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Green-Cheeked Conure from Saskatoon, SK
Reyna "Queen"

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In August of 2009, my former owner had decided to give me away to provide comfort to the man in the house. My lady had sent out emails to friends and asking if anyone was interested to adopt me. One day, my lady was telling me that there was this lovely man, who loves feathered friends replied to her email and wanted to meet me. So that day came. When I heard someone was opening the door, I anticipated and without hesitation I flew towards them and landed to this man. He was so impressed that I flew to him directly. He chatted, played, talked and gave me treats. I knew then that these couple will take me home with them. I was disappointed though that they left without me. BUT the following day, they came back and the rest is history! I said to my self, indeed, "My spell worked"!!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Reyna "Queen"

I am a Green-Cheeked Conure from Saskatoon, SK.

Your Bratness, Our little brat, Sweetie, Sweetheart, Honey, Pumpkin and "Pea Brain"...

7 years old   F

Green-Cheeked Conure

Papaya, grapes, banana, strawberries and peanut butter and jam sandwich!!

Actually my favorite hang out spots are: Mommy and Daddy's hand. I usually fall sleep when I am in their hands. Otherwise, my huggable and soft tent is where you will find me...

Screaming when my "human" flock are in the kitchen! I want to know what they are eating... and want to be with them!!

"I can wrap Mommy and Daddy around my tiny claws". They love me so very much!!

Want to eat what Mommy and Daddy's are eating. I scream when I want attention. Nope, I am actually a "good girl" because I do my business in the bathroom with Mommy or Daddy's help. I tell you what is my favorite "quirky habit" ... when I whine; I actually get their attention and that works all the time... they come laughing and opening the cage for me, and commanding "step up" and "good girl" to my self. Not only I made my day but I also indeed made "their" day! You should try it with your Mom or Dad, it works all the time for me!!.

"What Reyna wants, Reyna gets".

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  Spring has sprung?
Well, where we live is supposedly Spring now, but we still have lots of snow in the ground. I know it is not a good site but, we live in Canada and some part of Canada has a longer winter. Although, I don't mind snow, but the thing is if you have snow - there will be lots of water around after it melts.

So, what I was trying to say is this... Spring has sprung!

I know, spring is fun time fo the year. The trees will be blooming soon with leaves, flowers and then, you hear lots of birds singing outside. For me, that is a wonderful noise. I can hear some now actually in the morning - singing out there and sometimes, I join them too (but noone likes it inside when I do that)!

Anyways, my Daddy is home now from the hospital. It's been three weeks since he got home and he's doing fine. We played and hugged and kissed whenever we can. I am still a little bit careful around him because I don't want him to get sick again. I like when he plays with me and he talks to me sweet kisses! I love my Mommy too and Granny.

I got out a lot because Mommy let me do that. I eat with them at breakfast, lunch and dinner but, I have to be very quiet when I do that - otherwise, Mommy doesn't let me out. She tries to give me my own plate but, I rather eat with her. Whateve they eat I can also try it but, she usually give me what is good for me and sometimes, I steal some from her plate. She put some aside her plate and then, she let me grab the food while she's holding me. I know, I am so spoiled. I have to very good to be around so that she would let me.

That's it for now, I will update you again later on folks! It's almost supper and Mommy has to prepare something for dinner.


Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

03/23/2015 05:26.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Being with Grandma...
Daddy and Mommy will be coming home soon... and I can't wait to see Daddy! I see Mommy everyday, she comes home to spend time with me and Nanay!

She's been in the hospital with Daddy. Daddy is not feeling well, but he'll be home soon!

Last night, Mommy came home to get some extra rest to recharge her battery!

She cleaned my cage, cleaned food bowls and my water bowl. She also throw out some of my toys and put some new ones! I love it... thank you Mommy. I love you.

Daddy is coming home soon (this Thursday) I heard. I miss Daddy too very very much. I know I have to be very patient with he gets home. I know I get so excitable though, I hope that won't bother him too much! I know Mommy can calm me down, then I slowly go to Daddy and play perhaps with him. I have to be very gentle with him though, he just got out from the hospital. I may not be able to play with him at first but, that's okay - I have Mommy and Grandma.

I am a very lucky because while Daddy is at the hospital, Mommy usually stays with him at night. Grandma lives with us, so I have her to take care of me. She gives me snacks, put me to bed and also, get me up in the morning! We eat breakfast, and she gives me lots of fruits. When Mommy comes home usually in the afternoon. I greet her right away when she comes in. I have to wait for at least few minutes before I come out and see her. She has to wash her hands before she comes and get me out from the cage. I love my Mommy very much. I know she loves me very very much. Then, she will take me to the washroom and do my business. She'll change my water (clean the bowl of course) and then return it in the cage. At this time, I am already all over her - as you can imagine. I try to be very gentle when I see her because I know she has a long day already - taking care of my Daddy! Then, she will check my food bowls, check my toys if they are intact and also the bottom cage if I made a mess or something.

This is the best part. She will sit down and talk to me and then lots of kisses! At this time, we are catching up! She blow kisses on me while I show her that "I am happy to see her..." She will kiss me again and I cuddle her too and stay with her closely and close my eyes enjoying our time together! Then, we move to the bedroom, she lay down and stretch her back, and relax. Then, she let me go to her more closely by letting me cuddle her in beside her cheek, her lips and her face. We hug and lots of kisses. I love my Mommy and I know she loves me too.

Then, I get up and I let her massage me... and we start preening! I love when she does it to me, I am so relax. I know she's relax too by giving me that "feeling".

I know, I am so lucky to be loved by Mommy, Daddy and Grandma. I love them too.

You may ask if what I do when Daddy and Mommy are both away. Grandma has been really really good to me. I know at times, I am so loud. I know that when I whine, Grandma doesn't like it.

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

03/03/2015 09:41.41 PM Report This Comment  
I have been having cook food lately prepared by Mommy! Tonight, I am having a corn, brocolli, pasta and brown rice. I don't usually eat them mix, I prefer it that way, but Mommy has been really creative and I couldn't resist not to devour it :).

I also have my food supplement of course consist of, pellets, mix nuts, crunchy balls (Daddy calls it), millets, and my desserts like strawberries, blueberries, apples, pineapples and papaya (dried and cooked). I just love them... and my fresh water of course - changed twice daily!

Time for dinner.. Daddy is calling now! Cheerios... enjoy your dinner because I am enjoying it!

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

02/04/2015 04:32.35 PM Report This Comment  
My mom has been so busy lately! Sorry about that... I am going to come and check it once everything settles with my mom!

It's been a wonderful year for all of us... and it will be another year full of wonderful things for the family.

I wish for everyone have a happy "flock" days ahead!!

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

01/21/2015 11:30.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rena,

How are you? My name is Cheyenne and I'm a Meyer's Parrot. Mommy calls me her Miss Attitude Bird just because I want what I want when I want it and I would like to have ALL of her attention! So what's wrong with that LOL? Stop around and see me and those other ones in my Flock because we love getting company. Here's a vote for you cutie. Bye for now.


11/06/2013 01:22.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Back from holidays!
I am so happy that Mom and Dad came back from their holiday in England! I missed them so much but I am so happy that they are here now...

It's been so busy for all of us... everything back to normal.

I was at home with people that I know and I am so glad that Mom and Dad didn't take me somewhere to be cared for. I was happy to be staying home with all the comfort... i was fine!

I am sure Mom will give some update later on... but for now, cheerios. I love to spend more time and catch up with them... goodnight!

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

07/29/2013 07:36.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Busy life...
My Mom has been busy lately that's why she hasn't been blogging... but she promised me that she will a bit more this weekend... stay tuned!

But I know Mommy and Daddy love so very much... because even when they come home late, they still have time for me to cuddle and to play with me... before it's bed time!


Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

05/09/2013 09:28.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Thanks for the vote!
Hi Reyna, Thanks for the vote and happy hatch day wishes. i just got a new baby brother PeeWee....except that he's 2 years older:)Please check him out too!

Come visit me, PeeWee & Cheeky.

04/25/2013 11:54.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Play time with Mommy!!
Hello fellow feathered friends!

I loved spending time with my Mommy! Just recently she let me stay on her shoulder while doing something... or just playing with me. I am now being gentle and don't bite Mommy, I think the reason why she let me now. I used to get so excited and will nip a little but now, I am don't do it anymore.

What I meant if Mommy is doing something -->> she walks around the house while I am on her shoulder. Getting something out from the kitchen and bringing back in the living room. Instead of her leaving me alone she'll put me on her shoulder and off we go!! I love it being close to her... and then she'll kiss me, blow me kisses, talk to me gently and I kiss her back too and talk back to her! Isn't it a good feeling if you can do this with your Mom? I know she loves me very much and I do know my Dad loves me too!

Anyway, I am waiting in my cage right now for Daddy to come home. I am saving some energy for him tonight for when we play rough together!!

Ok, TATA for now and will post any updates again soon! Goodnight...


Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

04/11/2013 05:46.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Cage cleaning day!
Mom cleaned my cage today, all my dishes and water bowl! She let me out while busy checking things around my cage. What a messy job for Mommy today! But she loves doing it for me... and she told me that it is good for everyone and specially for me!

It took a little while but I was having fun being outside... wondering, being curious as usual, at time Mom had to check on me what I was doing, and if I am in trouble or something. I intent to be quite if I am busy and if I am outside my cage!!

So, when she's done - she picked me up and show me my cleaned cage! Oh - it was wonderful! I got new toys (she left two old ones there), cleaned food dishes, water bowl and guess what? I have cleaned paper under the cage to play with. Once I was in, I went at the bottom of the cage and hide under the papers and in a minute half of the paper were chewed. I like doing that...and also I made noises when I am under it... and Mommy usually come and check on me if I am okay (because of the noises I was making)! It was funny because I come out and just look at her and then go back again and do what I was doing...

I am thankful that Mommy does all these for me... and if Daddy was home while she was cleaning, I usually spend time with Daddy alone doing our favorite things to do... play rough, or I just be by myself in my extra cage and he would just be in the computer - till Mommy calls up to check my cage!!

Today, Daddy is working but I can't wait to play when he gets home!

Anyway, this is too long... and will ask Mommy to post some pictures about my new clean cage today!! Thanks... come and visit me soon! Hope you are having a great day with you family!!


Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

04/06/2013 03:01.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Reyna
Thank you for visiting my page.

To be honest, I'm not sure exactly how old I am. My mommy rescued me from a pet shop, I was being bullied by my cage buddy and she couldn't stand to see my that way. The pet shop wasn't sure how old I was so they gave her an estimate but my mom (and the vet) think I'm a little bit older. But now I am healthy and very happy and am glad to be out of that terrible place.

It sounds like you have a very loving family too. I watch t.v with my mommy too and I like to scream to get her attention. I love massages too! Though perhaps I should show my mommy I appreciate them like you do. Usually I give her a nip. That's nice that your daddy lets you play rough with him. It's nice to have someone to cuddle with and someone to "rough house" with. Hopefully you don't hurt your daddy too much, they are more delicate that we are :).

When I want my mom's attention I'll scream or hang upside down on my branch. If she's too involved in something I'll just fly to her. But my mommy knows me well and there is very little time when we're away from each other unless I want to be on my cage playing with my toys or eating. I have her wrapped around my little birdy feet.

Thanks again for visiting my page and you tell your mom and dad I said hi too!


Come visit me, Frankie.

04/01/2013 04:54.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Good Sunday afternoon fellow Feathered Friends!!
Hope you are enjoying your "Eggster" weekend with your human "flock"!

I had breakfast with Daddy and Mommy this morning, I did steal some peanut butter. Dad and Mom at times allowed me to have a little for a taste! I loved peanut butter!

My cage is open wide today - it is usually open when I am not alone. I have that freedom to conquer the world - you know what I meant. Sometimes, I cream to be heard and wanted attention. It works all the time. They come and check on me and when they do that... I just make sure that I tell them I am happy to see them by "chirping" or just making a noise of being happy...

How about you guys, what do you do when your cage is wide open? Do you freely chew everything or just be content and do what you need to do?

Enjoy your day with your "human" flock!

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

03/31/2013 11:31.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Continuation... "Morning Routine"
Hello fellow feathered friends and "human" flock!! :)

Here we go again... ok.

Once I am in my cage having my fresh water, my crunchy ball, few fruits and what not. I gave Daddy and Mommy time to get ready, watching, waiting and listening if they are almost done.

I know when they are done because, the kitchen lights are out, they are whispering to each other, checking out on me if what am I up to. Once I see them putting their jackets, I made sure that I say "Kiss.. kiss..". They know what it means. I am saying goodbye and hurry back home! They come and tell me: "You know the routine, we are going to work... and will be back at the end of the day...". "You will be okay..." Daddy will come and touch my beak, give me my treat papaya and will say "good girl"... and Mommy will leave the light on...". The last "kiss... kiss..." uttered and off they go and close the door! Sometimes, I would scream but just once... I know they are gone!!

That's my morning routine!

How about you? What do you do to get yourself "notice"?

Next time... I will tell you what I do when Daddy and Mommy get home!

Enjoy... your new feathered friend...


Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

03/28/2013 05:44.00 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, LUCKY, LOUIE Hi! Pals, LIBBY LU - Hi Pals! & LACIE.

03/25/2013 10:24.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Morning routine!
Every morning I made sure before the alarm comes on, I scream to be heard and known that it's morning time!!

So, Daddy will come out and greet me and say the first wonderful words to me: "Good morning Sweetheart"..."How are you"? "Did you get a good rest"?... and I would say: "Kiss..Kiss..Kiss" and make ourselves way to the bathroom along with my water bowl!!

While Mommy is in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

You know what I do first thing in the morning? Daddy takes me to the bathroom and do my "business". Make myself pretty in front of the mirror while Daddy is fetching me a clean water! I dance with the noise of the running water... and I kiss my Daddy on his nose and lips!! Once I am done with my "business", I commended my self and say "Good girl". Oh yes, I can talk. I know for sure, that when I say that in the morning, I made Daddy and Mommy proud of me. Because that's what exactly they say to me "Good girl". Then headed to my cage but swing by in the kitchen and grab a piece of toast or fruit on the way to my bed!! Then run over to my perch and waiting for Daddy to give me my "crunchy" ball and then I say my thank you (chirp) and Daddy would day "enjoy your breakfast"!

That's part of my morning routine with my "human" flock, Daddy and Mommy! There's more... and will continue this again, next time... Good night! It's time for bed.

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

03/25/2013 09:29.43 PM Report This Comment  
  Hanging out with Mom
I am with Mom right now in the bedroom while updating or writing a blog about me. If you can only see me now, I am against her side while I am hiding under a pillow. At time, Mom will just look at me, she can feel me but cannot see my head because it is under the pillow! I like climbing, looking into something and trying to get in trouble but here, again, I was grabbed and taken away to my little gym!!

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

03/25/2013 08:49.00 PM Report This Comment  
  My Teddy
When Mommy is home, she likes to let me free around the living room. If I am not on her hand giving me a massage, she grab Teddy and let me play with him.

Come visit me, Reyna "Queen".

03/25/2013 08:44.47 PM Report This Comment  
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