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Macaw from E.Peoria, IL

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Four years before my beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw, Elijah Blue (Eli) passed, I was looking for a friend for him and found a stunning Catalina Harlequin Macaw..female. .1st generation. ..Absolutely the most beautiful bird I have ever seen...Was saving to buy her for 3 months...went to see her weekly..Finally the big day came..went to get her...she was gone..purchased by someone else..major disapointment. .almost 5 years later my Eli passed.. .DEVASTATED. .talked to my daughter..she advised me to purchase another bird..we had had birds her whole life when she was home..I searched the want_ads and saw an ad for 2 macaws.. called..went to the womans home..she took me to her bird room and once there Lo and Behold there sat Endora...We compared stories and she was the bird that I was going to buy 4 yrs ago... I changed her name from Ali to Endora because that was the name I had picked for her when I first saw her..I had done Agnes Moreheads hair years before that ...Agnes played Endora on Bewitched. ..Endora the bird reminded me of Agnes..Brightly colored. .intelligent. .warm..sophisti- cated..every inch a lady...Truly one of the loves of my life. Awards
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Hi! My name is Endora

I am a Macaw from E.Peoria, IL.

En dori dori doo

16 years old   F


All fruits..a few nuts..not many..and a taste of anything my Dad is having

Where ever my dad is

None..but sometimes I have to remind Dads pups (he has 5) who is really Boss

That he loves me

My Dad works 2nd shift,so if he isnt up by 9 am I first very softly say hello a few times..then a little louder I say Hi a few times...then louder yet I say Cmere a few times..then I get worried.. or PO ed..and let him have it with one of my Jungle screams that travels a couple of miles in the wild...THAT USUALLY DOES IT...HAHAHAHAHA- HA.


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  Hello Endora
My apologies for takin' forever to get back to you. Busy, crazy week here at my place these past couple of weeks. About the bird fair- my mom'd love to come down but as it's the same Saturday as her bird club meeting and she's gotta be there to gather newsletter info, she's going to miss the Peoria fair. That's a bummer 'cause I usually get somethin' out of the deal. I'm hopin' I still get to hear the funny story you've got to share. I love a good laugh!

Thanks for stoppin' by. Hope YOU get something snazzy from the bird fair.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

06/15/2011 10:20.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Long Time No Squwak
Hi Endora. It has been a while since we last chatted. I hope things are going well for you. Mommy has been doing well. She started working full time now so I dont see her quite as much durring the week but on weekends its PARTY TIME. Mommy is still so go to me and the rest of us. IN FACT, We got 4 new birds into rescue a month or so ago. African Grey's mom said. They are adults of Charlie my frother. Mom said they are all around 7 y/o. Still younger than me. Well, I should be going. I just wanted to say hi and let you know I havent forgotten you. Take care.

Come visit me, Petri.

06/07/2011 10:20.16 AM Report This Comment  
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  Happy Easter, Endora
Here's hopin' you and your family have a glorious Easter weekend.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

04/23/2011 01:12.56 PM Report This Comment  
Mommy says she would like to know what Jenny you are referring to. She doesnt know really anyone here on BC except the people she politely votes for once in a while... are you talking about cousin Jenny Y? Mom says maybe she voted for a Jenny and thats where its from...

Anyway, yes I can be "vain" at times too. Always preening. You Ma'am are very beautiful. I have strong competition from you in that department!

Come visit me, Petri.

03/07/2011 03:19.06 PM Report This Comment  
  No Worries
Don't worry about it Endora. Mommy isnt that sensitive. She knows her BC profile is new and it can throw people off sometimes but mommy has owned birds for much of her adult life. She says she can always learn more though. I also have lots of thoes 4 legged fury fluff balls that run around this house. There are 2 larger brown ones, one really small one that looks like a hotdog, then there is the cat. It's really weird... you'd think the cat would be a problem for us birds but really she isnt! She could care less that we are around. But mommy is always carefull when we are out - Just in case!

Mommy watches tiny humans durring the day so I get out of my bedroom very early in the morning, then again when the tiny ones are sleeping in the afternooon, and then i am out for the whole night after the tiny ones leave.

I am really enjoying getting to know you more Endora. Beings mommy is so new to BC we dont have many friends here. I hope you dont mind if I chat you up a bit every now and then.

Come visit me, Petri.

03/07/2011 05:47.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Again
Oh yes, Mommy is very good with me. We have a special treat even. I LOVE pinenuts. Mommy says they are expencive so she only gives them to me once in a while. Mommy and daddy run a bird rescue so they have had all sorts of birds come in and out of the big house. I just know mommy likes to make most of my toys from what she calls "home made with love" but she is running out of ideas for my toys. She just doesnt want me to be bored. They feed me very well here too. I get pellets, fresh fruit/veg, some nuts - almonds & brazil nuts mostly but i get walnuts too sometimes, and mommy makes "chop" and all the birdies really like it. I am impartial to it. I really like tropical fruit the most.

Anyway, I guess its time for me to fly. Talk with you later. =)

Come visit me, Petri.

03/06/2011 11:38.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi again Endora. It's me, Rain. Figured I hadn't said hi in a while I may want to fly by for a quick visit. Anything new going on in your cage? I am adjusting to my new home very well. Me and mommy are growing and becoming better friends every day. I think mommy is still a bit unsure about me sometimes. She will get over it soon I bet though. She is always trying to give me new things so I don't get bored. What type of toys do you like? Maybe mommy could get an idea from the things you like. =) Well, gotta fly. Talk to you later.

Come visit me, Petri.

03/02/2011 08:00.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Endora
Romeo to say hello hope your enjoying your visitors. Take care. Romeo

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

02/13/2011 01:17.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Well, HeLLO Endora
If you ain't the prettiest thing t'set foot on the ol' BC, I don't know who is. If I knew how t'wolf whistle, I would, but since I don't, I'll just tell ya that I'm bobbin' the head and smilin' at the sight of a such a gorgeous girl. Welcome t'the BC, by the way. Where are my manners anyway?
I heard from my gal-pal, Jennifer Lynn, that there was this neighbor gal I needed t'come by and meet. Amazin' to think you live just down the highway from me, kind of sort of. My parronts are often in the Peoria area, buying cartloads of fruit and nuts for me from Sam's. I'm lovin' your story, how ya came t'be with your mom and dad after a little detour in the plan. I can't imagine how bummed he was at discoverin' you'd been taken to someone else's home. Man, that's a story they make movies about.
Now, somethin' I gotta warn ya about; ya can't believe everything ya hear here on the ol' BC. Take what Miss Jenny Lynn told ya about me being this really popular bird around here. Pfffh! I think not. I'm just one of the crowd, a crowd of really awesome birds. You'll find'm everywhere you fly to around here. It's because there's so many really cool characters hangin' out here that I've hung around for over four years now. Ya just can't resist the allure of these friendly birds. Take that Romeo guy- ain't he a cool one. And Sugar, talk about a sweetheart. She's definitely one. My apologies for not gettin' by your page sooner. I've been without a mom for over a week now. Something in Colorado intrigued her more than I did, apparently. Havin' her gone is not a favorite part of my life. It really cuts in on my social time here on the BC, for one. The other thing is that she's the ONLY one I want to have doin' anything with me, so without her here, I'm bored t'death. It's good to have her back and to get here to your page t'welcome ya to the family.
It's nice t'meet ya, Endora. I look forward t'gettin' to know ya better as time flies by.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/07/2011 09:50.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Endora
I see you have a new profile picture up, and you also have pictures at the bottom in your gallery, if your trying to put more pictures in your gallery here's what you need to do.

Step 1. Go to you own page, at the top left corner click on your account

Step2. Scroll down to your birds name and click edit

Step 3 This is the page where you can edit all your information. Scroll down under your bird picture and you'll see ' Click to edit or add more pictures of you bird' click on that message, that will open a picture window.

Step 4. Scroll down to the bottom and click browse on the window, this should take you to a file where your pictures are stored on you computer, click on the picture you want to upload and it will take you back to the picture window, the space by browse will be populated with your picture file.

Step 5. Click upload image, this should upload the picture you selected to your photo gallery

Step 6. Go back to your page scroll to the bottom and see if the picture is in your gallery.

Try this and see if it works for you, good luck. Let me know if I can help you any further, I'll be more than happy to..
Romeo & Mom

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

02/07/2011 07:29.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Endora It's Romeo Again..
JennyLynn asked me to stop by and see if I could be of assistance in helping you out with changing your picture. Her Dad and my Mom are good friends, he's kinda tied up right now but I told them I'd be more than happy to assist you if I can. What seems to be the problem, sometime changing out a picture can be confusing. I've been through the same thing myself. You can either leave a note on my page or send Mom an email at, either way we'll be glad to offer any assistance you might need. I see you've changed your profile picture since I was last here so you may have figured it out by now..If not just give me a yell and I'll see what I can do to help out..Love Romeo

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

02/07/2011 05:06.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Endora~~
It's so very nice to meet you! My dearest Pal Jenny Lynn told me about you! You are one beautiful girl! Your story is awesome! You were meant to be with your parronts!
I can't wait for you to meet Rainbow! He is also one of my best friends and such a great guy! You'r gonna love him! It's very cool that you live so close to my friends too!! I live all the way out in Washington State!
I hope you will feel free to fly by anytime! Check out the calendar page when you have time too. It's got a list of all the interesting pages here on the BC!
Hugs and a vote ~ Sugar

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

02/07/2011 10:51.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Endora Welcome to BC, I'm Romeo
My dear friend JennyLynn told me to come introduce myself to you. We live in Tennessee, I've been on BC almost three years now and have gotten to know and become friends with so many bird friends and their owners..I live with my Mom, I'm Romeo an umbrella Cockatoo, I have A grey brother name Rusty, a Senegal sister CocoPuff, there's also four Cockatiels that reside here. I hope you enjoy your time here, I'd like to be friends, your a very beautiful girl. Stop by to chat when you have time..Your new friend Romeo

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

02/07/2011 09:57.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Hi Hi!
Hello Endora. Nice of you to stop by to say hello. Your story is VERY amazing! I agree - tell your story to BT. Bet they would love to hear it as well. Anyway, almost time to get cooking for the super bowl. Mommy is making me some no salt snacks!! Cant wait! GO STEELERS!

PS - Heres a vote for ya!

Come visit me, Petri.

02/06/2011 10:33.31 AM Report This Comment  
  hi Endroa,
your story is amazing! you should submit it to bird talk mag. Endora was always your name wasn't it! We are so glad you are finally home. I am a Severe macaw, the lady who had me took me from a home where they kept me in a hamster cage and cut my tail feathers so i would fit in it. I was dna'd by my new mom and found out I am a female not a male as she was told. I finally said my name which is Pepper. come visit me sometime... here's a vote for you.....

Come visit me, Pepper, J.B. (Jamie Bond girl 007), Teddy, Phebe, Daisy Jane & Alex.

02/05/2011 09:47.12 AM Report This Comment  
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