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Sun Conure from Chuburna Puerto, Intl
Squeaky-Thank you dear friends, for this honor!

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My sister and I had been from home to home and my mom wanted a sun conure and took both of us. Unfortunately my sister died a few years ago. We used to groom each other, had our babies together and fed each others' babies. Mom thought I'd be heartbroken but I was really happy! Now I have more time to focus on my owner.

BOTD - 1/6/2013
BOTD - 1/20/2014
BOTD- 2/12/2016

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Hi! My name is Squeaky-Thank you dear friends, for this honor!

I am a Sun Conure from Chuburna Puerto, Intl.

Squeakerdoodle, Squeaks

20 years old   F

Sun Conure

I adore almonds and fruits! And Special K cereal and breakfast bars! And oatmeal!

My favorite place to hang out is with my mom! I love to sit on her shoulder and in her lap and get scritches and chew on her bird shirt!

I don't like fingers and I'm not fond of men! I insist on sitting on my mom's lap only if her old chewed up, raggedy sweatshirt is there for me to chew.

She lets me groom her face and gives me showers in the kitchen sink! I love to sit on her head and groom her hair in the evenings!

I love to chew rope! I love to take baths in my water bowl! I help mom serve dinner to the flock every night! I love to sit on my mom's lap or shoulder every morning for hours and blog on BC!.

You said you LIKE your fingers? Hehehe.

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  Congratulations for BOTD!
But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Squeaky is the sun (conure)
Arise, fair sun (conure), and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou her maid art far more fair than she

Sam whispers to Hulk as Hulk recites these words to Queen Squeaky, BOTD!

Congratulations & do have a wonderful day in the Castle... on its balcony, no less! Hugs to all, SamIAm

Come visit me, Silver Sluggers Page Where Greyt Things Happen & Sam says Happy Valentine's Day!.

02/12/2016 10:21.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Queen Squeaky....
*R bows low before her Royal Highness.*

How fantastic to see YOU in the winner's spot today! I bet you've had a grand day as our Queen with lots of extra spoiling from your mom, if that's even possible seeing as I get the feeling you're one well-loved conure in the first place.

Say, thanks so much for comin' by my page the other day to wish me a happy hatchday celebration. It turned out t'be a really good day, even if mom did have t'be away for part of the morning. The party got started as soon as she got back and I was treated like royalty for the rest of the day. (I love days like that!)

The lovely Miss Kelly and darling Miss Kirby thank you for your greetings and want me to let you know they're doing fine. Kirby wanted to be the one to come by with BOTD congrats but since I needed to thank you for your visit the other day, I won the privilege. Lucky me. :)

Here's hopin' all's well with everybody at your place. I'm happy t'say things are good with us McFlocksters.

Have yourself a good one, Queen Squeaky!

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('>.

02/12/2016 09:04.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaks
CONGRATS on winning BOTD! That is so cool ... hope you are enjoying every minute.
We had a nice sunny day of 73. My parronts went to the beach for a while. Mom said the ocean was cold. Later, I went outside to listen to the birds and get some sun on my feathers. It felt good. Looks like we'll have the same for the weekend.

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

02/12/2016 09:01.12 PM Report This Comment  



02/12/2016 08:41.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky,
Today I'm gonna talk about Valentines Day.

Valentines Day is a special day for love and friendship. It is celebrated on February 14th.

Many years ago people believed there lived a kind man named Saint Valentine. Valentine's Day is named after him. He was the patron of lovers and was friends with many children. Children would give him letters and flowers to show their love. Perhaps that's how the custom of giving valentine cards began. People also thought that on the same date birds chose their mates. Some young people wanted to choose their sweethearts by picking a name from a jar.

Today different kinds of valentine cards are given. There are sweet and loving valentines. . . . And silly ones too.

People have always believed that love comes from the heart. A sweetheart is also called a valentine too. Some admirers give their valentines flowers on Valentine's Day..... And others give boxes of candy in the shape of a heart. There are cakes and candies in the shape of a heart, too. Some even have printed messages on them.

Valentine's Day has been so commercialized to the point where everything you see in the store is full of heart candies to stuffed animals with hearts and messages and even balloons too.

A mere happy Valentine's Day would suffice for most people and birdie friends.

So with that in mind, an early Happy Valentine's Day to you all, my sweetheart friends! :)

I love you always and forever.

I thank you for all the votes and support for my BOTM campaign run.

Here's an early Valentine vote for you.

With love from Hawaii.

Laka Aolani, BOTM candidate

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/12/2016 07:34.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky!
Congratulations on being our BOTD! Conures rule you know! Love and winghugs, Samantha Carter PS My fister Kookie sends a big beakie kiss for for sweetbeak Picabo!

Come visit me, Carter-Justice For Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 8/28/15, Doo Diligence-Justice for Ozzi TY 4 BOTD!, Kookie-Bird -Justice For Ozzi-ty 4 BOTD 7/31/15, Charlie-Justice 4 Ozzy-TY for BOTD 10/29/15, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/15, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-15 Justice for Ozz, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/22/15, Joshua Chico Justice for Ozzi, Blue-Justice for Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 1/29/16, Moggie -Justice for Ozzi TY 4 BOTD 7/11/15, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird -Justice for Ozzi, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda -Justice for Ozzi-ty 4 botd 5/13/15, Captain Darling-RIP 5/19/2014 ty 4 BOTD 9/19/15 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

02/12/2016 06:46.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeekster
I just seen that you are in the castle today. I brought you a box of almonds to munch on in your leisure time. There might be a few missing BB mumbles with a beak full.

Mrs BB

Come visit me, Mrs BB-- Be my Valentine !!!!!!!, TPB&G., Jedi has taken over the casthe throne, Charley Bird, The Bird. Lets play BazBall !!!!!!, Paddy Cake & Piddly Girl running the KB now & Buba, ready for the race.

02/12/2016 05:53.40 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Princess Squeaky
Oh I'm so happy to see you with this honor today congratulations. Hulk pulls out a bouquet of flowers from behind his back and kisses the princess. I hope your enjoying your time at the castle and in the spotlight.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Laka(259145) For BOTM.

02/12/2016 05:18.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
Congratulations on winning botd and enjoy it to the fullest
For the day at the castle sure goes fast for some reason!
Your friend, Gus (Rip Chi chi)

Come visit me, Gus- & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

02/12/2016 05:04.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
Congrats on BOTD! Come stop my my profile sometime. Here's a vote.
Squeakers the Rooster

Come visit me, Tomato Candy the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM!, Apple Cyder the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Popcorn the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!, skyguy echos manakin the bird Vote Laka BOTM!, Buttons the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!, Mr. Flathead the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM!, Lastaloo the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Cutie Creature the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!, Brownie Tec the Chicken Vote Laka BOTM!, Zebra the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Officer Sequoia the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!, Squeakers the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM!, Sawdust the Rooster Vote Laka BOTM, Rainbow Rosie the Hen Vote Laka BOTM!, Bock Bock Bockie the Hen Vote Laka BOTM! & Zipper the Button Quail Vote Laka BOTM!.

02/12/2016 04:07.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Congrats Squeaky
Enjoy the spotlight!

Come visit me, Polly; vote Laka #259145 BOTM & Zippy;.

02/12/2016 03:03.58 PM Report This Comment  
on BOTD!Squeaky!

We are all so eggcited to see your sweet beautiful face in the Spotlight page today!Dixie runs up and gives his sweet Squeaks a big warm little GCC hug and kisses her precious Sunnie Cheeks! Oh Squeaks you make the most beautiful Queen ever! Dixie and his flock bow down before their Royal Queen and give her one last kiss and hug before they have to leave the Queen's Court......
Loving you always and forever sweet Squeaky!Love,Dixie and Peepers

Come visit me, Gabbie, Kallie, Peepers & Dixie.

02/12/2016 02:04.24 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
hope you don't mind we made you King at the Madi Gras today at the kissing booth. Ms BB has been through so much these last few days we le her be Queen. We could always have 2 Queens but thought since you are BOTD also you might like being the King even thigh you are a pretty girl

love P&P

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote LAKA BOTM 259145 & BOO BOO vote LAKA BOTM 259145.

02/12/2016 11:55.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Squeaky~
Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I know you are going to have an awesome time in the spotlight today!!
I have copied your beautiful royal portrait and it is now hanging in the gallery on the calendar page for all to admire!
Enjoy your special day!
Royal Hugs ~ Sugar ♥

Come visit me, 10K Hall of Fame, BOTD ARCHIVES, Sugar & The Calendar Page.

02/12/2016 11:10.16 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
Thanks God today is Friday
I'm flying by
your page to stamp U
a votie and to
congratulate U
4 winning BOTD!
Be a good birdie
Have a greyt weekend
beaky kisses
Your friend, Baby

Come visit me, Baby/Vote10K BCWarriors263181/mou- rningChiper257319 & Oki,/Vote BOTM Laka259145/Mourning Gizmo.

02/12/2016 10:51.23 AM Report This Comment  
Hey Squeaks, it's been forever since we've chatted! We are all very happy to see you in the spotlight today, and love that pic with you and Hulk as Romeo and Juliet. We all hope you have a fine day at the castle with King Jedi. It looks spooky on the outside, but inside, it's the same old castle. Hugs, Falco and the boys

Come visit me, Gizmo and Divo, mom loves you both, Willie, Vote Laka for BOTM, Peppino, vote Laka for BOTM & Falco, vote Laka, 259145, BOTM.

02/12/2016 10:34.14 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Squeaky ...
Congrats on BOTD.
Enjoy your day and get your party on at the castle with Jedi and the flock!!!

Love Snowflake and flock

Come visit me, Jedi says thank you for BOTM my BC family!, Snowflake says... vote for jedi botm, Tweety and buddies say Happy Valentines.V4 me 5K & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/12/2016 09:45.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Princesses Squeaky!!!
Congratulations on winning BOTD!! Whoooo hooooo!!!

Here's a vote for you. Have fun at the Castle!

Love & hugs,

Laka Girl

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/12/2016 09:17.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
congratulations on winning BOTD. Piddy puts away all the decorated valentine boxes
and valentine decorations for now they are going to have a Mardi Gras celebration at the kissing booth andshe decides that she is going to bake a king cake " giant cinnamon roll" and place inside the cinnamon roll a candy "king/Queen" baby for their celebration tomorrow for mardi gras. which ever bird finds the candy baby will be King or Queen of their Mardi Gras. while she is baking Paddy Cake is standing on Ms BBs he'd and telling her which way to step nd watch out so she doesn't trip. Ms BB yells at Paddy and says i am not blind i just had a traumatic day being glued on the wall twice today. Paddy says lets makes some masks for Mardi Gras and gathers Ms BBs feathers which are all over the kissing booth to gLUE on the masks.. first i will paint your face and Paddy paints Ms BBs face purple with green stripes and spots of gold. purple represents justice, green is faith and gold is power. Ms BB works very diligently making her elaborate mardi gras mask. Paddy then fills bowls up with lots of beads and accidentally knocks one of the bowls off of the table and Ms BB gets up to show Paddy her mask she made and trips on all the beads rolling on the floor and lands face first in the king cake. WILL SHE FIND THE CANDY BABY AND BE QUEEN OF THE MARDI GRAS?. PIDDY IGNORES ALL THE COMMOTION AND GETS ALL HER BEAD NECKLACES READY TO HAND OUT TO ALL THE BIRDS for tomorrows Mardi Gras parade they will have and then a big feast of jambalaya, jumbo shrimp, pancakes, fonts and chocolates. she puts cajun music on the kissing booth stereo. tomorrow there will be fun activities after the parade and before the feast.every bird will get 5 necklaces. if they say the words "Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras" they have to give up a necklace. the bird with the most necklaces at the end of the day wins the game and gets to take home lots of glass beads so they can make their own necklaces at home Piddy in the meantime is cooking her tail feathers off whir Paddy flys at her as fast as he can only veering at the last second. more to annoy her than anything else. she tells him to stop or she will put him in one of the cooking pots. in the meantime Cori and Boo Boo
start filling up purple, green and gold balloons with helium for the Mardi Gras celebration tomorrow and the kissing booth is filled with the floating balloons. it looks just like New Orleans now. Paddy & Piddy see the helium canister and notice there is plenty of helium left inside and they place their beaks over it and inhale deeply and pretty soon they sound very silly indeed.

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI vote LAKA BOTM 259145 & BOO BOO vote LAKA BOTM 259145.

02/12/2016 08:41.32 AM Report This Comment  
Just stoping by to "Congrats you on being BOTD"..Have fun celebrating a the castle with all your friends....Pecked a V4U...Many birdie wing hugs to you....Princess & The Dingmans Ferry Flock :o)

Come visit me, CYDNEY "LOVES HER RAFFI" "VOTE LAKA #259145", SAM "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME BOTD 2/13/2016", Angel Cinnamon (R.I.P.), STORMY "VOTE LAKA PAGE #259145" & PRINCESS "PLEASE VOTE LAKA #259145".

02/12/2016 08:37.41 AM Report This Comment  
Squeaky, Squeaky, how excited I am for you! CONGRATULATIONS!! You make a beautiful Queen for a Day! Enjoy your spot in the limelight and in the castle!
Lots of Love and Hugs from Little Miss Lucy♥

Come visit me, Finnegan - Will you be my Valentine?, Daisy - R.I.P. - BOTW 9/17-9/23/07 & Miss Lucy Blue - Will you be my Valentine?.

02/12/2016 07:59.52 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Squeaky!
Congrats on winning BOTD! Have a great day at the castle today!

Come visit me, Raffikki , Pumbaa & Max Say Happy Valentie's Day!.

02/12/2016 07:07.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, Queen Squeaky
Congratulations on BOTD. So awesome to see you in today's spotlight. Here's a vote in celebration. Have a wonderful day at the Castle with King Jedi. Wing hugs and beak kisses, Pearl and Silver.

Come visit me, Pearl & Silver.

02/12/2016 05:33.14 AM Report This Comment  
  Friday Flitzer / Happy Bird-of-the-Day!
happy Bird-of-the Day from Flitzer and Dad.
Hope you have a super-wonderful day of celebration, dear friend.

We're getting a bad storm all day here in Buffalo. Lots of snow and wind and bitter cold temperatures.

= = =
Dad postponed my trip for grooming with Aunt Maria until Monday. He didn't want to get stuck in the storm with me in the car. He's a caring Dad.
= = =
Hope you have a safe and happy day.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

02/12/2016 03:32.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Congratulations Juliet Squeaks :)
What a lovely day you'll have in the castle with Hulk and King Jedi - just watch out for the spooks !

Come visit me, Cookie says VOTE for LAKA page # 259145, BC Library Now Open & Fly with the angels my Sally.

02/12/2016 01:36.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Morning Queen
Congrats on BOTD.

Come visit me, JeTTa.

02/12/2016 01:21.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaks
I can't wait to see your pics. Mom posted a bunch on FB tonight of our house ... it's looking like home now.
Oh, I can't wear crystals or shiny anything in the ocean. That is a safety thing because of sharks.
It was cold last night and early this morning .... 36!
It was a beautiful day of 76 and the pool was 78. Mom went shopping early and dad went golfing. Dad lost a golf ball to a gator, oh well! It landed right next to him and dad let him keep it ... hehehe. Then, I had a fun walk-about the house. Mom kept an eye on me ... why? After that, we went outside for some warm sun on the feathers, it felt good! We should be in the 70's starting Saturday, hope so.

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

02/11/2016 11:02.06 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Squeaky,
In the occasion of Valentine’s Day I thought you might want to learn some lovely Hawaiian words to say to your sweetie. Aloha au ia ‘oe (ah-low-ha ow-eeah oy) = I love you; Aloha no au ia ‘oe (ah-low-ha no-ow-eeah oy) = I truly love you; Aloha nui loa (ah-low-ha noo-ee low-ah) = all my love Aloha Pumehana (ah-low-ha pooh-me-hana) = Warm love, affection; Me ke aloha (Me-kay-ah-low-ha) = with love ; Mau loa (Mau-low-ah) = forever; Mahalo e ke akuia no keia la (Ma-ha-low e kay aku-eea no kay-ia lah); = thanks be to God for this day
Happy New Year ~ Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (pronounced how-oh-lay ma-ka-hee-key ho) Happy Birthday ~ Hau`oli la Hanau (pronounced how-oh-lay la ha-now)
Happy Anniversary ~ Hau`oli la Ho'omana'o (pronounced how-oh-lay la ho-o-ma-na-o) Happy Retirement ~ Hau`oli la Ho’omaha loa (pronounced how-oh-lay la ho-o-ma-ha low-a) Happy Sweet 16 ~ Hau`oli Momona 'Umi Kumaono (pronounced how-oh-lay mo-mo-na oo-me ku-ma-o-no) A hui hou kakou Until we meet again; Aloha kakahiaka Good morning Aloha `auinala (ah-low-ha ow-ee-na-lah) = Good afternoon; Aloha ahiahi (ah-low-ha ahee-ahee) = Good evening Aloha `oe (ah-low-ha oy) = Farewell to you ; A`ole pilikia (a-olay pee-lee-key-ah) = No problem, Your welcome; E komo mai (ah-komow-mai) = Welcome, come in
Hana Hou!(hana hoe) = One more time!; Kipa hou mai (keepa hoe mai) = Come visit again Aloha Au Ia 'Oe ~ (ah-low-ha ow-la-oy) = I Love You; Mahalo (ma-ha-low) = Thank you Mahalo nui loa (ma-ha-low new-ee-lowa) = Thank you very much; Malu No (ma-loo no) = Reserved For; (This is ideal for place card settings); Me ka `oia`i`o (me ka ooeeah-eeoh) = With sincerity; Mau Loa (mau-low-ah) = Forever; Nau wale no (now wah-lei-no) = Just for you `O wai kou inoa?(o-vai-ko = What is your name?; Pomaika`I = Good Luck akahele = be careful of; Akamai = smart, intelligent; aloha is a greeting used to say hello or goodbye. Aloha can also mean love. anuanu = cold; anuenue = rainbow; a 'ole - = no `auinala = afternoon; `aumakua = family guardian spirits; apolima = bracelet; ‘awakea = noontime; 'awe = backpack; honi (hoe nee) = kiss; huli (hoo lee) = turn ikaika (ee-kai-kah) = strong; kokua (ko-ku-ah) = help, cooperation; lua (loo ah) = bathroom, toilet; mahina (mah-hee-na) = moon; maika`i (mai-kah-ee) = good; mele (me-le) = song, sing na`au (nah-ow) = pretty; pu`iwa (pooh-eevah) = surprise. THE END.
Thank you for all the love and votes and support for my campaign for BOTM.
Here’s a vote for you, my sweet friends. J Mahalo Nui Loa,
Love, Laka Aolani, Candidate for BOTM

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/11/2016 05:24.19 PM Report This Comment  
Here are some words of love:

Aloha is literally the combination of two words. Alo means to be face to face or in the presence of. Ha means the breath of life. So, aloha means to be face to face, or exchanging, the breath of life. This is a kind of blessing that is used to say hello, good bye, I love you, and generally to describe people living with respect and love for each other ("live aloha" or the "aloha spirit").

A great way to say I love you in Hawaiian, without using words, is the honi. Two people gently press their foreheads and noses together (with eyes and mouth closed). Calmly breath through the nostrils for a few breaths, exchanging ha. This is the greeting of both Hawaiians and Maori. And it is also the way that I say good night to my children.
Sweetheart - Ku’uipo (koo-ooh ee-poh)

honi – kiss

ho’opono – faithful

hoku – star

kahakai – beach

kala – money

na’au – pretty

nani – beautiful, enjoyable nohea –

handsome, loveliness punahele - favorite

I thank you all for your love, votes and support during my campaign for BOTM.

Mahalo and have a great big birdie day.

Here’s a vote for you.


Laka Aolani, Candidate for BOTM

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/11/2016 05:22.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Thursday Flitzer
Single-Digit Temperatures and Snow. Now this is Winter in Buffalo.
Dad is talking about "Aunt Maria" ...I Know what That means. Birdie-Grooming Day coming up Friday. Uh-oh.

~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

02/11/2016 03:49.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
Your new room sounds so nice ... make sure you smile when mom takes a "after" pic of your room. Can't wait to see it. That cart is such a greyt idea too! As for Picabo, tell him he needs to get some flannel footie pj's!
My dad is golfing very early on Thursday ...brrrrr I think he's crazy! Our plants and all plants in this area are having a hard time with the bitter cold. It needs to stop now and warm up asap!!!!
We have a high surf advisory for the next few days. Hmmm, I'm thinking of getting my surf board out but I need a new birdy wetsuit. Maybe I'll sit this one out.
At least we will be back to 72 on Saturday. We are all looking forward to that!

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

02/09/2016 11:45.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky,
Well this morning was cold by my standards and in the high 50's to 60's and mom had all the windows closed. Gee, I think Mother Nature has run a muck or something!

Here is our Hawaiian lesson for today, I will look for a spooky story tomorrow.

Today is Tuesday the ninth of February.
Tuesday = Po ‘alua (po aloo ah)
February = Pepeluali (pep ay loo ali)
Ninth = ‘eiwa (ay va)
Yes = ‘ae (eye)
No = ‘a ‘ole (ah-oh-lay)
Smart = akamai (ah-ka-my)
House = hale (ha-lay)
To repeat = hana hou (ha-na- ho)
To go = hele (hey lay)
To come = hele mai (hey-lay my)
To go cruising = holoholo (ho-low-ho-low)
The sea = Kai (ky) the ocean Makai (ma-kai)
Prohibited, taboo, forbidden = Kapu (ka-pooh) to keep out
Child, offspring Keiki (kay-kee)
Teacher Kumu (koo-moo) Hula Teacher Kumu Hula (koo-moo hoo la)
Sky, the heavens, heavenly Lani (la-nee)

Thank you all for your continued votes and support.

Sending you all big ole Hawaiian hugs!


Laka Aolani, candidate for BOTM

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/09/2016 02:47.46 PM Report This Comment  
  Flitzer Tuesday
We've been fortunate to have very warm weather for Buffalo, but the temps are plummeting and we will have snow and single-digit temperatures by the weekend.
It is Buffalo after all.
= = =
Uncle Geno got a goldfish. Now, what good is a fish - it can't fly. It can't sit on your shoulder and nip your ear. It can't even say 'Love You'. No cuddle-time...Silly Geno - don't know what good a fish could be.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

02/09/2016 03:44.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky,
Sorry my blog is late, mom was tired when she came home from work and took a birdie nap.

I think the older hoomans get the more sleep they need. Shish!!

Anywho, today we will learn some words that if you come to Hawaii you will definitely need to know.

For example the restrooms have hydro glyphics and only says Kane (Ka ne) male or Wahine (wa-hee-nay) female. That's where a lot of tourists shake their heads trying to figure out which is which.

Also if you hear the word pupule (pooh-poo-lay) that means crazy; insane. Most common use is crazy.

Here's a nice phrase called Pehea 'oe? (Pay-hay-ya oy) (oy as in toy) meaning how are you?

A lot of us has to do this every week or get the trash out. 'Opala (oh-pa-la). Yes every week we hafta take the 'Opala out. :)

Here's a good one I think everyone will like. 'Ono (oh-no) meaning delicious, tasty. Most common use delicious, as in taste of food. :)

This one everyone had some of. It's called 'ohana (oh-ha-na) or family.

This one refers to my Angel frother Pookie. He was very niele (née-eh-lay) meaning curious, inquisitive, a busy body or nosy person or bird. Hehehe

This one we all say to each other. Malama pono (ma-la-ma po-no) meaning be careful, take care , or to care for. Most common use: Take care. :)

Hope you all have a fun time pronunciating Hawaiian phrases or words.

Soon everyone will be speaking Hawaiian.

Malama pono! :)

A Hui ho (ah who-ee ho) until we meet again or see you later.

Sending you all warm wing hugs and beaky kisses along with a vote.


Laka Aolani, candidate for BOTM

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/08/2016 10:26.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Squeaky,
Today I want to talk about where my mom is from. She grew up in a little town called Hilo pronounced (hee lo). The name of Hilo is an ancient one, its origins lost in the mists of time. One of the widely accepted origins is that Hilo was named for a famous Polynesian navigator, Hiro, perhaps in honor of his great skill in bringing his people to this rich and fertile place.

The first night of the lunar month, just following the new moon, is known as Hilo. The think crescent moon is on the eastern horizon as the sun rises, its shape reflected in the curve of Hilo Bay's crescent shaped black sand beach.

No story of Hilo is complete without mention of the three names for Hilo. Hilo-one refers to the part of Hilo fronting the black sand beach, where shoreline activities like fishing and canoe launching took place. Hilo-Hanakahi, the fertile food-producing land south of Hilo Bay was named for a beloved chief who ruled here during a time of peace. The formidable cliffs that run north from the mouth of the Wailuku River are known as Hilo-pali-ku. Hilo was considered waiwai, or wealthy, due to its abundance of fresh water.

A charming folk tale has long been told linking Hilo to King Kamehameha, a great warrior, whose chief ambition, which he lived to realize, was to become the ruler of all the Hawaiian Islands. Naturally, he had numerous enemies, and he never remained long in one place for fear that the some of them might learn about his whereabouts and attack him.

Okay now for some fun stuff. Today is Sunday and it is spelled Lapule pronounced (la-poo-lay) in Hawaiian. The month is February and it is spelled 'Ianuali pronounced (yah-new-ah-lee) in Hawaiian. Have you got it? :)

Just say it slow and it will come, soon you all will be eggsperts in speaking Hawaiian.

Tomorrrow is spelled i ka la 'apopo pronounced (ee kah lah ah-poh-poh) in Hawaiian.

We shall finish or pau/(pow) in Hawaiian with good afternoon or aloha awakea (ah-low-hah ah-vah-kay-ah)or (midday).

Mahalo a Nui Loa (ma-hah-low ah noo-ee low-ah) or Thank you very much for your love and support.

Here's a vote for you and hope you all have a great Lapule afternoon! :)


Laka Aolani, Candidate for BOTM

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/07/2016 01:21.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaks
Those protectors are a good idea. Do you have an alarm system? So, will people be able to look into the bird room at all? I hope not, don't want anyone grabbing any of you. Make sure we see all the finished rooms. Can't wait!
We will watch the super bowl for the commercials. But dad, will play golf then come home for the game. We might have another couple over too.
At least we saw sun this morning. In the afternoon, the rain started and hasn't stopped yet! I'm still waiting around wearing my swimsuit and flip flops. Looks like one more week of low 60's ....brrrrrr. The only eggciting thing we saw today was a cute brown bunny eating our lawn.

Come visit me, Derby Farms, Chyna & Bailey ♥ RIP.

02/06/2016 10:59.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
I think your pic may be my favorite one~!

Yep, the voting has begun in the February Valentine's Milonga Pic Contest (hefty title, isn't it?). We are already getting lots of votes, so I want to thank all the voters and remind everybirdy else to get their tailfeathers on over to page #165848 and support your favorites. There are four categories, so four votes per flock per day. That's a lot of votes between now and the 17th, so get busy.

It is nice here today, but so far not quite warm enough to get outside. However tomorrow they are predicting a high of 80, with 80 or a little more through Friday. The warm weather is greyt for my sunbaths, but there is not a drop of rain in that forecast. That is not a good thing at all.

Mom got her new book from Amazon to replace the one I chewed up, so she will be making a run to the library today. I will be losing her for an hour or so, and nobirdy to blame but myself. Phooey!


Come visit me, BOTM CALENDAR PAGE, BOTM Founding Feathers, Wedding photos & Kiddo says vote 4 Laka #259145 for BOTM!!.

02/06/2016 12:11.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Squeaky
Just a grey gloomy day here but its above freezing so not to cold.
What kind of cake is your mom making?
Oh yeah my parronts will be watching the superbowl it's the first one my mom has had off in probably ten years so she's excited. She's sad football season is ending but will be back before she knows it.
I supervised my mom giving my a cage a super cleaning before. Now shes heading out for a haircut then the parronts eill be going out later to celebrate mom's birthday. I got to share some cake with her yesterday and pizza it was great. Have a wonderful afternoon.

Come visit me, Hulk Vote Laka(259145) For BOTM.

02/06/2016 12:01.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Friday Flitzer
Just a quick "Hi" today as Dad is running out to get things done.
Have a blessed day.

Please hop on my votie button when you get a chance.
~Wings Up~

Come visit me, Mario Adler & Flitzer.

02/05/2016 03:52.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hiya Squeaky!
What are you doing in that picture?

Is that like Romeo and Juliet? :)

Well, so far we've gone to the north shore of Oahu and seen the big 24 foot waves and boy was it windy! :)

Today we are going to Hanauma Bay (pronounced Hanau-ma). It's a nice cove that's a fish and aquatic sanctuary. It used to be free but now everyone has to pay to go in.

Mom has passed by and from the hill looking down the water is prestine blue and clear. Before you could feed the fishes and they sold frozen peas for you to feed the fishes. Mom heard that all the fishes are tame since they are fed regularly. They come up and rub your legs as you are in the water. Never heard of anyone getting bitten by them tame fish. You never know one might just get a little too greedy and take a chunk of flesh to see if it tastes good.

Anywho, maybe when one of the BC parronts come down to Hawaii, mom will actually have a reason to go there and feed the fishies.

The picture of Hanauma Bay is in my gallery thanks to Cookie's mom, Momma Mary. :)

Love and warm hugs to ya'll in the cold states.

Also a vote for you.

Aloha a Hui ho! Till. Tomorrow! :)

Laka Aolani, candidate for BOTM

Come visit me, Angel Sallykins says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM, Angel Pookie says vote for Laka Aolani BOTM & LAKA says Please vote for me BOTM page 259145.

02/04/2016 01:39.49 PM Report This Comment  
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