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Mom knew that Icarus, her red-rump keet wanted to have a buddy since he always liked whistling to other birds in the neighborhood, in pet stores and gladly perched on moms friends when they came to visit. Red-rumps are known as great foster birds too. She needed a young bird that also liked to be around other birds and various people. She found me in a pet store alone yet playing around like a monkey in my cage. She had read about Dusky conure's before and how they are small, and a little less loud than other conures but with the same playful personality. When she opened my cage, I was dangling from the top, and I offered her one foot and my beak and plopped down in her hand when she showed me a treat. I fell belly up in her hand, ready for belly rubs and she knew I was the one. I was used to playing with anyone because I was hand fed and played with daily when I was a baby, but when mom met me I was 5 months old and no one really played with me at the store. As soon as she brought me home, she introduced me to Icarus and we got along right away! We were both happy to be with another bird and have been best friends ever since. We live in separate cages, but hate to be out of sight from eachother. We squak a lot if we are.. Awards
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Hi! My name is Michaelangelo

I am a Dusky-Headed Conure from Orlando, FL.

"Mikey", "Monkey", "Booger"and "Mike" (since my buddy's nickname is Ike.)

9 years old   M

Dusky-Headed Conure

I like millet, nutri berries, bagels with cream cheese (new one),my fruit bites, and popcorn. Mom always trys to give me new treats to try though.

I'll go where ever mom or Icarus goes, but I also like my new playgym, my cage, I love showers, and the whole apartment floor is mine to explore!

I hate bell lattice balls, not being taken out of my cage the instant mom comes home from work (I'm very impatient and I don't care if she needs a minute to settle in!), and I don't like when mom takes me away from playing with non-toy items like pebbles in plants, rubber stoppers etc.

She lets me play with her and Icarus daily for several hours. She whistles well and teaches us how. She gives me showers and preens me to keep me clean and she scratches me all over and gives me foot rubs. She renews my toys, perches and treats all the time and gave us an awesome playgym! She also lets me take naps on her for a while at night when she's watching t.v....I'm supposed to be in my sleep tent, but sometimes mom is more comfortable.

KIssing mommy, stepping on my buddy Icarus the red-rump keet to preen him, hanging upside down, and chewing on anything in sight..

Life is more exciting if you explore and do the unthinkable..

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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
Thats cool that you found your brother. My mom says that she thought about getting a Dusky from Petco when she was first looking for one.

Yesterday my mom's little sister had a birthday party. Everyone wanted to come see me and my brothers and sister. I, of course, showed off. I danced for them and talked. Then every once in a while I had to make sure they knew how loud I could be so I yelled. They loved me.

Do you dance? My mom says that I dance really funny. I lift my wings up then make a funny noise, then bob my head and walk around. My mom says I do the "two step" lol.

Come visit me, Frodo, Phineas Nigellus Black.(Rest In Peace), Regulus Arcturus Black, Ollivander, Maghee, Kashi(Rest In Peace) & Yaxley.

06/28/2009 08:11.29 AM Report This Comment  
Yesterday was a nice day. It was in the 80's but today is raining again. My mom says that she is so sick of the rain.

My mom and my grandmom have heard me say quite a few things. I say " Pretty bird, whatca doing doing, doing doing doing, hey jessica, and step up." I laugh and bark too. I love to give air kisses. I do not do any tricks and I need to work on stepping up but hey, Mom can't always expect me to do everything she says. I am working on eating pellets but only when I feel like it. I really love grapes and applesauce though.

Before my mom got her green-cheeked conure, she actually wanted a dusky but she could not find one. The only ones she could find where at Petco. She does buy from Petco but she did not want to buy a larger bird from there because you just never know what they have been threw. She was very happy when she rescued me because she always wanted a dusky. I know I am not as colourful as some of my cousins (like the sun conure) but they are really loud lol. I am pretty loud too but usually only in the morning when I say my birdy hello(aka screaming) to anyone that will listen. I guess I am a lot louder than Frodo(my green cheeked brother).

Come visit me, Frodo, Phineas Nigellus Black.(Rest In Peace), Regulus Arcturus Black, Ollivander, Maghee, Kashi(Rest In Peace) & Yaxley.

06/26/2009 07:09.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Mikey!
I had to laugh when I saw your picture. Barney Bird LOVES to hang upsidedown as well... it must be a Dusky thing. When I picked Barney up from the bird store, I found that the employees had nick-named him "batman" due to his unusual view of the world!

Come visit me, Barney Bird, Nikki, Parker Parrot & Freddy.

06/25/2009 06:10.56 PM Report This Comment  
Hey, it is awesome to talk to another dusky. My mom has a Green Cheeked and two budgies but duskies are not very popular. I am in my 5th and forever home. My mom rescued me from some lady that was scared of me and NEVER cleaned my cage. My cage is too small but my mom says she will get me a bigger one soon. I love the ME weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Well I guess it is pretty cold in the winter but oh well. My mom wants to take me outside in my travel cage but it has been raining for days. My mom was been to FL once and she says it is sooo hot all of the time.

Thanks for flying by. Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you that I like your name. I came with my name. It is pronounced Maggie but my mom spells is Maghee. She wanted to change it but I know it so she just kept it.

My mom was wondering, do you talk?

Come visit me, Frodo, Phineas Nigellus Black.(Rest In Peace), Regulus Arcturus Black, Ollivander, Maghee, Kashi(Rest In Peace) & Yaxley.

06/24/2009 06:58.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Mikey!
Just a quick hello to ya and seeing if your mom went to the bird show on the 7th? Did she get you a new playmate? Mom didn't go 'cus she said I have everything I need. Ha! I can think of LOTS of things...a birdy can never have too many toys! Just checkin' in. Squawk back at me soon.

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

06/22/2009 10:26.41 AM Report This Comment  
  An Ode to my Fellow Florida Flock by Caymus
Down South in Naples resides Bogie the Grey,
And every summer he goes up North to play.
When the temps start dropping he will come back my way,
And sit on the lanai with his parronts drinking latte!

Sprout and his flock reside on the Coast,
And he has the best parronts, he eagerly boasts.
He may be shy, but not his buddy Noodles
And the rest of the flock, each one cute as a doodle!

Pepper and Parker are new pals of mine
And I quite like their mom, whose writing’s divine!
They live down south in Hollywood (no, not California)
And they certainly are characters, I must warn ya!

Louie from Coral Springs was one of my first buddies.
Now they’ve added another, Miss Libby Lu who is lovely.
Their mom brings smiles to all birdie faces
When she sends homemade gifts and cards to their resident places.

Over in Clearwater is Rocky the ‘Too,
With Bobo and Chewy, they make quite a crew!
The Rockster is such a smarty,
And he will be 10 this year, a reason to party!

Misha the Nandy just a short distance away…
I still have not met her but I heard she can play!
As a fellow Conure I’m sure I can say
How much she must make her mom’s day.

The handsomest of them all is Michelangelo
Because he’s a Dusky Conure that’s also my bro!
Separated when we were so young in age
We met again on this wonderful BirdChannel page.

There’s Knuckles who whistles better than me,
And also a Seni by the name of Queakie.
Timba & Treasure, Turtle and his flock,
And Sunny the ‘Tiel…I like them a lot!

Across the state, my hugs I extend,
As I am so blessed to have all of you as my friends!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/26/2009 06:18.04 PM Report This Comment  
  Caymus' Joke of the Day!
Hey Mikey, I’m just flyin’ by real quick to tell you a “joke of the day!” (hey, no groaning…I SWEAR this one is funny!) Ok, so… was the Roman Empire cut in half? ??????????? With a pair of Caesars! hahahohohehehe!!! Oh come on now, you totally laughed! I saw you! (grin) Big birdy hugs and a vote coming your way!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/15/2009 12:43.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Brother!
Caymus here. Well it’s that time of year again when I really show my true colors and invite everybirdy our there to “go green” with me! Even my fister Peachy has gotten into the spirit…I mean, have YOU ever seen a green Canary? Rumor has it that I painted Sam the Grey green last year, so you better be careful or this year I may come after YOU! hehehe And of course, stay tuned for my “green ideas of the day” as well as some really neat quotes, and of course a silly joke or two. Earth Day is very important to our flock not just on April 22nd, but every single day of the year because as an old Cree Indian Proverb says, “only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money.”

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

04/07/2009 05:55.24 PM Report This Comment  
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01/27/2009 04:02.27 PM  
  Hello brother!
Happy New Year! I know that Peachy and I have not been around much lately but that doesn’t mean we haven’t frequently thought about all our dear friends here on the BC. We just wanted to fly by today to say that we have not forgotten about you, miss you dearly, and promise to keep in touch in 2009. You’re friendship has meant a lot to us (and mommy, too) and we all wish you joy, peace and prosperity in the new year. Ok, have to leave you with a “joke of the day….” Question: Why can’t a chicken coop have more than 2 doors?………………………………………….Answer: Because if it had 4 doors it would be a chicken sedan! hehehehe! See ya next year!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

12/31/2008 06:40.30 AM Report This Comment  
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12/10/2008 05:18.00 PM  
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11/13/2008 12:00.00 AM  
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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
Well since we last talked I have learned to whistle. It not very loud. But I can finally do it. Mom was all excited. I think she went around the whole house telling everyone. hehehe Also my cheeks are turning color's. They were orange now they are a dark red. I just keep changing color's. I'm like the leaves on the tree's. hehehe Mom gave a bath today. Well it wasnt a bath bath I love to be sprayed with water. Don't care to much for that bath tub or sink thing. Mom even tried to give me a shower one time but didnt like that either. Have a good night.

Come visit me, Snowflake 2007 to 2008, Squeakers-Support MS!!!, Sunshine-RIP 1/7/13 ( BOTD 1/8/13, 1/8/14), Mr. Feathers and Tweety & Minnie-I LOVE LUCKY!!!!.

09/29/2008 07:50.38 PM Report This Comment  
Mom bought me when I was just 6 weeks old. I was still on formula when she brought me home. She feed me every 4 hours. She knew I was with the formula when she tried to feed me one morning and I spit it at her. hehehe I don't whistle I squeak that's how I got my name. Every now and then if you really listen I try and do the wolf whistle. It's not very loud. So you have to really b quiet and be listening real good to catch it.Mom has been teaching me tricks since she got me. I can shake hands and play peek a boo and give kisses. I can bark like the dogs do. Mom say's I get louder than they do. Right now she is trying to teach me to stop biting. I only bite when I get out of my cage. I sit on mom's finger and will play but I always end up biting at some point. I love her fingers they taste so good. hehehe Mom doesnt mind until I bite real hard. Then she say's that hurt and be nice. I like to hang upside down on mom's fingers. That's so much fun. Do you like to sit on your mom's head? I do she say's I'm her personal hair dresser. hehehe What kind of tricks can you do? Mom was trying to teach me to turn around but I wasn't to interested in that trick. So she gave up. I have two bird sister's who can whistle real good. They have two commerical's that they really like and anytime they come on they are really singing. Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Squeakers
v4u and the flock

Come visit me, Snowflake 2007 to 2008, Squeakers-Support MS!!!, Sunshine-RIP 1/7/13 ( BOTD 1/8/13, 1/8/14), Mr. Feathers and Tweety & Minnie-I LOVE LUCKY!!!!.

09/21/2008 08:23.37 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for coming by and visiting me. To answer your question I'm not sure if I'm a cross breed. Mom thinks I might be. She see's a lot of sun conure in me. You sure are very cute. Mom love's your color. I started changing colors about a month ago. Thats when she could really see the oragne and yellow showing up. She has tried looking up differant Dusty and Sun conure's to see if she could tell what I am but she gave up. She said se don't care. Please come by anytime. I love making new friends. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Squeakers
v4u and your brother

Come visit me, Snowflake 2007 to 2008, Squeakers-Support MS!!!, Sunshine-RIP 1/7/13 ( BOTD 1/8/13, 1/8/14), Mr. Feathers and Tweety & Minnie-I LOVE LUCKY!!!!.

09/20/2008 10:59.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Jeepers you are a sweetie too,!
love you to, boy mommy sure loves her cuddles! lol! we had to leave you a vote with a kisssssssss! and then some more kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss- sssssssssss!

Come visit me, RAZ (RAZBERRY) & baby Reaper.

09/04/2008 10:02.19 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy July brother!
Hello Mikey! Please excuse the “form” email but it is the only way I can catch everybirdy up on what’s been shakin’ without sounding like a broken record. Anyway, we’ve all been very busy with yet more projects around the house. Mom has permanently put my cage out on the back patio and (drum roll please) bought me a nice new (bigger..yippie!) cage for the living room. She got kind of tired of rolling me in and out of the house and my water dish splashing all over the place. I started a few conversations with the neighborhood Mockingbirds, but the Blue Jays and Cardinals are still scared of me. The Pelicans fly too high for me to talk to, and I HATE, HATE, HATE the stupid vultures that sometimes land of the neighbor’s roof. I’ll scream my head off if I see one of these buggers! I’m getting along well with my skin-sis while she’s on summer break. Some days she goes to camp but on days she is home I make sure she doesn’t sleep too late and get her up around 9-9:30am, which is pretty nice of me considering I’m a Conure and I love a good morning yell! On the other wing, she does give me a treat for letting her sleep in a bit and I’ve helped her clean out her room, which is her project for the summer. And if you can believe, she came up with that project all on her own without any instruction from our parronts! Let’s see…what else? Oh yes, the back patio…well you know the one I’m on is screened in. Well mom and dad decided they want to lay a brick patio on the outside of the screened room, too. So this weekend mom started tearing up the grass and she’s got about half of it done. Next she has to level and tramp down the existing dirt, then spread paver sand on top of that, and then finally she will have to put down each paver, one at a time, leveling it out and fitting in the next one. Daddy wanted to hire someone to do it, but mom’s got her frozen lemonade and her big umbrella all ready to go and told daddy she wants to design her own patio and if it takes all summer, that’s ok. Daddy just has to supply the materials and mom will do all the work. And I’ll supervise! hehehe Dad’s bettin’ she cries “uncle,” but if I know mom, she’ll complete the project to perfection. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Oh, and last thing…I heard a firecracker go off a few nights ago. Scared the bejesus out of me and I took cover in my happy-hut. Last night, however, it was no big deal. Sometimes the humans in my flock are louder than an entire fireworks display. (I’m sure my parronts would say the same about me.) So mom’s happy that I’m taking it all in stride and she won’t have to worry about me having a nervous break-down on the 4th of July. On that note, I’d like to leave you with my joke of the day…Q: “What would you get if you crossed the American national bird with Snoopy? A: A bald beagle! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!!!! Leaving big hugs and a vote…squawk at ya later!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

07/01/2008 07:00.01 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Hey bro...thanks for stopping by! Can you believe I won Bird of the Week??? Mom and I sure were suprised when we saw it last Monday. So we did a bunch of funny things all week and I wore a different "costume" every day...I have the pics on the bottom of my web page. Got a new toy out of it and that's what's important! hehehe Mom has Mobile Bird Grooming comes out to the house to have my nails clipped. She use to take me to Chiefs Bird Cabin or my vet, but then met Paula and Amy at the last bird show and they've been coming out ever since. It's quite pricey, but zero stress on me. If you go to the bird show in June they will probably be there. Just tell them Caymus sent you. (grin) Mom LOVES The Bird Store. She's going to be getting me a bigger cage and she found a real good deal on one she just has to find a place to put it! Well I'm not too fond of getting wet in the shower, although I like to sit on top of the glass door and whistle while mom sings. I prefer the spray bottle. And as for car rides, ONLY IF MOM IS DRIVING. If dad's driving, HECK NO! Daddy's stops and goes too fast and I feel like I'm on a roller coaster. Hope you have a great weekend and mom gives you just a tiny piece of Bar-B-Q! Love your bro, Caymus!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/25/2008 01:03.31 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Monkey Mikey!
Caymus here! Just flying by for a quick hello. How’s your day going? It’s a nice sunshiny day here. Today mom gives me a bath with the spray bottle and then I get to wipe my face on her shirt, shake the water from my feathers onto her face, and soak up the rays while I dry off. Mom says I smell like a wet dog whenever I get a bath, and my skin-sis says I smell like a french fry. (???) Very odd humans! Leaving big hugs and a vote!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/15/2008 10:00.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Caymus stopping by...
Hey Bro! Oh it’s been crazy around here and mom’s been so busy. Daddy is out of town on a business trip. My skin-sister seems to be working on some huge project for school. My cage has been moved to mom’s room because new countertops are being installed in the kitchen. And to top it all of, the ladies who clip my toenails are coming by tonight…eek! But of course I’m taking it all in stride and being a really good birdie. Mom even took me out once to the kitchen and I instructed those workers on how things should be done! They should be finished today, daddy comes home tomorrow, and mom says sis’ project BETTER be done by Friday. What a crazy flock I have…but I love ‘em anyway! Well here is a huge hug and a vote for you…chat with you soon!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/07/2008 09:01.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello my friend
that's ok if you don't have one although with your colors it would be easy. Takes a few minutes to maneuver that thing. Daisy's was the easist cause she is all white and black!

Come visit me, Daisy, Paco, Chiquita and Gizmo.

04/27/2008 06:03.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Caymus here...
Hey bro! It’s a quiet day today…just hanging out listening to some Jimmy Buffet (hey, I’m a Florida bird…what do you expect?) and pulling apart what little remains of the toy daddy bought for me on Sunday. Mom should be home by the time I’m finish with that, and then it’s toy rotation time! (CAYMUS’ "GREEN IDEA OF THE DAY": If every American switched to receiving just one bill as an electronic statement instead of a paper one, the one-time savings would be 217,800,000 sheets—enough to completely blanket the island of Key West in a single layer of paper. 5 more days until Earth Day!)

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

04/16/2008 03:42.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Caymus flying by...
Hello Mikey, just a quick fly-by today since daddy took a “mental health day” and mom wants me to daddy-sit him until she gets home this afternoon. We’re expecting some thunderstorms this weekend so it’s going to be kind of quiet and lazy around here. Leaving you a vote and a hug! (CAYMUS’ "GREEN IDEA OF THE DAY": visit to learn how to certify your yard as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat...17 more days until Earth Day!)

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

04/04/2008 08:32.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Caymus
Hi Mikey! Breaking news now: I have new flock members...about 150 of them! They have fins instead of feathers but they're so cute! Mom put a picture of them on my page. They’re really tiny and mom says most of them won’t survive, which makes me sad, but it will still be fun to watch them grow up. The mom and dad fishes are so protective that my parronts had to run out and get a divider for the tank to keep the other big fish away. Mom says if I get bored while she's at work today, I can think of names for all of them. Ha-ha mom, very funny! Leaving you a vote and a hug. Squawk at you soon!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

04/02/2008 10:20.47 AM Report This Comment  
  ‘Twas the Night Before Easter – By Caymus & Peachy
‘Twas the night before Easter, on a warm Florida night**And Caymus was snuggled in his hut out of sight.**Peachy was snoring, the cats on the couch,**Mom and dad in the bedroom; all was quiet in the house.**And while the Conure was dreaming about hard-boiled eggs**(Which he was soon to consume and get all over his head),**In the sky flew a birdy not many have seen**He was yellow and blue and orange and green.**He had all of the colors that we’ve come to know**When we look up in the sky and see a rainbow.**Purples and pinks, some teal and blue**And gold was his tail, leaving streaks where he flew.**Now we have heard stories about bunnies and such**Who leave hidden treasures from his basket’s clutch.**There are chocolate eggs from Cadbury and jelly beans galore;**There are sugary treats, Peeps, bubble gum, and more.**But high in the sky, flying over the trees,**Above all the rooftops and smooth like the breeze,**Came a birdy so beautiful no one could deny,**Delivering delights to all his friends who can fly.**He had a gray beak, and a little round belly,**And his favorite treat was raspberry jelly!**As he landed upon one particular home**He looked down in the windows to see if any lights were on.**Now there was no movement or sound from inside this space,**So down the air vent he went (because in Florida you don’t need a fireplace).**Now Caymus the Conure was on high alert this night**And said, “Squawk, who’s there? You gave me a fright!”**“Don’t fret now, my friend…I mean you no harm.**But I’ve just flown in for the birdy nut farm.**I’ve got peanuts, pistachios and cashews, all unsalted.**Walnuts and sunflower seeds, too,” then he took a deep breath and halted.**Caymus said, “So who are you then, and why are you here?”**And the stranger responded, “haven’t I made that quite clear?**I have come to bid you happy Easter wishes**To you and your flock, even the mice and the fishes.**Thank you so much for letting me stop by,**But I’ve got to move on and to the next house I must fly.”**And like that he was gone before Caymus could blink**And that Dusky was left saying, “I just saw the Easter Birdy, I think!”**So the story now goes at this special time in the Spring,**If you turn your head late at night and think you see a wing,**If you find extra treats inside of your cage,**You’ll know the Easter Birdy is real, and could even visit your BirdChannel page!**

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

03/22/2008 01:48.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Mikey
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m wearing my green…are you? (hehehe) My mom's been sick, too but is feeling much better now. She still sounds weird and she um, looks a little, um, how shall I say…tired? But she has more energy than I saw all last week. She promised me today I would be able talk to all my birdy friends again so here I am…here to entertain! Q: Why should you never iron a 4-Leaf Clover? A: Because you don’t want to press your luck! (hahaha) Well I hope you have a very lucky day and I’ll fly by again real soon. Big “Patty Day” hugs from your pal Caymus!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

03/17/2008 08:41.26 AM Report This Comment  
  Thanks from Caymus
Thank you so much for stopping by to wish me a Happy 1st Hatch Day! Mommy showed me all the messages I got from my BC buddies and I am so appreciative of your friendship. It makes me feel all warm inside! My hatch day was great because mommy came home early to spend some 1-on-1 time with me before the rest of the flock arrived. And my cake was a surprise…she made a pizza crust from scratch, then spread peanut butter on top, and put slices of bananas over that! Now, you might be laughing at this point because I’m sure you can image the mess us birdies can make with peanut butter and bananas, right? You guessed it…mama had one heck of a time cleaning up the kitchen AND me! (hehehe) I had peanut butter on my feet, little peanut butter footprints across the table, chunks of banana on my beak, pizza crust flung everywhere. As presents I got a bunch of foot toys, a round rope swing (which I’m still afraid of) and a little green barrel that mom hung inside my cage. The barrel is hollow, and you have to turn a handle and it will open up with treats inside. It’s supposed to be “educational and challenging,” but I figured it out in less than 5 minutes. (yawn) Anyway, mom will be putting the pictures up this weekend so I’ll let you know when they’ve been posted. Until then, sending big hugs and a vote your way!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

02/29/2008 10:59.33 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Caymus
Hi Bro! I hope your having a bird-tastic day! While mommy and daddy were visiting family in Miami this past weekend, they went to Simbad’s Bird House (it’s on BIRD Road…get it?). She met three Hyacinth Macaws, a Palm Cockatoo and a beautiful and very rare Golden Conure. She really liked a cute little Rainbow Lory who would not leave her alone and would make little baby sounds whenever she would walk away from it’s cage. Heck, I even know mom’s a sucker for baby birdie sounds! Daddy was quite relieved when mommy left the store a good two hours later…he says it will be a couple years before she can bring home another bird because “the zoo is full.” But mommy and I are breaking him down, inch by inch, piece by piece…..wha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Well tomorrow is our 1st birthday! Isn't it great because everyone's attention will be on US, US, US! hehehe Here is a big birdie hug and vote for a great friend. Squawk at ya later!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

02/26/2008 09:59.39 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Caymus
Love has no boundaries when it comes to race, religion, age or size. And as evidence of the special bond between a bird and it’s human, it knows no boundaries between species either. Happy Valentine’s Day from our flock to yours!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

02/14/2008 08:28.12 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Tanga!
I hope you had a good day. My grandma birdy-sat me today and she made me a new toy with colorful popsicle sticks! I love it! I was really starting to get bored with my toys (mommy ordered me new ones...but it's taking a long time for them to get here). Tomorrow I have a vet date to get my my feathers trimmed and a pedicure. I hate it, but I cannot wait to go for a ride in the car! Well, it's time for me to go to bed, but I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I'll be peckin' the votie button off your page on my way out! See you soon! ~Tanga

Come visit me, Flash & Tanga.

02/05/2008 08:05.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mikey!
Greetings from your long lost brother (smile). Haven't stopped by to say hi in a while so I thought while mom's at work, I'll sneak on the computer. hehehe Did you go to the birdshow this weekend? Mom and daddy met a really cute baby Red-Bellied Parrot but when mom called yesterday to see about buying him, he was already sold. I guess he wasn't meant to be part of our flock. Hope all is well and you're enjoying this bee-you-tee-full weather! Here's a vote and a hug.

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

02/05/2008 12:49.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Goodmorning Michaelangelo!
Flash and I wanted to stop by and say Happy Superbowl Sunday! We're having a big human party here today. Mommy doesn't like to take me out when there's a whole lot of people at the house because I get overstimulated and start biting. And I hate it when people I don't know stick their fingers at me to pet me...especially when I just preened my feathers. Geez. Who do they think they are?! Well, I hope you have a grand time watching those big fat humans run around and jump on each other. Silly people. Peckin' the votie button off your page on my way out! See you soon! ~Tanga

Come visit me, Flash & Tanga.

02/03/2008 07:05.23 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Caymus...
Hi Mikey! You are so lucky that you got to meet Santa! Mom just took some pics of me at home. She hasn't posted them yet but I'll let you know when she does. I'll do the flip thing on my skin sister's finger, but when I get tired of coming back up, I'll just hang there. Mom and daddy were very suprised how loud I could be when they first brought me home, but after I setted in, I now only scream for a few minutes when they get home to tell them how my day was, or if they don't say by-by when they leave the room, or if I see them doing yard work and I want to say hi and tell them what's going on inside the house. Lately, I've been whisteling and talking to myself and mom and dad says that is "acceptable" noise. I've been saying "love you" a lot to my mom and I think I've found her soft spot - I always get a treat...what a sucker. Here's a vote and a big birdy hug for a great brother!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

01/10/2008 11:14.03 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi, sent a vote to Icarus
Just a quick hello, we cant' write too much till the weekend when mommy has more time. I will catch up!

Come visit me, Daisy, Paco, Chiquita and Gizmo.

01/09/2008 04:19.48 PM Report This Comment  
  hello! just stopping in to give you a vote!! come visit sometime!

Come visit me, teddy, PIP, Little Guy & R.I.P Scooter.

01/07/2008 06:56.59 AM Report This Comment  
  Happy 2008!
Nice to hear from you and I'm glad you two got spoiled for Christmas. What is the name of the book your mom is reading? My mom went out and got a few books, too (I am her first "big" bird) and she practically has a library now! Can you believe it's so cold outside? Mom told me that in some parts of Florida it actually snowed! Time to fly south!

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

01/03/2008 11:54.37 AM Report This Comment  
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