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Timneh African Grey from Newton, NJ
Cu-Bird -Justice for Ozzi

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Hi! My name is Cu-Bird -Justice for Ozzi

I am a Timneh African Grey from Newton, NJ.

Pippin, Perfect Little Pippin, Peeps, Cute Bird, Crouton, Junior, Mini Me and Brat Bird, African Princess . My full name is Cuchulain, a mythical Irish warrior is my given name by my former owners. Mom thinks Cu Bird is short for "Cute Bird"-can't argue that!

13 years old   F

Timneh African Grey

Papaya, turkey breast, watermelon, pizza crust.

Anyone's shoulder, I'm a social climber and on that T stand! I also like to snuggle and cuddle with mom.

I hate to be left out of all the fun! My frother Blue--gets real nosey and comes over on my cage. Now that I have moved, I am Elvis's neighbor, so much happier now!

I get to go all over the place with mom. I also get to sit on Aunt Jeanne's shoulder when she visits. I love the formation of the African Delegation here with my fister Miranda and my frother Boomer who moved in with Meiko's flock. It is much fun with culture, history and music. And we get to watch movies with the family at night!

I would rather escape from my cage and hang out on the T stand. I now have mastered the art of getting on the bottom of my cage and chasing the mop when mom does the floor. I was rescues as a boy and on 12/31/13 I laid an egg!.

"I'm NOT Miranda!" "And, I'm definitely NOT a Paterson grey pigeon!".

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  Hi CuBird
I'm so sorry to hear about Samantha! Hope those feathers grow back soon. Mine are all grown back. When I saw the vet last week, she had to move feathers to try to find my booboo. She took off my collar and said she doesn't want to see me for any emergencies any time soon. (I don't want to see her either, haha.)
Chyna and her folks live in Northport FL, which is just north of Port Charlotte. It's pretty there, mom says.
Mom's tours yesterday were great, she enjoyed each one of them. She had a question on the last one that she didn't answer to the woman's satisfaction, and she really tried to answer it to the best of her ability. The question was very unclear, though, so maybe that was the problem.
We had a lovely time with mom after she got home, though. We all got our cuddles and scritches from her, and she even sang and danced with us.
Those baby woodpeckers that were rescued on Saturday are doing well.
Today mom cleaned the bunny room at the center. She also prepared 3 more cages for incoming patients in the treatment room. It seems that as soon as some bunnies leave, there are others to take their places. Mom also fed the mom possum, the falcon, and the mallard in the recovery room, as well as doing 3 laundry tubs full of dishes. She was going to run out for bird seed but she's tired, so may do it tomorrow instead. It seems the wild birds around here are eating up the suet and seed as soon as it gets put outside!
I hope you're having a great day, getting lots of sunshine and some cuddles and scritches, too. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

05/23/2016 10:08.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
Your folks are going to FL too? Will they be visiting Aunt Jane and Chyna? That's what my mom did and she was gone for a week, just long enough for me to mutilate my leg.
I sure feel better now, with that collar off. I preened my new feathers yesterday after the vet took off my collar. Mom offered me a bath, but I wasn't quite ready yet. I'm thinking maybe today...
It's still chilly here, only 59 at 1:30 today. It's still cloudy, too, so that's part of the reason. Mom had to pick up plants from the deck today. Apparently a squirrel got into one of the pots, upended it, and spilled dirt out of some of the others, too. She's had plants out there hardening off for a few days. She had them all in the kitchen the other night when we had the hard freeze warning, but put them out again yesterday.
On Sunday, mom, her daughter, and Anna went to dinner at a Thai restaurant. Anna surprised them both by picking up the tab! Mom thinks it made her happy to buy for everyone for a change. Mom still left the tip. The food was great, and everyone loved their meals. When mom got home, she made fudge for today's docent meeting and luncheon.
So after the meeting this morning, the docents had their spring pot luck lunch. This means that mom won't have to cook tonight, as she ate a lot for lunch. Mom's fudge is usually a big hit, and today was no exception. Not as many people stayed for lunch, though, so she had to bring some back home.
We're not doing anything special for the rest of the day, just kind of hanging out with mom. That suits us just fine, though. I hope you are having a great day, getting lots of cuddles and scritches, and maybe even some sunshine. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

05/17/2016 10:59.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
The opera was a lot of fun, the sets were whimsical, looked like woodcuts, the music was playful for the most part, and the singers were good. It's always good to have a balanced cast. Mom likes Stravinsky.
My hormones kick in around December or early January, which is why I'm done laying eggs (mom hopes forever) and being my old sweet self again.
My big news: The vet is very pleased with my progress. The scab fell off my booboo when she toweled me yesterday. She examined the wound to make sure it wasn't seeping anywhere, and it wasn't, which made her happy. There is still one tiny hole where it isn't quite healed yet, but it's well on its way. I have a whole bunch of new feathers coming in, both on my chest and on my leg! Even where I tore the skin so far, there are feather follicles still there, so the doctor is pretty sure I'll grow them back. We have another appointment next week, and I still have the collar on, so no baths or spritzes.
Yesterday mom saw a hummingbird on our azalea. She got all excited, and will clean and fill the feeder today. It was a female, which means there might be a nest nearby.
Mom finally planted her larkspur seeds, but it might be too late. Our neighbor, who gave her the seeds, already has plants 4 inches or so high!
Today mom is off, but has some errands to run, so we'll be in lockdown for a couple of hours, until she gets back. It's a beautiful spring day here, kind of cool, but sunny. I hope you are getting some good spring weather there, along with cuddles and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

05/04/2016 06:53.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
I need to catch you up: Mom noticed a couple of days after she got home that it wasn't just a brood patch. I had plucked almost all the way up my chest, and while she was gone, I plucked my right leg bare and was mutilating the skin. She got me to the vet right away, who put me on antibiotics and pain meds, and she put a turtle neck collar on too.
I'm going back for my third follow up tomorrow.
Mom talked to about 50 people yesterday about the pterosaurs hanging from the overlook. She spelled it wrong yesterday, for anyone looking them up: It's cycnoramphus, with a y not an i. They have weird mouths, tiny teeth only in the front. There were lots of people using the elevator and the stairs on the overlook, just not that many stopping to look at what mom had to show. She even had a cast of a pterodactyl for folks to touch.
After the museum, mom went to Barnes and Noble to use the coupons she had. As usual, it didn't take her long to find things to read.
Today at the center mom had the avian nursery to do. There are some nestlings there who had to eat every 30 minutes, and she had the timer for them, too. The nestlings were a little fuzzy finch, a Carolina wren, and a baby robin. There were also several mallards in there, 10, at least, in 2 cages with decoy moms and mirrors. There was a baby goose with a decoy mom in its cage, too. There were the usual mourning doves and pigeons, as well as an eastern screech owl, a cardinal, and a pileated woodpecker. Mom also set up a cage for a grey catbird, but didn't see it, as it was still in the treatment room.
She was a few minutes late getting out today; that was a lot of birds, with the baby feedings thrown in.
Now, mom is home with us, hoping to finish a book today, and maybe get some laundry going. Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment with my vet, and she is seeing me before rush hour starts, YAY! She's going to see more than 2 feathers growing in, too. I hope you are having a good day, getting lots of cuddles and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

05/02/2016 10:34.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
We never realized it took so long for the cornea to heal! Hope she gets those other sutures out soon so she'll be seeing really well again. As for me and my eggs, there's still one on my grate. Mom removed 2 of them before she left for FL, and Bree took out one broken one, so there's one left, but I'm so over that now. My feathers are growing back on my belly and chest, and mom was happy to see that!
Mom says it's good to be home. I was a brat with Bree, wouldn't let her clean my grate. She texted mom and was worried, but mom told her to clean what she could, and mom would handle the rest after she got home.
Mom had a wonderful week in FL with Aunt Jane, Uncle Bill, and Chyna. She was flattered that Chyna actually let her play with her and pick her up this time. Mom came home to a broken water heater, though, so we're working on getting that fixed today. The good news is that it happened last night, so Bree and all of us had all the hot water we needed. Mom will give more details about the trip as time goes on, and will post some pics, too.
For today, we're just glad to be back online and happy to see everybirdie. I hope you are having a great day today, getting lots of cuddles and scritches. I'm in the KB for the next 2 weeks, so I hope to see you there! Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

04/06/2016 08:38.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
Were you laying eggs too? I totally surprised mom with 7 eggs this year for the first time ever! I was a real B___ for awhile, but now I'm getting back to my normal self. I had pulled out a bunch of feathers for a brood patch, and mom noticed new feather growth today. She was happy to see that! Your mom must be super busy. Sorry the Tiels had to come back, too. I bet their mom misses them. Did mom get the last stitch out of her cornea? Did it all work out okay?
Mom found a new Easter Bread recipe online and decided to give it a trial run last night. The first loaf didn't raise the way she wanted, but it did raise a little. So she tweaked the recipe a bit for the next 2 loaves, and they turned out perfect! It takes way less eggs, only 9 for the 3 loaves, instead of the 18 she used for 4 loaves before. It seems lighter, and it sure raised faster! She hasn't tasted it yet, but if it tastes as good as it looks, it's going to be the new recipe!
This morning at the center, mom trained a new volunteer in the bunny room and the mammal nursery. The trainee wasn't allowed to do any of the babies because she hasn't attended baby class yet. Mom still showed her how to do the baby carriers, though. She was able to clean after the juvenile rabbits in the bunny room, but again, not the babies. It was an interesting training session. At the end of her shift, mom got to feed 3 of the baby squirrels. She loves doing that, and all 3 were enthusiastic eaters. It's tough to feed them if they aren't interested in sucking.
Today mom is making the Easter Cheese (hard custard) that she usually does, and later meeting her sister and brother in law at their fire hall for fish dinner. They told mom it was pretty good, so she's going to give it a shot. She may get shrimp, if they have it.
We may not make it online tomorrow until the milonga, if then. Tomorrow is Egg Hunt day at the museum, so Mom is working from 10 to 4, and has to make the wedding soup for Sunday dinner. We should be able to get to the milonga, though. We're hoping she has everything done by 7 or so.
We are praying that Uncle Chuck is okay soon and back home with Jenny and the rest of the flock. I hope you are having a fun day today, getting lots of well deserved attention, cuddles, and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

03/25/2016 10:22.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
Girls night out is at 8 eastern at the pie shop, hope your mom is able to get all the girls in your flock there. Thanks for liking my pic, mom did them all this time.
Mom had the recovery room this morning, and all the turtles needed fresh food. When she was in the kitchen preparing it one of the staff came by and complimented the turtle salads she was making. Mom just laughed and said that presentation was important at this restaurant. She made each turtle a little challenge enrichment item, too. She took old paper towel rolls cut in half and stuffed some colorful chard into each one. Then she put one full half and one empty half roll into each cage. The turtles should have fun with them.
After the center, she went to Labriola's Italian store to buy more slivered almonds for the boys and Maxine. She ended up spending over $30, so you know they had a lot more than almonds that she wanted to buy.
This evening mom will go to the fish fry at St. Bart's, and pick up 2 senior dinners for her and Jeff. She's looking forward to that, since she didn't go last week.
It's 50 outside today! Mom has her winter coat in the wash, but we know it will get cold again. I don't know why she's washing it today. She says it's because she's worn it so often this winter, she's just ready to clean it.
I hope you are having another wonderful day with lots of attention, cuddles and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

02/19/2016 10:30.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
That's so sweet, all the grey girls getting together to visit with company. Hope your mom and dad had a perfect day, too. I miss talking to you. We are going to have a girls night out on the 24th, hope you and all the girls in your flock can make it. I think it's going to be the pie shop, and theme will be spring fashions, but I'll let you know where as soon as I hear from Kacey.
We are under a winter weather advisory for ice today. It was very icy when mom walked the dogs this morning, so they got cheated out of a third long walk in as many days. Poor things are going to think around the block is their new walk!
This morning mom went to the wildlife center and didn't have any animal assignments. They are still into spring cleaning mode, so she cleaned out the kitchen refrigerator(which is huge), then scrubbed thoroughly the incubator from the RVS room. It was a mess! Now it's spotless and ready for baby bats, ground hogs, raccoons, or skunks to occupy it.
Now that mom is home, due to the weather advisory, she is going to stay in for the rest of the day. I think she will walk the dogs again if the streets look okay, but other than that, she's ours for the day. Maybe she can get some errands done tomorrow. At least it's not as cold as it was over the weekend. I hope you are having a good day, being your adorable self, and getting lots of cuddles and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

02/15/2016 10:36.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
Wow, we are here, and hope we can get all our blogs done before this messes up again. Mom tried twice today to sign on unsuccessfully. This is the third time, maybe it will work now.
Yesterday mom saw nearly 160 people at her station with the archaeopteryx skull and cast of the Berlin fossil. You've probably seen that one in books, it's very famous. After her shift, she went to see the new Pterosaurs exhibit. It's wonderful! There are models hanging above, including Quetzlcoatlus northropi fleshed out. We have one in the T Rex exhibit, a fossil cast, but seeing it 'in the flesh' is just overwhelming. That guy had a wing span the length of a bus. There were also some tiny ones, one fuzzy one with a frog mouth, several that we have on display, and some great pics of their crests. Mom will try for pics next time she's there, but the hall was so crowded yesterday taking pics was impossible. There are also 3 places where you can stand and fly like a pterosaur. When you move your arms, the pterosaur on the screen moves with you! Mom couldn't get close to that, the lines were long. There are some films about fossilization and the work that Dr. Habib did to put this together. By the way he was there in Dinosaur hall answering questions when mom was there with the Archaeopteryx. He was near the T Rex exhibit at a table.
Today mom went out and bought a new sofa and chair for the living room. The sofa we have is getting worn on the arms and seat from mom pulling dog hair off all the time. The wing chair is over 30 years old, so it's time to update a little.
The chair will be here Tuesday, but the sofa will not be ready for at least 8 weeks, possibly 12. Pics will be coming, though!
I hope everyone had a great day today, got lots of cuddles and scritches. We're in bed already, we gave mom a list of things to say. By the way, it was in the 60s today! Felt like spring. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

01/31/2016 07:28.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
Thanks for the compliment! Shredding boxes is fun, do you mind if I bring Maxine along? She absolutely loves shredding boxes!
Mom is working at the museum today for Super Science day and the opening of Pterosaurs. She will finally get to see the exhibit after she finishes her shift in Dinosaur hall with the Archaeopteryx. She thinks both the skull and the cast fossil of the Berlin one will be available for hands on spotlight today.
I hope you are having a great day and getting lots of playtime, cuddles, and scritches. Hugs, Falco

PS Do you want a valentine pic? Mom is getting brave and wouldn't mind doing one for you.

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

01/30/2016 06:29.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
It's great to see you again, hope your mom's nasty whatever is gone for good, the computer is in working order, and we can chat again. Everything is going well enough here. Mom had her yearly performance review at the museum yesterday, and it was fine. There are hardly any animals at the wildlife center, except for 30 or so education animals and maybe 15 patients, so it's quiet there, too.
The dogs are having a spa day, and mom is washing their bedding so they should smell good for at least a few days, haha. It's really good that they got walked before they went to the spa, because it's cold again, and mom wouldn't want to take them out after they've been shampooed.
Today is going to be a relaxing day; we will listen to some music, play with mom in between her chores, and have a good time until dinner, when we will be put in lockdown mode so mom can go out.
It's good to be indoor birds, for sure. I hope you are having a great day, getting lots of cuddles and scritches, and having fun with toys. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

01/28/2016 07:54.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird
How are you? I miss you and the flock. We've voted for Samantha's ice sculpture, but haven't really seen you around for awhile. Hope mom is okay.
Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

01/22/2016 10:52.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
This is it--the last day of 2015! Wishing you good health, good cheer, more love than you could ever imagine, and a safe and Happy New Year! Thank you for your support in voting for me! And a special thank you to Chipper and her Mom for making my festive profile picture!! And now, the final chapter to our story:

The sneeze blasted from the Dragon like a rocket, throwing it back fifty paces, causing a whirlwind of dust and dirt.


The second blast split open the dry earth, sending explosions of soil and tree roots high into the sky like missiles, and something else too ...

The people heard the sound but couldn't recognize it at first for it had been such a long time since their ears had heard such tinkling melody. As their eyes widened in wonder, their smiles turned into grins and then yahoos and hoorahs.

Water, cold, clear spring water, oozed, then trickled, then roared out of the hole, down the hillside and along the valley floor.

The torrent knocked over a farmer's haystack, but he didn't care.

The river carried away the schoolteacher's bike shed but she cared not a jot. It even demolished the Ladies Bowling Club changing rooms but they howled with laughter and slapped their thighs. When the flood sent pools of water out towards the golf course, filling up sixteen of the nineteen holes, the men just hooted and whistled and threw their caps up in the air.

What used to be a dirty, brown dust bowl, now gleamed and glistened in the sunlight, sending playful waves and ripples across the lake and inviting all to share.

"HMMMMM," sighed the Dragon sleepily, and showing his perfect movie star teeth. "Seeing as I'm awake ..."

And he lumbered forward with surprising grace and style and disappeared into the cool dark water with a small wave of a claw and flick of his tail.

They never saw him again.

After the families had restored and rebuilt the village, and set up sailing clubs for the children, and scuba diving for the grandparents, they erected a bandstand and monument in the spot where the Dragon used to lay. Every year to mark the occasion, they would bring garlands of flowers and herbs and arrange them in a big circle. The children would have the day off school, for it was known as 'Water Dragon Day' and wearing the dragon masks that they had been working on all week, would skip and clap and sing.

The Dragon helped Us
As We said He would Do
Hooray for The Dragon
Achoo, Achoo, ACHOOOO!

And that is the end of the story.

Hope you loved it as much as Lizzie and I did! Wing hugs coming your way!

Lotsa love always from your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/31/2015 12:31.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Thank you for the hugs--nothing better! Thanks so much for getting me to 15K--and maybe even king at the Castle? Double celebrating, and the new year, too! Wow! How cool is that? Had fun chatting with Miss Chyna and her Mom yesterday! Some snow showers earlier and a few more on the way, but nothing of measure (amen!)

Now back to the story!!

Quickly and quietly, they moved invisibly around town, picking and plucking at the fading flowers. With outstretched arms and bouquets up to their chins, they rustled over to where the giant rock lay, as still as ever.

The boys and girls placed bunches of flowers around the Dragon in a big circle. They scattered petals around its head and over its nose, then danced around and around it, skipping and chanting the rhyme that they all knew so well.

In Times of Trouble
The Dragon Will Wake
And Save the Village
By making a Lake.

The searing heat made them dizzy and fuzzy and finally they all fell in a sprawling heap at the bottom of the mound. They looked up at the rock.

Nothing happened.

A dry wind lazily picked up some flower heads and swirled them around. The air was thick with pollen and perfume. A stony grey nostril twitched.

"I saw something," cried the youngest boy.

They stared intently.

An ear swiveled like a periscope.

The ground began to rumble.

"Look out! Run!Run!"

The children scampered in all directions, shrieking and squealing, arms pumping with excitement.

The rumbling grew and grew.

The Dragon raised its sleepy head. It got onto its front feet and sat like a dog. It stood up and stretched, arching its long scaly back like a sleek tabby cat. It blinked and looked around with big kind, long lashed eyes.

And then its nostrils twitched and quivered again.

The older folk were alerted by the screams and shrieks. The ladies held up their long skirts to run and the men rolled their sleeves up and soon the whole town stood together in a tight huddle at the foot of the hill, staring up at the large beast with mouths held open.


The noise erupted from the Dragon.


The families gripped each other tighter and shut their eyes.


Oh dear! A sneezing Dragon! Gosh, multiple sneezes, too--just like Mom! Come back tomorrow for the final chapter!

Wing hugs coming your way,
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/30/2015 01:19.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
We have a couple inches of snow now. Wind, too, up to 40mph gusts. Sleet and ice are on the radar, too, but we hope that they stay away.

As this year winds down, there is yet one more story to share with you all. Of course, it is another Dragon story, and hope you enjoy it! AND--thanks for stopping by to vote for me at this very busy time of year!!

The Dragon Rock by Ellena Ashley

This story begins with Once Upon A Time, because the best stories do, of course.

So, Once Upon A Time, and imagine if you can, a steep sided valley cluttered with giant, spiky green pine trees and thick, green grass that reaches to the top of your socks so that when you run, you have to bring your knees up high, like running through water. Wildflowers spread their sweet heady perfume along the gentle breezes and bees hum musically to themselves as they cheerily collect flower pollen.

People are very happy here and they work hard, keeping their houses spick and span and their children's faces clean.

This particular summer had been very hot and dry, making the lean farm dogs sleepy and still. Farmers whistled lazily to themselves and would stand and stare into the distance, trying to remember what it was that they were supposed to be doing. By two o'clock in the afternoon, the town would be in a haze of slumber, with grandmas nodding off over their knitting and farmers snoozing in the haystacks. It was very, very hot.

No matter how hot the day, however, the children would always play in the gentle, rolling meadows. With wide brimmed hats and skin slippery with sun block, they chittered and chattered like sparrows, as they frolicked in their favourite spot.

Now, their favourite spot is very important to this story because in this particular spot is a large, long, scaly rock that looks amazingly similar to a sleeping dragon.

The children knew it was a dragon.

The grown ups knew it was a dragon.

The dogs and cats and birds knew it was a dragon.

But nobody was scared because it never, ever moved.

The boys and girls would clamber all over it, poking sticks at it and hanging wet gumboots on its ears but it didn't mind in the least. The men folk would sometimes chop firewood on its zigzagged tail because it was just the right height and the Ladies Weaving Group often spun sheep fleece on its spikes.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment! Is this a REAL dragon?
Wing hugs coming your way from your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/28/2015 11:16.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Mom went over by Grandpa's for a late lunch and then to watch the Packers debacle. We knew Arizona was a good team, but we sure did not expect the Pack to fold like that, or to lose quite that badly. Yes, they have injuries, but they are not playing with passion or even thinking they can win, and they are not playing together. Sheesh. However, we were very happy that the Falcons played like they meant it, and beat the Panthers. More football now but Mom is only half watching it.

Big storm coming our way tomorrow--ice, sleet and snow. And they extended it from ending Monday night to now ending Tuesday. Mom salted the driveway from Grandpa's patio door to his garage, and brought a bucket of salt into the patio so that he has it right there. She is trying to be proactive, as she doesn't want to see him try to walk to the garage if it is nasty out there. We hope the storm is not as bad as the weather geeks are predicting.

Sending you big thanks and wing hugs for stopping by to vote for me! Appreciate it more than you know!

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/27/2015 09:57.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
First, I want to thank you for stopping by and voting for me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it! And I definitely appreciate it as it is tough to make the time to vote during the holidays, and so many of you have done so faithfully. I am honored. I hope you enjoyed the story about how Lizzie came to the BC. Final installment:

Little known LIzzie facts:
1. Lizzie is an expert chandelier cleaner, and can spend hours just making sure each prizm is spotless. The Grand Ballroom at the Castle has some lovely chandeliers that would need to be cleaned before any party or the Milongas, and Lizzie is the first to volunteer to do them.
2. Lizzie adores disco balls.
3. Lizzie loves mirrored beads and sequins. If it sparkles, she loves it!
4. LIzzie is an expert dancer. She is very graceful and light on her feet.
5. Lizzie snores if she has more than one glass of champagne. Don't tell her we told you!
6. Lizzie is the only one who can find the Butterfly Room in the Castlei;t is that well hidden. Every type of butterfly is in that room--it is a stopover place for monarch butterflies, and is always filled with so many different types of butterflies floating in a dazzling display of colors. If you want to go there, just ask Lizzie to take you.
7. Lizzie needs to stay on the Castle Grounds, or she will cease to exist, BUT some changes have occurred since she first came to the Castle! She can go anywhere with Rainbow Bridge Birdies, which was awesome when she took a cruise with Scion. What fun they had on that cruise--and what awesomely great food they ate, and the recipes they collected, too! She can also go anyplace as long as Kaji goes with her. That helped so much when they both went on the Trail Rides and to Costa Rica and to Hawaii.
8. Lizzie and Kaji are so close that it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Lizzie and Kaji wish you a very Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday! And don't forget the Milonga tomorrow night! Be there! It is gonna be a greyt time!

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
It is! Chipper's Mom made this for me and Mom, and we LOVE it!

Thanks for continuing to support me in my BOTM run! Today dawned sunny and chilly, in the 30's. But the sun is out and for that we are super happy! We appreciate you taking the time to stop and vote for me during this crazy holiday time!

More about Lizzie (do you remember?):

Lizzie spent a great deal of time getting recipes from Turk, and sharing ideas and having fun remembering something that had happened at the Milongas. She was gaining more and more expertise as a chef under Turk's tutelage.

Lizzie would also pack fabulous picnic lunches for anyone who wanted to take one to the pond or the lake. Some of the most memorable times were when she and Kiddo and SweetPepper and Kaji would go swimming. Lizzie would take goodies to the ballpark for Da Pois'N'Dem baseball team of which Kaji was Co-Captain with Calico of the La Habra flock. When the Milonga was started, she and Kaji were natural choices for the caterers. She also lent her skills to Mikey and Kacey's wedding, creating a lovely wedding cake or three for them.

Evenings are special times at the Dragon Cave. Lizzie always has a welcome fire in the Great Room, and popcorn is always available for a good snack. In particular, white cheddar popcorn, as this was the favorite of Maxi, SweetPepper's frother. Oh, the card games they played, and how Maxi always won--much to Lizzie's dismay!!

Lizzie has brought all the Rainbow Bridge Birdies to Kevlar Stadium for the epic baseball games in years past. Sadly, the games have gone away, but if you go to Kevlar Stadium, you can hear the chatter of the Bridge Birds in the rafters. Word has it that they play games of their own there, though no one is really sure--but you can hear the sound of the bats hitting the balls and loud cheers if you listen close enough.

Have a safe and happy Thursday night!
Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
It is a dull grey, rainy, foggy day here. 51 degrees right now. We are supposed to have thunderstorms later this afternoon. Perfect day to stay home and snuggle with Mom. She made the cranberries--oh, yeah, so darn good! And she added some fresh raspberries to it. What a lovely combo! I had to taste test it, and I approve!!

And now, the story:

Lizzie admired Turk, who catered the Fantasy Island event. Turk made the best sweet potato fries in the entire Bird Channel world, and Lizzie spent countless hours perfecting her version of his recipe. When she brought them to Turk at one of the parties, Turk proclaimed that she had indeed made his awesome fries. Lizzie fainted, and Turk came over to her and gave her a beaky kiss, which made her swoon again. Lizzie was very sad when Turk flew to the Rainbow Bridge not long after.

Because Lizzie was so sad about Turk, she and Kaji created Turk's Rainbow Reflecting Garden in his memory. It was at the Garden one day that Lizzie discovered she could communicate with those who flew to the Bridge.

"Lizzie, why are you so sad?" said a voice above her in the lilac tree.

"My mentor, Turk, flew to the Rainbow Bridge," Lizzie replied. "I had so hoped that we could share recipes. I loved how wonderfully he cookied! He was the Master Chef, and I miss him very much."

"Lizzie, I am here" said the voice. Lizzie swung her head around and spied Turk in the branches of the tree.

"TURK! It IS you! Oh, oh!" Lizzie had tears welling up in her eyes. ""

Turk hopped down to the back of the bench where Lizzie was sitting. "Lizzie, you are so very special! You were at the Bridge and Merlin brought you back to the Castle. That was no small thing to do. Then you and Kaji built this wonderful garden where grieving birdies could come to ease their pain. All of us at the Bridge were so happy when you did that! We had no way to communicate with our flocks--but now we do! It is through you!"

Lizzie was stunned. "Really? I mean, I know I am talking to you, but for other birdies?"

Turk bobbed his head and then looked directly at LIzzie when he said: "Any birdie that you bring here to the garden will be able to see and talk to their flock that is at the Bridge. That is our gift to you, and you will be able to share it with all of the birdies."

Lizzie brought others to the Garden to see and talk with their loved ones at the Bridge. She saw that seeing their loved ones help heal aches that the birdies here felt.
And she knew that this was something very special, indeed, and was thankful for being able to do this for her friends.

More tomorrow!
Wing hugs comin' atcha!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
The story got a little changed from what we sent before, so glad you don't mind reading it. Mom has been tweaking it to make it more interesting. Good memories there, too!

Thank you for stopping, and I hope that some of the story will bring back memories of a time when so many of our friends were with us, and of some wild times and epic parties. I truly appreciate your vote! And I hope you enjoy getting to know the Lizzie that I know and love!

The story continues:

Over time, Lizzie began to transform from her bearded dragon shape into a lovely Dragon, as the Magic of the Castle is wont to do. She made her home in a large cave off to the side of the Castle, and called it (appropriately) the Dragon Cave. She and Kaji would often go to the pond just inside the Castle walls, to the left of the path leading up to the Castle. That pond saw so many picnics with their friends! Lizzie loved to jump off the rocks above it--but that meant every birdie had to watch out or they would get a good soaking when she landed in the pond.

As she transformed into her new self, she decided that she would make the Dragon Cave a wonderful place for all birdies to come whenever they wanted. In particular, she wanted to make sure that those who reigned as King or Queen of the Month could visit the Castle grounds at any time. She and Kaji worked very hard on the Dragon Cave, making it into a lovely bed and breakfast (and lunch and dinner, too!). The Cave originally featured 50 rooms, all with their own tempurpedic mattresses, perches galore, hot tubs and whirlpools. She has since expanded the size of the Dragon Cave to over 150 rooms, with Kaji's help, of course! If you happen to see him wearing some paint on his feathers, you know Lizzie is in remodeling mode!

Lizzie created a world-class chef's kitchen, with a full garden room filled with all kinds of herbs and and vegetables and fruit trees and plants that she could use for her main enjoyment--cooking! The dining area is open and spacious, and can accomodate any number of birdies--it is magical, of course! Any birdie is welcome in the garden, and always welcomed to help Lizzie prepare food.

Stay tuned for the next chapter!
Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
It is a dark and rainy day here in WI. It is 43 now, and we could be close to 60 on Wednesday. Wow. It is a couple days from Christmas...and we are still warm (well, for us!) Thanks so much for stopping by with your vote! And now, part two of the story:

Lizzie laughed and nearly rolled off the rock she was resting on.

"Oh, Kaji, I don't think so! You are too cute!"

Kaji blushed. "How did you get here?" he asked, stepping forward a little closer.

"I was brought here by King Merlin from the Rainbow Bridge. I used to live with a wonderful family who had a gorgeous Blue and Gold Macaw named Max. He was part of the BC, and he loved Alex, of the La Habra flock. One day I woke up and I was at the Bridge. I was not able to go back to my family, and I could see that they were very sad that I left them. I could watch over them, though, so it helped me feel less lonely. There were other bearded dragons at the Bridge, but I wanted to be back with my family in some way. I guess Merlin knew that, and brought me back to the Castle so I could see them again."

As the day progressed into several of them, Kaji brought Lizzie crickets to eat, and their friendship grew. He always wore the dragon costume, afraid that Lizzie might not like him if he was just a bird. But gosh, it was getting hotter out, and Kaji was wilting in that costume!

Finally, Kaji admitted to her that he was not the Bird Dragon as he appeared. "Um, Lizzie? I have something to tell you."

"Sure, Kaji, what's up?" Lizzie asked.

Kaji took a deep breath and stepped out of his costume. "I am just a Meyer's Parrot, and not a fierce dragon bird" he said, fluffing out his feathers.

Lizzie smiled at him. "Kaji, I knew you were not a dragon bird. Merlin told me. I don't care what you are--it is WHO you are inside that matters!"

The two became inseparable. Kaji was smitten, bringing her all kinds of wonderful foods, and a heated rock so she would stay warm. Lizzie was so happy with her friendship with Kaji and they became fast friends.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in Lizzie's story.

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday--can you believe that yesterday we had a wind chill here of 9, and today our temps hit 49! Pneumonia weather, Mom calls it. Sure hope that doesn't happen--this is definitely not WI weather, for sure. And thank you so much for stopping by with your vote!

Lizzie's Story

"Lizzie? Lizzie--wake up!"

Lizzie the Bearded Dragon was resting comfortably on a heated rock at the Rainbow Bridge. She had gone there after a full life with her family, and was enjoying the life after life there.

"Lizzie! Get up!"

Lizzie opened her eyes and saw the most magnificent white bird with a crown on his head standing in front of her. She blinked, thinking she was dreaming. She blinked again, and he was still there.

"My name is Merlin, and I am King of the Month at the Castle, and I command you to come to the Castle to guard the grounds." The bird called Merlin was holding out his wing to Lizzie, and said "We need to go now, as I don't have much time here!"

Lizzie held out her front foot so that it touched the wing of King Merlin. She was whisked away to another world, the world of the BC Castle.

It was a fateful time at the Castle...a huge party was being held. All the participants dressed in magical costumes. The party was called Fantasy Island. Merlin was the King, and it was rumored that Merlin had brought a real dragon to the Castle. Kaji had chosen to wear a dragon costume to this party, and he was intrigued by the idea of meeting a real dragon. So he set out to see if the dragon guarding the Castle would be fierce even though he was in his dragon costume.

He found her at the pond just inside the Castle walls, to the left of the path leading up to the Castle.

"Hello, Dragon, how are you?" he asked.

"My name is Lizzie" said the dragon, turning to look at Kaji for the first time. She saw a handsome fellow who appeared to be a cross between a fierce dragon and a bird. She smiled at him. "Who are you?"

" n..n..ame is Ka..aji" Kaji stammered. "Are you going to eat me?"

Stay tuned for more of Lizzie's story tomorrow!

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Close enough!! Hehe!

It is beginning to feel a lot more like WI in December--and they are even talking some snow showers today. Sun is out, wind is really blowing pretty good out there, and the wind chill is 13 degrees. This is more like our normal weather, but we will be back in the 40's next week.

Thanks for stopping by with that vote, and now, the conclusion to our story!

Alfie smiled, then he went into the kitchen and brought Mortimer out to meet the king. The king was surprised, and nearly fainted with shock. Alfie and Mortimer were giggling, and said the king could eat that stew any time he wanted it. It was made of beef, but Mortimer had made it, as he had made all the king's meals since he got there. Alfie and Mortimer said together, "Only a dragon can make dragon stew!"

The king recovered from his near fainting spell. "Well, young Alfie and Mortimer, I had an entirely different thought in mind when I put out my request for dragon stew. But the last few weeks I have been served some simply wonderful meals, and I think I have discovered something--I bet my forbearers did not slay and eat the dragon! They had the dragons doing the cooking for them! Therefore, I appoint you, Alfie, as the caretaker of Mortimer, to make sure he wants for nothing. And young Mortimer, I appoint you as the Head Chef in the Kingdom!"

And so it was. Mortimer remained as the Head Chef of the Kingdom throughout the King's reign. He and Alfie remained fast friends, and often spent evenings remembering how they brought Real Dragon Stew to the Kingdom.

Lizzie says that Dragons make excellent chefs, don't they?

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Thanks a bunch and more for stopping by with your vote! Oh, we have some December weather here--cold and the wind is howling past the patio doors! But it won't last long, and we are gonna be back in the mid to upper 40's next week. Go figure!

Installment number 3 of our story coming right up!

When the king saw Alfie approaching the castle with a dragon on a leash, he was ecstatic! He couldn't believe that his pageboy was able to capture a dragon!

Alfie and Mortimer went into the kitchen and made dinner for the king that night. They made deviled eggs, deviled ham, and a huge salad for him. The king complimented Alfie on the meal, and asked when he would get to taste dragon stew. Alfie told the king he was fattening up the dragon, and to be patient.

For the next 2 weeks, Alfie and Mortimer made fabulous dinners for the king and his guests. They made many tasty dishes, hams, roasts, lamb chops, chicken, turkey, whatever the king had in his huge freezers. The king was getting more and more impatient, though, and kept demanding to eat his dragon stew!

Finally, at the end of the third week, Alfie brought out a huge stew pot and set it before the king. He served the king from the pot, then took it around and served it to all his guests. The king tasted the dragon stew, and was totally thrilled! It was the very best stew he had ever eaten, and he complimented Alfie on the wonderful recipe. At the end of the meal, the king told his guests that they had eaten dragon stew, but they would never have it again, because that was the last dragon in the kingdom, and probably in the world.

Oh NO! Did Alfie put Mortimer in the pot? How could he? Find out the exciting conclusion tomorrow!

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Thanks for stopping by to vote for me! Happy Humpday to ya, too! Rain is giving way to some sun today, and the cold is supposed to visit up tonight. Low in the teens! Yowsa! But by next week they say we will be back in the 40's or warmer!

Now, for the second installment of our story:

Meanwhile, one of his pages, a small boy named Alfie that nobody ever paid attention to, had overheard the king's desires. He also applied for the job, and the king laughed and laughed when he heard the boy ask. "You? You? Why you're barely tall enough to reach the stove or the fireplace! Hahaha," said the king.

The boy talked and talked to him and finally, just to shut the kid up, the king said, "Well, if you can catch a dragon, you might be the one to make my dragon stew. Go off and try to find me a dragon!"

Alfie was just thrilled to hear this! He packed his bags and set off across the kingdom to find a dragon. He had heard legends of where the dragons used to live, and he checked out many former dragon caves, but to no avail.

He was just about to give up when he came across young Mortimer. Both of them were surprised to find themselves together. Mortimer kindly invited Alfie to come into his cave and have dinner with him. Alfie, after making sure he wasn't going to be dinner, accepted the invitation.

As it turned out, the two of them got along famously, Mortimer cooked and he and Alfie talked for weeks on end. Finally, Alfie told him of his quest, and asked if Mortimer would please come back to the castle with him, and if he could put a leash on Mortimer as they approached the castle. Mortimer told Alfie that he trusted him, and off they went.

Hmmm, wonder what happens next? Stay tuned!

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
First, let me thank you so much for stopping by with your vote! Mom is feeling better by still has some chills every now and then. But at least the sweaty stuff stopped! Hate to get my wing feathers all messed up!

Hope you enjoy this story as much as Mom and I and Lizzie did!

In Search of Dragon Stew by Arlene Longstreth, with collaboration by DJ Zalac

Once upon a time there was a kingdom that used to be full of dragons. As time passed, many of the dragon children moved to other lands, as is the wont of most creatures. They all wanted to make their own fame and fortunes in far off lands, and of course, get away from mom and dad to do just that. Well, as you might guess, after a long long time, there was only one remaining dragon in the land of the dragons. He was a young one who had stayed home to take care of his ailing parents. In caring for his parents, Mortimer the dragon learned many skills that would serve him for life after they were gone, too.

The king who ruled that land had always heard the stories of his ancestors who had hunted dragons, much the way huntsmen in his time hunted for deer and rabbit to fill his menu with meat. He knew dragons were becoming sparse, and he was determined to have a dragon meal at least once. He kept dreaming of dragon ribs, chicken fried dragon, dragon steaks, but most of all he wanted dragon stew. He had heard legends about how great that tasted.

After thinking long and hard about it, the king sent out a challenge, and asked for chefs from all over his kingdom to come to the castle with their dragon recipes. Chefs arrived from all over the place. There were fancy Cordon Bleu chefs, with some fabulous recipes, but none of them was for dragon stew. There were some famous Italian chefs, but while their recipes sounded luscious, there was no mention of dragon in any of them. The chefs from England came with all kinds of recipes for bland, boiled meats, but again, no dragons, although they did have recipes for griffons and unicorns. The American chefs came with tons and tons of chili and BBQ recipes, but not one of them contained dragon meat! What was the king to do?

Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow!

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

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  HI CuBird
I think that's the book mom is going to buy!
Mom has been having a problem with the desktop computer since last night, and can't figure out what's wrong. It's a good thing we have this laptop, right? It allows her to clear her email and get on BC for us birdies.
Mom was at the monthly docent meeting today and they got more training in Egypt. She learned about colors on the temple walls, inside and out, and how they are restoring them. They walked through the hall, too, and for the first time mom noticed how colorful some of the stelae and lintels are. Of course, the colors are all faded now, but you can still see blues, reds, and yellows.
After the training, they had the holiday brunch, and there was a ton of food. Mom thinks she won't have to eat for another few days, hahaha. Her pumpkin/cranberry/walnut bread went over well again. Thanks Aunt Rose!!
I hope you are having a wonderful day, getting lots of cuddles and scritches. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, 38 votes to 20k!, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Mom was finishing up some of her gift wrapping and was hit with chills and her arms and upper back ached so bad! And sweats? Oh yeah. I had to take a bath today after sitting on her shoulder! (Actually, I probably would have anyway, but I want to tease her!) She hopes the aches are just from doing her arm exercises three days in a row--as her triceps and shoulder muscles are what hurts, and nothing else. It could be the flu, though, so hope you don't mind the c/p tonight. Will be back tomorrow with a wonderful story that was written by Willie, Falco and Peppino's Mom!

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Thank you so much for stopping by and voting for me!! Sure do appreciate it, especially with these holidays upon us.

Now, for the diagnosis by Dr. Singe:

So Soft-Scoop ate up everything, afraid that he might choke.
“That should do it,” said Oven-Bake. “Now let us see some smoke.”
So Soft-Scoop opened up his mouth and not wanting to eat more he
Huffed and puffed and breathed a great big Knickerbocker glory!

Doctor Singe licked his lips and said “I’ll be back soon.”
And he popped into his kitchen then came back with a spoon.
“You are not ill,” he told Soft-Scoop. “You are in perfect health,
And I do not think you need to change, you should just be yourself.”

“You have a gift there Soft-Scoop. One which I have never seen.
All dragons can breathe fire but only you can breathe ice-cream.
And do not feel you’re second best. You are one of a kind.
And I think that if you share your gift then happiness you’ll find.”

So now Soft-Scoop no longer tries to be big and strong and scary.
For he is now the owner of the Soft-Scoop Dragon Dairy.
And now he has got everything he wanted all along.
And Oven-Bake gets ice-cream every time he burns his tongue.

Hope you enjoyed the story of Soft-Scoop! And just so you know...Lizzie is a bona fide fire-breathing dragon, but she does make some awesome ice cream!! YEAH! Lets eat!

Wing hugs from me to you!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Well, a couple of those icky ads can be 'x'd out of, so that is something. And the others just take up space--on a phone, they have to take up a lot of space. Hope they adjust things a bit so we can at least get rid of the ads if we want to.

Thank you for stopping by with your vote--I do appreciate it very much! Now, to see what Dr. Singe finds out!

So Soft-Scoop ate the banana and sighed a frozen cloud.
“Now take a breath,” said Oven-Bake. “And make your brother proud.”
So Soft-Scoop opened up his mouth, now sure his fire was lit.
He huffed and puffed but instead of fire breathed a banana split!

“Wonderful!” said Doctor Singe. “It’s quite beyond belief.
Next try some bubble gum. Chewing’s good for the teeth.”

So Soft-Scoop ate the bubble gum and chewed and chewed and chewed.
“Don’t swallow it,” warned Oven-Bake. “Because bubble gum’s not food.”
So Soft-Scoop opened up his mouth and with no smoke or flame at all,
He huffed and puffed then blew a bubble and breathed a big screwball!

“Astounding!” exclaimed Doctor Singe. “And yet very delicious.
What I think you should try next might seem a bit ambitious.
I’ve got some cherries and some nuts, some cake and strawberries too,
And in the fridge I’ve got whipped cream, wafers and chocolate goo.”

Stay tuned for the grand diagnosis tomorrow!
Wing hugs from me to you!
Your buddy,

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  Morning pretty Ms Cute Bird-love from LaLo
...hi lady Grey, my goodness, are approaching mid-December, and our temps our in the 60's for the next several days, strange weather! Our dad had a hard time sleeping last night, and just trying to go to sleep can wear you out! The time sure is flying by quickly these days, maybe it's just the old timer in dad talking! He has made the decision to not attend our bird club banquet tonight, he just don't want to chance it just yet! Here's hoping you all have a great Saturday, and give our love to all in your happy home, see ya all tomorrow...

Forever love from Ms LaLo Lee, daddy & our Dallas family

Come visit me, Mr Ziggy-Chyna dear I am trying to be a good YCM, Jen Lynn & Cannonade~I told you we're coming!!, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Love from Christy~Sunshine in the McAviary with JL, Ms LaLo Lee~Ready for the Derby & Easter... & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Oh, those annoying popups at the bottom of the page have to go! Mom thought the security program she had installed had gone south, so she ended up calling mcafee and they told her to call time warner, then time warner told her to call mcafee. ARRGGGHHH! An afternoon wasted. She just uninstalled the program and reinstalled it again. Now she is running scans to make sure nothing go in her puter. Oh, no. Those ads are a BC addition. So she wrote to i5 to tell them they are the most annoying thing ever. And they need to go.

Thanks so much for stopping by to drop off that vote for me, and hope you are being entertained by the story! Without further ado, part 5:

He looked in Soft-Scoop’s ear, he made him blow his nose,
He tried to take his temperature but his thermometer just froze.
He listened to his chest, and he made him flap his wings.
He measured height, he measured weight and lots of other things.

And in the end he rubbed his chin and then he went all quiet.
And then at last he said “I think the problem is your diet.”
“I have some chocolate in my bag and you can have a bite.
I’m hoping that its creaminess will help your fire to light.”

So Soft-Scoop ate the chocolate bar and tried to look more scary.
“Now concentrate,” said Oven-Bake. “And don’t think about dairy.”
So Soft-Scoop opened up his mouth and without further delay
He huffed and puffed and breathed out a chocolate fudge sundae!

“Amazing!” exclaimed Doctor Singe. “How utterly bizarre!
Next try a banana. Fruit is healthier by far.”

Does the banana help? They are good for pretty much everyone, but a dragon? Guess you have to wait to find out!

Wing hugs from me to you!
Your buddy,

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  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Oh, no! No fair for you to be the punching bag of the flock! You tell Miss Miranda to behave herself!

First, thank you so much for liking the story, and for coming back to vote for me for BOTM! I know it is not easy to stop by every day during this crazy holiday season, so I really appreciate it!!

The story continues--Can Dr. Singe help?

“What seems to be the problem? How can I help you out?
Do you have a knot tied in your tail? Do you have an itchy snout?”
“Do you have dry, flaky scales? Are your horns growing too long?
Or has Oven-Bake once again simply burnt his tongue?”

Oven-Bake blushed an even deeper shade of red.
“Oh no, it isn’t me this time. It’s my brother’s turn instead.”
“You see, the problem is, as strange as it may seem,
He cannot breathe out fire. He can only breathe ice-cream.”

The Doctor’s mouth fell open and all he did was stare.
Soft-Scoop thought he looked so shocked he might fall off his chair.
“A dragon that breathes ice-cream? But why and when and how?
I always thought that ice-cream came from a chilly cow?”

But then he fetched his Doctors bag and asked Soft-Scoop to stand.
A stethoscope hung round his neck and a torch was in his hand.
“Now open wide,” said Doctor Singe. “And let me take a look.”
He ummed and ahhed and wrote inside a great big leather book.

More tomorrow, so stay tuned!
Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/10/2015 12:36.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Oooh! No Moggie-dodging today! Excellent!

Thanks for stopping by and voting for me, and as promised--the third installment of Soft-Scoop's story:

“I know what!” said Oven-Bake. “I think I have a plan.
If I can’t teach you to breathe fire maybe the doctor can?”
“We’ll go and visit Doctor Singe beyond the Western Hill.
He’s the one us dragons go to see if ever we are ill.”

And so they flew a long, long way and then they flew some more,
Until at last they stood in front of Doctor Singe’s door.
Soft-Scoop knocked quite gently and softly said “Hello.”
And when there was no answer Oven-Bake then had a go.

Bang, bang, bang went Oven-Bake. “Is anybody there?
My brother needs a doctor! He’s in need of urgent care!”
The door was quickly opened and a dragon stepped right out.
“Okay,” he said. “I hear you. There is no need to shout!”

“My name is Doctor Singe, the great dragon physician.
Please take a seat and let me diagnose your condition.”
So they went into the surgery and then they all sat down.
Doctor Singe looked at them with a sympathetic frown.

Lizzie says that Dr. Singe is a pretty good doctor, so if anyone can help Soft-Scoop, he sure is the one that can! Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/09/2015 12:03.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs!
Good deal! Clean feathers for another day! No more Moggie dumps!

Thanks so very much for stopping by and voting for me, and I sure hope you like the story! Part two of Soft-Scoop is coming your way!

But Oven-Bake was always there right by his brother’s side.
“Don’t listen to them,” he would say. “You’ll never have to hide.”
“And you’ll never feel alone because I’m always here for you.
I’ll pick you up and dry your tears. It’s what big brothers do!”

“Could you help me?” Soft-Scoop said. “And teach me to breathe flame?
You are so scary, big and strong and I’d like to be the same.”
“Of course I will,” said Oven-Bake. “I’ll teach you lots of stuff.
But first of all you need to learn how dragons huff and puff.”

“Watch my technique,” said Oven-Bake. “And then you do the same.”
He huffed and puffed and blew a great big jet of orange flame!
So Soft-Scoop opened up his mouth and did as he was told.
He huffed and puffed like Oven-Bake but his breath was freezing cold.

“You can’t give up,” said Oven-Bake. “Now have another go.”
So Soft-Scoop huffed and puffed again but breathed vanilla snow.
“It just won’t work,” said Soft-Scoop. “I’ll never be like you.
If I cannot breathe fire then whatever will I do?”

No fire for a dragon? Oh dear, oh dear! Stay tuned for the next installment tomorrow!

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/08/2015 06:07.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi CuBird!
Thanks for your visit! That was my first milonga and it sure was eggsciting! I am happy to meet you and your flock! Picabo always talks about your wonderful flock and of course, his lovely Kookie! Hhe sqys to. Pass on a "Happy Toos Day" to her!
Wishing you a greyt week!
Hugs, Domingo
Come visit me in the KB!

Come visit me, Bud, Modelo, Patito, Malt & Pilsner, Squeaky- Vote for Laka for BOTM 259145, Kiwi & Button & Ivy, Scion (RIP)- Love Forever, Limon & Lima, Angel Alfie (RIP), Domingo-Loving Golf! & Picabo.

12/08/2015 10:42.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs
That Moggie! You tell him it is terrible to have you fall in the dirty bird bucket!! YUCKO! So glad you got a nice bath, and I bet it felt so good to get that yucky stuff off ya!

Today I am doing something different--I received a really cool story from Boo Boo's Mom, and Mom and I wanted to share it with all of you! Thanks so much for stopping by with your vote, and I sure hope you enjoy this really cool story! Lizzie loves it, and we hope you do too!

D.R. Johnson

Soft-Scoop was a dragon from a land called Shimmershake
Where he lived atop a mountain with his brother Oven-Bake.

Oven-Bake was big and brave with horns upon his head.
His wings were strong, his teeth were sharp, his scales a fiery red.
And when he breathed out fire his flames were hot and strong.
He burnt the trees, he burnt the fields and sometimes burnt his tongue.

Soft-Scoop, on the other hand was shy and rather small.
His scales were cream, his wings were weak and he had no horns at all.
And when he opened up his mouth no flames or smoke were seen.
Instead of breathing fire Soft-Scoop would breathe ice-cream.

At school Soft-Scoop could not fit in, although he’d always try.
The other dragons laughed at him which often made him cry.
“You’re not a dragon,” they would tease. “You’re nothing but a liar!
Real dragons don’t breathe out ice-cream. They only breathe out fire!”

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Wing hugs from your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/07/2015 08:30.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs
Oh, Mom knows the mess I can make, so she can only imagine the messes your flock can do!! Never ending task, I would say, making sure the messes are cleaned up!

Football Sunday here. Even though the Pack is not playing, it does not stop Mom from watching other teams. Never an end to feetsball for her! Now it is the Sunday night game.

Other than that, a lovely day with Mom. Sunny, and not too chilly here. Mom went by Grandpa and brought me back potato, stuffing and some turkey. I gobbled the stuffing. The rest can wait until a bit later.

Wing hugs coming atcha, and again, thanks for that vote!!

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/06/2015 06:35.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Miss Cu-Bird and Fibs
It was a gorgeous day here, with sun and temps in the upper 40's. I don't think we got to 52 like they were saying. But it was a greyt day, and I took a small bath. Now I am air drying on Mom's shoulder (another name for taking a nap, actually!) Mom ran to pick up some tomatoes at Sam's cuz they have some yummy cherry ones for reasonable prices. She picked up some for her and Grandpa, too.

Thanks muchly for the vote, and coming by to help me get to BOTM!

Wing hugs coming atcha!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/05/2015 08:31.28 PM Report This Comment  
  the rest of the story
Lizzie is an expert chandelier cleaner. Anything that sparkles is something that Lizzie loves, so the chandeliers were her specialty anytime the Grand Ballroom at the Castle was used for any party. Lizzie is also very much a dancer, and a graceful one at that. She is fond of disco balls, mirrors and sequins.

Stopping by any evening at the Dragon Cave is a special time. Lizzie always has a welcome fire in the Great Room, and popcorn is always popping for a good snack. Lizzie has brought all the Rainbow Bridge Birdies to the Cave for Thanksgiving Dinner with their loved ones. Lizzie is the only creature who can take visitors to the Butterfly Room in the Castle, as she is the only creature who can find it. It is that well hidden.

The only limitation that Lizzie has is that she must stay within the Castle limits. If she would leave, she would no longer exist, so she is content to stay. And because Kaji is devoted to her, he will never leave her side for adventures. The two of them are friends who share a special bond and much love. It is hard to explain in words, but when they are together, it is hard to tell where one starts and the other ends.

Hope you enjoyed the story!
Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~ Vote MISS LAKA #259145 BOTM! DO IT!.

12/04/2015 06:21.26 PM Report This Comment  
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