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Citron-Crested Cockatoo from Pasco, WA

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VOTE #1000 by Miss Christine Dallas

Mom and dad found me as a baby at my breeders house and it was love at first sight...I am the only planned fid at our house...hehe
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Hi! My name is TAZ - OVER & OUT

I am a Citron-Crested Cockatoo from Pasco, WA.

My newest one from Uncle Chuck...Chain Saw


19 years old   M

Citron-Crested Cockatoo

I love almonds, grapes, squash, and bananas

I love to be on or in others cages, when they are not home. I also love to be on dad's shoulder when he is cleaning our cages. I like to be with mom in the evening and get scritches...

I hate baths or showers of any kind, water is not my friend...and that's all I got to say about that!

They treat me great, I have lots of friends, good food to eat, lots of toys to play with and unconditional love even when I am bad...

I love to instigate trouble....

Chew wood whenever possible and treasure friends....

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  Hi Taz
i really like your beach picture.

tonight i wanted mom to scratch my head so i screamed at her to let her know. then i layed my head in her lap as she scratched and massaged my head. it felt so good i started humming. mom repeated what i was humming and i repeated it back. then i added the words happy birthday to my tune. this really made mom laugh since i always sing happy birthday to all music i hear or hum.

today Boo Boo still sat on the sponge on the bottom of her cage all day. since mom has all her food and water dishes right beside she really doesn't have to move far to get to them. mom is starting to think that Boo Boo will not get better.
tonight Bo boo was very active in the bedroom and was non stop hoping all over the bedroom. mom wasn't sure if she was hunting a cricket or just exercising muscles she hasn't used for 3 weeks. she even did a few jumps and twirls which she hasn't done for a month. then when it was time for bed she ran under the bed and mom had to crawl under to catch her. mom won't feel better until Boo Boo starts using her perches in the daytime.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, PaddyCake & PiddyGirl, CORI & BOO BOO.

08/04/2016 10:18.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Hard to believe that BC is still with us, but like my die hard buddies I will blog as long as there is a site to do it on.

Dad was cheerful when Mom went to see him this morning, although his breakfast was awful. French toast made with powdered eggs!! Ick! So Mom went and got him some food from the cafeteria, which actually makes good stuff....of course, that is because people are paying for it and would stop if they didn't.

Now I am playing Velcro bird and staying totally attached to Mom's shoulder. I do not like these long trips out of the house, and so I do my best to keep her from leaving me. She may go back to the hospital this evening, but I am hoping to keep her here. We shall see. Hopefully she will be unable to detach me and leave!!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

07/26/2016 02:12.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Well, SP tells me that the tech who was responsible for shutting down our beloved BC is out sick, so it hasn't happened yet. Figures they felt we were so unimportant that just one person knows about our home being dismantled. So here I am for one last hurrah. I will leave a more complete blog on YP later today. I tried out the diary option yesterday.

Thinking of you all!!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

07/19/2016 11:07.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Sure sounds like Dad is a speed demon! Mom likes to ride on the back of motorcycles, but I am sure they are not the same kind your dad rides.

Getting a late start on blogging today, but it is not my fault. Not only did Mom run off to the gym this morning, but this afternoon she went to see the dentist and get her teeth cleaned. I keep telling her I can do just as good a job as Sheri the hygienist, but apparently Mom doesn't agree.

At least before she went for that totally unnecessary dentist visit, we got to share a nice fruit smoothie. I really do like those things, and this time I was willing to drink from Mom's glass instead of insisting I wanted what was in her mouth. See, I can be reasonable!

The preview of this month's milonga is on the Calendar and Milonga pages, so check it out and mark the date. We will have lots of fun at the castle lake, and I know everybirdy will enjoy themselves a lot.


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

07/05/2016 04:48.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
let's remember all of those who served. We thank you.

Well, it is supposed to hit 76 here today, although not until about 1PM which is when I will get my sunbath.
Then the temps will be climbing fast until by Friday we will be in the 90s. That means morning sunbaths, which is when I start giving Mom a hard time about getting into the carrier again. Since she now has worked out several methods for getting me in there, I suppose my tricky ways won't be working so well.

Becky emailed Mom last night, and Gold's decided to waive her 2 weeks notice and let her go. She wasn't surprised, because they don't want her to take her clients with her. They don't know she is going private part time to supplement her Physical Therapy job, but they didn't want to take any chances. Since she already set things up with the clients she wants to keep, like Mom, too bad for them. Mom still has 5 sessions left, but Becky has talked to Talyah about Mom's issues so things will work out just fine with her for those sessions.

Meanwhile as soon as Mom is done blogging we will share either a roast beef sandwich or more enchilada pie for lunch then go outside. Sounds like a fine afternoon to me.

Today is the last day to enter the Prom Pic Contest, so if your mom can get Chyna and Scoober's pics done today that would be greyt. They are the only birdies entered who have not posted pics yet. Hey, maybe Chyna could wear her ruby necklace in her pic!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

05/30/2016 12:34.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Well, BC was down most of the evening yesterday. I was able to blog in the afternoon, but I couldn't get on last night to tally the votes in the Derby Hat Contest, which means many birdies were not able to vote either. So if that happened to you, please enter two days worth of votes when you go over to the milonga page today. I will count them all. And please make sure you get over there, since today is the last day to vote!!! Mom will send over the names of the winners to your mom after 9PM our time tonight.

Bad news for Mom is that Gloria will not be done today; good news for me though, since that means she stays home from the gym with me all day. They are supposed to call sometime this afternoon to give her an estimate on when she will be done. The drain on the battery has proved elusive so far, but she knows they will find it sooner or later.

We shared White Cheddar Mac and cheese for lunch! One of my favorites, since I do love my pasta and nary a speck of spinach anywhere! Then more time with Mom reading. Good thing she went to the library, although she has over 100 books on her kindle so she won't be running out of reading material any time soon!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

05/11/2016 02:31.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz!
Happy Hatch Day to you! :). Here's some Mac nuts for you my friend. :)

Hope you have a great hatch day full of goodies. :)

Oh and a special vote for you too.

Love & hugs,

Laka Girl

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says I Luv-U-Always-N-4 ever! :), Tweetie-kins, Polu Kai says I will go down with the BC Ship ...., Angel Pookie says Let's play ball !!! & Laka says we're still here!!!.

02/11/2016 09:52.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Of everybirdy you should be the one who understands how to vote correctly. Your flock gets one vote per day in each of four categories. You can't put all your votes in one category, and you don't get a vote for each member of the flock. You haven't been voting, so I will count one vote for Chyna and Scooby and one vote for Gus and Suzi to make up for missing yesterday, but come back and give me two votes each (again yesterday and today) for single and lovin' it; single and lookin'; and Lovin' Friends and Flock. So that is another six votes two in each of the remaining categories.

Then tomorrow please come back and cast one vote for your flock in each of the four categories for a total of four votes. Take a look at how everybirdy else has been voting, and you will see how it's done.

Tally Bird

Come visit me, Happy Birthday America!!.

02/09/2016 08:03.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz

Well, Mom went to the GI doc yesterday, and as expected she will need to have an endoscopy. He also wants to put in a small wireless device that measures pH to monitor her acid for 2-3 days, but Mom is pretty sure the insurance people will not approve that. It is very leading edge, and insurance is always trailing edge.

It was warm enough for a sunbath today (73), but the wind is absolutely howling out there. I do not like the wind, so I am staying inside. It is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow and for the next week or so. Surely this wind will die down, and I will be able to catch some rays.

Today was the last day to enter the pic contest for the Valentine's Milonga. Entries will be closed in a couple of hours, but we have some wonderful pics entered, eggspecially in the Couples category. You can see the names of the entries now, and we will put up the pics by this evening. We are still missing one pic, but hopefully will have it in time.


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

02/05/2016 03:41.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Taz!
Stopping by with this very delicious and very large Hatchday cake made just for you by the lovely Lizzie herself! Plenty big for everyone of your flockily and friends to share in celebration on your special day! And it comes with big wishes for everything you could ever want and even more! Head scritches, treats, toys, and most important...lotsa love!

Happy Hatchday!
Wing hugs coming your way!
Kaji and Lizzie

Come visit me, Kaji ~ So glad we had this time together.

02/02/2016 10:23.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
02/02/2016 09:58.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
flying by to wish you a most happy hatchday. hope you are having a ball celebrating on your special day.

love Cori

Come visit me, PaddyCake & PiddyGirl, CORI & BOO BOO.

02/02/2016 06:12.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Taz~
Sugar here to perform the Hatchday Song just for you! Are you ready????


Happy Hatchday to you! cha cha cha
Happy Hatchday to you! cha cha cha
Happy Hatchday dear, wonderful, handsome Taz!
Happy Hatchday to you! cha cha cha
And Many Moooooooore~~~CHA CHA CHA

I hope the day is just wonderful!
Hatchday Hugs ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, Sugar ~ Thanks for all the AWESOME Memories.

02/02/2016 06:00.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Sending lots of hatch day wishes your way
On your special day. Hope you have the best one yet and many more!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, ~~Gus~~ & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/02/2016 05:06.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatch Day
Happy Hatch Day To You!
Happy Hatch Day To You!
Happy Hatch Day To Taz!
Happy Hatch Day To You and Many Many Mooore!
We are all flying by to wish you a very happy Hatchday filled with lots of new toy's and special treats and Hatchday cake and most of all lots of scritches and snuggle time with Mom!Loving you always and forever,Dixie and Peepers!Happy 19th my sweet friend!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/02/2016 01:44.49 PM Report This Comment  
  happy hatchday Taz !
Yells Cookie as he flies into the bird room looking for his buddy Chloe ! Hope it's a great one and save us some cake !

Come visit me, Cookie loves his friends !, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

02/02/2016 01:37.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy HatchDay from Flitzer and Dad
Hey, buddy -

Have a fantastic Hatch-Day!

Hope you have lots of treats and celebration

~Wings Up~

Flitzer and his ManServant

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

02/02/2016 12:34.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchday!!
Hi Taz,

I am sending you a vote and big wing hug for your special day. Hope you get lots of treats and new toys to destroy!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

02/02/2016 11:13.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchday
02/02/2016 07:14.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Taz
Happy Hatchday! Here's a vote in celebration. May you have lots of treats, toys and attention. Wing hugs, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

02/02/2016 05:18.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz
Happy Humpday!!!

First off I want you to know that everything I'm telling you is real..Things go on all over the world in a wordly and spiritual matter everyday.
Some don't see or know it and some do see it and know it.Some are given and born with the gift from god to be able to see and know about the tangible and the intangible...
They are also protectors from god. A lot of hoomans say this is crazy...
But who are they to judge crazy if they have never seen it...
To me whats crazy is animal,child and elder abuse.And as strong as our government is why do these things keep happening ???That's crazy with the whole earth getting ruined...So tell me!!!
My mommy and my skin sibs have seen and heard and been through a lot of things cause they are from a very strong medicine family.
My mommy has often prayed to god and asked him to take the gift away from her but god has his reasons not too...

Here's part two of the Penitentes....

The guy Richard who was the tour guide looked like a normal man.
These people don't cover their faces until they do their rituals...

Anyway when my mommy,Katherine and the kids who were in the 3rd grade went into the penitente church this guy Richard told them about their rituals.
He also told them of the Jesus statue behind the curtain.He told them that they couldn't look at this statue.
My mommy could see some of it from the angle she was sitting.She saw a distorted statue of our lord Jesus.
My mommy was horrified but stayed strong for the kids and Katherine. Katherine too saw the statue...

This guy Richard started to tell everyone that when he joined the Penitente's they made a doll of him...He showed everyone a creepy looking doll that looked just like him.He also told everyone that every time someone joins them they will get a doll of them made...

As he was talking my mommy had it made up in her mind of leaving politely.She didn't know how the reaction would be if they just walked out.

Be ready for for part three tomorrow...

As the medicine clans in my tribe say where there is good there is evil and where there is evil there is good.These two forces are always opposing one another...
We are always for the good!!!

Thank you for your votes

PS...Penitente's are also in Colorado as well as New Mexico.They used to be only in Spain....
Be careful !!!

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

01/13/2016 10:38.25 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz
Here we are !!! We made it all the way here on our Harleys... We are in Northern New Mexico...

This is another true account...We are entering the Penitente's ranch...
But before we enter let me tell you about what happened to my mommy and older skin brother when they went.
This might change your mind of ever wanting to go to one of these...
This is scarey and weird!!!

My mommy had a good friend who happened to be my big skin brothers school teacher...Any way my mommy's friend the school teacher named Katherine told my mommy she met this guy at her church and he invited her to bring the class to his ranch for a field trip.
She said yes not knowing what a penitente ranch is.My mommy thought it wise to go along with her and the kids...

Anyway when they arrived in the school bus with the class there was that guy named Richard standing in front.
He brought everyone in the ranch.
He explained that the penitentes were a branch off the catholic religion.And go back since the beginning of time.
Each penitente ranch are in their own society...

He also showed the class the houses they lived in and how the floors are made of dirt and get cleaned with BLOOD!!!

He told the class of the torture chambers they had there and they would torture each other for days and days.
Every year they would also tie a big cross on themselves and walk down the same path getting tortured with whips cutting through their skin and getting beatings from painful cactus...

If anyone would walk in during these torture sessions they would surely die of something so fearful that the human mind can't even imagine...

Tomorrow I will tell you what my mommy and Katherine and the kids in the class were allowed to see and what they did see and learn.
This is real and beyond ones imagination.It can change your mind about things forever.Stay Strong!!! Part 2 tomorrow...

Thank you for your votes

P.S... I'm posting some pictures of the penitentes in my gallery. I will put new ones up everyday...

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

01/12/2016 10:50.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Talked to Dixie about the January milonga, and we agreed that it should be winter stuff that is easy to make pics of. A snow ball fight was discussed and rejected, because those have become never ending in the past. Any ideas?

Mom and Dad went on the normal grocery run today, and I was delighted to be informed that FINALLY the sugar snap peas looked very good. Mom had no trouble finding 21 (3 per day for a week) fat pods for me. Those have the best peas. And there were new grapes and bananas too. Score!!

However after they got home, they went right out again to another store because Mom couldn't find the okra at the usual store. They were all out. That is for the jambalaya. And Dad didn't like the look of the shrimp, so that won't get bought for a couple of days. Looks like I will have to wait a bit for my favorite treat, but since I love ham and black-eyed peas which is what we had for lunch I am good with it.

Mom is wearing her new Redskins shirt today (a Christmas present) and it must have brought her boys good luck because they kicked the Cowgirls tailfeathers to clinch their playoff spot. She is a very happy camper.

That's about all that's going on here today, although I have managed to coax an inordinate amount of head skritching from my mom. That's always a greyt way to start a new year.


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

01/03/2016 03:07.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Well, our New Year's Day started off well enough with Mom getting up to have breakfast with me. However after a bit she went back to take a nap and forgot to turn on my radio! For shame! Then at 8AM she watched the Rose Parade for two hours; we have a local station that broadcasts it without any commercial breaks so you don't miss anything. Well, at 10 she came in and apologized abjectly for leaving me without my radio, so when I had made her feel sufficiently guilty I forgave her with beaky kisses.

Got lots of Mommy time after she got the ham in the oven and the black-eyed peas simmering in broth and onions. I like both of those things, so I am looking forward to dinner. Then there is peach pie for dessert, so it sounds like a bonanza food day to me. And since Dad is watching a Walking Dead marathon, Mom will be in with me for sure! Ick!!

Can't get into the Top Bird Page on BC, but I am sure Kaji won his crown since he had plenty of votes. Now I am hoping Jedi will decide to run this month. Still waiting to hear for sure from him and his mom. Why not go by his page #254730 and vote for him today just in case the answer is yes?!!!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

01/01/2016 01:15.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
I want to thank you so much for the Hatchday wishes and my family and I want to wish your sweet Mom and flock and family a very Happy New Year filled with all good things,good health,joy and happiness and love that you so deserve!We cherish you always and forever,Love always and forever,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/01/2016 09:08.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz & Flock
T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the tree,
the birdies and parrots were all filled with glee,
The clutches were snuggled in their down feathered nests,
while vision of flight, sent them all soaring west.

Fresh millet sprays had been hung with great care,
with hopes that "Old Scarlet" (Parrot St. Nick) soon would be there.
The Conures and Amazons had all settled down,
but those crazy cockatoos were still hopping around.

When high in the tree tops, a ruckus arose,
I thought I should check, just to see what goes.
Peeking through branches, leaves lit by the moon,
I thought I was dreaming it looked just like noon!

When what to my wondering eyes should there be,
but a flock of eight Grey's with Red Tails shining landing in the next tree.
Gliding behind, holding reins in his beak,
I spied the red bird, with a blush on his cheek.

He whistled and squawked, calling each one by name,
buoyed by a breeze, as closer they came.
Now Talon, now Josey, now Dayo and Ana Grey,
on Corky, on Misty, on Gilda and Gracie.

To the top of the palms, to the top of trees tall,
now fly away, fly away, fly away all!
I watched as they circled the green jungle maze,
and thought for a second I'd lost sight, I was in such a daze!

But, soon they appeared, drawing a basket behind,
which was filled with new toys of the bright, shiny kind.
Back to my branch I climbed mighty quick,
I'd heard of Old Scarlet, surely this was no trick!

He carefully perched by an old snoring grey,
while I fretted and wondered if he'd get scared away.
He wasn't even distracted when the parakeet sneezed.
He hung the new whirlygigs, sighed and looked pleased.

Standing proud and quite stately, he filled me with trust;
but I felt ashamed, his feathers were covered with cockatoo dust.
He paused, just a moment, fluffed and preened in a stoop,
turned around slowly, saying "At least it's not poop."

Then he laughed out loud--like a real human being.
I blinked my eyes twice, at what I was seeing.
He picked up a peanut and tossed it my way.
"Here's a small Christmas treat. Don't get spoiled, okay?"

He strutted back to the basket, put a strap round each wing,
chirped at his flock, who started to sing.
Their tones were so perfect, they were magically dear.
I was sure it was Memorex or a choir quite near.

The melody lingered, for a moment or two,
but I caught one last glimpse, before they flew.
His eyes were so merry, twinkling with impish delight.
His charming ways had brightened this long Christmas night.

As upward they soared, toward the golden round moon,
I heard every word, he joyfully crooned.
"Merry Christmas to all, peace, joy and cheer.
Be good little birdies. I'll see you next year!"
love Cori,Boo Boo & the BAD Budgies

Come visit me, PaddyCake & PiddyGirl, CORI & BOO BOO.

12/24/2015 10:54.41 AM Report This Comment  
Taz!You won a new JukeBox for guessing the songs on Name That Tune!You are really good at this!I will be emailing your new JukeBox to you.You also have won a prize picture of your choice.You can pick out the one you want in my fister Angel Gabbie's gallery.Just let me know which one you picked out and I'll have it sent to you!Please come by and play again this week.We so enjoyed having you there!How have you been?I have really missed visiting with you!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Love always,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/21/2015 08:51.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Mom buys my pellets on Amazon, so she looked for your Hagen's Tropimix on there. They only had the Cockatiel blend, but there were links for parrot size and large parrots. Your mom might want to try there.

Mom and Dad did the grocery run this morning, and Mom remembered to pick me up a can of sliced water chestnuts. She will be giving me one a little later, but the important thing? Even though they had twice as many sugar snap peas (two bins full) they were so puny and poor it took Mom forever to pick out my 21 pods so I can have three each day. It just isn't the season I suppose. However they did pick up the rib roast for Christmas dinner, and hopefully this holiday will go better than Thanksgiving did. Never did have Thanksgiving dinner.

Dad gets that awful catheter out of his chest on Tuesday, and it can't come out soon enough. It was really bothering him at the store, and he had Mom change the bandage when they got home. It looks pretty icky, but then it was never supposed to be permanent. Dad sure will be glad to get it out, because he can't do anything strenuous with it in there. Guess pony tail rides are out of the question.

I got a super long head, cheek, beak and chin skritch this morning, and it was accompanied by cooing and love ya noises from Mom. Does it get any better than that?


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

12/20/2015 01:56.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
and the sweet Proctor Flock!
I wanted to fly by and let you know that I'm working hard on learning my way around Rainbow Bridge and getting to meet all the other Angel Birdies here.I have found my fister's Angel Gabbie,Brenna,Beau,my frothers Mario,Kokomo,my cousins Trixie and Sunshine,I've met sweet ChiChi,Gizmo,Divo,Maxi and Digger,Tricky Dick,Scion,Gen George Hammond,Captain Darling,Angel Sallykins,Angel Pookie,Angel's Bailey,Hermione,Dudley and Weasley and Jacob and Angel Sidney and Punkin.Everyone is being so wonderful and helpful to me and teaching me how to earn my wings so I can come and visit everyone again.I miss you all so much more than I can ever let you know.I miss my family so much and I know how upset my Mom was to see me leave her and I'm trying each and everyday to help her get past the stillness she says I left behind her.I'm trying to get my little fister Candida to take over for me and keep up the loud squawking that made my Mom smile!I know my dad misses me flying at his head and just barely missing it!I will always be looking after all of you and I do hope my Mom will know that I'll always be there for her too,I miss my boxes and snuggling in my happy hut.But I am doing all right here on RB.I have all my Angel friends here beside me helping me to get through it all!Just know how much I miss you all and how much I truly love each and everyone of you!It really makes me smile to see you visiting me everyday,I know in time my Mom will feel better about everything.I just can't thank you all for electing me BOTD!I am so grateful for that honor and every birdie here had such a wonderful party in my honor!I so miss you all and I always will!Angel wing hugs to all of you!Love forever and always,Angel Kallie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/17/2015 08:28.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Well, Dad came yesterday afternoon, and then woke Mom up this morning at 6:30 (normal time) and said after you feed Kiddo his breakfast we need to go back to the ER. Apparently his Foley catheter had clogged up, and nothing was coming thru. So that is what they did, but unlike the last time it only took a couple of hours. They flushed and cleared it, plus they gave Mom a kit to do it at home if it happens again before Monday when the catheter comes out. So not so bad, and Mom came and sat with me afterwards.

Then she had the nerve to go for her arthritis massage, which today was more of a stress massage. She left there feeling much better, so I guess it was worth it. However she stopped at Carl's Jr on the way home and got Dad a burger and fries (he was craving!), and she got herself a taco salad which is absolutely outrageous! She is supposed to share her meals with me, and that thing has guacamole in it so it never even came into my room. I did get a couple of Dad's fries though.

Dad starts dialysis on an outpatient basis tomorrow, and then it is three times a week until his kidneys test back to normal. Mom and Dad are hoping it will be a very short term thing, since it is not all that much fun. Me too, since it takes 2 hours and I don't want Mom to be gone all that long.

Finally thanks for all the prayers from the BC prayer circle. We are sure that is why Dad came home so much sooner this time. You guys are the best!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

12/03/2015 07:36.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
and the Proctor Flock,
Mom and our flock and family would like to thank everyone and every birdie for the kind words,wonderful poems and thoughts for our frothers passing.If it weren't for you all Mom and we wouldn't know what to do.Your outpouring of love and kindness and thoughtfulness mean every thing to all of us.We love each and everyone of you and your parronts and only wish we could give you a warm hug in birdson to let you know just how much you mean to us.
Loving you always and forever,Dixie,Peepers,Candida and Celine and Mom and family

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/01/2015 08:46.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi handsome coach Taz-love from Angel Christy coached a great game on Saturday night, nd while Angels can't play, I watched from Heaven on high! The Pilgrims almost beat my Zon sister Jen and the braves! Dad got us our fresh lettuce and veggies yesterday, but went to a much smaller store, and made it through just fine! Today we mourn the loss of our dear aunt Rose's Kallie, and send our heart felt prayers to their family! Prayers also for big John Madsen and Kiddo's daddy, we wish them quick healing! After seeing some of the major strife on our beloved BC, we don't feel like complaining about anything, our little aches and pains seem minor in comparison! Have a good ToosDay, and give our love to all in your happy home, see ya tomorrow...

Forever love and compassion from Angel Christy & our family

PS~My love to aunt Gail & uncle Burt as well...

Come visit me, Mr Ziggy-Chyna dear I am trying to be a good YCM, Jen Lynn~Good-bye BC, it has been a wild ride!!, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Love from Christy~Love to my beloved country..., Ms LaLo Lee~Because I love you all so much... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

12/01/2015 08:45.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Well, it's a bit warmer here today with a high of 73. Mom managed to get me out there right while it was warmest, and although the sunbath was a short one we did get some rays and Ms Gardenia Tree got a good soaking. Tomorrow should be even warmer.

Mom skipped zumba this morning, because she had a headache and laid down for a bit instead. However this doesn't mean I got her all day. She ran over to Rite-Aid and dropped off a script and then went to Von's and stocked up on their store brand lo cal frozen lunches, which were discounted on her store card plus $3 off. She spent $21.25, but saved $18.06!! Pretty good deal.
And since I do like sharing those, I forgave her for leaving me. Besides the sunbath happened as soon as she got back. BTW I climbed right into the carrier without a fuss!

Aunt Staci is home, but it turned out the doc appt was today not yesterday. Mom talked to her while she was in the waiting room, and she sounded pretty good. She hopes to be able to blog a bit this afternoon, and then she said whether Tweety wins or not he will finish his stories about the Acoma Pueblo tribe right into December because there is so much to share! Can't wait!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

11/17/2015 02:22.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
Mom and I got the positions up for our team and sent the list over to Aunt Denise for the pics. As soon as you post the positions for the Pilgrims, I will get them to her unless you want to do it

Mom totally forgot that she was supposed to call the car doc yesterday and go over to get them started on Gloria's antenna repair. Dad fussed at her, but he didn't do it until 6PM and they were closed. So Mom rushed over there at 8 this morning without calling first. Silly mom; she should have called. They would have told her they have misplaced the new antenna and have to reorder it from Audi! Of course, no extra cost to Mom, but now she has to wait for them to call her and let her know the new one has come in. She is hoping for Thursday, because she has the whole day free except for housework, and who hates an excuse to get away from that?

We shared chicken and sausage gumbo for dinner last night and lunch today. That stuff sure is tasty. Mom always cuts off a little piece of sausage for me, which I really like. However the rice is my favorite part.

However I suspect I am lucky she even is willing to share with me, since is I am way hormonal. She has put two towels over her legs as she props her feet up on the stool in my room, and I still try to get under there so I can chew on her pants and slippers. The pants are her jammies that are liberally decorated with holes by moi already, but she would rather I not chew up her new slippers. I'm sorry; isn't that what they are for?

Aunt Staci is still in the hospital. They are doing tests and stuff to try to discover the cause of the infection before they try the biopsy. Mom just talked to her and she is sooooo bored, and she misses blogging for Tweety. So don't forget to go to his page and vote for him. He will catch up on the wonderful tales of life as an Acoma as soon as they let his mom come home. A prayer for her couldn't hurt either.


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

11/10/2015 02:58.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
The football teams for the big game are picked, and now we just need to finalize the positions they will be playing. I have my first version done, but I want to fine tune it a bit before posting them. The names on both teams are up on the Milonga page #165848 now though. Oh, and we had to walk ons from the Stark flock: Doo and Charlie. So if it is OK I will take Charlie and you can have Doo. I will add their names to the Milonga Page as soon as I am done blogging.

I got lots of mom time this morning, since Mom not only woke up early but doesn't leave for zumba until 11:45. She was super pleased to see her old friend Megan at zumba, and now that she has moved back people will once again think Megan is Mom's daughter. Since Megan is very pretty, Mom loves it!

When she got home and showered she found out Aunt Staci called while she was in the shower. She is in the hospital today having a procedure done so Mom can't call her back. She is very sorry she missed her, but at least she can let everybirdy know Tweety will be back blogging tomorrow. Please don't forget to vote for him today. Isn't his campaign fascinating?

Still too windy here to go outside, and tomorrow Mom is going to the playhouse to see a live production. It is a melodrama which is not Mom's favorite, but with season's tickets you take it all and some are better than others. However I think she should just stay home with me, good bad or indifferent! That does mean she probably will not be blogging for me tomorrow either, since she and Dad do the grocery run in the morning. So don't worry if you do not hear from me tomorrow.


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

11/07/2015 03:50.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz
Happy TGIF!!!
This is a Kachina doll on my profile page...
Today I'm going to you about the problem with Kachini dolls...

For generations and generations doll makers on the Acoma rez and other reservations in the South West has made Kachina dolls.
When the Kachina dolls were discovered by non Indians they fell in love with them. As the years went by like the wind more and more merchants and Non Indians started making them and selling them at shops claiming they were made by real doll makers from the Acoma rez.

Some of the tourists got smart and wanted to buy them from the original doll makers on the rez.The Store merchants would tell the tourists and hopefuls where to find them at a small price.
The tourists would pay the merchants and they would go on thier way to find the doll makers on the rez...Big mistake!!!

In 1960 a slightly well off couple went to find the doll maker on the Acoma rez.
When they found him they asked to see his Kachina dolls.The doll maker blessed the Kachina dolls with sage and water before he let the couple in.
The couple was amazed and wanted to buy the one with the black and white clown stripes.

The couple offered him lots of money and he refused saying just give me a tabacco offering.
The couple gave the doll maker a tabacco offering and he explained to them that this is a Clown Medicine man.He is a trickster and a contrary which is very respected here in Acoma.

He told the couple they must feed the katchina and bathe him and give him water everyday.They must respect him and give him a warm spot to sleep at night and a nice spot to stand at in the day time.And don't show the kachina off to anyone.Put him away until they leave.

Did The couple listen to the doll maker? No. They said he was a crazy old man...They took the Kachina home and stuck him on the shelf in thier big mansion for all to see...

Four years later the couple went back to the doll maker and complained that since they had the doll things went bad for them.
They lost thier home,money,and friends...
They showed the doll maker the Kachina doll and it was dirty and dusty.

The doll maker told the couple to give him the kachina back and they will regain everything.So they did never to return again.

Every Kachina doll who is made by a real doll maker on the rez has life in them.

The doll maker breathes life in them once made and they must be respected to the fullest.If not they will get angry and come back to the person or people who have disrespected them with a vengence.
So if your thinking about getting a Kachina doll make sure you take care of them daily and listen to the doll maker.

I won't be blogging tomarrow.My mommy has some family issues to handle.But you can keep sending me your votes if you love me heehee!!!

Thank you for your votes
Much love to you

PS...Vote for Panther for 10K...

This is a true event told to me by my daddy and G-MA...

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

11/06/2015 10:29.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz
Happy Thursday!!! My mommy hit a wrong button and accidently erased my blog! Again??? Silly mommy!!!

Today I'm going to talk to you about Acoma food.My favorite subject!!!

Every year during the summer my daddy and my family and tribe go to get green chili in Hatch New Mexico the green chili capitol of the world.During the summer is harvest time and we can buy green chili fresh from the farms in Hatch New Mexico.I remember my g-ma buying it straight from the farm and eating it not cooked.
Yes,thats how good it is!!!Do you see those beauties in my gallery Yummmy...

We would buy pounds and pounds of green chili and have it roasted right there on the spot.The farmers would them put the green chilies in large burlap sacks and we would bring them home and peel them and put the green chilis in the freezer in small portions so we can pull them out and thaw them out and eat them or use the green chilies in recipes.Whats cool about it is there is extra hot,hot,medium,or mild.So when we go to the farm we can pick out whatever we want.In my gallery you will see a green chili roaster when they are being roasted they smell so good and we can see the fire under them as the farmer tumbles them.
My beak is already watering heehee...

My daddy's tribe and family would also bring home fresh green chili and cover them up until they turn red.The flavor changes when this is done but it's still yummy as ever.My daddy used to bring home fresh green chili and tie them up making ristas that turn red and dry the chili so he could make chili powder or decorations.

Green chili and red chili along with blue corn meal is the staple foods in Acoma.It's been around for many generations...And It's still going on...

Our favorite dish is what you see on my profile page...

Acoma green chili stew and frybread...

Did you know that eating out places throughout New Mexico such as MC Donalds serve green chili on thier hamburgers and pizza places also put green chili on thier pizzas??? Just close your eyes and think of it yummy!!!

You have never experienced green chili until you have tasted Hatch New Mexico Green chili,the green chili capitol of the world.

Thank you for your votes
Much Love


Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

11/05/2015 10:51.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz
Happy Humpday!!! I put a better picture of our housing on my profile page so you can see it better...Thank you auntie Anita from Acoma for sending it to me to share with all my BC family!

All our homes are made from Adobe.Adobe is very durable and stays warm inside during the winter and cool inside during the summer.
The inside of the homes have Adobe bricks for the floors and Adobe fireplaces and is very warm and welcoming...Adobe can't be used in California or other states because of earth quakes and other natural disasters.
The outside has an adobe rain pool where water is collected for the home...Awesome isn't it???

Hundreds of years ago the Catholic missions came to Acoma and tried to convert alot of my daddys tribe into becoming catholic.It didn't work for everyone but alot did get converted and the people from the mission built a church in Acoma and taught my daddy's tribe about thier religion.And also how to improve thier homes...
As ironic as it sounds lots of families practice their Acoma religion along with the catholic religion.They didn't catch my daddys family on that one heehee!

To this day whenever there is a saints day all the homes open thier doors and have a feast.Anyone in the tribe is welcome to walk in and eat.So that means we can walk from door to door and eat at everyones home including our own!

Before we go into the story telling I got a few more things to blog to you about...

I will be blogging you about our clans,My daddy's and my family clan and our Medicine men and women.And my favorite Acoma food! Where ever there is food you will find Tweety heehee!!!

Thank you for your votes and I hope they are interesting and educating you and I'm not boring you...

Much Love to you

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

11/04/2015 09:30.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Taz
We have 24 players signed up for football now, including Scoober. I think just a few more and we will have enough to choose up sides. My mom will email you the list when we have enough.

We have Yes!! We got a little rain last night. Mom heard it coming down around 7PM while she and Dad were watching Big Bang Theory reruns (their evening shared activity), and then this morning the sidewalks were wet. However the high here today is only 67, so I will not be getting outside for a sunbath. Probably no sunbath will happen tomorrow either, but it is supposed to be back in the 70s by the weekend which is normal November weather for here.

Mom took off in Gloria at 7:45 this morning (right in the middle of MY time) to deliver her to the car doc. They thought they could come up with some sort of covering for the antenna if they looked at it again. They brought her right back home, so she was only gone for 45 minutes, but then at 10:30 they called to say they had found something called a shark's fin that would work and since it is made by Audi would fit for sure. So they came back and got Mom and Gloria came home. The part won't be in for another week or so.

All that means no zumba for Mom today, and more mom time for yours truly. We shared a bowl of chicken chipotle corn chowder for lunch, and I have to say it was very tasty. Several unidentifiable ingredients that I liked a lot. I think one of them was a bean, but the other...who knows? It just tasted good to me!


Come visit me, Kiddo loves SweetPepper!.

11/03/2015 01:28.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Taz
Cool profile picture!!!

Good Afternoon !!! My mommy's fine. She feels over one hundred percent better but is so mad!!!She accidentally erased my blog for today.Silly Mommy!!!

I already explained my Mommy and Daddy's intertribal marriage to you.If some of you didn't get it My mommys from the Northern Cheyenne nation and my daddy's from the Acoma Nation...
Women in my mommy's tribe are allowed to keep thier maiden names as my mommy did.So she still has the last last name as Bigfoot. My daddy carries the last the last name Ortiz which was forced upon the Acoma tribe by the people of Spain when the wars started and Spain came and took over 500 women,children and elders.

Acoma means a place always prepared and is the oldest city in the U.S that is continually oocupied by my tribe and families from the tribe.

Historians say that Acoma was lived in before the time of Christ and still lived in from AD 12OO ????

Most all Native American tribes continue to say that History is a lie agreed upon...
Trust me I trust the Elders.Not the historians !!!

On my profile picture you will see my Auntie Normas house.She lives in on the top of the mesa.This is called old Acoma where the traditionals and elders have lived for generations and generations.There are no tourists allowed up there.But there is a welcome center at the bottom where the new housing is...

There is no electricity,TV or gas up there. It rains alot so each home has thier own pond in front of it.Where water is collected from the rain.Fire is used for outdoor brick ovens for cooking and bathing...And entertainment is talking with the elders and each other over fry bread and a cup of coffee...
I don't know how my mommy lived up there for many years after she married my daddy...She survived heehee!!!

In the next fwe days I my daddy will be my story teller to me so I can tell you the old stories and truth which was passed on from generation to generation by the elders.
The stories and and traditions reflect on a time far beyond your imagination.a time of creation and my tribe coming to be in this world. My daddy's tribe the Acoma...

Thank you for your votes
Much love to you


Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

11/03/2015 12:00.18 PM Report This Comment  
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