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Hi! My name is The Society of Finches

I am a Society Finch from Yardley, PA.

Verona Over the Rainbow Bridge 12/19/12, and Montgomery Flying Free 7/19/13, Phoebe, and Aloysius (Alfalfa),

3 years old   M

Society Finch


The manzanita conference branch, the bathtub

Moving stuff in our cage, Floof that won't go where we want it, not being able to get at the guys in the other cage.

She keeps our cage sparkling clean in spite of all our best efforts.

Sitting on top of each other, tossing floof on the floor, piling into the bathtub together..

E Pluribus Finchum.

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  October BOTM POST number fourteen
Hello everybirdie, Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure POST. What a sticky, icky mess we have found ourselves in. Giant Spiders everywhere, and no where to run. Then all of a sudden I found a clearing. I was eggcited to see our way of escape, that is until the air is shattered by the terrified scream of Dixie.
Dixie is very upset and frightened about what the spiders would do to Little Ange. He runs in circles around the tree where she is hanging from their thick webs! Dixie screams for someone to come to his aid," Please help me reach my wife bird and cut her loose" He tries but is too small to reach her at this point! He asks permission to get on top of Poppa Sky's head so he can have a better reach of her and then pulling off a thick branch from the Mulberry tree to reach LA with, he stands carefully on Poppa Sky's head trying to balance with his twisted toes,all the while reaching up with the long branch to his Little Angel! Little Angel reaches down breaking through the webbing she is caught in and grabs the branch that Dixie is holding out to her, suddenly losing her balance she falls from the webbing and tumbles down onto Dixie, as both birds fall sliding down Poppa Sky's red feathered back!
Dixie kisses his Little Angel. "Oh Dixie you saved my life. I'm sure those black Monster Spiders were going to eat me for dinner." Little Angel sniffs, wiping a tear from her eye. Sky checks his little fister over and seeing she and Dixie are ok, he stands tall as he can, and looks intently around to find a way to escape from this mess. It is while he is busy searching that Jenny-Lynn arrives ta his side. "SKY, I have a plan." she whispers into Sky's ear. HE nods his red head several times as he listens to her plan. After she finishes he clears his voice to get everybirds attention.
"Jenny-Lynn has a plan. She thinks if we were to form a long line and use sticks to break the webs, we can easily bust free of the spider's trap and get away from here. BonBon has a lighter." He frowns, thinking to himself, she ought not to have it in the first place, taking note to lecture his daughter later. " We can use it to burn the webs off the trees and bushes, our sticks can tear them down from the path ahead of us." Seeing no other plan, everybirdie lines up, wing to wing forming a greyt line of feathers, and slowly they work their way forward, removing webs as they go. It seems a very long time before they reach the end of the spiders home, and bid them a quick good-bye. The Spiders glare angry eyes at the retreating birds. "Just wait, they think they are free from troubles...." The Spiders hiss and laugh as they return to their damaged webs. " they'll wish they were here again!"
Jesse stops for a moment to get his bearings. He sits on a tree that had fallen to the ground. HE asks SKY to find Apache so he can use the binoculars. Sky searches but returns with Kiddo in a panic, " Apache, Sweetpepper and Pearl are gone!"
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, rally and lacie, poncho botd 24/3/14, Jack, thank you all for BOTD, Angel Sassy, Till I see you again,, Casper, you fought a good fight l'il man, amando, sky, Angel Lupe', I will see you again!, l'il angel adler, dixie's wife-bird, broken wings, broken promises, casey, the l'il angel & dixie wedding album, JESSE, VOTE FOR ME BOTM IN OCTOBER, flynn, QUEEN ANGEL, thanks for BOTM my friends, sarah little bird, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, zeena, thanks for august botm & sweetie, thank you friends for BOTD.

10/20/2014 06:26.10 PM Report This Comment  
  October BOTM POST number thirteen
Hi everybirdie Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure POST. I want to take a moment to thank you all for your continuous daily votes, and awesome blogs. I am trying to use them in my story line so keep them comin.' IF anybirdie still needs a Halloween picture please let me know your choice of costume and I will see what I can do to help you out.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sky screams shrilly and he a Jake back up quickly from the mound of parted grass. "What was that thing???"
"I have no idea but I'm outta here" Jake heads back to rejoin BB and the others, with Sky following on his heels.
Sky shivers, and ducks behind BB. Peaking out to stare towards the grass with dilated eyes. "EEEEEKuck." Sky did not get the words out before birdies began to scream and jump as fast as they could to join Jake and Sky behind BB and BonBon who had come to see what was wrong with her Poppa Sky.
"S-P-I-D-E-R-S!" from every direction big, ucky, black, beady eyed spiders crawl, hang and appear out of every tree, bush and from behind every blade of grass. The girl birds huddle close together as the spiders spin their webs angrily from every solid object. Sky nervously sneaks a peak again from behind BB, closing his eyes. He hates spiders, well no, Sky is afraid of them, and these are BIG, black ucky ones with a quadrillion legs. He shutters, then takes a brave breath of air.
"BOYS, we must protect the ladies" Sky announces not too confidently.
"Yeah, that's right" Cookie says, hanging tightly onto BB's leg once more. " we'll protect you girls"
"Oh really, they're just Spiders" BooBoo says snatching one in her beak and swallowing it whole, "YUMMMMMIE"
The others look at BooBoo and make faces, "how disgusting BooBoo, eating it without BBQing it first" BonBon chirps up. " AHHHHHHH, ones chasing me" she says taking flight. She lands on her Poppa Sky's head. "I'll sit up here and keep watch on them for you" she grins down at her red feathered Poppa.
The spiders continue to emerge, spinning thick webs everywhere. Their black eyes glaring like fiery flames of anger. The birds huddle closely as the Spiders move closer and closer. Suddenly Jesse sees what looks like an opening, and yells, " Follow me" he runs as fast as his talons will carry him between two Mulberry bushes with the others closely upon his heels. The duck low to avoid the heavy webs hanging from the old dark trees, and weave to the left and right around the huge black spiders who appear to block their path of escape. Jesse rushes forward, jumping over an old fallen log, and lands inches from a monstrous Spider, who growls and snaps his feet at the pasting birdies.
"EEEEEEEEEEEE" the scream brings the fleeing birds to a halt, "LITTLE ANGEL, the Spiders grabbed her into their web, HELP HER!!!!!
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, rally and lacie, poncho botd 24/3/14, Jack, thank you all for BOTD, Angel Sassy, Till I see you again,, Casper, you fought a good fight l'il man, amando, sky, Angel Lupe', I will see you again!, l'il angel adler, dixie's wife-bird, broken wings, broken promises, casey, the l'il angel & dixie wedding album, JESSE, VOTE FOR ME BOTM IN OCTOBER, flynn, QUEEN ANGEL, thanks for BOTM my friends, sarah little bird, zeke, thank you friends for BOTD, zeena, thanks for august botm & sweetie, thank you friends for BOTD.

10/19/2014 04:48.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
The bighead here thanks your folks for being the entertainment committee. We hope Bighead T got through her exam well, and passed with flying colors. It was a pleasure to meet all of you, and see Peabody and Sherman again, said our bighead. She loved the garden as well. Her trick is to plant the marigolds in containers or around the borders, they seem to thrive almost anywhere.
The opera gala last night was wonderful, too bad it couldn't have lasted longer. Mom did hear lots of arias, duets, and ensembles that she loves, and they did a bit of operetta as well.
Mom's tour with college students turned out to be fun yesterday, and they wanted Dinosaur hall, which she loves. Today mom has 2 tours at the museum with West Virginia University students. Do you think she's trying to avoid the football game? I sure do. She got very upset with the team's loss last week, even though she didn't see the game.
I hope you are having a good day, lots of sun and warmer temps than we have here. Get lots of scritchies and cuddles today. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

10/19/2014 08:07.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi PM & Al
Ah yes, mom thought she had more toys than she did ... but, I did get a lot of dishes and perches I needed.
My mom had a wonderful time. Thanks to your moms for taking us around and having us over for breakfast ... lunch ... must be very tired of all of us Hahahahaha.
It was wonderful to meet Patrick, Tim and Mike too. They must think my mom is a crazy lady ... LOL! The old man was very sweet to put up with so many in the house.
It was a long long drive home in the rain. I was very happy to see mom again.
Does any bird have some sunshine they can share? We are in the hot chocolate season for sure!

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

10/18/2014 11:13.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
V4U today. We saw that Bird Channel is up and running again and thought we would get caught up with our blogs. We now have 3 squash sitting in the fridge, all we need is for mom to make them. LOL :) We've been getting lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms. It's been a very stormy fall so far. Wishing you a nice weekend. From, Mayo

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

10/10/2014 01:05.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
V4U today. Guess what? Our parronts finally bought some squash. It's in the fridge right now, but mom plans to bake it soon. Our mornings have been getting chilly, same with the evenings. Lots of rain too. Hard to believe that it's already October! Have a good weekend. From, Mayo

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

10/03/2014 06:49.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
Hope moms have fun at the wedding. The rally sounds interesting, too, wish we lived closer. Mom needs to weed around here at least one more time before winter, but she is so lazy. Oh, mom's daughter told her to use a needle threader, and she laughed!
Today is going to be a quiet one, mom will do some shopping, then later go to dinner with her sis, but she's ours for the day. Of course, that means major cage cleaning, but as long as she's with us, we love it.
Today was my last day on the antibiotics, YAY. Yesterday I solicited a bath, which is the first time that's happened since I hurt my leg in July. Mom thinks the wound on my side is nearly healed, there is just one tiny hard spot left. She will continue to put the healing ointment on it, but I'm doing quite well now! Thank you for all the support and prayers, I really appreciate it.
I hope you are having another beautiful day, we sure are. It's supposed to cloud up later and maybe rain, but it sure is nice right now. I also hope you get lots of hugs and scritchies today. Hugs from me, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

09/30/2014 08:10.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi PM & Al
Well, just a little over a week and my mom will hit the road for her long and scary drive all by herself! Five to six hours wouldn't scare her ... but 9!!! I sure hope the weather is good!
So, what's with Sherman & Peabody? Do they think that they are in charge? I think not! They better start listening to the moms. Do they at least step up?
Well, I put away my summer things today. This 50's is NOT summer weather! I'm not going to wait any more for it to show up! I'm sitting here in my hoodie with my fuzzy slippers on.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/29/2014 10:31.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
Mom heard about Ed today! She was riding home with someone (see below) who mentioned that he works at Petco, and brings his babies in to feed there when he has them.
Mom just got back from an outdoor event at Hartwood Acres, a beautiful part of the Burgh. It's called Hay Days and it stresses sustainable local shopping, energy, use of resources, and lots of green things in our area. Mom brought home a free book given by the library and a seed ball to plant for next year, a flower that attracts bees. 4 volunteers and the education director signed up for the event, so mom and her volunteer partner just did the first 3 hours, and the other 2 volunteers will do the last 2.
Chelsea Possum was a huge hit! Everyone flocked around to see her, get a free zipper pull or bottle opener, depending on whether the visitor was juvenile or adult.Mom even got asked about volunteer opportunities, which is great. All in all, it was a good day, complete with sunny weather.
Tonight is the milonga, and we can't wait to get there. It should be fun with the Rodeo Queen and her 4 Princesses presiding over the mutton busting and barrel racing events. Hope to see you there! Have a great day, whether or not you are attending tonight, though. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

09/27/2014 11:53.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi PM & Al
Sounds like S & P need some training ... are you up to it? or, maybe being so small that wouldn't be a good idea.
Glad you have good weather ... please hang on to it for my mom.
It won't be long now and she will be in PA!
We had another day of 60's and warming to 71 around 3 until 5pm and then cold again. I sat out with mom for a half hour trying to find a spot of sun. This is NOT what the weather people said we would have. I guess we have two more chances to get a warm day.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/26/2014 10:45.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
We don't know him, we only know George from Silvernite aviaries. He has had Parrotlets in the past, maybe he's one to contact. His birds are well socialized, you already know Willie.
Mom got to do the RVS room today, and it's really emptying out. There are only 3 raccoons in there. The one was super friendly, and kept trying to touch mom, then when she didn't respond, he started screaming. It brought 2 staff members and 3 volunteers to the door to make sure everything was okay. Mom laughed, and said she was pinching him from 4 cages away! (She was cleaning out his old cage when he started to make all that noise.) Since she finished that room so quickly, she did some dishes, folded some laundry, then went into the office to file charts. She had done some on Monday, but the basket of things to be filed was full again.
After the center she went to the bank to deposit a property tax refund. She wasn't sure if it would come this year, or if they would take it off next year's taxes, but she was sure happy to see it.
Yesterday mom got some sewing done, and today she will do more, if there is time. She is thrilled to be able to do that again!
I hope you are having a wonderful day, getting sunshine, scritches, and lots of love. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

09/26/2014 11:22.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
The birdicure was fine, Willie is the only one who reacts, and he's a real drama queen, heehee. He would get mad if he heard that, he's considered the king of drama here.
Today is my 3rd day on the antibiotics, so mom got her 3rd bite today (on the arm instead of the hand this time). Only 11 more doses to go, heehee. I don't really like getting toweled and told what to swallow, but I think mom means well. She is wondering if anybirdie out there has a suggestion for probiotics, as well. She hates to buy benebac, because I'm only one bird, and those tubes are expensive. Has anybirdie tried a dot of yogurt? We think that may work, but we aren't sure. Mom says it would be such a tiny amount, it shouldn't hurt, be we'd like to be sure.
Mom cleaned the coyote pens today, and both boys are getting big. They should be gone soon, we think. Yesterday the 22 outdoor raccoons were released, YAY, and today about 6 turtles said goodbye to us and went home to the wild. It's really clearing out there. Martha's foster owlets went into the flight cage this morning after the red tailed hawk was released from there, so it's starting to slow down considerably at the center.
I hope you are having a good day today, even though these days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down. Get lots of extra cuddles to keep you warm, okay? Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

09/19/2014 10:39.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi finches
V4U today. It's great that fall is finally here. We sure do like the cooler weather. Nothing new, just busy as usual. Our two clearance hibiscus flowered yesterday for the first time since we bought them. They were in pretty bad shape when we bought them so it was a treat to see them in flower with healthy looking leaves. Wishing you a nice weekend. From, Mayo

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

09/19/2014 04:46.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Guys
and girls, too. Thanks for helping me celebrate BOTD! I was so surprised to see myself staring out on the main page. It was a great party in the castle, too, hope you were able to attend and get some of that great cake.
Sorry I didn't get here earlier. Mom just got back from the vet. The Doctor was actually pleased with the healing on Falco's leg, but the wound in her side was not there before. It hadn't bled that mom could see. When her leg got hurt, she bled all over the cage. This new wound might be from her picking at her side, we just don't know. Anyway, she is on oral antibiotics for 2 weeks, and they will go back for a follow up next week. Mom is also putting some aloe vera healing balm on the leg and side for now, as well. The gook news is that her gram stain was normal and she has gained 5 grams, bringing her weight back to where it should be.
I hope you are having a good day and getting lots of hugs. Here's one from me, too. Hugs, Peppino

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

09/17/2014 01:25.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi PM & Al
Another nasty puter night for us ... at least the net is up ... sort of! We had days with no power!
It's only 4 weeks before mom is there ... YAY!
So you want mom to bring the cold cold rainy weather with her???? She was ready to pack now, it might be winter clothes!
So, Sherman and Peabody are wild ones ... hehehehe. Looks like some training will be going on ... better you than me!
What a cold and dreary day we had. The high temps were 48 to 52 degrees ... BRRR! I had to wear my hoodie to keep warm.
Today we remember all the people lost in the WTC, Pentagon and Shanksville PA ... keeping them and the survivors in our thoughts and prayers.
PS Mom says ... see you soon!

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/11/2014 10:46.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi PM & Al
Thanks for sending a note up to angel tooth for me. I don't think anyone could have stopped those 4 nasty severe t-storms that hit us. Mom & I were very scared but dad thought it was interesting. We got a good sleep the next night.
We had a nice sunny day of 72 degrees today. But, the temps will continue to fall all week. I guess I'd better dust off the snowshoes, so sad.
Thanks, that is mom's tartan ... dad doesn't have one.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/07/2014 10:48.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi PM & Al
Well, you could always call him PM (prime minister ?Phoebe Montgomery ... hehehe).
Oh yes, I'm very girly. That was my face painting from the Milonga Fair in August.
I'm so happy that the package arrived in one piece. You know how my mom worries! Hope the moms liked it. It does have some bling (you know my mom), but not too much. We just wanted to remember their special day.
We did get 72 degrees but that was it. I'd say we won't see a real summer this year. If we get the early, short and cold fall followed by a worst winter; don't think we'll have a good summer next year either.
I'm back! What a week we had ... tornado, severe t-storms, flooding ... so many power lines and trees down on roads! Last night was an all night LOUD t-storm with no power. We finally got our power and internet (and phones) back tonight. I was scared and whimpering a lot. I didn't like that very LOUD noise that shook the house for hours. Mom made me take a long nap today and early to bed tonight. We were lucky, only a few trees down with power lines on two different nights. We lost trees on our property too. Hope every bird is fine, missed you.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/05/2014 10:53.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
Mom & I haven't been on BC for a few months, & we are shocked & very saddened to learn of Tooth's passing. Mom thought Tooth was the cutest little guy. Please accept our sincere condolences. He will be greatly missed.
Mom also sent u the prayer request blog we sent out today for a very special little girl.
Lots of love to all & a vote
TiaMaria & mom Sandy

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

09/04/2014 07:37.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
Hi everybirdy!
Tia here, sorry I haven't been around in quite awhile, sooooo much has been going on, I'll let u know all about it. Mom FINALLY unpacked the box that contained her notebook that has everybirdy's page #s! Today, mom & I ask for ur prayers.

A good friend of mom's has an adorable 4 yr old daughter, Mila. The past 14 months have been a horrific nightmare for Dawn, Mila's mother. Mila was born with Li Fraumeni Syndrome, which is an EXTREMELY RARE genetic condition. Certain receptors shut off & leaves that person very prone to cancer. Last summer, Mila began acting strangely...bobbing her head around, running into things, suddenly falling down & grabbing her head & screaming. Her pediatrician immediately ordered a brain MRI. Dawnh& Neil were devastated to learn that their precious 3 yr old daughter had Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, an EXTREMELY RARE & very aggressive brain cancer. Mila had brain surgery 3 days later. It was touch & go for the 1st week, they had to restart her heart 4 times. Miraculously, she made it thru, although she spent 3 months in intensive care. She was released fromthe hospital 2 days before Christmas...a true Christmas miracle...Mila had ABSOLUTELY NO mental deficit! Since then, she must have an MRI every 3 months. All of them had been perfectly spotless - until her MRI last week.

Mila now has 2 aggressive tumors - the larger one, the size of a small navel orange, & the other is a bit larger than a golfball. The larger one is in the same spot as the one removed last year, but it is tangled in her nerves & has been deemed inoperable. She will once again have to endure chemotherapy & this time start radiation. The smaller tumor will be removed. I just spoke to her mom Dawn, they will be leaving for Children's Hosp in Pittsburgh in a couple hrs. Mila will be having brain surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30am. to remove the smaller tumor & hopefully be able to remove part at least part of the larger one. We are all heartbroken that this precious little girl hasto go thru tthis again. I hope all our dear friends will say a special prayer for Mila, that God in Heaven will once again restore her health! Thank you my dear friends & God Bless u all.
TiaMaria & mom Sandy

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

09/04/2014 06:09.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Phoebe & Al
I hope the package arrived today in one piece!

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/02/2014 09:09.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Finches
V4U today. The tropical hibiscus that we have are very small except for the one tree, and that's not very big, either. They won't take up too much room in the house once winter is here. We plan to put them in front of our dining room window (how lovely, yes) LOL LOL We are really behind on answering our blogs. There's nothing new, just been busy as always. We had a nice Labor Day Weekend. The weather was cloudy and cool on Sunday, which was great. Yes, the hot and humid weather has returned. Hopefully we'll have fall weather soon. Wishing you a nice day. From, Mayo

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

09/02/2014 01:14.34 PM Report This Comment  
Please tell your mom to watch for a package in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Hope you had a nice Labor Day. We didn't have a BBQ today. Instead, northern Michigan had a nasty t-storm and a tornado. Three areas were hit but, no one was hurt just houses, cars, trees. The tornado was 20 miles south of us. We lost several trees on our property. Our power was out because a tree fell on the wires and took them down on the road. This was next door to us. My parronts went to town and came home with chicken. We ate our dinner in the dark with a flash light. I don't like eating in the dark! We are finally with power again ...YAY!

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

09/01/2014 09:48.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Phoebe & Al
Tell your mom to put up a page for the lovies here. We don't know when the other site will be ready to go. And, we are all staying on the BC to the end.

It's Saturday and we have some sun! In between the rain our temps have been between 75 and 78 with humidity. That's right, you heard 78!!!! Ahhhh, it was nice to bask in the sun for a while before the next rain came. The only downside of the weekend is the bike people are back! Yes, it's the DALMAC weekend. They start in Lansing and end up on the Mackinac Bridge (3rd longest suspension bridge of 5 miles) walk on Sunday. There are three routes with 1500 bicycles on each route. Our scenic road is one of them, lucky us. Just try to get down our curvy wooded road with them riding 2,3,and sometimes 4 across! They will all be gone on Monday and back to normal around here. Meanwhile I'm enjoying what sun and warm temps we have. Then tonight is the fun Milonga Fair. See you there.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/30/2014 01:45.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Phoebe & Al
Just wanted to stop over and let you know that you need to put up the lovebirds on the BC .... PLEASE, we can blog to you.
PS That other Birdyville isn't ready to fly yet. Probably for a long time.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/29/2014 11:56.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Society of Finches
V4U today. There's nothing new here. Mom's just been so busy as always. There are now 4 tropical hibiscus on our deck and 1 hardy hibiscus planted in the yard. LOL :) They were all on clearance and needed a good home so home they came! LOL :) One of the hibiscus is in especially poor condition so hopefully it will bounce back after some TLC. It's been so hot and humid here, the mosquitoes are as big as birds. Not really, but you know what I mean. LOL :) Have a good day. From, Mayo

Come visit me, Mayo, Dandy & Marigold.

08/21/2014 09:00.19 AM Report This Comment  
  angel Montgomery
Leaving you a vote in your memory on your special day.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

07/19/2014 09:23.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Sugar here~
Dropping off a big Angel Wing hug for Montgomery. You are not forgotten little one!
With love always~

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo ready to celebrate Halloween!!BOO & The Calendar Page~October Birthstone is the Opal.

07/19/2014 10:37.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Angel
Montgomery, we just wanted to let you know you are not forgotten. Hugs, Falco and the boys

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

07/19/2014 06:44.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Dear Angel Montgomery
Just flying in with a vote in your honor and memory on the anniversary of your flight to the Rainbow Bridge. We know the flock and family miss and love you still. Eggstra wing hugs, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

07/19/2014 05:57.49 AM Report This Comment  
Thank you for stopping by everyday with your votes...Yes, only 2 more days to go....V4U...Sorry about not getting my campaign blog out earlier but Mom had some appointments today...Today I will talk about Future Trends....The growing interest in cockatiels stems partly from the development of the various colors.Whereas several colors of budgerigar are known to have been seen first in flocks in Australia,no mutation of the cockatiel has ever been recorded from the wild.In their native habitat,cockatiels range widely over frequently inhospitable terrain in search of food and water.They have evolved their powerful flight to enable them to cover these large distances;at the same time,their rapid and high reproductive capacity is an essential ingredient for the survival of the species in a region where rainfall-and therefore a supply of grasses and other green food-can be highly unpredictable.At present, the natural appearance of the cockatiel has been little altered by selective breeding, in noticeable contrast to the budgerigar.However,this could change quite rapidly as increasing numbers of cockatiels are exhibited.Should the trend favor larger cockatiels on the show bench,then breeders will obviously aim to conform to such requirements.This carries with it a risk that the natural grace and elegance of the cockatiel will be lost in a stampede for size in exhibition birds.Thankfully, this does not appear to be the case at present,but the risk remains,especially while there are no official standards for exhibition cockatiels laid down in many countries......Hope your Thursday has been a nice one...Many birdie wing hugs...Sam :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

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Well my friends do you really want everyday to go perfect?...I am guessing that will never happen....Thanks for your votes...V4U...Today I will finish the second part of "Treating a Sick Bird"....Make sure that water is freely available; a sick Cockatiel will find it easier to drink from an open hook-on-container, rather than a tubular drinker.Put food within easy reach; sick birds can sometimes be persuaded to feed from the hand, but do not cause them stress at any stage. As the cockatiel's condition improves, you can gradually lower the temperature of its surroundings. Before returning a bird to its regular cage, make sure that it is fully recovered and re-acclimatized. Egg-binding is another very serious condition that often happens to female Cockatiels.Sometimes they continue to lay eggs and they must be watched closely. Because one egg might get stuck in the vent and if it is not removed it could become fatal to the cockatiel.A bird in this condition must be handled very gently, so as not to break the egg.The most effective treatment is usually an injection of calcium, given by a veterinarian.This appears to restore the the muscular activity, so that the female cockatiel can lay the egg without difficulty.In extreme cases your veterinarian may undertake surgery as a last resort..Check your cockatiels diet after a case of egg-binding. It may be that insufficient cuttlefish bone was available to them, or perhaps they could benefit from a supplement containing Vitamin D, which is responsible for moving calcium stores around the body.....Have a "HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYBODY"....Many birdie wing hugs....Sam :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

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Thanks for your votes....Wow!! sure am busy with the votes today....V4U..Today my campaign blog will be about "Treating a sick bird"....Accurate diagnosis of illness in cockatiels can be very difficult without laboratory assistance,but you will soon see that a bird is sick.It will sit quietly, with its plumage no longer sleek, and its eyes may be closed.The droppings will alter in appearance and,in some cases,can even show traces of blood.If you begin treatment during the early stages of the illness, there is a good possibility that the bird will make a full recovery.Antibiotic drugs,prescribed by a veterinarian if necessary, can be administered via the cockatiel's drinking water or, in more acute cases injected directly by the veterinarian.Carefully follow all instructions about dosage and never stop a course of treatment before the recommended time.Antibiotics are useful in countering bacterial disease, but are of little direct value in viral and most fungal infections. Fortunately, viral infections are uncommon in cockatiels and the main problem involving fungi is candidiasis,which can be controlled by feeding a well-balanced diet.Sick birds need a warm environment up to 90 degrees F or 32 degrees C.You can keep them in a hospital cage with an infrared lamp.Choose a 'dull emitter'variety, because this produces heat but not light.Suspend the lamp over part of the cage.The cockatiel will then be able to adjust its position,moving closer to the heat to the heat source as necessary...Tomorrow I will continue part 2 of "Treating your sick bird"....Hope you are having a great Sunday....Birdie wing hugs to you...Sam :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

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Appreciate you stopping by with a vote for me while I am campaigning to be BOTM....Just pecked a V4U...Today my campaign blog will be about "Pelleted and Complete Foods"....Encourage your cockatiels to eat one of the brands of pelleted or complete foods now available. You can use either a diet produced for parrot-like birds, or preferably, one intended specifically for cockatiels. Pellets marketed for large parrots often prove to be rather wasteful for cockatiels, so pick small sized pellets. It is important to keep this food dry at all times. Introduce cockatiels to pelleted food my mixing it with their regular diet at first. Then cut back on the amount of seed as they start to feed on the complete diet. Because it is a complete diet, it is not usually necessary to use any supplement with foods of this type in fact using supplements can actually be harmful. Be sure that the cockatiels have adequate water available at all times, since they tend to drink more when feeding on pellets, which are very dry. Any shortage of water may be dangerous to the birds health.....Have a great Wednesday....Many birdie wing hugs....Sam :o)

Come visit me, Cydney LOVES RAFFI !!!!, Sam, Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy & Princess IS MARRIED TO TWEETY!!!.

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  Dear Society of Finches
Well, now my friend Punkin has gone to join your society of Finches on the Rainbow Bridge. We always think of her as 'Queen Punkin'. We are sure they will be singing and meeting regularly with the Lord. I know we are sad from missing them, but what a joy they are for the Lord!
I came over today to see the nest you are building and can hardly wait to see it comepleted!
All our love and warm birdy kisses to your flockily.
Luv, Ms. Chirps and Spot♥
PS. Please tell Mr. Tooth that I am better this week!

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!!, Spot::vote Jesse, 227428 for BOTM!!! & Lemon Le'BonBon,.

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  Dear Flockily of the Society of Finches
Our heartfelt regrets for your loss of Montgomery. We at the Henhouse are praying for your hearts to heal.
Your BOTD honors for your society are because we all love you so much. Mongomery will be wearing a special crown on the Bridge! My fister, Angel Bertie will be there, too! She always did love your cute little ways. We used to joke about all your meetings over every decision, but we were a little jealous at how closely you all worked together for the good of your flockily.
All the recently departed members of your flock are probably gathering for a meeting right now with the Lord who created you! We know He must be smiling to watch your cute, earnest meetings! Ya'll are always so cheerful, so we will know whenever a sudden smile of laugh comes to us, it comes from your sweet souls, as a result of one of your meetings! God bless you all.
Luv, Ms. Chirps, Spot, and mama Rea♥

Come visit me, Angel Bertie's Rainbow Gym: Thanks for BOTD!, Angel Bertie: Happy New Year!, Chirps: Happy New Year!!!, The Happy Couple!!!, Spot::vote Jesse, 227428 for BOTM!!! & Lemon Le'BonBon,.

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  Hey Guys
I know, Phoebe is a girl. We were sorry to have to extend condolences again, hope you two have long and happy lives. If you need more pals for a meeting, let your moms know, I'm sure they can find more of you! Hugs, Willie

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Congrats to Kaji!, Peppino, Divo & Falco.

07/23/2013 07:17.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi angel Montgomery
Hope you like the flowers. We will miss you but know that you are with Verona now. Bailey, Gizmo, ChiChi and many more will be there with you.

Come visit me, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

07/22/2013 09:46.17 PM Report This Comment  



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  For MONTGOMERY's Flockily, WE HAVE

To pick up your order, please do the following:

Go to The Pretty Rose Flower Shop (Page 188440) and scroll down to the Picture Gallery. You will see your order receipt followed by your order. Your order may be on more than one page. Be sure to check all pages in the picture gallery.

To take delivery on your order, do the following:

1. Click on the image to open to full size.
2. Right click on the image to bring up the sub menu.
3. Click on "Save Picture As" and choose a location to save the image.
4. Simply copy the image and paste the image where ever you wish.

Do the same for all images.

Images will remain posted for one week. At that time, your order will be moved to a file folder. If you wish to reorder the same item, just let us know and we will repost it.

With Our Sincerest Sympathy,
♥ Alex, Ruby & Muffin ♥
The Pretty Rose Flower Shop


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  Congratulations for Being BOTD!
A Society of Finches are Birds Of The Day, today. But I see it is more of a sad day having lost your Montgomery Bird. I'm glad for your "spotlight" but oh so sorry for having Montgomery Bird moving out & up to the Rainbow Bridge. I wish you had received this honor in more pleasant times. Our condolences to all of you & your good Mommas too! May this honor & visitors bring you some peace & love to help you through these tough days. Big hugs to all of you, SamIAm & Mom Robin

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says Vote Jesse BOTM 227428! Boo to You!.

07/21/2013 09:42.11 PM Report This Comment  
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