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Awhile after losing my beloved Bailey, my husband found a bird on the internet. He asked if I liked it. I said yes, but I'm not ready. He said you will never be ready so let's go get the bird. We drove 945 round trip miles in the middle of October in the rain to Ohio. We found "him" (they thought it was a boy) in a small cage. The wings were severely cut, nails in bad shape, and tail shredded and broken and very thin. They got the bird at 10 weeks and had "him" a year. "He" never had a name, and they didn't handle the bird much. But they did teach him to step up and say "What are you doing"! They said, we are asking a good price because we don't want the bird. Well, the bird came home with us, an eight hour drive. After our vet saw the bird, it's a girl and she has a respiratory infection. She wasn't properly cared for so, she will always be small for a YCM. Named after a song we heard on the way home - David Bowie's China Girl, please welcome ...our little CHYNA girl.

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Hi! My name is Chyna

I am a Yellow-Collared Macaw from North Port, FL.

Baby Girl, Chyna Cate

5 years old   F

Yellow-Collared Macaw

melon, apples, popcorn, peas, scrambled eggs.

On Mom's chair ...

Don't make fast moves around me. I don't like loud noises either!

I now have a real family and a big cage AND lots of toys and good food ... and a NAME! I've never had cuddles before and I like it!

Takes her leg and stretches it back and over her wing and rests her foot on her head. Plays with her toys with her feet while on her back.
I love to toss my toys on the floor and have Mom pick them up over and over.
I love exploring around the house on my own.

Be happy and healthy.

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  Hi Chyna
yes i want to be bugler

love Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote LAKA BOTM 259145 & BOO BOO vote LAKA BOTM 259145.

02/10/2016 11:46.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
we haven't been on BC either because our dad is having a lot of health issues and as soon as he hears mom go to use the computer he needs her for something. mom then loses her traIN of thought, which isn't hard for her to do, while helping dad. tonight was better because he seems to be feeling better. it did get cold out. i think its 18 right now but at least we didn't get much snow.


love Cori and Boo Boo

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02/10/2016 11:12.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Chyna,
Here's part 1

The meaning of the name “Laka” is: “Gentle, Tame”.

Aolani Name meaning & Origin is: “Beautiful Heavenly Cloud”

Hawaiian Goddesses
by Serge Kahili King

The Hawaiian concept of gods and goddesses is very different from that of Western and Near Eastern traditions, from African and Australian traditions, and from North and South American traditions. Although still different, it bears a closer resemblance to the more eclectic traditions of India, China, and Japan than with any others.

The word for god or goddess in Hawaiian is akua, whose meaning is very indeterminate. It was applied to the spirit, i.e., the invisible motive or creative essence, of anything and everything. Therefore, the Creator, the wind, the first aspect of the full moon, a high-ranking chief, a slave, a ghost, and that which causes a motor to work might all be called akua in certain contexts. For the most part, though, the word was commonly applied to forces, persons, and things which had a lot of mana, i.e., power or influence. What this means is that, when we hear or read stories of an entity such as Pele, the volcano goddess, we can never be certain whether the story is about the spirit of a natural phenomenon, the human ancestor of a particular family line, or both, or neither.

Another important feature of Hawaiian gods and goddesses is that they are often completely unrelated. To people familiar with the Greek Olympians as a family opposing the Titans as a family, or the Norse Aesir against the Vanir, relations between Hawaiian gods and goddesses seem incomprehensible. As Martha Beckwith says in Hawaiian Mythology, "It seems to me therefore probable that different immigrant families brought with them the gods and ritual familiar to them." Unlike the Hindu system, which at least tries to form the gods and goddesses of many different peoples, times, and places into an integrated whole, the Hawaiians seldom bothered to do so, allowing vastly different traditions to exist side by side in happy chaos. And in the few instances where some integration was attempted, it was always very limited in scope.

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02/10/2016 10:10.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Part 2
Part 2
One more feature to be mentioned about Hawaiian gods and goddesses is that the more power they were assumed to have, the more different forms they were thought to take at will. The most powerful could take forms that were either human, animal, vegetable, mineral, or other. The god Kamapua'a, for example, could turn into a human, a pig, a fish, a type of grass, or even the rain. In Hawaiian these forms are called kino lau (many bodies).

In this article we are putting our focus on Hawaiian goddesses, and since there are so many of them, we will only look at seven of the most important ones. Even then, only a small amount of information will be given for each one. In addition to information available from various written sources, such as Beckwith's Hawaiian Mythology, I will add information given me by members of the Kahili family who taught me their traditions pe At various times, then, I have taught about the goddesses in different ways, and that has led to some confusion on the part of students. So, for healing purposes only at a beginner level for understanding and using the concept of Hawaiian goddesses, here is the Ola 'Ana Papakahi o Na Akua Wahine Hawai'i, "The First Level Organization of Hawaiian Goddesses" in order of attributions and associations of name, principle, color, element, and primary function.

Hina: 'Ike, White, Water, Awareness (Knowledge)

Haumea: Kala, Red, Stone, Freedom (Release)

Pele: Makia, Orange, Fire, Focus (Energy)

Hi'iaka: Manawa, Yellow, Wind, Presence (Purpose)

Laka: Aloha, Green, Plants, Love (Compassion)

Kapo: Mana, Blue, Animals, Power (Ability)

Uli: Pono, Purple, People, Success (Effectiveness)

That’s all for today folks, sorry I couldn’t find a spooky story to tell you, but I’m still looking.

Thank you for all the love and support for my birdie of the month campaign.

Happy Po ‘akolu (Happy Wednesday). Humpty humpty humpty away until Friday comes.

Here’s a vote for you, sending you all warm wing hugs and beaky kisses.

Love from Hawaii,

Laka Aolani, Candidate for BOTM

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02/10/2016 10:09.46 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

02/10/2016 10:09.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi sweetie, ♥
Love Scoober XOXOXO


02/10/2016 10:02.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Oooohhh!! I Just Missed It! Part 2....
Sounds like tomorrow is going to be a hot cocoa kind of day! Hugs to you, my friend, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says Happy Valentine's Day!.

02/10/2016 09:55.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Evening, Miss Chyna!
Sorry, it has taken me so long to get back with you to let you know about those awful wasps. It's true, wasps are just awful & bad tempered & have a NASTY sting! You aren't going to believe what Mom has had to go through because of those rotten things!

When the exterminator came Tuesday & saw the mess Mom's mate did to the chimney he says, "Well, we treat wasps by "dusting" them through the flue from inside your house (wouldn't that send wasps pouring into the house? Along with that poisonous dust?) This guy said for him to get on the roof (I swear this is the truth because Mom's jaw keeps dropping from the statement) he would have to have the Wild Life & Game officer there. (there goes Mom's jaw again) Have you ever heard of such a lame lie told to a person needing help? I don't buy that. Thank goodness it is very cold here. Not as bad as where our northern friends are but in the mid 20's & going down into the teens soon. That cold will keep the wasps groggy & slow. Much like that exterminator. Maybe that's why he needed to have someone hold the ladder for him & I guess because they also carry a shoot the wasp. It's a really TINY gun.

Mom's mate was not amused with this excuse, considering he's a retired AT&T guy who's climbed telephone poles during hurricanes. Hurricane Kate, in fact. Now, some toady is saying he can't kill the wasps from the topside of the chimney because he needs a Game Officer on the premises for him to go on the roof??? That sounds so lame & so not the truth!

The ridiculous window screen went back up on the fireplace. Just before securing that, Mom's mate went inside the fireplace with a huge, bright flashlight looking to see how they could be coming in one more time. He did find a hole, the size of a nail head, so he caulked that up muttering words Mom didn't want to know! She can't blame him though.

Mom's still nursing the huge welt on the back of her neck. It's starting to itch so sometimes she puts ice on it. She HATES using ice but it is working.

Now Mom has to work on getting the info for taxes in order. That means the most work is organizing & tallying her medical expenses. She hates doing it but it does help in the long run. She's the "file clerk" of the house so keeps it organized all year long. That way, less time putting it all in order. Can't wait for her to be done with that!

Please do keep yourself & your good parronts warm & safe inside, Miss Chyna! It is scary cold up north. It's scary cold down here, too! They had to have some schooling, during the weather tonight, for frost-bite & how fast it can happen for these southerners who've moved further north. (like Mom...lots of native Floridians are leaving & coming to NC/SC) These are people who haven't had to live in snow & icy conditions for a week or more. Mom hasn't either but she just stays inside anyway when it's like that out there. Sounds like tomorrow is going to be a hot cocoa kind of

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says Happy Valentine's Day!.

02/10/2016 09:50.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
Yeah you are going to get a warm up and just in time for your company. We are going to start to warm up too starting early next week. Thank goodness because its down right col here again.
My dad has always wanted to golf but still hasn't gone. He was supposed to go with mom's dad this past summer but they never made it. Mom use to golf but hasn't gone in years .
Happy humpday have a good night.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Laka(259145) For BOTM.

02/10/2016 08:55.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
Poor Liv, she still has pink eye & she also has a stomach virus! It hasn't been a good week for her! Mom hasn't been on BC the past 2 days because we were taking care of Livi and she spent the night last night. I love the grandkiddos sooooo much, but they don't like me chasing them around, but they do like giving me kisses!

We are in for some really cold weather. Between now and Sunday the high temps will be in the teens and low 20's and the low temps will be in the single digits! On Saturday the temp will be around 11°/-2° and very windy & with the wind chill it could feel like -20°! That's way too cold!

I hope your day was a good one!
Love & a vote
From your friend
TiaMaria "Bub"

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

02/10/2016 08:09.10 PM Report This Comment  
  d it was after nine pm before she got us to our notes.She's so tired and is hoping she can get a few hours sleep maybe tonight.
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Loving you always and forever,sweet pretty Chyna Girl!Love Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/10/2016 07:37.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
This morning had a bright sunny start to it but soon faded into a dark snowy/drizzly type of day and it got colder as the day wore on.The highs for the day were 34 the lows of 25 and its 30 right now at 9:00pm.Mom got us up and cleaned our cages,fed us our bean mix and swept our room.Dad never came home last night because by the time they were finished with snow removal it was time for him to begin his regular hours.So he stayed at work.He called Mom around 4:30am so she would have a fresh thermos of coffee ready for him and some coffee creamer when he came by in a half hour or so.Mom got it ready and he grabbed it and took off again back to work.Mom then left us both home here while she took off to Nana's to pay their Comcast bill and to run some errands.When Mom got to Nana's house she tried to fix her heat box and cleaned out the filter and then unplugged it until they got back from their errands.Mom and Nana got in Mom's car and they went to Falmouth to pay Comcast first and from there they went to The Dollar Tree where Nana got some things she needed,from there they went to Stop&Shop in Falmouth,then they went back to Mashpee where they went to Asia (Chinese)for lunch,Nana got shrimp and mixed veggies and Mom got hunan shrimp with veggies and they both got brown rice to go with it.From there they went back to Nana's house and Mom finished fixing the heat box and got it going again and checked out the heat box that Nana had in the Bird Room,she got that going and then unpacked Nana's groceries and helped put them away.Nana made them some tea and they had some cookies that Nana made and then Mom left to go home as it was after 4:00pm and skin sis was coming over with Peepers and Celine so Mom could keep them here with us until after her surgery was over.She's having her other hip operated on for hip display sure and has to be outside the Boston area at 5:30am tomorrow morning and its a 2 and a half hour drive from here and could be longer because of all the snow.Mom came home and unpacked the car,put all the groceries away,cleaned our cages and fed us our snacks as our dad came home and made himself some popcorn and went right up to bed.After being home for several hours he came down looking for dinner and Mom made him a cheese omelet with pan fried cinnamon and sugar toast.Then in the middle of it all skin sis came over with Peepers and Celine and Mom had brought the deck cage into our room to warm up so they could stay in there and then Mom found some feed dishes and a water bottle for them and got that all set up with the pellets that skin sis brought with her for them.Mom is hoping that dad won't have to go to work until his normal hours tomorrow morning.Mom is hoping to get some sleep and time to relax.It was snowing when Mom was driving home tonight and we don't want to see anymore of that.Please forgive us for being so quick with a c/p as by the time skin sis left all teary eyed and upset and Mom got dinner and the dishes done for my da

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/10/2016 07:36.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
Hopefully once it warms up there it will stay that way then.
Mom had an appointment this morning to get her feathers trimmed. I sure hope this keeps her home and not flying around like she has been doing lately. Its suppose to get really cold this weekend so guess that is why mom got the feathers trimmed today cause she usually goes on the weekends. “My heart smiles just thinking of you.“ Leaving a vote for you my friend~~Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus- & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/10/2016 07:19.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Chyna ♥
Angel Chi ♥ chi

Come visit me, Gus- & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/10/2016 07:18.42 PM Report This Comment  
  HI CHYNA!!!!
Yeah, getting Mom to stop worrying is quite a problem..But, she certainly is trying...She has some good days and then there is the bad days...
I don't know Chyna about you trying surfing..Especially if it is bit windy...I think you best leave it for the pros...
This time of the year in Florida it seems to have a bit of the cooler temps in the morning and by afternoon the temps are comfortable...Anyway where Mom use to visit this time of the year it was that way...Sure beats the temps we have here...Hope you are having a great Hump Day Wednesday...Pecked A V4U...Many birdie wing hugs to you my dear friend..Love you, Princess :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

02/10/2016 06:20.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna--
The Moms are very sorry they didn't get to come see you. They shoulda listened to Auntie and gone to Fla while Auntie and Hubby visited here! It woulda made Mom T easier to live with!!!

Sorry I and my fiblings have been so long absent from the BC...The Old Guy spent a week in the hospital, and then Mom had to deal with Auntie and Hubby in Law visiting for more than a week...She is just now beginning to get her act didn't help that Rosie just about got her toe chewed off by the lovebirds (again)...and that she is busily trying to chew the keys off the computer while Mom types. Rosie is just back from the vet now, and the vet said she is going to lose a toe, but they are not going to cut it off unless there are complications.

The rest of the flock is fine....Sherman and Peabody are pretty much encased in vinyl right now since Rosie won't stay away from them. The finches are pretty much ok except that Phoenix is developing a crossed bill...we kinda think that is from an injury he had before he was rescued, but it's looking like he may be the next one to visit the vet....good thing the Moms found a good one. Anyway, as long as Phoenix keeps eating, things are good, but ....

Please excuse the cut and paste....Mom will be back as soon as she can....and Rosie has a stint in the Kissing Booth coming up, so that should help!

Hugs and Kisses to all,


Come visit me, Rosie: Peekaboo!, The Society of Finches, Sherman and Peabody & Tooth: Flew Home 8/11/2014.

02/10/2016 01:54.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
Well, after much scheming on the part of Mom and Dad, I got another sunbath today. The temp is 85, so we got out there at 11:30 (Mom was aiming for 11:15). I had parked myself on the top of the bookcase in my room so Mom got Dad to open the door, but that just got me to Mom's shoulder which won't work. So he came into the room a bit, and I headed for her lap...and got scooped up and into the carrier. It was very nice outside, so I really can't complain.

We shared the last of the gumbo for lunch, and Mom made Dad sniff it (he has super sniffer nose) to make sure it was still good. He said OK, but Mom figures one more day and it was history. We were both tired of it.

This is Wednesday, so Mom will be at the gym from 4-6, much to my disgust. Why can't she stay home like she ought to? **sigh**

Don't forget to vote in the Valentines pic contest on the milonga page #165848. You can get there by the cupid and heart avatar (thanks Aunt Arlene) in my aviary or on the Calendar page.


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02/10/2016 01:17.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Chyna!
Ah, your Mom keeps good records! And gosh, we totally forgot about the first two years! Now that I see the names, of course I remember!! I blame this on Mom completely!

High surf--sounds like that is gonna be a lot of places, and making the surfers happy! Big surfing competition on Oahu, too. Mom figures if she could surf, she would end up falling off like the guy in the video, and dropping 40 feet. Probably right into a sharks mouth!

It is 15 here, with a feels like 5. The sun is out so it is deceptive. Mom decided to stay in today--as the sales start tomorrow and will be going to that M store, and might hit Kohl's to see if they have a nice set of towels and bath rug that will work together. The 30% off coupon is nice too. Darn things are sooo expensive! So it is a nice quiet day here, and I am gonna get a nap in on nice warm Mom.

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote LAKA AOLANI #259145 BOTM in February.

02/10/2016 12:13.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Chyna
When my mommy was really little my daddy joined the US.Navy...They moved to Torrance California right next to Redondo Beach where her and the skins were raised.
They went to the beach everyday and loved it.It was so nice and cool with lots to do.
Now she lives in the hot,miserable central desert...

What I'm getting at is temps here in SO-CAL has changed drastically.My skin auntie lives right on Redondo beach and the temps have been horribly hot.

On the beach? Get real! But this is whats happening.This is the reason why Kevin is buying my mommy a house in the mountains.

Lets all pray that this is not the beginning of a global warming.

I'm really worried...

You can blame this one on mommy!!!! Yesterday she was supposed to color her feathers and she got caught up doing something else...

Cleaning the house...

So today as I chat with you my mommy has a new color in her feathers.It smells! Now she's playing catch up.

On my blogs? The nerve of her!!!

The weather is hot and mother Nature sure can be rude at times.
Do you agree with me???

Sorry I got to make this short,like I said blame mommy on this one.

Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi says thank you for BOTM my BC family!, Snowflake says... vote for jedi botm, Tweety and buddies say Happy Valentines.V4 me 5K & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/10/2016 11:25.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
Well, of course they're legal in Ohio! Why not? Mom is hoping this little guy will be back on his feet, and they will be able to find a placement for him somewhere where he will be cared for properly. We didn't know they'd eat plants, but the rest is predictable, since they are desert foxes.
Maxine and I have been giving mom fits with our shredding lately. I like phone books, and Maxine loves cardboard. I finished a phone book yesterday. Mom won't give me a whole one, unless it's the skinny local one, because I can't wait to get in there and shred. She just gibes me 25 - 30 pages at a time. Maxine is shredding boxes, paper towel rolls, and anything else mom puts in there. Needless to say, it makes cage cleaning more of a challenge.
Yesterday we did sheets and towels, and not much else. We've been getting what the weather guy called snow globe snow. That means squalls followed by some calm, then more squalls. Mom got the driveway and walkway cleared this morning before walking the dogs, and we're hoping they stay clean. The snow is supposed to clear up today sometime.
Well, there's not much else new, so I'm just going to wish you a very good day, full of attention, cuddles, and scritches. Try not to get into too much trouble. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Vote Laka for BOTM, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

02/10/2016 08:27.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Chyna!
Yeah...nothing better than birdie art....all shapes and forms! Heehee!
Glad you probably will have nice weather for your company next week!
High wind surf warning? Best to sit that one out sweetie. What color birdsuit are you going to get? Pink?
Have a great day!

Come visit me, Raffikki , Pumbaa & Max Say Happy Valentie's Day!.

02/10/2016 06:26.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi again Ms Chyna-from Jenny & Ziggy ya think George would drink the hot chocolate, LOL! Things are starting to look a little bit better at our home, the furnace is temporarily repaired, and the TV digital converter box is working again! My goodness, here it is hump day again, and dad's nurse is coming today to recheck a few things about him and reinstate his VA Home Health Care approval! It is bitter cold here with temps of well below zero, and it will be that way all week, come on Spring time! We all feel sorry for the outside birdies, they are still looking around for food, so we feed them, they need to maintain their body heat! Have a great Wednesday, and give our love to all in your warm and happy home, see ya all tomorrow...

Hump day love from Jenny, Christy, Ms LaLo, Ziggy, & daddy Dallas

Come visit me, Mr Ziggy~We all want Jenny to be the rider again., Jenny Lynn~Alfie is my only Valentine-forrever. .., Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Romey, daddy, and me-in a better time-real love!, Ms LaLo Lee~Because I love you all so much... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

02/10/2016 06:16.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Chyna
Mom hasn't been to SF during the new year's in ages so not sure but suspect they still do fireworks. Even though illegal in many areas a few places still sell 'em and supposed to use 'em in cities where purchased but know how that goes.

Still overly warm here. Colder at night. During summer when hot day time it remains mostly warm at night so not much relief.

Always see surfers year 'round if go to the beach. Guess some just can't get away from it no matter what the weather.

Have a great day, wing hugs, beak kisses and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

02/10/2016 05:51.11 AM Report This Comment  
  BC troubles this morning miss Chyna
Happy Humpday ! Another day of snow - just enough snow to be a pain (1-3 inches) So mom will have to clean off the car to go to work, clean it off again to come home . . . meanwhile, I'll sit and squawk at the wild birds who come to my back deck ! A couple will sit right by the back door and peer in at me ! Some of the smaller guys will sit and wait patiently on the railing while the feeders are being filled !

That's all the news from my corner of the world ! But you know what they say . . . no news is good news ! Hope it's all good news at your house too :) love Cookie

Come visit me, Cookie says VOTE for LAKA page # 259145, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

02/10/2016 02:14.06 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi chyna
Off to a crispy 49 degrees. Heck of a way to start the day, but it will warm up by late this afternoon. I'm staring to pick up words from Jetta, and learning to say his favorite word, "NO". That's a good start. R T

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

02/10/2016 01:29.50 AM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

02/09/2016 10:13.18 PM Report This Comment  
  HI CHYNA!!!!
Thanks for stopping by with congrats for me being made BOTD..It was a surprise...Mom said she is trying to stop worrying about it so much and let the doctors change the meds until they get it to work the way they want it to...Hope you are having a great Tuesday..With many birdie wing hugs to you my dear friend....Love you, Princess :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

02/09/2016 09:57.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi sweetie, ♥
sorry that your winter there is not as nice as it should be and hope that it does get nicer for your aunt and uncle when they visit.

Love Scoober XOXOXO


02/09/2016 09:55.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Chyna!
Mom doesn't remember 2012 or 2013 Derby--wow. Sure would have thought she would. Did not realize we were in it then, either. Thought we signed up first in 2014. Will have to check it out--if we get the aviary back and the avatars back. They are missing right now. They are trying to display, but...sigh.

We had some snow last night, and Grandpa said that Brian, his next door neighbor, used his snow blower to clean off his drive and walk. So he went for a paper, and then to get some nuts and bolts for a snowshovel that should be retired, but Grandpa loves it as it is very lightweight. He also picked up two more 25 lb. bags of ice melt (the cheaper stuff but since it is getting to the end of winter, should be fine). So Mom stayed home with me. Now we get the cold--it is 15 now, but the wind chill is 2. Glad I have my heater for tonight!

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote LAKA AOLANI #259145 BOTM in February.

02/09/2016 08:57.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
I really hope your weather will get better every day too especially when your aunt and uncle come for a visit. No fun for people to go down to Florida to escape the winter weather and not have it nice and warm.
We started our cold snap today really hope this one wont last long.
Glad you got some pizza the other night I just love that stuff. Have a good night.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Laka(259145) For BOTM.

02/09/2016 08:15.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
I didnt sign up to be a jockey this year because mom and dad will be busy that week and getting company or maybe gone that week..not sure which but know I couldnt be there for sure so didnt sign up. Maybe next year and this will give someone else a chance since I have done it before.
The grands both went back to school today so hope no more relapses!
We got some snow during the night but the drive way and sidewalk stayed clear. Mom went for groceries and by the time she came home it was snowing pretty good and getting a bit icy so mom was got home ok. I sure was happy when she came back home though dad was home. I hung on to mom and helped her put the groceries away too. I know she couldn’t do that with out me helping her. I wanted to see all the goodies too. Its lots of fun to go in the bathroom with mom while she takes her bath. She keeps a spare roll of toilet paper on top of the cabinet above the toilet. I get up there and toss it off and it goes flying. Mom usually doesn’t put it back again while I am in there with her so I get the one chance to make it fly and boy do I LOL. “My heart smiles just thinking of you.“ Leaving a vote for you my friend~~Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus- & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/09/2016 07:39.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Chyna ♥
Angel Chi ♥ chi

Come visit me, Gus- & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/09/2016 07:35.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna!
We shouod be safe in our new room with the windows and protectors! We will jot need to get wheeled outside anymore becos of all the windows and it will be like being outside for us! They are putting hammock hooks in so my parronts can hang their hammocks there and hang out with us. Dad is supposed to build mom a little cart for collecting our bowls every evening so she doesn't have to run back and forth cage to kitchen! She is eggscited about the cart!
It was 59 last nite and only 70 today and cold and grey! We are still stuck indoors! Picabo wants to buy a flannel flight suit with feet for sleepytime he is too strange! I told him they don't make them like that but he is stubborn.
Dad golfed in the cold today and i think he is going again tomorrow. Too cold and windy for golf, he is weird! The gas ran out for hot showers so mom was not impressed to take a cold shower this morning! Dad will have to fill the tank tomorrow after golf so that means another cold shower in the morning! Eek! Mom and i watched tv and wnuggled this morning and it was so nice!
Hooe your rain stops and it warms up. My gma in Orlando said she had to cover her plants bedos it is so cold there.
Sweet dreams! Love, Squeaks

Come visit me, Bud & Modelo- Wintertime, Squeaky- Vote for Laka BOTM at 259145, Kiwi & Button & Ivy, Scion (RIP)- Love Forever, Limon & Lima-Winter Wonderland, Angel Alfie (RIP), Domingo-Loving Golf! & Picabo- My Hearts on Fire for Kookie Bird!.

02/09/2016 07:10.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Chyna!
Bunnies are s cute! We see them every once in awhile in our yard!
Hope you have great weather for youe company next week!
We are having friends over for dinner tomorrow night. The house is spotless. I think I am going to have to fix that! Heehee!

Come visit me, Raffikki , Pumbaa & Max Say Happy Valentie's Day!.

02/09/2016 03:51.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
Maybe your mom should go watch that zumba class and see if she likes this teacher better. There are four teachers at Mom's gym, but she only likes three of them.

I did make it outside for a sunbath today, but I really made Mom work for it. She spent an hour getting me into my carrier. She tried the piece of cookie on the perch in the carrier, and Dad brought me a little piece of a tater chip to eat in Mom's lap, but she let me finish it and I was gone the instant the last crumb was in my beak and she missed grabbing me. My final undoing was when I was pecking at the door to my room to get Dad to play with me, and when he opened the door I flew over to Mom's lap as usual to protect her from the "Bad Man". She had the nerve to grab me and pop me into the carrier. I do have to admit it was a beautiful 85 degrees out there, and I did enjoy it. I just have to make if difficult 'cause that's how I roll!

Well, Mom went over and picked up her script this afternoon, and $10 sure beats the heck out of $92!! Plus yesterday she did buy a supplement and got a coupon for $2.50 off something she buys there, and it was on sale. She really scored!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite pics at the milonga page. Just over one more week to get your daily votes in.


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote 4 Laka #259145 for BOTM!!.

02/09/2016 02:51.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna,
Well this morning was cold by my standards and in the high 50's to 60's and mom had all the windows closed. Gee, I think Mother Nature has run a muck or something!

Here is our Hawaiian lesson for today, I will look for a spooky story tomorrow.

Today is Tuesday the ninth of February.
Tuesday = Po ‘alua (po aloo ah)
February = Pepeluali (pep ay loo ali)
Ninth = ‘eiwa (ay va)
Yes = ‘ae (eye)
No = ‘a ‘ole (ah-oh-lay)
Smart = akamai (ah-ka-my)
House = hale (ha-lay)
To repeat = hana hou (ha-na- ho)
To go = hele (hey lay)
To come = hele mai (hey-lay my)
To go cruising = holoholo (ho-low-ho-low)
The sea = Kai (ky) the ocean Makai (ma-kai)
Prohibited, taboo, forbidden = Kapu (ka-pooh) to keep out
Child, offspring Keiki (kay-kee)
Teacher Kumu (koo-moo) Hula Teacher Kumu Hula (koo-moo hoo la)
Sky, the heavens, heavenly Lani (la-nee)

Thank you all for your continued votes and support.

Sending you all big ole Hawaiian hugs!


Laka Aolani, candidate for BOTM

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/09/2016 02:46.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Chyna~
I hope you are having a wonderful day. We are finishing up laundry and getting mom ready to go back to work tonight.
McKenzie is feeling happy today. I can tell because she keeps getting into trouble!hehehehehehe
Mom went to Costco yesterday. The problem with that is trying to find places to put the stuff. We have a case of applesauce sitting on the computer desk and cereal on the breakfast bar. The paper towels are on the dryer and there is a case of Starbucks White Chocolate Frap on the file cabinet. Those are for Jennifer. The freezer and pantry are full also. I know it sounds like a lot but mom only goes there every 2 or 3 months. Depends on how long that case of toilet paper lasts! There is a really big bag of broccoli in the fridge. Mom just won't give up! She knows I'm not going to eat it but since she is going to make me some chop I have a feeling she will sneak it in there. I'll just eat around it!hahahahaha
It's almost like Spring here today! I fell so bad for all those out east who are having to put up with snow. Wish you could all be here with me!
Enjoy the day! Leaving a vote and a big ole hug too!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar & The Calendar Page.

02/09/2016 02:22.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna,

How are you, Girlfriend? It's Oz. Yes, we're getting snow from last night but really not much so far but it's suppose to continue into tomorrow bringing most through the night. Mom can take the snow because she has an SUV but NOT the ice! Hopefully, it won't be tomorrow as she's watching Hope. Mom did our cages today and vacuumed the Living & Dining Rooms and Steps. She's still hurting but she said she's not ready to lay down & die, yet LOL! Now what a thing to say, Mother! Aunt Shirl made a Perdue Oven Stuffer & stuffed it with home made Stuffing (she always has extra in a pan). What a yummy dinner! I'm really the only one who eats people food! I love my veggies but not my fruits. Okay, take care and have a great day. Hope your Mom & Dad are well. Here's a vote for you, Cutie. Bye for now.

Love & Winghugs,
Oz (Your Pink Friend)


02/09/2016 02:04.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Girl!Loving you always and forever,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/09/2016 01:33.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chyna
I can't wait to see if I make it in the Derby lottery or not!I had such a wonderful time when I got to be a jockey the time I did!
I'll bet your Aunt and Uncle will really have a greyt time swimming in your pool and enjoying the warm sunny weather of the sunshine state!
This morning started out as a bright sunny morning but then quickly faded into an overcast dark sunless morning.The highs for the day will be 33 the lows of 26 and its 30 right now.Mom was so tired from all day yesterday and last night.Dad kept calling her to find out if the driveway had been plowed out so he could come home and as of midnight it wasn't done so dad had to call the plow guy from work and find out what was going on.Around 2:30am the plow guy came and plowed out the driveway so my dad could come home.My dad was coming home when the snow started up again so he had to stay several more hours.Finally at 3:30am the roads had been finally cleared from the last of the snowfall and my dad came home.He wanted dinner so Mom heated up some leftover pancakes she had made and he had that for dinner.Then he went to bed while Mom cleaned out his lunch cooler box and thermos and got the coffee ready for today and more sandwiches packed etc.Then she joined dad in bed after putting us back in our cages(we were snuggling with her the whole night).Mom and Dad had only three hours or less to sleep and then had to get up at 5:45am to get dad off to work again.He's exhausted and has to come home tonight and shovel off the deck and walkway and mailbox.Mom is happy that she's not having to go out there and do it.We are in for MORE snow on Wednesday 1-3 inches so they say and then we're in the deep freeze again with our highs of 15 and the lows of 1 degree.MORE snow is coming for Saturday.My dad just called Mom and told her he has to be back in work tonight for 10:00pm for snow removal so that leaves very little time for him to catch up on sleep.We got close to 10 inches of snow here.There are big mountains of snow that are so high in Hyannis and around town that one can't see around to drive out from a side street or around a corner.So my dad and his crew has to get rid of those before anymore snow falls so people can see around them.Lots of loaders and trucks taking that all to the beach parking lots to melt there in the spring.Mom wanted to wash the floors as they badly need it but that will have to wait until this weather is better and no one will be coming in tracking the wet snow all over the place.Mom vacuumed the main house and tv room and our bird room and she's going to work on more clutter to go to the dump and recycling.Dad just called Mom and he's taking 3hours personnel day to come home and clean off the deck,walkway etc so that he can get a few more hours in of sleep before he has to go out again tonight.Spring O Spring where art thou right now?
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses for pretty Chyna

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/09/2016 01:32.26 PM Report This Comment  
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