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Cockatiel from Nacogdoches, TX
In Memory of Sebastian

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I'd wanted a bird primarily to visit my biology students when we study birds. After a lot of research, I decided on a 'tiel. I'd picked out a lutino male and had visited him several times in the pet store. On the way back from Houston, a friend and I stopped at the Humble PetSmart, where I saw "my" bird and bought him and the necessaries. On the way home, I realized that I'd been in la-la land and confused the stores. This lutino male wasn't "my" bird at all! How embarrassing...
But he quickly flew into my heart, and "my" bird had been sold anyway, so I guess it was fate that brought us together!
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Hi! My name is In Memory of Sebastian

I am a Cockatiel from Nacogdoches, TX.

Sir Poopsalot, Kiddo

9 years old   M


Fresh tips of greenbrier, Sun Chips ("original" minus the salt), cornbread, pizza crust--pretty much anything crusty!

On her shoulder, at the top of my ladder, in the shower, or dancing on the computer keyboard.

Getting sent back to my cage before I'm ready.

Having goodies vanish just because I'm not supposed to be eating them.

She really loves and understand animals, and has worked with them all her life, so she seems to understand what I "tell" her (sometimes!). She has lots of other animals who like me and keep me amused when she's gone. And she believes in early childhood enrichment, so I get to go to neat places and do neat things with her!

Love to perch on top of her head, climbing down using her glasses and my sharp little claws. Sometimes I preen her eyelashes with an incredibly gentle touch--also pick the dried skin off her lips. Love to sit beak to "beak" at my mirror and tell my alter ego--over and over and over again!--"Good morning, Sebastian!" Enjoy biting apart her handmade bookmarks and watching the beads roll around..

EVERYTHING is a toy!.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hi Sebastian!
I know you haven't been here in a long time..but I'll leave you this message!This is Buddy..the Grey that's been traveling all over. Well, I got a special invitation from Rosalie..she worked it out up there and I am making a secret journey to visit you!! I have a sister with may know her..well...I am leaving tonight and I will be there soon to pass on love from your family down here..I'll bring you some millet!! Here's a vote! PS..Mom insists I take a picture of all of us for my page so tell everyone to come by and check it out!!

Come visit me, Buddy !!!, Little Bird & Gracie*.

02/24/2008 10:29.57 AM Report This Comment  
  So sorry for your loss.
So sorry for the loss of Sebastian. I am a avid animal lover and caretaker and know what it is like to lose a precious animal soul. I am sure Sebastian is at the Rainbow Bridge with all the others including my Keeko that I lost not long ago. I actually found her outside as Grackles were chasing her around my yard. I finally managed to get her to come into my hand and caught her. Mind you this was after 2 days of trying. I had her for 7 years. She should have been around longer but they suspect she got west nile disease:(. When I think of her I laugh, cry and feel guilty at times but I know she is in a better place and will be there when I arrive. Here is a vote for your Sebastian and I am so sorry the way it happend. Beth and the zoo. :)

Come visit me, Keeko/In Loving Memory, Noah & Lucky.

02/23/2008 06:08.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning
The flock was just making its rounds around Bird Channel checking on all of our friends and meeting new ones. Hope you have a great day and leaving a vote behind. Come see us.

Come visit me, The VA Finch, Sunset, Dallas, Kokomo, Bella Mia, VA Tiel Flock (Basil, Temperence, Thelma, Louise & Pete and Gladys.

12/12/2007 05:22.46 AM Report This Comment  
  We heard the sad news. So sorry you had to go. Owls are that way. I hope you are flying free and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge...and you will be reunited with your family again~~Big Bird and flock


11/22/2007 07:10.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Message from the Other Side
Well, Sebastian here. I miss all my friends on the BirdChannel. But now Grandma and Grandpa and little MaryAnn and all my other human kin can visit me in the Celestial Aviary. Here's how I got here.
Mom knew I was beginning to grow some new wing feathers, but I only had one on each side and still couldn't fly very well, so she had taken me out for a walk with the dogs as usual, figuring in a day or two she'd have to introduce me to the harness. I got knocked off her shoulder in the woods and with an adrenaline spurt managed to fly up a little onto a vine. To make a short story of a long ordeal, I kept flying up a little further into nearby trees, and Mom finally gave up her vigil at dark. As she was going in, she heard something suspicious. I wasn't there at dawn, and she spent two days in the woods crying and calling and whistling. I wish I could have told her that our resident owl decided to recycle me and release me to my present wonderful home. (We lutinos aren't well camouflaged!) She grieved (and still does) more than I knew a human could. I finally nudged her into getting a new baby (NOT a replacement Sebastian, because I'm absolutely irreplaceable!!). Now she has four, but I'll let them tell their own stories. They'll be working on sites soon: Darwin, Moby, and unweaned Little Guy and Big Guy who'll probably get real names later. I'm happy but I really miss singing to Mom and all the other neat things we used to do together.

Come visit me, Moby, Darwin & In Memory of Sebastian.

11/20/2007 07:00.04 AM Report This Comment  
  boba here
we are lucky birds,because mommy is staying home everyday,she don't need to work,besides in and around the house,but on wednesday she and daddy always go to Leia in the store,because tuesday and wednesday are daddys day off and then they do all the things your mommy might be do on the weekend,tomoorow is our turkeyday here,since daddy has to work on thursday,mommy said that nacked bird in the cold house its a turkey,i'm scared,i think it was a bad bird,who bites alot and got punished now,so i better be a good boy,before i have to move in with that nacked weird looking bird in the cold house,ewwwwwwwwwwwww,mommy gave me and JAngo just now a bath and now we are sitting like wet chickens on the tree,but mommy said it were time for one,she will get a shower perch for us,so we could go with her and take a shower together,that sounds like fun and solong mommy is with me,i do not care,its getting chilly here,but mommy said in the noon it will get warmer,so gotta go for now,have a great day,BOBA

Come visit me, PADME"GUS IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND", Leia"I Like Tiki", BOBA, Bly,Commander Bly"I'M A BOY", YODA"FLY FREE BUDDY& ANAKIN,WE' LL MISS YOU", Jango & JABBA R.I.P. 4/20/06 - 11/4/09.

11/19/2007 11:54.30 AM Report This Comment
Happy Halloween! This is Pippin the miniature horse. I'm Pringle's and Poirot's cousin. I just wanted to let you know that there is another video of me on YouTube. I'm doing my tricks and pulling my cart with the little dogs on it. I hope you'll come and see it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Why don't you come and visit me on the horsechannel? My number is 11626. Here's a vote for you.

Come visit me, Mahatma and Gandhi.

10/31/2007 11:33.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Awww, Sebastian you're so sweet! I go on an internet hiatus only to come back and find your comment! Thank you!

I really like your featherdo! I wish I could get my feathers to stand up like that, but Mommy refuses to buy me featherspray!

Your Mommy lets you in her hair? You are very lucky then! Once I was scared at the beach and she let me climb up into the hood she was wearing. I made a nest of her hair and got completely tangled up. I was happy! She was not. She had to have help getting me out. She lets me preen her hair occasionally, but no more climbing in it.



Come visit me, Cheerio Cheerioptera & Urqkeet.

09/26/2007 01:04.40 AM Report This Comment  
  What I've been up to lately...
Sebastian here! I've fallen in love with a lory named Cheerio Cheerioptera. Check her out!...I've gotten much better at eating my veggies (esp. sweet potato, carrots, and peppers) though I'm not as keen on fruit. Since I'm molting, I eat boiled eggwhites for extra protein. I'm getting pretty pushy about eating what Mom's eating, while she's eating it. Sometimes she thinks it's cute, sometimes annoying...I've been training Mom to groom my head and help me free those little pinfeathers. She knows when I bow my head, I'm soliciting grooming, not praying (or maybe both??)...I'm flying pretty well now. Mom's got a little halter for me when we take the dogs and cats for walks, but so far I just sit on her shoulder or head when we're outside...Mom is falling more and more in love with me every day, discovering parrots have way more personality and intelligence than she'd ever imagined. I give her sweet affection, do funny things for her when she's blue, and do annoying things when she needs to get her attention on someone besides herself. She's realizing that paying my ransom to the pet store and buying me home, food, and toys, was one of the best investments she's ever made.

Come visit me, Moby, Darwin & In Memory of Sebastian.

08/31/2007 07:09.46 AM Report This Comment  
  You get my vote for being a cutie cockatiel!

Come visit me, Cheerio Cheerioptera & Urqkeet.

08/30/2007 12:36.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi. The bat connection was completely subconsciously serendipitous, but very appropriate. I like to dangle upside down from my cage a lot. My Mommy named me because she said I'd need a scientific name after I won my Nobel Prize in Ornithology. She thinks I'm brilliant cause I talk lots... Shhhhh.... don't tell her otherwise!

I do find bats interesting cause their sleep schedules are as messed up as my Mommy's.

Thank you visiting my blog,


Come visit me, Cheerio Cheerioptera & Urqkeet.

08/30/2007 12:34.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Sebastian
I don't get to help either, just supervise. Maybe one day when I can wear my harness she'll let me help. But just being able to go outside and get some sun was good enough for me!! I hate all this dreary weather, but mom says the Farmer's Almanac doesn't have good weather for us this year! So ...... Have a GREAT DAY :> p.s. Guess your mom is getting ready to go back to school huh?

Come visit me, Dobby, OTIS 6-25-06 & Nina.

07/25/2007 08:21.31 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello there
I see you now!! guess you got the pic thing figured out now! You are a good lookin teil! Have you been in all the rain, we had rain here for weeks on end, no flooding though, now all I hear are lawnmowers the last few days. hehe I got to go out on the porch and soak up some rays the other day, boy did I need it, I was gettin nippy and's a vote, Have a great day!

Come visit me, Dobby, OTIS 6-25-06 & Nina.

07/24/2007 08:18.56 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sebastian!
It is nice to see you now. :) That is great that you might be the model for some paintings. We do look forward to seeing the other pictures too. That is a funny story how you and your Mom met. I guess you were pretty happy with the mistake? Take care.

Come visit me, Mahatma and Gandhi.

07/23/2007 09:40.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Sebastian!
It is nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting our page. We really like your picture. It shows a good sense of humour. To upload your new picture, go to the profile registration page. You don't delete the main picture, just click on: choose. I hope this makes sense. Talk to you soon and we hope to see you soon.

Come visit me, Mahatma and Gandhi.

07/20/2007 11:52.03 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Gordo
welcome to the club hope your relaxed

Come visit me, Bumble Bee, Mr. Bird, Princess, Gordo, Tweety & Missy Bird.

07/16/2007 10:19.51 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi there little man
i'm Jango and mommy and i was surfing around here and thought we would come by and say hi and give you a vote.Wish you a great day..Jango

Come visit me, PADME"GUS IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND", Leia"I Like Tiki", BOBA, Bly,Commander Bly"I'M A BOY", YODA"FLY FREE BUDDY& ANAKIN,WE' LL MISS YOU", Jango & JABBA R.I.P. 4/20/06 - 11/4/09.

07/16/2007 07:28.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Help me come to life!
I've got a real photo of Sebastian now but I can't remember how to put it in instead of stick-sebastian. It's in My Documents as a jpeg file (also have it as tif).

Come visit me, Moby, Darwin & In Memory of Sebastian.

07/14/2007 09:22.56 PM Report This Comment  
I love your picture...great idea... here's a vote for you Sebastian.

Come visit me, Baby.

07/13/2007 10:52.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sebastian
Love the picture upgrade :) Did you visit Mr & Missy bird? They're lutino also, very spoil they have a cage all to themselves! Mom said it's because they're married.

Come visit me, Cinnamin Baby, Bubbles, Tweety Bird, Prinsy & Mr & Missy bird.

07/13/2007 03:45.09 AM Report This Comment  
Well at least you have some kind of pic now, besides that cat who looks like it ate the bird!!!! I only have one fur sister left, the other got killed by stray dogs 2 weeks ago, boy was mom mad!!Said some things I'm not allowed to repeat! But still don't trust that kittie as far as I could toss her! Broccoli is very tasty too! and apples and peas and grapes I could go on and on I Love to eat! Here's a vote and have a great day!

Come visit me, Dobby, OTIS 6-25-06 & Nina.

07/11/2007 11:09.18 AM Report This Comment  
Welcome to Bird Channel!!! You're gonna love it here. There are so many new friends you never knew exsisted, like me and my littlest brother Worthington! I'm AsaMina Sura and I run my home. It sounds like you flew into a very good family and I do hope you enjoy all your travels! Worthington came to us by plane and he tells me all sorts of stories about the trip--most of which I think he's making up! My Momma Bird was a Lutino tiel. Oh, have your Mom go find these treats: Barbara's Bakery brand, Breakfast O's, they are unfortified safe cheerios and even Edgar, who'd never seen anything but seed before he come home to us loves them. We all can eat our weight in them! My Grandma also gets us the fruit and veggie nutri-berries, which are fun to eat and throw. Welcome to Bird Channel! Your new friend, AsaMina Sura

Come visit me, AsaMina Sura, Cleo Chaquita Pattee, Worthington Israel Wentworth, Edgar Allan Chirp & Tyson Parker.

07/11/2007 07:36.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sebastian from Cinnamin
Welcome to the club :) boy please be careful around the kitty-cat!

Come visit me, Cinnamin Baby, Bubbles, Tweety Bird, Prinsy & Mr & Missy bird.

07/11/2007 04:38.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Friend
I'm Stanley the Quaker Parrot. Welcome.

Come visit me, Stanley.

07/10/2007 03:24.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Sebastian
My name is Otis, Welcome to the Club!! I am a fellow Texan. So a vote to you. If your mom has a camera phone she can use that to take a pic, send to her email and then post. Come visit me.

Come visit me, Dobby, OTIS 6-25-06 & Nina.

07/10/2007 01:29.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Not Sebastian's photo!
My Person's not a Michelangelo, is she? Photo soon, I hope. I'm really mucho mas guapo.

Come visit me, Moby, Darwin & In Memory of Sebastian.

07/10/2007 10:47.24 AM Report This Comment  
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