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Blue-Crowned Conure from Napanee, ON
Little Angel

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all my love Little Angel Hi I'm unique. I was born in Ontario, Canada. I was the usual feathered baby everyone would except me to be. As I grew up I moved into my first home. It was ok, but no one was home most of the day. It got very boring in my cage with few toys to play with.
One day I pulled out one feather. It hurt a lot but as much as it hurt, it also felt good, for a moment at least. So, over the next days, weeks and month I removed, or chewed all my once perfect feathers. My owner said I was bad and hid me in the bathroom when people visited them. They said they didn't like how I looked; I was ugly with no feathers except on my head and a few secondary flights.
I got so upset. Nothing changed in their work schedules, but now I was pushed away like garbage or something awful. I pulled more to get that few seconds of pleasure, that follows the pain of pulling feathers out.
I did this of 3 years or so. I just couldn't stop I was so unhappy. The decision was made to have me " put-to-sleep." That was what they were going to do. They were going to " get rid of the ugly bird they once loved."
At the VET a lady Parrot rescuer saw me and when she was told why I was there she took me immediately.
I lived with her for a few years. No feathers ever grew on most of my little body. When 1 did I pulled or chewed it off. After time went on, they stopped growing at all.
I was adopted without hesitation by my new Momma Deb and came to live in my forever home. It's great here and no one cares that I have pulled my feathers. They just love me and tell me " I am Unique and perfect in every way."
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Hi! My name is Little Angel

I am a Blue-Crowned Conure from Napanee, ON.

Squawkie, Momma's Monkey,

17 years old   F

Blue-Crowned Conure

Peanuts and Nutri-berries, pizza, mango and peanut butter on toast

Rally's cage & Momma's shoulder

Being held, petted or kissed by her people

Momma loves me even without any feathers. She tells me how beautiful I am every day.

pulling all her feathers out, Skinny dipping in SKY'S water bowl (hehehe) don't tell him.

Love looks beyond the exterior

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  Dixie & Little Angel
can't believe all the action that's going on in the restaurant,watching all the platters of food and waiters going here and there to each of the tables surrounding them.Dixie giggles as he watches his sweet Little Love grab a wingfull of pine nuts and quickly opens them and gets them in her beak!Dixie leans back in his chair and inhales all the different aroma's passing by his nares and when a tray of fresh fruits comes close enough to their table Dixie reaches out his wing and grabs a wingful of blueberries and strawberries!As he's popping them in his beak he gets the back end of the tray where the pineapples are and he quickly grabs a few of those also!Little Angel bursts out laughing so hard when she watches Dixie trying hard not to get any blueberry or pineapple juices all over his feathers.Little Angel grabs a napkin and gently wipes his beak off!Dixie smiles lovingly at her so mesmerized by her beauty with her pretty pink sun dress on,her eyes glowing with love and sheer happiness and soon they both are swaying and dancing in their seats to the Latin music that's playing!Just looking all around him,at the beautiful gardens with all the fragrant flowers and blossoms encircling them,this just couldn't be a more magical and romantic trip ever!It feels so surreal to him,how incredibly happy he is to be here with his Little Angel,to be sitting here at this magnificent huge oak table,which he runs a wing tip over the smooth shining surface,so gleaming he could see his and his wife birds reflections in it.Dixie reaches out his wing and grasps Little Angels wing and holds it warmly in his,leaning over and kissing her again and then again to tell her just how happy he is to be here with her with no one or nothing to keep them separated again.He beaks in her eyes"I love you,forever and a day,my beautiful princess".

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

05/02/2016 05:12.51 PM Report This Comment  
gazes in wonder at the lights of the city bouncing off the waves as they sparkle on the ocean!Both Dixie and Little Angel just can't get over the spectacular view from the ocean side of the restaurant!It's so much like one of those picture perfect post cards you see in the tourist stores that you send home to family!Dixie looks up at Little Angel a warm smile breaking out over his beak,feeling like he's in the most wonderful dream and doesn't want to be awakened,just being here nuzzling up close to his sweet wife bird and wrapping a wing around her and pulling her in ever so close to himself holding her tightly as if he never wants to let her go not even just for a moment.He kisses her gently on her beak and they both look up into the deepest darkest night sky with only the lights of the city so far away on the other side of the ocean to light up the harbor,giving them the illusion of it all being so up close and near,yet its all so much farther away from them than what they would expect!Both Dixie and Little Angel can only imagine just what the restaurant will have for them to dine on.They are feeling so much like royalty right now being guided by Armando and his flock!All the sights and places they've been to have been nothing but incredible,something they both will cherish always and remember for years to come!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
are so relieved when Armando comes back with the special cart for Dixie.Dixie sighs a sigh of relief knowing now that he'll be able to take in more sights with Little Angel now that he doesn't have to be on is feet and the pressure is taken off so he can enjoy everything more clearly without having to concentrate on the pain.They loved the Old Church with the hand painted walls and ceilings,and they stood in awe just admiring the intricate drawings and just taking in the historical views of it all!They are getting to see so many new and exciting things but they are so tired from lack of sleep from partying all night long just to have a few hours of quiet sleep and to wind down a little.Dixie smiles up at his Little Angel as she wheels him through the streets of Brazil,happy to be there with him alone at last!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
are being hugged and kissed and their wings pumped with greetings from all of Armando's flock and family!Every birdie is asking them one question after another and they don't even have enough time to answer one birdies question when another pushes their way into the inner circle where Little Angel and Dixie are!Soon they can hear the popping of sparkling grape bottles being opened and the scent of some very aromatic food smells and both Little Angel and Dixie begin to feel just how hungry they have been!The elegant coffee table in the room has quickly been turned into a dining table and the dining table that is on the other side of their room is turned into a buffet and pretty soon its filled with every kind of food and delicacy of what Brazil is all about!There are myriads of fruits,nuts,pastries,cakes,veggies and various platters of delectable meals and talon food!There are rolls and breads and dishes of all kinds that Little Angel and Dixie have never experienced before!With all the happy chatter and every birdie wanting to show them which one food to try first,neither Dixie nor Little Angel knew which way to turn!Soon they can hear music playing somewhere within the crowded room and they were in for a night of feasting on Brazilian Fare and dancing the night away with friends they haven't seen in so long!What a wonderful royal like welcoming party they were both in the middle of!What a happy celebration!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
feel like they are royalty and were so thrilled to see that it was Joel who picked them up in the taxi to take them to the hotel.Both Dixie and Little Angel are so amazed by the sounds and sights of everything that they are experiencing at the moment!It sounds like a party has been planned just for their arrival.Dixie leans on Little Angel and wraps his wing tightly around her for support as his eyes and hers gaze in wonder all around the hotel lobby and main area.The floral arrangements,along with the palms and tropical feel,the music and the party atmosphere really make them feel like they are truly in a wild dream that they don't ever want to wake up from!Dixie watches the dancing,all the people coming and going and both Little Angel and he can't help but have such happy satisfied smiles spread all over their beaks!They both just can't believe that they have actually made it here and they are both wondering just where Armando is and his flock and why they never came to the airport to greet them?Tired and happy,excited and wanting to explore everything all at once,they head off to their room to wash up and take a warm shower to relax and unwind.Wing in wing,they follow the bell hop up into the elevator to their room with a view of the city!Both Little Angel and Dixie are wondering just how high up they will be and what floor they will be on?Everything is just so new and wondrous to them and for them.Happiness and joy envelope them as they get inside the elevator ready to see their room......

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
snuggled together in their seats their excitement so hard to keep in check with actually knowing that they're on the plane in the here and now.Watching Rio 2 is kind of a soothing movie to them,keeping them both calm while they are in the air,still a big adventure for such little birds to be going it all alone.Every now and again one or the other will look out the window and watch the clouds float by them like something from a deep sleep in a dream.Dixie is wondering if Armando will meet them at the airport or what their hotel room will look like and what floor will they be on and what's the food going to be like in Brazil and Oh there's so many many questions!Little Angel looks at all the questions written all over his face and she grabs his wing and gives it a little comforting squeeze!Dixie leans closer to her and kisses Little Angel on her beak tenderly and scrunches down lower in their seat to continue watching the movie and to be lost in their reveries of what the morrow will bring for them on this adventure of a lifetime,of their time alone that they've both been waiting so long since forever!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Momma Rose
tells Little Angel just how much she loves Little Angel for her sweet and serious caring for Dixie!She tells Little Angel that Dixie loves her more than words can say and he's always thinking of her and telling Aunt Rose just how careful and thoughtful Little Angel is.She's always there trying to make things easier for him to get around and always ready to make him a good meal something with everything that he just loves!Momma Rose tells Little Angel that she's so happy to have Little Angel back again.At least she can get Dixie to eat and put some grams back on that he lost.Momma Rose tells Little Angel that she's back to giving Dixie antibiotics to help with the swelling in his eye so hopefully by the time they leave for their trip,Dixie will be just fine.Momma Rose giggles and looks at Little Angel and tells her the minute he saw you were back you should've seen the light just shine in his eyes all over again!You are doing such a wonderful job of taking good care of Dixie,sweetie,when he's with you he's at his happiest!It's as if the pain he's experiencing is just barely there.You just light up his life and make him forget about his pain!And I just can't thank you enough for that!You really make Dixie's day so much more delightful than I could've ever expected.He just wants to be with you always and forever,it's your love that is pulling him through all his hardest darkest most painful days!And he can't wait to go on the trip to Brazil with you and visit Armando and his flock and family there!
As they walk into the room,Little Angel perched happily on Momma Rose's arm looking fetching Dixie stretches his wings carefully one at a time puts his head back and the smile on his beak so wide,knowing that its going to be another delightful day spending time with his Little Love!His eyes light up as he sees the tray full of all the good things that his sweet Little Love gathered together for him!As Momma Rose sets the tray down on the nearby table,Little Angel carefully gets down from Momma Rose's arm and goes over to help Dixie up and gets him seated and before Little Angel can say another word,Dixie leans over to her and kisses her softly on her beakie and wraps his wings around her and holds her tightly holding her close to him!They then bow their heads over the full tray of food and say a prayer of thanks and at the end of the prayer Dixie adds his own prayer of thanks,that he's thankful that his Little Angel is finally back with him,and holding her wing in his they both chow down the wonderful meal that Little Angel has prepared for him,both birds having eyes for nothing else but for each other as they take bites of the tasty meal!It sure is going to be an incredible day today!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
enjoying the warmth of the late morning sunshine and feeling invigorated with the still cool April air and temperatures and just the sheer thought of being together after such a long separation is so exhilarating to the both of them.They snuggle so close together leaning on one another so close they can feel each others heartbeats.They observe everything that's going on around them as if its their first day.Every thing looks so pristine and new.The yellows of the daffodils in the garden along with the purples and lavenders of the hyacinths,the pinks and whites,set against the greens of the trees and the grasses all make them have a warm smile on their beaks.Dixie is so excited just being with his Little Love he leans over to kiss her gently on her beak several times.Dixie can't help smiling just thinking of Little Angel's exuberance of wanting to pack all her sparkle and glue bottles and not forget any of them.Dixie looks lovingly into Little Angel's bright sparkling vivid with life eyes and can just feel her warmth and love pouring out all for him and him alone.She simply amazes him,with her sweet caring and gentle touch where he's concerned.Being with her makes him feel whole again,nearly pain free,she is the sunlight that warms his soul and her laughter is like music to his ears!One more day,just one more day and we're off together,my sweet Little Angel!He lays his head back on her shoulder and squeezes her wing tip in joy and happiness as the sun moves lower in the sky over their heads....

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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waking to another morning and slowly opening his eyes making sure his loving precious Little wife-bird is still there,making sure that she's not just another one of those long dreams he's so used to having,opens both eyes with pure glee as yes it is his Little Love calling to him loudly from her perch atop the window seat!
Dixie looks at the over stuffed suitcase that Little Angel packed and he just knows that she must have some of her glittery colors and sparkles in there somewhere among all the other tightly packed things she put in there!Dixie is so grateful for the love and caring and thoughtfulness that Little Angel is doting on him and he feels so bad that it should be the other way around at times.What would he ever do without her by his side?She always knows just what to bring him in the mornings to wake him up to the sunshine with her sunny disposition she is all that he'll ever need or want!He doesn't have to say a word,she knows the pain he's in at times and is always there to give him a wing up on getting around and to hold him close when the pain gets unbearable.He can see the excitement in her eyes and her demeanor as she flits all around making all their plans for this wonderful trip to see Armando and Brazil!She is so into it and her overflowing joy of going is getting to him and he too is soon all caught up in her joy of being able to fly away to a far away place to be alone together just the two of them visiting friends and enjoying the warmth of the beach sands and sunshine and hearing the ocean speaking in their ears!Turning to her and delighting in her wild happy antics of being here with her every day finally,he leans over and kisses her softly on her beakie,and then he kisses her again,then wrapping his wing around her precious little body he snuggles closer to her and pulls her in to him as close as he can!Whispering words of deep love into her ear he lays his head on her shoulder and they both close their eyes and let the warm morning sunshine lull them to take a short morning nap together!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
so happy to be together keep giggling and squawking together and Dixie is so eggcited to be going to see Armando again.That was a fun trip that we went on to the Amazon with Armando and getting to see what the other side looks like!
Dixie is enjoying all the fresh fruits that Little Angel prepared for him and the toast is so warming and tasty and the juice is so good and refreshing as he swirls it around in his beak before letting it wash down to his tummy and a satisfied smile forms on his face and he leans in closer to his Little Love so contented to be by her side.Dixie has no idea how to let Little Angel know just how much she means to him,how blessed he is to have her in his life and how very proud he is to be her hus-bird!Her thoughtfulness,caring and pure love and tenderness for him is more than he can imagine!He loves her with all his heart and soul,never in his wildest dreams believing that she could be all his always and forever.Tears of joy and warm contentedness fall from his eyes as he looks at her in the warm sunlight as she's so animated and chattering and squealing away in such sweet Conure-voices that makes his heart sing out with such happiness!Little Angel's eyes are just brimming with pure joy,shining brightly,sparkling like the sparkles she so loves to put on every thing and every birdie!Dixie moves in closer to her and wraps his wing around her and pulls her in ever so tighter to himself and lays his head on her shoulder,closes his eyes and smiles softly as he and his Little Love take a late morning nap in the warmth of the morning sun...........

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
the true love birds they are delight in one another's company,and its as if they are alone on a deserted island somewhere,just the two of them alone,surviving on the deep love they have for one another!Dixie looks lovingly at his precious Little Angel,the light of the morning sun dancing in her sparkling eyes,his soul warmed by the love that exudes from her heart,the beauty of her from deep within her stirs something deep within himself that forms a smile across his beak from ear to ear.As Dixie settles in much closer to his Little Love he is warmed and satisfied with feeling her heartbeat next to his.As he takes a beak full of Fruity Pebbles his smile widens as he gazes into her happy heart just sitting there on her face,she smiles right back at him and giggle a little more quietly as if they both share a secret joke together,that no one can ever figure out.Dixie suddenly leans over and gives her a surprise kiss on her sweet beak,and Little Angel wraps her wings around Dixie's neck and whispers in his ear just how much she loves him entirely!Dixie has tears of joy falling from his eyes,coming so fast and furious,the joy he feels knowing that his Little Angel is back here with him but still a fear that he'll wake up one day and she'll be gone again.Little Angel tries to assure him that she's back here to stay,that she isn't going anywhere not without him!Dixie is so looking forward to their adventurous vacation in just a few more days from now to Brazil of which he tells his Little Angel he just can't wait to be alone with her,he's been waiting so long for this time with her to be close and feel the love she has for him and to be able to give her the love he has for her!Momma Rose tip toes down the hall as she hears their happy chatter,giggling and laughter,filling the whole house with love and light!She is so happy that Dixie is now able to smile again,she too is so happy to have Little Angel back with them again!The house now sings a happy tune with the two birds sitting as one on the platform in the morning sunlight!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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his eyes so bright and all lit up like its Christmas again,just can't stop chattering,laughing and stretching out his wings to keep touching his Little Angel,his loving wife bird who he's so afraid will disappear on him again,he feels as if he's in a deep dream,mesmerizing,paralyzing him in a bright warm glow,keeping him from wanting to open his eyes,but he does and he still sees his precious wife bird right there by his side so he continually reaches out his wings to gently caress her sweet smiling face,to gaze into her bright laughing eyes full of life and spirit like he always remembered her by.His Mom comes around the corner to check on them to see if everything was all right and seeing the wonder on his face,she leaves them alone to enjoy one anothers company.Dixie tears filling to the brim of his eyes,and not able to contain them any longer,begin falling in torrents down his green cheeks and onto the table that they are sitting at.Oh Little Angel my precious sweet love,if only you knew how very happy I am to be here with you,I just have to keep pinching myself to make sure this isn't just another dream I'm having!Little Angel tells him just how happy she is to be here with him also,they spend the rest of the day wrapped around each others love,so excited to be joined together again after such a long long separation,never wishing to ever be parted again!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
snuggle so close together Dixie clutching the beautiful key with the red ruby hearts inset in his wing and can't stop looking at the two tickets for the trip to Brazil!Dixie is so over joyed at finally seeing his sweet precious wife bird after so many months have gone by.Dixie just can't understand how BC holds all these viruses in Momma Debs computer!He tells LA that BC has been giving everyone so many problems in the past several months.Lots of them including him haven't been able to log on,and if they do they get kicked off,have the constant cycling thing going on and like what happens to Dixie,their blogs get sent out but disappear from the pages they're sent to so its like you never blogged at all.Dixie tells his sweet little Love that he's missed her at every Milonga he's had to go to alone without her.Dixie can't help but keep kissing Little Angel over and over in sheer happiness that she's finally back here with him.Tears of joy fall from his eyes and he pulls her in closer to him and wants to be sure that he's feeling her real warmth and the joy of her preening him carefully.Oh my sweet Little Angel I've really missed you so much more than you could ever imagine!I have fallen asleep and dream of you every night holding you close to me just as you are here right now.Dixie thinks that the trip to Brazil would be the ultimate trip of all with just the two of them as close as close can be surrounded with only one another and time is theirs and theirs alone to be together for hours and hours,days and days!Dixie wraps his wing around his Little Angel and holds her tight as if she just might disappear in a blink of an eye!Closing his eyes slowly a big smile finally wrapped up on his beak he lays his head on Little Angel's shoulder feeling the joy and the warmth of her actually being here with him in the here and now!I love you my Little Angel forever and a day!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  ing in the comforting warm sunshine that fills their souls with love and joy for one another!Forever and a day Little Angel,Dixie whispers in her ear as she munches on a nutriberry......

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
are so happy to be together once more,the separation has been so hard on Dixie as he really and truly misses his sweet loving caring wife bird and holds her in his heart deep with love!He apologizes for not getting back to her as BC had kicked him off since yesterday and all day and most of tonight also.He was so eggcited to see she had been to see him and was so afraid she'd leave before he could get back on BC to be with her!Dixie is just so over joyed to be back in his precious wife birds wings again!He holds the card she made for him in that wondrous red glitter that is so Little Angel,the same Little Angel he's been missing for months on end!Dixie takes her by her wing and gently turns her around and around,inspecting every inch of her!Little Angel giggles and is questioning just what Dixie is searching for in her feathers!Dixie hugs her tight and tells her just how pretty she's gotten since he last set his eyes on her!Have you been growing new feathers?Little Angel smiles with delight that Dixie even noticed,yes she softly answers him!I have!Dixie hugs her close to him and kisses her on her sweet beak!He sits her down on their warm picnic blanket and tells her to wait right there as he hobbles over to his cage shelf and from underneath a pile of papers he pulls out a little box all done in pink ribbons with red,pink and purple hearts cascading all over the box and the pink ribbons have a sprinkling of purple and red glitter weaving through them.Here you go my sweet love!I got this for you and have it hidden away til I could see you again!Little Angel's eyes light up with delight!A present for me?Dixie smiles at her delight and she tells him its too pretty to open up but Dixie tells her to open it anyway!When Little Angel finally obliges and opens the little box she finds something really shiny and glittery shining in the bright sunlight pouring through the window.Dixie sits back wishing and hoping that she'll like it,he had it made up special just for her!Little Angel can't believe that Dixie got her this and she just can't wait to put it on!Dixie takes it from her and as she raises her foot Dixie carefully slips the perfectly round ring,encased in bright colorful glitter and gold onto her leg.Oh Dixie,its just so beautiful!On each side of the ring is their photo's engraved into the ring and a written engraving that reads,I Love you Forever and a Day!Little Angel brings her leg up to the bright sunshine and watches the rainbows bouncing off her ring and dancing across the walls and the ceiling!Oh Dixie,I love you always forever and a day and she nearly knocks him over just running into his outstretched wings to hug him once again.Dixie falls back onto the blanket laughing hysterically,so happy that she's so happy and so happy that they are both together again.They both settle down once more and resume enjoying their wonderful picnic that Little Angel made for them,and as one big bird together they look,that's just the way they remained sitt

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
Oh what wonderful news to hear that your feathers have come back where they are still able to grow and the feather folicles are still intact!I'm so proud of you for letting them come in and let them be!Dixie gives his precious wife bird a warm wing hug and holds her close to him.I do have a platform perch which is what I use right now and the only way I can perch on anything,I can no longer use my soft rope perches or the corner perch Mom got for me.I can't sit in any swings either.Oh my sweet Little Love,I just know how Sky is feeling about missing his Ms BB as I feel the same way about missing you and not being able to cuddle and have fun with the sparkles and glitter!You just don't know how much I look forward to having you close to me at the Milongas,they have really been so sad for me to attend them alone and without you.My Mom has had all she can do to keep up with our blogs each night and the rest of the house chores and now my Nana and skin sis and helping them out.Mom and I pray for your sweet Momma Deb that her knee won't be in so much pain and that she won't have to get the knee replacement until way much later!Please give her our love and a warm hug from me and my Mom too!Everyone keeps asking me if we're still together as no one has seen you with me on BC for so long and I keep telling everyone that we are most definitely together and love each other very very much.If you only knew how much it hurts to be apart from you,to not snuggle up close and enjoy the warm sunshine to play like we used to do and to laugh and just plain have fun and enjoy each others company,and I miss you the most when I have to stand by and watch at the Milonga's as all the couples dance and I stand alone on the sidelines!Being with you always made me smile and life was so good then.Dixie holds his Little Angel ever so close to him and wraps his little GCC wings around her tight and she can feel him shaking as he cries for fear of losing her again.Its so painful to be together and then go months on months of not ever being able to have any contact at all,she feels his hot tears falling over her shoulders and feels him digging deep for breath as his fear of letting her go again will be like the last time he'll see her for another year!With his beak in her ear he whispers in broken words just how much he loves her so and he tells her he'll always think of the times they had together,he hears their laughter ringing in the back roads and memories of his mind!I love you always,my precious Little Angel,FOREVER AND A DAY!Your doting and loving hus-bird Dixie

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  y,there are other divisions of pics too to vote for.My skin sis is undergoing surgery today,she had it at 7:30am this morning in a hospital 2 and a half hours away from us and Mom is waiting to hear back from her.My Mom's been keeping busy with taking Nana on her errands and drs appointments,me with my vet appointments and my meds,keeping my dad in sandwiches as he's been working night and day during these storms we've been having,got a foot of snow here already and more snow coming on Saturday,and going down into the arctic vortex again and my skin sis and skin bro to help out and now she's taking care of my frother and fister that my skin sis brought to her apartment to live with her while she's in the hospital.Mom has her hands full and can barely keep up with BC.FB is so much harder for her to deal with as its so not as birdsonal as BC is and not as easy to navigate.I can't wait for you to tell me how much you love your thermal perch!Did you get the one with the sandy perch?I had the smooth one as they didn't come out with the sandy grip perch until a year after I had mine.Please come and see me again,I miss you more than you can imagine!I love you so very very much my sweet little love!And I'm sending you all my love FOREVER AND A DAY!
Loving you always and forever my precious Little Angel Adler,never to be parted!Your doting and loving husbird,Dixie

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
Its been so long and I have missed you here on BC so much more than you'll ever know.I can't believe that BC is so bad for you and makes your computer go crazy!And you're right computers don't take well to their plugs being pulled out from under them.
That must be so upsetting to not have a clear view of your tv and having to peer at it through Cuddles cage bars.Now how could Sky keep yelling at you to be quiet all the time?I would give anything to hear your sweet voice again and to snuggle close to you.I have dearly missed you at all our Milongas and carry you in my heart whenever we get to go there.Mom and I are so happy that you will finally be getting your thermal perch,I can tell you that you will absolutely just love it!Mom was going to ship mine out to you when she found I couldn't perch on it anymore.My toes have really gotten worse,they are so twisted and become thick so it really hurts to have a birdiecure now,Mom has to twist my nails to face forward in order for her to cut them,I lost a nail when Mom tried to clip it and she was gently trying to face it forward and it just came right out and I bled for four hours straight which really scared Mom.After about a bag of flour and lots of pressure she finally got it to stop bleeding.Then last week I had to go to the vet as there was a problem with my eye and they found out I had a scratched cornea and an ulcer on my eye.It was all swollen and making my eye and ear area looked strange,I was on antibiotics(Enrofloxacin) twice a day and Ofloxacin eye drops three times a day for two weeks.I will now always be looking at a shadow through my left eye.Mom had to keep taking me back to the vet three weeks in a row.But then my fister Candida took it over and she just loves it,it wasn't working the other night and my dad took it apart and now all of a sudden its working,I love my Bird Warmer and I try and lean my whole body on it!Mom had sent you a t-shirt she made and a sweater that my Nana made for you,a couple months back.It came back to us and Mom sent it back out to you a few weeks back and we are hoping you got it there.Something about the mail systems there and security when Mom tried to find out about it and if you got it or not,we are so hoping you get it,so many things are getting lost that are being sent out or never reaching their destinations.If you got the sweater and t-shirt let me know.Mom and Nana and I wanted you to stay warm this cold frigid snowy winter.Everyone here has been having so many problems with BC but Kaji's Mom Aunt DJ is a whiz at getting everyone back on without all the ads and pop ups they've been getting.I wonder if she can help you too!I would so love to be able to be with you again,I so miss our time together snuggling close in the warm sunshine.We are getting ready for our Valentine Milonga being held on the 20th and I have entered our Picture for the Couples in Love contest.If you could go over and vote for us it would be awesome,I've been going over every da

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
Momma Rose hugs Little Angel ever so closely to her as more tears of sadness fall from her eyes.Momma Rose is so comforted by the fact that Little Angel is here for her and Dixie!Dixie is comforted by Sky's warm macaw hug and he runs into his sweet wife birds wings and holds her close to him,his tears of grief falling ever so fast as Little Angel holds him close to her speaking softly in his ears words of love and solace.They all sit together perched quietly,lost in the solitude of sadness.

Mom and our flock and family would like to thank everyone and every birdie for the kind words,wonderful poems and thoughts for our frothers passing.If it weren't for you all Mom and we wouldn't know what to do.Your outpouring of love and kindness and thoughtfulness mean every thing to all of us.We love each and everyone of you and your parronts and only wish we could give you a warm hug in birdson to let you know just how much you mean to us.
Loving you always and forever,Dixie,Peepers,Candida and Celine and Mom and family

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
I just love the idea of hanging out at the KB and joining in on the fun there with you!And as I work at the Pie Shop I can make you something very very special to eat there anything your precious little heart desires,I will bake for you!So you can tell me just what you have been waiting so long to have!Little Angel furrows her brow a little and tries to think of something her Dixie can bake for her but Dixie has already thought of an idea of what he can bake for her that he thinks she'll love!Dixie has a very wide smile on his beak,so happy to be in the Autumn sunshine,close to his sweet loving wife bird and as he wraps a wing around Little Angel and pulls her closer to him until they are looking like one big green bird with two heads!Dixie lays his head on his Little Angel's shoulder,grinding his beak in sheer joy that she's close beside him and that they are both savoring the warmth of the sunshine coming in through the window.Soon they take off for the kitchen and Momma Rose finds them at the doorway and she bends down and carefully lifts them up and sets them down on the counter but not before she puts a rubber oven mitt there for them to sit on as the counter is very slippery granite.Momma Rose gives Little Angel a warm hug and a kiss on her feathery head!Now what would you two like to have?Dixie looks around and finds the baked goodies that his Mom made the other day and both he and Little Angel decide to pick out the cranberry pudding and some blueberry lemon cake.Aunt Rose gets them a bowl of each and puts a dollop of whipped cream on top and adds some rainbow sprinkles to the whipped cream in Little Angels honor and sets it down in front of them and they both dive right into the tasty concoction and giggle together as the whipped cream gets stuck on their beaks as the colorful sprinkles dot the white of the whipped cream.Both birds giggle and laugh happily enjoying the fruity snack.Dixie leans over and gives his sweet Little Love a whipped cream kiss and both start laughing so hard at what they look like with whipped cream beards dotted with rainbow sprinkles!

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
My sweet loving wifebird,I took you with me to the Milonga and I was so happy that I did.For a change BC wasn't such a pain in the tail feathers as it usually is and the only thing I had trouble with was the slowly loading pages in the middle.My Mom and I had sent you and Momma Deb a nice long email to go along with the info on the Bird Warmer and Thermal perch but our message just wouldn't go through and that was our 5th attempt to send you the info.Mom and I don't go on FB because its so impersonal,hard to navigate and there are so many other things on FB other than just birds.My Mom is more than happy to help out and to help you to keep warm.Nana had started knitting you a nice red sweater but the arthritis in her fingers got so bad she couldn't unbend them and work the knitting needles.
Dixie and Little Angel along with the rest of the Sky Flock,are giggling and laughing playing with the brightly colored leaves while raking them at the same time.Little Angel picks up a big wingful of leaves and lets them flutter over Dixie and he falls down laughing and burying himself in the leaves!Little Angel starts looking for Dixie in the leaves and with his coal black head and green feathering and red tail he's very camouflaged in the colorful leaves,Dixie tries hard not to giggle too hard as Little Angel digs through the leaves trying to find him!Dixie after several minutes decides to pop up and scare Little Angel!Little Angel jumps back in surprise when a leaf covered Dixie wraps his wings around his sweet wife bird and hugs her tightly from behind!Dixie kisses his Little Angel tenderly on her beak and holds her tightly,his face up to the warm mid morning sunshine and both birds have happy smiles on their beaks just being together and enjoying such a wonderful fall day in the pretty colored leaves!
As they come inside to the smell of hot cocoa and cookies,nutriberries and fruit on plates that Momma Deb has set up for them,they burst through the door as she comes to call them in.All the leafy feathered monsters are laughing and giggling so happily and taking off their jackets and make a run for the table,Dixie climbing up beside his Little Angel,sidling close to her a warm smile on his beak,just so happy to spend the day with his precious wife bird.The smile on his beak widens as he takes his first sip of cocoa and it warms his soul as his sweet loving Little Angel warms his heart and soul and makes him feel so alive and makes his pain subside!Both he and Little Angel join in on the conversation and enjoy the delicious snacks and warm cocoa that Momma Deb has set out for them,their thoughts of going back out into the crisp fall air playing in the leaves again.The sounds of their laughter fills the house with so much love and warmth!

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  ome that are covered in fruity pebbles!Little Angel laughs happily at the silly choices her Dixie makes for the apples!Momma Deb carefully dips the apples into the pan and gets them all covered in caramel and places them down on wax paper while Dixie and Little Angel sprinkle them with coconut,fruity pebbles and pecans,candy pieces and almond slivers.Dixie and Little Angel giggle happily as they work side by side and Momma Deb smiles enjoying their happy sounds as they work decorating the apples for their BC friends!
Dixie pulls Little Angel closer to him and wraps his wings around her and holds her tightly,nuzzling into her head feathers he tells her just how much he loves her so,relieved that they could both be having so much fun and still not seeing any glitter or sparkles coming out to get all over everything!I love you forever and a day my precious sweet Little Angel!You light up my life!
Sending you all my love along with warm GCC hugs and soft GCC kisses my sweet Little Angel,Loving you always and forever,your husbird Dixie

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
how I have really missed you so!And does my Mom know all about those computer problems as Mom's computer was down for nearly three weeks.Finally with all the things my dad did to try and fix it,it would kick her off within an hour and finally wouldn't even start up at all.He even bought a new hard drive and couldn't get it to load Mom's files,pics etc.So he had to take the computer to the computer dr and have them fix it.Then soon after the computer got fixed and Mom could run it again,my parronts packed me up and my fister and frother and took off to go to Parrot Palooza in New Jersey.Dad had our favorite music playing for us all the way up and back in the car and he said we were very good on the long ride up and back.We got to stay with Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill in Pennsylvania.We got to meet Cydney,Stormy,Princess,Baby Girl,Sam and the rest of the Flock.Mom got to see Aunt Tanya again and they met Aunts Arlene,Robin,Debbie,Cindy and Mary.Parrot Palooza was interesting and they had lots of things there for parrots,food,toys,cages,play stands,and a wild life event to see along with games to win prizes for(which Mom didn't win anything).Nana is still in pain but hopefully her surgeon will find a way to make it lessen for her on her next appointment next month.My skin is is still in alot of pain from her hip dysplaysure surgery and she's going in for the other hip in February.We have been getting some very cold days here and Mom has the heat boxes going non stop to keep the house warm,she doesn't want to put the electric heat on just yet,although my dad put it on in our bird room last month.Mom is still looking for our Halloween pic together to put up in my Profile page,now if only she can stay home long enough to do so!Oh how awful to be getting snow there so early.Mom will be happy if she never sees another snowflake for as long as she lives,last year was way too much to take,because of all the ice and snow we had Nana fell and broke her hip really bad,smashing it big time.I sure would love being at the Milonga with you,I brought you with me last month!Mom will get your sweet Momma the name and number of the K&H company that makes the Bird Warmer and thermal perches and send them along to you in an email!They are just the greatest ever,Mom finds me with my whole body pressed up against my Bird Warmer and I really missed it while we were traveling!I have to agree with you that its so much nicer to be on a computer that doesn't give you a whole lot of trouble!
Dixie is so excited to be helping Little Angel and Momma Deb making caramel apples!He sidles close to his Little Love as they stir the caramel in the pan to get it soft to dip the apples in.As Little Angel continues to stir the caramel getting it softer,Dixie helps get the thick round sticks in the tops of the apples so that when the caramel sauce is done they can dip the apples into it.Dixie wonders if they can have some coated with coconut and some with soft nuts and he would even love s

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  sit on my car seat.Of course I have to wear my harness whenever I go out with her.I can't wait to be with you again my sweet Little Angel!I really missed you so much!I too so enjoy snuggling close to you and feeling the sunshine caressing our backs on our window rocker swing!
Dixie's eyes light up as he sees the fruity Pebbles bars with the extra peanut butter and apples diced small!He carefully pulls one out before he pulls his sweater on so they could both go outside and play in the sunshine!Dixie's eyes smile with the thought of having some of Little Angel's warm cocoa and the wonderful lunches she makes for him and snuggling close to her while they watch a movie on TV.
Dixie loves how she always is there to help him get dressed,when its too painful to lift his wing any further over his head.He loves the little kisses she gives him,softly as the touch of a summer breeze on his beak!His eyes are all a glow with all the love he has for her inside his heart and soul.As she pulls on her pink sweater,he wraps his wings around her and tells her just how much he loves her so!I love you more than anything my sweet Loving Little Angel,I love you Forever and a day!Always and forever!Dixie pulls her close to him,holding her gaze in his eyes,a single tear of joy falling to his green cheeks!Wing in wing they head for the door to play in the yard while the sunshine is still bright and warming on their backs.....

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
Mom has finally gotten her computer back.It totally died on her last week and would just shut down all by itself.My dad got a new hard drive and installed it and when he went to put all Mom's files,pictures etc in it the monitor wouldn't even go on.There were three days of calling the computer people and getting information on how to get it to work but it never did,so my dad had to take the computer to the computer dr.They finally found out it was a loose wire and Mom got her computer back a day ago.Dad was sharing Mom with his puter but it was so slow for Mom to use as it didn't have any of Mom's files and she had to keep doing everything the long hard way,which took so much time.
I brought you with me to the Pig races and the County fair Milonga Saturday.I wouldn't go anywhere without you my sweet Little Angel!Oh is it getting so cold here also and this is our third day of torrential downpours with wind and cold all from this Hurricane Joaquin!
That radio talk show sounds really interesting and that would be awesome to be able to hear it too!
Mom has been so busy with helping Nana as she still is in lots of pain from her hip surgery from last February when she fell hard on the ice.She's only 72 pounds and she really did a good job of busting her bones badly.Mom goes over to help her several times a week and takes her on errand runs,to the drs appointments etc and helps with her house chores and the dump runs.My skin sis is still going to PT and is having the other hip displaysure surgery done in February so she'll be in need of Mom's help again also.She was just found to have an ulcer and migraines and calls Mom crying every time she's in pain.Mom has her hands full with every one here and every birdie,plus she is doing wing trims and nail clippings for a tiel and trying to educate his elderly owners on his care and nutrition,they haven't a clue!They had insisted Mom clip his flights enough so he could still fly but they didn't want him to fly(he was loose out in the wild and they actually got him back after two weeks being out there)!Mom told them you can't have it both ways.So she gave him a show clipping and they came back to her three months later wanting another wing trim because he could still fly,Mom told them that he could still fly when she did the show clip for them and they agreed to have him fly.Now they didn't want him to fly.So this time Mom clipped him fully so all he could do was glide to the ground and not break his keel bone.They live in Florida in the winter,Maine for part of the summer and in Yarmouth,here for the other part of the summer.
Mom will send your sweet Momma a picture of my Bird Warmer and thermal perch.And get the info on where to get them.I agree with you my sweet Love that you do need to keep warm.
My sore toe is healing nicely now and other than my sore gouty toes and arthritic wings that are painful I'm doing fine.Mom takes me with her twice a week to Nana's house and I get to go for a car ride and

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  e's loved!Its so good that the vet came up with another choice of meds to help Sarah feel better and heal properly.
Oh my sweet Little Love,I'm always with you whenever I'm allowed out of cage time,I love to walk all over the floor and pick at things that have dropped there from my frother and fister.Mom won't let me eat anything I'm not supposed to be eating.Mom takes us all out on the deck when its warm outside and like you our mornings are now very cool and the nights can get so cold down to the low 60's or high 50's.I'm so not looking forward to Mom having to close all our windows,I love the fresh air that comes through and I love being outside on the deck in the sunshine.
Dixie has a smile on his beakie when his Little Angel tells him about her going back home and getting into trouble!My poor sweet Little Angel I know just how you must feel with having no feathers and being so cold,but I'm here to snuggle close to you and keep you warm.Mom bought me a Bird Warmer a few years back and I just know that you will love it.Mom has it attached to my cage bars just above my special perch and I snuggle close to it and even lean right on it with my face on it also.Mom keeps it going year round even in the summer when its warm out.If you'd like Mom will send a picture of me with it.I love it better than my thermal perch which I can't really fall asleep on as I'll fall off.I miss you so much my precious Little Love.Please let me know that you got this as the last two messages I sent you and several other birdies never got to them.I want to take you to the Milonga at the end of the month.I will be riding Pearl the piggie and I would love for you to be there with me!I would be so proud to have my beautiful wife-bird on my wing as we enjoy a fun time at the Country Fair Milonga.I love you soooo very much my sweet Angel Girl and I miss you so very much and need to snuggle close to you!Your sweet smile on your beakie and the way you take care of me makes me feel so comforted and frees me from pain for a while at least.I love you always and forever and a day!Love your hus-bird,Dixie

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
I had sent you some messages telling you of my toe but in the meantime with BC being down and crazy and Mom's computer acting up most of my blogs have gone into cyberspace.Mom's computer is still not right and my dad is going to have to find another operating system for it so I won't be losing the messages Mom sends out for me.Please if you don't hear from me let me know as I have no way of knowing whether you got my messages or not.You were the first I told of my toe and of how Mom was trying to stop the bleeding for 4 and a half hours.She was getting so frantic and thought she would have to rush me to a vet somewhere,the closet one is 25 minutes away from here.She and Dad had also taken me and my fister Candida and my frother Kallie on a trip to visit Aunts Tanya,Janet,Jeanne,Mary and Uncles Bill,Steve in New Jersey a few weeks back.We all sat in our cages in the back seat of dad's car and were very good all the way up and back.Dad played our favorite music station for us which kept us all happy and contented and Mom kept taking me out to make sure I was all right.My baby fister Candida got car sick really bad on the way home and threw up volumes.It was a fun trip and we got to visit with Aunt Tanya's flock,Kookie and Doo,Carter and Baldrick.And we got to see Angel,Aunt Jeanne's little pineapple green cheek conure who really loved my baby fister and she him.Mom has been putting aloe on my toe that the nail got ripped out of everyday from the aloe plant she has growing in the tv room window.She also puts ointment on it to keep it from getting infected as the hole hasn't healed up all the way yet.Mom changes my cage paper every time she sees any poop on it as she doesn't want me to walk in poop with my toe not being completely healed up just yet.Its been very painful but now its easing up on the pain and doesn't hurt as bad as it did a few days ago.Mom massages my toes and then holds me all night after her chores are done so I don't have to stand on my feet and can get the pressure off my toes.How awesome that Momma Deb was on the radio talk show on FB talking about all of you and her working with Parrots.Its so wonderful that she's putting the word out there about us.I used to help do that with my frothers and fisters and cousin when we performed for everyone and I really miss doing it.Mom still spreads the word about us as she is clipping this little tiels wings and doing his grooming and educating his Mom's on care and feeding,etc.If Momma Deb does that radio program again I and Mom would love to listen in!What a wonderful thing for Momma Deb to be doing for us parrots!Poor Sarah having to suffer through that first med that upset her tummy like that.I sure do know how she feels as Mom took me off the meds the vet gave me for my pain as they were really making me sick and were toxic to my system.How amazing is that that Sarah is 30 years old!She is surviving because Momma Deb gives her such wonderful love and good care and she knows how much sh

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  Dixie & Little Angel
snuggle together in the warm sunshine nestled so close on the sun shelf that Momma Deb made and installed for Dixie and Little Angel to enjoy.Dixie so full of the delicious breakfast that his Little Angel thoughtfully made for him,leans back and closing his eyes feels the love that Little Angel bestows on him each and every day!He can't believe how blessed he is to have her in his life,how she works so hard to make him feel so loved and cherished,just the way he feels about her,he loves her more than words can say.She's always there for him,working so hard to make sure he's comfortable and that his feet aren't hurting him and if they have to go anywhere she's always figured out a way in which he can go along with her,whether its in her little red wagon or some form of transportation that doesn't require him to use his sore painful toes and feet.She's always thinking of making him such wonderful meals with everything that he loves.He's never had so much fun than he's had with his Little Angel.He loves the sound of her laughter and the way she starts giggling whenever something is amusing her!Dixie pushes himself in closer to her,feeling her warmth and wrapping his wing protectively around her and pulling her as close as he can next to him.He feels the warmth of the sun shining through the window,everything is so bright and delightful in his world,he couldn't ask for more,a loving heart who loves him for just the way he is gout and all.He leans his head on her shoulder and a smile forms on his beak,kissing her gently on her beakie,he thinks of all that he has and just how lucky and blessed he is to have his Little Angel for his very own.He gazes at the shiny leg bracelet he gave her and knows that he will always and forever be with her,always and forever love her!"I love you always and forever,my precious Little Angel",he softly whispers into her ear,watching her eyes close and a warm smile spreading over her beakie......

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  Hi My Sweet Little Love
Dixie runs into his little loves wings and holds her ever so close!I'm so happy to be back home with you my sweet Little wife bird,I've missed you something terribly!Dixie,a smile spreading across his beak,looking at the picnic lunch that she so lovingly made for him.She even thought to bring their favorite blankie and his Hello Kitty Pillow so he would be comfy.She is so determined to make him happy and is so busily moving about getting him a cozy place to sit by her side,warm and delightful snuggling up close to her.His Little Angel finds the perfect spot for them to sit where the sunlight pours down right where he sits and warms his painful legs and feet.When Little Angel stops what she's doing with getting everything ready for them,she snuggles up close to Dixie.Dixie looks into her eyes and wraps his wings around her kissing her softly and gently on her beak professing his love for her always and forever!Dixie can't tell his loving thoughtful special love just how much she really means to him,how she brings him the sunshine each time she comes into the room and lights it up with love,and as he munches on his apple cubes,his mind continues to show him how much more she really means to him.She always knows just when he's hurting and she's always there to make the pain go away.Her gentle wing feathers that massage the hurt away while her warm body holds him close makes him smile.He's so blessed having her in his life.She makes his world worthwhile and fills his days and nights with pure honest love,and he can't thank her enough for always being there for him,she's his whole world and his thoughts and dreams are wrapped all around his precious little love.....

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  you my sweet loving little wife-bird and I'm so happy to be back to snuggle close to you!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm GCC hugs and soft GCC kisses for my loving sweet Little love!Loving you always and forever and a day,I'm holding you so close to my heart my sweet Girl,Loving you always,your hus-bird Dixie

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  Hi My sweet Little Love
We all had a wonderful time traveling to meet The Stark flock and Aunt Tanya and Uncle Steve.Mom and Dad got us all set up in our traveling cages and got us in the backseat of dad's car and loaded all the luggage and all our things and we all took off for the road.It was a nice warm sunny day and we were on the road by 7:30am and dad made sure we had our favorite radio station to listen to all the way which kept us quiet and happy.A few hours into the trip,my dad was getting sore and hungry so we all stopped off at a McDonald's and dad went in to get something to eat and brought it back out to the car so he could stay with Mom and us.Mom changed our papers and gave us a little snack and then we were on our way again.We had a few more rest stops so dad could stretch his legs and Mom made sure we were all okay with enough to eat and drink and we finally made it to Aunt Tanya's and Uncle Steve's by late afternoon on Saturday.We had such wonderful lodgings in Hotel Conurefornia and got to meet Angel and Aunt Jeanne.Angel is a pineapple GCC who looks just like Candida.It was so much fun to finally get to sit out in the sunshine on the deck while our parronts unloaded the car and talk to everyone.Sunday we got to meet Aunt Mary,Aunt Janet and Uncle Bill and we had a BBQ and everyone got to take pictures and enjoy each others company.It was so much fun to meet Carter,Kookie,Charlie,Baldrick,Teal'c,Miranda,CUBi- rd,Moggie,Blue,Doo Diligence,Joshua and Elvis!We thought we were going to go all the way and visit Aunt Arlene,Falco,Pino and Willie,but by Monday morning skin sis called and was upset because Nana was in such pain and was near tears the pain was so bad.And skin sis herself wasn't feeling well.Her blood test came back with no results and the MRI didn't show exactly where the tear in her knee was so she had to undergo another imaging.She has another appointment next week to see the doctor.Skin sis was upset because she didn't know what to do for Nana and wanted Mom to come home as she was so worried about Nana.Mom kept trying to settle things long distance but it didn't work out so we all wound up having to go home early.Mom had to call Aunt Arlene to let her know that we wouldn't be able to come see her and Aunt Jinky and Aunt Carol.We all felt bad as we were looking forward to this trip.So Mom packed up everything and by Tuesday morning we were all back in the car and headed for home.We were all disappointed to have cut our trip short.When we all got home,Mom got us in our cages and took straight off for Nana's and has been in and out for most of the week.She went back today to help with things and hopefully the dr. will find a cancellation so Nana won't have to wait til Wednesday to get in to see him.We all have missed everyone so much!Please forgive the c/p tonight but Mom is so exhausted and hopes to get some sleep early tonight!We should be back on BC tomorrow sometime if Mom can stay home and Nana is doing better by then.I have really missed

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  Dixie & Little Angel
snuggle close looking like one big fluffy bird with two heads enjoying each other's company and warmth and love that they share!Dixie can't wait to take his Little Love to the Milonga tonight escorting her on his wing proudly!Dixie has been waiting such a long time to be going to the Milonga and bringing his beautiful wife bird with him.Dixie closes his eyes and a warm smile appears on his beak,just thinking of their wedding day and how much their love has grown even more since that day a little over a year ago.He softly preens Little Angel's head feathers feeling the softness of her feathers and moving in even closer to her as she dreams in her sleep,she too wearing a soft glowing smile,just like the ring he gave her for her hatchday,it glows with her zest for living,for her sparkling birdonality,the facets of the rings gold and brilliantly colored rainbow colors dancing off the sunlight onto the walls and ceiling!His Little Angel is a reflection of what that ring is,a vibrant birdsonality,full of fun and mischief(the mischief that is) that now isn't as wild as it once was,and of her glowing smile and her happiness just to spend her days with him!Her love means the world to him,he couldn't think of a day without her sweet self in it,brightening up even his most painful days,giving him the courage to keep going on to face each day with delight and anticipation!Dixie pushes himself in closer to his Little Angel to enjoy a late morning nap with her in the sunshine so they can enjoy the Milonga at the beach tonight and dance the night away once more........

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  Heya, Miss Little Angel Mrs. Dixe!
Stopping by with this very delicious and very large Hatchday cake made just for you by the lovely Lizzie herself! Plenty big for everyone of your flockily and friends to share in celebration on your special day! And it comes with big wishes for everything you could ever want and even more! Head scritches, treats, toys, and most important...lotsa love!

Happy Hatchday!
Wing hugs from your buddies,
Kaji and Lizzie

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  Hi Little Angel
Wishing you a very HAPPY HATCHDAY and many more. Enjoy your special day.

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna ~ KY Derby week! & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/17/2015 09:45.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello LA~
Sugar here to perform the Hatchday Song just for you!! Are you ready????


Happy Hatchday to you! cha cha cha
Happy Hatchday to you! cha cha cha
Happy Hatchday dear, beautiful, wonderful Little Angel!
Happy Hatchday to you! cha cha cha
And Many Mooooooore~~~~CHA CHA CHA

I hope you have the most spectacular Hatchday ever!!
Love you ~ ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar~VOTE GREY BIRD BOTM 275918 & The Calendar Page.

08/17/2015 06:59.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
flying by to wish you a most happy hatchday. hope you are having a super fun time celebrating on your special day.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl vote LAKA BOTM 259145, CORI vote LAKA BOTM 259145 & BOO BOO vote LAKA BOTM 259145.

08/17/2015 06:09.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Little Angel!
Happy Hatch Day to you! Hope you have an awesome day today!

Come visit me, Raffi is ready to ride!.

08/17/2015 05:37.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
Sending lots of hatch day wishes your way
On your special day. Hope you have the best one yet and many more!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

08/17/2015 04:45.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
snuggling up close to one another and holding each other's wings look into each others eyes,the light of love holding them there forever entwined in one anothers hopes and dreams,cares and concerns!Dixie will always love his Little Angel,forever hold her close to his heart and in his heart!She knows how to make him smile and she so lovingly really cares for him and loves him truly even though he's in pain most of the time and he can't fly or can barely walk anymore or hold on to anything.She brings a tear to his eyes for her constant unbiased love of him!He pulls the present he bought for her out of the package has her stick out her leg for him."My sweet Love,let me put the ring I got for you on you so you will always be reminded of my Love for you no matter where,no matter what!"Dixie takes the glitter and sparkled ring inscribed with the message"For my glitter and gold Angel of Love my precious wife bird,yours always forever and a day,your husbird Dixie"Little Angel is so awestruck and a lovingly surprising look on her face at how beautiful the glittery gold sparkling ring looks on her leg!Dixie hugs her close to him and tears of love fall from his green cheeks!Dixie thanks the Lord for sending him such a special loving and caring wifebird to spend his days with to love him dearly as dearly as he loves and cherishes his precious Little Angel,his love for her grows stronger and stronger each and everyday never ever to fade from his heart and his love!I love you my sweet Little Angel,there is no one but you,I love you always and forever and a day!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

08/17/2015 04:41.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Hatchday Little Angel
May you NOT get into mischief.
Also hope you get all the attention, toys, and TREATS that you want.

Come visit me, Polly; Spring has SPRUNG & Zippy; Grey Bird #275918 for BOTM!!..

08/17/2015 01:28.34 PM Report This Comment  
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