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 from Highland Park, NJ

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My mommy and daddy played with me one time when they were visiting their favorite bird store, and remembered how much they loved me then. They wanted to get me then, but my brother Nemo was sick so they didn't want to get a second bird just yet. Unfortunately my brother Nemo passed over the rainbow bridge, but after that they went to the store and reserved me!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Lilo

I am from Highland Park, NJ.

Leelee, Mr. Lee

9 years old   M

nutriberries, millet, oranges, apples, carrots

the floor, especially in the bathroom, so when mom comes in she can pick me up and i can see my friend in the mirror!

being in the cage. I hang on the bars all the time trying to get mom to take me out!

they sing with me, they help me see my friend in the bathroom mirror, they let me "help" them make lunch, they play with me instead of doing their work.

I am completely obsessed with my reflection--mom had to even take away my ceramic bowel because I saw my shadow and could not stop staring at it! Also I love to mimic--I say "Come here, Dewie" (Dewie is my sister), "Dewiedew," "Hello," I sing the jeopardy daily double sound, I mimic mom's kisses and dad's kisses (which do not sound the same), and I mimic the computer beeping on star trek! I have also learned some interesting bird noises from the birds outside. It's true what they say--budgies are amazing talkers!.

The world is my playgym!.

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  What a Wonderful Surprise!
06/29/2010 09:04.17 PM Report This Comment  
  More Chances To Win!
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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  A Hello to Dear Friends
06/03/2009 09:23.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Caymus' Joke of the Day!
Hey Lilo, I’m just flyin’ by real quick to tell you a “joke of the day!” (hey, no groaning…I SWEAR this one is funny!) Ok, so… was the Roman Empire cut in half? ??????????? With a pair of Caesars! hahahohohehehe!!! Oh come on now, you totally laughed! I saw you! (grin) Big birdy hugs and a vote coming your way!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/15/2009 12:32.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lilo!
Peachy here…helping Caymus with his Earth Day campaign. While Mr. Big Beak was chowin’ down on mom’s Easter dinner Sunday, I hopped on the ‘puter to do a little research. --Did you know that recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch TV for 3 hours? --Did you know that more than 20,000,000 Hershey's Kisses are wrapped each day, using 133 square miles of tinfoil? All that foil is recyclable, but not many people realize it. --Did you know if every newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year? Unfortunately only 27% of all American newspapers are recycled. --Did you know that each year, billions of used batteries are thrown away in the United States? This constitutes 88% of the mercury and 54% of the cadmium deposited into our landfills. --Did you know that approximately 5 million tons of oil produced in the world each year ends up in the ocean? And those humans complain about how messy us birdies are??? Ha! Even Caymus isn’t that dirty and he’s a WRECK! hehehe Singing a little Canary song as I press the vote button on your page!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

04/14/2009 10:37.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lilo!
Caymus here. Well it’s that time of year again when I really show my true colors and invite everybirdy our there to “go green” with me! Even my fister Peachy has gotten into the spirit…I mean, have YOU ever seen a green Canary? Rumor has it that I painted Sam the Grey green last year, so you better be careful or this year I may come after YOU! hehehe And of course, stay tuned for my “green ideas of the day” as well as some really neat quotes, and of course a silly joke or two. Earth Day is very important to our flock not just on April 22nd, but every single day of the year because as an old Cree Indian Proverb says, “only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money.”

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

04/07/2009 06:30.35 PM Report This Comment  
02/06/2009 08:20.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lilo!
Caymus here just flying by to let you know mom put a couple videos of me up on youtube. Just search for "Caymus the Conure" or user name "michbobcat" and there I will be! Sending big hugs and a vote your way...

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

02/01/2009 12:47.51 PM Report This Comment  
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01/27/2009 04:02.27 PM  
  Hey you two!
Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your grandparents!I'm sure your mom and dad had a great time out in Cali, but probably mssed you a great deal. The three of us got soooo many presents for Christmas! We are so spoiled and love every minute of it. I(LeeLee) am having a terrible problem with Pippin. He will not leave me alone! He follows me everywhere and won't let me eat any of the treats mommy has out for us. He is such a pain in the tail feather! It was so cool to see it snowing this past weekend-something we never would have seen if we were born in Australia! Oh our mom had our portraits done for Christmas--I look so beautiful of course--mom hung our photos up in her office at work. Did I tell you I go to work with her in the summer? It's so fun-I get to hang out with my human friend Bonnie..she has such long to swing on. Talk to you later!

Come visit me, Pippin, LeeLee & Pumpkin.

01/21/2009 07:26.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Lilo. Just wanted to fly by and say hello. We sure did miss squawking with you two!!!! Gotta keep this short, left a note on your brothers page. Have a great weekend. Pecks!!!

Come visit me, The Royal Flock.

01/10/2009 05:13.21 PM Report This Comment  
01/01/2009 09:36.50 AM Report This Comment  
Long time no talk. We just wanted to fly by and let you know that we still think about you and your flock!!! Hope all is well. How is mom doing with school??? We miss you all. We don't get on here that often anymore. Kinda like a couple times a month. Well, gotta fly. Keep intouch when you can!!!

Come visit me, The Royal Flock.

12/31/2008 06:02.26 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lilo!
Happy New Year! I know that Peachy and I have not been around much lately but that doesn’t mean we haven’t frequently thought about all our dear friends here on the BC. We just wanted to fly by today to say that we have not forgotten about you, miss you dearly, and promise to keep in touch in 2009. You’re friendship has meant a lot to us (and mommy, too) and we all wish you joy, peace and prosperity in the new year. Ok, have to leave you with a “joke of the day….” Question: Why can’t a chicken coop have more than 2 doors?………………………………………….Answer: Because if it had 4 doors it would be a chicken sedan! hehehehe! See ya next year!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

12/31/2008 10:20.15 AM Report This Comment  
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12/10/2008 05:18.00 PM  
  Hey Lilo!
You remind me of my cousin Rocky. He lives down in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware--I like visiting him and his mom. My brothers and I (to answer your question) are from Birds Exotic in Delran, NJ. One time when I went there to get my nails and wings trimmed, the guy forgot to trim my wings and I took off when mom took me outside. It was fun at first then super scary. I flew u on the roof of the building and waited for someone to come get me. I wasn't sure how to get back down. Now my mother won't let me outside unless I'm in a carrier. I still fly around the house when I feel like it though now that it's winter and I stay indoors. Flying is so much bette than walking!! Don't you agree?

Come visit me, Pippin, LeeLee & Pumpkin.

12/01/2008 11:33.53 AM Report This Comment  
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11/13/2008 12:00.00 AM  
11/07/2008 03:41.55 AM Report This Comment  
10/31/2008 04:54.06 AM Report This Comment  
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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  So Good to Hear from You, Lilo!
10/23/2008 09:44.53 PM Report This Comment  
  A Hello From Turk
09/24/2008 11:36.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Thank you, ever so much!!
08/04/2008 01:36.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Lilo. Hope you are doing well. We miss you dearly. Hope school is going well for mom!!! Bet it is keeping her busy!!! Guess love is in the air here. Mom caught George and Daffney "becoming adults" the other day...Wonder if we will have little baby tiels running around here soon?? Heehee. Dad would freak out, heehee. Well, gotta get to bed. Just wanted to come by and say hello. Please come by and see us sometime. Pecks!!!

Come visit me, The Royal Flock.

08/02/2008 08:47.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Lilo!
08/01/2008 07:55.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Turk here!
07/16/2008 09:41.15 AM Report This Comment  
  !*.*.*.Happy 4th of July.*.*.*!
07/04/2008 10:05.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy July from Caymus!
Hello Lilo! Please excuse the “form” email but it is the only way I can catch everybirdy up on what’s been shakin’ without sounding like a broken record. Anyway, we’ve all been very busy with yet more projects around the house. Mom has permanently put my cage out on the back patio and (drum roll please) bought me a nice new (bigger..yippie!) cage for the living room. She got kind of tired of rolling me in and out of the house and my water dish splashing all over the place. I started a few conversations with the neighborhood Mockingbirds, but the Blue Jays and Cardinals are still scared of me. The Pelicans fly too high for me to talk to, and I HATE, HATE, HATE the stupid vultures that sometimes land of the neighbor’s roof. I’ll scream my head off if I see one of these buggers! I’m getting along well with my skin-sis while she’s on summer break. Some days she goes to camp but on days she is home I make sure she doesn’t sleep too late and get her up around 9-9:30am, which is pretty nice of me considering I’m a Conure and I love a good morning yell! On the other wing, she does give me a treat for letting her sleep in a bit and I’ve helped her clean out her room, which is her project for the summer. And if you can believe, she came up with that project all on her own without any instruction from our parronts! Let’s see…what else? Oh yes, the back patio…well you know the one I’m on is screened in. Well mom and dad decided they want to lay a brick patio on the outside of the screened room, too. So this weekend mom started tearing up the grass and she’s got about half of it done. Next she has to level and tramp down the existing dirt, then spread paver sand on top of that, and then finally she will have to put down each paver, one at a time, leveling it out and fitting in the next one. Daddy wanted to hire someone to do it, but mom’s got her frozen lemonade and her big umbrella all ready to go and told daddy she wants to design her own patio and if it takes all summer, that’s ok. Daddy just has to supply the materials and mom will do all the work. And I’ll supervise! hehehe Dad’s bettin’ she cries “uncle,” but if I know mom, she’ll complete the project to perfection. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Oh, and last thing…I heard a firecracker go off a few nights ago. Scared the bejesus out of me and I took cover in my happy-hut. Last night, however, it was no big deal. Sometimes the humans in my flock are louder than an entire fireworks display. (I’m sure my parronts would say the same about me.) So mom’s happy that I’m taking it all in stride and she won’t have to worry about me having a nervous break-down on the 4th of July. On that note, I’d like to leave you with my joke of the day…Q: “What would you get if you crossed the American national bird with Snoopy? A: A bald beagle! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!!!! Leaving big hugs and a vote…squawk at ya later!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

07/01/2008 10:01.11 AM Report This Comment  
06/17/2008 12:07.51 PM Report This Comment  
  good morning
hope you had a great weekend.we did and tomorrow and wednesday are daddy's days off.mommy said they will go tomorrow on the lake again,this time the take my stepsis and stepbrother too,so it will just family and we'll have to stay home,hmmmffffffffff,but mommy said,we can't go with them,oh well,think we'll make party here when they leave,hehehehe.have a great day,beaky kisses BLY

Come visit me, PADME"GUS IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND", Leia"I Like Tiki", BOBA, Bly,Commander Bly"I'M A BOY", YODA"FLY FREE BUDDY& ANAKIN,WE' LL MISS YOU", Jango & JABBA R.I.P. 4/20/06 - 11/4/09.

06/16/2008 07:33.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Lilo. Mom put us all on one page now. Its easier for her to keep up with our blogs this way. So don't be alarmed when we are all together. Heres a vote for ya. We miss hearing from you. Pecks!!

Come visit me, The Royal Flock.

06/11/2008 07:07.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Bly says hi
so mommy put some pic's up,of our new little sis on Boba's page,she will leave them there for a know she is Birthday surprise for my daddy.her name is Padme and she is 8 weeks old.daddy is already in love with her,but don't know,that it will be his little girl.yesterday someone at the birdiestore almost blow the secret.oh boy,mommy almost got heartattack,because daddy was sitting there with the baby and someone comes in and ask mommy about the birdie she wanna by for daddy,mommy and the girls from the store said,it wasn't mommy what will by another bird,hihihihi.hope your guys have a great day.we enjoy to have mommy home all day long,because daddy is back to work now,you know he was on vacation for 3 weeks.beaky kisses and a vote.

Come visit me, PADME"GUS IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND", Leia"I Like Tiki", BOBA, Bly,Commander Bly"I'M A BOY", YODA"FLY FREE BUDDY& ANAKIN,WE' LL MISS YOU", Jango & JABBA R.I.P. 4/20/06 - 11/4/09.

06/07/2008 11:56.36 AM Report This Comment  
  Turk Here!
06/04/2008 07:05.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Caymus
Hey, Lilo! I have this song stuck in my head…mom was singing it when she left the house this morning: “I don’t wanna work…I wanna bang on me drum all day…” Sounds like she’s got a case of the “Fridays.” hehehe Not much going on here today. But I do have a Joke of the Day for ya! (hey, what was THAT groan for?) Here goes: A police officer sees a man driving around with a pickup truck full of penguins. He pulls the guy over and says, "You can't drive around with penguins in this town! Take them to the zoo immediately." The guy says okay, and drives away. The next day, the officer sees the guy still driving around with the truck full of penguins -- and they're all wearing sunglasses. He pulls the guy over and says, "I thought I told you to take these penguins to the zoo yesterday?" The guy replies, "I did. And they had so much fun, today I'm taking them to the beach!" Woo-hoo-hoo! Sunglasses, get it? Helllllooo? Is this thing on? Ok, well have a great weekend anyway; leaving big hugs and a vote!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/30/2008 10:34.44 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Max (ie) the WonderBird!
Hey Lilo! Was talking with Dewie so thought I'd fly by and say hi. I'm preparing to have a lazy day today...hope yours is good! Cya..

Come visit me, Maxie WonderBird -Thanks for BOTD! & 10 Grand HOF Club - Welcomes DIXIE!!.

05/28/2008 08:16.30 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Nugget
Thanks for stopping by to chat. You sound like you have a lot of fun and talk up a storm. Sun's can get a bit loud at times, hehe. I yell when I can't see mom (and sometimes dad). I'm a mommy's girl, I'll hang with dad when she's not home but when she is, he's history and I only want to be with her. My favorite time is at night, under the blanket when mom watches tv or reads. Mom keeps bringing me different toys but I'd rather open the buttons on her shirt or just hang with her. If she asks 'where's daddy' I say mommy. I love water and make dripping water noises when the water is running. Mom has to fight with me when she washes the dishes as I'm SO ready to jump in the sink for a bubble bath. Oh well, mom's heading off to work and I'm catching the last few snoozes before we start the day, ttyl.

Come visit me, Nugget.

05/28/2008 04:36.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Lilo
We hope you had a grand Memorial Day. Mom and dad went to visit the skin grandma so Chi chi and Gus were in their cages all afternoon. Gus was not very happy but Chi chi only is out in the evening so didn’t make much difference with her. We are running behind tonight so want to vote all our friends so please come visit us …we always enjoy your company. Leaving a great big ole vote for you and cheech to you later my friend.

Come visit me, ~~Gus~~ & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

05/26/2008 07:20.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Lilo. Can't stay long. Mom just rubbed her eye and got some of our dinner in it, the Jalapeno part. Her eye turned red and has water leaking out of it. Opps. Hope you all have a great night. Miss you bunches!!! Pecks, George and Charli

Come visit me, The Royal Flock.

05/25/2008 07:51.35 PM Report This Comment  
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