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all my love Little Angel Hi I'm unique. I was born in Ontario, Canada. I was the usual feathered baby everyone would except me to be. As I grew up I moved into my first home. It was ok, but no one was home most of the day. It got very boring in my cage with few toys to play with.
One day I pulled out one feather. It hurt a lot but as much as it hurt, it also felt good, for a moment at least. So, over the next days, weeks and month I removed, or chewed all my once perfect feathers. My owner said I was bad and hid me in the bathroom when people visited them. They said they didn't like how I looked; I was ugly with no feathers except on my head and a few secondary flights.
I got so upset. Nothing changed in their work schedules, but now I was pushed away like garbage or something awful. I pulled more to get that few seconds of pleasure, that follows the pain of pulling feathers out.
I did this of 3 years or so. I just couldn't stop I was so unhappy. The decision was made to have me " put-to-sleep." That was what they were going to do. They were going to " get rid of the ugly bird they once loved."
At the VET a lady Parrot rescuer saw me and when she was told why I was there she took me immediately.
I lived with her for a few years. No feathers ever grew on most of my little body. When 1 did I pulled or chewed it off. After time went on, they stopped growing at all.
I was adopted without hesitation by my new Momma Deb and came to live in my forever home. It's great here and no one cares that I have pulled my feathers. They just love me and tell me " I am Unique and perfect in every way."
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Hi! My name is LITTLE ANGEL,

I am a Blue-Crowned Conure from Napanee, ON.

Squawkie, Momma's Monkey

15 years old   F

Blue-Crowned Conure

Peanuts and Nutri-berries

Rally's cage & Momma's shoulder

Being held, petted or kissed by her people

Momma loves me even without any feathers. She tells me how beautiful I am every day.

pulling all her feathers out, Skinny dipping in SKY'S water bowl (hehehe) don't tell him.

Love looks beyond the exterior

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runs to his Little Angel and in an instant is right by her side!We are not going to give up on Lupe! He tells her softly but firmly,we will stay right here together and pray hard to the Lord to help heal Lupe's toes!I for one can understand just what Lupe is feeling and just look at all that I've been through!I just know that Lupe is strong and will get through this will all our help and prayers!Dixie,holding Little Angel as close as he can get her,wraps his wings tightly around her and tries to comfort her,rocking her back and forth with him in a rhythemic motion,all the while praying to the good Lord to lay His healing hands on Lupe's feet!Don't worry Little Angel,I know that God will listen to our prayers,I just know it!Feeling her head heavy with grief laying on his shoulder,his heart goes out to her in every way,only wishing there was something he could do to help more.......

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  hi little angel.
I voted for you. Love your photo.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
look at each other sitting very innocently on the couch snuggled together in the warm towel that Momma Rose wrapped around them to keep them warm and dry after their bath from all the sticky icing and sparkles they got splattered with!Dixie so egghauseted from trying to make the mixer stop spinning his Little Angel around and around,gently lays his almost dry head on Little Angel's shoulder,and trying to keep his eyes from closing,looks up at the tv screen to watch Rio.Little Angel always as energetic as she is moves in closer to Dixie and pulls the towel closer around them feeling the comfort of the warm of Dixie's body next to hers! Oh Look!Dixie!Look at all the things those parrots are doing?Wouldn't it be fun to be in that movie with them too and help out?Dixie trying so hard to pay attention,with one eye nearly shut all the way and the other eye just opening and shutting with his forcing it to stay open,is losing the battle,so feeling so warm and comfortable is put into a dreamlike state and he gets so parallized into the warm lull of egghaustion and can no longer stay awake! Little Angel smiling softly at Dixie laces her wing in Dixie's and continues watching the movie until Momma Rose gets back from getting the icing out of her hair,slowly and surely Little Angel lays her sweet head on Dixie's and she too winds up falling asleep.When Momma Rose comes back in to collect them for their helping her in the kitchen with the mess,she covers both little fids and softly laughing goes to start getting her kitchen in order again......

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looks in horror as the contents of the mixing bowl splatter all over the walls of the kitchen,the white cabinets,the countertops,floor and even the ceiling is splattered with icing from the bowl flailing frantically around so fast!Little Angel gets a good glob of it smacking her in the face and as it drips down her front side,she turns in sudden surprise and before she can make the full turn away from the wild mixer she gets another glob hitting her on her backside,both front and back of Little Angel look like she has just put on a dress made of frosting!Dixie tries to get the mixer gone wild to stop,but as he gets near the button to get it to stop,he gets a good smattering of wet sticky icing on his head,it too drips down over his eyes and makes him look as if he was wearing a winter cap,flowing down the sides of his head around his ear coverts and under his chin!Little Angel decides to jump on the bowl and see if she can swing over to the switch but she just keeps flying around and around!Dixie frightened that she would slip into the bowl runs slipping and sliding in the icing mess to grab the cord,trying to unplug it from the wall,his wings caked in icing partially dried,partially still wet and sticky,falling over on his back,he pulls as hard as he can,his wings slipping over the cord!Finally,looking up at Little Angel,spinning round and round on the edge of the mixer bowl he gives it one more strong tug and its out and the mixer stops with Little Angel looking like some kind of alien from space!Carefully climbing down from the bowl,quite dizzy,her eyes nearly rolling around her head she comes to rest beside Dixie,leaning into him from exhaustion she closes her eyes to try and make the room stop from spinning around and around with her!Dixie wrapping his wings around her to hold her steady,looks at her and she at him! Ever so dizzy,Little Angel then.......

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eyes sparkling as his Little Angel kisses him on his beak wraps his wings around her and walk over to where Momma Rose is getting the cake batter in the pan ready for the oven to bake it!As the oven beeps telling them that the temperature is ready for the cake to go in,Momma Rose tells Dixie and Little Angel to stand back as she doesn't want them near the oven when she puts the cake inside.Moving to the other side of the counter the two watch as the cake goes in!Momma Rose tells Dixie and Little Angel to watch the cake and tell her when the top gets nice and browned and she will come back in the kitchen to check and see if its done.Momma Rose gets the two of them down from the counter and brings two chairs for them to sit on so they can watch the cake rise and bake through the oven window with the light on inside!She brings the two of them a big ISpy picture book to keep them from getting bored so they can each try and find the objects that are hidden in the pictures.Settling down comfortably on their chairs and eying the cake every now and then Little Angel and Dixie are enjoying looking for the hidden pictures in the I SPY book!As the cake starts baking they can smell its delicious aromas tantalizing their nares!Little Angel peers in the oven window to check and see if the cake is getting browned on the top a little so she can call Momma Rose to get it out in time!As Little Angel sees no browning on the top of the cake she jumps up and says to Dixie,Hey!We need to make some butter cream frosting for the cake so when it comes out it will be ready to put on the cake!Dixie looks at her and thinks well,the cake does need frosting,but maybe they should wait for Momma Rose to get all the ingredients together and they can put the colors in the frosting!I know how to make frosting!Little Angel tells Dixie,I've watched Momma Deb make it lots of times!Dixie is getting a bit nervous because frosting can be quite a big mess if its not done right!Little Angel claps her wings together and then climbs off the chair and starts getting all the things to make the frosting with as Dixie watches with waves of panic...........

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opens his eyes slowly as his Little Angel starts taking out all the paint bottles and the coloured papers she has tucked in her backpack! Dixie is such a nervous wreck with the thought of what happened the last time still fresh in his mind! Thinking hard,thinking fast,and hoping that she will go for it Dixie slips his wing in Little Angel's and with his other wing he wraps it around Little Angel until he's got her standing in front of him,wing in wing and slowly rocking her from side to side!How about we go into the kitchen and help Mom make my cousin Trixie II a hatchday cake as her second hatchday is on Wednesday!We can go out to the kitchen cabinet and find one of those neat shape pans and make her a cake that looks like a tree and decorate it with all kinds of pictures! Little Angel looks at Dixie in deep thought,Dixie adds that after that we can make her a new toy,Mom bought some leather and wooden and plastic beads to string and knot for her!Looking from the paint and paper to Dixie and his ideas Little Angel..........

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cuddling up as close as he can get to his Little Love,wriggles into her side so the two of them look as if they are one two headed bird!Both their eyes are full of life and love and sparkling with the joy of warmth and a touch of the Spring air that is yet to come but that only they can feel right now!Sipping on the cherry juice and eating with gusto the spaghetti,pieces of it clinging to their beaks and feathers around their faces,the two are oblivious to the world around them,only enjoying their time together,living in the moment now!The music in their heads is all they can hear right now,and each other's hearts beating so in tune with each others feelings of joy is all they can feel!Dixie taking one end of the spaghetti and Little Angel the other both re enact the movie they saw the other night,Lady and the Tramp and each start eating the spaghetti from end to end til they meet in the middle with a kiss!Laughing and giggling as their ability to not break the long piece of spaghetti,they do it again for a second time! Finally at the end of the second time around,the two get very full and just realize that their tummies are so full they can barely move from the table! Little Angel takes their dishes and places them in the sink for Momma Rose while Dixie comes up with their empty glasses!Momma Rose kisses Little Angel on her sweet head and tells her how much she appreciates Little Angel being here and how she is helping! When asked if they would like some Boston Cream Pie for dessert,both Little Angel and Dixie look at each other and feel their tummies drop even lower,so placing their wings over their tummies they politely tell Momma Rose maybe later on that one please! As the two waddle off to the tv room to watch some movies,Momma Rose gets the DVD all set up for them.Climbing up onto the couch very slowly,Dixie and Little Angel their heads feeling so heavy,lean into each other and Momma Rose covers them with a warm blanket,she puts the DVD on of Rio and leaves to finish the dishes and to clean up the kitchen.She comes back several minutes later and finds the two stuffed little birds sound asleep cuddled under the blanket and wrapped into each others wings......

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  Dixie & Little Angel
laughing in the sunshine,under the watchful eyes of Sugar are pushing themselves higher and higher feeling like they are reaching the clouds in the sky!Dixie closes his eyes in delight feeling the rush of the cool spring air touch his cheek feathers as Little Angel laughs in delight at the way his feather keep going out and in as he swings back and forward with the movement of the swing!After about an hour of swinging the two jump off the swings and wander over to the waters edge and sit in the tall grass and look across to the other side of the pond!As they watch the ducks swimming on the far side of the pond,listening to them quacking happily as someone on that side of the pond was feeding them some bread from a brown paper bag!They could hear some children playing,shouting and chasing each other on the other side of the playground,the air is a little crisp but smells so good as it comes in and out of their nares,Dixie cuddles up closer to his Little Love and wrapping a wing around her,kisses her softly on her ears and preens her head feathers gently!This gesture of Dixie's makes goosebumps run down her spine as Dixie really knows how to preen her in the way she delights in,she puts her wing under his chin and kisses him gently on his beak!As the afternoon fades into early evening they both decide to be on their way home as they don't want to be out in the darkness as the sun is going down quickly and Momma Rose will be worried about their whereabouts! Helping Dixie back into the wagon,Little Angel grabs the handle and they start their journey back to the house and a warm dinner.......

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  Dixie & Little Angel
cuddling close side by side at the table enjoying their meal and Dixie completely satiated by all the good things that his Little Angel brought him has a peaceful feeling in his heart and looks over at her,the sparkles in her eyes so happy so loving of him! He can't stop thinking of how he got to be so lucky to have her in his life,caring for him,wanting him to be happy,and caring about his health and sore twisted toes!She is certainly spoiling him and he feels so bad because he is the one who should be waiting on her claw and wing!Where else do you find such a sweet little love,who honestly cares and is there for you no matter what!Finishing their meal and seeing that the sunshine is still fairly warm and bright outside,Dixie is getting cabin fever and Little Angel gets his coat and hers and she bundles them both up from the wind and the still yet cold from the weather,and brings the little red wagon out and lines it with soft pillows and blankets for Dixie to sit in!Dixie tells Little Angel that he is the one who should be pulling her and she adamantly refused to let him get on his feet!You are riding in the wagon,I will be pulling you and we'll go to the park for a little while to ride on the swings and lie on the grass to see all the cloud formations!Dixie wraps his wings around her and pulls her close to him,whispering softly in her ear,all the love he has for her so unending and pure.......

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  Dixie & Little Angel
gazing out onto the street below staring out from Dixie's triangular rocker swing snuggles closely to his soon to be wife bird! Dixie agrees with Little Angel that they should think of a date as the summer will soon be here and let their friends know about their engagement!We both want to be sure that Momma Debs arm is healed well also so she can enjoy every minute of our special time together too!Dixie looks into his little loves sparkling eyes filled with love and contentment!He leans over and kisses her softly on her beakie!I'll bet you and Momma Deb will pick out the most prettiest wedding dress ever,but then you look sooo wonderful and so beautiful in any one that you may pick out!Dixie closes his eyes and tries to picture what their wedding day would be like!Getting drunk on the warmth of the late morning sun filtering through the bird room window,the glow of love everlasting in their future,Dixie lifts a wing and wraps it around Little Angel and pulls her in closer to him and rests his chin on her sweet head!With a feeling of being loved no matter how his twisted toes are brings him ever so much closer to a love he never dreamed he would have......

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
arrive at the park after being pulled by Crow and as Hawk watches carefully as the two of them get out of the wagon,Crow helps Dixie and Little Angel get onto the swings and even starts to push them so they can get higher and higher!Hawk settles himself in a nearby tree to make sure that no harm will be done to Little Angel and Dixie as they have fun in the park running from swings to seesaw to the merry-go-round and the climbing bars all in joyful giggles and laughter!After getting really dizzy riding the merry-go-round,Little Angel and Dixie decide to just lay down in the tall grass and look up at the sky and try and figure out what each cloud is as it softly glides by them up above! Oh Look! Little Angel exclaims! That one right there looks like a big old cat!Can you see the long tail and the big paws in front of it?Dixie raises his wing tip to the sky and follows Little Angel's gesture of her wingtip to locate the big cat she saw and he sees it as it slowly moves by him in the sky!Look! Little Angel!What does that really big long darkish cloud look like to you?As the two of them squint their eyes to get a better view...........

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  Dixie & Little Angel
finishing their pancakes,tummies all full and satisfied,decide to go out and take a walk in the warm sunshine,Little Angel gets her little pink hoodie and puts it on while Dixie finds his,as he gets it on and zips it up he starts walking toward the door and takes Little Angel's wing in his,then he stops just before the door.Little Angel I don't think I'll be able to walk so far and I wanted to go to the park with you!He looks down at his twisted toes as he hobbles up next to her.Little Angel,always thinking with that light constantly in her bright eyes,decides she's going to see if she can take Dixie for a walk with her some other way!Wait here!She tells Dixie,I'll be right back!She disappears into the bird room dragging Dixie's little red wagon from his performing props out behind her! Look! She tells Dixie!Oh!One more thing!She runs back into the bird room and grabs his soft blanket from his cage grate and folds it neatly into the little red wagon and helps Dixie climb inside it! Momma Rose comes out from the kitchen and they tell her that they are going to go down to the park for a while and play on the swings and the merry go round there!Momma Rose tells them to have fun but to come home before it gets dark outside!She gives Little Angel a kiss on her sweet head and tells her how much she appreciates her coming over and taking Dixie out like this for her!A big smile spreads over Little Angel's beak and she tells Momma Rose just how much fun she and Dixie always have together!As the two of them go out the door Momma Rose smiles at how good Little Angel takes care and looks out for Dixie.......

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  as the bottle is pointed right at Dixie,the thick sticky liquid hits him on the side of his head!Dixie moves as he feels the cold bottle of syrup hitting him and more just comes cascading down his front side,catching him on his wings and his belly,jumping up in horror,Dixie moves himself away from the table and his wings are glued to his body and the syrup has run all the way down to a large puddle that he is standing in!Little Angel so upset that Dixie could barely move with all the syrup sticking to him runs out to get a paper towel to wipe Dixie down with and that was a total disaster,as the paper towel pieces were ripping off and sticking to him with all the syrup starting to harden.Little Angel decides she would take Dixie into the bathroom and give him a shower in the bathtub and as she went to try and get him to come with her by taking his wing,she finds out that.......

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had no idea that Momma Deb had arm surgery and he tells Little Angel that he hopes that she is doing all right and not in much pain now!I love Momma Deb and I would've been there with you to help take care of her,he tells his sweet Little Love! What happened to her?He tells Little Angel that he feels so bad that he didn't even know about it!As Dixie and Little Angel enjoy the Fruity Pebbles,Irish green bars that Little Angel made for him they snuggle ever so close to one another,enjoying the warm winter sunlight that filters through the window from the window swing!Dixie wraps his wing around Little Angel as they sit on the swing and holds her tight,closing his eyes and savoring each bite he takes of the Fruity Pebbles bar and savoring the love and closeness that he and Little Angel share!He can't believe just how lucky he is to have Little Angel in his life and to have her love and devotion every day!He turns and kisses her softly on her beak!I love you sooo much my sweet little love!My world is complete with you in it!

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  Dixie & Little Angel
sitting in the warm soothing water of the kitchen sink quietly not saying much as Momma Rose tries to gently wash all the bright yellow paint off the two of them!Little Angel slowly tries to tell Momma Rose just what happened,but thinking better of it she tries to reword it all in her mind so that it comes out just right and not like she and Dixie were trying to use the paint just to make a mess of things!Little Angel slowly tells Momma Rose about how she had tried to get the cap off the paint bottle and it wouldn't budge so she used her beak and feet to try and pull it off and suddenly it just went pop! and the cap just flew into the air and then everything went crazy from there! Momma Rose gently washes Little Angel and carefully wraps her in a warmed towel to set her by the heat box to dry off and wait til she gets Dixie all cleaned up and out of the sink! Now Little Angel,you just wait right here and keep warm til I bring Dixie back to sit with you to get warm and don't move! Little Angel looks at Momma Rose with those sweet eyes of hers and promises to behave,but five minutes after she goes back out the door to the kitchen.........

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  as Dixie watches in horror at the cap to the paint bottle makes a loud POP!!! and goes sailing through the air hitting the overhead light on the ceiling and the glass from the light smashes and shards of glass come falling down to the floor mixed in with the bright yellow paint from the bottle that Little Angel had pulled open!Frightened for Little Angel,Dixie grabs her by the wing and pulls her to safety away from the falling glass and paint that spattered everywhere!Both Dixie and Little Angel are speckled with bright yellow paint on their green feathers and as they carefully try to walk through the debris to the other side of the room their tails get dragged into the paint making a kind of design on the bird room floor!Little Angel notices what their tails have done in the paint and she gets a greyt idea in her head!Dixie his heart beating quickly for fear that Little Angel will get cut by the glass which is now scattered on the floor holds her next to him still but she squiggles away from him and decides to show Dixie her latest idea! Look Dixie!Look at me!Purposefully placing her long tail into the bright yellow paint she lifts it carefully and paints out I love you on the floor!Dixie,lying still for fear of anymore shattered glass to fall is kind of impressed with her tail talents and then Little Angel decides to .............

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  Dixie & Little Angel
too busy gazing into each others eyes,just let the tv drone on as they get lost inside each others love for one another!The popcorn is pushed automatically into their beaks as they soak up the happiness and the joy that one gives to the other and vice versa! Dixie whispers that he loves the way that Momma Deb makes popcorn but his eyes go nowhere close to where the popcorn is within wings reach,it just seems like time has just come to a standstill and they are just trying to live in the moment no wanting to see it go! Little Angel was so delighted in his Valentine for her,that his heart slowed from the fast thumping,nervousness of being not sure if he pleased his Little Angel or not!
Dixie just can't wait to see what his little Love has for him and yes Momma Deb can email it to my Momma,Dixie is just so curious and eggcited to find out just what Little Angel has for him!
Dixie lays his head on Little Angels shoulder,just so happy that they are here in this moment,in this place and time,right now,he just couldn't think of spending his life with any birdie else but his Little Angel,his love for her is more than words can eggspress!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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To pick up your Valentine's Day order, do the following:
Go to The Pretty Rose Flower Shop, Page 188440 and scroll down to the picture gallery. You will see your order receipt, followed by your order. Your order may be on more than one page. Be sure to check all pages in the picture gallery.

To get your order, do the following:
1. Click on the image to open to full size.
2. Right click on the image to bring up the sub menu.
3. Click on "Save Picture As" and choose a location to save the image.
4. Simply copy the image and paste the image where ever you wish.
Do the same for all images.
Images will remain posted for one week. At that time, your order will be moved to a file folder. If you wish to reorder the same item, just let us know and we will repost it.

Alex, Ruby and Mikey
The Pretty Rose Flower Shop


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  Dixie & Little Angel
happy to be together in the warm sunshine rocking gently in the Triangular rocker swing enjoy the comfort of being in each others company!Dreaming dreams of forever being husbird and wife bird,the light of longing is reflected in Little Angel's bright eyes as she looks lovingly at Dixie,who in his own mind has been dreaming dreams of what it would be like to have their own special day celebrating their years together,would his Little Angel be as wild once they were married,would she settle down a little bit?It really doesn't matter to Dixie,he leans his head closer to her shoulder and nuzzles into her neck,beak upwards,looking into her sweet countenance.He can't begin to think of what life would be like without her there beside him!She's got such a heart of gold,wanting to be with him when she could have any young beautiful handsome boy in the world! How did he become so lucky,for Little Angel to love him with all his medical issues and all?You just don't find a love like that just anywhere in this world!He closes his eyes once more and as the sunshine warms both their heads and feathers,the two go back deep into their own dreams listening to the music in their heads of how its going to be soon! I pledge my heart to you Little Angel my sweet,he whispers softly into her ear........

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  Dixie & Little Angel
decide to crawl up Dixies triple decker cage and grab onto the curtain and climb over to the window swing that's hanging on the garage side of the house so they can sit in the sunshine and look out the window to see all the action that's going on in the street down below! Little Angel,sitting on one side of the triangular rocker swing hops over to the side where Dixie is and she nestles her head into his wing and leans closer into him!Dixie is getting so sleepy from the feel of the warm sunlight coming in from the window and they both cuddle as close as they possibly can and soon their eyes are closing in satisfaction,happy to be extracated from the toys they got tangled in the toy box and tired from all their having to fight to get freed!An afternoon nap in the sunshine would be the perfect ending to the busy morning they just had!Momma Rose comes in but noticing them quietly sleeping she decides to come back later with the fresh fruit snack she made up for them!She had a big bowl of fresh fruit with a yogurt dip they could dip the fruit in for a fun snack! She quietly leaves it in Dixie's cage for them to discover when they wake up......

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

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  a big heavy cardboard roll that Kallie likes to chew on! It really wasn't wide enough to get inside just nice enough for some chewing pleasure.Dixie quickly slips down into the toy box and tries to push Little Angel back on her feet at least so now that Dixie has her upright she looks like a big pink and green anteater or something!Each time Little Angel tries to move she teeters to the right and then trying to catch her balance teeters to the left and as she can't see any where but up can't see where she's walking! Dixie tries thinking of how to get her out and as he looks around the toy box for something he can pull her out with,Little Angel loses her balance and falls on top of him,OOOOOOOHHHHH!Dixie! Little Angel sounds like she's in the bottom of a barrel,and Dixie lying flattened between the toys and the big cardboard roll that has Little Angel inside,tries getting himself up and out from underneath everything!As he finally gets himself up and tries putting his foot on the tube Little Angel is stuck inside his foot comes up with a string of beads,blocks and bells attached to his leg! Shaking his leg to exstracate himself from the toy and getting nowhere with that,he falls back into the toy box and tries to get his other leg up to get a hold on the tube that his sweet girl is in to push the tube off her,he budges it a few inches as he could feel Little Angel slip out,then putting his toy encrusted leg on the tube,Little Angel can grab a part of the toy from inside the tube with her strong beak and then..........

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02/08/2014 11:05.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
Snuggling so close together under their blankie are having the time of their lives,their eyes big and wide as they watch the movement on the screen and all the bright colors of the movie reflected in their eyes which are dancing with satisfaction happy to be together,happy to be warm and cozy sipping their hot chocolate and eating their snacks with no interruptions.But it seems like there's something in the air which they cannot control that each time they even give each other a sideways glance a spark sets off and they fall back into gales of happy laughter again,both are very hungry and keep putting more of the fruity pebbles crunchie birdie bars into their beaks,smiling at one another,Dixie trying to hold a straight face to Little Angel,they both turn and focus their attention on the screen and the movie when Little Angel starts rocking back and forth and then side to side into Dixie,she gives Dixie a mischievous hard bump while he is eating his fruity pebbles bar and being jostled with the chocolate he just took a big gulp from and the fruity pebbles bar,still in his beak,lets out a resounding burp while looking straight at Little Angel!Surprised at such a loud sound coming from him,Dixie clamps his wing over his beak,Little Angel on the other wing,just falls over and rolls over in uncontrollable fits of laughter,Momma Rose runs back out to the tv room to see what all the commotion is about,tears running down Little Angels sweet cheeks,and laughing so hard she can barely catch her breath!Momma Rose asks if everything is all right and Little Angel trying hard to stop her laughter,points her flight feathers at Dixie and between gasps of breath and laughing heartily,she tells Momma Rose that Dixie made a sound bigger than he was!Momma Rose trying not to laugh,looks at Dixie who still has his wing over his beak,walking back out to the kitchen Dixie and Little Angel hear some loud laughter coming from there! They both look each other square in the eye and this time its more laughter in stereo...........

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/06/2014 03:31.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little An
its me...Sweetpea I. Had so much fun with you when you
Stayed.we glitted uncle Cricket,aunt Zoey, aunt Nakita
Chuey,mikeyD. You're. Very clever on sneeking up on them
then whammy we got them. I TRYED TO GET UNCLE CRICKET

Come visit me, Mikey D, Birdie Haven Park-Fun for ALL SEASONS, Chuey, Sweetpea, thanks for BOTD friends, Zoey & Cricket & Nakita.

01/30/2014 09:47.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
get comfortable on the couch and Dixie wraps his wing around his Little Love and pulls her in close to him!As Little Angel wraps the warm blankie around Dixie's sore leg,and around the both of them tightly,Momma Rose comes in with some hot chocolate for them to sip on while they eat the Fruity Pebbles crunchie birdie bars that Little Angel made for a special treat for him! With the bag between them nestled in the blanket,and the two of them happily munching away,Dixie closing his eyes in pure eggstacy from the wonderful fruity taste he so loves,he lays his head on Little Angels shoulder,burrowing his beak down into her neck so happy to be ever so close to her!Momma Rose asks them what movie would you like to see and they both chirp out,RIO! We want to see Rio! So Mama Rose gets Rio into the DVD and gets it started for the two of them,as the credits come onto the screen and Momma Rose shuts the light off so its only the light of the TV screen and nothing else,Little Angel steals a kiss from Dixie and gets a beakful of sweet fruity pebbles!Looking at each other,they both crack up in gales of laughter as Little Angel..........

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/30/2014 05:51.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
running as fast as their little legs could take them and as fast as Dixie could hobble on his sore feet,wing in wing,go with one thing in mind,in search of the Dallas's and what ever happened to them! How can this be? Dixie can't believe that this would happen to one of their friends on BC! Coming into the Kissing Booth,all out of breath,both start speaking at once to the first birdies they meet there! Have you seen any of the Dallas'?Does anyone have a clue?We are both sooo worried!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/28/2014 08:07.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello LA
Thank you for the glitter. I put it to good use today on Mr Ski. It will take him a weak to get it all out of his feathers cause I used all red.

Queen Ms BB

Come visit me, Ms BB. Waten for the Easter Chicken !!!, TPB&G., Queen Cori (& Boo boo) in the Castle 4-1-14, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Former Queen Snowflake is in the booth & BIG BABYS WEDDING IS ON AGAIN !!!.

01/27/2014 07:24.21 PM Report This Comment  
can't believe what Little Angel is asking him! What did happen to Jenny Lynn and the flock?Come to think of it he hasn't heard anything from them all day either! Dixie agrees with Little Angel that the two of them should see what's going on with them!Dixie getting as worried as Little Angel is decides that maybe they should try and track them down!
Feeling the warmth of Little Angel snuggling close against him as he and Raffi play checkers and her head resting softly on his back,Dixie thinks that its time to go and find out what happened to the Dallas flock and hopes that nothing has happened to make them leave so suddenly.........

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/27/2014 03:34.16 PM Report This Comment  
is feeling the warmth of the special warmng ointment that Little Angel is rubbing on his sore painful feet and toes.Dixie feels he is getting really spoiled by all the attention that his Little Angel is pouring all over him!Dixie just loves the feel of the warm water that she has brought for him to soak his aching feet and toes in and he just can't believe that his sweet little Love will go through all this trouble for him! As Little Angel gets up from drying his feet off he steals a quick kiss on her sweet beak and whispers his love for her in a tired but dreamy way,a soft smile overtaking his beak,his eyes closing in pure happiness!What a lucky boy birdie he sure is!
Mom will be on the lookout for the call from your sweet Momma Deb! Mom will be out on Tuesday but will be home all day tomorrow,Wednesday evening and Thursday just so she doesn't miss her call!
Dixie smiles at Little Angels excitement and pure enthusiasm!He had no idea that she would be so thrilled at just the thought even! He so hopes he doesn't disappoint her with his bad feet and painful gout!
Loving you always and forever,Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/26/2014 08:21.32 PM Report This Comment  
I don't want to over step sweet Sky and Ms BB as they've already had so many cancellations as it is! I know that my Mom and family will be off on vacation in May sometime and I'll have to get the dates for that before we can plan anything for May,but we can come up with something and in the mean time I like the idea of getting help from friends to edit photos! I'm not sure how to go about all this as its very new to me!I will leave it all up to you my sweet girl as you are getting to watch what happens with Sky and Ms BB and how they're getting things worked out! I would like to have a date sometime in the warmer weather though as I'm so sick of freezing in such cold temperatures here! How are you doing my sweet girl BTW,do you have heat now? Mom and I were so concerned and worried about you and your sweet flock freezing there without any heat,Mom says you all could come here and stay with us til you get your heat back on!We know what that's like to be so cold for sooo long like that!
Dixie wraps his wings around his Little Love and kisses her sweetly on her beak,then cuddling in closer against the cold outside he can feel in his bones.....

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/26/2014 12:45.54 PM Report This Comment  
Watches Little Angel in all her glory and eggcitement after she gets him settled on the lazy boy recliner putting his foot up on the soft Hello Kitty Pillow that Sugar had given him.Hardly able to contain her joy of his asking her the question,she dances and does a fine version of the happy dance as she twirls and side steps into the kitchen to make them something to eat! Dixie smiles with a comforting feeling deep inside,knowing just how much Little Angel has always really loved him no matter what.....

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/25/2014 09:44.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Dixie & Little Angel
are dancing around and around the dining room,Little Angel just so high on cloud 9 that she just can't stop screaming her BCC screams of joy! Dixie is sitting there with his aching foot up in the air, a smile forming softly on his beak! He had no idea that he would get this kind of reaction from his Little Love,not even sure whether she wanted to be stuck with him for life at all,knowing how his feet aren't what they used to be! All the while thinking of everything that Ms Chirps had told him before she flew to RainBow Bridge.........

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/25/2014 11:28.59 AM Report This Comment  
comes flying into Little Angel's house and wander's through the rooms til he finds her in the kitchen with her sweet Momma Deb going over what they will be making for dinner before all the flocks and fids have to be fed and cleaned for the night! Dixie takes Little Angel by her wing gently and leads her to the sofa in the tv room! He shows her their picture his Mom did of the two of them and asks her to look at the picture really good!Take your time my sweet girl I am asking you something and I want to see what your answer will be? Do you see the heart with the pink flowers on it? Now look at my picture there with you.What do you see on my picture that is covering up the heart that I am standing in front of?
Loving you always and forever,my sweet girl! I'll be waiting on your answer to my question! I do hope its what I want to hear!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/22/2014 06:32.31 PM Report This Comment  
runs to hug his Little Angel and kiss her gently on her beakie!Now who can that beautiful cute sweet BCC be in that photo with me? And just who is that GCC with you in that awesome Profile page with you? I will steal yours for my gallery also,I'm still going to try and see if I can get that one on FB also,Mom is still trying to figure it out and thinks she can finally answer blogs now!I've been voting for Sky every night I just have to get there tonight,as Mom was so busy with this storm we're having and she's a nervous wreck as we're supposed to get 18 inches and its been snowing since early this morning and hasn't stopped yet,we are getting the most snow here with winds 50 mph and Mom is hoping that we don't lose our power,she has no idea how she's going to keep all six of us warm! I can't thank you for voting for me for my 10K goal,I wonder if I'll make it before BC shuts us all down!
Loving you always and forever,Did you see my message in the pic you took from my page to you? I love you Little Angel always and forever,Your Dixie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/21/2014 08:30.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Little Angel ?
Cookie yells at the front door - are you going to the KB to see Zeena today ? I want to play !

Come visit me, Cookie - Sing for Spring, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

01/05/2014 03:22.10 AM Report This Comment  
Yells back to Little Angel Happy New Year!Dixie runs so eggcitedly to wrap her in his GCC wings and hugs her tight and kisses her passionately on her beakie! I have lots more hatchday cake,he tells her and wing in wing they walk into the kitchen where the rest of the cornbread cake is stored! Look,Little Angel,Dixie tells her,a cornbread cake with fruit and veggies in the middle and a conure seed blend topping with more fruits and veggies and smaller nuts!Dixie takes the large colorfully wrapped box that Little Angel hands him and sets it on the table and can't believe that Little Angel got him something!Dixie tears the paper off the package and carefully peeks inside!Upon finding all his favorite treats and some awesome toys and a soft fuzzy sleeping cozy and a new bath towel to snuggle in after his baths!Dixie squeals with delight at all the wonderful things Little Angel has brought him!Dixie takes Little Angel by the wing and pulls her close to him and holds her so tight!Kissing her softly on her ears,her beakie and her sweet neck he whispers in her ear,I love you sooo much Little Angel! You have made my day soooo very special! I just don't know what I'd ever do without you by my side!

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

01/01/2014 07:52.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
Happy New Year!!!!! Wishing you all the best to come in 2014 especially Happiness, Health and Love!!!!! We woke up to a dusting of snow so watch out here come a snowball!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!! Wing Hugs!!!

Come visit me, Charlie & Cheyenne.

01/01/2014 08:46.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi LA.
BB lands her shuttle next to LAs gage. Pssssstt, psssssssstttt,LA. Ms BB puts her beek next to LAs ear. Do you still have that big back pack full of glue & sparklies? I have a pack full too.
Lets take the shuttle over i5s headquarters and sparkel & glitter the building.
I have a case of TP too. We can do circles round the building.

Dec 25: Ms BBs BOTM campaign.

Calm down now everybirdie. Have you shredded the paper that your presents were wrapped in? Good. Now get it all cleaned up!

Today will be a day to rest and play with your toys and eat a bunch of good food. Tomorrow we will continue our adventure in the shuttle.


Come visit me, Ms BB. Waten for the Easter Chicken !!!, TPB&G., Queen Cori (& Boo boo) in the Castle 4-1-14, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Former Queen Snowflake is in the booth & BIG BABYS WEDDING IS ON AGAIN !!!.

12/25/2013 02:42.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
Just flying around to all my friends to wish them a happy holiday and the best in the new year coming. We are so happy to have Dad home for Christmas that Mom says that's all the present she needs.


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote Chipper #257319 for BOTM!!.

12/24/2013 04:08.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Little Angel
Hi- yes so excited to be at the castle can't believe it, mom made sure I packed the cards that I had drying so hopefully we can pass them out later at the castle, can't wait to see you. Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Come visit me, Charlie & Cheyenne.

12/24/2013 10:25.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi LA
Dec 24: Ms BBs BOTM campaign.

Ok, Ok already!! Calm down!! Yes I know what day it is. Get your warm coats again cause you will need them.
Every birdie gets in the shuttle. Yes, there are a couple bails of hay in the back. There are apples and carrots in the storage bins also. I have a good supply of cookies and milk too.

Cookie put the cookies back!! LA, no you cant bring your back pack full of glue and glitter.

Yep, we are off to the North Pole. And you all know who lives there. Yes you are right. Its Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen, Comet, and Cupid, and Donder and Blitzen are there also.

Yea, the fat bird in the red suite lives there with his wife and a bunch of Dwarfs who make toys too. The cookies and milk in the bins are for them to eat. Cookie, get out of the cookie bin !!!

Now hold on, here we go. It’s a very short trip in the shuttle. What’s that you say? No birdie has ever seen the home of Santa Bird!! I have special permission to take us all there by the Big Bird himself. I have the secret code numbers for the force field that protects and hides it from the rest of the world. Ms BB pushes some colored buttons to put the code in the security computer.

Ms BB pushes some more colored buttons on the Navigation control panel & then pushes the BIG green button. Off the shuttle goes. After it lands and the cargo bay door opens some birds pile out carrying a bail of hay, apples & carrots. They head right to the Raindeer stables to see Rudolph and the rest of the galls and feed them the hay.

Yes, all of Santa’s Raindeer are girls!!! Only girl Raindeer have antlers, well most of them, this time of year. Read about it at this site
Are All of Santa's Reindeer Female? - Urban Legends htm

The rest go inside to see the Big Bird himself. One at a time they get to sit on his lap and tell him what they would like for Christmas. Out comes the milk and cookies. Cookie, put the cookie back !!!

The two groups change places and it starts all over again. The Raindeer get fed again and Santa Bird gets his lap sat in and gets more cookies and milk. How do you think he got so big!! Cookie, put the cookies back!!!

Well its time we headed back to our homes so we can get to the sleeping perches early. If you don’t have a fireplace leave the cage door open tonight. Cookie, you can have a cookie now!!!!!

See Jake, I told you we would get to see Santa Bird!!

Come visit me, Ms BB. Waten for the Easter Chicken !!!, TPB&G., Queen Cori (& Boo boo) in the Castle 4-1-14, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Former Queen Snowflake is in the booth & BIG BABYS WEDDING IS ON AGAIN !!!.

12/24/2013 08:36.58 AM Report This Comment  
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