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Blue-Crowned Conure from Napanee, ON
Little Angel

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all my love Little Angel Hi I'm unique. I was born in Ontario, Canada. I was the usual feathered baby everyone would except me to be. As I grew up I moved into my first home. It was ok, but no one was home most of the day. It got very boring in my cage with few toys to play with.
One day I pulled out one feather. It hurt a lot but as much as it hurt, it also felt good, for a moment at least. So, over the next days, weeks and month I removed, or chewed all my once perfect feathers. My owner said I was bad and hid me in the bathroom when people visited them. They said they didn't like how I looked; I was ugly with no feathers except on my head and a few secondary flights.
I got so upset. Nothing changed in their work schedules, but now I was pushed away like garbage or something awful. I pulled more to get that few seconds of pleasure, that follows the pain of pulling feathers out.
I did this of 3 years or so. I just couldn't stop I was so unhappy. The decision was made to have me " put-to-sleep." That was what they were going to do. They were going to " get rid of the ugly bird they once loved."
At the VET a lady Parrot rescuer saw me and when she was told why I was there she took me immediately.
I lived with her for a few years. No feathers ever grew on most of my little body. When 1 did I pulled or chewed it off. After time went on, they stopped growing at all.
I was adopted without hesitation by my new Momma Deb and came to live in my forever home. It's great here and no one cares that I have pulled my feathers. They just love me and tell me " I am Unique and perfect in every way."
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Hi! My name is Little Angel

I am a Blue-Crowned Conure from Napanee, ON.

Squawkie, Momma's Monkey,

16 years old   F

Blue-Crowned Conure

Peanuts and Nutri-berries, pizza, mango and peanut butter on toast

Rally's cage & Momma's shoulder

Being held, petted or kissed by her people

Momma loves me even without any feathers. She tells me how beautiful I am every day.

pulling all her feathers out, Skinny dipping in SKY'S water bowl (hehehe) don't tell him.

Love looks beyond the exterior

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That was some party last night. Seams like every bird on BC was there to help celabrate.
I found a couple champain glasses in the bushes when I was cleaning up the KB this morning. Know anything about that??? LOL

I saved you & Dixie a couple pieces of the cake. They are in the fridge in the food tent. You might want to get them before Cookie puts them in the coffee!!

Still Ms BB

Come visit me, Ms BB & Mr Sky getten hitched Mon 11A at KB, TPB&G., The castle now has Chief King Panther, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Zippy in the booth. With Pepper too!!!!! & Buba, ready for the race.

07/04/2015 09:01.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Little Angel
Tweety and Cookie here !!! Yes you can have your anniversary party at the KB !!! We love parties !!! Just remind us a day ahead so we can Decorate the KB for your special day...

Love Tweety and Cookie...

Come visit me, Jedi luvs Cheyenne forever...Thanks for botd...., Snowflake luvs her Apache..., Tweety luvs Princess... & PANTHER...THANK YOU FOR BOTM !!!.

07/01/2015 09:27.55 AM Report This Comment  
  cookie and Tweety
tell LA that any reason for a party is a good reason ! They love parties !

Come visit me, Cookie enjoying summer, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

07/01/2015 09:12.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
Oh that sounds like such a wonderful plan.My Mom should be home hopefully by that time with her running errands with my Nana and skin sis.And that should give her time to get my daddy something for dinner and the rest of my flock fed and cleaned up for the night.I will start putting a message onto my blogs to have everyone come to the KB to join us for a celebration for our first anniversary!The KB page# is 163168.I so agree with you it will be so much fun celebrating with all our friends!
Oh my sweet Love,you are always full of life and have such a joy for living no matter what!The sparkles in your eyes makes me feel so alive,so happy that I'm joined with you forever,you keep me forever young and wanting to never give up!You are such a wild child but you have really changed into the beautiful loving caring sweet thing that you are today ever since we got married!I can't complain of just a few sparkles here and there,they let me know that I'm alive in your heart with lots of fiery warm sparkling love that only you can bring to me!You are still my sweet Little Angel!Dixie closes his eyes for a minute or two remembering the day his little love sparkled both he and Spot in so many sparkles they looked like a Disco ball!Dixie can't believe how his sweet Little Angel changed right before his very eyes from the always constant wild child getting into any kind of mischief she could find to the warm loving,caring and understanding wife bird that she is today!She is so grown up but she still maintains her sweet birdsonality with warmth and aplomb!Dixie just loves the idea of having the fireworks to end their special evening and get to celebrate the 4th of July at the same time together!
Dixie moves in so much closer to his Little Angel and snuggles so close to her that they look like one bird again with two heads!He wraps his wing around her feeling the love and warmth of her running through his wingtips all the way down to the tip of his tail!He kisses her gently over and over again,whispering in her ear just how much she means to him and just how very happy he is to be here snuggled in close to her on the triangle perch swing.Watching the outdoor birds flying to and fro from their birdhouse bringing nesting leaves and branches they continue to chat about their upcoming party and celebration!Dixie smiles to himself,knowing that his little Love has brought him such peace from all the pain his twisted toes have been making him feel.When he's with her the world is just so beautiful.She's his bright warm sunshine that gives him peace of mind.......I love you my Little Angel forever and a day!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

06/30/2015 11:35.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
Dixie wishing so much that he could be dancing with his Little Angel like he's done so many times before has a sad look in his eyes.I so wish that my feet and toes weren't like this,that I can hold you in my wings and just slow dance the night away with you like I did so many times before!It makes me so sad that I can't just sweep you off your feet anymore!But I'm so grateful that I can always hold you close to me,with my wings wrapped around you!Dixie is so blessed to have his Little Angel so understanding of him and loving him no matter what shape his twisted toes and feet are like.You are always forever in my heart and I always see just the two of us together,dancing and dancing ever so close to one another,I have missed you so much my sweet love.Dixie is so happy that she will be there at the Milonga with him tonight.It just isn't any fun when she isn't by his side.Oh would I just love to snuggle with you and watch everything that goes on around us there!As long as I can be with you I'm the happiest and luckiest bird ever!
Dixie loves how Little Angel's eyes light up as she talks about the plans for their first anniversary celebrations!Dixie tells Little Angel that he agrees for the party to start at around 5 or so so that it will give his Mom time to get home from helping Nana and his skin sis out.And give her time to get his dad some dinner.He loves the idea of posting it on the Calendar page so all their friends can see and make plans to come!Dixie is so delighting in how Little Angels grin spreads across her whole face and lights up her eyes!He can't help but giggle in pure joy,who ever could believe that he would be so happy with her,knowing how wild she once was.He loves his glitter girl more than words can say!She had his heart from the first day he met her!And this is the perfect time to celebrate with fireworks in the sky,just like the fireworks that are popping in his heart for her!Little Angel I love you more than life itself,you are my one true love now and always!Dixie wraps his wings around her and pulls her in so close to him he can feel her heartbeat beating out the rhythm to the song in his heart for her................

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

06/27/2015 09:02.17 PM Report This Comment  
  e's spending this time with his loving little Love,they both begin watching the movie.Dixie whispers into Little Angels ear,I love you so very very much!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

06/25/2015 07:54.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
I have never stopped thinking of you and missing you so!I've been trying to get my Mom to take me over to see you and every time she sits down to get the chance something always comes up to pull her away.Mom has been busy with taking care of my Nana and skin sis who both had surgeries,Nana broke her hip in February when she fell on the ice and skin sis had hip displaysure surgery back in early April,Mom has been busy doing all the driving,taking them back and forth to run their errands,drs.appointments helping with housework etc.several times a week,then she has to come home late in the day and try to take care of us and our house etc and now my dad may have to have surgery again so Mom will be driving all over the place for him too.Mom was hoping to have the summer free and clear but that's not about to happen!
Oh my precious Little Angel!I have been waiting to hear from you and I would love nothing better than to do something special for our first anniversary!Dixie holds his Little Angel so close,kissing her softly on her beak,wrapping his wings around her and holding her ever so tightly!I would so love to have a party with all our friends and Friday the 3rd sounds good to me!As long as I can be with you,I'll be so happy!Dixie tells his Little Angel that his gout has been getting so bad lately,his one foot the toes are all curled up now in a fist and his Mom can no longer massage them back out to where he can perch or grip anything.He falls alot and he refuses to sit on his special perch low in the cage.His Mom has been taking him with her every time she goes to run errands with his Nana and skin sis.Dixie looks into his Little Love's eyes so intently and tells her that his little fister is fresh and will be nice to him one minute preening him and the next she'll throw him off his special perch so he falls hard on the cage floor when they're out in their deck cage.Dixie can't believe that Little Angel made him all his favorite treats and packed them up for him to have,he pulls the fruity nutty bar from the box and begins munching on it,closing his eyes,a wide smile on his beak as the full flavor goes through his taste buds on his tongue!Oh my sweet Love,I've missed you and all the wonderful things you always baked and cooked for me!Dixie offers Little Angel a cookie and to see her smiling at him,Dixie blushes just a little!He just knows how happy she always makes him feel,how much he enjoys the warmth of her snuggling with him and how she takes his pain away from his sore feet and toes!The two of them cuddle close together,pressing into each other so they look as if they are one birdie with two heads.Little Angel runs to the kitchen to make them up fresh cherry juice from fresh cherries to go with their snacks,and snuggling together as close as they can,pulling a blankie up around them,Mama Rose puts a DVD into the player and leaning his head on Little Angels,a warm smile on his beak,his eyes closing slightly his heart beating with joy that h

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

06/25/2015 07:51.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
How sad it is that I heard that you will no longer be able to see you!I am so saddened by the fact that you will no longer be here with me on BC.Dixie has a heavy heart as he gives his Little Angel a warm hug and holds her close for maybe the last time.I have so missed you at the Milongas and being able to share the warm sunshine with you in the window swing!I'm so sorry that I haven't been by lately to see you but my Mom has been busy with Nana and skin sis both have had hip surgery and can't get around,both are on walkers and are having VNA's and PTs coming to help out and Mom is the one who is helping to do housework and run their errands,she is constantly on the run right now,Nana had fallen back in February and broke her hip and skin sis had hip displaysure surgery and will need another surgery by the end of summer and early fall.Mom will be busy running back and forth between the two as she has been and then she comes home and has to keep up with our house and all of us.Mom even has skin sis's fids to take care of also so by the time she gets to our blogs at night she's really exhausted and tries to get as much done as she can.Please forgive me for not coming by as often.I am missing you my sweet Little wife bird!I hope that your sweet Momma's move to Flock call doesn't mean the end of us!Loving you always and forever,your husbird Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

05/02/2015 07:45.39 AM Report This Comment  
bathing in the glow of his love for his Little Angel,cuddles closer to her on the triangular rocker swing in the window,the bright warm sunshine flowing down on them.Pulling his Little Love closer to him and kissing her gently on her cheek and then giving her a soft kiss on her beak,he looks up at the sky and watches the wild birds flying by them,a warm smile forming on his beak!He's just the luckiest boy bird in the whole world,being married to the most beautiful,loving,caring wife bird he could ever hope for!She is so dedicated to him and is always there for him,tending to his every need.He only wishes he could be the one to help her to wait on her claw and wing!Who would ever love a boy bird like him with gout filled legs and feet,who can barely walk?He only hopes to be the husbird she has ever dreamed of.Her love for him has been unbounding,untethered and without demands on him.As he pulls her closer to himself he can feel her heart beating next to his,the warm contented smile on her beak and in her eyes makes him so happy,just to be here close to her,wrapping his wing around her even more tightly and resting his head gently on hers just trying to give her some of his energy of warmth and letting her feel just how very much she means to him,a tear of joy coursing its way down his green cheeks!I will always love you,my precious Little Angel,forever and a day!Your husbird,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

03/19/2015 07:46.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
Oh how relieved I am that your sore toe is all better now,I have been so worried about you and have been praying that you wouldn't be kept in such pain like I have to deal with constantly.I love you too much to be in any such pain,you don't deserve that at all and I sure do hope that Ripley leaves you alone from now on!If he doesn't I'll come up and teach him a lesson to not bother or hurt my sweet girl!My daddy is very worried about our roofs collapsing with the weight of all the snow and ice on them,we have a good three feet of snow on our tv room roof and there's a big thick layer of ice under all that which adds to the weight on the roof!Mom is just so nervous that one day she'll come into the tv room and find the roof caved in.Those bird toys that Momma Deb and Chuey's Momma Deb are making really sound awesome,I too am not one for chewing on toys,I just love to play with them!It looks like Sky had a blast chewing up his train so quickly and wanted even more to destroy!Poor Cricket with his beak being scissors like mine,I really hate having to deal with getting my beak dremmeled all the time and Mom is getting ready to dremmel it again sometime this week.Mom will have to take me over to FB and check out all the T-Shirts your sweet Momma has made,I think we saw one of them a while ago and they were really awesome! I sure can't wait til Saturday so I can be with you at the Milonga,I have been missing you more than you can imagine,I just can't wait to snuggle up so close to you and slow dance the night away!
It's always so soo good to see you my sweet loving Little Angel,I can't wait to get my wings around you!Mom is calling me to get to bed as its been such a long day here!I only wish I could have lunch with you again,you are such a greyt chef!I'd eat anything you bake for me any day!
Loving you always and forever,my precious little Love,your husbird, Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/18/2015 07:38.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
Mom had helped me to pick up that awesome gift you made for me and I just can't give you enough hugs and kisses,how you know me so well,I just love chocolate and I think the little bear is so cute too!I can't wait to take you to the Milonga on the 21st!Oh my poor sweet Love,how could Ripley do that to you?I don't want you to get hurt at all,I love you too much for you to feel the pain I'm having to deal with!You better tell Ripley GCC or no GCC I'm gonna come right after him if he dares to touch you again or even make a mark on your sweet little foot!I so hope he didn't make you bleed,my baby fister is a pineapple GCC and she bit Nana today and made her bleed on her finger.I think its good that you sparkled him good,he'd just better watch out,and I'll be keeping my eye on him and my broken beak can create some good damage too if he insists on treating you bad!Dixie wraps his wings around his Little Angel and pulls her in close to him and rocks her back and forth kissing her on her sweet beakie and nuzzling her with his beak!You let Momma Deb check you out just in case you need some antibiotic on the cut,I don't want you to be in any kind of pain at all!You mean the world to me my sweet little love!Please give Momma Deb a big wing hug from me for helping you make that beautiful Valentine gift for me and Dixie hugs LA so tight and so close not wanting to let go of her ever!I miss you soo much and as I look at all this snow that's falling again and waiting on what this blizzard will do to us tomorrow with the 65mph winds,I so pray that it doesn't cut our power again like it did last week as that really gets Mom frantic and then I will be so isolated from you for such a long long time again!You stay away from that Ripley my sweet Love and I'll be dreaming of you every second of the night and day just waiting til I can be in your welcoming wings again!
Good night my precious Love and sweet dreams!I'll be dreaming that your sleeping right next to me wrapped warm inside my wings! Your doting husbird,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/14/2015 06:02.04 PM Report This Comment  

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Do the same for all images.

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A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to You,
♥ Miss Alex, Miss Ruby, & Mr Mikey ♥
The Pretty Rose Flower Shop


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  Hi My sweet Little Love
I had to do something to show you just how much I love you so!You mean the world to me and always will,now and forever!I can't wait to cuddle up to you so close and lean my head on your shoulder,closing my eyes and feeling the warmth and presence of your nearness to me!Sweet dreams my special little love,and I'll be with you tomorrow night at the Milonga for some much needed time together!I love you forever in a day and now and to eternity!Love your doting husbird Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/13/2015 05:44.02 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
I'm soo sorry that I haven't been over as much as I had wanted to be.Mom is so busy with shoveling lots of snow,having to get my dad prepared for work and having to deal with getting his dinner ready for him at a moments notice when he does get to come home,he's been working twelve hour days and doing lots of overnights because of the Blizzard we had a few weeks ago and now we are getting ready for another Blizzard come Sunday and a lot more snow on Saturday afternoon again,the mountains are too high and Mom was out the other night til well after midnight shoveling heavy wet snow so my dad could come home and get into the driveway.I really do miss you and this winter is taking a toll on everyone here,with all the work it creates and Mom is left alone to deal with shoveling everything out as no one wants to help her,skin bro comes when he can but he's working also,so he can't always get here besides the streets are to treacherous with all the ice packs underneath them and Mom has gotten stuck in the driveway and in the street on Wednesday when she went to take my Nana out to run errands,then she got stuck in Nana's driveway also.Mom is a wreck in all this snow and is now preparing to get the coal/wood stove ready in case we lose power again like we did a few weeks back.That's the worst as we are getting winds of 65mph here on Sunday along with the snow and blizzard.Mom had a real bad back ache from shoveling and its just starting to feel better now.Mom is hoping that all this winter madness will leave us alone,I will try to work better at getting over to see you more often,I really do miss you my sweet girl and I can't wait to snuggle with you!I will definitely be at the Milonga on Saturday as long as we still have our power then and I will be waiting there for you to snuggle close in your sweet wonderful wings!You are always on my mind no matter where or what I am doing! I love you more than life itself my precious Little Angel,I love you forever and always!Your doting husbird,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/13/2015 11:45.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi My sweet Little Love
Oh what a hard choice to make!I love both of them also and Mom was going to load the one your sweet Momma Deb made of us into my gallery but we got kicked off BC for the second time yesterday and only had a few hours in the late afternoon to try and catch up with everything and then by 5:00 or 6:00pm last night we were dumped for good until late this afternoon.I wish we could use both of them,its just not fair!Should we just go with the one Kiddo already has in his gallery?This is just awful!I'll leave the decision up to you my sweet love,I can't choose between the two of them I love them both just the same!
Loving you always and forever,in a day my precious love,Love your husbird,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/10/2015 11:57.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
I already loaded the pic that Auntie Rose did of you and Dixie. It is loaded in the Milonga gallery. Please take a look and decide which one you like best for the contest.


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote 4 Cydney #11356 for BOTM!.

02/09/2015 02:00.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Oh Little Angel--
Thanks so much for bringing the glitter and everyone can create something from all this shredded paper, foam and wood we have lying around....of course, it's good for tossing and rolling around in, too, but we like variety, right?

Stop by the Movie tent tonight....we're tossing popcorn everytime one of the actors says "what"....

Come visit me, The Society of Finches, Sherman and Peabody & Tooth: Flew Home 8/11/2014.

01/28/2015 12:49.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi LA
There will be a paper cutting, beak paper tearing contest at the KB. The confetti is going to fly.

There is 2, count them, 2, Peach Face Love Birds in the Kissing Booth. I droped of all kinds of colord paper for our chomping pleasure. Bring your glue and sparkles>

Still Ms BB

Come visit me, Ms BB & Mr Sky getten hitched Mon 11A at KB, TPB&G., The castle now has Chief King Panther, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Zippy in the booth. With Pepper too!!!!! & Buba, ready for the race.

01/27/2015 06:03.40 PM Report This Comment  
  howdy little Angel
Chuey here with a big hello.
were going to have to go and sparkle
some cattle sometime soon.
left a v4u

Come visit me, MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April, birdie haven park, ANGEL CHUEY--April 26/15, sweetpea, thanks for botd, zoey & cricket & nakita.

01/10/2015 07:43.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
snuggled up so close to one another,warmed in the glow of their everlasting love for each other wait and watch the tv screen to see the ball drop and the old year leave and the new 2015 year come blazing in with fireworks and sparkles and lots of noise!Dixie having so enjoyed the hatchday cake that his sweet Little Angel gave him,flashes back just moments ago when he closed his eyes and blew out the candles hearing his precious wife bird tell him to make a wish...Oh how I wish that this moment in time never ends,that my sweet loving Little Angel will keep going on together to the end of time!His love for her will never ever fade,she sets his heart on fire with love and joy.Her love for him keeps him happy and filled with everything he has ever dreamed of or wanted......

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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To pick up your order, do the following:
Go to The Pretty Rose Flower Shop, Page 188440 and scroll down to the picture gallery. You will see your order receIpt, followed by your order. Your order may be on more than one page. Be sure to check all pages in the picture gallery.

To get your order, do the following:
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Do the same for all images.
Images will remain posted for one week. At that time, your order will be moved to a file folder. If you wish to reorder the same item, just let us know and we will repost it.

Alex, Ruby and Mikey
The Pretty Rose Flower Shop



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holds his Loving Little Angel close to him and holds her tightly hugging her close to his body so warm and comforting!He loves his precious Wifebird so much and kisses her softly on her cheeks.Wrapping his wings around her and looking her in the warm brown eyes of hers,he smiles and tells her that his Christmas wish this year is just the same as hers,to have lots more years to be with her,more than either one of them can count,to enjoy each and everyday,every hour and second in your wings,in the company of your love and the glow of your warmth and loving heart.Oh my sweet girl,there is a song that describes everything I feel about you!Dixie softly holds Little Angel in his wings and rocks gently back and forth with her as he sings,You are the sun I am the Moon,you are the words I am the tune Play Me!We will never ever be separated,I love you more than anyone can describe,and you have brought meaning into my life,the pains I am having to deal with are bearable because of you,your gentle touch brings me relief and joy,my heart is full and there is nothing more that I could ever want but to be with you for the rest of my life and beyond!You have always been the one to make me smile to feel the warm sun on my shoulders,you are the one who makes my days so worth it!All I ask for is to be with you forever and a day!
Have a very very Merry Christmas my sweet precious Little Angel,and give Momma Deb a big Green Cheek hug from me too and Poppa Sky and your whole flock and family too!My love will never fade from you and it will forever surround itself around you always and forever!You are my whole world,my life and my love!
Your doting loving husbird who loves you more than anything words can describe! Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/24/2014 07:44.16 PM Report This Comment  
Leans back in the chair after the great warming breakfast that his Little Love made and prepared for him and the warming feeling the oatmeal is giving him is filling him with a peaceful happy feeling,Little Angel is so good to him,just look at the fruit bowl she worked on for him filled with apple cubes,strawberries,raspberries and banana slices and pear cubes!She meticulously worked on cutting up all the fruit just so that he could easily eat it with his broken beak without having any problems and she always remembers his cherry juice for his pain.She always seems to know just what he needs on any given day to make him feel better and to wake up to her sweet countenance every morning always brings him the sunshine even when there's none like there is today!
Now laying back as her wingtips gently massage his twisted toes after the warm foot soak she just gave him makes him smile softly to himself!Feeling so bad about having her take care of him always and not being able to do something special for her is really upsetting to him,she never complains about all the work entailed to keep his toes and feet from being engulfed in so much pain,nor does she complain that he can't fly around with her or walk very fast whenever they go out anywhere,she is always ready and willing to take him in the little red wagon,pulling him all the way,never seeming to tire out and he knows that at the end of the day she has to be egghausted from all the work she does taking care of him and keeping him pain free!As she grabs the special ointment that Momma Deb found,he steals a kiss on her way back down to his toes,and kissing her softly and with passion of love on her beak,tells her that he is the luckiest boy in the whole world,no one could care for him the way she has and always will!I love you my precious little love wider than the sky and deeper than the dark blue sea!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/11/2014 09:04.07 AM Report This Comment  
runs into his Little Angel's wings and holds her tightly,kissing her softly on her beak and hugging her close to his body!Dixie tells Little Angel that he and his Mom so appreciates all the prayers she and Momma Deb send them,they too have been praying for Momma Deb to find a way to pay that vet bill,both he and his Mom wish they could at least send something to help out,if only he could perform again he would be able to send them something from that,but he's not working anymore because of his bad gout filled feet and toes!It's really so sad that us fids can't have insurance like our parronts do to help with the expenses of our medical care!It was so cold here today with the winds making it feel even colder and I had to wait all day in my cage til my Momma could come for me,as she was so busy with my skin sis baking all day and doing laundry and she didn't want me out in the kitchen while they were working.
I so love our Christmas Picture together and have always wanted one and Mom promises me that she will put it up in my gallery and Profile tomorrow or maybe if its not too late tonight.I love you sooo much and you are the one that makes me fight through all this pain,sometimes its very painful for me to have my foot soaks and its very painful when Mom has to clip my toe nails as the nails are twisted into the skin of my toes.I always think of you holding me while Mom has to do that to me and it makes it more endurable to bear the pain when I hold you in my mind and feel your wings wrapped around me tight!The warmth of the sunshine falling over their backs and seeping into their muscles starts working on Dixie's twisted toes and as he leans into his Little Love,closes his eyes satiated with the wonderful peanut crunchy balls and Pebbles snacker bars that she and Momma Deb had made that morning,filled with the love she has always been given to him,knowing that Little Angel will always be there by his side no matter what,she never makes him feel like he's a burden to her,her love for him is wider than the sky as his is for her!Laying his head gently on her shoulder,the healing warmth of the bright sunshine flowing in through the window makes them both happy and very sleepy,and kissing her softly one more time on her cheek,buries his head under her warm comforting wing!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/07/2014 05:57.05 PM Report This Comment  
  trying to get him to eat baby food sweet Potatoes as he's supposed to have that and broccoli as am I and other veggies in our gout diet!He's becoming more and more active and Mom has given him one of my soft flat porch perches to sit on and he loves it,he too can't perch anymore because of his painful toes ravaged by gout.I'm so sorry I haven't been by in a while,by the time Mom is done with the two of us on just our meds alone and scrubbing our cages down along with my frothers and baby fisters,she has no energy left!She promises me that she will try and take me over more often to see you,skin sis comes over and spends all of Sunday baking with her and then she's been trying to help out skin bro with his problems,paying his rent,insurances and tax bills from last year as he just got a part time job after being out of work for three years.If Mom doesn't pay his rent for him he won't have a place to live and he refuses to come back home,and she has to pay his car insurance so he can work,without a car he won't be able to work!Mom has been so busy with helping everyone out around here and she's hoping to get our tree up tomorrow.Mom has been spending more time with me and giving me hot soaks and long toe and foot massages the colder it gets the more my toes and feet hurt!
Dixie happily entwines his wing in Little Angel's and they walk towards the tv room to enjoy a movie and munch on some popcorn and enjoy a hot mug of cocoa together while snuggling ever so close together just enjoying each other's company!
Dixie gives his Little Love a soft gentle kiss on her cheek and hugs her close to himself.I just love our Christmas picture!Its so awesome and I had always wanted a picture of the two of us together!
Dixie lays back snuggled against his Little Angel wing wrapped around her as they both happily enjoy the movie and hot cocoa and popcorn!Dixie doesn't ever want to leave her side!
Loving you always and forever never to part,my sweet loving girl!Loving you more than words can tell!Your doting hus-bird Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/06/2014 05:36.57 PM Report This Comment  
runs into his little Love's open wings and hugs her tightly and kisses her all over,he has really missed her sooo sooo much!My Mom has been so busy with my frother Mario and me.Mario a few weeks back was rushed to the vet with a swollen foot,skin sis called Mom up and was wondering if she could check him out for her(he was living with her in her apartment with Celine and Peepers)so Mom told her to bring him to Nana's the next day so she could check him out and Mom didn't like the looks of things so she immediately called the vet and was told to bring him right over which she did.The vet rushed him into the back room to examine him while Mom, skin sis and Nana waited in the waiting area.When the vet came back with Mario she told them that he was a very very sick baby and that he only had two days to two months to live.Mom was so upset she broke down and cried right there,the vet told her that it would cost $5,000.00 to bring him to Tufts which is a two and a half hour trip away from here,the same place she wanted me to go to two years back when I first got diagnosed with gout,Mario has end stage gout which is worse than what I have,he had a crop statis,his food wasn't digesting and staying in his crop and bacteria was growing in his crop,he has renal failure and kidney problems,the vet told Mom that he could be helped at the vets hospital and that would cost Mom $3,000.00 but she wouldn't have the equipment that Tufts would to help Mario.She also wanted Mario to be brought into the vet twice a day for six days for fluid injections at $48.00 a day,which she couldn't even guarantee that Mario would live through all this and if it would even work for him.But she was persistent.Mom told her that she would take Mario home and give him the Enrofloxacin and the Nystatin for the bacteria,and the vet kept insisting that Mom take him to Tufts but Mom told her even if she did have that kind of money to take him there there is no guarantee that Mario would even make the trip out there and the money would've been spent in vain.So Mom took Mario home and at the same time she was giving us both Enrofloxacin and Mario was getting the Nystatin also,Mom was up all night long doling our our meds every twelve hours for four weeks,I was getting eye drops put into my eye from the surgery I had from the tumor that was there the vet took off,so Mom was busy trying to keep our syringes separate and our meds doled out on time,she couldn't leave us alone and had to take both Mario and me with her when she went out in order to get us our meds on time.She sneaked me into the gym for over a month and no one noticed me!Mario is still being watched closely and Mom got a big vet bill for the two of us for almost a thousand dollars,for services rendered and meds on top of that!Mom is happy she never put Mario through the stress of getting poked and prodded at Tufts or the long trip to get him there as she never took me there either.Mario is back to eating better and Mom is now try

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

12/06/2014 05:35.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
snuggling up close on the couch as close as they could be are so loving being in each others company!Momma Rose puts the Rio 2 DVD in the player for the two love birds and as Little Angel comes from the kitchen carrying a big bowl of popcorn for the two of them to munch on,Momma Rose goes into the bedroom and comes out with a warm blankie for the two of them to snuggle under on this cold night!As she covers the two of them smiles of warm comfort come over their beaks and faces.Dixie holds Little Angel's foot even tighter,as she kisses his beak it helps to drive away the pain of having his beak dremeled.Little Angel passes the bowl of popcorn to Dixie and he gingerly takes a bite and slowly eats the delicious popcorn that only Little Angel knows how to make!Leaning his head on her shoulder holding her foot so warm and comforting in his he closes his eyes a smile of such happiness forming on his beak!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

11/10/2014 08:08.25 PM Report This Comment  
snuggling close to his Little Love dreams of the wonderful time they had last night at the Halloween Milonga and still can't believe that he and his loving wife bird won the costume couples division!They had an exciting time on the haunted tour of the Castle,although it was quite scary at times and he never thought they'd make it outside in the cool crisp night air!But Little Angel being Little Angel she wanted more and to do it again!As he naps close by her and snuggled into the warmth of her body,he thinks of how much she loves him so,wanting to help his Mom prepare his meals and even taking the time to cut everything up small so he won't have any trouble eating,she even made sure last night to decorate his scooter and adorn it with soft Hello Kitty pillows so he would be comfortable and get to stay all night without having his feet aching.Momma Rose just loves her so much because she has no problem helping out any time at all with Dixie making his meals and she can see by the look in Little Angels eyes just how much she loves her Dixie!Dixie opening one eye just to make sure that this wasn't a good dream looks to see that this was for real and wrapping his wing tighter around her and burying his beak into her neck,closes his eye once again and is warmed by the feeling of being in her love!She always knows just what he loves and is always there for him when he is hurting and her gentle massages feel soo soo good and lets him relax without feeling the pressure of all the pain.Dreaming once again of their special incredible wedding day a smile forms over his beak reminiscing in his hazy dreams of their walk down the aisle,their first kiss as the reverend pronounced them husbird and wifebird!Thrilling shivers go down his spine just thinking of how happy that day was and how its even gotten better even after they have been joined in love forever!Dixie considers himself such a lucky boy in every way of the word,he can't believe that Little Angel's love spans the depths of caring,loving and her undivided attention to him!Wriggling himself even closer to her and drawing her closer to him he buries his head into her neck and drifts off to an even deeper comforting sleep.....

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

10/26/2014 06:45.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
sitting side by side on the triangle rocker in the warm sunshine snuggle so close together as if they are one bird!Dixie hugging his wife bird even tighter to him,looks at her so lovingly as the tears of joy and pure sweet happiness over take his emotions entirely,just thinking of all the things his Little Angel has done for him,she just knows how much he loves fruity pebbles and she goes and bakes him some fruity pebbles bars for him to delight in,she is always there to comfort him when he is in so much pain,and yet he hasn't done anything for her,he hasn't made her anything special,or taken her anywhere of special interest,but still she loves him with the deepest places within her heart,as does he for her,he holds her so close deep within his heart always and forever,he just couldn't even think of being separated from her,his life would surely never be the same,he would be lost and alone without her sweet smile and thoughtfulness and care for him.And it doesn't even matter how bad his feet are and if he couldn't be the one to be taking extra good care of her the way he should,without his Little Angel by his side,he would be a no birdie,lost and alone,sad and never getting to see the sunshine of her love and warmth ever again!Dixie leans in closer to his wife bird and snuggles even closer to her!Preening her feathers around her neck and then kissing her softly as he moves up each feather to the next until he comes to her beak and cheeks,then he kisses her sweet face,preening and kissing her gently all the while,before laying back in the welcoming warmth of her precious love for him as they both let the warm sunshine pour over their backs and feathers as they close their eyes for a nice morning after breakfast nap.

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

10/24/2014 06:34.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
are snuggling so close together while they enjoy their breakfast in the warm morning sunlight filtering in through the windows of the bird room.Momma Rose finishing what she's been doing in the kitchen comes down the hall to check on the two little love birds to make sure everything is all right.She smiles at the warm dedication that Little Angel has for Dixie and her willingness to always be there for him even though his toes are all bent and twisted in pain!One would think that the beauty that is Little Angel,so alive with life and getting into mischief on most occasions, would want to be with a wilder soul mate,who doesn't require so much attention and help to walk or one who is able to run with the wind,but she has always been right by his side through it all!She is such a sweet little thing too,Momma Rose,smiling warmly as she thinks back on just this morning when Little Angel came right out to help bring Dixie his breakfast and even putting the finishing touches on it!Dixie is so blessed to have such a sweet precious little girl in his life,she reflects as she goes back to what she was doing in the kitchen!Dixie snuggles up to Little Angel even closer and lays his head on her shoulder,eyes closing in pure warmth and happiness just so comforted knowing that he's here right now today,spending time with his wife bird whom he loves with all his heart and soul!He has finally found his true love and special Angel who really understands him and loves him for what and who he is!As they stare into each others eyes lovingly while they eat,you can almost feel the warmth of their love pouring in the windows with their love!
Forever yours,my precious soul mate and wife bird,Loving you always and always,your husbird Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

10/23/2014 03:58.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Mom is none too happy about keeping me on the Enrofloxacin as it is very toxic if taken for long periods and she wants me to finish the bottle!I'll be on that for months as I only get a small amount a few drops twice a day,and this vet told me that I would be dead nearly two years ago because of my gout!Yet she wanted me to go two and a half hours away from here to see a vet at Tufts and have me subjected to more blood tests,have a needle stuck in my swollen joints to see what kind of gout I had and if they wanted to do more xrays and give me even more aggressive drugs that were more harmful to me than having nothing at all.And in order to go there Mom had to spend a $300.00 consultation fee before they would even begin treatments and the bill for that was well over $3,000.00 and Mom had already spent $1,500.00 on all the blood tests they gave me,I had three,and xrays,I had three of those also and that didn't even cover all the meds she had given me to take then!
Dixie hugs and holds his sweet little Love close to him and tells her he so understands why she hasn't been around lately,does he ever know what BOTM entails and its quite time consuming!And taking care of so many sick birds is a job in itself and he can't see how her sweet Mom Aunt Deb is handling it all!He knows his Mom has had lots of sleepless nights since he's had this growth on his eye and trying to care for his painful feet and twisted toes and painful wings!He was so happy that he got to rescue her from those awful spiders webs,he just wouldn't know what to do without her in his life!He loves her soo sooo much!Mom and all of us are praying for your sweet Momma and your whole flock and family,Mom can only imagine the toll its taken on everyone and every birdie there.We all keep you close to our hearts her and thoughts and our prayers will never stop coming your way,Mom and I were so devastated to hear what has been happening to your sweet flock and family,I too only wish I could be there for you!And hold you close to me so we could snuggle and comfort each other through all whats going on!
Dixie snuggles closer to Little Angel and leans into her for the comfort she gives him from the pain in his toes and feet and wrapping his wing around her he leans his head on her shoulder closing his eyes in happiness just being with her makes him so happy!Pulling her in closer they both wait to see what adventures the Maze Adventure takes them on!Loving you always and forever,never ever to part,Loving you your husbird Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

10/22/2014 07:00.37 PM Report This Comment  
is so delighted to see his sweet little wife bird,Little Angel and he tells her just how much he loves their photo for Halloween!He just thinks its so beautiful and he just loves the idea of his sweet precious little wife bird being the Queen of Hearts and he the Mad Hatter!Mom took it this morning but BC was acting up and she couldn't get to our pages after awhile and she had to leave to run her errands as skin sis was waiting for her to take her to Nana's and their errands.Mom was gone all day and she is just now starting to get us all caught up on our blogs and is hoping that BC will allow her to do our blogs without all the problems we had this morning.Mom hasn't had much time between trying to keep up with our blogs and everyone coming here to whisk her away all the time or wanting her to do or go somewhere with them,she hasn't been on FB for eons.Oh my sweet little love we are soo sooo sorry about Kali and we were so shocked and upset by Sassy's passing also!Today is our fister Angel Gabbie's 3 year anniversary since she passed to Rainbow Bridge and Mom is a little sad,knowing what happened to her,the vet told my Mom that Gabbie had PBFD and Mom told the vet she didn't have PBFD,Mom rescued Gabbie when she was 2 years old and knew the breeder she came from because me,Kallie,Mario,Bella,(our cousin CAG)all came from Tim and he was fastidious when anyone came into his closed nursery to wash their hands and no one was allowed in the nursery unless they had purchased a baby there.Mom told the vet Gabbie had liver disease and this vet told Mom otherwise,Mom told her to give Gabbie something for her pain and to start treating her aggressively for liver disease and she only took soo much blood and a CBC on poor Gabbie who was too weak to begin with,she sent her home with nothing and Mom was devastated,trying to help Gabbie on her own,everyday Mom would call the vet and ask about the CBC and it never came back.Gabbie hung on for a week and a half with Mom's constant care and 24 hour vigil but she died three years ago today,Mom even took her to church with her that night she didn't want to leave her alone,she died that night a few hours after they had got back in Mom's arms,Mom holding her and talking to her the whole time,even my dad was crying when he found out,the vet called a week later with the test results and they were inconclusive!Mom told them after a nearly $400.00 vet bill that Gabbie had died a week ago,all they said was I'm sorry,months later Mom was in the grocery store and the vet was there and she kept trying to apologize to Mom,but Mom would have none of it.The vet sent Mom a sympathy card,what good was that after she refused to listen to Mom and let Gabbie die in pain?Then a few weeks back Mom noticed a big bump on the white eye ring of my eye,she tried to give me warm compresses and after two weeks took me to the vet,she cut the growth off and I have been on Enrofloxacin every 12 hours and Ofloxacin eye drops three times a day.Mom

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Cookie waddles up behind LA
to tell her not to worry - he recently discovered his mom's crafting cabinet and there are sparkles in EVERY color ! ! !

Come visit me, Cookie enjoying summer, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

10/10/2014 12:48.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
my precious little love and wife bird!You just don't know how much I have been missing you,dreaming of the day that I can hold you in my wings again and kiss your sweet beakie and cuddle close to you!I sure am sooo happy that you liked the flowers I sent you and I hope you enjoyed the cake I sent you for your Hatch day!I picked out coconut cake because it reminds me of you!So delightfully tender and sweet and the taste of your sweet kisses that make me all warm and cozy inside!I can't wait to meet you at the end of the cattle drive line to race into your welcoming loving wings and hold you tight!Loving you always and forever,your husbird,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

08/27/2014 07:56.06 PM Report This Comment  




08/18/2014 08:45.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
Congratulations on botd.I hope your having fun at the castle and in the spotlight. Happy belated hatchday too I'm sorry I didn't get by yesterday . Hope your special day was great and filled with treats and new toys. Have a good night.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Cydney (11356)BOTM.

08/18/2014 07:16.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Queen Little Angel
Congratulations on BOTD! You are a beautiful Queen!


Angel & Pepper


08/18/2014 06:49.54 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
Congratulations on winning botd and enjoy it to the fullest
For the day at the castle sure goes fast for some reason!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus~Playing with my favorite paper. & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

08/18/2014 06:19.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel!
Congrats on BOTD!!
Left you a vote.

Ronnie Lee, Charlotte, NC.

08/18/2014 05:07.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi LA
l warned the castle Macaw guards that you were coming to the castle today.

ms BB

Come visit me, Ms BB & Mr Sky getten hitched Mon 11A at KB, TPB&G., The castle now has Chief King Panther, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Zippy in the booth. With Pepper too!!!!! & Buba, ready for the race.

08/18/2014 03:39.57 PM Report This Comment  
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