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we were a match from the first time she came to pick me at the pet store. Awards
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Hi! My name is Kobe

I am a Cockatiel from Kilbride, ON.

cheeky boy

9 years old   M


popcorn and spray millet (and any fruits and veggies I can steal from my mom!)

on my mom, on top of my cage and on the desk (trying to help type)

flies and small insects in my house

that she gives me a mirror to sing to

I like to cuddle and fall asleep watching tv with my mom. I also make wolf whistles to any girls that come to see me..

Don't worry I'll be a good boy, next time....

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hiya, Kobe! (Ö>
Thanks for the compliments, Little Man! ~~ I’m hopin’ that y’all have been havin’ as much fun as I have playin’ “WHAT’s my line?!” I don’t know what I was so all-fired worried about. I never really ever had to memorize even a single word, let alone any lines! But, BOY, did I have fun posin’ for all the pictures and makin’ up clues with Mom. Tomorrow is the final show that’s in the line-up for this ‘season’. (Who knows? Maybe we can convince my mom and Buddy’s mom to let us do this again some time.) But that means that I still hafta give yas the clue so’s you can finish out the game! So, one last time, figure this one out and let me know what ya guess. ~~ “In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The plan required something that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created 'JAKE’” ~~ Now, just ‘cause we’re not gonna be havin’ any more TV shows or movies for ya to guess, doesn’t mean we’re gonna disappear into ‘birdie oblivion’…No siree! I’m still not allowed to do any travelin’ after that last little episode with Buddy and I [accidentally] findin’ ourselves in the Land of Oz. But, ya can’t keep a good man down, and I’ve got plans. So, please stay tuned. I think ya may just like what’s comin’ up next! ~~ Now here’s a ‘Final Answer’ vote for playin’ along. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/19/2008 06:03.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Kobe ! (Ö>
HA HA..its me..Buddy!!Fooled ya!!!I am doing the clue today because Jake's Mom is having a big dinner because she said she has TOO MUCH ON HER PLATE to do the clue today!!! GEESHH>>>she must eat alot!!So..let's see...should I make it hard or easy...hmmm.. .well...there's a lady whose named like the one in Wonderland, a boy who sounds like he could eat pumpkins..and a Mom whose named for songs at Christmas.If you speak into the Dad your voice should be louder..and another boy could be an English policeman. And they ALL may be related to a very famous quarterback from the Northeast. Ok..that's it...good luck..there's only 2 more after guys have been too smart at guessing these..we have to come up with something else!!Here's a vote from Jake!!

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/17/2008 07:12.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Kobe! (Ö>
So…ya say you’re ready for a new challenge, huh? Well, I kinda think Mom is gonna be more challenged than anybirdy, what with makin’ up clues for this new game for me. But between the two of us, it should at least be (How should I put it now?) very i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g! ~~ This particular TV detective (of the civil servant ilk) could never be accused of findin’ himself in the midst of a ‘hairy’ situation. He’s easily recognizable in a trench coat. Usually enjoyin’ a lollypop. And often heard askin’ the question, “Who luvs ya, baby?” (Although, HE won’t dance on your vote button, like I’m gonna!) ~~ See if ya can guess what television show I’m starrin’ in, BEFORE ya come to my page on Thursday! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö> PS: Yeah, Kobe, Mom's pretty creative, especially when it comes to us fids (in this case--feathered OR furry!). And we appreciate your thoughts for us at Guinan's passing.

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/09/2008 09:37.19 PM Report This Comment  
You asked for it…YOU GOT IT ! Yes, indeed, Mom and I have been workin’ on a way for me to satisfy my urge to explore AND satisfy Mom’s directive for me to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE ! ! (At least I THINK this will do it…) ~~ Buddy and I have decided that we’d like to ‘explore’ our creative side; try somethin’ new; jump into a new project; STAY ON THE GROUND ! And we thought we’d try our luck at the visual arts. You know…movies, TV. ~~ You might have noticed that I seem to excel at the dramatic. So, having been told I’d be a natural at it, I’m gonna try my hand at acting! And since Buddy’s talents lie in organization and presentation (i.e. his reputation as a ‘Master of Disguise’), AND he has one REALLY WILD IMAGINATION, he’s gonna take on the role of Producer/Director. ~~ Now, obviously, this is gonna hafta be a scaled down version. Since we operating on a scaled down BUDGET ! Each day, we’ll put a scene from a well-known movie or TV program in my main pic (‘cause we just can’t afford a real moving picture production), so you can see what we’ve been workin’ on. BUT…and here’s were YOU come in…I’m gonna be needin’ co-stars. So, you’ll just hafta take a peek everyday to see who’s gonna be in the ‘show’ with me! ~~ And to make it interesting, I’m gonna give you a clue in my note to you each day about what movie or TV program the picture is gonna be from tomorrow! Just a little way to keep havin’ fun with all my new BirdChannel f[eathe]riends. No big deal. Not a contest or anything like that. Just a game. I think I’ll call it “What’s My Line?” (Get it? Movie, script, line…) ~~ Hope you’ll play along. Watch for the first clue tomorrow. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö> Trouncin’ on your vote button on my way out… PS: Birdsittin' ain't ALL bad, Kobe!

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/08/2008 02:09.32 PM Report This Comment  
  (Ö> PS
It is a sad day for my flockily today. Our Boxer, Guinan, left us for the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon. Guinan would have been 11 years old, had she lived to her next birthday on July 4. We will all miss her terribly, but especially Mom and Dad. Guinan was Mom’s 40th birthday gift to Dad. ~~ About 6 weeks ago, Guinan was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And after giving medication a chance to work to allow her to be symptom free, it became obvious that she was losing ground. Mom and Dad talked to Guinan’s Dr. Tom, and the three of them decided that the tumor was growing much too fast for them to be able to give her any more good quality time with us. So we said our goodbyes, and made sure that our Rosalie Hale Bopp would be at the gates to the Rainbow Bridge, just this side of heaven, to greet Guinan and introduce her to the flockily she will be spending time with until all of us are together again. ~~ Please join me, Mom, Dad, my fiblings, and our kitties in a prayer for Guinan’s safe jouney to The Bridge, and for peace and comfort for those of us who remain behind. May we give and rely on each other’s strength in our sorrow. ~~ Charles Riley Jake

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/08/2008 02:08.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Kobe! (Ö>
Well now…. Ain’t THIS a fine ‘How d’ya do?’! I finally make it all the way back to the homestead and my mom and the rest of the flockily (having rescued my Little Fister, Ruby, I might add). And now I need to get back into the swing o’ things with all my new BirdChannel friends… and the Electric Company goes and CUTS THE CABLE and now we’ve got NO INTERNET! ~~~~ I was just perchin’ here thinkin’ about how I need to say thank you to everybirdy who kept such close tabs on Buddy and I, and did ev’rything ya could to give us your help and ideas, and suggestions and advice on how to get out of EV’RY SINGLE PICKLE we got ourselves into on our recent little adventure. Not to mention that lady-bird in the fluffy dress, Rosalie, and those three looney tunes characters, Gunner and Vinnie and Zippity, and (I guess) Beavis U. &%$#head, a.k.a. ‘The Wise One’ (although I’m not sure that ‘Thank you’ is really what I should be sayin’ to HIM). ~~ Then there’s our moms. I just don’t know how we’ll ever be able to thank THEM for ev’rything they did (and went through!) while we were gone! (We’re gonna be cleanin’ cages and birdy-sittin’ our fiblings from now until f-o-r-e-v-e-r, I JUST KNOW IT !) But, I know they know how much we love ‘em. And now we know how much they love us too! ~~ So, anyways, that’s what I’m thinkin’ I need to be sayin’ to fids right now. And if we ever get our internet service back, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do! ~~ Ope!! WAIT A MINUTE…. If you’re readin’ this, I guess that means it’s fixed…and I just said my thanks! Hope ya got the point. (Just in case ya missed it, I jumped on your vote button for emphasis!) AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/06/2008 12:25.53 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Kobe! (Ö>
You can help us celebrate! We found the other side of the rainbow...AND the way back!! We floated in this morning in a hot air balloon, and WHAT a welcome!! And after Buddy and I managed to get ourselves into all kinds o’ mischief…. So many of the brand new f[eathe]riends Buddy introduced me to since I arrived on the BirdChannel were so concerned for our welfare, and went to such great lengths to help us find our way out of trouble and BACK HOME. And ya DID IT! You brought us back!! And then…and Then…and THEN, y’all throw us one huge Welcome Home greeting!!! Well, I’m just so thankful and moved that well, if I weren’t a guy, I’d prob’ly just burst into TEARS! But I’m not gonna doTHAT. It wouldn’t be very macho now, would it? And Buddy can tell ya, we did a LOT o’ growin’ into man bird-hood on this adventure! ~~ As a matter o’ fact, we’d like to share with ya just what we learned from all this. A long time ago, in a very old MOVIE, there was a girl named Dorothy who ran away from her flockily, just like we did. And she had lots of folks who helped her get back home, when there was no way she coulda made it on her own, just like us. And, just like her, we learned an important lesson! “It wasn’t enough just to want to go home. If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard! Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!!” And ya wanna know somethin’ else? We always HAD the power to get ourselves back home. But Rosalie, our Rainbow Bridge Guardian Angel, told us that we had to learn it for ourselves…just like Dorothy did. ~~ Now there’s only one more thing we gotta do before life gets back to normal for us (…whatever THAT is). We’re gonna hafta face the fids at home. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. In the mean time, sendin’ a vote your way. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/03/2008 03:20.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Oklahoma Gang
Hi Everybirdie, Cotton Ball here, the battle is over at our coop. The fuss over who will be the next spokesperson for the flock. WELL, I yelled, " I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR!" All my fibs just laughed at me. In my most petite wee little voice I said," Ahem, Ladies first boys." hehe I get to blog for us.. Who said chivalry is dead.. My brothers are the best.. Dropping off a vote for you. Tiny feathery kisses...Cotton Ball ...........PS. Patrick wanted me to remind you the limerick is under his motto on his page...Please visit my brothers too....Cya Cotton Ball

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

04/03/2008 11:19.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe!!
Oh, sorry, Kobe. Excuse me just a minute. I gotta talk somethin’ over with my partner here. ~~~~ “Okay, now let me get this straight, Buddy. That…that…that GUY […that &%$#head…that “WISE ONE”] is tryin’ to tell us that n-o-w we hafta go on a SCAVENGER HUNT?! And the thing that’s gonna get us back home to our moms and our flockilys is some kindov FOOTWEAR??!! ~~ Now, pray tell, Pal, just where are we supposed to start lookin’ for said ‘slippers’? We’ve got no idea WHERE WE ARE! Let alone how to get THERE from HERE!! A-n-d we haven’t got the slightest idea just where THERE is anyhow!!! … Alright, I’m calm now. Now just how are we supposed to go about this little assignment, Buddy? Are these three gonna be of any better help than they have been so far? Or do we ditch them, and just rely on our own good sense? Man, I’ve been browsin’ that OZ-Net connection they showed us yesterday, and I can’t make heads or tails outta the stuff on there. There’s talk of witches, and flyin’ monkeys, and some girl named Dorothy (got NO idea on THAT one), and even some little dog named Toto. But not a s-i-n-g-l-e mention of any FOOD, anywhere! And I’m getting’ hungry, Buddy! ~~ I say we take a break and go get somethin’ to EAT!!! Are ya with me?” ~~~~ Sorry ‘bout that, Kobe. Buddy used up all the time I have for today. Just enough time left to press your vote button. Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/31/2008 07:22.22 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from St. Patrick D'Bird
Hi Friends, Patrick here. I hope you are well and having fun. I don't mean to burden you, BUT, I have a problem. I need your advice and encouragement. My heart has been stolen. The thief is a beautiful red head named Ruby. I see her in my dreams....until I almost scream. .............Our love is the theme of my LIMERICK OF THE DAY: ..................Star crossed lovers our romance is flawed........ ..............Still her beauty my heart doth applaud...... ......................... I may never meet,........ ............. ............. ...................... My love, “Oh so sweet.”...... ............. ............. ............. ................. In California, I am outlawed.... (To my love, my life, Ruby Sue, Grand Eclectus, from Lake Almanor, CA.) (3-31-08)I will always love you my dear. Until we meet..Patrick MUAH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Friend here is a vote and LOBH (Lots of birdie hugs) for you.

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

03/31/2008 12:03.14 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe
Thanks for the visit. BC is such a great place to meet new friends. Hope you have a wonderful day. It was very nice to meet you. Hugs and votes, Troy

Come visit me, TROY.

03/31/2008 12:01.38 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Kobe! (Ö>
Geez… Ya know, if Buddy’s and my mom had just not bugged out of our ‘Winners’ Circle Party’ last Monday without so much as a “By your leave…”, WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS! Serves ‘em right though, that they should have to worry about where we are and if we’re safe. Myself, I’m just worried about whether or not we’re gonna make it back home! ~~ When we took off Wednesday evening, it was a great plane ride: Clear skies, smooth air. But BOY! When that tornado came up Thursday…. We STILL haven’t figured out where we are! Well, except for that sign that said “Welcome to MUNCHKINLAND”. But that still didn’t tell us much. Then all those little people singin’ and dancin’ at us, and tellin’ us to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road!” And this suppos-ed witch-type lady bird that looked awfully familiar. It’s enough to make a coupla fids NERVOUS! ~~ But, you know how the saying goes: “When in MUNCHKINLAND, do as the Munchkins do”…AND FOLLOW THE SILLY ROAD!!! ~~ So, here we are (who-knows-where), flyin’ along mindin’ our own business, and we come upon THESE three CHARACTERS. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d swear I recognize these guys too! Now, they want us to spend all day in a meeting with them doin’ some kind of strategic planning, or some such silly stuff. We’re supposed to be findin’ a way to get home, not strategizin’ with some looney tunes! And I wanted to get in touch with our friends back home to see if THEY could offer some suggestions. Maybe these guys have access to some ‘OZ-Net’ or somethin’ Buddy and I could use to send a message. ~~ Well, if it gets us to the end of this adventure, I suppose we can handle it…as long as they don’t forget to leave a vote when they send our notes out for us! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/30/2008 09:05.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe!!
Well, OK…so I got the plane landed alright. It seemed a little bumpy at one point, but nothing serious. The air strip was a little odd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one made of yellow bricks before, but that’s OK too, I guess. Buddy said he saw a sign that said “Welcome to MUNCHKINLAND”. Where in creation is THAT? And WHAT is a MUNCHKIN?! ~~ And now here’s this lady character in a big fluffy dress….And I just know that I KNOW HER from somewhere. ~~ [Oh Boy! Buddy here. One thing I’ve learned about my pal, Jake, is that sometimes he can be a little DENSE! That ‘lady character’ is none other than HIS FISTER, Rosalie Hale Bopp! Of Rainbow Bridge fame. I just got back from a special visit with her after my last vacation. Of course, I guess I can’t fault him too much for not recognizing her right off the bat. They never actually met!] ~~ Is there anybirdy who can tell us where to go from here, to get back home? If we don’t show up soon, our moms are gonna have a KNIPTION FIT! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö> Oh yeah, and those little people over there said they’d be happy to dance on your vote button for us!

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/29/2008 06:45.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Kobe! (Ö>
Thanks for stoppin' by my page with congratulations! How'd ya like to join my pal Buddy, the African Grey, and I on our current adventure? Bring your thinking cap, Cheeky boy. We need all the bird-brain power we can get! ~~ Whoooaaa…BUDDY ! ! ! Maybe we shoulda left a note for our moms tellin’ ‘em what our plans are…just in case! This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said we should strike out on an adventure of our own. What ARE our plans anyway?! Do they include landin’ this plane soon?! Hey, Kobe, do you know anybirdy in the PAA [Parrot Aviation Administration]? Can somebirdy get in touch with Rosalie at the Rainbow Bridge for us? Maybe SHE can put in a good word for us and get us outta this mess! ~~ Any help or suggestions you may have to contribute would be greatly appreciated…and welcomed…AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again R-E-A-L-L-Y SOON! CRJake (Ö> PS: I’m positive I felt the tail of the plane smack your vote button on one of spins we’re in!

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/28/2008 11:13.35 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Oklahoma Gang
Good evening BC friends, Mom just brought her Sis home to recuperate. YEAH! She got to the heart center in time. She is doing good and was blessed to have survived. We are so grateful for all the prayers and support. You are all just the best. LIMERICK OF THE DAY:......... ............. .................A U-Too, we’ll call him Hoss,........ ............. ............. ............. ......... really thinks that He is the BOSS! ............. ............. ............. ......... When no one is home ............. ............. ............ he talks on the phone ............. ............. ............. ............ and doesn’t care how much it costs!....... ........ (Dedicated to my flock mate, Fortune, from Konawa, Ok.) Love, ya bunches, Patrick...and the gang PS. voted for you

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

03/27/2008 08:36.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Kobe
I'm from Ontario too. Fly by my page for a visit sometime. Here's a vote for ya.
From Dexy

Come visit me, Beaker, Dustovsky & Dexter.

02/11/2008 01:59.29 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Kobe
Love your new picture. Mommy is hoping this system works better than last night. That was so infuriating! We got showers today - Dutchess did okay - mommy was really surprised - she only got mommy a couple of times but not bad - then mommy put us under the "light" and turned the heat up to 76! Thanks for flying by and for the vote. Sending you a vote with cocka"TOO" love and B&G hugs, ~~ Lady Bird :) and Dutchess :>

Come visit me, Lady Bird.

01/26/2008 02:14.04 PM Report This Comment  
  note from BOBA
good morning,its still early here,but mommy has some time to write to our friends,before she had to get ready for taking my skin brother to school.yeaterday she went to see Leia and took jango to get his nails clipped,he was being good.daddy brought him home after that and mommy stayed at the store,she said she needed more time with Leia.after she came back home,we got playtime, seems Leia will be coming home soon.its getting very chilly here in the morning and in the nightime,but mommy and daddy have the heater on,so we are warm here.mommy and daddy are going to get today our pvc for the playstand and then mommy will build one,can't wait to see it and i'm so excited what santa will bring us,hehehehe just 25 days more then is x-mas.hope you have a great day.hit the votie thingy for sure.beaky kisses BOBA

Come visit me, PADME"GUS IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND", Leia"I Like Tiki", BOBA, Bly,Commander Bly"I'M A BOY", YODA"FLY FREE BUDDY& ANAKIN,WE' LL MISS YOU", Jango & JABBA R.I.P. 4/20/06 - 11/4/09.

11/29/2007 07:07.11 AM Report This Comment  
  just me BOBA
good morning,mommy has to go to the dentist this morning and she isn't happy about this,but she will hang in and tomorrow daddy is off and we can spend time all together,tomorrow mommy will go and visit Leia and jango will go with her this time,because he need his nails clipped.tomorrow also mommy will ordr Leias cage,so everything its ready for her to come home,mommy can barly wait,till she has all of us home.Jango is now calling my name,he always says "hello boba"for some reason he always pick up words from daddy,mommy tried to teach him few new things but he wasn't say it,but from daddy he pick it up straight away,hihihihi.its chilly here in Ca,but mommy and daddy have the heater now on,so we have it nice and warm and don't need to freez up our tailfeathers,hihihihi.on the next weekend mommy said she will decorate the house for x-mas and put up the tree,did it mean we get a new playtree?so gotta go for now,hope you have a great day,hit the votie thingy for you.beaky kisses BOBA

Come visit me, PADME"GUS IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND", Leia"I Like Tiki", BOBA, Bly,Commander Bly"I'M A BOY", YODA"FLY FREE BUDDY& ANAKIN,WE' LL MISS YOU", Jango & JABBA R.I.P. 4/20/06 - 11/4/09.

11/27/2007 01:10.08 PM Report This Comment  
Thanks for the congrates and the compliment on my sign. My mom worked really hard on it and I think that it came out pretty good.. So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I got to go outside and work on my tan. hee hee!! Like I'm not peachy enough! ha ha ha! Well cuttie, I better get going. Thanks again and I hope you stop back by again. Take care, Love, Rocky♥ (*><~)


11/25/2007 10:43.07 PM Report This Comment  
  boba here
Good morning,its still early here and we just woke up,i'm so happy that is saturday,so mommy stay the whole day at home,she still didn't found time to buy the stuff for my gym,but she might go later and get it.they went yesterday again to visit Leia,daddy is so funny,he is afraid of our beaks and we know this and tease him all the time,like we wanna bite him,mommy don't care and tell us we can try it,mommy got bit yesterday from a timneh girl in the store,her name is coco and mommy picked her up,everyhting was fine,until mommy wanted her back in the cage,i guess coco didn't wanna get back,so she bit mommy few times,mommy said she is a little brat,hehehehehe,hope you have a great day,here is a vote for you,Boba

Come visit me, PADME"GUS IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND", Leia"I Like Tiki", BOBA, Bly,Commander Bly"I'M A BOY", YODA"FLY FREE BUDDY& ANAKIN,WE' LL MISS YOU", Jango & JABBA R.I.P. 4/20/06 - 11/4/09.

11/17/2007 06:56.53 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe;
thanks so much for flying by & congrat me! I really do enjoy being BOTW.
Here's a vote for you.
Wing hugs from Jivu ♥

Come visit me, Hi everybirdie, i'm back!!!!.

11/08/2007 06:22.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Mom doesn't let me go bowl diving but my boy does when mom's not looking. Mom's been really busy lately. She's trying to get her place ready so she can open up a bird only store the beginning of the year! She says I'll be able to go to work with her. Think of all the attention I'll get then! TAZ

michelle, rochester, IN.

10/24/2007 07:41.47 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe!
Thank you for the congratulations! I just couldn't believe it when mom woke me up the other day and told me that I was this weeks bird of the week! We're having alot of fun this week getting to know all our new friends. My favorite part is looking at all the pictures. Mom and I wanted to be sure we came by to vote for you so you can become Bird of the Week, too. Well, I'm hungry so I better fly. I hope you can come by and visit me again. Beaky kisses and feathery hugs, Honey Bun

Come visit me, Miss Mimi Molly May Aug 5, 2012 Gone WIth My Heart, Sweetie, Dew Drop Aug 5, 2012 Gone With My Heart, Siesta-July 22, 2012 Gone with my heart!, Twinkie, Cookie, Honey Bun-04-11-2011 Gone With a Piece of My Heart, Cera, Jingle- BOTW April 26-May 3, 2009 & Murray (Oct 12, 2009 RIP-We miss You!).

10/18/2007 12:57.39 PM Report This Comment  
  You like popcorn too? I dive right in my boys bowl. Mom got a cute picture of us. Welcome to the club. Stop by and see me sometime. Us cockatiels gotta stick together. TAZ

michelle, rochester, IN.

10/16/2007 08:48.10 AM Report This Comment  
  hi there!
very nice pics, arent you a sweetie! mommy found me at a pet store too! here is a vote! :)

Come visit me, vern--good bye, RIP tressa RIP, amos, RIP scarlett,rose,poppy, iris- RIP Chickens, noah, malachi, silas RIP & RIP ike RIP.

10/13/2007 01:59.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe.
How was your day? Mine was great. Mama spent the day hanging out with us since she didn't have to work. We danced around and sang. Actually, I whistled while the others sang and/or screeched. I had some apple juice and a few goldfish crackers for a snack. It was yummy. I voted for you, tonight. I'll catch you later. Skippy

Come visit me, Kudzu.

10/12/2007 09:04.22 PM Report This Comment  
  hi can ya please fly by and give pepe a vote so he can get a chance to win bird of the week?

thanx and here goes a vote 4 ya ,pepe


10/10/2007 04:32.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe
Thanks for stopping by!!
Here's another vote for you :-) I love all you pic's I need to get mommy to put more on my page

Come visit me, Paul.

10/09/2007 04:17.08 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe
Your a handsome bird. I like to chase the curser on the monitor and attack the mouse when mommie moves it. Here is my vote for you

Come visit me, Paul.

10/06/2007 08:25.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello there Kobe.
I'm not allowed anywhere near the keyboard anymore since I, ah, kinda pooed on the keys. I like to whistle, too. Now, I am learning the song from that old war movie "Bridge Over River Quai". I only have the first bar memorized so far and the others say I am driving them crazy with my practicing. I left you a vote, tonight. It's my bed time so I gotta go. Stop by and see me when you get a chance. I'll talk to you again. Skippy

Come visit me, Kudzu.

10/05/2007 08:28.01 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Kobe
Welcome to the club. Wow, you like to type too. Actually I just jump on the keys & Mom has to retype to correct my spelling. Then I usually attack the wireless mouse...hehe. I can wolf whistle too but then after I whistle I say "I'm a pretty,pretty, pretty bird" . Mom says that I am very handsome so it's okay to say..hehe Here's a vote for you. (*>*)

Come visit me, In Memory of Dusty (a white faced cockatiel).

10/05/2007 06:51.18 AM Report This Comment  
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