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Pied Mutation Cockatiel from Perris, CA

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We found each other at the Panthers football field.I was lost and all alone.Still a baby.My mommy and my skin brother Kevin found me and I found them.I was so scared I walked up to my big frother Kevin and my mommy.Kevin picked me up.My mommy and Kevin fell in love with me.And they brought me to my home.I was so hungry and cold my mommy fed me and held me close to her all night long to keep me warm.I never would have made it by myself in the cold night.And I could have been stomped down by those big football players who couldn't see me in the dark...I'm now with my family where I'm loved and protected.We are so bonded.I am so happy to be part of the family I am meant to be with...Now Im as tough as nails heehee...


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I married Coconut today Friday March 14 2014
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I am a Pied Mutation Cockatiel from Perris, CA.

Panther the man,snapper,Pan- ther the entertainer.

11 years old   M

Pied Mutation Cockatiel

My favorite snacks are Cherrios!!! Spray millets and seed sticks.

I love to hang out on top of my cage,and at the bird farm.I also like to sit at the window and watch the rain,I chase the raindrops and try to lick them but its hard to do when your on the other side of the window!

I love long road trips in the car,and I love to cruize.I love to dance my favorite song is sweet home Alabama.I sing to feet,socks and blankets.I love to entertain!!!

My family made me part of my family,they give me lots of kisses and they spend lots of quality time with me and they take excellent care of me.I have been with my family for 8 years,with lots more to come.

I dont like my tail feathers touched.I throw a hissy fit when I have to go to bed....

BEWARE !!!!!!!!!
Have beak will bite !!!
When you bite...
Bite hard like you mean it!!!

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  Hi Panther,
A team vote for you!

Come visit me, Tweety and Cookie at the Stadium-BC LA Lakers, ***THE BC WARRIORS--GOING FOR THE 10K!***, Basketball team page & BC SanAntonio Spurs...Coach Jedi and Coach Dixie..

09/02/2015 09:02.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Panther!
Oh, we heard that your Mom sounded really bad from Kiddo. Sure hope that she is getting enough rest and good chicken noodle soup (Lizzie's cure for all colds). Did you want Lizzie to send some over? She will be getting it and the breadsticks ready shortly, and will drop it over to you. Make sure you give it to your Mom, cuz it will be helpful.

Hot and humid here. We would like the humid part to go away. We like the heat, but this other stuff just turns Mom into a grease spot.

Wing hugs coming your way, and here is the Chicken Noodle soup and breadsticks for your Mom.

Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~Who will be our BOTM in October?.

09/02/2015 08:37.57 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Panther~
I hope you had a wonderful day! Still cooler here and still rainy. There were suppose to be thunderbooms this afternoon but it never happened.
We did lots of chores today including cleaning out the pantry again. Mom has no idea why it gets so messed up. Probably from dad since he is always looking for something he can't seem to find. It is usually right in front of him!hehehehehehe
I got bored during the pantry cleaning so I did a lot of yelling. Mom kept stopping and coming over to sit with me. I finally decided to take a nap and let her finish up.
We hope mom is feeling better today! We hope she is resting and taking excellent care of herself!
Have a wonderful evening! Leaving a vote and sending big hugs your way!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥
PS~SweetPepper 9015 has reached 20K votes! Please stop by to congratulate her and come by the 10K Club House for some great food and drinks!

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar, Pippo & Mei Mei Ready to Race! & The Calendar Page~For September, Pomegranate!.

09/02/2015 07:19.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Bro!
How is momma Staci feeling? Sure hope she is doing better. Think she had a doctor appointment today. Was she able to go? Mom sure would love to chat with momma Staci.....we will figure a day out !
Sending warm hugs and healing prayers,

Come visit me, Raffi Loves Cydney...Queen of his heart!.

09/02/2015 06:04.47 PM Report This Comment  
  How is Moma Staci doing?? Have you been takeing good care of her?
I can send you/her some of my Dad home made chicken noodle soup by shuttle.

Mrs BB

Come visit me, Ms BB & Mr Sky getten hitched Mon 11A at KB, TPB&G., The castle now has Chief King Panther, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Jules in the KB. Beach party time!!!!! & Buba, ready for the race.

09/02/2015 01:32.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther,

Hope you're having a good week!
Left you a vote. Enjoy your day!!

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

09/02/2015 11:21.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther!
I'm glad you enjoyed your time as our King! You certainly did a lot of work for your campaign and during your month as king! We all enjoyed the stories and pictures! We had to catch up on a lot of them since our internet wasn't up to speed. We got emails but most of the time we couldn't get on the internet sites and BC.

Now it is like a ghost town here. School started on Monday and all the beach houses are closed up again. The park that was filled with booths and rides is back to being a park again. No more buying the newspaper off a vendor in the street and no more pizza parlor! hahaha! My parronts went for pizza the last nite of the fair on Sunday and I had pizza for dinner! I love it! And now the internet is working again. I did try to get on BC yesterday and it wouldn't come up so guess it took a few days to get back to normal out here. The police didn't take the one signal light down yet though. When that comes down, it will be official!

We had a big 60th birthday party Saturday for a good local friend of ours. He always stops and visits with me when he comes to our house. And that is after I bit him a couple of times years ago and chewed up his ball cap! hehehe! Anyway, he hired a band so everyone danced and there were turkey tacos and pastor tacos. We all stayed inside since there were a lot of people and noise. I do like the salsa music though.

Not much else going on. It has been very hot here and not much rain. We had a nice rainy day last Friday but that was the first rain since June. The city has had rain every day and we see pics of the flooded street there but it doesn't make it to our house!
Have a nice Hump Day!
High 4- Picabo

Come visit me, Scion Angel- RIP-We will always love you!, Budgies, Kiwi & Button, Limon & Lima, Squeaky, Picabo- Mexican Independence Day 9/16 & Angel Alfie (RIP).

09/02/2015 11:07.33 AM Report This Comment  
Just stopping by to peck that vote for you today...Help you get to the 10K..Have a great Wednesday..Many birdie wing hugs to you my dear other flock brother..Love you, Cydney :o)

Come visit me, QUEEN CYDNEY "THANKS FOR MAKING ME BOTM" NEXT 10K, Sam ", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy " & Princess "Loves Tweety".

09/02/2015 08:14.47 AM Report This Comment  
  My dear Panther, you were a great Chief-Jenny Lynn
It sure did get warm and sticky at our home, but we don't have a lot planned outside our home! Have a great hump day every birdie, and give our love to all in your happy home, see ya all tomorrow...

Forever love from Jenny & our Dallas family

PS~Thank for the sweet phone call last night my dear aunt Eileen, you can brighten up the darkest day with your pleasant voice and stories of Sugar & Merlin...

Come visit me, King Ziggy~Thanks for your votes & this high honor, Jen Lynn-I want to always look pretty, loving life, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Angel Christy-I'm at my Vet's office, very curious...., LaLo Lee~Just hanging with my daddy in the kitchen & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

09/02/2015 07:28.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
I hope your folks are feeling better soon. Here's a vote today. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Peppino & Falco.

09/02/2015 07:25.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Chief Panther
Hope your mom (and dad) are feeling better today. We know with the heat just more miserable. Our wings will be crossed for 'em.

Avoid the bucket!

Keep cool, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

09/02/2015 07:07.30 AM Report This Comment  
  H Panther
Not much rain yesterday, but we did get some in the afternoon. We have managed to break some records, which is boring, but it will slow down as we head into the fall season. R T

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, Cydney, Roof Top, and Polly for the 10K.

Come visit me, Screech & Roof Top.

09/02/2015 12:36.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
As many as 35,000 African elephants are killed by poachers every year. In the last five years, the elephant population in Tanzania—historically one of the great elephant range states—has declined by more than 60 percent. To the south, nearly half of Mozambique’s elephants have disappeared, again as a result of poaching. And in Central Africa, 65 percent of forest elephants have been killed in the span of a decade.

The elephant carnage in Africa is being driven by demand for ivory carvings and trinkets abroad, namely in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines, but also in countries such as the United States. Truth is, the U.S. is among the largest markets for ivory. A trade that kills 96 elephants every day International trade in ivory has been banned since 1989, yet a black market enables the industry to persist, as ivory is smuggled under the table—or rather under tea leaves and other legal products stowed in shipping containers. As demand grows, it fuels the poaching on the ground.

The multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade draws in organized criminal syndicates that often traffic other "products," including people, drugs and arms. It draws in reasonably-armed non-state actors such as the Lord’s Resistance Army and Sudanese Janjaweed. It tempts the father of six living in a rural community with few job opportunities to turn to a life of poaching. It enriches the citified fat cat sitting in Dar es Salaam or Maputo who facilitates the deal with regional traffickers or contacts overseas. It corrupts some rangers and law enforcement officers, and endangers the rest. Its sole contribution is the decimation of species, the theft of a nation’s natural heritage and the erosion of the rule of law.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote Cydney BOTM 11356 & BOO BOO vote Cydney BOTM 11356.

09/01/2015 09:59.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Panther~
I hope you had a wonderful day! I still have rain but it makes it seem much more normal than all that sunshine and hot temps! Crazy that we would miss the rain!
We didn't do much today. Mom grabbed a nap when she got home and then took the kids to work. She stopped by the market on the way back and got me some grapes! They were yummy.
Tomorrow we have lots of chores to get done so I'll be supervising it all! We are going to be home together so that is all that matters to me!
There are still lots of people up here who do not have power. It may take a few more days to fix it all since there were a lot of trees that fell down and some of the roads in the rural areas are still blocked. At least the wind has been calmer for the last few days so no more trees coming down!
Enjoy your evening! We sure hope your mom feels better very soon!!
Leaving a vote and a big hug!
Love you ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar, Pippo & Mei Mei Ready to Race! & The Calendar Page~For September, Pomegranate!.

09/01/2015 09:44.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, Panther!
Sure hope your Mom is feeling better! This weather is enough to make folks sick, that is for sure.

Hot, hot, hot here. We got to 90 with high dew point and humidity. It is 79 now (10:30 PM) with dew point of 70. Gonna be a warm one tonight. Mom is holding off the a/c in the bedroom, but she might have to use it. Just too icky sticky without it. Another 90 degree day tomorrow, with super high humidity. Mom says she feels bad for the kids who have to go to school and don't have a/c.

Wing hugs coming your way!
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~Who will be our BOTM in October?.

09/01/2015 08:34.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Bro!
So sorry momma Staci isnt feeling well. Sorry my mom missed your moms mom wasnt home.
Our moms will figure out a time to talk!
Tell momma Staci to feel better soon. Come on bro......lets make your mom some chicken noodle soup!
Much love to my sweet family clan,

Come visit me, Raffi Loves Cydney...Queen of his heart!.

09/01/2015 06:34.00 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther!
I hope that you enjoyed your time in the castle. The crown looks good on you!! All is well here, but we have a heat wave moving through....but at least it is supposed to be a bit cooler for the weekend. Pedro and Susan are both molting, and Pedro is being a miserable "old toad" and giving mom a hard time. Dad had to move him from his perch and back into his cage. He sure is a grumpy old boy when he molts. Have a happy Wednesday!
Your Pal,

Come visit me, SUSAN, sooo Sweet!, ROCKET....rocking the house!!, Zazu R.I.P. - Waiting at Rainbow Bridge <3, OOdles, The "finchey" bunch., PEDRO...the destroyer!! & ~~BUDDY ~~Thank you for BOTD! :-).

09/01/2015 06:21.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Panther:)
Awwh, love dat pic up dere, mom has been alods into native stuff before. Used to build Dreamcatchers even.
Raining here tonight, nice temps doe. Sharing...:)

A votie for you!


Come visit me, Come take a drive da Countryside wif me:))).

09/01/2015 03:21.23 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the Congrats on me making BOTM...I sure do appreciate you showing me around the Castle and great you are leaving the tepees, etc.for us ...Planning a big party for every birdie to attend..Will be announcing the date soon...Pecked a V4U..Have a nice Tuesday..Many birdie wing hugs to my brother in-law...Queen Cydney :o)

Come visit me, QUEEN CYDNEY "THANKS FOR MAKING ME BOTM" NEXT 10K, Sam ", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy " & Princess "Loves Tweety".

09/01/2015 11:52.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther,
Hope you had a good time at the castle. I will be here each day to give you a vote to help you make the 10K. Remember to stop by my page each day too. I am getting closer to the 15K! We can help each other out. Have a good day!! Left a vote for you.

Your friend,

Come visit me, Chipper.

09/01/2015 11:11.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
Today will be bitter sweet, and a relief. You are 'off duty'. Thank you for all the stories and info.
May I suggest you remind us periodically that you want votes toward 10K on the Calendar Page (my mom likes the link to make voting easier)

Come visit me, Polly; V4 Cydney #11356 BOTM & Zippy; V4 Cydney #11356.

09/01/2015 08:16.29 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
We missed your last blog, but hope you had a good month as our king/chief. We certainly enjoyed your month in the castle as well as your campaign and we learned a lot. Hugs, Falco

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Peppino & Falco.

09/01/2015 08:13.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
It's Elder Popeye.
It has been such an honor to have you as our Chief for the month. It has been a learning experience for us all and we enjoyed your blogs very much.
I have captured six pictures, one for each of our pages and will post them soon.
We're not completely sure what went on yesterday. For some reason mom was in a really bad mood. Poor dad. No matter what he did, it wasn't right. Dad finally took mom to the police station, where she had an even worse day but dad got floors mopped and even installed some new radio antennas on his car. By the time dad picked up mom the weather had cooled off so things were better. Dad grilled lamb chops and cooked some lima beans for dinner and had home made brownies for dissert.
Today will be partly cloudy, with a high of 83 and a low of 62. Bob is dropping by later this morning and they all are going to lunch.
Hope your day is fun.
Elder Popeye


09/01/2015 08:05.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Chief Pan Man-forever love from Jennifer
We have Summer returning to our area for about a week, not a big deal, but the A/C came on about 7:00 AM for the first time in nearly three weeks! With us it is the same old story, dad is running hopelessly behind his normal duties (but he is caring for us), he will do anything to make sure we are fed, watered, and properly loved, he is all we have, and we are all he has, our own private entertainment committee! Dad would love to hold one of the owlets aunt Arlene speaks of, but he is aware they do not just bite like Jenny would, they rip and tear flesh, but oh so beautiful! Have a great day dear BC friends, and as usual, give our love to all in your happy home, see ya all tomorrow...

Love always from Jenny & our Dallas family

PS~We loved the sweet phone call from momma Staci, she is so sweet, maybe the high heat has cooked her brain

Come visit me, King Ziggy~Thanks for your votes & this high honor, Jen Lynn-I want to always look pretty, loving life, Limon Dallas~Love my home & still see my old mom, The Raiders~Happy New Year from the team in 2014!!, Angel Christy-I'm at my Vet's office, very curious...., LaLo Lee~Just hanging with my daddy in the kitchen & Mr Flash~Summer at the McAviay.

09/01/2015 06:40.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Chief Panther
What a great reign you had at the Castle this month. We took a few pics and if not posted we'll get 'em there soon. Your uncle's war pony is beautiful. We know whicheverbird claimed her will have a wonderful new companion.

Did your temps ever go down more? We remain in the low/mid 80s so still too warm for our mom but tolerable. Still waiting for it to cool more thought it goes down nicely at night time to have windows open for fresh air.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

09/01/2015 04:42.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Tuesday
Hi, Panther, King Chief!

Hello from Buffalo.
Sad to report the "Hot-n-Muggies" are back for the week.
The humidity is like a steambath, and the temps in the morning are what it should be in the heat of the day. Time for those fans and cool drinks again.
- - -
Dad and Uncle Geno went to see "THE END OF THE TOUR" with Jason Segel, which they liked.
It's not for all tastes, certainly, being a film of two humans talking. No parrots, no big action scenes... Still they enjoyed the movie.
- - -
Hope all is well in your happy home
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/01/2015 04:28.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
Cappy has an idea ... we are at the castle ... is there a gauntlet we can run? If not lets set one up and see who can beat it! Have a great day. V4U. Hugs.
Love Cappy

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

09/01/2015 04:10.32 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
Guess what we're going to do today? Give up? Well, we plan on watching more rain and wind come our way. Nothing serious, but a waste of a day. I don't get my outside time when the weather is lousy.

VOTE, CYDNEY, Polly, and Roof Top to the 10K....

Come visit me, JeTTa - Help Roof Top Get to 10K. Thanks.

09/01/2015 01:14.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
That is so cool, all the pics. I love the horse!
It has been wonderful hearing all the customs and stories. It reminded mom of happy times with her Oneida friends when she was young. Thanks for the knowledge.
I hope that Snowflake will have some time to blog now too. I miss my friend and she will have to hang out with me at the new house pool. You can come too.
It's getting closer to my move, a week from Friday. I hope all the flooding is gone in our area. Our house is ok. I'm getting my swimsuit, flip flops shades ready!

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/31/2015 10:35.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
we never tire of the indian folklore and also the brave stories of the warriors. you did an excellent job. also don't hesitate to share anything about your culture. we can never learn too much.

love Cori and Boo Boo

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote Cydney BOTM 11356 & BOO BOO vote Cydney BOTM 11356.

08/31/2015 10:07.48 PM Report This Comment  



08/31/2015 08:46.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Heya, King War Chief Panther!
Wow, can't believe that your reign is over! We have loved your campaign, and your continued contact with us during your reign. That is just awesome. And thank you for the pictures! Mom will put them up in her gallery. Your brother's war horse is simply gorgeous! Or handsome.

And yes, that is the Indian Corn. Pic is now up in my gallery. It is so pretty--Mom says she would dearly love to wear it, but I told her that I think Lizzie has dibs on it!

How did the house hunting go? Were your folks able to find something?

Not that hot out today, only around 80 but the dew point and the humidity were in the mid-60's so you know it is very sticky and very damp. YUCKO! Tomorrow is supposed to be worse. She is definitely going to get out to the bank, and then pick up some groceries from Trader Joe's, and drop off the rent check. September 1st! Wow.

Other than that, not much else going on. Me and Mom day. Love it!

Wing hugs coming your way,
Your buddy,

Come visit me, Kaji ~Who will be our BOTM in October?.

08/31/2015 07:51.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther King Chief
It's hard to see your reign end--went so quickly. Hope the memories of your month of being King brings many smiles to your beak! We'll still be dropping by with votes!


Angel & Pepper

Come visit me, ANGEL LOVES CORI & PEPPER LOVES ZIPPY--Thanks everybirdy for BOTD!.

08/31/2015 06:50.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
Its hard to believe your month in the castle is over already but time does fly. We enjoyed your campaign and learned so much from it all too. Thanks so much!!
I didn’t get a sunbath or even go outside today. Its hot and humid here again and looks like its going to be like this all week too. When I go to bed at night mom and I have a ritual where I kiss my jungle talk toys and a few others that I have. One of them is for babies and I don’t mess with it much during the day but when mom plays the music at night on the one button I really listen to it real close. Of course the lights are flashing and bounce off moms glasses too so could be another reason I get so interested in it when its bedtime. Then again just like a kid and not wanting to go to bed mom says. LOL. “A friend like you is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.” Your friend, Gus (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus~Did somebirdy mention "nut"??? & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

08/31/2015 06:09.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
Hope you had a fun month at the castle.I cant believe August is already coming to a end.

Come visit me, Hulk.

08/31/2015 04:05.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther,
I see another birdie already claimed the horse so I deleted that one from my gallery. When I took it, I didn't notice anyone else claim him but when I went through the blogs again to check, I see someone else claimed him first. Thanks for the other pics!!

Come visit me, Chipper.

08/31/2015 03:20.38 PM Report This Comment  
Pecked a V4U..Today I will finish my campaign with a short blog on one place that I overlooked when talking about Shawnee Ski Resort...It is the Shawnee Playhouse, Shawnee on Delaware, Pa...The Shawnee Playhouse offers theatre year-round in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, with something for everyone including musicals, dramas, comedies, children's theatre and special events.Meal-and-show packages make memorable experience...Now I would like to thank every birdie who has voted for me throughout the month long campaign and has read the blogs and gave their feed back on them..It was a great month for me to be able to tell you about the region where I live the Pocono Mountains and their many places to visit and browse or just have fun....Thank you all again..Hope you have been enjoying your Monday...Many birdie wing hugs.....CYDNEY :o)

Come visit me, QUEEN CYDNEY "THANKS FOR MAKING ME BOTM" NEXT 10K, Sam ", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), Stormy " & Princess "Loves Tweety".

08/31/2015 03:12.09 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Bro!
Cant believe your time is up in the castle. We just wanted to thank you and momma Staci for a wonderful campaign. We learned soooooo much, and I know that your mom know just how much my mom enjoyed it!
We have taken some of the pictures in your gallery...and your profile picture...if that s OK to put in our gallery. Thanks so much!
Ok...I think why we have a problem with our moms finding the time to chat on the phone is this........the time of day that is convenient for your mom to chat with my mom is not at home. And the time thats convenient for my mom to chat with your a busy time of day for your mom! Dont worry...our moms will figure something out.
Hope you are having a great day!
Much love to my swet family clan,

Come visit me, Raffi Loves Cydney...Queen of his heart!.

08/31/2015 03:11.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther
Wow!! Love the profile pic, loved the blog and the idea of honoring our soldiers, and Mom will be picking out a couple for us to display in our gallery. And a few other pics as well. What an amazing way to finalize your month in the castle!

Not a lot to report today. It being Monday and still hot, I did not get my sunbath. By the time Mom gets home from the gym the trash trucks are all done, but it was mid 80s which is a big improvement but still too warm for a sunbath. Mom doesn't leave for the gym tomorrow until nearly 11, so I will get out there before she goes for sure. Only one pb cookie left in the bag, so maybe it will cool off enough for Mom to bake tonight.

Meanwhile we had a very nice roast beef and Swiss on rye sandwich for lunch, and Yay! Mom is out of spinach. Boo! Dad is going to stop by Valley Produce to pick up some fresh Parmesan for his sketti, and he promised to get her some spinach too. I knew there was a reason I didn't like that man!


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo loves SweetPepper!!.

08/31/2015 02:52.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Panther,
Thank you so much for these pictures. I have already posted them in my gallery. I took the first horse picture and then some other ones. Thanks so much for the pics! Have a good night!! Left you a vote.

Come visit me, Chipper.

08/31/2015 02:21.01 PM Report This Comment  
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