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Macaw from hope, NJ
Aja (Catalina Macaw?)

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original owner was killed in auto accident. guardian of Aja & her mate Diego was looking for a good home where they would be taken care of properly. Awards
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Hi! My name is Aja (Catalina Macaw?)

I am a Macaw from hope, NJ.

Aja Babe, Good Girl

17 years old   F


walnuts, ritz crackers, blueberries, sweet potatos,spaghet- ti, drinking from a glass, riding in the car

with mommy in the kitchen ( yes i do help), out on the porch with Diego, anywhere i can show off.With Rosie our "girl" dog she plays with me on the kitchen floor. Anywhere that I can show off how very pretty I am.

Not being able to be the boss all of the time. nail trims. having o share Mommy with Diego (my Blue & Gold mate)Gus, our boy dog I love to bite his tail & make him cry( he is such a big cry baby!).I wish everyone would realize that I am the most beautiful girl in the world!

she makes me behave which makes it possible for me to do fun things like hang out with company to show off how very pretty i am . Mommy spends alot of time with us daily , she always tells me how pretty i am & she lets me play with our new dog Rosie (look at our picture below)!

saying "Good Girl" immediately after doing something "Bad". Chasing Daddy to try to bite him.

Aja is the most beautiful girl in the world!.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hi Aja!
Long time no see. A lot has been going on since we chatted last. My mom is getting confirmed, I'm turning one in April, we are moving to Harpursville because the house there for us is finally fixed, and my mom also went snowmobiling. She said it was really fun. They got up to 55 miles per hour on a long field. I hope you and Diego are doing good. Write back soon. Jacques♥

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

03/09/2008 11:29.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Good Girl!!!
My mom was really busy with the superbowl so I couldn't get on the computer. The Giants won! My mom's mom likes the Patriots, so she was mad that they didn't win. She said if they won, they would be the 2nd team to win through out the season! She said that the last one was the Dolphins in 19 something!? That's cool hugh? YumYum kinda likes the Eagles because their a bird and the Giants because mom likes them. All the cockatiels including me, don't rea...lly have an intrest for football, it's kinda in the middle, and Ritch likes the Giants. Well, that's my bird football history. What team do you like? What about your family? The african grey thing didn't work out so well as mom hoped. She gave up one the whole thing now and is going to wait till she gets older. Hope to hear form you soon! Jacques♥

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

02/12/2008 05:21.17 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Aja!!!
Right now it's pretty boring with my mom and school so I thought I would write all my birdie friends. Mommy's teaching me spanish now. I already know some french all though it's hard to say, I get around it. After all, I am a French Bird! Hee! Hee! My mom got in contact with this bird web site that gives away birds to good homes. My mom found this person who lives in new york and is giving away 2 african greys named Mark and Rena. This is a long shot, mom really wants to add to our flock. She loves african greys and she's soooo exited. I can't wait till they come home! The owner now says that they are really close(if you get my drift)so we might even have african grey babies and cockateil babies with me and princess. It's getting late and I starting to nod a little. Write back soon!!! Jacques?

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

01/19/2008 02:05.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi again!
Hi Aja. Mom went to the petstore yesterday and she saw the macaw and the two african grays. She also saw a lutino cockateil. She was solid yellow. My mom wanted to get her for me. I bet she was pretty. But we went there for a bigger tank for the red-tiger oscar we have. She also got another oscar which she named Diego, (Funny)and a plico or a sucker to get the algae in another tank. Her name is Flicka. My mom was thinking of naming one of the chicks Princess and I are going to have after you. Are you ever going to have chicks? I wonder what they would look like. Princess is another cockateil that we have. You can see her on Macy and Mitchill's site. Well, it was nice chatting with you. Hope to talk to you soon. Bye. Jacques♥

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

01/06/2008 10:25.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Aja!!!
How was your Christmas and New years? Mine was really good. My mom calls me the impressor sometimes because I try to show off to my birdfriend every once in a while. Today when mommy was going to school, she caught me and mitchell compeating to try to impress princess. My mom also says I need my toe nails clipped because they are getting to long! She said that her mom's finches nails got to long and it got caught on something and the toenail ripped right out! ouch!!!!!! That has to hurt! Hopefully I won't be really fussy. I hate my toes or wings being touched. So, what is going on lately? I love your picture with the santa hat. Is your buddy Diego a blue and gold macaw? My mom found one in the pet store and she has had her eye on him for a long time. If she gets him, she'll name hime Tyler. It sounds like a good name for a B&G macaw. Right? After that she wants to get 2 african grays (in the same petstore) and she'll name them AJ and Rick after the one detective show called Simon and Simon. Or Joe and Frank Hardy. My mom loves mysteries. She collects those Nancy Drew books and computer games. It seems a little to young for her, but she does like mysteries! Well, that's enough chatter. Talk to you soon! Jacques♥

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

01/03/2008 11:33.27 AM Report This Comment  
  Merry Christmas!
Hello everybody and Merry Christmas! We are having so much fun! This is our first Christmas exept YumYum. This is his 8th. We got a bunch of preasants and treats. Mom made us muffins and we shared it with our birdie friends outside. Their having a very merry Chirstmas too. Well, it's time to open more preasants! We left a vote for a preasant from us because we cant send a presant over the internet! Bye, and a Merry Christmas!!!!! P.S. The boy that you saw in the picture is my mom's little brother.

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

12/25/2007 12:36.22 PM Report This Comment  
My mom's going to bake me cookies too, and if I'm really good a cake with all my favorite stuff in it like nuts and carrot shavings! Yum! My mom's going to get me some Zupreem to try it out. It looks good and I hope it is too. I love fruit! Do you know if you are a catalina macaw or not? Because you sure look like one! My mom found a catalina macaw for sale on the internet but by the time she contacted her, she already gave him away. Right now though she has her eye on a blue and gold macaw in the petstore. If she gets him, she'll name him Tyler. Well, better get going. Hope you have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jacques♥

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

12/23/2007 08:03.40 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Aja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi my name is Jacques. I am a cinnamon cockatail from N.Y. I thought that I could be a good friend and it looks like you need some votes. My mom always wanted a macaw and could never afford one. So she decided to make a lot of macaw friends! Your colors are astounding and very pretty. They are better than mine because mine are just grey, white, yellow and orange. A little taste of what you are. Plus, you are a lot bigger than me. Hope we can be the best of friends.
Your new friend, Jacques♥ ps:left you a vote.

Come visit me, Javender, The Tiels, Jacques and Princess Babies: Anthony and Julie & Stella.

12/19/2007 08:45.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Aja
You are a handsome girl. I am sorry about your first owner but glad you now have a good home. My mom just brought home a Harlequin Macaw. His name is Makon, she plans on adding him to Bird Channel soon. Here is a vote. Have a good day.

Come visit me, Chingy.

12/16/2007 01:37.37 PM Report This Comment  
I have a favor to ask of you. Can you please stop by Cory's page and give him a vote. He deserves to be BOTW. He was abused very badly and he would really appreciate the honor. All you have to do to find him is go to the Profile button on the top of your page, hit that and then type in Cory where it says, searching name, that will take you to his picture, click on that and then you'll be at his page. Thanks alot and I hope you have a great day. Love, Rocky? R(*><~)R p.s. I left you a vote to.


12/06/2007 03:47.44 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Cooper
Saying hi to my Macaw Cousin, and I voted for you!!

Come visit me, Ridley, Aurora, Cooper, In memory of Crosby & Phoenix.

11/20/2007 11:18.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Oh look how beautiful you are! Mom loves your colors. I look just like Diego. I'm sorry about your first owner but I'm really glad you found a new mom to love you. Here's a vote. Calypso

michelle, rochester, IN.

10/18/2007 07:17.21 PM Report This Comment  
A recently recognized infectious agent is killing companion, aviary, and free ranging birds throughout the world. At present, no birds are known to be resistant. This dreaded affliction is called Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD).

What species are susceptible to PDD? In the order Psittaciformes, PDD has been reported in more than 50 species, including the families Cacatuidae (Cockatoos and Cockatiels) and Psittacidae (Lovebirds, Macaws, Parakeets, Amazons, Conures). Pacific, South American, and Afro Asian species have been described with characteristic lesions. Suggestive lesions have been reported in free ranging Canada Geese and Spoonbills, Toucans, and Weavers. Other nonpsittacine birds may also prove to be susceptible to this disease as improved tests are developed to accurately diagnosis affected individuals. Clinical reports suggest that adults are more commonly affected than neonates.

When was PDD first recognized and what synonyms have been used? Proventricular Dilatation Disease has been recognized since the late 1970s. Initially, the disease seemed limited to Macaws. This fact, in conjunction with an unknown cause, gave rise to the terms Macaw Wasting or Fading Syndrome, Macaw Wasting Syndrome, and Gastric Distention of Macaws. As it became apparent that the disease occurred in psittacines other than Macaws, a more general terminology was used to describe the disease, including Psittacine Wasting Syndrome, Proventricular Hyper trophy, or Proven- tricular Dilatation Syndrome. Various terminology has also been used to describe the pathological features of this disease.

What are the signs of PDD? The most common clinical signs of PDD include depression, weight loss, constant or intermittent regurgitation, and/or passage of undigested food in the feces indicating a malabsorptive or maldigestive disorder. Proventricular impaction, muscle atrophy, abdominal enlargement, lethargy, weakness, polyuria, diarrhea, scant feces or hypotension have also been reported in some birds. When the central nervous system is involved, signs may include ataxia (bird may fall from the perch), abnormal head movements or seizures. Some affected birds may develop central nervous system signs in the absence of gastrointestinal abnormalities.

How is PDD diagnosed? A presumptive diagnosis of PDD is based on historical information, clinical signs, and radiographic evidence of proventricular dilatation or dysfunction. Confirming that a living bird has PDD is difficult. Biopsy of the ventricular or proventriculus can be used to diagnosis the disease. However, obtaining a tissue sample from these organs is invasive and dangerous. In some birds, biopsy of the crop can be used to diagnosis the disease. At necropsy, emaciation, pectoral muscle atrophy, and dilatation of the esophagus, proventriculus, ventriculus, or small intestine are observed commonly. The proventiculus may appear thin walled and friable. Microbial infections, parasitism, gastrointestina

Come visit me, Napoleon.

10/05/2007 08:59.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Sorry about your first owner.. This is Cheyenne, and yes, I LOVE to dance!
My mom wanted me to tell you: she thinks that you're either a catalina macaw or a harlequin, but she's not sure. Is that a red spot right above your beak? If so, you might also be a milligold.

Come visit me, Buddy, Cheyenne, Oliver, Oscar & India.

07/20/2007 10:58.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Greetings from Oregon
Aja, Sorry to hear you lost your first owner. I'm glad to hear you found a good new owner and a have a bird friend to live with!! You are the most beautiful girl in the world!!
Love, Rawlie

Come visit me, Rawlie.

07/07/2007 02:28.27 PM Report This Comment  
  hi aja
06/27/2007 01:29.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Big Red & Baby Huey
WELCOME TO THE FLOCK....Wow you guys look good; Tell your new mom and pop try to do what ever it takes to keep you two together. It to bad about you first keeper but I’m sure your doing just fine and have a great new home. I was only one day away from loosing my Big Red. My honey for six years.
We stayed at a half way house for dogs and cats when our first owners gave us up, then along came our new mom and pop and saved our little vents from being separated for ever.
You see were joined at the hips you see. Anyway its great to have forever mates.
Check us out Baby Huey and Big Red…

Come visit me, Sweet Pea (Indain Ringneck), Baby Huey (Catalina), Oscar (Blue&Gold), Ricky (CAG), Bunky (Severe Macaw), Khanny (Sun Conure), Big Red (Green wing), Pinky & the Brain & Chicks, Lilo (Severe Macaw), Zack (Lutino Ring-Neck), Lucy (CAG), Walker (Severe Macaw), Oliver (Severe Macaw), Blush (Military Macaw), Jolly Roger (Blue & Gold) & One Eyed Jack (Severe Macaw).

06/26/2007 06:24.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Aja
I'm glad to see you have a great home. Thought I'd stop by to say hello to another of my flock members.
You're just a little bit bigger than me ha ha, not that I really think so mentally, bird size really doesn't matter to me, but you know that as a macaw I'm sure.
You are one beautiful great looking macaw. Stay as you are and enjoy life my friend. (Lulu) and the gang.
Welcome to Bird Channel, home of all us feathered friends.

Come visit me, Corky, LuLu, ANGEL, Arie & ZIGGY.

06/25/2007 03:35.39 PM Report This Comment  
  hi there!
waht beautiful wings you have! very nice colors!! here is a vote for you today! enjoy the site, it has a lot to do and learn! have a nice day! :)

Come visit me, vern--good bye, RIP tressa RIP, scout, amos, RIP scarlett,rose,poppy, iris- RIP Chickens, noah, malachi, silas RIP & RIP ike RIP.

06/25/2007 10:16.07 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Lucky
Welcome to the club heres a vote from one macaw to another.Sorry to hear about your first owner.It sounds like you have a great new home now. And yes you are very beautiful. Hope to hear from ya soon Lucky

Come visit me, Gunner, Savannah, Lucky...RIP & Stormy.

06/25/2007 08:41.16 AM Report This Comment  
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