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Citron-Crested Cockatoo from Clermont, FL
Jester Bean

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Jester had two homes before he came to me. He lived with a woman for about 5 years, and was then given to a couple. He lived with them for about 11 years. The husband was in the military, and they had to move a lot. He had bonded with the brother in law lived with them for a while. When he moved out, Jester got upset, and got angry with the couple. They locked him in a small chicken wire cage for two years before surrendering him to Parrots as Pets rescue.

Jester was being fostered by my friend on the bird channel forum. I really enjoyed his posts about him. I got to meet him at a bird club meeting, and fell in love with him. My mom fell in love with him too, and even my dad liked him. Sadly, he was going to be adopted by another woman. About two weeks later, I got a PM from my friend saying that Jester's adoption had fallen through. I was so happy, and was so excited to tell my mom. The next day we went out a got a cage for him, and on Sunday we picked him up! :)

I joined BC on 4/28/13
I got my first vote from Squeaky, Scion, and Picabo on 4/28/13.
I won BOTD on 4/30/13
Polly gave me vote 100 on 5/6/13.
Uncle Charlie gave me vote 300 on 8/4/13
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Hi! My name is Jester Bean

I am a Citron-Crested Cockatoo from Clermont, FL.

His name is Jester Bean! Sir Jester Bean when I'm feeling fancy. XD

He also gets called Jess, Jessie, Jay, Bean, Bean Bean, and Beanie.

17 years old   M

Citron-Crested Cockatoo

Almonds, nutri-berries, avi-cakes, grapes, broccoli stems,

On anyone's shoulder, outside with grandma, with grandpa. Sometimes with mom. XD (For some reason even though I care for him, clean his cage, feed him, and buy everything for him he seems to like me the least. :( )

He doesn't seem to like my sister, he gets really nervous when she walks in.

She adopted me and gave me a wonderful home!

He balances many pieces of food on his foot while he is eating..


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  Hi Jester
Just leaving a vote and ...

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

11/06/2014 10:59.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester Bean,

How are you? Again, I hope all is well. It's your Friend, Oz and I haven't heard from you in a long time. I'm doing very well. My Mommy went to Parrot Palooza at Bird Paradise in NJ and got to meet so many BC Friends. She hung out with 6 of them staying at a Hotel not far from us. They had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year. Hope you, your Mom & Flock are all well. Here's a vote for you, cutie. Bye for now.

Oz (Your Pink Friend)


10/21/2014 07:14.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester Bean,

How are you? It's been so long since we spoke. It's your Friend, Oz. Sad news and happy news. My Friend, Snowy passed away yesterday from a heart attack is the very bad news and I was shocked and so upset as I'm sure his Mom and Flock were. The happy news is that I was Maid of Honor in my Sister, Cheyenne (Jedi) and Brother, Apache's (Snowflake) Double Wedding Ceremony this past Saturday, Sept. 20th. I was never even at a Wedding before let alone be in one LOL. But it was a lot of fun. Hope you, your Flock and Mom are doing well. Here's a vote for you, cutie. Bye for now.

Oz (The Pink Too)


09/23/2014 08:16.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester sweetie!
I want to thank everybirdy for their prayers! Mila's family is truly grateful! We all know the power of prayer is a powerful thing...but we are all in shock over little Mila's progress. She had brain surgery 7:30am on Friday. When the surgeons went in, they discovered that some of what was tumor, was actually scar tissue from her surgery lastyyear, & sort of made a pocket that the larger tumor was sitting in. They were able to ENTIRELY remove BOTH tumors! On Saturday, she was moved to a regular room & they had her up walking! On Sunday, less than 48hrs upon completion of her surgery, MILA WAS SENT HOME...TRULY A MIRACLE!!!
Mila's family would still appreciate ur prayers. Since this cancer came back so quickly & aggressively, doctors are going to treat it very aggressively with chemo & radiation. Mila is doing wonderfullly! She has to take it easy, but she's up & playing with all of her princess toys! She'll walk up to u, give u a hug & tell u that she has a boo-boo & that herhhead hurts. It's truly amazing & miraculous! All things are possible with God!
Love from
TiaMaria & Mom Sandy

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

09/08/2014 11:50.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester sweetie!
Description Date & Time Edit Delete
  Hi everybirdy!
Tia here, sorry I haven't been around in quite awhile, sooooo much has been going on, I'll let u know all about it. Mom FINALLY unpacked the box that contained her notebook that has everybirdy's page #s! Today, mom & I ask for ur prayers.

A good friend of mom's has an adorable 4 yr old daughter, Mila. The past 14 months have been a horrific nightmare for Dawn, Mila's mother. Mila was born with Li Fraumeni Syndrome, which is an EXTREMELY RARE genetic condition. Certain receptors shut off & leaves that person very prone to cancer. Last summer, Mila began acting strangely...bobbing her head around, running into things, suddenly falling down & grabbing her head & screaming. Her pediatrician immediately ordered a brain MRI. Dawnh& Neil were devastated to learn that their precious 3 yr old daughter had Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, an EXTREMELY RARE & very aggressive brain cancer. Mila had brain surgery 3 days later. It was touch & go for the 1st week, they had to restart her heart 4 times. Miraculously, she made it thru, although she spent 3 months in intensive care. She was released fromthe hospital 2 days before Christmas...a true Christmas miracle...Mila had ABSOLUTELY NO mental deficit! Since then, she must have an MRI every 3 months. All of them had been perfectly spotless - until her MRI last week.

Mila now has 2 aggressive tumors - the larger one, the size of a small navel orange, & the other is a bit larger than a golfball. The larger one is in the same spot as the one removed last year, but it is tangled in her nerves & has been deemed inoperable. She will once again have to endure chemotherapy & this time start radiation. The smaller tumor will be removed. I just spoke to her mom Dawn, they will be leaving for Children's Hosp in Pittsburgh in a couple hrs. Mila will be having brain surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30am. to remove the smaller tumor & hopefully be able to remove part at least part of the larger one. We are all heartbroken that this precious little girl hasto go thru tthis again. I hope all our dear friends will say a special prayer for Mila, that God in Heaven will once again restore her health! Thank you my dear friends & God Bless u all.
TiaMaria & mom Sandy

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

09/04/2014 07:55.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
I wanted to say hi, but, you're at my house. Can you read this sitting on my shoulder? Your mom will be back soon. Don't worry Jester your mom loves you. She really must, because, I offered to trade her a Major Mitchell Cockatoo for you and she said no.

Well, it's back to the cage for you. I've got to go to work.

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

08/30/2014 04:31.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
How's it going? We hope some day we will get an invite for a gallery showing your mom's paintings!
Maybe next February I will get to meet you in birdson. My parronts are staying in Florida for a few weeks. I'm coming too!

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/29/2014 10:25.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
You're still the best little foster bird I ever had. I'm pleased to hear that you're doing well. Tell your mom that I'll trade anything she wants for you. I'll bet that she turns down my offer. I love you Jester. See you in September.

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

08/17/2014 05:42.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
I hear that you have some new tail feathers ... way to go! I bent one of mine and mom isn't very happy with me.

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

08/09/2014 09:56.11 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
I missed you yesterday at the club. It's the only chance I ever seem to get to see you anymore. However, we did talk about you a little. Scott tells everyone that you're the only bird ever to make Sammy jealous. I hope that you appreciate what a wonderful home you have with Maddy and the rest of the family.

We had a lady visit the club from Canada and she misses her flock. She has a Citron that lives with her and she misses him right now. She had hopes of seeing you. Maybe at the next meeting.

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

08/04/2014 05:13.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

06/26/2014 10:43.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
It does me good to get up every morning and vote for you. I still have conversation about you with everyone that we ever met. They all still tell me about how wonderful you are. I know that you're the foster that I should have kept, but, I got you a wonderful home filled with love. I hope you like it there. Your new family is special and they love you very much. Tell your mom that I love the new picture. You look very regal. Have you got you new family trained yet? You know how important that is. Be good and know that I still love you.

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

06/26/2014 04:32.40 AM Report This Comment  
  HI Jester Bean
Good to see you!!Congratulations on wining that contest the sketch looks awesome.You sure look like you enjoy that shower perch.I have one too but it sits in the back of the shower I like all the warm air and steam to hit my feathers it feel so relaxing.HOpe your having a good weekend see you later.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Amando(226029) BOTM.

06/01/2014 04:15.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
As with all TOOs you are very handsome and it's cool that you are winning contests for your
Mum. Have a wonderful day. V4U. Hugs.
Love Cappy

Come visit me, Captain (Cappy), Rudy, Dory & Dixie.

05/29/2014 05:54.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
Wow, look at you in the shower! Do you like it there? I like the sketch of you, too. We were so happy to know that you won the contest!
Congratulations to Dixie for making it into the Hall of Fame! We welcome him with big hugs and open wings.
Mom thought we'd all have to swim over to your page today, it rained so hard yesterday and most of the night! She took her sister and brother in law out for sis's birthday dinner, and they dodged raindrops and jumped puddles to get in and out of the restaurant. The meal and the company was worth the trouble, it was a fun time. Mom thinks she's getting old now, because her sister is the baby of the family, and she just applied for social security! We keep telling her she's as old as she feels, though.
This morning mom trained a receptionist at the center. He is a personable young man and quick to pick things up, so mom says on Friday he can man the desk, and she'll work another assignment, but be there if he has any questions. She thinks it will work out for him, and later if he wants, he can get training in animal care. The center does not train people in busy season, it's just too much.
It's laundry day, so we're keeping this short and sweet. I hope you are having a good day and getting lots of attention. Hugs, Willie

Come visit me, Gizmo, I miss you, sweet boy, Willie, Ice fishing with his pals, PEPPINO, Happy New Year, Everybirdie, Divo & Falco, Happy New Year Everybirdie!.

05/28/2014 10:08.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester!
So great to hear from you! We have been MIA for awhile on BC. My mommy has been going through some really tough times. Sorry we haven't been able to write. (I did try to write myself but mom told me to get off the keyboard!)

We actually had a few warm days here too! I love when it gets warm and mom can open the windows. Mom lost her job 2 weeks before we were supposed to move into a better, less expensive apartment so we had no choice but to stay with G'pa for a bit. Mom's depressed about it. The good thing for us is that, while it's a very small room, mom has a queen bed and we can get to both windows from the bed. My sister, Kahlua, and I LOVE it! G'pa has a nice, green, backyard and I claimed that window as mine! Hee, hee!
Congratulations on your win! We love your profile pic too! Where was the contest? I'm sorry we didn't hear about it or we would have voted for you! We love your prize though! Beautiful - just like you!
I sometimes play with the feathers on my back/shoulder area (both sides). I've been pretty good lately but sometimes I over-preen them. Mom has all these preening toys for me too but sometimes I still do it. Kahlua, my CAG sister, likes to bite her toenails. Mom thinks we did it if we are stressed or she is stressed and we sense her stress. So we both need to stop doing that, don't we?
So nice of you to stop by. And again, we are so sorry for not being on BC much. We will try to get on more. Are you on FB too?

Squawk with you soon! Congrats again!

Love and wing hugs,

Come visit me, Kahlua & Tango.

05/28/2014 09:08.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
Everyone that ever met you still talks about you. I love your new shower pictures. But, the best one is still the picture of you kissing mom.

Take care,
Uncle Charlie

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

05/28/2014 05:30.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Jester Bean
Great profile and shower pics.

So nice of you to fly over for a visit. Hopefully you aren't playing with your feathers too much. That is always a concern with certain species. We are good and don't pluck. Furball is the one with bald spots.

We didn't know you'd won first place in a contest. Congrats! Wonderful to win and know your mom'll cherish that sketch of you. It is awesome.

Have a great day, wing hugs and a vote, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

05/28/2014 05:30.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester Bean
well i am glad your mom won the contest. it is a beautiful picture of you. funny they wouldn't let us vote. we even joined the website so we could. now we are on the email list and on their Facebook page.

love Cori

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & BOO BOO VOTE PEPPINO BOTM 262561.

05/27/2014 10:24.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
CONGRATS on winning the contest. You are a winner for sure. Love the portrait of you ... very nice prize.
We finally got up to 80 degrees! The whole weekend was very nice.
I'm coming down to FL next February with my parronts for vacation. I'm not sure where just yet, maybe we'll meet.
We had another beautiful day today, sunny and warm. But, I feel bad for the 3 baby Pitts PA eagles … they are drenched … looks like an all day and night rain for them. Hope every bird had a greyt day.

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

05/27/2014 09:58.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Jester Bean!
Hey buddy ! We are so happy that you won the contest! You are one handsome dude!

Come visit me, Raffi & PumBaa ice fishing with best friends!.

05/27/2014 09:35.27 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
What an awesome sketch of you and we are all soo happy that you won!Oh don't go messing with your pretty feathers,you look so beautiful! Mom has been so busy lately,everyone just got back from vacation and now Mom is going out every day with Aunt Tanya and Uncle Steve(Cookie,Carter,Doo,Miranda and CuBirds)parronts!They are here for the week and are staying near Nana,Mom is trying to take them out to see our places of interest here but the weather is not cooperating!
Wishing you a greyt day and I'm sending you all my love along with warm birdie hugs and soft beakie kisses!Love,Kallie

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

05/27/2014 08:49.52 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
Oh that painting is beautiful!! So happy you won the contest too. Thanks for sharing with us. It was suppose to rain here today and maybe even some last night but that never happened. I sure was happy because after mom got home from grocery shopping I got to sit outside again. One time there was a few rain drops that fell and I sat out in them since it wasn’t storming. Mom always sings Its raining its raining when she gives me a bath so she was singing that to me while the rain drops was falling. “Friends are relatives you make for yourself “ ~~Your kissin cousin, Gus. V4U (RIP Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus --Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

05/27/2014 05:42.59 PM Report This Comment  

Come visit me, Dobby, Angel Devynn (RIP), Peatree, Bellatrix, Jester Bean, Honey, Angel Hermione (RIP), Angel Dudley (RIP), Precious, Angel Weasley & Angel Jacob (RIP) & Pretty Bird Paintings.

05/27/2014 02:44.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Jester~
Congrats on winning the photo contest! Mom and I both have gmail accounts so we got to vote twice!! You were the most handsome bird there anyway!
I hope you are having a fun day and have some spectacular plans for the long weekend!
Leaving a vote and a hug ~ With love from Sugar

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar and Pippo~Vote 4 Amando 226029 Everyday! & The Calendar Page~January Fruit is Papaya!.

05/24/2014 09:54.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
Tell your mom that the club event is on Sunday, April 13 and I'd love to see both of you there.

Uncle Charlie

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

04/10/2014 06:04.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
Sending you hugs...

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

04/09/2014 09:34.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
Tell your mom thanks :)

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

04/06/2014 08:51.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
I love the new picture of Jester and Mom that I see here. It speaks volumes. We were talking about Jester recently. A friend was running one of those Facebook games about how we met and I used Jester's name there. I immediately got private messages from her inquiring about Jester. Kristina spent about an hour with Jester at a rescue event one day and has never forgotten him. Jeff points out that Jester had this effect on a number of people. I told Kristina, and Jeff agrees, that I got Jester the best family. He is well loved.

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

04/06/2014 07:36.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester Bean
Just wanted to say thanks for helping out your mom and stopping by NTT a couple weeks ago! We love it when your flock comes to play!

The Name That Tune gang

Come visit me, Pepper & Jamaica, Butterball, Apollo, Annie, NTT - Congrats Peppino!, Chardonnay, Rico & Paulie - the Ninja Budgies, Buddy Beak, Sally - In Loving Memory & Valentine.

04/02/2014 11:08.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
I saw the loot that you are all having fun with. Have a greyt night.

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

04/02/2014 09:45.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

03/18/2014 10:06.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester
Hope your feathers grow back soon. I'm hormonal too. I just bit my dad and dew blood, first time. I was in lock up and had to think about what I did.

Come visit me, Chyna on vacation & Bailey ♥ RIP.

03/17/2014 09:27.45 PM Report This Comment  
  Jester Bean !
I keep getting squawked off of Pretty Bird Paintings so could you give miss Maddy a message ?

1. Polly (172126) is this week's winner of a jukebox !

2. We saw the feather painting from Marley's Menagerie's fund raiser on Falco's page and it's GORGEOUS ! You are so talented !

Thank you yells Cookie as he gives Miss Maddy a great big beaky kiss !

Come visit me, Cookie - staying warm, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

03/16/2014 04:37.20 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester Bean
You need to remind your mom that today is the start of "Daylight Savings Time" so that I can see you at the club today. I always look forward to seeing you. You're such a sweet little boy.

Come visit me, Zeus (RIP), Augie, Picasso, Shammy & Major.

03/09/2014 05:47.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester sweetie!
How are u sweetie? Well, it looks like luck is on our side today! Our county was supposed to get 10 plus inches of snow from late Saturday night thru Monday 1pm, but it's been down graded to 3-6 inches...tho it's snowing pretty good right now! Luckily, it looks like the g-kids will have a 2 he delay instead of A cancellation...all snow days have been used & any more missed days must be made up at end of school year.
Today, we will finish the Parrot's Bill of Rights.

Just as I don't always understand ur peculiarities, u may not understand mine. I don't TRY to get in trouble - remember...a house is NOT the jungle. If I DO screw up, don't yell at me & NEVER hit me! I have very sensitive ears & I may never trust u again if u strike me. Hands are sometimes scary things to us. (Why in the world would u not be zygodactylous like us?) Even more importantly, we don't learn by punishment. We are gentle creatures who only strike back to protect ourselves; we learn through patience & love.
I know u get upset with me when I knock over my water bowl, throw food, scream or pluck my feathers. I don't do these to annoy u - I am probably trying to tell u something (perhaps that I am hurting, lonely, or sad). Learn to speak MY (body) language. Remember that I, alone of all creatures on this planet, learn to speak yours!
I am a unique & feeling being. No two of us are alike. Please don't be disappointed in me if I don't talk like u wanted, or can't do the tricks that ur friend's parrot can do. But if u pay close attention to me (& I always empathize with u, whether u know it or not), I will show u a unique being who will give u so much more than talking & playing. Give me a chance to show u who I am; I think you'll find the effort worth it. And remember - I am NOT an ornament; I DO NOT enhance ANY living room decor. And I am NOT a status symbol - if u use me as such, I might nip at your turned-up nose!
Above all, PLEASE remember that u are my Special Person. I put all my trust & faith in u. We parrots are used to being monogamous (no bar-hopping for us!) So please don't go away for long periods or give me away. That would be a sadness from which I may never recover.
If that seems to be asking a lot, remember - u could have learned about my needs BEFORE bringing me home. Even having a baby or taking a new job isn't a fair reason - you made a commitment to me FIRST! And if u think that u must leave me because u might die, provide for me forever after u leave. I may live to a ripe old age but I can't provide for myself. Remember I'm in a small cage amongst people who are NOT of my blood.
AWE SHUCKS! Blog too long & cut off! Will finish last part tomorrow & continue with first aid - poisoning & toxicity. See u tomorrow sweetie!
Love & a vote

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

03/02/2014 04:04.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester sweetie!
How are u sweetie? Congrats to my BBFF Snowflake for winning BOTM! She will be an amazing queen!

A PARROT'S BILL OF RIGHTS. by Stewart A. Metz, M.D.
I am NOT a domesticated pet like a dog or cat. I still have the spirit of the jungle in me. I have special needs, which u may find it hard to fill. Please don't learn these too late for my well-being. And please don't acquire one of my cousins wild from the will jeopardize his survival & well-being, & that won't be a party for u either!
I am used to flying through rainforests or savannahs. I have given up this great gift for ur pleasure. At the very least, give me enough room to flap my wings & exercise. And o need toys for my amusement & wood to chew...otherwise, I might confuse ur home with the forest & its trees.
I need a wide variety of fresh & nutritious foods, even if they take time to prepare. I cannot survive on seed alone. Take time to learn what mynneeds are.
I am a gregarious flock animal...but I am NOT one of u. I need lots of socialization to learn how to act with u, & with my siblings. I also need to have adequate quality time with u every day - no matter what it schedule or other needs are. I am a living, feeling creature. Above all, I need to be able to have complete trust in u, & count on ur predictability in looking after me - EVERY DAY.
I may like to drop food or even throw it, but I need meticulous cleanliness to be healthy. My skin itches without frequent showers, the barbs of my feathers won't seal if they become oily & worst of all, I may become ill if my food & water is not always sanitary.
U may not understand my physiology & therefore u may not recognize it early on when I get sick. And it may be too late when u do, because I hide my illnesses (remember what I said about my being an animal of the jungle, where there are lots of predictors). And I need an avian vet - a specialisy (no HMOs for me please). If u can't afford one, perhaps u shouldn't have taken me home.
I will send u the 2nd part tomorrow. Have a great day sweetie!
Love & a vote

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

03/01/2014 12:22.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester sweetie!
How are u sweetie? WOW, did this month fly by! I can't believe this is my last day as ur BOTM queen! But I'm very happy & excited for my dear friend Snowflake, who will be my successor! First thing tomorrow, I will hand over the castle keys, & take her by the wing & give her the grand tour of her new home for the month!
Tomorrow, I will send u the first part of A Parrot's Bill of Rights. It's like a parrot owners manual, short version, with a bit of comic relief added in! Today, I will finish A Parrot's Prayer. I have to warn u, the second part is as heartbreaking as the first, & will leave a lump in ur throat.

For all the macaws, cockatoos, amazons & conures that are stripped of their vocal cords for screaming; their sensitive beaks cut back to prevent biting.
For all birds that end up for sale in pet shops or breeders like used merchandise, unwanted & frightened in strange surroundings with nothing more than the familiar sight of bars on a cage.
For all the neglected birds that are sick with infections from filthy conditions & malnourishment that may never recover & know what it is like to feel healthy & be playful.
For all the misconceived parrots who were beaten, stabbed, blinded & burned for just being a parrot.
For every african grey, cockatoo & macaw that punishes itself by maiming their bodies & plucking their feathers & for those who have lost all spirit of life & sway their head low from side to side slowly into insanity.
We ask humbly of you dear Lord to look upon all of your magnificent feather creations, protect them from evil & harm caused by man & to bring forth an awakening in the human heart & make it a kinder, gentler world for all captive birds.
Written by Sally Brooks

Every time mom reads this, her eyes fill with tears & she holds me a little closer & gives me extra kisses. As much as she loves me, she just can't imagine people being so despicable to do these things to these wondrous & magnificent creatures! I know that everybirdy's moms feel the same way...especially the moms that have rehomed birds and rescues, who have given a home to broken & battered birds...& God bless each one of you! I hope u have a great day, & I'll see u tomorrow sweetie!
Love & a vote
Queen TiaMaria

Mom would like to thank everybirdy for their encouragement & support for her quitting really means a lot to her! She has been "quitting" for the last year or so with not much success! She is sooooo happy that the Lord took away withdrawal torture! Mom could never quit before coz she could never make it past the 3 weeks of torturous withdrawal symptoms. But this time she had no physical withdrawal at all...which is truly a blessing from God!

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

02/28/2014 04:19.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester sweetie!
How are u sweetie! I meant to be back sooner, but since mom is feeling a lot better, she has been busy! Plus giving me attention is a full time job! It's been over a month & mom still isn't smoking! That's another reason mom hasn't been online's an activity she associates with smoking & the only time she craves one, but it's starting to go away! There is still a lot of first aid info I would like to go over, but first, we would like to share a couple things that are in one of mom's books. Both are very thought provoking & also very true. I will start with A PARROT'S PRAYER, (which is incredibly sad & infuriating!, then A PARROT'S BILL OF RIGHTS. Each should take 2 days.

For all the wild caught parrots so savagely netted & swept away from their families while their babies, dumped into burlap sacks, cried out in terror.
For all the exotic birds that witnessed the destruction of all the blessed trees & fled fires in fear from man's thirst to dominate, stripping the land of all its inhabitants, leaving nothing but bare ground behind.
For all the parrots that struggled through the capture, but died merciless in transport from the stress of overcrowded, barbaric, confinements & inconceivable horror.
For all the survivors that made it into captivity but exist in a nightmare of confinement unable to use their God given wings of flight as they once remembered.
For all the baby birds bred in captivity whose crops burned or have died needlessly from harshness of human hands.
For all captive birds that have been erased from their owner's consciousness & are abandoned to a lifeless existence with only a distant memory of what it was like to hear a gentle voice from someone that used to care.
For all those helpless creatures who don't know what it's like to live life as a bird or even to feel the breeze or sunlight but are doomed to darkness in closets or garages, trapped inside covered cages or shackled.

Heartbreaking, isn't it? I will finish the Parrot's Prayer tomorrow. Have a great day sweetie!
Love & a vote
Queen Tia

Come visit me, TiaMaria.

02/27/2014 08:00.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Jester Bean!
We love your Iron Man costume!

We wanted to say THANK YOU for playing Name That Tune a few weeks back! We try to thank everybirdie even though we're usually kind of late with it lol.

Rico & Paulie from NTT

Come visit me, Pepper & Jamaica, Butterball, Apollo, Annie, NTT - Congrats Peppino!, Chardonnay, Rico & Paulie - the Ninja Budgies, Buddy Beak, Sally - In Loving Memory & Valentine.

02/23/2014 11:44.07 PM Report This Comment  
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