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Max's previous owners had a baby... no time for a bird. I welcomed her into our home when she was just over a year old and it took an earthquake for us to bond.. Awards
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Hi! My name is Max

I am a Blue-Fronted Amazon from Entrelacs, QC.


11 years old   F

Blue-Fronted Amazon

Pasta of all kinds, and the usual fruits, veggies and nuts.

On my shoulder


She came to me when I was afraid of something, trusting my judgement. She only found out the next day that there had been an earthquake that nobody but me felt. She kept me close with her until I felt comfortable going back into my home, my cage. She is always showing me that she loves me, that I am special and she feed me my favorite foods

Waving her wings and yelling *hi* and asking me *you okay* when I am choking and eating spaghetti with a fork..

Pass the pasta please!.

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  October BOTM POST number twenty-five
Hello everybirdie, Jesse here with my final BOTM Adventure Post. Tonight is a special night with Ghosts, and witches, Ghouls and every manner of scary beasties. It's Halloween. I want to begin first by saying THANK-YOU to all my many BC friends for their loyalty to daily voting, words of encouragement and some funny lines I used within the story Adventure. It's never the same without your friends to share in all the fun. I had a lot of fun exploring the BC Castle Corn Maze with you. I can't say I'd love to do it again like my fister Little Angel would, but doing it with you made it more fun and less scary all the way through.
A very special thank you to Queen Angel Girl, my beautiful African Grey fister for an awesome Milonga Halloween Castle Tour. She did a greyt job even if she is busily learning FELIX'S "eye of disdain" for our trainee, Momma Deb. I hope I was able to make up for the missing blogs in Angel's campaign due to all that took place with our beloved Sassy.
I want to remind you to please make sure to go over to play at RUBY's page # 35469 during the month of November as this gorgeous Macaw Lady-bird entertains and educates us during her very own BOTM Campaign. Let's give her all our BC support on her quest for the Castle.
"OK, I did my speech can we go now?" Jesse asks
"YES JESSE, you can go!" Momma Deb says with a nod and smile

Queen Angel Girl watch as her friends dressed as witches, wizards, super-heroes and all sorts of very cute creatures spread out for the annual Halloween eve fun. Candy is hidden all over the Castle.
"One hint" one of the Macaw Guards says as we get started, " there's lots of candy hidden in the CORN MAZE!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" scream the birds, " we don't want candy that badly"
"Just joking, it is hidden allover the Castle, and every room has someone there handing out candy. Go to the Games Room first we put SKY there, and he says he Loves candy." Queen Angel says with a laugh.
"Come on everybirdie, time to have fun, then we can play games. There's bobbing for apples, ring toss and my favorite spin-the-bottle" Jesse says smiling as he looks at Falco and how beautiful she is tonight.
The birdies spread out all over the Castle trick or treating, filling their bags with Nutri-berries, peanuts, sunflower bars and candies. Little Angel helps Dixie, as she carries the bag for them from room to room. " We sure have lots in our bag Dixie" Little Angel pulls their bag along the Castle hallway. We'll have candy to last all year.
" SKY!" BB says making him jump, " did you eat ALL those candies yourself?"
"NOPPPEE" Sky mumbles through a beak filled with popcorn-balls and pickles?
"Come on, let's go find more candy" BB says taking Sky by the wing, " you better stop eating so any pickles before you turn into one. Again!"
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number twenty-four
Hi everybirdie, Jesse here with our second to last BOTM Adventure Post. Please remember to vote for our dear friend Ruby #35469 starting on November 1st. No doubt she has a really fun and interesting campaign ready to share with us all.
I looked eggcitedly at Tango, dressed as a Fairy, and hope rose in me that perhaps lacking a Wizard that the Book of Spells would listen to her and help save our friends.
Jenny-Lynn reads the spell to herself and takes a BIG breath. " We need to lat every bird out in order from biggest to smallest. Then we have to read the spell and Tango twirls her magic wand, just so, and I think, it should work."
"Oh, we have to make this work. I don't want my Poppa Sky a pickle forever and ever" BonBon says a tear in her little black eyes.
"It'll work. It h as too." Jesse says, certain that if anything was going to work, then the Book of Spells was it. " Let's lay everybirdie out. The book says, Biggest to smallest. So we start with your Poppa Sky and go down from there to the tiniest one."
Carefully the remaining birdies placed their friends in a line on the Castle floor. It took some rearranging but eventually everyone was happy with the order, and certain everybirdie was set according to their size. " OK JL, now what do we do?" Spot asks
" I read the Spell, and that should be it." Jenny-Lynn replies. She re-reads the words before starting out loud. "Let every whatnot that was what-so, turn once more from whence it goes to where it now should be!"
Tango flicks her wand and the room flashes with light, and bells chime, smoke puffs up and "WHAMO" everybirdie is returned to themselves. " Oh, I'm me again" Cookie says, " hey Lizzie, you almost ate me" Lizzie shrugs her shoulders, "I was hungry" Kiddo returned to himself once more looks everywhere for Sweetpepper but she is no where to be seen. " Where's Sweetpepper?" he asks sadly, then realizing that Cori, Sugar and the others aren't there either he turns to Jesse.
"We must get the Macaw guards and return to the Corn Maze to find our friends!"
"FRIENDS?" asks Tango
"yes Sugar, Cori Cydney, Snowflake, Gus and Pepper. Apache, Sweetpepper,and our friend Pearl are all missing. They simply vanished while we were in the Corn Maze."
Just then Kiddo and Jesse hear laughter and chattering coming from outside in the Rose Garden. Everyone follows them as they rush out the door of the Magic Room into the sunlit beauty of the Royal Gardens. There, all their friends are relaxing, laughing and enjoying themselves.
"What happened to all of you. We have been worried sick that a monster got you." Jesse asks
"Monsters?" Sugar and Cori reply, " NO, DIDN'T YOU GUYS SEE ALL THE EXIT SIGNS?????"
"Exit signs?" Sky asks confused, " what exit signs"
"There were signs all over the place that said, " this way to the Castle" Gus exclaims, " you must have seen them?"
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number twenty-three
Hello everybirdie, Jesse here with our Humpday BOTM Adventure Post. What a relief to see Spot back with us, only to have the the rest of you disappear before our eyes. There is something funny going on around here.
I was just about to cheer for joy that we had found Spot when I heard Cookie say, "I wish I had a jelly donut" and zuzam he became a jelly donut.
"NO LIZZIE" I screamed just in time to stop Lizzie from making a quick snack of our friend cookie. " that's Cookie? I think!"
Everywhere I looked there was something new where a moment before a birdie had stood. Sky was a big green dill pickle, there were cookies, peanuts, shoes, and all sorts of funny things, and of course Cookie the jelly-filled doughnut. Now, I know that this corn maze has been one unusual adventure but there was definitely something odd happening, and I was determined to find out what. With Spot, BonBon, Jenny-Lynn and a few other remaining birdies, we carefully gathered our friends up, and placed them into our backpacks to take to the Castle. BB threw Sky, the pickle, over her shoulder. "I told him if he didn't stop eating so many one day he'd turn into a pickle."
"Ok, we have everyone? Let's get to the castle. I know that the Book of Magic spells there must have a way to turn them back to themselves." to myself I said "I hope!" and off we went along the wide road. The Castle drew ever closer as we hurried to reach it's safety and save our friends.
Finally at the Castle, we made no waste of time to rush in the gates and into the main hallway. Queen Angel was there to greet us. "Where is everybirdie? Did you enjoy the Corn Maze?"
With a quick explanation about our friends we headed to the Magic Room, a place created by Queen Angel during her stay this month. As we filed into the room, lauded down with the backpacks filled with our changed friends we saw Tango there, dressed as a pretty Fairy. She was startled to see all of us there in the Magic Room.
"Hello Jesse, Hi everyone, how do you like my Fairy Halloween Costume?" she asks happily, then in her wings we saw it, Kiddo's Merlin the Wizard's magic spell book. Tango happily reads a spell from it, as butterflies and flowers magically appear.
"Tango, don't do that" Jenny-Lynn says quickly, " that Book is filled with Spells and magic incantations that only Kiddo knows. Then she remembered the Magic wand that had been Kiddo and she reaches into her backpack and retrieves it carefully. She takes the big Book of Spells from Tango and wing-tips through the pages. "Nothing. Nothing here about changing birds back to themselves.' she continues to look when suddenly she sees the page she was looking for, "here, this is it, " How to Undo What's Been Done" She reads it carefully. It says we need a Wizard?"
"Oh No, we have none right now. WAIT! Maybe a Fairy will do?" Jesse says eggcitedly looking at Tango
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number twenty-two
Hi everybirdie, Jesse here with your Too'sday BOTM Adventure Post. It's a greyt day with the Castle so close, and the BC lake and all these squawk-atiels flying by with birdie's blogs. We are so close to safety with makes a bird happy.
Spot yells as loud as his Tiel voice will allow him, and realizes that nobirdie can hear him. No birdie that is but Lizzie, the Dragon can. Dragon's are magical so she can hear Spot calling for help.
Spot thinks to himself, " I must get their attention that I'm here, I KNOW what to do! "Spot decides maybe he can touch the other birds! "If they can't hear me, or see me, maybe they can feel me!" He runs up to BB and touches her on the leg.
"Hey! whose messing with my leg! " Bb yells startled by the sudden touch. This gets Sky's attention and he runs over and looks around! He searches but nobirdie is there.
"I don't see anybirdy, BB. Maybe you imagined it! " Sky tells her, trying to calm her down.
Spot tugs on Jesse's tail and he yelps "Owwww! " Jesse whirls around quickly, but nobody is there.
Everybirdy starts looking for the invisible toucher!
Suddenly, Jenny says," hey, whoever it is just beat out Morse code for SOS! Now they're beating out "It's me Spot! I'm invisible!"
"Good grief, Spot! Well, come on, hold my wing and we'll go to the castle and figure this out" Spot reaches out and grasps Jenny-Lynn's wing, and holds on tight, afraid he'll be left behind.
Jesse frowns as he continues to walk towards the Castle. As he walks he thinks about his missing friends. "How could birdie's vanish inside a corn maze?"
"Jesse, we're almost to the Castle. Once we get help we'll go back to find Sugar, Cori, Cydney, Snowflake, Gus, Pepper, Apache, Sweetpepper and Pearl. We'll find them." Hulk says
"LOOK!" BonBon calls out, " I can see the Castle walls. SPOT, we'll be there soon, and we'll figure out how to make you visible again."
"I can see him" Lizzie tells Kaji and Gus.
"That's because you're a Magic Dragon Lizzie." Kaji tells her with a smile.
As they walk, Sky begins to think about the pickles he'll eat once he gets to the Castle and they find their friends. "I wish I had a pickle right now." "Phuuufffff. Sky turns into a Pickle"
BB screams, as she watches Sky change into a pickle. Just as she sees her Sky change, Chyna turns into a pair of comfortable shoes, Panther turns into an Army Tank, Kiddo changes into a magic wand, Dixie and Little Angel become a scooter. Everybirdie who made an "I wish..." had become what they had wished.
"OH NO!" BonBon cries "I wish I could see Spot right now" Spot appears before her. "Can you see me Spot?" BonBon asks.
"Of course I can" Spot says, hugging his fister, then remembering he isn't suppose to like her too much, he straightens up, " where'd all these things come from?"
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number twenty-one
Hello everybirdie, Jesse here with your Monday BOTM Adventure Post It was awesome to see so many of our friends at the Haunted Castle Tour Milonga on Saturday evening. We had a frightfully good time.
Sky scrambles up the ladder after the others are all safely together on the wide road above. Looking around carefully he sees that it indeed appears to be the road that leads tot he castle, the help in finding the others who are missing and Lizzie's kitchen, and an endless supply of pickles.
"Ok Jesse, let's get moving, we need to get to the Castle and get the Macaw guards. If we come back soon as we can, we'll all be a safely home by nightfall" Sky says encouragingly
BonBon tugs on Jesses wing! "Uncle Jesse? Are we gonna find Spot now?"
"We're sure to find him and all the others and if not, George the Tiger will help us find them!"
"OK," says BonBon, a little mollified.
Sky picks her up and says, "come on little one! You'll be safe with me!" Off they go down the wide road! Sky stops to pick up Dixie and L'il Angel, placing them onto his other shoulder. With the Castle so close everybirdie feels much happier and certain that all will be ok in the end.
"We should be at the Castle really soon. The Squawk-atiels are flying past more often now, we're definitely heading in the right direction." Jenny-Lynn exclaims
Spot hears the sound of the others in the distance and gets up from beneath the tall oak tree. He'd done what his Momma Rea had always told him to do if he got lost, " stay where you are until I find you" He was relieved to know that the others would be there soon, and he'd be safely back with his friends. He listens and can hear his Poppa Sky, Jenny-Lynn and even his fister BonBon. He smiles knowing she's so worried about him. "I know she'll never admit it" he says to himself.
"Come on everyone, let's hurry, the sooner we arrive at the Castle the faster we find help in locating our missing friends, and my wife-bird Sweetpepper" Kiddo calls out as he hurries to keep up to Jesse.
Spot watches as in the distance the group of friends grows closer and closer. He decides he should head their way and rejoin them and having made the decision heads off towards the south. Spot quickens his pace as the group grows nearer to him. He begins to call out, trying to get their attention.
"Did you hear something?" Lizzie asks Willie, " I'm sure I just hear something."
Willie looks in the direction Lizzie points, but seeing nothing he shakes his head, " No, maybe you thought you heard something Lizzie. No one's there."
Lizzie frowns. She is pretty sure she'd heard someone calling out for help. She walks along, listening to hear the voice again. "THERE!" she says, hearing Spot calling once more. Willie looks once more, still seeing nothing. "Lizzie, you're hearing things"
Spot calls out again, but no one, except Lizzie looks in his direction. "They can't hear me!"
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number twenty
Hi everybirdie, Jesse here with your Sunday BOTM Adventure Post. What a relief to know we are finally back heading towards Bird Channel Castle. The only real problem is we still haven't seem the Castle, and our friends are still missing.
" It is definitely Bird Channel, and I know we have to head this way" Jesse says, " Squawk-atiels only remove blogs they never bring them, so we go this way" Jesse points to the North. He came from that direction."
A wave of hope fills everybirdie's heart as they began their trek towards the North, and the BC Castle. Knowing they were back on BC, allowed them to enjoy the walk with the babbling brook beside them, and the Castle somewhere ahead of them. The girls pick daisies making pretty necklaces and leg bands for the boy birds.
"Jesse, I can't wait to get back to the Castle. This has been one scary adventure." Dixie says as he and Little Angel walk together. ""we need to get back to find the others."
"It shouldn't be too far now." Jesse replies, scanning the horizon for the Castle.
"Sky, I think something is wrong." BB whispers, " we should be at the Castle by now"
"I bet it is right over that hill there" Sky says, pointing to a hill that lies to the northeast.
Jesse stops to get his bearings, climbing up a small hill he stares a long time into the distance before saying, " I see a ladder ahead to the right. We need to climb it,to get onto the road and continue to the North. If we stay here in the meadow we have a very long ways to go to reach the Castle.
Panther joins Jesse on the hill. They both look at the ladder for a while. Then they look towards the North. The Castle is no where to be seen ahead. The ladder looks well used, and reaches a wide roadway above. It has to be the main road that leads back to the Castle. They decide to climb it themselves first and check it out, before allowing the others to follow them. Too many birdies have already vanished. After briefly explaining their plans to the group, Jesse and Panther lead the others towards the ladder.
After a quick walk, they reach the ladder sitting invitingly, leading upwards to the wide road above. Sky tries hard to discourage Panther and Jesse from climbing it, but to no avail. Jesse leaves his backpack on the ground and begins the long climb to the top with Panther right behind him. As they reach the top, they scramble up onto the road. It is a wide well worn road, one that has been traveled many times, and recently too. It has to be the road that leads to the BC Castle. They decide to explore a little before allowing the others to join them. They travel down the road and see that the BC lake is there, safe as always to their right, and the Castle, oh the Castle is there too, sitting high upon it's hill.
"OK, come on, we're back, we've found our way back." Jesse calls as he high fours Panther. Sky grabs Jesse's pack, and helps the others up the ladder before following behind.......
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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your photo is in my gallery--Care Bear.

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number eighteen
Good Friday morning everybirdie, Jesse here with your BOTM Adventure Post. Just when things begin to look better, and the flag from the BC Castle is visible on the far distant horizon, Spot disappears in down-side Uppsie land.
"Anyone?" Spot cries out loudly. He looks around carefully for any signs of where he might be, but all he can see in every direction is the heads of beautiful white Daisies and the green lush fields. Trying not to panic he sits down under the shade of a large oak tree to think. Putting his wing tip to his chin, he frowns. " Now, since i don't know where i am, how do i know how to get back to where i came from?"
"SPOT!!!!!" Jesse yells as he sees his tail feathers disappear from sight. It's too late, Spot is gone, vanished. " SPOT, come backkkkk"
"Where'd Spot go?" a tearful BonBon asks, rubbing her wing tips togetehr anxiously. "I'm gonna get in trouble if I loose him"
"Don't worry, we'll find him" Jesse says. " Let's search. Everybirdie, spread out and look for Spot. HE was flying up? Down? to the sky and suddenly vanished. there must be an eggplanation. Stay in pairs, and don't wander too far from sight." The birdie hurry to begin their hunt for the missing Spot . Jesse flies upwards towards the ground, and looks in every upside down tree before landing in the sky once more. Sky and BB head towards the biggest cloud to search there. It was the last place they'd seen Spot before he disappeared.
"Dixie, I'm getting scared. Everyone is vanishing. We have to stay really close." Little Angel holds onto Dixie's wing as they look for Spot
"Don't worry LA I will always protect you." Dixie says kissing her softly on the beak. It was then that Dixie saw the little door.
"JESSE! SKY! EVERYBIRDIE!" Dixie yells loudly, "we found something, hurry"
"What is it, did you find SPOT? BonBon asks
"NO, we found a tiny door in this cloud. It was hidden from sight by the white fluffy clouds, but look" Dixie points to a little door in the distance.
"Come on let's check this out" Jesse calls eager to find Spot, and all the others. He waddles quickly towards the door. As they approach they see there are in fact three doors, side by side.
"Now what do we do?" Kaji asks, looking at the three doors. "three doors is never good. One is always holding in some kinda scary monster."
"We could open all three at once and see what lies behind them" Miss Ronnie chirps bravely
"Yeah, come on" BonBon agrees, " Budgies aren't afraid of anything. Miss Ronnie grabs one door knob, BonBon the other and Piddy and Paddy the third, they turn them before Jesse can yell "NO! Wait!"
The three doors open. Behind Miss Ronnie's door, lightening flashes, and rain falls heavily, behind BonBon's the sun shines, and the sound of a babbling brook can be heard, and behind Piddy and Paddy's...
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number seventeen
Good morning everybirdie, Jesse here once more with your BOTM Adventure Post.
After hiking along the path for a long while, I decide to stop for a moment to rest, and seeing a large rock, I sit down. Well, I look up and see that the grass and trees are up-side-down.
I shake my head, and rub my tired eyes, "I must be seeing things" so peaking another look up, I see that the grass, trees and everything from the downside is now on the up-side. " EEEEEEEE!"
"What's wrong Jesse?" Chyna asks then suddenly realizes she is standing on a cloud in the sky. She looks above and sees what had scared Jesse so much. The trees are above her head. As Jesse and Chyna makes this discovery, it becomes apparent that every other birdie has also realized that they are floating in the air, or is the ground floating?
"Don't panic" Angel says, " trying to reach the rock? Cloud? that Jesse is sitting on. He ducks quickly as a Duck flies by upside down. " Now this is too weird"
" Where are we BB?" Sky asks her, hoping there is a logical answer to why they are now below the ground or above it? Sky shakes his red head, this is getting confusing. " I sure could use a pickle right now?" he says to himself
" It must be " Uppie-Downsie Land" BB answers, not eggactly certain where they were. She looks around at the ground above her. " look, in the distance, I can see the tower of the BC Castle" she points to the very far distance, and the small flag that sits on the top of the main tower. A wave of relief washes through the group of Corn Maze Adventurers. But how to get there from here?
"Look the path is up there" BonBon says to Spot. She tilts her head to see it better.
"How are we going to follow the path, when we are up here, or down here, in the air?" Cappy questions
"If we are upside down then we have to figure out how to get back down? Up, there?" Jenny-Lynn explains, concern in her voice. " I knew I should have brought my cell phone"
Jesse, sighs, scratching his head. If they were now upside down, or down-side up, how could they get there from here? He looked at the blue sky and clouds that carried on as far as the eye could see, then at the ground, the path, the trees above. " I wonder if we can fly down there, or up there? SPOT?" Jesse explains his idea, and Spot agrees to try to fly down or up to the ground to see if he could find a way back to where they belonged. Taking off into the air Spot circles twice then heads for the ground above, but begins to fall towards the sky where the others are watching hopefully from below. Spot hits the sky, ground with a bump, then stands up.
"Where am I?" he asks out loud, brushing the dust off his feathers. HE looks and sees that he is alone, beside a large field of daisies. All the others have disappeared from sight.
"HELPPPPPPPPP!" he calls and his voice echos in the empty field. HE is all alone in some strange place, " JESSE? Poppa SKY?" he calls, but realizes he has disappeared from their sight.
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number sixteen
Hello. Hello. Quit that. Quit that. Geesh. Geesh. It's me Jesse, the real Jesse with today's BOTM Adventure Post.
Snowflake looks at her double, " Two Snowflakes are better than one heehee" Her double laughs too.
"You know this could be fun, especially when time for grooming." Cookie says, " then again how can I tell which me, is me?" he frowns and his double copies his every move.
Jesse stands tall, trying to see if he can find a logical answer to this double-trouble. He finds BonBon sitting on the path in front of her double. She is carefully grooming out the spider webs from her feathers.
"What are you doing?" says Jesse.
"Preening! After all, I am a pretty bird! I can't be seen with this junk on my feathers. So when I found this mirror, I decided it was a good idea to clean up some!"
"MIRROR!" shouts Jesse. "Hey Spot, these are mirrors!" Jesse yells eggcitedly.
Spot looks critically at his double and says," I hope I don't really look this bad! He starts to preen as well."
"Aaaaaagh" says Jesse. "We are still missing birds! Clean up later!" Jesse is thrilled to learn that the doubles are in fact mirror-images. " we can keep going. Our doubles are just reflections in mirrors. That's why they do everything we do exactly, they are us, only doubles." Jesse scratches his head,, "Ok, that was even confusing to me, but the point is, we can leave the doubles behind."
Snowflake frowns, "I kinda like my double. She's beautiful, and loves to giggle just like me."
Kiddo comes to where Jesse is standing, a sad, worried look on his face. "OH NO! Where is my SweetPepper??!! I have no idea, and it is really scaring me that my wifebird in now one of the missing. We need to find the Macaw Guard right away for some help. Maybe George the Tiger could help with his superior smelling abilities."
Jesse agrees, and helping Kiddo up onto a large boulder, he waits as Kiddo calls "GEORGE! GEORGE! We need your help!"
"I sure hope he hear me." Kiddo says climbing back down. " we have to locate the missing birds."
"We will, don't worry. We can't be too far from the Castle now." Jesse replies encouragingly. " let's get everybirdie ready and keep going. We'll be safe at the castle soon."
Kiddo and Jesse wander around the group of double-birdies, telling everyone the news that they will soon be at the Castle. Bidding farewell to themselves they leave their double behind, as they start off once more along the worn path. The ground slants upwards as they continue to walk quickly along. The late day sun feels warm on their backs. After a while Jesse stops for a break and sits down on a large rock,looks up, and seeeeeeeeeeeeeees
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

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  October BOTM POST number fifteen
Hi everybird, Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure POST. It is such a relief to be free from those creepy, crawly, ucky black Monster sized Spiders. I didn't wanta say anything but I think that some of them are the Giant Birdeater Spiders. "YUCK, is all I can say."
"Where are Sweetpepper, Apache and Pearl gone?" Kiddo asks in fear for his wife-bird and friends.
"Not again" Jesse says his yellow face turning a ghostly white. "they have to be here, I just saw them a moment ago!" Jesse brings to run back and forth searching under every bush, behind every tree and asks everybirdie, but he is unable to find his missing friends. Sadly he returns to where Sky is in deep conversation with Jake and Spot.
" We have to get to the Castle. We can't delay. Our friends are gone, and we have to save them." Sky's voice hesitates for a moment, before finishing his sentence, " before it's too late"
"Everybirdie" Jesse calls out loudly, " we are going to follow a path I found searching for Sweetpepper and the others. It looks well traveled, it must lead to the Castle. We have to hurry, it's getting late, the sun will be setting soon."
Jesse leads out, following the path, watching carefully for anything "odd" he might find along it. Everything is fine, and he begins to relax, the birdies are making greyt time, they will be safely at the Castle soon. Then he can return with help to find their missing friends.
"JESSE?" Spot flies up to walk with him, have you noticed anything weird?
"Nope, everything looks fine. WHY?" Jesse asks an edge of concern to his voice.
"No reason, well, maybe it might be odd, maybe not but have you noticed that every tree is planted beside another one that is the same?"
Jesse looks at the trees beside the path, and certainly it is true, every tree has a perfect match to it. He continues to watch as he walks quickly along. Every rock and every bush also has a double.
"Yeah, it sure is odd Spot." Jesse turns his head to speak to Spot and let's out a terrified scream, " SPOT? SPOT?" he yells in terror, as his eyes fall upon not one but two Spots. Jesse screams again, and a perfect echo follows, causing him to snap his head to the right to come beak to beak with "HIMSELF! AHHHHHHHHHHH!"
"SKY, JAKE, come quickly!" the two Jesse's scream in echo of one another. Jesse tries to get away from himself, but his double follows every move he makes. he sees Sky and Jake coming his direction, and stops. There are two of each of them, in fact everywhere Jesse looks there are two of everybirdie. The others realize that they too have a perfect double and fear spreads like fire among the group.
"Falco? BooBoo?" Hulk asks then backs away unsure of which one is the real Falco and the real BooBoo.
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  October BOTM POST number fourteen
Hello everybirdie, Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure POST. What a sticky, icky mess we have found ourselves in. Giant Spiders everywhere, and no where to run. Then all of a sudden I found a clearing. I was eggcited to see our way of escape, that is until the air is shattered by the terrified scream of Dixie.
Dixie is very upset and frightened about what the spiders would do to Little Ange. He runs in circles around the tree where she is hanging from their thick webs! Dixie screams for someone to come to his aid," Please help me reach my wife bird and cut her loose" He tries but is too small to reach her at this point! He asks permission to get on top of Poppa Sky's head so he can have a better reach of her and then pulling off a thick branch from the Mulberry tree to reach LA with, he stands carefully on Poppa Sky's head trying to balance with his twisted toes,all the while reaching up with the long branch to his Little Angel! Little Angel reaches down breaking through the webbing she is caught in and grabs the branch that Dixie is holding out to her, suddenly losing her balance she falls from the webbing and tumbles down onto Dixie, as both birds fall sliding down Poppa Sky's red feathered back!
Dixie kisses his Little Angel. "Oh Dixie you saved my life. I'm sure those black Monster Spiders were going to eat me for dinner." Little Angel sniffs, wiping a tear from her eye. Sky checks his little fister over and seeing she and Dixie are ok, he stands tall as he can, and looks intently around to find a way to escape from this mess. It is while he is busy searching that Jenny-Lynn arrives ta his side. "SKY, I have a plan." she whispers into Sky's ear. HE nods his red head several times as he listens to her plan. After she finishes he clears his voice to get everybirds attention.
"Jenny-Lynn has a plan. She thinks if we were to form a long line and use sticks to break the webs, we can easily bust free of the spider's trap and get away from here. BonBon has a lighter." He frowns, thinking to himself, she ought not to have it in the first place, taking note to lecture his daughter later. " We can use it to burn the webs off the trees and bushes, our sticks can tear them down from the path ahead of us." Seeing no other plan, everybirdie lines up, wing to wing forming a greyt line of feathers, and slowly they work their way forward, removing webs as they go. It seems a very long time before they reach the end of the spiders home, and bid them a quick good-bye. The Spiders glare angry eyes at the retreating birds. "Just wait, they think they are free from troubles...." The Spiders hiss and laugh as they return to their damaged webs. " they'll wish they were here again!"
Jesse stops for a moment to get his bearings. He sits on a tree that had fallen to the ground. HE asks SKY to find Apache so he can use the binoculars. Sky searches but returns with Kiddo in a panic, " Apache, Sweetpepper and Pearl are gone!"
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  October BOTM POST number thirteen
Hi everybirdie Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure POST. I want to take a moment to thank you all for your continuous daily votes, and awesome blogs. I am trying to use them in my story line so keep them comin.' IF anybirdie still needs a Halloween picture please let me know your choice of costume and I will see what I can do to help you out.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sky screams shrilly and he a Jake back up quickly from the mound of parted grass. "What was that thing???"
"I have no idea but I'm outta here" Jake heads back to rejoin BB and the others, with Sky following on his heels.
Sky shivers, and ducks behind BB. Peaking out to stare towards the grass with dilated eyes. "EEEEEKuck." Sky did not get the words out before birdies began to scream and jump as fast as they could to join Jake and Sky behind BB and BonBon who had come to see what was wrong with her Poppa Sky.
"S-P-I-D-E-R-S!" from every direction big, ucky, black, beady eyed spiders crawl, hang and appear out of every tree, bush and from behind every blade of grass. The girl birds huddle close together as the spiders spin their webs angrily from every solid object. Sky nervously sneaks a peak again from behind BB, closing his eyes. He hates spiders, well no, Sky is afraid of them, and these are BIG, black ucky ones with a quadrillion legs. He shutters, then takes a brave breath of air.
"BOYS, we must protect the ladies" Sky announces not too confidently.
"Yeah, that's right" Cookie says, hanging tightly onto BB's leg once more. " we'll protect you girls"
"Oh really, they're just Spiders" BooBoo says snatching one in her beak and swallowing it whole, "YUMMMMMIE"
The others look at BooBoo and make faces, "how disgusting BooBoo, eating it without BBQing it first" BonBon chirps up. " AHHHHHHH, ones chasing me" she says taking flight. She lands on her Poppa Sky's head. "I'll sit up here and keep watch on them for you" she grins down at her red feathered Poppa.
The spiders continue to emerge, spinning thick webs everywhere. Their black eyes glaring like fiery flames of anger. The birds huddle closely as the Spiders move closer and closer. Suddenly Jesse sees what looks like an opening, and yells, " Follow me" he runs as fast as his talons will carry him between two Mulberry bushes with the others closely upon his heels. The duck low to avoid the heavy webs hanging from the old dark trees, and weave to the left and right around the huge black spiders who appear to block their path of escape. Jesse rushes forward, jumping over an old fallen log, and lands inches from a monstrous Spider, who growls and snaps his feet at the pasting birdies.
"EEEEEEEEEEEE" the scream brings the fleeing birds to a halt, "LITTLE ANGEL, the Spiders grabbed her into their web, HELP HER!!!!!
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  October BOTM POST number twelve
Hello friends, Jesse here with our Saturday BOTM Adventure Post. As we turned for a final look at BC Lake, the water is once more calm, glass-like and no sign of the past violent storm remains. Even the row-boats have disappeared. "WHAT! The row-boats, their gone!" Kacey exclaims loudly as she stares in disbelief. For indeed the boats had vanished into thin air.
BB looks at Sky and Jesse, then back at the Lake, "I hope we can find the BC Castle. It is funny that it has disappeared on us. I know it is a magical place but why would it vanish on the birds who love it sooooo much???" Then looking down towards the ground she says with a sigh, "Can somebirde please remove Cookie from around my legs? Its hard to waddle this way."
" SURE HOPE WE FIND OUR WAY BACK TO THE CASTLE THEN FIND OUR FRIENDS. THIS IS ONE SCAREY TRIP.' Sweetpepper tells Kiddo with worry in her voice. Kiddo takes her wing in his, and holds her tightly. "We'll get out of here, don't you worry Sweetpepper."
Spot comes to where Sky, BB and Jesse are standing, trying to decide what to do next. Jake walks towards the group, but suddenly stops dead in his tracks. "What was that?" he asks pointing to where he had thought he saw something peaking out of the grass at him. Seeing nothing he joins the others.
Bonbon looks and sees that her picture with Parker is in the photo album Hesse has on his gallery. turning to spot and Parker she says, "Jesse put me and Parker in the profile!Hehee!!! I can't wait to show Snowflake........ Oh no! I forgot that she disappeared!" BonBon starts to cry loudly because she misses her friend!
Spot hugs her and says, "don't worry BonBon. We'll find her and all the others too!"(He sounds more confidant than he feels, but he won't let BonBon see that!)
"Hey, Panther! I have an idea! We're tiels, and fly well! let's go up as high as we can and look for them!"
"Good idea, Spot," says Panther.
Jesse says, "you guys be careful! And keep up in sight range, OK?"
"OK, let's go Panther!" Spot lifts into the air
They fly straight up and fly in a big circle looking for their friends. Finally, they land and report to Jesse. "We didn't see them, we also didn't see the castle in any direction! I think we're lost!"
Worry lines form on Jesse's handsome face again, and he says, "it must be a trick of some kind by the BC ghosts! The Castle has to be there. It's always easy to find from the Lake."
Jake and Sky stand close, talking. "I am certain I saw tiny black eyes staring at me from over there, then they disappeared." Sky looks in the direction Jake indicated. Seeing nothing he frowns. " We better go check it out, just to be sure." The two boys inch closer to where the eyes had been. Parting the grass carefully using a stick Sky found on the ground they lean over for a better looks and suddenly the air is split in two by their terrified screams........
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  October BOTM POST number eleven
Helloooooo, Jesse screams in fright as the row boat bounces wildly on the storm tossed lake. The waves reach high over the sides of the row-boats filling them with cold, icy water. The frightened birds yell for help, their voices lost in the crashes of thunder from above.
After what feels like an eternity, the small wooden row-boats bump roughly into the rocky shores of the BC Lake. With a deep sigh of relief everybirdie scrambles to escape from the angry waters, and wind, jumping over the edge quickly, and running for cover in the nearby brush that watches over the normally quiet Lake. Jesse crawls along the beach, counting heads, making certain everybirdie is safely ashore. With so many disappearing he doesn't plan to take any chances at all from here on. Sitting down beside SKY, BB and Jake Jesse rubs his chin as he thinks of the next thing he ought to do. HE frowns sadly, uncertainly etching his handsome face with worry lines.
"I'm not certain where we are?" Jesse says, sneaking a peak out from around the brush he and the others are hankered down behind.
"We aren't far from the Castle. In fact from every point of BC Lake we can see the Castle. We need to get our bearings." BB says with confidence.
"Ok, Jake and I will head up that small hill and get a better idea where we are." Sky says climbing to his feet, with Jake beside him. ' Be right back" he tells BB and Jesse as they head off up the hill.
"You any idea where we are?" Sky asks Jake as they climb the hillside.
"NOPE!" Jake says looking around slowly. " NEVER saw this place before"
Sky takes Apache's binoculars from his jacket pocket and scans the area. " I can't find the Castle. Actually I can't see anything I recognize."
Sky hands Jake the binoculars. HE looks along time, then " whistles softly. Nope, me either. I think if we head towards the west we will find the Castle, or at least something we will remember."
Sky and Jake climb back down to where they'd left Jesse and BB. After a moment of explanation, they decide that they better keep moving. BB agrees that the Castle should lay tot he West. Jesse once more moves down the brushes, stopping to explain the plan to each group of nervous adventurers. He stops where Falco and Boo Boo sit quietly looking rather scared. " I'll get you outta here, and we will find the others. I promise." Falco smiles softly.
"OKAY, everybirdie, let's keep moving. I am sure that if we keep heading WEST we will locate the Castle, or somewhere we will all recognize. We need to hurry, we have to find Sugar, Cori, Pepper, Gus, Snowflake and Cydney."
With much murmuring the tired, wet, scared birdies follow Jesse as he begins to walk towards the West. The group climbs a small hill, coming to rest at the top for a moment. As they reach the summit, the wind fades, the clouds part, and once more the sky shines blue, and golden with the warm sunshine.
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  October BOTM POST number ten
Helloooooo, Jesse screams in fright as the row boat bounces wildly on the storm tossed lake. The waves reach high over the sides of the row-boats filling them with cold, icy water. The frightened birds yell for help, their voices lost in the crashes of thunder from above.
After what feels like an eternity, the small wooden row-boats bump roughly into the rocky shores of the BC Lake. With a deep sigh of relief everybirdie scrambles to escape from the angry waters, and wind, jumping over the edge quickly, and running for cover in the nearby brush that watches over the normally quiet Lake. Jesse crawls along the beach, counting heads, making certain everybirdie is safely ashore. With so many disappearing he doesn't plan to take any chances at all from here on. Sitting down beside SKY, BB and Jake Jesse rubs his chin as he thinks of the next thing he ought to do. HE frowns sadly, uncertainly etching his handsome face with worry lines.
"I'm not certain where we are?" Jesse says, sneaking a peak out from around the brush he and the others are hankered down behind.
"We aren't far from the Castle. In fact from every point of BC Lake we can see the Castle. We need to get our bearings." BB says with confidence.
"Ok, Jake and I will head up that small hill and get a better idea where we are." Sky says climbing to his feet, with Jake beside him. ' Be right back" he tells BB and Jesse as they head off up the hill.
"You any idea where we are?" Sky asks Jake as they climb the hillside.
"NOPE!" Jake says looking around slowly. " NEVER saw this place before"
Sky takes Apache's binoculars from his jacket pocket and scans the area. " I can't find the Castle. Actually I can't see anything I recognize."
Sky hands Jake the binoculars. HE looks along time, then " whistles softly. Nope, me either. I think if we head towards the west we will find the Castle, or at least something we will remember."
Sky and Jake climb back down to where they'd left Jesse and BB. After a moment of explanation, they decide that they better keep moving. BB agrees that the Castle should lay tot he West. Jesse once more moves down the brushes, stopping to explain the plan to each group of nervous adventurers. He stops where Falco and Boo Boo sit quietly looking rather scared. " I'll get you outta here, and we will find the others. I promise." Falco smiles softly.
"OKAY, everybirdie, let's keep moving. I am sure that if we keep heading WEST we will locate the Castle, or somewhere we will all recognize. We need to hurry, we have to find Sugar, Cori, Pepper, Gus, Snowflake and Cydney."
With much murmuring the tired, wet, scared birdies follow Jesse as he begins to walk towards the West. The group climbs a small hill, coming to rest at the top for a moment. As they reach the summit, the wind fades, the clouds part, and once more the sky shines blue, and golden with the warm sunshine.
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  October BOTM POST number nine
Hi everybirdie, Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure POST. " SHHHHHH, we don't wanta wake up those crazy trees again."
"Turn three times and head to the East" Jenny-Lynn reads the sign, " what do you suppose this is all about Jesse?"
"HHHHMMM" Jesse rubs his chin, thinking deeply, as he looks around at the land before them, " not too sure but if the sign says head East we better do it." Jesse pulls his compose from his backpack and gets his bearings. " Ok, this way!"
"WAIT!" Chyna yells, "the signs says we have to turn three times first."
Jesse shrugs, shaking his head, "Girls" he thinks to himself. "East is East, but ok" he motions for everybirdie to stand still.
"The sign says we have to turn three times then head to the East" Jesse begins to turn in a 360 degree circle, " One, Two, Three" he stops and waits as the last of the group completes their third turn. "WOW, that makes me dizzy" Jesse giggles as he tries to get his balance.
"Alright, let's go this way. The road is narrow so be careful not to get too close to the trees and bushes as we get down this hill." Jesse strides off, happy to be moving as far away from the Enchanted Forest as he can get. The sun brilliantly shines down upon the birds as they enjoy the walk along the old dirt road heading towards the Castle in the East.
"Look, ahead" Rio says to Jesse, " what's that?" he points to a shiny area off to the side of the road about a quart mile away.
"Apache? Did you bring your binoculars?" Jesse asks
"Yes, of course, can't be a good scout without them" Apache pulls them over his head, and hands them to Jesse. " It's a lake. It must be the BC Lake" he hands the binoculars back to Apache. "we're nearly back tot he Castle" Jesse breathes a sigh of relief. Soon he could get the Macaw Guards and go back to find his two missing friends. His happy thoughts are shattered by a frantic cry.
" Cydney and Snowflake. They're gone" Raffi cries, as he rushes around, searching for them. " Where's Pepper? and Gus?" the others begin a frantic search for their friends. I saw Snowflake and Cydney, over there by that red rock. The boys spread out to search, but not a feather can be found from their missing friends. Tears fill their eyes as they return to the milling group, and tell them their friends have disappeared into thin air.
"We have to get out of here, and back to the Castle. Come on, let's hurry" Jesse leads out in a quick waddle as fast as his legs will carry him. The others scramble to keep up as they continue down the road drawing closer to the Lake. As the walk, the breeze begins to pick up, and clouds begin to blow blocking out the warm sun. Jesse feels a shiver of dread as he rushes towards the East..
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  October BOTM POST number eight
Hello, Jesse here today with you next BOTM Adventure POST. " I always liked trees, but now I don't know" "HHHMMM?"
Spot reaches his Poppa Sky's side, " here, you'll need this" Spot hands his Poppa a hatchet.
"Where'd you find that?" Spot points to a rock by a tall Pine tree. It was just sitting there."
Sky grabs the hatchet and chops the limb off the tree. " AAAAHHHHH!" the Tree yells in pain.
"What?" Sky says to Spot who is helping fight off the vine with Poppa Sky;s pocket knife.
"That hurt" the Tree growls angrily. " now I'll show you" the Tree reaches out so quickly that Sky is not ready for the attack. It grabs his leg and pulls him up into the top-most branches, hanging him upside down. BB hears the scream, and rushes out of the safety of the Boulder where her Sky had left her. Others had found the safety also, and hurried to join her. " NO WAIT HERE" she says picking up a large branch lying on the ground. " that's my Mr Sky" she dashes and runs over the snaky vines, and ducks under the limbs reaching out to grab hold of her. She stands below the tree holding her SKY captive, and pulling back she let's the limb swing, slamming a home-run hit on it's trunk. The terrified tree screams in shock. " Let my MR SKY go, NOW!" she orders angrily. The terrified tree watches as she readies for a second hit. With aloud gasp, and thump, Mr Sky is dropped onto the ground at her feet, in a pile of red and green feathers. Seeing Sky is ok, if not embarrassed she orders the tree, " and Cookie too, and any other birdie you have up there to"
One by one they drop onto the soft leaves and grass below. Six birdies jump free and scramble for safety behind the boulder.
"Ok, let's go rescue the others." Sky tells Spot and BB. They work their way from bush and tree to tree. Leaves shaking furiously at them, as they release their bounty. "Where's Jesse?" Spot asks once the others were in safety. I haven't seen him yet. JESSE?" Spot listens carefully. "Hear that?" he asks BB
"This way" Spot leads the rescuers towards the source of the muffled sound. There, lying rolled in Ivy and wild grape vines with only his bright yellow head feathers showing was his Uncle Jesse. " et eeee utta ere." Spot begins to carefully cut the twined vines and Ivy free, making sure not to cut Uncle Jesse in the process. " Ah, thanks Spot, I was starting to loose consciousness."
Jesse scrambles free of the vines, panting. HE looks around at the trees, now standing quietly, leaves stirring gently in the soft, autumn breeze, like a man sleeping in the sun. " What just happened?" he says out loud.
" We best be gettin' outta here quick, before these crazy trees wake up." Jesse waves the others onwards, as he stand watch until the last one is clear of the " Enchanted Forest". He hurriedly takes the lead once more, as the group climbs a hill. At the peak, a sign reads; turn three times and head to the East.
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  October BOTM POST number seven
Hello everybirdie. Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure Post. I know right now, I sure wish I'd brought my cell phone with me.
Jesse and Jake head across the room, following the sound of the voice, with Kiddo and Sweetpepper joining them.
"Let's grab hold and pull." The birds grip the handle with all their strength, " One, TWO, THREE!" Jesse yells and they tug as hard as they can. They pull, and pull, with all their might. Suddenly, the handle gives, and a small door springs open in the wall. " We did it, we got it open" Picabo calls out happily, as sunlight beams in through the opening. "We're free"
Jesse smiles, happy to think that they would be out in the sunlight in a minute, and soon the Castle macaw Guards would be there to help find his friends Cori and Sugar."I bet their already outside ready to jump out and frighten us as we step into the sunlight." he thinks to himself as he starts to climb through the small door.
"Come on,it's beautiful outside. I'm glad to be free to that corn maze for good." Jesse calls over his shoulder as he steps into the open again. The trees look pretty with all their colorful leaves stirring in the gentle breeze.
Quickly the others rush out through the small door and shake their feathers to calm themselves, after being in the pitch dark, dusty room. They smile as the sunlight beams onto them, and the soft breeze stirs the leaves on the ground around their feet. They start off in the direction of the Castle, looking for help in locating their missing friends. They hadn't gone very far at all when suddenly a terrified scream rose from amongst them. Every head snaps round just in time to see Cookie disappearing into the leaves of a nearby tree. The birdies yell in fright, as the trees and bushes around them spring to life, branches and limbs reaching out to catch hold of them, as they dart and twist to get free. Screams shake the air as birdies are gripped by the leaves and twigs, pulled high up into the air.
"Jesse" Elvis yells, as he dashes to stay free of a vine, trying to wrap around his foot. " help, we gotta save the others"
Elvis, leaps just in time and the vine snakes back into the darkness below the tall Oak tree nearby.
Sky dodges a limb, grabbing BB by the waist and hurrying behind a large boulder away from the trees. " You stay here, I'm going to save our friend Cookie. Sky hops,and jumps vines and limbs that fly forwards to capture him, as he works towards the tree where Cookie is yelling for help. " I'm here buddy." Sky ducks as a branch reaches for his head. " That's it. Enough" he takes out his pocket knife and cuts the vine around his foot, and snips the end of the branch as it reaches forward once more.
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  October BOTM POST number six
Happy Sunday to all my BC friends. I hope you all are having an enjoyable weekend. Thank you to each of my friends for their votes, messages and encouragement. I hope your ready for today's adventure in the Corn Maze.
"AUHHHHHH!" Sky coughs, as dusty air fills the room. "What is that awful smell? "
"I don't know buddy, but it wasn't me who did it." Jake laughs loudly, sneezing as the dust swirls and turns in clouds around them. How can that dust blow everywhere when we haven't moved?"
Looking from one to the other, their eyes big. One by one the group files into the stinky, dusty room and crowds together in the damp, blackness. "Everyone here?" Jesse asks
The room is alive with answers. " CORI? SUGAR?" No answer comes.
" Has anybird seen Cori or Sugar?" Jesse questions fearful of what might have become of them in the darkness
" After a moment of puzzled questions and answers, " NO, last time I saw Sugar or Cori was when we were by that hole in the wall, where the maggots where." Pookie and Laka reply. Laka's pretty face pales at the thought of what might have happened to her friends.
"I'll go back and look for them" Raffi says, Cinn-A-Bunn joining him, as they lave the room and feel their way back down the wall. Sky and Jesse rush to catch up, as the four boys search for their missing friends. In the gloomy room, the others stand restlessly waiting. Fearing what fate might have befallen their missing companions.
"We should have gotten to the hole by now. It wasn't this far Jesse" Cinny says
"Yeah, where did the hole go?" Raffi asks concern in his voice, it should have been back a ways in the other direction. " Let's go back, we must have missed it somehow." The four boys turn and retrace their steps. Arriving at the door frame once more they step inside. " DID they show back up?" Jesse asks hopefully. When he hears that negative responses he swallows the lump in his throat.
" I say we go onwards, get outside and go get the Castle Guards to help search. They likely found a way out and are waiting to scare us when we step out the door." BB says, looking at Sky her eyes filled with tears. " I know they're ok, you'll see" Sky pulls her close and hugs her tightly, " we'll find them sweetheart."
"Let's all check out this room carefully for the way out. Stay close so you can feel each others wings and us your feet and wings to feel for the door out of here." Jesse instructs the group. They make their way to the walls, and start to run their wing tips over the icy surface.
"I found something right here" Picabo says, touching a handle made of wood, attached to the wall in front of him. " It must be a trap door outside."
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  October BOTM POST number five
Hi friends, JESSE here once more with your BOTM POST. "WOW, it sure is dark in here" Being a boy Amazon, I have to be brave, bold and courageous? "Jenny-Lynn? You here?"
Little Angel clings tightly to Dixie's wing-tip, as she tries to think how to get out of this scary, dark corn maze. How hard can it be to chew through the corn stalks anyways?
"I have an idea" LA calls out in the blackness. We can chew through the corn stalks and climb out."
"Greyt idea LA" Jenny-Lynn says heading tot he wall and grabbing a beakful of corn-stalk. " HEY, hello? I could use of help here" she says as she pulls a piece free and throws it onto the floor. Soon, everybirdie is busily working their way through the wall of dried corn stalks. " I'm through. Come on, let's pull these piece out and get outta-here."
Sky, Jake, Jesse and Finnegan work quickly to remove the remaining wall, as the others push them out of the way. Jesse carefully climbs through and steps down onto the ground. "AHHHHHHH!" he screams in terror. "Pull me back in, pull me back in, hurry" The group of adventurous birdies grab their friend and guide and yank him through the hole into their midst. " Maaaaaagoootts" he says trembling.
"Let me at them" Boo Boo chirps up, " their greyt on bread with peanut butter"
"YUCK!!!!, OWWWWWW!! GROSS!" everyone gags at the thought of maggots on peanut butter.
"HEY, don't refuse it till ya try it" Boo Boo says grinning, a twinkle in her eye.
"Let me look" Jenny offers, sticking her head through the large hole in the wall. " YEP, maggots all right." she backs into the room, " millions of them everywhere"
Jesse calms down and shakes to make sure none got onto his feathers. " We can't go that way to get out. We'll have to feel our way and go on" He places a wing tip onto the wall, " OH, watch your step" he trips over what feels like a fallen tree limb?' He wonders to himself how a tree limb got into this hallway.
Everybirdie places their wings onto the rough wall, and inching carefully forward follow Jesse down the twisty hallway. Jesse feels his way until he reaches what feels like a wooden door frame. He stops and runs his wings over the frame, then the cold, hard door. "I found a door. It must be the door that leads us outside again."
Jesse pushes on the door, but it is stuck tight. Then in the pitch blackness, his wing touches a metal doorknob. Using both wings he turns it. Slowly it moves, grinding and clicking, as it opens the door. Jesse pushes the door and it opens noisily on rusty sounding hinges. A puff of stale, dusty air escapes into the hallway, making everybirdie sneeze. " ok, come on, we're going to get out of here. When you go through the door stop and wait until we are all together. We don't want to leave anybirdie behind."
Jesse walks into the room, followed by Jake and Sky, BB and Kiddo. They cough as foul-smelling dust rises into the air.
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  October BOTM POST number three
Hello friends, Jesse here with today's BOTM Adventure Post. I am busily picking up your costume photos, so if yours is ready let me know and I'll fly over for it. IF you need some help with one, just let me know and we'll see what we can create for you. Are you ready???
The others follow, trusting that Little Angel must know what lay before them. Birdies flick on their flashlights,as they are enveloped in blackened gloom. Staying close together they step cautiously along the wall, keeping as close to LA as possible. Jesse hurries to the front of the line. Not wanting to be left behind.
"Little Angel, do you know where you're going?" he asks anxiously
"NOPE" LA answers with a flash of annoyed eyes, as she continues to slowly lead down the straight entrance wall. After what seems like a long walk but in fact was only a rather short one,they come to a sudden stop in the darkness. Two tunnels lay open before them. One leading to the right, is narrow, and appears to be clear of rocks and other hidden obstacles. The second tunnel is huge looking with many large boulders scattered around the entrance.
Jesse takes a deep, slow breath, and gazes at the two tunnels before them. He looks as closely as he dare in first the one, then the other.
"AH SKY? JAKE?, birdly-conference" Jesse yells out louder then necessary, then catches himself and continues, " can you please join me for a momenttttt?"
Sky and Jake hurry in the direct that Jesse's voice had come from. They find Jesse pacing up and down in front of the two tunnel entrances. Seeing his frother SKY and Jake, he stops in mid-stride and joins them as they huddle in foot-ball style heads close and whispering in soft voices.
"What way do we go?" Jesse questions
"Don't ask me, I'm only here for the trip" Sky says, trying not to sound too nervous himself
"Let me see" Jake says looking closely at both, " well, how's bout we toss a coin? Heads we go to the right, and tails we leave all together.?"
"Why don't we just leave the same way we came in?" Jesse says, " we can always say the pathway is blocked for repairs. Permanently"
Suddenly the air is split by a high-pitched terror filled scream. Everyone freezes in fear as Little Angel screams a second time, sending chills up and down everybirdies spine.
"What? What was it? Did you see something?" Sky inquires urgently of his fister
"NO!!!! Little Angel looks white as a ghost, " AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screams again, " I FORGOT my red and orange SPARKLES in the Castle!" she looks so upset and tears are streaming down her green cheeks. " I left them on the table in the Banquet room. I can't go on an adventure without my sparkles. Cookie gave them to me for my hatchday!" She turns to run, but stops dead in her tracks, the entrance hall is gone!!!!!!
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

10/03/2014 02:29.27 PM Report This Comment  
  October BOTM POST number TWO
Hello everybirdie, Jesse here with today's BOTM blog. Well, I have changed my mind. NO ladies, I'm not a girl birdie, but I was thinkin' long and hard and spoke with my friend Jake from the K Kritter Koral and have decided rather then doing a month of educational blogs " We're Birds and we gotta have FUN!!!" Halloween is just around the corner, ok, well many corners so this month with the help of my lovely fisters Queen Angel Girl and of course Little Angel Adler we're going to try our wing at the BC Castle Corn Maze.
What I really want from each of you is your HALLOWEEN Photo for my Gallery. Give it a try, edit yourself with a scary, funny or cute costume on, and I'll pick it up and post it for everybirdie to enjoy. For any of you birdies who have a little trouble with editing Momma Deb has agreed to HELP ME edit a photo for you. What I require is !) a clear photo of you in all your beautifulness, and 2) a costume idea or theme. Now, if you like surprises just the photo will do, and we;ll see what we can come up with for you. It does take time to complete all the photos so be patient please. My Momma Deb had a horrible month with our fister Sassy so critically ill, and her flight to Rainbow Bridge..
My handsome frother Mr SKY has said he will pick up the Spotlight blogs after the month and share all the information with you that I have researched. We think my Momma needs to laugh and have fun too now. She cries a lot right now. So, everybirdie get ready for some eggciting, spooky and terrifying adventures in October. You too. I watched the Macaw Guards busily working on it this morning and might I say it sure looks difficult. I hope we make it out ok.
Jesse, stands staring into the corn maze opening. A sense of fear and dread runs up and down his spine. The birdies gather close around him, peering into the high stalks of dried corn. Wide, frightened eyes look from one to another. No birdie is ready to take that first step into the maze. SKY comes strolling forward, intent on being the leader into the Adventure. He walks boldly up to the entrance then suddenly comes to a stop, feathers ruffles, head feathers standing on end. He looks into the blackness, then turns and looks at the others standing bathed in bright fall sunshine. Turning slowly back, he looks once more into the Corn Maze. It is totally black inside. No light. Yet nothing to block out the light. " Ok, Jesse, you lead on" Sky states, stepping carefully away from the scary darkness.
Jesse takes a deep, nervous breath, and moves slowly forwards. The others hold back for a moment before moving behind him as one large bird. Each birdie staring in the abyss ahead. Little Angel pushes past Sky and BB, and comes up beside Jesse. She looks at the Corn Maze. " Oh, come on everyone" she heads boldly into the entrance and walks carefully along the edge near to the wall.
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

10/02/2014 04:17.48 PM Report This Comment  
  October's BOTM POST number ONE
Hello every birdie, my name is Jesse, a double-yellow headed Amazon, from the Sky Flock. I am your October BOTM candidate. This month I will be exploring many new and important developments in the avian world, as well as eggploring some controversial techniques and methods used presently and in our past all in the name of profit. I know that you will be both encouraged, and shocked at what we will discuss this month. Some of your parronts might need some Kleenex too as we look at my most important subject--" at what cost?"
Before we get started I want to take a few minutes to thank everyone for all their support, and daily votes for my fister Queen ANGEL GIRL.The words of condolence sent for the loss of our beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo Fister Sassy have touched my Momma's heart and have helped her through the last days. Because of Sassy's critical illness last month, Momma Deb's attention and energy was given to what mattered the most, loving and caring for Sassy. Thank you all for supporting my Fister even when blogging was last thing on our minds. She promises to make up for it this month by holding a fun SCOTTISH FESTIVAL to be announced.
I will work diligently to both entertain and inform you as the month progresses. October looks to be a very busy month, with our Canadian Thanksgiving and of course Halloween. Our BOTM campaign month will include a fun Halloween SPOOK-TACTUAL PARTY. I trust you shall enjoy our month spent together and I look forward to meeting many new friends, and blogging daily with lots of my long time friends too.
My history is rather ordinary compared to others int he Sky Flock. I lived with my first daddy and mommy most of my life. My daddy became ill, and went away and never returned. I missed my Daddy whom I loved early and became very angry. My Mommy did not understand me, and became afraid of me, and put me into a small cage in a far off corner to "protect" the Grandchikldren. I hated it and became even more aggressive and angry. Finally I was sold to a lady who loved me, but did not understand me, and when I bit her aggressively posted me for sale once more. Momma Debhad always wanted a DYH Zon and saw the ad. I was the second larger parrot to move into what became the Sky Flock. Momma has had to work hard with me about my biting, and I still do if given the chance. However, I have my very own room to fly in, a best buddy Ollie, a Quaker, a TV and lots of love. Momma says I am 200% better then the day I arrived. It just proves that hands-off parrots can be greyt companions too. I have my forever home.
Tomorrow we will begin by looking at some very controversial methods used to stop biting in companion Parrots.
with love and hugs
Jesse 227428

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

10/01/2014 10:45.22 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Max and Floop!
Got enough snow up there? Ours got washed away with the rain. Now we are in the polar vortex and mom sees fit to bundle us with blankets on our cages even though we have heat in our room. How is you sweet mom? And Pepper's toe is all better? Thanks guys for the hatchday celebration! Really made my day eggstra special! Love and winghugs, Elvis

Come visit me, Carter-Justice For Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 8/28/14, Doo Diligence-Justice for Ozzi TY 4 BOTD!, Cookie-Justice For Ozzi-thank you for BOTD 7/31/14, Charlie-Justice 4 Ozzy-TY for BOTD 10/29/14, Tricky D- RIP 12/12/12-Thank you BOTD 12/12/14, Teal'c-Thank you for BOTD 10-14-14 Justice for Ozz, Elvis Thank you for BOTD 2/22/15, Joshua Chico Justice for Ozzi, Blue-Justice for Ozzi-TY 4 BOTD 9/7/14, Moggie -Justice for Ozzi, George (Gen George Hammond)RIP Gen 12/13/08, Cu-Bird -Justice for Ozzi, Nanday Security Services, LLC, Miranda -Justice for Ozzi, Captain Darling-RIP 5/19/2014 ty 4 BOTD 9/19/14 & Baldrick Thank you for BOTD 3/20/14.

01/08/2014 12:09.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Max
thankyou for coming to my HOF party

i am so behind in my blogging it is unbelievable. i want to thankyou for your support in helping me be inducted into the 10,000 HOF.the morning of the day i achieved my 10,0000 vote mom was called to the emergency room at the hospital because 92 year old g-ma fell and broke her hip. there went my typist. her husband is 97 "our step g-pa" and needed moms support also. he is still driving and mom made him go home before it got dark out. then mom had to stay and feed g-ma who could still eat and drink until 12 pm that night. g-ma also insisted mom stay with her all night so mom did. the surgery was then scheduled for 3pm monday so mom came home fed us did 2 or 3 blogs and then went back to the hospital. g-ma came thru the surgery beautifully but is somewhat confused at this point and seems to think her dog which died many years ago is coming to the hospital to see her other than that she is sharp as a tack "sort of". she is a tough old bird and our dad says she will outlive all of us. anyway after the surgery a torrential downpour occurred where we got 2 inches of rain in 1 hour. this caused all the roads to flood. mom was worried about g-pa driving home in this but he made it amazingly. mom waited until the rain topped and g-ma was back in her room before heading home where she had to drive through 3 feet of water. her Kia did good job because mom was afraid she would float away in it. anyway by the time she got home she was completely exhausted. so it is only now that i am getting my thankyou notes out. anyway the party is going strong and i hope you are enjoying yourself. its crazy also with all the pigs running around that all the birds who are racinng in the pig milonga brought with them. actually they are better behaved that some of the birds who at this point maybe should be drinking some coffee. but i say party on, eat enjoy and have fun being with all our friends.

love Cori

Come visit me, Paddy Cake & Piddy Girl, CORI reigning champ on feed the birdie & QUEEN BOO BOO vote Mikey D 247164.

09/10/2013 03:59.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Max
Hello to all my BC friends. Casey here with today's blog. I was squawk-atieled all day on Sunday. It is working today so here I am with the continuing Adventures of Casey & Kiddo.
Thank you all for your votes of support. It means a lot to have such wonderful friends as all of you are to me.
Casey is startled by the amazing beautiful before him as he takes in the waterfalls, the vines and the lovely pond covered by water Lilies. Grabbing a close by vine, Casey climbs up to get a better look at the scene before them.
"Kiddo, come on up here. The view is amazing" Casey leans down and calls as loud as he could to be heard over the rushing waterfalls. Kiddo grabs a vine and carefully climbs up to where Casey is perched high above the jungle floor.
"Isn't it beautiful Casey?" Kiddo asks, smiling as he sees the wonder in Casey's eyes.
"It is indeed. I am so happy you brought me to this place." Casey carefully scans the leafy canopy for signs of danger.
"We better get moving on Casey" Kiddo says, starting to work his way back down the twisty vine. Casey sighs and follows closely.
With one foot on the ground, the other still clinging onto the soft green vine. Casey stops dead in his tracks. The air echos with his terrified screams of fear.
Kiddo looks quickly around the area where Casey is staring wide-eyed into the under growth.
" WAIT! DON'T BE AFRAID" comes the loud, unknown voice. " I won't hurt you my name isssssss.............."
Casey scrambles to reach the highest branch of the tree, from which the vine has entwined itself. Nervously looking down he sees that Kiddo has reached the jungle floor. Before Casey can call out to him, a HUGE monstrous-sized Tiger appears from the dark shadows. Kiddo stands watching as the Tiger plods towards him.
"KIDDO RUN!!!" Casey screams as he finds his voice. " Run! The tiger is going to eat youuuuuuuuuuuu!"
Casey covers his frightened eyes as the tiger reaches the place where Kiddo is standing. Kiddo disappears from view for but a moment then swings his leg over the tiger's broad back. The tiger roars and purrs with delight as Kiddo pats him on the head and shoulders.
"CASEY! CASEY! Come down here. Come meet my best friend George the Tiger. I brought him here, and created this jungle for his home when I was King of BC..."
see you tomorrow
love & votes
Casey 225323

Come visit me, SKY, Little Angel, jesse & SWEETIE, RUNNING FOR BOTM IN MAY.

09/09/2013 08:38.15 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Max
It's a pleasure to meet you. I've come to say thanks for adding my name to the list of players you voted for in the All Star team selection. That was very nice of you to do. I'm so excited about getting to play in this elite game. My goodness, what a surprise!

Thank you for your part in making this happen for me.


Come visit me, Reba.

07/03/2013 04:11.12 PM Report This Comment  
  oops !
R letter got separated one more question! You so much for your time and answering my questions! Still 6 months is ridiculous! She even said to keep them in separate rooms what are your thoughts on this,? Love your pictures, they are so cute how do you get those pictures of you and the baseball caps??

Come visit me, Kookoo, Sassy, Koopa & Winky.

06/21/2013 08:02.34 AM Report This Comment  
  another Amazon ,yeah !!!
Hi Max. Okay now it's time for some Amazon questions, :) my mom likes me to have full flight feathers, when I went to the vet 2 weeks ago, the vet clip to my wings and my mom was so mad because she did not want my wings clipped! She pills this is just a personal decision and its for my safety. What is your thoughts on clipped or I'm clipped wings? Also when I got home from the vet, for the next week I acted depressed is this possible? And I spend all day with my Mom. When she takes a shower she takes me with her, I have my own custom perch so I can shower too.Do you think I should spend more time alone? I am getting a new friend tomorrow,his name is Ritz, My mom has told you about him, And now we're wondering how to divide up the time and how long do you think it will be for us to get used to each other?our Vet told mu Mom to keep him quarentined (Sp) for 6 months

Come visit me, Kookoo, Sassy, Koopa & Winky.

06/21/2013 08:00.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Max
Ceasaur here to thank you and your flock for coming by with the congratulations on me being BOTD. I was so surprised.


Come visit me, Nippy, "Angel " THANK YOU EVERY BIRDIE", Opie, Sunny RIP "THANK YOU FOR BOTD", Greenie "The newest member of the flock", Puffin " Come on Spring ", Little Bird R.I.P 3/24/2010, SHADOW, Feathers" Thank you for BOTD ", Ceasaur "Come on Spring", CHEETA, Scarlet "One of the Mighty Macaws", Alex & Sweetie "Thank you friends", Julio, Charlie"Spring is here", Angel Baby "THANK YOU FOR THIS HONOR", Happy loves Maxie Pie, "SASSY GIRL It's my Hatch Day", Peppy, Emy"I laid two eggs May 14, 2014", "Sweetheart" RIP Beautiful Girl, Sweetie & Chatterbox.

02/22/2013 03:53.59 PM Report This Comment  

for joining us at the Open House party for Willie at the 10 Grand Hall of Fame Club.
We are very proud of our new member
and salute his achievement of reaching 10,000 votes.

Maxie the WonderBird, President and Founder

Come visit me, Maxie WonderBird -Thanks for BOTD! & 10 Grand HOF Club - Welcomes DIXIE!!.

02/20/2013 05:14.44 PM Report This Comment  



11/21/2012 05:26.24 PM Report This Comment  
  (Ö> HiYa Max!
Bet ya was wonderin’ if’ ya’d ever hear from ME again, wasn’t ya?! Well, here I am, like a bad penny, showin’ up at your cage door again … with what I hope is some REAL EGGSCITIN’ NEWS for ya!

So, here’s what we got. Last year’s Officiatin’ Staff o’ The Birdie BazeBol League’ve been mullin’ it over an’ they’ve come up with a Jim Dandy idea to help stave off the cravin’s that some o’ you Birdie BazeBol Players an’ Fans’ve been sufferin’ from, ‘cause o’ the lack o’ playin’ this Season.

They’ve all put their heads t’gether to give us a one-time opportunity t’ play ourselves a little BazeBol THIS summer! YuP! YaHooooo!! We’re goin’ back t’ Th’ Stadium!!! The 2012 All*Star Birdie BazeBol game’ll be played at KEVLAR Memorial Stadium th’ afternoon o’ Saturday, August 18th. Th’ plan is t’ play BazeBol startin’ at 3:00 pm CENTRAL TIME, an’ then party that night at the same time we always party for Th’ Milonga! (Translation for th’ Time Zone Challenged: 4:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 pm Mountain, 1:00 pm Pacific.That’s for the BazeBol Game now!)

So, I’m here right now t’ fill y’uns in on all th’ What-Not’s an’ Why-For’s of how this thing is gonna work. So tuck yer feathers b’hind yer ear holes and listen up ….

Th’ first thing that has t’ happen is CHOOSIN’ TEAMS.

Here’s how that’s gonna work. See this here hat I got in my wing? Well, right over there on that table is a bunch o’ scraps o’ paper for y’all t’ write your names on an put in th’ hat.


There’s only ONE birdie PER FLOCK allowed to put their name in th’ hat ! ! ! I know. I KNOW! But there’s only 12 positions available on two teams so we gotta make it so’s as many flocks get a chance t’ play as possible, an’ this was the fairest way the Umps could think of.

So … Two teams; twelve players each (10 reg’lar positions an’ 2 reserves). One team’s gonna be ALL GIRL~BIRDS and one team’s gonna be ALL BOY~BIRDS!

We’re gonna keep the “HAT” out ‘til July 15. Then those Umps’ll pick the players for each team out o’ the hat … lottery style. An’ th’ positions’ll be assigned th’ same way too … lottery style.

You can bring all your little pieces o’ paper with your names writ on ‘em t’ my page so’s Th’ Kommish don’t miss any of ‘em. Bring ‘em t’ MY PAGE (#66865). DON’T leave your name on Th’ Milonga Page ‘r Th’ Kidder’s page ‘r RanePlayer’s page, an’ NOT on Th’ BazeBol Page ‘cause it might get missed! An’ I ab-si-tively, pos-o-lutely DON’T want that t’ happen!!!

GOT IT?! GOOD ! ! !

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

07/11/2012 02:18.06 PM Report This Comment  
  We also got all yous CheerLeadin’ Types covered too! An’ the same deal goes as for th’ Players: Names in th’ hat; two squads; maximost number o’ birdies on each squad – 6; one squad ALL GIRL~BIRDS (who’ll be cheerin’ for th’ BOY~BIRDS’ team, by th’ way) an’ one squad ALL BOY~BIRDS (cheerin’ for th’ GIRL~BIRDS’ team o’ course!); chosen lottery style. An’ the same rule applies ‘bout only ONE birdie PER FLOCK bein’ a CheerLeader. H-O-W-E-V-E-R, there can be one birdie’s name in the hat for PLAYIN’ and one birdie’s name in th’ hat for CHEERIN’ from th’ same flock. (An’ I don’t wanna be in ANY birdies flock meetin’s when they’re decidin’ which birdies from the flockily get t’ put their names in th’ hat an’ which ones don’t! NosirreeBob!!!)

Now, in case you’re one o’ th’ birdies who weren’t at th’ Milona last Saturday night, you missed what th’ names o ‘ th’ teams’r gonna be. Them ol’ soft hearted Umps decided it would be nice t’ honor th’ most recent Rainbow Bridge Departees in namin’ the teams for this here All*Star Game, just like they honored ‘em at th’ Milonga that night. SO … The GIRL~BIRDS’ team is gonna be called “Th’ Angel Wings” an’ th’ BOY~BIRDS team is gonna be known as “Berts at Bat”. Got a nice ring to it, don’t it?

Th’ Team Line-Ups’ll be announced at th’ next Milonga, July 21st.

So get yer names in the HAT an’ then get out there an’ start warmin’ up them Wings an’ Bats an’ doin’ cart wheels an’ stuff!!!

AaaaaAA!! <Ö)

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

07/11/2012 02:18.00 PM Report This Comment  
  The Bruce Birds Out Christmas Caroling.
There's Romeo, CoCoPuff, Rusty and the backup singers, Smokey, Buttercup, Sunny and Bobbitt

Okay guys let's hit it says Romeo..

Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for toys and time for cheer
We've been good, but we can't last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast
Want a plane that loops the loop
Me, I want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late.

(Okay fellas get ready.
That was very good, Smokey
Very good Rusty.
Ah, Bobbitt you were a little flat, watch it.
Ah, Bobbitt Bobbitt Bobbitt

Want a plane that loops the loop
I still want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late.
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late.

(Very good, boys
-Lets sing it again! Yeah, lets sing it again!
No, That's enough, lets not overdo it
-What do you mean overdo it?
-We want to sing it again!
Now wait a minute, boys
-Why can't we sing it again?
-[birdy chatter]
Bobbitt cut that out..Sunny just a minute.
Rusty will you cut that out? Boys...)

From our home to yours we wish you a very Merry Christmas. The Bruce Birds

Come visit me, ~CoCoPuff~, ~Rusty~, ~ Romey~ & Our Angel Wings Toy Shoppe.

12/21/2011 08:03.10 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi! Max,

You're such a handsome boy. So glad you found your Forever Home. My name is Oz and I'm a Rose Breasted Cockatoo. Mommy is my 3rd owner and she says that I'm now in my Forever Home. Guess what? I was taught by my other owners to step up on a perch and that's fine with my Mommy. But when I get scared, I step up on my Mommy's arm. That makes my Mommy so happy cause she thinks that I must feel secure. I don't play any sports but would you like to be Friends with me? Please stop by and see me and my Flock cause we love getting company. Before I go I'm gonna vote for you. Bye for now.


09/06/2011 06:29.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Max
Just flying by to wish you a HAPPY 4th of July. Have a great day and dont let those darned fireworks scare you.


Come visit me, Indigo*Fly Free Bailey and Sunny, Corona Thinking of Hulk, Bella, Chesty**Fly Free Baileybird*, Macalune-Loves Paulie**Vote Roscoe 151531 BOTM!, Tampa *Always in our hearts***, Soldier Jerry**What a Surprise! Thank You Everyone, Holly, Captain Loves Squeaky & Cheetah **Fly Free Bailey**.

07/04/2011 04:24.25 AM Report This Comment  
  If you’re not already getting your monthly issues of Bird Talk, you’re missing out on more of the latest avian information on health, nutrition, behavior, training and grooming how-to’s, new products, housing tips, shows, clubs and more. Subscribe today-- 1 year (12 issues) as low as $13.00. 06/01/2011 01:04.16 PM  
  Hi from Pretty girl
Hi Max,Ready for the big game? 2 days in a row. WOW what a workout!! See you at the ballpark. V4u,lol


05/19/2011 02:05.15 AM Report This Comment  
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