Hugs~~ Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus --Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

07/22/2014 04:44.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Short blog today, because Mom and I have been very busy with the August County Fair Milonga. We have our 16 pig riders! To get the names just fly on over to the milonga page #165848 and they are posted. The new riders don't have their pig assignments yet, but returnees will ride their old friends from last year. And face painting is back, plus the pie eating contest.
However please don't forget the July milonga is this Saturday, and we are all going to have a fantastic beach party at the lake.

I had a nice sunbath before my mom went to the gym this morning. I have been climbing into my carrier to play more and more often. Those toys are pretty good in there!


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote for Zeena #255116 for BOTM!!!.

07/22/2014 04:16.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Hello my dear friends. Thank you all for the lovely words of encouragement and your faithful daily votes. i hope you are enjoying viewing a few very rare and uncommon Parrots and birds. All the birds I have discussed are species that are kept in captivity. Some we will not see, or won't see available for a long time due to their rarity.
Today we will stop by to visit some very common friends, in some very interesting and striking colors. Momma Deb has raised many Green Cheeked Conures in her lifetime but none like those we will see today. Many are only available to breeders at this time due to their difficulty in reproducing their colors. I hope you will enjoy what you see.
Momma Deb and I tried to locate the current price of many of these beauties and have listed them here, just for your information sake--

American Dilutes--$2000.00 US a pair and up
American Dilutes yellow-sided---$ 3800 to 6000Us a pair
Red-Faced Yellow-sided----$2500 to 7000.US a pair
Sun Cheek -------$ 4500 to 8500US a pair
Moon Cheeks---$7000Us and up for good stock
Mint-----$5000 to 10,000US a pair
Turquoise---$500 US a pair and up
Cinnamon Turquoise---$750 US and up a pair
Recessive Pied-----$4000 to 8000US a pair and up
Red-Factored Pineapples--$300US and up per pair
Dilute Moon Cheeks---$7000US and up per pair

There are by far not all the new and shocking color mutations available but will give you a good idea of what has been hatching in Green Cheeked Conure nest boxes lately.

Seen in dense, low forests and woodlands. Also in moist, mossy cloud forest on E Andes where seen up to 2900m (9512 ft).

Threat Summary:
Probably declining in E Bolivia because of rapid forest clearance. They are found on CITES
Appendix II. There are flocks living in both Florida and California which can be seen in company of the wild Amazon Parrots.
with love and scritches Zeena 255116

Come visit me, Rally and Lacie, Poncho, Thank you friends for BOTD, Jack, thank you all for BOTD, sassy, Casper, you fought a good fight l'il man, amando, sky, Angel Lupe', I will see you again!, little angel,, broken wings, broken promises, casey, LittleAngel & Dixie's wedding album, Jesse,, flynn, angel girl, Sarah little bird, Zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, ZEENA, VOTE ME BOTM in JULY!!!! & sweetie, thank you friends for BOTD.

07/22/2014 02:24.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Tweety and Cookie talk on the way to the stadium
My mommy and Daddy want to move somewhere cooler so my daddy's checking on where he can transfer and still work for his company...The heat here is melting my mommy !!!
It's a good thing we stayed Quite yesterday. We got a chance to watch the team and work on improvements in different areas...

Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi say's Cheyenne said yes !! Thank you for BOTD, Snowflake says. I'm getting married to Apache..., Tweety... Princess is my wife ! V4 MIKEY PG 61671 & Panther loves Coconut....

07/22/2014 09:07.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie,
Stopping by with a vote.
Have a good day!!

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

07/22/2014 07:40.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Cookie!
Thank you so much for the Happy Hatchday wishes and for your part in making me Queen for the day!!
Love and kissssssses,

Callie xo

Ps.. Please come by for some of the yummy cake that Lizzie and Kaji made for me!! ♥

Come visit me, Callie*Thank you for the hatchday wishes & 4 BOD, * Mango*, GREEN*, Peetie Mourning the loss of his princess Lola<3, Paulie* & Little Angel Peep meets Lola at the RB 6/8/14.

07/22/2014 07:37.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie.
It's Blue and Jewel.
We have new neighbors. A huge flock of Mexican Red Headed Amazons have taken up residence in the tall trees around our house. There must be over 100 of them. You sure can tell when they arrive. Talk about noise! The other evening dad went out and took pictures of them. They haven't visited our backyard feeder yet but dad's hoping they will.
Yesterday, while mom was at the police station, dad vacuumed all the floors and carpets and by the time he was finished it was time to pick mom up. When they got home dad fixed bunless hamburgers. This time there was hardly any smoke but the burgers sure did smell good.
Today is free movie day so mom and dad will be gone for a while but we're hoping they will be home after the movie. We hate Lockdown.
Today will be clear and hot, with a high of 90 and a low of 65.
Hope your day was fun.
Blue and Jewel.


07/22/2014 07:21.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Cookie
When we're playing for any length of time, after 10 or 15 minutes Mom takes me back to the Cinn-A-Castle to see if I need to use the potty paper, and I usually do, and I think she is learning fast.

Come visit me, Cinn-A-Bun.

07/22/2014 07:13.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
It is a gorgeous day today! I think it's the best one of the week. Tomorrow we're supposed to get thunderstorms again. Usually by this time in July the grass is brown and dry, but everyone has green grass still. Mom has some grocery shopping to do, but it can wait. She needs to buy fresh fruits and veggies, but we have enough to tide us over for a few days. Today is definitely a pool day, and tonight mom and her sister will go to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. Mom bought a groupon a few weeks ago and wants to use it before it expires. Tonight will also be cage cleaning night, so we all have to be prepared to fix up our homes as soon as mom is done destroying them.
I hope you are having a bright and beautiful sunny day and getting lots of attention that you deserve. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Kaji, TiPaul, and Sky for 10k!, Peppino, In Divo's memory & Falco, Mikey and Chipper for 10k.

07/22/2014 07:06.41 AM Report This Comment  
  Morning car repair Cookie, from Jenny Lynn
...I hope your mom's car won't cost an arm and leg as they say, maybe it is something very minor! The Italian food festival at your church sounds wonderful, my dad loves Italian food! It will be very hot today with temps in the mid-nineties, and heat indexes well over 100! The high humidity is a killer for dad's old COPD lungs, we are going to keep him inside today! I was mocking dad's morning cough, he was worried about me until he realized what I was doing! Have a happy ToosDay, and give my love to all in your pretty home, see ya all tomorrow...

Love from Jenny & our family

Come visit me, Mr Ziggy~It's time to get back to playing with Jen, Jen Lynn~Hanging with brother Art at the McAviary, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, ANGEL CHRISTY~Enjoying life while I had it..., Ms LaLo~Come & go sailing with me this Summer.... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

07/22/2014 07:05.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Cookie
Skinsis should be moving over the w/e and has been kinda packing/organizing this week. Is isn't too far away but mom hasn't actually figured out where it is, but not far from her work.

Kitchen vacation? That's a great saying. Might have to borrow that one day. We also love hot peppers. Eggspecially when they're dried and can wipe a beak off on an unsuspecting parront, heehee.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

07/22/2014 05:32.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
MommaTerry says she is fine. She thinks the other dr is just trying to worry her for I reason. Mom is still trying to get an appt but she is less worried daily. The only problem she is having is seeing at long and medium distance. Her eyes. It adjusting fast to the new glasses and the strain is likely giving her the minor headaches. She is not experiencing the worrisome symptoms of severe headaches or spotty vision and the pressure in her eyes are not bad. Either way, mom does have an existing appt with eye specialist that has been working I her red eye problem it's on Aug 28, 2014. Mom really is trying to get in sooner though just to neon the safe side. These specialists are very good but also very busy. I am sure if mom thought it was an emergency she could get in sooner but as it is she thinks she just needs check to see if maybe something is changing. Gotta run. Have a great day. V4U. Hugs.
Love Dory

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

07/22/2014 05:28.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh Cookie,
The DL called in sick again!!

Boy 2 for 2!!

Moms batting average is starting at look good huh??

I think mom does have that erectile stomach thingy stuff the day shift boss was talking about.

That irregular bowl movement thingy thing. Is that serious asks Angel Sally to Cookie and Cookie says I dunno. He looks at his mom, hey mom!!!

Momma Mary says . . . .

Come visit me, Angel Sally says smile when you think of us Angels, Pookie says I've been twitter patted !! & Laka Aolani says have a safe summer !! :)..

07/22/2014 04:41.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
That's it, show Mom how much of a mess you can make. RT

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

07/22/2014 01:23.38 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Nothing new here. Just an early morning. Squak.

Come visit me, Tweet & Squak.

07/22/2014 12:54.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi cookie

1)You can't count your hair.

2)You can't wash your eyes with soap.

3)You can't breathe when your tongue is out.
Put your tongue back in your mouth, you silly person!

Ten (10) Things I know about you.

1) You are reading this.

2) You are human.

3) You can't say the letter ''P'' without separating your lips.

4) You just attempted to do it.

6) You are laughing at yourself.

7) You have a smile on your face and you skipped No. 5.

8) You just checked to see if there is a No. 5.

9) You laugh at this because you are a fun loving person & everyone does it too.

10) You are probably going to send this to see who else falls for it.

You have received this blog because I didn't want to be alone in the idiot category. Have a great Day. Laugh, and then Laugh and sing.

It's a Beautiful Morning even when it's not.

"Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."

Come visit me, Jetta.

07/22/2014 12:25.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
a warm muggy day here. the cold temps left. mom thought it was going to rain so she cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and scrubbed the kitchen floor. everything was filthy.
as long as mom wears her brace everything is fine.SO FAR. at least the pain has now stopped shooting down moms leg
love Boo Boo

ps:Cookie and Boo Boo just can't stop giggling at how dorky aunt Carol looks especially bent down scrubbing the floor with the big bulky brace

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE ZEENA BOTM 255116.

07/21/2014 11:36.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
I know what you mean ... always better to re-do the condo after mom cleans it! They never get it right!
Mom got the second recall in a month on her Escape and the people behind us are logging :( not a good day.

I'm loving this summer weather and patio time! I wish it would last for ever. I'm getting very eggcited for Wednesday, hope I get some new toys!
Have a greyt night.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

07/21/2014 10:14.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie,
Jolie only squawks with us when we went to go to our cages for the night and mom isn't fast enough and we get aggravated with her and all of us squawk at her to hurry up.LOL!As far as squawking together just to squawk, no we don't do that.We do compete for her attention though.Mom catches us making kissing noises to each other.I do like to out squawk Bilou though.I drown him out no problem.We don't have a chance with jolie.He out squawks the two of us.

Have a good Night! Love, Strawberry.

Wednesday we got an appointment to get our nails done.Jolie will go on a different day because mom can't handle all of us with the carriers.

Come visit me, Bilou & Strawberry.

07/21/2014 09:35.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Mama Sandy
Waves back and tells the boys okay I'm watching. This time Cookie and Hulk climb right in the tube and push off to go sailing down the slide as fast as they can.The swish all around and make a big splash when they hit the pool.
Mama Sandy laughs and tells the boys good job for going down again.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Zeena (255116) BOTM.

07/21/2014 08:25.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Cookie!
I took a bath too today--in my water dish. It was wonderful. Mom is amazed that I can fit as much of me in it!

We are due up for hot and humid tomorrow. It was lovely here today, with a wonderful breeze and not as humid as they predicted. Would be lovely if things are nicer tomorrow, but at least one day was hot and NOT humid! Even though it was warm, Mom took her walk down to where she can see the lake, and that haze over the horizon sure seems like we are gonna get that icky weather. Good day for sailing--Mom wishes she were out there on the boat!

Hope you are having a great evening, and sending big wing hugs your way!

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote ZEENA #255116 BOTM in July!.

07/21/2014 07:49.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
All I know is that those cars can be a real pain in the tail feathers!I sure do hope that both Mama Mary and Poppa Rich's vehicles will be all done by the time they get home tomorrow!It never fails,if its not one big thing its another!
Now its too bad that we live so far away,I think that my Mom would be at the Italian festival with your sweet Mama Mary!Mom and I can just smell it from here!
It was another busy day for Mom even though she was home with us all day,while my dad was outside scraping paint on the trim of the house so he could paint it with fresh purple paint that my Mom bought a month or two ago! Mom was going through more stuff to take to the donation places and to the dump and recycling places.It was a cloudy,on the cool side day but yet humid if you were out side working!It was 72 degrees and the sun never came out until 4:30 this afternoon.Mom decided that as she was waiting for dinner to heat up she would take us all out on the deck to get some sunshine as we haven't been outside for several days.It was good to be able to watch all the wild birds come and go all around us!
Mom will be home for one more day before she goes to Zumba on Wednesday morning and then her errand runs with Nana and skin sis so I'm taking advantage of every moment that I can!At least my dad will be here all week so we won't be totally alone while Mom is gone all day!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses tp everyone there from everyone here!Loving you always and forever,Kallie&flock,Mom,Dad,Nana and Trixie II

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

07/21/2014 06:35.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie,

How are you? It's Apache. Sorry to hear about your Parents Car problems. Maybe your Mom's "Check Engine" light will just be a replacement of that part that Mom can't remember what it's called. Here she goes having one of those Senior Moments. Oh she said it's called a Sensor and she had to have one or two replaced and it's not that bad. Your Dad has to have his brakes fixed or replaced cause he needs them to drive safely. When it rains, it always seems to pour. My Mommy has a 2000 Durango, she has bought "2" extended warranties and the last one will be up in March but she only has like 72,000 miles on it. She knows she'll have to buy another SUV but not sure which one, yet. Plus she knows she's gonna have to take some of her IRA savings to buy one but maybe not a 2015. She just doesn't know yet. Anyway, hope you're having a good day. We had lots of company yesterday so Mom is being kind of lazy today. Although, she did do a little food shopping, stripped her bed and fed us, that's about it. She said as soon as she gets off this computer, she'll clean all our cages. Here's a vote for you, Buddy. Bye for now.


Come visit me, Parker, Silver, APACHE IS SO HAPPY SNOWFLAKE SAID YES ON 04/27/14, Oz & Cheyenne said YES to her Jedi 5/3/14.

07/21/2014 12:32.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie
Airport will be closing early today because I have to pack my duffle bag and see you at Laker's camp. Before we leave, let's check the fridge for some snacks. love and winghugs, Moggie

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07/21/2014 11:41.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie~
Haven't chatted in a while and wanted to say "Hi"!
Best wishes for a wonderful day! Love, Indy and Rio

Come visit me, INDIANA SAM.

07/21/2014 03:56.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Dear Mr. Cookie
Mom named me Lemon because of my color! But, BonBons are sweet! Please call me BonBon. Thank you for your generous welcome to BC and my new forever home!
Luv, Lemon Le'BonBon♥

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!!, Spot::vote Zeena 255116 BOTM!!! & Lemon Le'BonBon.

07/20/2014 10:23.16 PM Report This Comment  
  MIKEY #61671/KAJI #43005 4-10K CLUB



07/20/2014 09:53.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Howdy Cookie
Yes mom hurt her back a work but did not say anything. Then yesterday carried g one of the cages in from outside after washing it she twisted wrong and now she get really bad sharp pains under her rib cage into her back when she walks just on the right side. She had to work today on her feet for 8 hours and lifting things she home in bed with meds . Dad thinks she should go DOCT but mommsays it will go away . Not to much going on tonight just be being bossy tehe. I have big wings to fill from my frother Waddles I want to be just like him . BBF RIO

Come visit me, RIO, MOCHA & LATTE.

07/20/2014 07:22.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Phuuuutttttt, phuuuuutttttttt !! I thought KISSES were thrown, or baseballs, or insults.


Come visit me, Ms BBs page., TPB&G., Pepper in the BC Castle for JULY, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, L'il Angel Adler at the Kissing Booth & Buba.

07/20/2014 06:46.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi ya Cookie~
I hope you are having a great day! I am sorry for the short c/p but mom and dad went shopping and it always takes way too long when dad is along!
Dad like to wander and mom always has to go find him! Today was nothing different but this time mom did not mind! K. J. Wright from the Seahawks was at the Walmart doing a meet and greet!!!! Mom got to see the championship ring up close and birdsonal! She said it was more awesome than you can imagine! It's huge and very sparkly! This was one trip that mom didn't mind dad wandering around! It was very exciting!!!
Mom is off to bed so I will catch up with you tomorrow!
Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar

Come visit me, Little Angel's Bridal Shower, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo have joined the Circus!!! & The Calendar Page~July's Birthstone is the Ruby.

07/19/2014 02:46.44 PM Report This Comment  

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07/19/2014 10:41.16 AM Report This Comment  
  As soon as they get
To the penguin house the four friends jump out of the stroller! They are giggling and start walking like penguins. They notice the penguins are watching them walk and it makes them giggle even more! Zoos are so much fun!

Come visit me, Raffi and Pumbaa say Have Great Summer!.

07/18/2014 05:21.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie & Tweety
We're interested in the Basketball Camp--we were Spurs during this past season, though. Does that matter? We need the practice and it sounds like fun!


Angel & Pepper

Come visit me, ANGEL & PEPPER.

07/17/2014 01:10.34 PM Report This Comment  
Got your notice of Basketball Camp....Stormy and I will be there...Mom will be back on BC doing our blogs again starting Monday the 21st...She had to take some time off because of her brother who they just peacefully laid to rest....Hope you are having a great day...Pecked a V4U....Wit many birdie wing hugs....your friend, Sam :o)

Come visit me, Cydney, Sam THANKS EVERYBODY FOR MAKING ME BOTM, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy VOTE PEPPER(#40673)BOTM & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

07/16/2014 08:24.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie,
it was a bit warmer today, but still no rain. now they forecasted that it'll be raining on Saturday & that's when mum's market is, lucky her stall will be under cover, but maybe it'll keep the people away? Lets hope not!
Mum painted the bathroom today & i had to stay out of it.
I didn't get my bath last Sunday, so yesterday i jumped into the bathroom basin to show mum & dad that i'm overdue for a bath & they gave me one. Gosh was i happy!
Hope you had a good day.
V4u & a big hug,
Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

07/16/2014 03:59.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Cookie--
Boy these thunderstorms have really been something, haven't they? We're having one right now. The Moms are sitting in the den still digesting their lunch even tho it's 6:15 PM. They got married today and went to a nice italian restaurant and ate themselves silly! Mom D is just waiting for enough stomach space to cram in the tiramisu that she brought home. Ok, that's done now! Just writing about it made her go get it! I couldn't have any cuz it was soaked in amaretto, but I got some good-boy-nuts instead.

This week the roof got fixed by some nice Russian guys. It was fun trying to communicate with them. Everything is done except for the chimney cap....we're still waiting on that...there's a plastic bag taped over the tube in the meantime.

Hmmm---wouldn't prednisone help those hives? I can't imagine six weeks of itching. The Moms think I'm nutso when I scratch for a full two'd be hard standing on one foot for six weeks. Oh wait...I forgot, hoomans don't scratch with their feet. Thank goodness for that!

Yup, we've got some patio tomatoes that are goin' great guns. Mom just hopes they ripen before they get rotten with all the rain we're having. She's keepin' her toes crossed...

Hope you've been helping Mom stay awake...I find a good peck on the neck usually does the trick. Either that or incessant chirping if they're trying to sleep nearby. And hope you're having the best of summers!


Come visit me, The Society of Finches & Tooth: Soup is for eating,not swimming!.

07/15/2014 03:45.33 PM Report This Comment  
Hi Cookie,
Thanks for all the prayers. They're definitely working. My Daddy's been home now for about three weeks after having been in the hospital for another 12 days. He ended up having more surgery, and when he finally came home had a rough time for a bit. But now he's actually doing a little bit better everyday. Yeah!...just thought you'd like to know.
Lots of Love and Big Hugs from Little Miss Lucy♥

Come visit me, Mr. Finnegan, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue.

07/15/2014 05:32.45 AM Report This Comment  
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