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VOTE #1000 by Miss Christine Dallas

Mom and dad found me as a baby at my breeders house and it was love at first sight...I am the only planned fid at our house...hehe
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Hi! My name is TAZ-.BEACH DAY

I am a Citron-Crested Cockatoo from Pasco, WA.

My newest one from Uncle Chuck...Chain Saw


18 years old   M

Citron-Crested Cockatoo

I love almonds, grapes, squash, and bananas

I love to be on or in others cages, when they are not home. I also love to be on dad's shoulder when he is cleaning our cages. I like to be with mom in the evening and get scritches...

I hate baths or showers of any kind, water is not my friend...and that's all I got to say about that!

They treat me great, I have lots of friends, good food to eat, lots of toys to play with and unconditional love even when I am bad...

I love to instigate trouble....

Chew wood whenever possible and treasure friends....

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  Hi Taz
Since there are so many pics this time, we are going to have each person post their pics on separate days. I will post the ones I have picked up on Monday, SP will post her water pics on Tuesday, I would like you to post your beach pics on Wednesday and Kaji will post his buffet pics on Thursday. That way everybirdy will have a chance to enjoy them all week leading up to the party. Sound good?

Well, no sunbath today, but it is the weather's fault this time. It was already too hot at 9:30!! We were forecasted at 99, but it was 104 at 2PM!! I hate to think what the temps are at Panther's house, because he is always at least 5 degrees or more higher. Yikes!

However Mom did sit and read with me and she put a nutriberry in my carrier so I could pretend I was going outside. Then she left for the gym, but she messed up the time zumba started and got there too early. So she went next door to the Latino market and bought some fresh tortillas for wraps. Then she did her workout, and there was still time left over so she shot the breeze with one of the trainers she is buddies with. Then she sweated to death in zumba, so I had to wait till after her shower to get my mom time. As you can imagine I was hollering by that time.

With this heat Mom's sun tea is going to be really strong, but there is no chance of any cookie baking for a while. They are saying it will cool down to 79 by Thursday, but since they clearly have no clue what is going on who knows. However they are saying emphatically that this winter will be an El Nino which means lots of rain. Sure hope that they got that one right!!


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08/15/2015 03:32.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz,
It's Chipper again! I left a different pic in my gallery for you to use. Another birdie made me a pic using the original one and it didn't come out too clear. It's the first one in my gallery with a blue background. Please use that one instead. It should come out much clearer. Thank you!! Have a good night!

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

08/13/2015 09:46.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz,
It's Chipper.I would like to have you make me a beach pic for the milonga. I have a picture in my gallery that is an original. Let me know if you have any problem or if you need me to email it and I will get it to you-ASAP. I will post it as the first pic in my gallery. If it isn't a good picture, please let me know and I will find you another. Please let me know when you get this blog. Thank you!! Leaving a vote for you too!!

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

08/13/2015 11:11.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
I had such a greyt time at the milonga last night. It was so eye-opening to see how our frothers of the Northern Cheyenne tribe celebrate and honor their Elders in their ceremonial regalia. Thanks to SP and Taz's moms for the wonderful pics of the elders, and Cookie's mom for the pics of the dancers. You guys are the best. And how about Panther, our Master of Ceremonies? I danced until I thought my feet would fall off, and then I ate until all I could do was waddle. Good thing I did the dancing first, because when I went back to dance some more it didn't look nearly as impressive! I think everybirdy had a good time, and I know all the Elders were so pleased with all the gifts and attention they received. Now if we could just get our humans to do the same thing!

Next month I think we should do a summertime lakeside party, and good news! Teri, SP's mom, enjoyed doing the pics so much for the PowWow, that she has volunteered to help out with the lake party. It will make things much easier on your mom. All we need to do is decide on at date.

I didn't get outside today, because I just didn't want to climb into that carrier. Mom got a piece of a tater chip from Dad and placed it on the little fork right at the end of my larger perch in there, and then she watched me circle the opening again and again eyeing that chip. When she gave up on me and sat down I climbed inside, but then she jumped up to close the lid so I hopped out and flew up to my heating grate. We went through that twice before Mom finally said the heck with it and left my room. Needless to say the chip was gone when she came back. Now it is way too hot out there, so I guess I am in for the day.

The good news? (For me.) Mom no longer goes to the gym on Sunday since they switched zumba for UJAM, so I get her all day. The bad news? Dad is also home and tries to hog her time, plus this means she is now going to the gym on Mondays which used to be a stay at home day. A fella just can't win around here!


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07/26/2015 12:29.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
I parrotsonally am having an OK day, although I didn't get outside for a sunbath. Fridays are always tricky, since Mom goes to the gym even earlier so there is no chance before she leaves. And she tried to get me to climb into my outside carrier as soon as she got home, but I wasn't having any part of it. By the time she had showered, it was already too hot out there, and besides I still wasn't cooperating. sometimes a bird is just stubborn.

If you go to the Milonga page I have been able to start loading the pics of all the Elders. I have 9 that Teri sent me so far. They look so wonderful! It is such a drag that Panther had a bad email address for me and I didn't get the list till yesterday. Is your Mom going to post hers right on to the Milonga page? If so, she can just put them up as she gets them done. If she wants me to post them, just send on over as they get finished.


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07/24/2015 03:18.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Mom and I are in a rush today, because of all the eggcitement of getting ready for the Gathering of Elders PowWow Milonga this Saturday. The notice is on the Milonga page and the Calendar page. If you are on the list of elders (which will be posted on the Milonga page today) I salute you. If not, your flock can adopt up to four Elders to honor and bring gifts to be presented at the PowWow. It is going to be amazing. And you get off easy this month. Unless you want to volunteer to help SP's mom put warrior headdresses on the male elders and eagle feathers on the female elders? Let me know.

It is actually too cool here to go outside for a sunbath!! That is unheard of in July for us. Mom can't remember it ever being this chilly (OK 75 is not all that chilly, but absolutely no sun at all!), since July is usually a 95+ degree month. Makes us wonder what the heck is coming for August!!

Next month the lovely Cydney will be running for BOTM, then September is currently open. Cydney's frother, Stormy, will be running in October. After that it is open again. So if you want to run, have at least 500 votes and have been on BC for 6 months, please let me know either on my page or the BOTM Calendar Page and we will find nominations for you.


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07/22/2015 01:48.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Definitely the milonga will be an Indian Powwow, and I think the best day for it will be the 25th. Does that work for you? I was thinking the profile pic for the page, should maybe be whatever birdies Panther picks for the council of elders (I just noticed you are 18 years old; i'll let him know.) or maybe Panther in full regalia or if his friend can do a pic of birds doing a traditional dance. What do you think?

Well, first and most importantly I need to let everybirdy know that Panther has no power at his house today. His mom called mine to let her know they can't blog. However he will finish the trick wedding between me and SP tomorrow, so go by his page today and vote anyway, OK?

And the reason he has no power? Thunderstorms. Now they only live about 90 miles away from me, but all we have are clouds...and humidity. It is sorta warm, but not sunbath weather. I did climb into my carrier on my own, so Mom was gonna give it a shot. However before she could get out of her chair and over to close the carrier I had hopped out and flown out of reach on top of the book case. Why? Who knows!!

Mom had a leftover chicken thigh for lunch with cherry tomatoes on the side. I got the thigh bone afterwards, which is one of my favorite treats. My friend Kaji had suggested I might prefer to have my cherry tomato cut in half, so Mom tried that with my breakfast this morning. I won't touch it! So she gave me another whole one, and I am tearing into that big time. And I am back to loving my pellets, which I had refused to eat for a couple of days. Mom was just starting to worry when I decided I liked them again. Have to keep her guessing, right?


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07/18/2015 02:10.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz
Happy Humpday !!!

Today I am taking you to Northern Cheyenne trick weddings...
A trick wedding is when a good and well known warrior from a good family falls in love with a woman...
The woman may not be interested in him so to save face in our tribe he will get blessings from her father and family to marry her...

Because of our strict tribal protocol a Northern Cheyenne woman from a good family may not be too forward with a warrior unless they are in courtship or already have a planned wedding.

But first the warrior must go out into the mountains alone and find something sacred and pure to present to his medicine man for blessings to marry his woman.
When he receives his blessings from the medicine man he will get one of the dresses that the belongs to the woman he loves and take it to the medicine man so the warrior and his wife to be will already have exchanged scents with each other...

Remember this is a trick wedding so she dose not know what he's planning.

There was a strong handsome warrior with many honors and from a good family named Kiddo...
He watched A beautiful girl named Sweet Pepper grow into a woman.

Kiddo loved this woman so much that he could not even think straight...
When he would go hunting he could not even shoot his arrow straight cause all he think of was Sweet Pepper...
His brothers Cappy and Pearl and Silver would always tease him.
They said laughing at him in their man's language that your going crazy over this woman !!!
Cappy said to Kiddo this woman does not even look at you how can she be interested ???
Kiddo was determined to win her...Kiddo tells his brothers that her father and family has given me their blessings...
Now I have to go to the mountains by myself and find something pure and sacred to present to our medicine man Tall Bull so I can receive my blessings from him...

As Kiddo prepares for his journey Tall Bull smudges Kiddo with the smoke from sage and gives Kiddo a medicine pouch.
Tall Bull tells Kiddo you must not open this pouch. You will know when it's needed...

Kiddo jumps on his war pony and rides off by himself into the mountains...

Kiddo rides for four days and four nights trying to figure out what is sacred and pure out here in the mountains.
Kiddo watches the wild mustangs run by him and figures it out!
Kiddo sets up camp for the night and prays to Mah-Hey-Yoh...

Kiddo prepares for what he has to do the next day...He is a strong determined warrior and won't stop until he wins her wing in marriage...

Trick wedding to be continued tomarrow...

What does Kiddo find that's sacred and pure to bring back to the medicine man ???

Thank you for your votes
Love Panther

Come visit me, Jedi luvs Cheyenne forever..., Snowflake luvs her Apache..., Tweety luvs Princess... & PANTHER KING CHIEF SAYS. V4 ME FOR 10K.

07/15/2015 09:39.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Isn't it amazing how some docs make you wait forever. It is because they overbook. Mom's GP is great and she never waits more than 10-15 minutes, but the others? Just like your doc. Good thing your mom figured out the early appt beats the rush. And sounds like everything was OK. Good news!

Thanks to everyone who took a minute to think of Mom's beloved cat Samson today. After all this time, she still misses him. He may not have been the perfect kitty, but they adored each other and that's all that counts. I still do his meow every once in a while, and it always makes my mom smile.

No sunbath yet today, although there was plenty of time this morning. Mom doesn't go to the gym until 11 on Tuesdays, so she gave it her best shot right up until 10:15, but there was no interest on my part...or cooperation either. When she got home it was too hot, but if it cools off by the time we are done blogging Mom may give it another shot.

Mom sent off the email to the Fitness Director at her gym about zumba vs. UJAM last night, and today there was an answer. Not the one Mom wanted, but she hasn't given up yet. She thinks her solution of offering both classes on Sunday is perfect, but that stubborn director is holding out. Every eggscuse she comes up with, Mom has been able to counter. So she is still hopeful.

Mom and I did share her pasta Florentine for lunch. Of course, that "Florentine" means there was spinach, but I guess it works out. I turn up my beak at the spinach, but since Mom loves the stuff that is more for her. I love the pasta, and she lets me have as much as I want.


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07/14/2015 03:48.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Peanut, Cody, SP and I were the Fearsome Foursome back when SP and I were courting. Peanut's mom did the pic, but she has since become inactive. Cody flew to the RB several years ago, but that is a pic from our first (double) date way back when!

I was a good boy this morning. When Mom wanted me to go outside at 10:30, I went right into my cage. OK, there was a little nudging on Mom's part, and she closed the lid really quickly so I couldn't change my mind....but all in all it was a nice sunbath, although I only wanted one of my nutriberries so Mom put the other one in my Barrel o' Fun foraging toy. If I had known she was taking off right afterwards at 11:30 for lunch with her friend, Judy, I might not have been so cooperative!

However she hadn't seen Judy in many months, because Judy has been without a car. This is the friend she edits papers for who went back to college. She will have her Masters soon, and she's holding a 3.4 GPA! Mom is very proud of her, and she looked greyt. She just came back from visiting her dad for probably the last time since he is dying of cancer. So it was a pep up lunch too. They both had a greyt time, but did she bring me anything from Red Lobster? She even ate all her broccoli, but then I would have turned my beak up at that anyway.

I am so glad she is home, that I am now sitting quietly on her shoulder while she blogs. It has been ages since we have been able to do this. Could it have anything to do with the fact that Dad went back to work today?


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07/13/2015 03:16.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Panther wants to have an Indian Powwow for the July Milonga to go along with his BOTM campaign, and I think that is a terrific idea. He has some overly ambitious plans for everybirdy having Native American outfits, but those that can will. Anyway I will keep you posted.


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07/07/2015 02:34.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Glad your A/C is fixed, and you are right. We need to do a July milonga, and I was thinking a simple Independence Day picnic at the Castle lake. We could have the birdies play on the beach there, and all we would need to do is have fireworks at the end. What do you think?

Well, I didn't get a sunbath this morning, because it was too cloudy when Mom went to the gym. And when she got home again it was too hot. Now yesterday I made it clear I was ready to go out for my sunbath at 7:30PM, and my mom informed me there wasn't any sun. Can that be right? Does the sun actually disappear?

Anyway Mom went to the gym, and this is the first day of that new class UJAM which replaced Mom's beloved zumba. In her opinion it is a rip off of zumba, but not as good. She did promise the fitness director she would try it at least two or three times before judging, so she will do that. However she definitely wants zumba back, and they can just put UJAM before or after it. Mom thinks that is reasonable, but I am thinking if she really decides she doesn't like UJAM maybe she will stay home on Sundays. I would like that.

Today is Dad's birthday, and Mom wanted to take him out to dinner since their favorite pizza place closed down. He won't go. He really doesn't like restaurants all that much, and he thinks birthdays are no big deal. So she is going to take him to Subway, which works for me because I will get to share my mom's sandwich. Maybe Dad is good for something after all.

How about Panther's BOTM campaign? It sure is eggciting and interesting. I can't wait to see who makes it on his council of elders.


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07/05/2015 02:18.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are visiting Atlanta, Georgia. The first place we are going to visit is the GA State Capitol. Let’s head over there now.” They arrive at the building, and once inside, take a guided tour. During their tour they see the rooms inside the building, and learn Georgia History. After their tour, they visit the GA State Capitol Museum. Next they head to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The first thing they see is the Dinosaur Plaza outside. Grey Bird and Oki mimic dinosaur noises, while stomping around like dinosaurs. Inside, they visit the Walk Through Time in GA exhibition, the World of Shells collection, the Reflections of Culture exhibition, and some other cool things. Next they visit the Georgia Aquarium. Inside, they see tons of beautiful fish. They see Discus, Clown Anemonefish, Crimson Snapper, King Angel Fish, and many others. They see Beluga Whales, which Laka and Chyna think are adorable. They also see really cool Giant Pacific Octopus. When they are done in the Aquarium, they head to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. They stroll the Garden, and see gorgeous flowers. After the garden, they visit the High Museum of Art, and then the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum. After the museums, they head to Fox Theatre, and see the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long. They very much enjoy it. After, they get dinner, and head to a hotel. – Thanks for voting! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

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06/23/2015 12:18.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
I am happy to announce that the Milonga page is all ready for voting, as many of you have already discovered. Thank you to the hearty souls who made the effort yesterday. I eggspect everybirdy to make it over to page #165848 to cast all your votes every day right up until midnight on the 25th to support your favorite pics. They are arranged in order by category and numbered for your convenience. (Thank you, Taz!)

I did not get a sunbath today, and it is nobirdy's fault but my own. Mom had a dentist appointment this morning at 10, so she tried really hard to get me outside before she went. I was having none of it. Fortunately her cavity was so tiny it didn't require Novocain or much drilling, and she was out of there in 30 minutes. So she tried again as soon as she got home, since today's high should be 90. Once again (even with a cookie as a lure) I refused to let me handle me or climb into the carrier. So in my room I sit staring out the window. I think I screwed up, don't you?


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06/17/2015 12:16.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
My dad is convinced that the reason I was so resistant to getting into my carrier for a sunbath yesterday and Saturday is because he was home for the weekend. Mom disagreed, but then today he is at work and I was totally cooperative and climbed right in. We had a nice sunbath, although Mom spent most of the time under Ms Gardenia for shade. It is only 85 here today, but it's a bit humid and we are just not used to that. Call us spoiled. And it is heating up each day this week....ick!

Now voting starts tomorrow for the Ren Faire contest, and that means any last minute entries must be in by midnight tonight. I am thinking we are pretty much done though. When your flock votes, you will vote as a unit. However the flock gets a vote in each category: Ladies & wenches; Knights & gents; Couples; Warriors(both genders); Entertainers; Groups; and finally an optional vote: if there is a pic you think is outstanding you can vote for it in Best Overall if you wish. Even though you have voted for that pic in another category, this is separate. You do not have to vote for a best overall if you don't wish to. There will be numbers on the pics grouped by categories, plus you can go to their pages to look at the originals if you need to since their page numbers are listed.

So, Taz, can your mom put the numbers on the pics for voting, but do it by category? For instance, there are 9 pics in the ladies and wenches category, so they would be 1 thru 9. There are 7 birds in the knights and gents cat so they would be 10 thru 16, and so on. I have included the page numbers on the milonga page listing, but if it would be helpful for me to email the list to your mom, just let me know. If she could do that tonight to be ready for voting tomorrow that would be greyt. I am pretty sure all the entries are done with, because nobirdy new has submitted a pic in a couple of days.


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  Hi Taz!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are leaving the US, and heading to London, England! I think that we are going to have a lot of fun there. I know we can fly, but it would be a long flight for us, so let’s go catch a plane!” Jester and his friends head to the airport, and take a long plane ride to England. They arrive at night, and eat dinner and check into a hotel. When they wake up the next morning, they eat breakfast, and are ready to start their adventures. “I hope you got good sleep last night, because we are going to have a long and fun day! Our first stop is going to be to see the Big Ben, let’s go!” They arrive at the famous clock tower, and Picabo suggests that they should fly up and sit on the hands of the clock. They all agree that it would be fun, and fly up! They perch up on the clock hands for a few minutes before heading off to their next destination. Their next stop is Buckingham Palace. They take a tour of the state rooms, and they think that they are gorgeous. Next, they head over to the British Museum. They see lots of interesting things while touring the museum, like Greek statues and medals of the sun king. When they are done at the museum, Panther and Oki ask if they could get fish and chips for lunch. The birds all agree that fish and chips sound good, and head to a little restaurant. After a delicious lunch, they head over to the London Eye Ferris Wheel. They take a ride on it, and enjoy the lovely view from the top. After, they head over to the Globe Theatre, and see Shakespeare’s King John. It is a wonderful performance, and they all enjoy it. When they are done, they head back to their hotel. They all talk about what a great day they had, and what their favorite things were. Jolie says that her favorite was the London Eye, Hulk really enjoyed Big Ben, and Cookie really liked the museum. After awhile, they all fall asleep. They wake up early the next morning and take a plane back to the US. – Thanks for voting for me! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

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  Hi Taz!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are headed to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts! This is a place that mom and her family used to go to a lot when she was younger, and she said it is wonderful. (: Our first stop is going to be the Gingerbread Cottages, so let’s go!!” They arrive, and all love cute colorful cottages! Zippy asks if they are really made of gingerbread, but Jester tells her that they are just called that. They stroll down the street, all picking out their favorite houses. Hulk’s favorite is a bright blue one, Picabo likes a yellow one, and Queen Sweetie loves a cute pink one. When they are done looking at the cottages, they head to the Gay Head Cliffs. When on the cliffs, the birds have a lovely view. They snap some photos and enjoy the view, before heading to their next stop. Their next stop is Mad Martha’s Ice Cream. The birds get their favorite ice cream, and sit and enjoy it. When they finish their ice cream, they head over to Oak Bluffs, to visit The Flying Horses Carousel. They get there, and learn that it is the oldest operating platform carousel in America. They birds all get on the carousel, and have a very fun time, going round and round, and trying to grab the rings. They had so much fun, that they decide to ride it again! After their second ride, they head off to their last destination. They arrive at The Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs, to hear Vineyard Sound, a male vocal group. They all enjoy the performance, and have a lot of fun. After that, they head to the cottage they rented, and relax and play games until bed. – Thanks so much for voting for me! Peatree, Honey, Pressie and I came home today, and we are all super happy to be home! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

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  Hi Taz!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are going to Lancaster Pennsylvania. We are going to start with an Amish Farm and House tour. Let’s go!” They arrive at their destination, and pay admission and enter the historic 1805 farmhouse. As they tour the house, the tour guide tells them of Amish history in each room. After their house tour is done, they head out to the farm. They explore a bit, and Pearl and Silver excitedly find some goats. After they are done at the farm, they visit the One Room School House. When they are done, they go on a private buggy ride tour. They are taken around the area, and get to see lots of cool things. Next they go to Lancaster Central Market at Penn Square. They walk through the market, some of them buy things. Cori and Boo Boo buy some fresh fruits, and Angel and Pepper get something from a craft stand. After they are finished at the market, they head over to the Demuth Museum. They have fun looking around, and see lots of great paintings. After the museum, they eat dinner, and head to a hotel. – Thanks so much for voting! I’m excited, because mom is picking me and the conures up tomorrow morning, yay! Goodnight, see you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

Come visit me, Dobby, Grey Bird, Angel Devynn (RIP), Peatree, Bella, Jester Bean, Honey Belle, Angel Hermione (RIP), Angel Dudley (RIP), Pressie & Angel Weasley & Angel Jacob (RIP).

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  Hi Taz!
Jester and his friends arrive in Williamsburg, Virginia and check into their hotel. “Good morning everybody! I hope you are all excited to begin our vacation adventures! Today, we are going to The Revolutionary City, Colonial Williamsburg! Come on, let go!” Jester and his friends arrive at the city, and are all very excited when they see all the beautiful historical looking buildings. “Our first stop is a museum!” They all enter, and are taken on a tour of the museum. After their tour is over, they all head back outside. “In in a little bit, I have something very fun planned! But until then, we can all explore and go in the building we want to visit. Let’s all meet back here in one hour!” An hour later, all the birds meet back in front of the museum. “I hope that everybirdie had fun exploring! Now, we are going to attend ‘Cry Witch’ in the Capitol Building. It is a reenactment trial of Grace Sherwood being charged of witchcraft in 1706. Mom saw this, and said it was amazing!” The all head over to the Capitol, and wait on the benches outside to be let in the building. Jester and 11 other birdies get to sit up front by the Governor, and the rest of them sit in the benches facing the front. The trial starts, and they bring out the accused. They watch and listen as they tell of her charges, and bring out witnesses to testify against her. After a recap of the evidence against her, and for her, they are all asked to vote. The Governor asked that all those who think that Grace is not guilty to raise their wing. Many raise their wing, including Jester. The Governor then asks all those who think that she is guilty to raise their wing, and there are few. The verdict was not guilty, and the trial was over. “Wow, wasn’t that great? There was so much drama! Hey, after that, I’m really hungry! How about we visit one of the taverns for dinner?” They all agree about being hungry, and head over to a tavern. They go inside and are seated together at a long table. “It smells amazing in here!” Everyone agrees. They sit and chat about the day as they wait for their food. When the food comes out, it looks and tastes amazing. After desert, they head back to their hotel. -I hope you all had fun today! I sure did! Thank you so much for the vote! I’ll see you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

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  Hi Taz!
I am very excited to be running for Bird of the Month, and would love if you could help support me by stopping by with a vote if you can! In the spirit of summer (and thanks to my buddy Picabo for the great idea), we are going to be talking about fun vacation spots this month! And not only that, but I’m going to be taking you guys to all the vacation spots and we will be doing fun activities at each place! I know that we are all going to have a lot of fun! Mom and her family are still on vacation until Wednesday, which means I am still at Uncle Charlie’s house and I won’t be picked up until the weekend, but we will all start our birdie vacation adventures tomorrow. Get some rest tonight, because tomorrow, we are headed to Virginia, to go to Colonial Williamsburg! (Mom and her family were just there, and they said it was great!) See you all tomorrow! (: Hugs, Jester Bean

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  Hi Taz
Hello everybirdie, Sweetie here on this first day of June. I have greatly enjoyed sharing with all my friend this past month. It has been mind provoking and educational for me and I have gained some awesome insight too. Sharing is after all what is all about. The Advocate writers share from their daily life with Parrots. It offers the opportunity for everyone to share, express their thoughts, ideas and insights in a safe, nonjudgmental and encouraging form.
I am the last of the Sky Flock to run for BOTM. I follow a long line of worthy predecessors, King SKY, King Amando, King Casey, King Jesse, Queen Little Angel, Queen Angel Girl and Queen Zeena. I must say it has been a fun month and a great privilege to get to know each of you better in the process. The current Companion Parrot Crisis is far from over, and there are, as we revealed, no hard- fast rules or ways to resolve the issue. Too many Parrots, too few good, forever homes is at an epidemic level. If I venture to say, "all we can do is our best to share what life is truly like with a Companion Parrot." Perhaps one person at a time we can make an impact and make change for the better. If we do nothing, the problem won't just away.
I am one of the fortunate ones, I ended up in a safe place, and received the emergency medical care I required. The story often has a sad ending for many others who disappear never mourned or missed. Their life from start to tragic end a story of misunderstanding, neglect and sometimes intentional abuse. It is heart-breaking but none the less a reality for many Parrots.
I want to thank everyone for their daily votes and participation this past month. You have made my month purposeful. I hope that the sharing of information which once was Bird Channel will continue as we head into the future. I am now off to finish chewing my wooden blocks. It's a rainy day and perfect for some serious Parrot recreation.
Thank-you all for the honor bestowed on me, as receiving the title Queen Sweetie this morning. I tried to visit you all yesterday but BC would not let me post any blogs. Geesh. I would not have got here today without each and every one of you.
with love and hugs

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz
Short blog today, because Mom has one of her headaches. However I did want to tell everybirdy about the lovely sugar snap peas I had for breakfast: 6 of them! I usually get 3 per day, but Mom accidentally bought an extra 3 last Saturday! She let me have them all this morning, and I still finished them in nothing flat. And when Mom and Dad went on the grocery run, the snaps for today were superior. Of course, I won't get to sample them till tomorrow, but Mom says they are greyt!

And I a got a very nice, although very warm (82 degrees)sunbath when they finished shopping. Mom had to sit in the shade, but since Miss Gardenia has started blooming, and she sat right next to blossom she was happy. I enjoyed beating up my toys in the outside carrier cage, so a fine time was had by all.


P.S. Chipper brought up a good point about the Ren Faire pic contest. If your bird is in a group pic, he or she can also enter an individual one in the contest

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  Hi Taz
Hello everybirdie, Sweetie here with our Saturday blog. This month sure has flown by quickly. It seems like just yesterday I wrote my very first words, and now I an coming to a month's conclusion. I wish to thank everyone of you for your votes towards my quest for the Throne. Although it is not my ultimate goal, it is part of it. My main goal was to start some serious sharing and that goal has been far surpassed. Your input and comments are encouraging, and inspiring. We are but, one small group for Parrot lovers. Can you imagine what impact we could have if every Companion Parrot owner united the World over?
There is a sad trend among humans to disagree and even fight over what in fact equals nothing vital nor important to us Companion Parrots. All one has to do is view a photo on FB of a Parrot and dog to see the level of anger and opinions. No one asks if someone was supervising the interaction, or about the past relationship of the two. I am not referring to obvious dangerous situations were the bird could be in danger of injury or worse. Post a photo of a Parrot climbing into a cupboard, then read the comments left by others. There is obviously someone close by supervising, after all who took the photos? Instead of fighting over such non-essentials why not focus on what really matters?
Parrots are individuals. We have such singular personalities that there is no hard-fast rules that can work for every bird, in every home, with every owner. While one owner snuggles their fid, and another one believes that you should only scritch the head and upper neck area, neither is wrong. One owner might feel you should keep wings trimmed for safety and another that fully flighted Parrots are the happiest, both are right, in their own personal Parront-Parrot relationships. Every situation is unique. What works for one, may not work for another. It does not make one person right or wrong, it just equals the truth about living with a Companion Parrot. There are no straight forward, fits-all answers when it comes to Parrontship.
The important point is that sharing is not criticism. Sharing is openness to new ideas, and views. If all the Parrot Rescues would learn to live peacefully together rather then back biting they would accomplish so much more. That does not mean turning our backs on obvious wrong treatment, misuse of funds donated and outright abuse and neglect. Rather accepting that every Rescue, like every owner (yuck, there's that word again) is a separate unique situation. As long as there is mankind there will be good and bad. that is a sad given reality. Support those who are doing their best to help the Parrot Crisis.
Tell yourself each and every day that, "I AM a Companion Parrot Ambassador" and use your power to spread the word " ADOPT! DON'T SHOP!" and make a change one person at a time. YOU have the power.

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz
At the suggestion of Panther, I am adding one more category to the Ren Faire Picture Contest, and I am calling it "Groups". It is for groups of three or more birdies who are buddies or perhaps cavaliers who travel together like the Three Musketeers (who were really 4!) Which is not to imply that lady birds can't be in your group. Just any three or more birds with some sort of theme that is appropriate to the Ren Faire idea.

I got a very nice sunbath at 12:25, just as soon as Mom got home from the gym. She didn't even make me wait while she showered, because it was already 81 degrees out there with a prediction of 86 for the high. As it was Mom had to move to the shade after about 20 minutes, because she got too warm. I just soaked up the rays! The nutriberries didn't hurt either.

Then we had the last of the enchilada pie for lunch. Mom put extra sauce and cheese on top before she microwaved it, so it was even tastier. Needless to say I am now Mr. Enchilada Breath.

The rest of the day is mine though. Other than when Dad gets home. I will never understand why my mom feels it is necessary to spend some time with him each afternoon or evening. I am much better looking!


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  Hi Taz
Hello everybirdie. It's the weekend again and also the end of the month draws ever closer. I have had a wonderful month sharing and reading all your awesome thoughts, ideas and suggestions. The Companion Parrot Crisis is huge, far more then one small blue-fronted Amazon can tackle on her own but together with each of you we can and will make a difference. The general populous needs education and enlightenment about sharing their lives with one of us feathered wonders. As you all have so eloquently pointed out, we ARE NOT at all like owning a dog or cat. No one can own a Parrot. While dogs and cats are domesticated, Parrots are not, and never will be truly humanized. There is a problem when humans begin to rationalize our behaviors in humanistic terms. Our behaviors and responses are based on instinctive and learned responses just as those of our wild cousins. We can be trained to do tricks through positive re -enforcement but we can not be controlled or expected to obey commands as a dog will.
One point I have observed in my short 2 years of life is that people tend to judge us by our species not by our individual personalities. Not all Macaws lunge, not all Cockatoos bite and scream, not all Amazons are aggressive and unpredictable. The list goes on and on. We are singular beings, and although certain traits are inheritable we are also influenced by our past experiences. Companion Parrots can not be generalized into "types" any more then all humans are the same.
My hope and desire is that one day there will be no need for Parrot Rescues, and every Parrot will have a loving forever home of its own. The abuse and neglect will be in the past and every Parrot will know happiness and never experience fear or terror. Will that world ever come? No, but if even one Parrot can be freed from pain, released from it's caged prison, and receive it's very first spark of hope my life will be rewarded, and my purpose on Earth fulfilled. Momma Deb says she will not rest until she knows changes have come, until Rescues are not forced to turn away unwanted Parrots from lack of space and funds. Her goal is awareness, education and to make a change even one person, one Parrot at a time. She has no magic formula for making it happen, but as long as she has a voice she has the power to see it happen. One voice can start a war, so many voices speaking up for us can surely start a Worldwide movement to better the lives of ALL Companion Parrots, end Poaching and legalized trapping of Wild Parrots for profit.
The logo for our Rescue is ADOPT! DON'T SHOP! a universal phrase that says it all. It is spring and countless thousands of babies will hatch from eggs. Ten years from now where will they be? Will they be in loving homes? Will they be in Rescues? Their fourth homes? How many will have died from abuse, neglect at the hands of mankind?

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz buddy
Happy Thursday to all my friends. Sweetie here once more with our BOTM blog. I did miss yesterday as momma Deb was called upon at a moments notice to help out with a rather difficult birdie related situation. All went well, and it has a happy, satisfactory ending. Today we get all Momma's attention and she promises extra treats for everybirdie who was so well behaved yesterday when our friend King Mikey D's Momma helped get us ready for bed.
Our month is quickly coming to an end. We have shared some very timely and sensitive issues and discussion and I truly hope each of us has learned a little or a lot from one another's experiences. A life with a Companion Parrot is never dull, never ordinary and certainly never boring. No two species are alike, and among like species we each have our own extraordinary individuality and quirks. Some of us are as bold as a lion, others as shy as a mouse, yet we all possess the inherit ability to melt our Parront's heart, worm our way into their every thought and garner their love and respect. I wish that this description was universal, and it grieves my little Blue-Fronted Amazon heart that at this very moment, Parrots are suffering untold neglect, abuse or worse death at the hands of mankind. Never did my Momma Deb in her wildest thoughts think she would ever be writing as a Companion Parrot Advocate. That she would be one of the ones to stand up against our mistreatment and to put up the fight for our rights. Life has a way of changing suddenly, and if we allow it, it can transform a one time breeder into a Parrot Spokesperson.
I am only one Parrot, but I want to encourage each of you to take the challenge to become a Companion Parrot Ambassador. Never doubt your ability to bring about change. Whether you are a "get in your face" type, or a "quiet, shier one at a time" personality type we ALL can make a difference. Just imagine if every bird loving Parront spoke to just one person about life with a Parrot, about proper care, feeding or even shared what it is like to be owned by one of us, the impact would be fantastic. We could make change, stop improper selection of species for first time would be Parronts, change how one Parrot is treated, or how it is viewed within it's own family situation. We might open a cage door closed for years, allow a Parrot to begin to enjoy better food, have room to move in it's cage at last, find out how much fun a toy can be, or receive the Veterinarian care it needs and deserves. You would be shocked at how many do not know that their Parrot should be seen by a Veterinarian regularly. The number who feel a Parrot only needs peanuts and sunflower seeds. We need YOUR voice to make change happen.
NOW FOR TODAY"S QUESTION: It is not a question at all. Please continue to share YOUR special MOMENT(S) with your fids with us. They are interesting, educational and encouraging to read. Your experience might make a difference for someone else too.

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz buddy
Happy Tuesday everybirdie, Sweetie here with your BOTM blog for the day. I so enjoy the blogs, I read them each and sometimes twice in case I missed anything. Such great information is available right here among our BC friends. It's been a rather eventual few days. Momma Deb was called on to take in an older Cockatoo, but through many conversations was able to keep him safely in his own home. This poor M-Too was severely plucked and sported a rather nasty hole ( self-inflicted) on his neck. His past owners moved suddenly and gave up him, and an Amazon to a fellow local rescue who deals with small species only. Hola, as he is named was fostered into a home of experienced Companion Parrot owners with no Too experience. After Momma told them about the need for blood work to test for diseases, need to have the wound treated by the Vet and to discover, if possible the reason he is plucking, Hola is now at an Avian Vet under-going treatment.
We, BC Companion Parrot Ambassadors have so much we can share, so much to give to the Avian World. So many of you have done so much to help others learn about life shared with a feathered Fid. Everytime you suggest a good food to someone eying various foods for their Parrot at home you are making a World of difference both to their Bird and also to those whom speak with. It does matter. A few shared words of wisdom can save an innocent Parrot years of neglect, or re-homing. It is better to dissuade someone getting a bird, then remaining silent. From experience I see it often here, in my forever home. People visit, and OH I LOVE THAT ONE! I always wanted one of those? What is it? Can IT talk!? Oh they certainly are told the facts no holds barred. We are loud, messy beyond words, destructive sometimes, expensive, eat only the best out-of-season fruits and can be down right nasty when upset, hormonal or angry. People leave with a new understanding of life with a Parrot. It is not all that TV version of the Macaw on the shoulder talking in cognitive sentences, or a small, flitting bird singing happily in its barred prison.
Mom says she is going to keep close tabs on Hola, so he doesn't fall through the cracks, and disappear forever. She has arranged with the very BEST Cockatoo Sanctuary she knows of in Canada to take him there to live forever. There he will be safe, cared for and loved dearly by the owner, and volunteers.
I want to encourage everyone to get involved in some small way. Some of you have done quite a lot to education people about Companion Parrots. Not everyone has that ability, but we can all offer to be an advisory, to offer help to owners through animal shelters, or a Vet office. You might be surprised how willing they are for someone to refer people to with bird problems.
PLEASE keep sharing your stories they are fabulous.

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Remember Our Heroes!!
Hi Taz,

Well, this Memorial Day has been a good one for food. After two days of prep, Dad put two enchilada pies in the oven to bake. Fresh roasted chile peppers and fresh ground dried chiles, fresh cilantro, Mexican cheese, corn tortillas and best of all the meat: Pastor (Mexican BBQ) from the Valley Market butcher's shop. Lots more stuff, but it is all Dad's secret recipe. Mom and I shared a bowl, and Mom's mouth wanted more even when her tummy said enough.

However there are much more important things to think about today. Mom's dad served in WWI, but he got sent over right as things ended and never had to fight. Her brother served a tour in Viet Nam, but he was in the Signal Corps and never had to shoot anyone. Over the years many others were not so lucky, and many others never came home at all. Let's take a minute to remember their sacrifices. And if you haven't read the Memorial Day Program on the Calendar page, you will want to get on over there and check it out. Great job Director Popeye!

Head bowed in gratitude,

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  Hi Taz buddy
Hello everybirdie, Sweetie here on this damp, dull Monday herein Napanee, Ontariot. With less then a week left in this month, I wanted to take a brief look at a few of the blogs you left on my page to share with everyone. I have enjoyed reading all of your comments, and encourage everybirdie to share in the discussion. I was reading this morning and came across Miss Chyna's blog. It brought back many memories to me about my beginnings here in the Sky Flock. Chyna was very blessed indeed that her Momma and Daddy found her when they did. Dirty, hungry and sick she was being sold to whoever had the money to take her away. What a shame some people look at us and only see a value sign written in dollars. My story as you all know was different, but in a sense was also based on money.
Sometimes birds arrive into home with hidden illnesses, but there are a lot that were sold or given away because they were sick and their former owners did not or could not afford the money to have them treated by a Veterinarian. I am asking to see how many of you were outwardly ill when re-homed? How many were being housed in sub-standard, dirty conditions? How many of you were without food, or being given poor, low quality or incorrect foods?
My Momma Deb feels there should be standards set for those who retail Companion Parrots whether a private owner or as a business (Pet Stores, Breeders etc). In general the animal welfare laws of our countries are behind the times, lack sufficient depth to make necessary changes, and fall short in the juridical system. Laws set to protect us many times lead to fines, or a probational period of "owning or possessing an animal." Many of you may recall the tragic murder of Ozzie an CAG in Alberta Canada. Stolen from her front porch and brutally abused her murderers, three teens got away with a crime that united the Parrot World to fight for stiffer sentences,and more explicit laws to be written to protect ALL animals.
Many have shared this month that they have seen sick Companion Parrots sold in Pet Stores. Often when this fact is brought to staffs attention, they shrug it off and do nothing. Few chain stores will spend the money to take an ill bird to a Veterinarian for treatment. After all it effects their profit margin. Many times when an ill bird is pointed out it is removed from the display cage to die alone in the back of the store. Some stores even have made it their "policy" that sick animals, birds included be "humanely" killed by placing it into a box in their freezer. That is not humane, freezing to death, alone in the dark. Some stores have admitted that they are told by "head-office" that this is how they are to treat sick animals in the store.
Bird Channel members are a small group, but we have a voice to cry out for changes. We are not a commodity. We are loving, feeling, sensitive Creatures that deserve respect, care and to be loved for who we are!

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz
Hello everybirdie, Sweetie here on this Memorial Day long weekend. I again must say I am sorry for missing yesterday but Momma Deb had to visit a very talented Indian Ringneck named Max to clip his nails for his Momma. Problem is to get there was a very long drive across country. Needless to say Max looks great, and to make up for the nail grooming he received a Chuey's Chewable Bird Toy Creations, round peg boards to play with.
Max's Mom had contemplated adding another fid to the household. However after talking to my Momma she has decided to keep on loving Max and an pass on adopting another Parrot. Max is quite spoiled, and very well cared for and love. I doubt he would have been any to happy to see another Companion Parrot moving in on his home territory.
The conversation over lunch drifted to the topic of Parrots of course. Max's Mom had recently watched a television commercial telling people to Adopt! Don't Shop! for a Companion Parrot. She had never seen the commercial before and it caught her off guard, but also made her begin to think. She does not recall the name of the Rescue other then it was in the USA. How wonderful it would be if Rescues could come together to finance, through donations and Corporate sponsors television advertisements or magazine advertisements encouraging Adoption of Parrots over buying from a store/breeder/bird Mart etc. Companies advertise to cause consumers to purchase brand "A" over brand "B". I am certain it would work on potential owners of Companion Parrots in like manner. If even one Parrot was adopted from each Rescue what a difference it could begin to make.
Parrot ownership ( ugh, I dislike that term) is a privilege, not a right. When the World begins to realize this truth, we Parrots will begin to gain the respect we rightfully deserve. Our friendship can not be purchased, forced from us or bullied out of us. We are wild flying Creations that were meant to spend our days being Parrots, not a cage ornament or room accent. While on FB today I saw someone's cool off-handed comment to a Parront who has just lost a fid. Suggesting she buy another to replace her baby. It is sad to think this person is someone who has a bird. Love from a Companion Parrot can not be purchased with all the money in the World. You have to earn it, on our terms.
NOW FOR TODAY'S QUESTION; Please share with us one or two of the hurls you encountered when first bringing home your fid(s). Also how about some of the best, most touching moments as well. The greatest over-coming moment when you just knew you and your Fid were happily bonded for life!

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz buddy
Happy, healthy Friday to everybirdie. It's looking to be a great long-weekend for all my BC friends in the US. I am very delighted by the responses you are sharing with us. I hope everybirdie takes the time to read them too. There is a lot to consider when it comes to sharing your home with a Companion Parrot. When my Momma Deb started with birds, there was so little written about them it was a hit or miss situation when it came to care, housing and health. Today, with the internet at our finger tips, and countless books on various species, self-educating is a joyous and necessary component to be availed by all. We never know it all, and learning is a life time effort. Everyday with a Companion Parrot offers opportunities to observe or learn something new and valuable.
Many of us wish to adopt a new fid into our homes, hearts and flocks but there are so many considerations beyond species to work through. I must say this topic was brought to me by our dear friend Eva Kline of the famed K K Koral. It is something we need to look at when thinking of the addition of a brand new flock member in an established flock. That is the dreaded "quarantine" .
It would be the very rare home that can provide us with "IDEAL" conditions to quarantine an incoming bird. So with this knowledge what can we do? and what is not ok to do? To correctly quarantine a new Parrot you need a room, that is supplied with it's own source of air, preferably filtered intake and exhaust. Many Avian diseases are air-borne. Simply separating a new Parrot from the flock within the same household does not prevent contamination and disease spread through the air, air vents and whenever the door is opened to care for the new comer. The false belief that changing your clothing, shoes etc after caring for the new comer WILL NOT prevent the spread of disease.
By definition all quarantine of Avians is to be done in a building separate from ALL other birds in a flock. It must have it's own air filtration system to prevent spread of airborne disease particles and be tended by someone who does not come into contact with other Parrots during the quarantine period. Separation of the flock and new comer by floors within the same home is not considered fully quarantined. Although changing clothes, shoes and showering before entering and after being in contact with the new fid will work greatly to help stop cross infection.
The recommended method of quarantine suggests that all incoming new flock members have TWO sets of blood testing done at intervals advised by your Veterinarian to screen for Avian diseases. However, unless the Parrot is shedding a virus, a false negative can occur.
NOW FOR TODAY'S QUESTION: what other suggestion do you have for bringing home that new flock member?

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz
Hello everybirdie, Sweetie here this cool, but sunny Thursday. I apologize for not getting this blog out to you yesterday but we care having serious problems with BC right now.
It is definitely a good sign that so many have made long-term arrangements for us fids. It is something humans don't like to think about, death and being away from us, but since so many of us are very long-lived it is vital we all are provided for. A recent incident set this fact out from all othrs when one of our own BC friends was rushed to the hospital unconscious. There was talk prior to this eventful day about having contact numbers but the other person delayed to provide them. When the situation happened there was no one to call to care for the two fids left int he apartment alone. This could have been all avoided with proper per-planning.
At the very least everyone should take the time to list all their fids in a notebook. Including their ages, sexes, and every important fact about each one including foods, care facts and anything else that would matter should we be unable to provide for them. This notebook should be placed in a safe location; easily found by someone in a stressful situation. Tell family, friends etc where to find the book, or if you have a "care-provider" designated make certain they are aware of it and where to find the notes. Have contact numbers included for any family, friends etc and your Veterinarian.
In this situation mentioned we were able to work from Canada in behalf of our American friend. The birds were cared for by a close friend. The whole situation could have been smoother, and less stressful on our part with the necessary information in advance. Stop to imagine if things were different and no one was notified to care for the bird for the week their owner was hospitalized. Not a pretty thought. Sometimes we figure that family knows how to care for our fids. But in an emergency do they really know everything they should? In the event of our death, who will take care of the fids? Do these individuals know this in advance? Many times Companion Parrots are left to people who do not really want them and they end up sold, given away or handed over to a rescue to "deal with". As a Parrot lover and Parront we are responsible for their welfare even in our absence.
Having a living will, or a notarized paper telling all the details relevant to our flock will save alot of guess work later on for those responsible for our estates. We will have the peace-of-mind knowing we have placed our baby's into caring, informed hands and provided for their future without us. No one likes to dwell on death, but once we take care of this most important part of "ownership" of a Companion Parrot(s) we will be able to continue to enjoy every day we have here on Earth with them. Up dates to the notebook are important. Noting any behavior changes, issues or medical problems as they occur is also helpful for their future care-giver.

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

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  Hi Taz buddy
Good morning to everybirdie. Sweetie here with our first blog of the week. I have been enjoying this Canadian long weekend to the max. Warm weather, sunny skies, what more could a bird hope for? Maybe anew toy to chew perhaps?
Your responses have been very interesting and informative. Information sharing is after all what BC is all about. When a group of devoted bird lovers get together for any cause, things just have to happen for the better. Bird Channel consists of a wide mix of people and birds from around the world with many common interests but our passion for Companion Parrots is the foremost. The coined phrase crazy-bird ladies/men couldn't be more true then for those on BC.
I have always believed that the Bird Channel members have the power to bring change in the Parrot owning community. We can impact others through our one to one education. Even telling a stranger not to buy "brand A" for their own Parrot is sharing our knowledge and could make a life-changing benefit to even one more Parrot. It has been very encouraging to read the many ways each of you have helped spread the word. It is unfortunate that many have no Parrot Club close by or Rescues in their close vicinity. That does not lessen our ability to be true Parrot Ambassadors right in our own home towns. It is surprisingly easy to strike-up a conversation about Parrots with almost everyone.
It has made me one happily little bird to read how many have spoken to someone in a store about Parrots, even when you got "the-look" for it. When we share exactly what it means to be a Parront, it gives others something to consider before spending their hard earned money. You might just save a Parrots life too. Something we must all remember though. Not all re-homed Parrots are unwanted. Sometimes it becomes in the bird's best interest to re-home them. Not all Companion Parrots found in rescues are there because they are unwanted, sometimes it is quite to the opposite. They were loved so much that the former owner knew they could not keep their beloved friend for various reasons. It is easy to loose sight of this truth in light of the vast numbers found in Rescues and shelters.
In a perfect World all Parrots could remain in their first home forever, or until their owners go to the Rainbow Bridge. In the real World life changes, sometimes quite quickly, almost over-night forcing surrender of pets that are dearly loved. It becomes a heart-breaking situation when owners have no options left, and no where to turn but to a rescue to take in their best buddy.
NOW FOR TODAY"S QUESTION: what permanent plans do YOU have in place for your fids, should something happen to you? What advice would you give someone in this respect?

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

05/19/2015 08:46.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Love your profile pic!

Well, no sunbath today, not even a short one. Mom went outside at 12:30 to do a sun and temp check. She had a jacket on, and it was still just a bit too cool. So no way was she taking me out there. Supposed to be a few degrees warmer tomorrow and Wednesday so maybe, then a possible chance of more rain on Friday. Very unusual to see rain here in May, but we will take every drop we can get.

Mom keeps reading the blogs of my friends whose moms are planting their spring flowers. Mom is not putting in any at all this year, because she can't water them properly and they would die. The only watering is being saved for Miss Gardenia Tree, and even the roses are having to make it on their own...but they have very deep roots being over 20 years old. So please post pics of all your flower beds, my friends, so we can enjoy them vicariously.

We have a new candidate for BOTM, my buddy Panther! He will run right after Jester Bean, and he was nominated by Falco, seconded by Chyna, thirded by Kaji, and fourthed by Pearl & Silver. (I know those aren't real words, but they work for me.) Here's hoping we will have more candidates soon, but I sure am pleased about this one!


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote 4 Cydney #11356 for BOTM!.

05/18/2015 01:43.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz buddy
Happy Saturday everybirdie. Sweetie here with our sixteenth blog for BOTM. The input you have shared is like a precious gem. Filled with your heart-felt thoughts and opinions. Through open communication we learn, we grow, we bring about much needed change. I am happy to hear that some Parronts are researching to locate a rescue close to their own homes. Rescues need donations. That is a given fact since none are Government funded in the USA or Canada. There are however multiple ways to give to a rescue of your choice.
Falco and Willie mentioned San Diego's Parrot Education and Adoption Cente. They as do several other larger registered rescues (including Hurlin's Parrot Rescue in Michigan, & Oasis Sanctuary) have "sponsorship" programs that allow individuals to make a monthly donation in the name of a specific resident. You receive updates, a certificate of sponsorship with your bird(s) photo on it and other awesome mementos plus the knowledge you have helped one or more Parrots. Sponsorship is just one way to help out an Unwanted Parrot when we are unable to adopt one.
Many Rescues have auctions, yard sales and other Fund-raising venues where someone that is artistic, or creative might help by donating an item they have made. This option is especially helpful when the rescue is some distance away where personal hands-on assistance would be difficult or impossible.
My Momma Deb assists with a rescue in Rochester NY by answering emails from their on-line Website, and making calls to prospective adopters and donors. She is able to help without actually being physically close to help in person. In fact we are in a different country but the help is appreciated by the over-worked owners and volunteers. Expect to be thoroughly screened before allowed access to their website.
It is imperative that anyone wishing to donate to a rescue they are unfamiliar with ask how the funds will be used. The rescue should be willing to tell you whether for feeding, Vet care, caging etc. Most larger rescues, and registered non-profit rescues have an open-book policy that allows anyone to see exactly where the donations are used. Their financial statements are available on-line at their web sites or by request.
NOW FOR TODAY"S QUESTION: IF you were interested in adopting another Companion Parrot from a rescue what sort of questions would YOU expect to be asked? IF the rescue did not have a pre-adoption application would that effect YOUR decision to adopt from them? If so how? Positively? Negatively? Do you feel the pre-adoption applications are important? If so why? Do you agree with pre-adoption home visits by the Rescue?

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

05/16/2015 10:47.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz buddy
Hello everybirdie, Sweetie here with your Friday BOTM blog. I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their votes of support this month. Your witty, informative, and often very touching shared stories have been wonderful. I certainly hope you will continue to take a moment to read them daily.
Yesterday I asked about Rescues and Sanctuaries for Parrots located near each of you. Most of the replies stated there was none, or that your Parront did not know how to begin to find one. There are far too many to list on this blog, but I have composed a few ideas that will aid you in your searching for a rescue close to your home.
The following sites are only given as examples and we do not endorse anyone or recommend anyone specifically; an extensive list by state and province of rescues with contact information as provided. has a list of rescues but you need to check them out to find the location etc lists by state--however you have to sift through the rescues by species--there is a change species option that you can click--pet birds to limit the search down.

You can also do an on-line google search by typing in Parrot rescues in (your state or province). A call to a local Avian Veterinarian Clinic can often result in good referrals to rescues within a reasonable distance. Also Face Book can provide names and links to Rescues and Sanctuaries within your state.
Regardless of how you locate a rescue it is up to each individual to check them out. Remember that the fact a Rescue has a non-profit status does not make it a good rescue, nor does lack of one make it a bad one. Ask for references if you have not heard of them through friends or your Veterinarian. They should be willing to give you the name and number of the Veterinarian they deal with. Most good rescues have an on-line adoption pre-application that you will need to fill out. This will help both them and you in finding the perfect home and fid to share your life with. Ask whether the Parrots have been Vet checked before adoption. Good Rescues will provide copies of these reports to new owners. They will ask a lot of questions and will require reference, normally a home visit and that you visit a couple times or more before adopting one of their Parrots.

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

05/15/2015 09:37.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz buddy
Good morning BC buddies, Sweetie here with today's BOTM blog. ( I hope, we had weird problems on BC yesterday). It is awesome to read the replies and ideas from all your Parronts. We Companion Parrots sure get a bad rap at times and too many unrealistic expectations placed upon us. As Falco's wonderful Momma wrote, "we( us Birds) can't be expected to be like dogs or cats. That being said, though, they all have a personality of their own, and their own needs and quirks, so they need to be accepted for who they are." I couldn't have put it any better. Those few words wrap up our problem in a nut-shell. We are all individuals, with our own minds, behaviorism's and needs. For anyone to assume all African Greys are awesome talkers, and every Cockatoo a screamer is as truthful as thinking all humans are created the same.
It is clearly apparent that we all, as a group both understand and agree, we are in the midst of an unwanted Companion Parrot crisis. Too many Parrots for the available suitable forever homes. The true problem lies not in the hands of breeders, but in the heart and mind-set of owners who feel that we are disposable. Susan expresses it wonderfully, "I think that the bottom line is that owners aren't committed to their pet, and this is the main reason that most people probably have for giving up any pet. If it doesn't fit into their lifestyle, then they want to get rid of an old shoe or an unwanted piece of furniture. Birds are highly intelligent and re-homing a bird is extremely stressful for it.....unless it is moving into a better situation, which can also be the case."
Sam's Momma Robin speaks of chatting with a Father and daughter about learning before buying a young Conure in a Petsmart display cage. How fortunate for all involved that she was there that day to re-direct them to education before purchasing. Sadly, most areas do not have a Parrot University but Rescuers can do much to educate potential new families if they have the time and volunteers to do so. Most rescues are pushed to the limits and setting up classes is often an impossible desire for them. Volunteers can step in and offer to help out with this, sharing their knowledge, and hands on experience with would-be adopters. Credible rescues need volunteers to help clean, and feed residents, to socialize Parrots and to work at on-going fund-raising. There is a lot of correspondence involved and someone with computer knowledge could be a great asset to a Rescue. If you drive you you can offer to pick up Parrots to transport to the Rescue and these cases do arise. If you enjoy writing you could offer to write a newsletter for a rescue to mail out to supporters and others. There are as many possible ways to help as there are people with different talents.
NOW FOR TODAY'S QUESTION: Is there a Rescue near you? What is it's name? What can you share with us about It? How can or do you help them with their mission to help Unwanted Parrots?

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

05/14/2015 09:09.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz buddy
Hello everybirdie, Sweetie here with the Tuesday BOTM blog. We have come up with some seriously great game-strategies to help spread the word about Companion Parrot stewardship. Sharing ones home and heart with any Parrot takes a devotion and patience that not all possess. Our greatest birdie downfall is our beauty and ability of many of speak human words. How many times my Momma has had to correct individuals who inquire, "do you have any birds that talk?"
That is never a good conversation opener with Momma Deb when asking about the possibility to become a caregiver to any avian fid. Sadly it is the one most common requirement, next comes, and " one that doesn't bite." Geesh, what are these misinformed persons thinking? That is on par to wanting a human baby that doesn't cry, or ever need a diaper changed. I think Momma has a long line of crazy questions that people have asked over the years. The one area that upsets her, and no doubt many of you is this one;
The reasons why I am giving up my Parrot 101: in random order
1) we're moving and can't take the bird with us
2) we're just bought a puppy and it doesn't get along with the bird
3) we're planning on having a baby sometime and don't want it to get bit? Which one? The baby bite the Parrot?
4) we're allergic to the bird. (we have owned it for 5 years though)
5) We had a baby and the bird might wake up the baby. ( and the baby's crying won't wake anyone or the bird?)
6) We got a kitten and it isn't good with our bird. ( so the bird we had for years goes and we keep the new kitten)
7) The bird hates my new girl/boy friend
8) we decided to boy a bigger bird so want to find a home for this one.
9) we changed the room decor and the bird and cage don't match the new decor
10) I didn't know the bird was going to make so much mess, noise, demand my attention etc

The list goes on, and I want you to add any funny or annoying excuses you have heard to it. These I've added came from actual ads on-line for birds for sale. No doubt you will have some totally outrageous ones to share, and some really doubt excuses too.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

05/12/2015 12:52.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
HAPPY Monday to everyone. I trust all the Mommas had a fabulous day yesterday. My Momma Deb had her much deserved day free from blogging, but today we hit the campaign trail once more. The awesome notes you have shared are very positive and inspiring. Oz's Mom takes on the bold approach, as does Momma Rea, Spot and Bon Bon's Momma. You, as Companion Parrot owners, yuck, that word again, are the Parrot World Ambassadors. Taking every possible opportunity to enlighten and educate is paramount to curbing the growing Unwanted Parrot Crisis. Every time you speak to someone looking and admiring a Parrot you are educating them. Telling potential owners the truth is our greatest protection. Macaws look beautiful, noble and powerful. Cockatoo babies are snuggle-bugs, so soft and cuddly looking. You Parronts need to tell others just how much work we can be. How destructive our beaks can be, how messy your home will become,and oh that noise.
My Momma Deb bred small Parrots for almost 40 years before making the life-changing decision that she wanted to help us, not produce more of us. Throughout her many years of involvement she always made the point of telling potential owners ALL the bad, difficult and nasty about us. She was always honest about the mess, noise, biting potential and then told the good points. Some people were put-off by it, but she always was thankful for it. Any babies left with a life-time support agreement and on-going assistance and help at a phone-call. She worked very hard to match babies to families, and today she hears from many who have a HeavenSent Aviary baby, now adult, or senior in their lives.
Momma's decision to open our doors for a rescue came about through my frother Mr. Sky. Prior to meeting Sky and his rescuer Cindy, Momma did not, like many of us, know the extent of abuse inflicted upon Companion Parrots. Hearing the horrific abuse Sky suffered being thrown against a wall; breaking countless leg, talon and wing bones, then never being treated by a Veterinarian was eye-opening and life-altering. She does not regret her past years as a breeder, having made many wonderful friends along the journey, and through her involvement she had the desire, out of necessity all she could to help the new owners have the best possible relationship with their new family member .All this has enabled her to be where she is today in her avian experience.
There are so many possible ways to help out the Unwanted Parrot Crisis, as outlined Saturday.
NOW FOR TODAY'S QUESTION; what have you done in the past to help educate others? Is there something suggested by another Parront that you might like to learn more about for yourself? If there is no Parrot Club near you, would you consider starting one in your area?
Come on birdies, let's just see how creative we really can be, at bringing about change, even one person at a time.

Come visit me, Mr and Mrs Sky and BB Thrift, Little Angel, jesse & Queen Sweetie, Thank-you friends for BOTM.

05/11/2015 01:20.33 PM Report This Comment  
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