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 from Forest, VA

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Heather brought me home to be a companion to her blue parakeet, Forte'. Unfortunately, Forte' died not long afterward, but I have my brother Tiki (a cockatiel) to keep me company.. Awards
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Hi! My name is George

I am from Forest, VA.

10 years old   M

Millet sprays, Nutri-berries, Avi-cakes

The back of the lounge chair. On top of Mom's head. Anywhere my brother Tiki is.

Cricket & Hokie (the black cats)hanging on the side of my cage.

She puts my cage out on the screen porch when it's nice so that I can talk to all of my wild bird friends.

I like to try and move my cage by hanging on to one of the sides and flapping my wings as fast as I can. So far, I haven't gotten the cage to move, but I sure get some good exercise..

Have wings, will fly!.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  In this corner weighing in at...
Now you didnt really think momma was going to tell you how much she weighs did you? But what I am allowed to tell you is she is down another 2 pounds and has lost a inch off her waist and one off her hips. She is very proud of herself. She has to go to the dr tomorrow but she doesnt want to know her weight tomorrow. Tonight momma was having some choc pudding (sugar and fat free) and the doggies wanted that pudding but we wanted it to. So you know us animals we communicate in ways humans have no clue how. Well Willi flew off his perch in hopes to distract momma so the dogs could lick her bowl but she caught onto us. So a few min later when she wasnt really looking all 3 of us flew off our perches as the exact same time! We were sure she would mess up but she kept it together and none of us got any of the good stuff. *sigh* it wasnt cause we didnt try. We did get nuts and YES Willi got his own and has several times now so he is a happy birdie. Momma hasnt been sleeping to well so we havent been online much heres hoping everybirdy is having a great week. We love all of you...Knuckles Willi & Wonka

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

01/24/2008 06:37.58 AM Report This Comment  
  A message from Momma...
Momma asked me to fly by and let all my friends know that we are safe but not happy. Our mommas grandsons are here this weekend and momma has been way to busy to take us out of our cage we never got out even once today that has NEVER happened before. So we will be happy on Sunday when we get to come and and spread our wings. Momma has joined a weightloss website. So she has been spending lots of time on there getting to know the site and meet some new friends for encouragement. We arent around much anymore. Our mommies have been cleaning house and are almost done except the garage and thats a dreaded job in itself. Momma weighs in on Monday so keep your wings crossed for her. We hope everybirdie is doing well and TidBits daddy sure hope you are feeling much better these days we are thinking happy thoughts for you as well as all our friends. We love you and will write more soon when momma has a bit more time online...Birdie beak kisses...Knuckles,Willi & Wonka and Catherine YIKES momma is spebding to much time on Spark she cant keep up with our friends too! We LOVE Spark tell your momma thanks for reccomending it to us...

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

01/19/2008 10:54.47 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Fortune, St.Patrick and Lonnie
We just want to say we think you are a great fid (feathered individual) and we are proud to be your friends. KNOCKING OFF THE VOTE THINGY FOR YOU......Mommy and Daddy just got home from the Bird Fair...with GREAT toys and two new fids..We hear strange sounds from the other part of the house. Mom said something about Love Birds, I think.. She was talking to Slate and Mica...and something about they cannot come into the bird room yet....we are just ready to show Mom how much love a birdie can give... Hugs. Fortune, Patrick and Lonnie

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

01/19/2008 06:30.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Fortune, St. Patrick D' bird and Lonnie
Hey Everybirdie, Happy 10 day birthday Baby Zebra Finch!!!!!! Lonnie here, just wish you could see proud Beep and Peep, his Zebra parents. They are now able to leave the nest together sometimes... Mom took a new pic this morning. It is on Patrick's page with the other pics... He is growing fast. Our cage is now next to the Zebra cage. Hope Ellie is taking notes. Still no eggs for us.(frown) Votes for our by soon, Lonnie, Patrick and Fortune

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

01/18/2008 11:04.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Fortune, St. Patrick and Lonnie
We are flying by to drop of a vote for each of our friends. Baby Zebra Finch is 8 Days old today. his new pic is on Patrick's pics... Love, Fortune, Lonnie and St. Patrick

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

01/16/2008 07:57.47 PM Report This Comment  
  You be the judge...
Ok I dont get to speak to often but there is a time when a guy just has to have his say. Im little and I know that I even weigh the less out of the birds but comeon does size really matter? Im gunna tell you my story and let you be the judge if I (the little guy) or them (the OTHER birds) is right in this situation cause momma has gone to name calling me and I am about fed up to my crest with all of it. The other night me and Wonka and Knuckles were sitting playing on our play perches and momma was feeding us nuts. Knuckles gets to have hers in the whole shell but momma cracks the shells for us and hand feeds us. Now I know the hand feeding is nice but name calling? I mean REALLY! So momma brings out a walnut on the half shell a FRESH walnut I was beside myself but then she expects me to share with...with...HIM! She took the nut from me and passed it onto my brother. I am sort of used to this behaviour but when it was my turn I worked that nut out of that shell and got me a big ole piece of nut I stood for a moment so very proud that I scored this piece of nut a perfect oppurtunity for momma to be proud but nooooooo what does she do? She calls me a little piggie. I mean what IS THAT? Then I took a bite of that nut piece and dropped the whole thing to the floor where the hoovers (dogs) whisked it away. She then proceeded to tell me I wasnt gunna get no more if I was gunna be wasteful...ummmmm...Hellooooooo...does she not see I am a bird? Im supposed to do things like that. So now everytime I get really excited about the nuts momma is feeding us she calls me her little piggie. If that wasnt enough when momma thinks we have had enough nuts she gives the rest of our nuts to Knuckles. And Im the piggie? Do you see where Im coming from here? All I want is my own nut is that to much for a little fellow to ask for? Well Im gunna go perch for the night and dream of almonds and walnuts and the plentiful supply I can have even if only in my dreams...Feathered hugs...Willi Hey George momma met your momma on the diet page shes so smart you should be so proud of her...

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

01/15/2008 08:15.44 PM Report This Comment  
  We found our mommas!!!
WOW we have the bestest friends in all the forrest we found our mommas!!! Some of you said it was metaphorsis (something like that) some said that our mommas made resolutions (whatever that is) but our friend Sunny helped solve the mystery. He said to smell our mommas well we did that and they did smell cleaner but that wasnt what clinched it for us it was Sunny's suggestion that our mommas had simply molted and YEP they are loosing all of thier old feathers (and a few marbles) and sure enough There they were! we are still a bit skeptical though do you know we got eggs today! Momma NEVER cooks eggs except on Sundays a flock could get used to this really quick. We really appreciate all our friends for piching together and helping us out cause we were getting really worried. Momma says to tell everyone thank you so much for all the "ata girls" on her wieght loss and for all our friends humans who are loosing all the weight and doing new things to better themselves WAY TO GO!!! We dont always get to write personally to everybirdy but we love each and everyone of you and appreciate what you mean to our lives. Ok Momma cleaned out both freezers and the fridge so now she says she has to grocery shop to fill it all back up again. We have to fly have a great weekend everyone and we love you very much...Knuckles, Willi & Wonka and Catherine Hey George please tell your momma thanks so very much for the website info momma hasnt had the chance to check it out yet but says tonight she will. She will look for your momma as well maybe your momma and my momma can do it "together" be encoragement buddies everybirdy needs that. Also maybe they can light fires on each others tail feathers to motivate each other wonder what your momma thinks of that?

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

01/12/2008 09:39.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Who took our mommies???
Well we havent been on for a bit cause we are looking for our mommies we wondered if we flew around the forrest and asked all our friends maybe someone knows what happened? 2 weeks ago we woke up and momma looked like she was there but we definatly saw mommy but then everything changed. Momma moved my cage to another part of the living room and moved willi and Wonka around too then thats the last we saw of her its been two weeks and home the one the humans live in is getting so clean everything is begining to sparkle and the house smells so nice. Someone that looks like momma walks around she even sounds like my momma but MY momma usually sits on her butt and doesnt do much this momma look a like is cleaning everything she can get her hands on she even cleaned us!!! She said this weekend she is going to make our cages all sparkly too. Then the mommy that we know well she was here for a little while but now she is moving about the house and cleaning too. So where is our mommies? Does anyone know? Momma came home from the drs today and lost 7 pounds thats a HUGE feat for our momma so now she has been eating differant thats why I dont think my REAL momma lives here and is off wandering about alone and scared most likely. Today we got steamed green beans and carrots AND momma gave me a piece of apple and I LOVED it!!! I never eat fruit of any kind and momma has tried. Momma says eating healthy is better for you so now we have all kinds of fruit to try and good veggies mmmmmmmm I still miss my momma but this imposter is pretty great too. We just havent had huge ammounts of out of cage time cause she whips around cleaning stuff all the time. Anyways if you know anything about thier whereabouts please let me know immediatly but if you cant locate them the imposters will be a great alternative. The new momma is very exausted so we have to perch early tonight Love everyone...Knuckles, Willi & Wonka

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

01/10/2008 08:01.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy New Year...
Howdy doo friends another year is upon us and what a awesome year its gunna be. Our mommies spent the past few days scrubbing the house thats why we havent been able to fly by sooner. The house is starting to sparkle now if we can get her to do our cages today we will be alllllright. New years eve our mommies went to bed before midnight so we didnt get to see the new year come in and know something else? When momma woke up on New years day she forgot to wish us a happy new year for like 3 hours!!! 3 HOURS can you even belive that? Yesterday Wonka was on his swing in his cage and he broke a blood feather he was squeeling and carrying on so our mommies had to towel him and yank it off then momma put flour on it to stop the bleeding he is fine now but leave it to him to add excitement to a holiday. New years is proving a positive start for momma so maybe this means new and good things for us too. She mentioned going to a big bird show this year and getting new cages for my brothers and lots of new toys...weeeeeeeeeeeee...Happy New Year everyone stay safe and play hard...Love, Knuckles, Willi, Wonka

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

01/02/2008 06:04.06 AM Report This Comment  
Very pretty bird. Here's a vote for you. Fly by and give me a vote please.

Come visit me, Buddy (Mitred Conure).

12/28/2007 07:58.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Our Christmas story 2007
Twas Christmas day, the house filled with joy.
Stockings hung gaily for good girls and boys.
The dogs began barking the birds started to peep.
For Santa had been there while they lay down to sleep.
There was collars with name tags and shreddables galore.
Rawhide and millet and yet there was more.
Cages were decorated with trees, wreaths and swings.
New perches, New ladders, so many new things!
Toys made for foraging, Treats tucked inside.
Goodies for mommy, that momma had to hide.
Dinner was made a ham and green beans.
A cake for dessert the cutest youd seen.
The dog came around and then just for spite.
He licked that cake icing with sheer delight.
Icing all over the place momma she was mad.
Then mommy let him at it again she knew that she was had.
The evening came all tummies were full contentment in the air.
A special warmth was present ‘cause Santa had been there.

Our Story of Christmas

Love, Knuckles, Willi, Wonka, Catherine

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

12/26/2007 01:34.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Our Christmas poem...
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a feather was stirring, not even my spouse. The stockings were hung by the cages with care, In hopes that Santa stork soon would be there; The birds were sleeping on perches all safe and sound While dreams of nutriberries were all to be found. And momma in her ‘jammies, and I in my pants, Had decided this evening should end in romance., When out in the tree came a beam of bright light And there on the tree branch was a stork of snow white. He ruffled his feathers then preened them just right, the beauty before us was a mesmerizing sight.. The snow was fresh fallen flakes continued to dance But all that I wanted was a little romance., The stork lifted his wings and began taking flight a bag in his beak filled with treats to delight., for small birds and big birds and some in between., To watch him in action was a beautiful scene. He stopped on the grass for a moment to rest Then straight through the window hes the most honorable guest The stockings he filled one by one with his beak. The site was so beautiful it made momma weak. One by one he left presents at everyones door He did a quick recheck just to make sure. All the birdies were tucked snug ‘neath their wings Dreaming of Santa Stork and all that he brings. Then he ruffled his feathers and to our utter delight Through the window he went in poetic flight Bag in his beak he flew out of site That’s when I knew id be getting no romance tonight. So off into the dark flew this magical bird. Leaving smiles for everyone I couldn’t utter a word. He profoundly proclaimed as he continued on “Behave for your humans” and then he was gone. Merry Christmas everybirdy may the Santa stork be kind to you and yours, Love, Knuckles,Willi,Wonka and Momma

Come visit me, Princess Knuckles at your service & Willi and Wonka, Tweety and Minnie are our chicks..

12/18/2007 07:36.21 AM Report This Comment  
You're almost like me! Cockatiels and budgies, just one of a kind birds aren't they!

Come visit me, Star (^<^), Moonie (in memory- july 8, 2009) & Sunny (in memory 5-31-2008).

07/24/2007 12:48.25 PM Report This Comment  
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