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Cockatiel from Napanee, ON
MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April

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Hi! My name is MIKEY D, Steppin' back in history for BOTM April

I am a Cockatiel from Napanee, ON.

give it to Mikey

9 years old   M


sunflowers,pean- uts, pumpkin

loves to hang out with 2 Rosellas on the top of their cage

He doesn't like to be sent home to his cage

Shes been my mom for 2 months now she shows me lots of love,and patiences

he does the Cockatiel bep-bop dance.

something that you don't
want? give it to Mikey
I eat ever thing...

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  Hi Mikey D
How are you sweetie? It's great to be back on BC, I've missed all my friends! I did support Kaji's BOTM campaign & give congrats to BOTD winners, but mom has been promising me for weeks that we would again blog ALL my friends! I have REALLY missed you all!

Mom's STEELERS won the playoff game last night but mom is still fuming over the game! These two teams are arch rivals & we expected a physical game, but one player on the opposing team took it way to far! He made a dirty, illegal hit on our star receiver and almost took his head off! Fans kept throwing debris onto the field at our players! Our QB had to be escorted off the field by the dozen security guards! Mom prays that Antonio Brown is OK & is able to play next week in the AFC Championship game!
Have a great day sweetie!
Love & a vote.
Your long lost friend

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

01/10/2016 09:01.35 PM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Monday Vote
Hiya, Mikey D.

Dad and I love to play "get the Tail". He chases me and tries to go after my tail or my belly,
and I block him with my beak. I do win most of the time. It makes us laugh. Dad is always making up silly rhymes and songs to go along with the game:

- - - - - - - -
Dad Sings
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"The beak's in the way of the belly belly belly.
The beak's in the way of the tail.

There's a beak in the way of the belly belly belly belly.
A beak in the way of the tail."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

12/07/2015 12:18.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Tuesday Flitzer
Dad still has his headache - hope it will fade away soon.

= = =
Dad & Uncle Geno went to a local Film Festival and saw an Australian Thriller "CRUSHED" which they enjoyed. Afterwards they went for Chinese Food. I hope to share some leftovers w Dad today.
= = =
Rainy n damp in Buffalo - not helping Dad's headache. I'm cuddling close this morning.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

11/10/2015 03:22.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy November from Flitzer
Happy November.
Dad's a little better now, but he's had the flu. There was one day he spent the whole day in bed.
Now, I don't go into his back bedroom - not because it's forbidden, but I respect his space.
On the day he was so sick, I really missed him so I journeyed out to seek out where he was and if everything was ok. He was pleased to see my green head poking around the door to come visit him. We spent maybe an hour together cuddling and talking. Great Daddy-n-Bird Time.
- -
On lesson I'm learning:
Sick Daddies are home and need lots of care.
Well Daddy's are often out-n-about and not always home.
= = =
Halloween night, Dad and Uncle Geno - along with Geno's "Guard-Dog" Lucy faced the Trick-or-treaters at Geno's place. In between kids they watched Vincent Price in
"THEATER OF BLOOD" (1973). A fun night.

= = =
On Sunday, Dad n Uncle Geno went to the 60th Anniversary Showing of the movie
Rogers and Hammerstein's "OKLAHOMA!" on the Big Screen. A beautiful print and a nice afternoon.

~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

11/02/2015 03:44.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Sunday
Hello from Buffalo.
Dad still has his cold - it's better but not gone. He is fightin the good fight.
= = =
The Buffalo Bills are in London this morning playing American Football. It's on tv at 9:30am this morning.

= = =
Busy movie weekend - Dad and Uncle JJ went to see the third part of Director Satyajit Ray's Apu Tilogy (1959) late-night at The North Park Theater ".
Friday night they say Carl Dreyer's "Day of Wrath" (1943)
= = =
Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Time to eat carrots
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

10/25/2015 03:00.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Midweek
Happy Wednesday.
Dad has had a cold but it's slowly getting better.
We are experiencing problems with the internet a lot lately - the weather's been damp, and that always affects our connection - silly "modern" problems.
Dad n Uncle Geno watched "MULHOLLAND DR." for the first time last night. Well, they weren't bored, but they're not sure they understood it at all. Dad's been told it is a "must-see" now he considers it "seen". Ha
Have a wonderful day. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

10/21/2015 03:39.14 AM Report This Comment  
  From Flitzer's Dad:

We were sharing crackers on the table Monday morning.
Suddenly I had a bird hanging off my nose.
He had clamped his beak on me - surprising us both.
Flitzer hung there for a long moment - squawking and flapping his wings.
Afterwards we both laughed. ~silly bird~
Recovering quickly from eyelid surgery and feeling pretty good.
Hope you all have a blessed day.
Flitzer Says: ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/22/2015 03:54.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer with Dad after surgery
Flitzer with Dad after surgery...
Dad's Birthday Gathering:
Dad had 14 people at his Birthday Dinner gathering at Manzella's Restaurant Saturday evening.
They got the whole back room for the party and it was beautiful. Everyone had a great meal and a wonderful time.
- - -
Dad and Uncle Geno liked the movie “Shopgirl” (2005) Based on Steve Martin’s novella we found it subtle and wise - others may find it slow and dull.. Certainly not an action picture.
- - -
Dad had surgery on his left eyelid on Wednesday so he will be needing extra love and care for a while. Hope he heals quickly and that he doesn't look too scary. [It's Not Halloween yet].

Please forgive our absence if we don't blog here for a few days, as I am not good on the keyboard without Dad's help. Thanks.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/17/2015 05:42.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Friday
Happy Friday.
Things finally have cooled down for a few days. Daddy and I are much more comfortable.
I keep Dad guessing with cuddles one minute and nips the next - it's fun.
Thursday night, Dad shared one of his favorite films with Uncle Geno:
"THE NAMESAKE" (2006, Dir. Mira Nair) .
Dad shares this movie with everyone - he's always surprised how many have missed it.
It's about an Indian Couple making a life and family in the USA - a beautiful, wonderful story.
Laughter, Tears, Tradition, Love.
Dad says, Seek it out!
Hope you have a great day. Your buddy, Flitzer

~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/11/2015 04:42.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Monday from Flitzer
Still hot-very hot n muggy for the next couple of days. After that we get rains and the world should cool down a bit.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Dad had a nice Birthday -so far - celebrating with friends. There will be a gathering of friends this coming Saturday, a tradition where Dad surrounds himself with friendship and laughter.
Dad and Uncle Geno went to see "MISTRESS AMERICA". Although they liked some aspects of it, they wouldn't call it a great movie - it was quite uneven. Not sure it would be a recommendation.

Have a happy day. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/07/2015 07:59.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Saturday from Flitzer and Dad
Happy Saturday from Buffalo, NY

Still hot here - and will be hotter for Sunday n Monday. We are happy to see the Calendar is showing Autumn approaching - our favorite Season.
Dad has a Birthday on Sunday.
Saturday he's picking up a cake from his favorite bakery to celebrate with Uncle JJ's Mom
(she's 94) JJ and Uncle Geno.

The Cake: Almond Cake, Cherry Fruit Filling and Cherry Icing -sounds wonderful.
Dad will be 54. Must be old, as I can't count that high.

Sunday is his real Birthday - but with everyone being so busy, his Birthday gathering won't be until Saturday Sept 12th.
Dad and Uncle Geno went to see a Documentary Friday night "BEST OF ENEMIES" about political debates, namely William F Buckley VS Gore Vidal during the 1968 Conventions. The theater was packed and the film very interesting - surprised to see such a turn-out for a Documentary.

~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/05/2015 02:50.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Thursday Flitzer
Happy Thursday. Still Hot. Still Muggy. Still Miserable here.
Dad shared a favorite movie with Uncle Geno Tuesday night: "PILLOW TALK" (1969) with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. Dad never tires of this fun movie.
Dad, JJ and Uncle Geno watched a fun movie Wed evening: "CITY ISLAND"
with Andy Garcia and Julianna Marguiles (2009), one of those small films that works well.

Hope things are well in your happy home.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/03/2015 04:23.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Tuesday
Hello from Buffalo.
Sad to report the "Hot-n-Muggies" are back for the week.
The humidity is like a steambath, and the temps in the morning are what it should be in the heat of the day. Time for those fans and cool drinks again.
- - -
Dad and Uncle Geno went to see "THE END OF THE TOUR" with Jason Segel, which they liked.
It's not for all tastes, certainly, being a film of two humans talking. No parrots, no big action scenes... Still they enjoyed the movie.
- - -
Hope all is well in your happy home
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

09/01/2015 04:23.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Saturday Flitzer the Birthday Bird
Hello dear friends.
Thank you So Much for all the HatchDay's great to be 7.
It was such a great day that I started doing my 'happy squawk' in the evening and wouldn't stop for a long time. Daddy laughed and laughed.
- - -
Dad gave me a happy day filled with treats and surprises. I even got Lemon Sherbet for a yummy birthday dessert.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Uncle Geno hosted another Marilyn Monroe Move Night on Thursday. They watched:
"The River of No Return" (1954) which was fun.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dad and Uncle Geno went to the theater to see a German Film called "PHOENIX".
Dad called it his favorite film of the year so far. Sadly some of our friends have fear of subtitles - isn't that silly. Many miss out on such good films this way.

Thanks again for your gifts and wishes. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

08/22/2015 02:53.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Wednesday Flitzer
Hi from Flitzer.
Dad spent most of Tuesday helping Uncle Geno with his White German Shepherd, "Lucy".
Lucy had a growth on her leg and needed surgery.
Lucy hates the vet and (being a big dog) can be hard to handle in these situations.
Although the surgery went well, Lucy had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia.
We got her in Geno's truck, but she wouldn't come out - even into her home or yard.
It took a long time of patience and attention - we finally got her (reluctantly) out of the truck.
Have a great day. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

08/12/2015 04:40.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer on Friday
Happy Friday, Friends.
Things are finally cooling a bit in Buffalo. Going to be much more comfortable today.
Dad's Mom is in town for a few days. Dad is spending Saturday with her. I don't know if she'll be visiting here. She is not a big fan of birds, although we did get along alright on her last visit.

~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/31/2015 01:07.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Monday Flitzer
Hot Muggy Steamy Jungle here. Ugh. Dad is spending time away from home seeking out cool air-conditioning.
Hope you had a good weekend. Dad and Uncle Geno hosted a cookout Saturday night with friends. Hotdogs, Pulled Chicken Sliders, Salads, Snacks and Apple Pie.

Dad showed Uncle Geno "ON THE WATERFRONT" {Best Picture, 1954] for the first time. What a great movie.
Have a great week. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/20/2015 12:51.49 AM Report This Comment  
  Midweek Flitzer
Hello from Buffalo.
Tuesday was Rain Rain Rain. So glad I'm an inside-bird.
Wednesday promises to be still damp, but cooler - which will make Dad happy.

Dad and Uncle Geno went to see the movie "The Overnight" which was very rude and funny.
Today Dad runs errands and shopping for his friends who need his help. Dad's friend's Mom just moved into Assisted Living, and hopefully his Dad will join them soon - he is in Rehab from a bad fall. It's been a very stressful month for all of them.

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/15/2015 03:31.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Saturday Flitzer Hello
Happy Saturday.
Nice in Buffalo this weekend, although next week will be hot n muggy again.

I had a bout of night terrors last night - and kept "flittering" off my perch.
Daddy tried to calm me down but at first I "flittered" out of his hands.
Finally he got me - took me into his room and calmed me down.
I rarely get these, but it's scary for Dad and I both when it happens.
This morning I am back to my feisty self.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/11/2015 02:04.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Thursday
- Happy Thursday -
Cooler for a couple of days, but the heat and the muggies promise to return for most of next week.
on Tuesday Night Dad and Uncle Geno went to a Special Preview of the Robin Williams film,
"BOULEVARD". Afterwards they broadcast a Q & A with the director and a few cast members.
The film was a serious role {Dad prefers a serious Robin Williams]. A small film - sad, but well made. it will never be a big box-office hit, but it does show off Williams' talent.

Dad is excited about his upcoming 35th Year High School Reunion. - - Yes, my Dad is an Old Man. Hee-Hee. I'm around to keep him young.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/09/2015 03:42.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Tuesday
Sunday Dad did not see Magic Mike XXL, they decided instead to see "SPY" with Melissa McCarthy. It was fun. They laughed and laughed. Dad is glad they went to see that one.

Opressively muggy here. All the muggies in town come up to our apartment and stay here - even after the neighborhood has cooled down - it's still tropical here. Dad doesn't like heat and humidity - he does better in cooler weather.
Enjoy the Day
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/07/2015 03:23.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Buddy
I hope your enjoying the stories...Here's part two of Quill Work Woman...

Sugar tells the second part of her story...Quill work woman...

The leader of the Buffalo Nation calls Quill work Woman and her Four brothers out !!!
The four brothers step out of their lodge with Quill Work Woman standing behind them...

The leader of the buffalo Nation says I have been watching your sister and I love her. I want to marry her and make her part of my buffalo Nation... May I please marry her my two legged brothers ???

Hulk says no you cant marry our sister, Cookie say's she belongs to the Northern Cheyenne Nation,Tweety say's she doesn't want to marry you and Peppi says please go away now.

The Leader of the buffalo nation is mad !!! He says how dare you speak to me that way !!!
I will be back in the Spring time and ask her again...
The buffalo runs off angry...

After the winter has passed and Spring comes in Quill Work Woman and her four brothers pack their belongings and plan to head back home to the Northern Cheyenne Nation...

As they are packing they hear the loud rumbling of buffalo hooves coming towards them.
The leader of the buffalo Nation calls out to Quill Woman and her four brothers...
He say's I'm hear once again to ask for your sisters hand in marriage my two legged brothers...
Cookie says no you can't marry our sister !!!

The Buffalo nation leader say's I'll be back to stomp you down into the earth and kill all of you.

Quill Work woman goes into the lodge and cuts a hole in the back of their lodge...
Suddenly they can hear thousands of Buffalo running towards them.
They all climb out of the hole in their lodge and Peppi grabs his sacred bow and arrow as he climbs out.
Soon as they get out of their lodge the buffalo stampede through their lodge and crush it...

With no where to go they run towards a big tree and start climbing up...
The Leader of the buffalo nation starts to charge the tree trunk to knock it down !!!

Part three of the story will continue tomorrow.
Can anyone guess what happens next ???

Thank you for your votes !!!
Love Panther.

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

07/06/2015 11:01.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Sunday Flitzer
Happy Sunday.
Hope you had a great Holiday. The fireworks didn't bother me so much this year...but Dad was with me to protect me from BOOMS. He's a good protector.
Our 4th of July was warm and sunny and nice -not a drop of rain. Dad went to a nice party in the afternoon.

Today Dad and Uncle Geno are going to see "Magic Mike XXL" -sounds silly to me. Everyone knows birds dance much better than humans.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/05/2015 01:54.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Friday Vote
Happy 4th of July Weekend, everyone!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dad has an afternoon party on the 4th, but will be home birdie-sitting that evening.
I am skiddish and scared of loud fireworks in the neighborhood. Dad stays home and plays with me, sings to me - and keeps me occupied during the big BOOMS and NOISES that others make throughout the town.
Hope you have a wonderful day. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/03/2015 07:10.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey...V4 ME !!!
Today I'm taking you to the Northern Cheyenne rez in Lame Deer Montana...
This is where the people of the Big sky comes from... My tribe The northern Cheyenne...

When our creator made all things that are good and living such as our four legged brothers with fur,our brothers with wings and beaks,our brothers with scales and fins and our brothers who
crawl.He sent them from father sky to mother earth. He then made a man and a woman...They were sent to earth from the stars.
All animals are our relations.And we start our prayers with all our families and relations...We are all made from the same creator !!! So there you have it !!!
The tribe is considered to have the most beautiful people of all Native American tribes...
We are not farmers or sheep herders...We are Warriors and hunters. Living off our own land that the creator blessed us with.
My tribe is considered to be very friendly but have short tempers and will fight at the drop of a hat !!!
The boy's in my tribe are considered to be men at the age of 8 years old and they will go in the sweat lodge to be blessed with a man's name by my medicine man.After we have been blessed and given our name we can then go out to battle with the Warriors.
The girls at birth are named names like Sweet Woman,Sun Woman etc.There is always a woman at the end of their names.
Most last names have the word big in front of it like mines Bigfoot, Big left Hand etc...
We are taught at a very young age to have respect for all living things.And all things have life in them. And come from the earth. Such as aluminum etc...A properly raised child will not kick a can or throw a rock cause it has living minerals and life in it.As so does the water.

The Tribal protocol is strict and the women must always carry them self in a proper way.
Warriors carry them self with pride and honor and they protect the women and children with a great fierceness...

Northern Cheyenne men only have one wife and we do not eat dogs like the other tribes heehee !!!

Or social gatherings are called Powwow's. And we also have special days to honor our elders...
We love and respect our elders and treat them like diamonds.
An elder is never left without a family with in our tribe. If they have no family or no one to take care of them they will be taken care of by a family so they can have a happy life knowing they are loved and cherished...
There's so much more with so little time to talk about. I will update you on certain things as we go along.
Friday I will start Story telling and after that courting and marriage protocal. Something I know Kiddo And Sweet Pepper will love...
My bro Raffi and the single guys will love to learn how to do a traditional courtship !!!
Sky can learn a few things too.Instead of waiting on BB'S wedding date he can do a trick marriage heehee !!!

I need to know who are the most oldest birds on BC...
There will be something very special for them.

Love Panther

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

07/02/2015 08:12.08 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey D!
I am very happy and honored to be your July Bird of the Month. Thank you SO much for supporting me and voting for me all month. I couldn’t have done it without you guys! I had such a fun time going on vacation with all of you. We visited so many awesome and beautiful places, and did a lot of fun things. I’m so glad you could all come with me! Now it is time to relax, and you guys are all welcome to hang out in the castle with me whenever you want. Let’s party! Hugs, King Jester Bean

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

07/01/2015 10:46.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Mikey
Today is my first blog for my BOTM run...I'll be sending you more blogs this month and hope you enjoy them...

Today is my introduction of myself for those of you who don't know me...For those of you who do know me, we are so blessed to have run across each others paths...

My name is Panther Bigfoot...I am the grandson and of many generations of the Northern Cheyenne Native American Tribe.
My big brother Kevin Bigfoot is my owner.He is in the U.S Army and he fights for us and our freedom...

I was rescued on the Panthers football field after a football
game in which my big brother played football for...
One dark and cold night I came out of the dark still a baby...
I was cold and starving and needed help.
My mommy and Kevin picked me up and brought me to my new forever home...
I am now part of my loving family and part of the greatest tribe of Warriors in Native American history...

This month I will be taking you to a place in time that not too many know about and still exists...
The Northern Cheyenne Indian reservation in Lame deer Montana.

All the accounts are real and as a baby I used to listen to our elders tell us about the real truth.
All these words are spoken from generation to generation and have not changed.

Starting Thursday I will be taking you there so be ready for an adventure about my family,tribe and friends and our customs !!!
Much Love to all of you...

Love your buddy

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

07/01/2015 09:52.11 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Midweek
Tuesday evening Dad and Uncle Geno went to a special event at Parkside Candies.
The evening included 'Make Your Own Sundaes' at the ice cream counter and a tour of the candy factory. Much of the original equipment from 1927 is used to make all kinds of candies.
They even gave 20% discount on candies bought that evening.
A great time! [Cue 'Willy Wonka' music].
Fortunately Dad did NOT get turned into a giant blueberry!

Cappy asks if I'm back to normal now - yes, no more sore spot - I'm feeling great. Thank you.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

07/01/2015 03:26.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Monday Flitzer
Rainy all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend.
- - -
Dad and his friend, Paul, went to see "A LITTLE CHAOS" with Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman.
Good simple story - good acting. Kinda fun on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

- - -
Uncle Geno was over on Sunday. He and Dad are up to Season 5 of "Mad Men". Dad hadn't seen it before, and they're doing a marathon together of the whole series.
Have a great day. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

06/29/2015 11:26.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Saturday Vote and Visit
Rain Rain Rain this weekend. Dad says he needs to build an Ark.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

06/28/2015 03:15.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Friday Friday Friday
Happy Friday. A beautiful day here today - sadly it's supposed to be cold and heavy pouring rains all weekend.

Dad got the toilet fixed (silly flimsy workings never hold up very long) and all is well.
Dad and friends went to a local little theater last night to see a production of the musical "THE WILD PARTY". A fabulous show presented by a local theater group. They had front-row seats so it was like they were in the middle of the wild party itself. Dad behaved himself and didn't get up to sing and dance. A fun night at the theater.
Hope you have a wonderful day. ~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

06/26/2015 04:37.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey D!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are visiting somewhere I am very familiar with, and that is Orlando, Florida. We are taking a three day trip here, and in those three days we are going to visit the Disney parks and Universal. Today we are going to hit Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Our first stop is going to be Animal Kingdom, let’s go!” They arrive, and the first thing they do is Kilimanjaro Safaris. They climb into their safari vehicle, and tour the African outback. They see lots of beautiful animals, including Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Rhinos. Next, they head to the Tree of Life, where they head inside and see It’s Tough to be a Bug. Next, they head to Dinoland. There they do Dinosaur, where they ‘go back in time’ to bring back the Iguanodon. Everybody enjoys it, especially Cookie and Peppino. They also go on the Primeval Whirl, which spins them and drops them. When they get off, they are rather dizzy. Next they go and see some shows. They see Festival of the Lion King, the Finding Nemo Musical, and Flights of Wonder. Next they go on Expedition Everest roller coaster, where they venture through the icy peaks of the Himalayas, and see the Yeti. When they are done with that, they head over to Hollywood Studios. When they arrive there, the first thing they do is Toy Story Mania. They have tons of fun shooting at the 4D targets. Gus ends up getting the highest score out of the group. Next they head to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, home to the Tower of Terror. They head through the line, and board their elevator. They go up, and are suddenly dropped down, multiple times. After that, they head over to Rock’n Roller Coaster. After waiting in line, they load into their Super Stretch Limo, and take off at 60 mph. They speed through the tracks, and on two upside-down loops, and totally enjoy it. Next they see Beauty and the Beast Live, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and Muppet Vision 3D. Then they go on the Great Movie Ride. After, they head to 50’s Prime Time Café for dinner, and then leave the park and head to their hotel. They are staying at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort. Once in their rooms, they watch some TV before going to sleep. – Thanks for voting! We will be visiting Epcot and Magic Kingdom tomorrow, so get some rest! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

06/25/2015 12:06.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Midweek in Buffalo
Happy Midweek!
a very busy week around here.. Today is a perfect Summer Day - sunny yet cool. No rain.
Dad had a bad day yesterday - everything went wrong - he even broke the toilet
[wanted to laugh but - sigh - have to be the caring supportive one].
Hope every birdie has a great day.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

06/24/2015 03:59.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey D!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are visiting Sydney, Australia. Our first stop is going to be the Museum of Sydney, let’s go!” At the museum, they see the Built for Bush, Convict Sydney, City of Shadows, Towers of Tomorrow, and other exhibitions. Next they visit Wildlife Sydney. They visit the Koala Rooftop, where they get to meet the Koalas up close. They visit Wallaby Cliffs, where they see Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies, Bare Nosed Woman, Blue Tongue Lizards, and Kookaburras. They visit the Bug Garden and see all sorts of bugs. Finally, they visit the Kangaroo Walk-About, where they see cute kangaroos. Next they visit the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, where they see fish, turtles, sharks, and penguins. After that, they visit Cockatoo Island. Taz and Oz say that it has a wonderful name. They explore there, and then eat lunch. After, they visit the Sydney Tower Eye. There, they do the Skywalk. The Skywalk is 268 metres above Sydney, and they can see the streets through the glass floor they are standing on, and it is awesome. Next, they visit the Australian Museum and the Queen Victoria Building. After, they head to the Sydney Opera house, where they see the Anything Goes musical. Finally, they eat dinner, and check into a hotel. – Thanks for voting! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

06/24/2015 12:35.24 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey D!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are visiting Atlanta, Georgia. The first place we are going to visit is the GA State Capitol. Let’s head over there now.” They arrive at the building, and once inside, take a guided tour. During their tour they see the rooms inside the building, and learn Georgia History. After their tour, they visit the GA State Capitol Museum. Next they head to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. The first thing they see is the Dinosaur Plaza outside. Grey Bird and Oki mimic dinosaur noises, while stomping around like dinosaurs. Inside, they visit the Walk Through Time in GA exhibition, the World of Shells collection, the Reflections of Culture exhibition, and some other cool things. Next they visit the Georgia Aquarium. Inside, they see tons of beautiful fish. They see Discus, Clown Anemonefish, Crimson Snapper, King Angel Fish, and many others. They see Beluga Whales, which Laka and Chyna think are adorable. They also see really cool Giant Pacific Octopus. When they are done in the Aquarium, they head to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. They stroll the Garden, and see gorgeous flowers. After the garden, they visit the High Museum of Art, and then the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum. After the museums, they head to Fox Theatre, and see the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long. They very much enjoy it. After, they get dinner, and head to a hotel. – Thanks for voting! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

06/23/2015 12:29.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Monday
Happy Monday.
Hot n Muggy in Buffalo, NY
Dad has been very busy this weekend, but makes sure he gets "Flitzer & Dad" time.
He says it was Daddy's Day yesterday - but I think *every* day is Flitzer Day.
Have a wonderful day. Be good to your Moms n Dads
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

06/22/2015 07:52.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey D!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are going to visit Honolulu, Hawaii. We are all going to have lots of fun! The first thing we are going to do is snorkel. Let’s head over to the Pier!” They arrive at the Hilton Pier in Waikiki. They get on a little boat, and are taken out in the ocean. Once the boat stops, they put on their masks and fins, and get into the water. As soon as they look down in the water, they are amazed by how clear and blue it is. They are in Turtle Canyon, so as they snorkel, they see beautiful Green Sea Turtles. They also see pretty fish and coral. They really enjoy it. After their snorkeling trip, they go to see the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. It is the final resting place for many of the ship's 1,177 crewmen who lost their lives on December 7, 1941 in Pearl Harbor. After visiting there, they visit Manoa Falls. They have to hike to see it, so they start their journey across a bridge, and slowly hike up along the sides of the deep rainforest valley. The trail is gorgeous, and they very much enjoy their surroundings. After about a half hour hike, they reach the waterfall. It is absolutely stunning. They enjoy the beautiful view and wonderful sounds for awhile before hiking back. When they get back, Jester suggests that Peatree and Picabo should have a Hatchday lunch together, and they agree that it would be fun. They get dropped off at a cute little restaurant, and then Jester leaves with the rest of his friends. He has a special plan. They head to the beach, and set up a surprise party for their two friends. About an hour later, Jester heads back to the restaurant to pick up Pea and Picabo. They ask where everyone else is, but Jester ignores the question. They arrive at the beach, and are greeted with a loud “SURPRISE!” as they approach the set up. There are lots of colorful balloons, a big frosted cake, and “Happy Hatchday Peatree and Picabo!” is written in the sand. The two are very surprised, and thank all their friends for planning something so wonderful for them. Everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’, and the two Hatchday birds blow the candles out. They all have cake, and then chat and dance on the beach until sunset. After, they all head to their hotel, order room service, and play games until bed. They had a very fun day! – Thanks for voting for me! Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! :) See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

06/21/2015 10:45.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey D!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are going to Austin, Texas. Our first stop is going to be Lady Bird Lake, where we are going to go canoeing. Let’s head over there now!” Jester and his friends arrive at the lake, and head to the Rowing Dock to get their canoes. They load into canoes in pairs of two, and head out on the lake. Things go well, until Raffikki & TiPaul and Cookie & Polly decided to race in their canoes. This ends with Raffikki and TiPaul getting their canoe flipped, but they are helped back in, and then they continue down the lake (with no more racing). When they are done canoeing, they head into Zilker Park. They have a brunch picnic, and fly some kites. After their picnic, they head to Bullock Texas State History Museum. They explore the museum, and learn lots of history. They visit the La Belle Exhibit, which is pretty cool. Next they head to the Blanton Museum of Art, where they see lots of artwork. Their next stop is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. They see tons of gorgeous flowers. They take pictures as they admire and smell the flowers. Next they visit the Texas State Capitol, where they take a tour. After their tour, they head to Ballet Austin, where they see Hamlet, a contemporary ballet, based on the classic Shakespearean story of a young man and his incredible family drama. They really enjoy it. After the ballet, they head to a steak house for dinner, and then check into a hotel. – Thanks for voting! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

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  Saturday Flitzer Vote and Visit
Happy Saturday.
Dad and a friend went to a special late-night showing of a wonderful Indian film on Thursday:
"Pacher Panchalli" (1955, Dir; Satyajit Ray) . The film is the first of a trilogy
[The Apu Trilogy] and the world is celebrating the wonderful restoration of these films.
The movie showing started at 9:45 pm, which is normally Dad's bedtime. He says it was well-worth the effort to see this special movie.

Apples today. I'm tired this morning from playing late yesterday.

~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

06/20/2015 03:02.00 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey D!
“Hi Every Birdie! Today we are going to visit Kansas City, Missouri. Our first stop is going to be the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Let’s go!” When they get there, they look through the museum and see lots of art collections and exhibitions. Next they go to the Kansas City Zoo. At the zoo they see Bongos, Mangabey, Gorillas, Warthogs, and many other animals. Strawberry really likes the Warthogs, and decides to call one Pumba. They visit the Orangutan Canopy, and watch them swing on trees. Kaji and Cappy say that they look similar to the orangutans when they swing from the top of their cages. When they are done at the zoo, they head over to the National WWI Memorial/Museum. They browse through and learn the history of WWI while they are there. Next they visit the Harry S. Truman Library & Museum. They visit the Truman: Presidential Years and Life and Times exhibitions, and view some other things. Next they head to the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. There, they see the Lyric Opera, and they enjoy it very much. Next they head to over to see the Gateway Arch. When they are finished viewing it, they eat dinner, and head to a hotel. – Thanks for voting! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jester

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

06/19/2015 11:29.05 PM Report This Comment  
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