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 from Lake Almanor, CA

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From a very dear friend, Louie came from a very loving,caring home but their lifestyle changed so much and they didn't want him to be unhappy. So we have the great pleasure of having him.
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Hi! My name is Louie

I am from Lake Almanor, CA.

Handsome Stud, Louis, Louie Ta Bootie, Goofball, Ray Charles

13 years old   M

pecans, chicken, almonds, fruit, just about anything that mommy and daddy eats!

loves being outside looking at the eagles, hawks and enjoying the sun and play in his little pool.

I HATE BANANAS, when mommy gives them to me I throw them off to the floor!! I also don't like when I'm playing on the floor and our cute little dog steps on my tail by mistake, she doesn't hurt me - I just don't like it.

When mommy turns me upside down and blows on my belly. I also like dancing with her, beak to cheek.

I like swinging my head like that singer Ray Charles,I like dancing to"Ain't no mountain high enough" Than I laugh at daddy when he is in the shower, I don't know why he doesn't like it!.


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  Hey Louie
It's me, just stoppin' by with a "HELLO" so ya know you were being thought of.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

09/14/2013 04:19.48 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey There, Louie
I'm sorry t'hear that things are still so tough for your Dad. This just ain't fair. And your mom, she's probably about plum tuckered out from all the work she's been doin' in providin' the TLC. Bless her heart. And about the food, Man, you're definitely really welcome for that. I hope you like that mix as much as I do. It's my favorite part of the day when a little of that is put in my various dishes. Mom, she makes me hike around and hunt for those seeds and dried fruit chunks. She says it's good for me to forage. I say it burns up energy I could be puttin' to use on shredding towels, cardboard and the woodwork around the door. But whatever, huh?

Sendin' best wishes to you and Captain Mac and the rest of the flock and family. Here's hopn' things are about to majorly IMPROVE.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

01/26/2012 04:19.57 PM Report This Comment  
A high-wing-five and a vote for you too, Buddy.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

01/09/2012 03:58.32 AM Report This Comment  
  \\{"> Happy Thanksgiving!
From my house to yours— here's wishin' you a bounty of reasons for thankfulness.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

11/24/2011 08:46.12 AM Report This Comment  
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  Happy Easter, Louie
To you and the rest of your awesome flock.

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

04/23/2011 01:36.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Louie!
How's it goin' there in CA? Things hoppin' now that spring is rollin' around? I know I'm sure likin' being able t'go outside again. A bird gets bored chewin' on the woodwork in the house all the time. It's nice t'see some new sights, find some new things t'chew on. Oddly enough, I like t'chew on rocks when I'm out in my parrot pen. Ever since this one time when I was marchin' around on the gravel walkway and picked up a stone and ground my beak on it, mom's kept a few little rocks in the parrot pen for me. I get down off the perches and hunt around in the grass 'til I find a pebble and then grind away 'til it sounds like surely there's no beak left on my face. Actually, what it does is smooth off the inside edge a little.

Wonder what you and Mac have been up to lately? I'm sure whatever it is, you'll have made the macaw world PROUD!

R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

04/15/2011 09:03.50 AM Report This Comment  
  (Ö> Hiya Louie & Cap'n Mac!
Howzit?! Hey, I'm glad t'hear that you wanna be on th'Mighty Macaws BazeBol Team again this year. I just got one thing I wanna make sure an' go over with ya so it's real clear an' you know for sure that you're gonna be able t'hang with it for th'whole season.

Like I said in the note I sent ya askin' if'n ya wanted t'play this season, "This time around, Th'BazeBol Powers That Be are tellin' us Team Captains that we've gotta get MORE out o' our players. So it's been put on my shoulders t'tell yas that ... if'n ya think you're not gonna be able t'be there for th' Team like they wanna see ... y'oughtta think real hard b'fore ya say ya wanna play."

I know it took ya a little while t'get back t'me t'let me know that ya wanted t'play this year ag'in; and ya said your mom has been havin' some issues with family an' health. I hate t'be discouragin' ... and I'm really hopin' that those issues've been taken care o' so's they're not gonna be able t'in'erfere with ya playin' ... "But I don't want nobirdy bein' told halfway through th'Season that th'League says you're not showin' up for games enough an' I gotta remove ya from the team."

Here's what th'League wants t'see. " ... a higher level of participation of all Birdie Baseball players ..." They're " ... insisting that all players are active on their own BirdChannel Profile Pages and preferably regular visitors to the Birdie Baseball League Page (#123746) as well. We will not allow a player to participate whose parront has not visited BirdChannel in weeks or months."

All that means is that ya need t'be able to show up at th'Stadium [i.e. the Official Birdie Baseball League Page] either b'fore 'r after some o' the games with some kind o' comment for your Team. An' if'n ya've got the chance t'be there for warm'ups b'fore the games, or durin' the games, so much th'better! But all in all, some BazeBol chatter somewhere; either on the BazeBol Page 'r with your TeamMates, or even on The Team Page [(ð» MIGHTY MACAWS BAZEBOL TEAM «ð) #176509]

Now, if'n ya tell me that you're all set t'do that an' be there for th'Team, I'll take ya at your word. If'n it's gonna make it hard on your mom at all, maybe y'oughtta consider givin' 'er a break this year.

Anyways, whatever ya decide, I'd appreciate your lettin' me know lickety split. An' if'n it's a "YES!" then I need ya t'send me those 15 numbers b'tween 1 an' 12 ... like YESTERDAY! My mom's been all tied up with 'er new job as League Sec'etary an' workin' with all th'other teams gettin' them all ready t'start th'Season an' OUR TEAM suffers for it! So if'n ya can let me know one way or t'other so's I can fig're out who's playin' where, I'll 'ppreciate it greatly!

AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon!
CR Jake <Ö) Captain/Coach

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/09/2011 12:42.30 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie!
You're such a pretty bird! I'm glad you came from a good home unlike some other unfortunate birdies. Here's a vote!

Come visit me, The Ranbow Bridge, The Abused Birds, Sunny RIP 10-27-13, The Extinct Birds, Marble and Crystal- Silkie chickens, Mango-Wow, what a surprise! & Snowy Thanks for BOTD!.

03/05/2011 04:32.04 AM Report This Comment  
  (Ö> Hiya, Louie!
LOOK OUT! Here it comes!! It’s SPRING!!! It’s a GAME!!!!
It’s … it’s … it’s … BIRDIE BAZE~BOL !!!!!

Are ya ready?! Are ya “in shape”?!?! Are ya up for it?!?!?!

Well, it’s time t’get th’show on th’road! This time around, Th’BazeBol Powers That Be are tellin’ us Team Cap-i-tens that we’ve gotta get MORE out o’ our players. So, it’s been put on my shoulders t’tell yas that … if’n ya think you’re not gonna be able t’be there for th’Team like they wanna see … y’oughtta think real hard b’fore ya say ya wanna play. Not that I don’t want all my great players back again this year. But I don’t want nobirdy bein’ told halfway through th’Season that th’League says you’re not showin’ up for games enough an’ I gotta replace ya on the team.

Now don’t go getting’ all scared about not bein’ there ENOUGH. All that means is that ya need t’be able to show up at th’Stadium either b’fore ‘r after some o’ the games with some kind o’ comment for your Team. An’ if’n ya’ve got the chance t’be there for warm-ups b’fore the games, or durin’ the games, so much th’better! One thing ya DO hafta do though is keep your BirdChannel Profile Page active on a reg’lar basis. No bein’ inactive for weeks or months durin’ the Season. But, all in all, some BazeBol chatter somewhere; either on the BazeBol Page (i.e. “the Stadium”, Page #123746) ‘r with your TeamMates, or even on The Team Page ((ð» MIGHTY MACAWS BAZEBOL TEAM «ð) #176509). Simple … see?

Alrighty then, movin’ right along! What I need from ya in the next week ‘r so is your decision as t’whether ‘r not you’re gonna be able to play this Season. And if’n ya are … and I’m assumin’ ya ARE … Mom needs a current email address t’be able to contact your mom ‘r dad. An’ I hear we all need t’pick new numbers again this year. You know … the one’s the Ump’s use t’play the games with. That’d be 15 numbers b’tween 1 and 12; repeats’re okay, but no zeros.

So, I’m countin’ on yas now t’pull t’gether an’ show this Birdie BazeBol League just HOW Mighty we Macaws are!!! We don’t have a lot o’ time t’be messin’ around. We may have some slots t’fill, an’ Spring Trainin’ is just around the corner!!! Get back t’me as quick’s ya possibly can. Yesterday would be nice.

AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon!
CR Jake <Ö) Captain/Coach

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

02/17/2011 02:28.41 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Louie!
It's a beautiful weekend, if ya don't include conversation about the weather. It's so foggy here, I can't see Mom when she walks across the yard to let the neighbor dog on to play. She just goes missing in the mist.

What's new with you and the Captain? The family and flock all doin' okay? Things are good here. I've taken up an interest in shreddin' toilet paper; whole rolls of it. I discovered this source of entertainment when I happened to find the roll that's kept below the spare cage in the kitchen. Man, did that stuff shred up easy, and talk about makin' a mess! That white fluffy stuff was EVERYWHERE! I had such a good time making indoor snow, I was given another roll in my room. Mom says it's cheap entertainment, so have at it! Yah!

Thanks for the visit. Happy Sunday
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

01/30/2011 12:32.07 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie
Just helping mom catch up on my blogs! She sure was gone a long time but at least she's home again now. I'm hanging off of her as I dictate! That'll teach her to leave me behind next time! (I hope!) Birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

01/19/2011 09:59.43 AM Report This Comment  
Great t'hear from ya, Bud. You heard right; the McFlock now has a GW among the ranks. For a short while there, I even had me a Blue & Gold frother - the two came into the parrot club from the same family. My mom offered t'foster them and in that time, the red-head charmed the socks off mom and earned herself an invite to stay. The B&G guy, he was one impressive-lookin' fellow, a fact I suppose made it easy t'find him a home of his own. (He wasn't too keen on playin' nice with me but where he's at now, he's the only bigger bird which he's gotta be lovin')

Congrats on the new grey in your group. He looks like one handsome guy. Bet's he's mighty thankful your family was ready and willing to welcome him into the flock in his time of need. Havin' a family makes for a much better life, don't it.

Life here's pretty much the same ol' same ol' which is just fine with me. Hopin' all's okay with all of you. Thanks a lot for stoppin' by.

R ('>

P.S. Reba's got herself a BC page. Number's 194337 if you'd like to have a peek.

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

12/10/2010 02:22.48 AM Report This Comment  

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08/03/2010 10:33.11 AM  
  Louie, My Friend!!
Long time no chat! And let me tell ya, it's been a long while since I had a decent day of blogging. This summer stuff may feel good to the feathers, but it's touch on the communicatin' with friends on the BC. We've got us a game today against them Knights in Grey.

Be seein' ya at the stadium maybe? That'd be cool! Their "address" is 123746.

Come by and warm up that wing with me.
R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

06/23/2010 10:06.09 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie
Oh now I'm blushing again. Having you and Captain Mac arguing over me just makes me smile...and that's pretty hard to do with a beak! Tell your flockily we all said hi! Birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

05/29/2010 06:34.25 AM Report This Comment  
  (Ö>The news of my demise was greatly eggsagerated!
And REALLY SCARY! C’mon guys … (and I say that as a term of endearment to even my teammates o’ the female persuasion) … just ‘cause a fella flys under the radar for a week ‘r so (an’ that’s quite an accomplishment for a Macaw that can’t fly PERIOD), it don’t mean yas can start all kinds o’ rumors!! I been around; just a little preoccupied with my new restaurant business an’ My Financée (Lady Egberta Shere ... er, Eggy … I mean, you know, Pringle!) bein’ on a journey t’ward The Caslte d’BirdChannel for the month o’ June. An’ this BazeBol stuff has gotten me all sociable and the like again. If’n it weren’t for our team, I’d still be stuck in WARRENSBURG all the time, puttin’ up with Indy an’ Ruby an’ havin’ no eggscape! So how’s come I ain’t seen none o’ Y’UNS out there bouncin’ around the blogs?! There’s more to a bird’s life on the BirdChannel than Birdie BazeBol in the summer! Y’know?!?

How’s about I give yas all a little “motation” (… uh, that’s my dad’s word for motivation, don’tcha know?) to show those Big Beaks o’ yours out in public a time ‘r two b’fore the next game rolls around, huh?

In case ya’ve not yet been by the TEAM PAGE t’see what Mom and I put t’gether so’ we’d all have a kinduva Club House where we could have all our pictures displayed T’GETHER … ALL THE TIME … y’oughtta drop by. Obviously, ya can just click on the link next t’mine at the bottom o’ this blog. But the thing I’m wantin’ ya t’DO while you’re ON (ð» The Mighty Macaws’ BazeBol Team [Page] «ð) is t’go down t’the bottom, in the gallery there, and check out our Team CheerLeaders! There’s FLOOP (Profile Page No. 91788) and RUBY FRANCESCA BEGONIA (Profile Page No. 35469). ***GO MEET ‘EM !*** Tell ‘em YOU’re a part o’ the team they’re cheerin’ for an’ how cool it is t’have a REAL … O’FISHAL … pair o’ CheerLeaders rootin’ for us. (By the way, Floop act’ally stepped aside from playin’ our ShortField position this year so’s Marley could have a chance t’play on the field. B’sides, his mom says he’s more suited t’ MAKIN’ NOISE anyhow!)

THERE! Now let’s get us some Team Spirit goin’ for the next game which is a WEEK from Monday (5/ 24) against the BC WonderWIngs. We’re comin’ off a three-game losin’ streak there, Big Beak Bud & BudETTES. I say it’s high time we turn this thing AROUND!

We’re lookin’ at increased workouts on the track, an’ timin’ sprints ‘n’ stuff. We need t’be spendin’ more time in the Weight Room too. Put those two t’gether with some hefty battin’ practice ‘n’ WE’RE GOOD T’GO!

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

05/13/2010 01:25.57 PM Report This Comment  
  I’m gonna leave yas with my ‘pologies for the disappearin’ act of late. It’s tough bein’ part o’ such a big flock with s’many other BazeBol players … an’ a MOM ya can’t control any better’n the weather! (The weather anywhere outside o’ KEVLAR Stadium, that is.) But I’m up for it!! LOOK OUT Birdie BazeBol World … Here come The MIGHTY MACAWS ! ! !

AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon!
CR Jake <Ö)

PS: Louie, M'Man! Howzit goin' out there in Ca-li-for-ni-a for you 'n' ev'rybirdy in your flockily? You 'n' The Cap'n been sort o' quiet since the BazeBol season started. Anything me 'r the team can do for yas? Jus' lemme know, Dude. We're here for ya.

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

05/13/2010 01:25.51 PM Report This Comment  
Rainbow here t'say "HEY!" and t'let you and Mac know I was thinkin' of ya, wonderin' how everything is in your neck of the woods. Life's good here, thankful, (chew on wood). Hope the same can be said of of your life. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

05/02/2010 05:23.12 PM Report This Comment  
  (Ö < It was a great game, Mom! … BUT > Ö)
We sort o’ … uh … um … didn’t win it. SHUCKY~DERNS!!!

Mighty Macaws 20 vs Red Tailed Killer CAGs 21

I’ll tell ya what though …. We MIGHTY MACAWS sure had those bats a-buzzin’! Yessireebob, we DID!! And I AIN’T talkin’ about just tearin’ ‘em up with our BEAKS neither! We was tearin’ ourselves up some BAZE~BOLs too Pal!! Ain’t NO pitch too hot to handle for THESE wings!!! (We’ll talk about that “POWER Battin’ “ and weight liftin’ and sprint runnin’ practice stuff later.)

ms. presley, you got singled out at the top o’ the Sports Report LAST week … and I see no reason why I shouldn’t do it AGAIN to ya! BUT … GirlieGirlBird! You get the award for Most Improved Player THIS week! (REALLY! Go look at your picture at the bottom o’ the new (ð» The Mighty Macaws’ BazeBol Team «ð) Page No. 176509. Or, ya could just click on the link next t’mine at the bottom o’ this blog.) Our Beautif-errific CenterFieldBird put THREE (Count ‘em … THREE) runs on the board for our team t’day, one o’ which was a … wait for it … a H-O-M-E-R-U-N ! Yes, yes, it’s true!! KUDO’s to you Girl!!! And you just take yourself straight to The Proud Bird Pie Shop ‘n’ get yourself any ole thing ( … on the MENU now, Missy) your little heart desires PLUS a “Jake” dessert ‘n’ tell ‘em to put it on the Ole Jakester’s tab.

As for the rest o’ yas, I oughtta … why, I oughtta … I OUGHTTA K-I-S-S ya! But, I guess I’ll reserve that TREASURE for M’Darlin’ Eggy and just give ya the Ever-Significant Recognition of a HIGH Five ! ! ! ! ! We’re sure showin’ ev’rybirdy how we INTEND to whoop their tail feathers when they play us. We just gotta pull a few things t’gether in practice this week ‘n’ hit ‘em with the whole ball o’ wax next week. Meanwhile, ya’ve all earned a break t’day (JUST today, ONLY for the REST o’ T’DAY, ONLY ‘til CURFEW) with the way y’all performed in t’days game! Ya made me proud, ya did!!

A Tip o’ The Ol’ BazeBol Cap goes to Malachite [FirstBaseBird] for 1 run and 1 HomeRun; Rainbow [SecondBaseBird] for 3 runs **YaY RainPlayer!**; ME [ThirdBaseBird] for 1 HomeRun; Rio [Pitcher] for one run; Lucky [Catcher] for a hit in the 6th inning; Indy [ShortStop] for 2 runs and 2 HomeRuns **WooWHoo INDY!**; Big Baby [LeftFieldBird] for 1 HomeRun; Louie [RightFieldBird] for 1 Sgl, 1 Dbl, and 1 Trpl; Marley [ShortFieldBird] for THREE runs **YaY, Marley!**; Jasper [Reserve] for 1 Sgl, 1 Dbl, and 1 Trpl; and Cap’n Mac [Reserve] for 2 runs.

:¦:•:**:•:¦:•:**:•:¦:•:**:•:¦: G-R-E-A-T JOB you Great Big-Beaked Birds :¦:•:**:•:¦:•:**:•:¦:•:**:•:¦:

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/28/2010 03:44.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Now, b’fore I close, I just wanna take a sec ‘n’ say “Thanks” t’those of ya who made the effort to show up at the scheduled dedication of our New KEVLAR Memorial Stadium.
My understandin’ is that due to some illness on the HUMAN staff, they couldn’t pull it off like they wanted to. I’ll be sure to let yas know when it gets back on the calendar.

Our next game will be a week from Friday, May 7, against … ahhhh NOOOOO … it’s against … **Jake covers his eyes with a wing tip while peeking between the feathers, trying desperately NOT to see what is clearly, undeniably, unQUESTIONably, unchangeably printed on the schedule. He can’t believe that he’s even going to SPEAK it. Jake takes a d-e-e-p breath, shrugs his shoulders, and brings his attention back to informing his team.** Shooo! Beakers, we’re playin’ the Bombers. There. I said it. I don’t wanna b’LIEVE it. But there it is.

Okay, now listen up Team. I’ve got FOUR, count ‘em … F-O-U-R FLOCKMATES on that team!!!! It’s a GOOD THING we’ve got **Jake holds out the wing tip he had been hiding behind and starts to count on his feathers … one, two, three … ** We’ve got EIGHT days to practice b’fore that game. Put ‘em t’good use! Remember what I said about “POWER Battin’ “ ‘n’ weight trainin’ ‘n’ sprint runnin’. We’ve got WORK t’do!!!

So y’all take good care o’ yourselves now. Eat right. Sleep right. Practice.

AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon!
CR Jake <Ö)

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/28/2010 03:43.58 PM Report This Comment  
Way to GO BIG BEAKS ! ! !

Mighty Macaws 18 vs TAGs 14

It was nearly a “anonymous” game too for our offense! (ms. presley, Darlin’, what ya didn’t get in wood this time ya sure made up for in leather!! We’ll all spend some eggstra time in battin’ practice this week with ya so’s ya can outshine all the rest of us NEXT week.) A tip o’ the ol’ BazeBol Cap to Malachite [FirstBaseBird] for 2 runs; Rainbow [SecondBaseBird] for 1 run and 1 HomeRun; ME [ThirdBaseBird] for 1 run; Louie [RightFieldBird] for 2 runs and 1 HomeRun; BigBaby [LeftFieldBird] for 1 run; Marley [ShortFieldBird] for 1 HomeRun; Indy [ShortStop] for 1 HomeRun; Lucky [Catcher] for 1 run; Rio [Pitcher] for 1 HomeRun; Jasper [Reserve] for 1 HomeRun; and Cap’n Mac [Reserve] for 2 runs and 1 HomeRun. And a 21-Beak Salute t’ev’rybirdy on the defense, EGGSPECIALLY ms. presley …Yas got th’JOB DONE!!!

Virt’ally HALF o’ the runs we MIGHTY MACAWs scored were HOME RUNS! Ya-a-a-a-ay!!!! **Jake cheers wildly simulating the roar of the crowd in the stands at the New KEVLAR Memorial Stadium each time one of his BIG BEAKED BUDs … or BUDETTEs, as the case may be … hit one “out o’ the park”.** Congrats Teamies! We did ourselves proud today! Ya can all show up at The Proud Bird Pie Shop and have a “Jake” on me! (Now, wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute there guys ‘n’ dolls … I didn’t mean for yas to PUT a Jake on me. What I meant was … Have a “Jake” DESSERT and tell ‘em to put it on my TAB. Sheesh! I gotta ‘splain EV’rything to these birds!)

I’m givin’ yas the rest o’ the day off so’s ya can get all your celebratin’ out o’ your systems. No, no … you deserve it! Really … ENJOY! Then get your tail feathers out to the practice field at first light tomorrow mornin’. We ain’t about to start slackin’ NOW!

And speakin’ o’ practice, there’s another time slot I want yas all to block out on your calendars. The new Stadium’s bein’ dedicated LIVE, this Saturday evenin’. I think it’d be right nice if’n we all showed up to participate, and stay for the game, and then maybe hang out at the concessions and party a little. I don’t have any more details than that right now, but I’ll let ya know as soon as they come up. And ya can always check the Official Birdie BazeBol League Page for updates too. Remember, I’ve got th’avatar in th’aviary on my page. Or, ya can go straight to the page yourself. It’s Profile No. 123746.

Our next game is scheduled for next Wednesday, April 28, against the Red-Tailed Killer Cags. (What was that I said b’fore ‘bout … “WATCH OUT you Grey Ghosties! The Ghost Bustin’ Mighty Macaws are ON THE JOB!” Might be a diff’rent team o’ African Greys, but one grey bird is pretty much the same as another, right?!)

Y’all take good care o’ yourselves now, Y’hear? Eat right. Sleep right. Practice.

AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon!
CR Jake <Ö)

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/21/2010 11:51.37 AM Report This Comment  
  (Ö> Hiya, Louie! GO MIGHTY MACAWS!!!
B-o-y, it's gettin' close now ... Opening Day o' the 2010 Birdie BazeBol Season! We're gonna be in a new Stadium and EV'RYthing!! Can't ya just SMELL the leather 'n' wood?!

By the way, I've got an announcement of sorts ... Yours Truly is your new Coach for the MIGHTY MACAWS BAZEBOL TEAM. Former Coach Lucky's mom is in the middle of a hectic breedin' and baby feedin' season, so she passed the coachin' duties on to somebirdy who might have a little more time t'stay in touch with the team, don'tcha know? I ain't been communicatin' much like a coach recently though, have I? Sorry 'bout that. I'm blamin' it on MOM! (Sounds better that way, don't it? Har! HaR!! HAR!!!) But I'm plannin' on doin' a better job o' that startin' right NOW. And The LuckMan is still our steadfast Catcher, so it's all good.

To start off with, and just so's ya know, I've got the avatar for the BazeBol League Page in my aviary t'make it easier for our teammates t'get to ... A-N-D, I'm havin' Mom set us up a "Mighty Macaws BazeBol TEAM PAGE" on my account so's we can all have our player pics an' the Team Poster all on one page; and the game results'll be posted there each week too as well as on the BazeBol League Page. That is, I'm GONNA have 'er set it up when she gets all the team pics MADE! **Hint~HINT M-O-M**

And speakin' o' the team pics, Mom's workin’ on makin’ ‘em for ya as fast ‘s her little fingers’ll go (since SHE's been the slacker and needs t'get the pics done like YESTERDAY now). I’ll be sendin’ yours to ya as quick ‘s it rolls off the ‘press’; t’be followed hot on its heels by the team poster. ‘N’ since we got your parrotsonal email address, I’m havin’ Mom send it direct to ya so’s ya’ve got the original picture to post instead o’ tryin’ to copy it off’n my page or somethin’. ‘N’ be sure to check out the new cap Mom ‘n’ me designed for the 2010 season!

Openin' Day was changed to tomorrow, Monday, April 19. Our first game appears t’be on Wednesday, April 21, against the Timnahs. WATCH OUT you Grey Ghosties! The Ghost Bustin’ Mighty Macaws are ON THE JOB! ‘N’ I'm gettin' really ... I'm just … just so ....

"I'm so eggsited!
An' I just can't hide it!!
I'm about t'lose control
An' I think I LIKE IT!!!"

AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon!
CR Jake <Ö)

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/18/2010 02:05.32 PM Report This Comment  
I'm bummed t'hear your sis isn't feelin' her best. I'll fly by her page and leave her a note. Hope you're doin' okay. You and Capt. Mac. Things are good here. The weather's been more summer than spring-like the last couple of days so of course I've been outdoors, enjoyin' the sun, the fresh air, the change of scenery. Feels good t' get out. As your weather allowed ya to do some of the same? Hope so. It does the birdie-soul good to be out in Mother Nature's auditorium. Take care, my friend. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

04/12/2010 10:36.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie
Sorry it has been a few days since I've been on BC. Mom was away at a show this weekend and we were all in skin sis's care. A terrible thing happened this weekend while mom was away. Our dog Rusty (the one my frother Clyde hated!) was poisoned. After running a battery of tests at the vets, there was no saving him and he passed over the Rainbow Bridge. It was hard for skin sis to handle this alone and our whole house has been so quiet. Even Clyde isn't screaming. I hope he is bouncing around in heaven right now...such a loss to our family. Thanks for visiting me...birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

03/29/2010 03:42.43 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie,
Lord, mom wants a green wing SO bad! Too bad your mom had to turn one away! Mom would have taken him in a heartbeat! Too bad we don't live closer so mom could have helped out and picked him up. Yup, you're right about that, we get fed first and mom will eat hot dogs! Us birds ARE the luckiest in the world to have such wonderful moms! Here's a v4u. Birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

03/18/2010 04:22.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie,
I tell you what, mom says if she had the money she'd buy me a B&G friend. Sure wish we lived closer to you. I would love to have a play date with either you OR Cap'n Mac! Clyde isn't fun to play with. And he tries to bite my tail too. Such a bad bird he is! Here's another vote coming your way....birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

03/17/2010 04:48.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie
Are you and Cap'n Mac still fighting over me. Awe shucks, you're making me blush! Birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

03/16/2010 03:25.29 PM Report This Comment  
  (Ö> Hiya, Louie!
WOW! Can ya B’LIEVE how time flies?! Pert near as fast as a Macaw!! It’s only 10 more months ‘til Christmas!!! WOW!

Anyways, I’ve got somethin’ a LOT CLOSER than Christmas to talk to ya about. It’s almost time for BAZEBOL SEASON! **Jake bobs vigorously up and down on his perch; feathers fluffed and his wings held out almost imperceptibly away from his body; eyes pinning.** It’s time to hit the gym for body buildin’ workouts. Time to get to the track and run about a thousand laps a day. (Darned BazeBol Commissioner just HAD to put that rule in about “No flyin’ allowed by anybirdies ON the bazebol field”.) Time to get out to the practice field and start pitchin’, hittin’, fieldin’, and throwin’ the bazebol like we mean to WIN IT ALL this season! In other words … SPRING TRAININ’!

But there’s always the paperwork that has to be taken care of before anybirdy’s considered a member o’ The Mighty Macaws. So what I need to know is “Who’s gonna renew their contract this year?! Huh?! What birdies are gonna be on This Season’s Championship Team?!?!” “Who’s gonna step up to the plate and TAKE IT ALL HOME!?!?”

So .., If’n you’d be so good as to drop me a line sometime in the near future ( … like … YESTERDAY) to let me know that you’re ready to re-up … or not … so’s I can help out Coach Lucky with the roster for The Commissioner, our Mom’s would really appreciate it. (So much so that we just might be able to convince ‘em to bring EATS to ev’ry game! Ya know, stuff to help us keep up our engerny and fluids and focus so’s we can whoop the tail feathers off’n anybirdy silly enough to try to measure up to The Big Boyz.) Besides lettin’ me know whether or not you’re gonna be on the team again this year, I need to know if you’re plannin’ on playin’ the same postion, or if you’re interested in a change this time around. (No promises in that department, but it’s always good to mix things up ev’ry now and again. Keeps the other guys guessin’ don’tcha know?)

And last but in NO WAY least, I need ya to send me those ever-lovin’, bazebol glovin’, bat shovin’ numbers that allow the refs to play the game for us. You remember … 15 numbers between 1 and 12. I’m thinkin’ that after last season, we all oughtta make up a new combination. Kinda like mixin’ up the positions to confuse the opposition. If they don’t know our plays, our chances o’ surprisin’ ‘em get a lot better! My mom has a twelve-sided die that she lets us roll fifteen times. Seemed to work pretty well for me the first time around. I need some practice with little rollin’ things to get me in the right frame o’ mind to get started anyways. Whatever ya decide to do to come up with your numbers, DO IT QUICK! And let me know what ya come up with.

Well, I’m managed to talk my way right up to DINNER TIME! Can’t miss that!! Gotta build up my strength for the BazeBol Field there.

AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CR Jake <Ö)

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

02/25/2010 04:12.06 PM Report This Comment  
  (Ö> PS:
Awwww GEEZE, I forgot somethin’! Mom needs to have a way to get in touch with YOUR mom other than through the BirdChannel. So, if ya could get your mom to send a parrotsonal email address along with the other info I asked ya for, you’d most likely be guaranteein’ that Yours Truly’ll get his MEALS consistently between now and The Season Opener. If she don’t wanna put it in a blog, she can email me directly at AaaaaAA!! <Ö)

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

02/25/2010 04:11.55 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Louie
What's this about you and Mac fightin' over Bobbi! I'm sorry but I just gotta laugh about that. You boys have good taste. Good luck to the both of ya. Bobbi's got t'be lovin' all the attention.

Thought I'd drop in, see what's new in the snow-covered stretch of CA you're inhabitin'. Is the white stuff still piled all over the place? There's been an above average amount of snowfall here this year as well, a fact that's kept my mom quite happy, snow-enthusiast that she is. Truth be told, I'm rather lookin' forward to warmer weather. I'm ready for some new sights and sounds besides those I've seen in this house now for the past five months. There was this one day mom took me outside for a quick picture shoot in the snow. That was all the proof I needed to convince me I'll wait till spring to ask to go "OUT!" again.

You and your flock take care. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

02/23/2010 01:10.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie
Oh, how and Captain Mac fighting over me. I have enough wings for the both of you! Be good to brother. Mom is still gone :( and I can't wait for her to come home. This skin sis is for the birds! (NOT) Birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

02/16/2010 06:40.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Louie
Glad to hear from you. Mom is doing better. The obstruction corrected itself and if it happens again she is hoping it is when they are home this time. Being away and being in the hospital is no fun. (as your dad knows!) Leaving a v4u and say hi to your flock. Birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

02/07/2010 04:55.53 PM Report This Comment  
Rainbow here, comin' by to see how ya are and find out how much snow you ended up with after that huge storm. Maybe you're yet buried under the white stuff and can't yet see out the windows. I'm hopin' you're safe and warm and comfy.
It's bitter cold here again. 8° this morning. There's little snow on the ground and none in the forecast. Just dreadfully cold temps. I look out at the yard and find it hard t'believe I was sittin' out there awhile back. Guess it's been some four months already now. Hope it's less than four before I'm back out once more.
Sendin' a warm hug, in case you could use the extra heat. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

01/29/2010 04:38.02 AM Report This Comment  
  More Chances To Win!
Bird of the week is now becoming Bird of the Day! Beginning Monday, February 1, 2010, we will switch from Bird of the Week to Bird of the Day. The winner will get 1,000 Bird eClub points and his or her bird’s photo will be in the spotlight all day.
01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
  Hi Louie
Thanks for stopping by. Every time I see your picture I am reminded of just how beautiful us 2 birds are. :) We sure are lucky to have our flockily's, don't ya think? Will try to be better about this blogging but mom hasn't been well again and she's a handful to take care of! Wishing you all well....birdie hugs, Bobbi

Come visit me, Clyde, Tiki, Buddy, r.i.p. 8/20/08 & Bobbi.

01/23/2010 01:41.51 PM Report This Comment  
  hiya louie
hiya louie.. Just stoppin by to give you a vote and a hug.. xxxxxx

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* Today I am 10!!, Peetie Thank you for BOTD 3/26/15 :), Paulie* Today I am 9!! & Little Angel Peep meets Lola at the RB 6/8/14.

01/13/2010 04:42.18 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy New Year, Louie!
Here it is already the 2nd of Jan but I still wanna tell ya I hope the next 364 are gonna be good ones for ya. Thanks for your Christmas wishes; I had me a very nice holiday. Got this new sisal boing... don't wanna use it (I like the floor, thank you very much) but in order to get my current favorite nut (pistachios) I have to step onto the crazy boing to get one. Tricky mom. I also got a forging toy but if you've seen my video on YouTube about puzzle toys, you know how I got about gettin' food out of puzzle toys (I beat it to death till it comes apart). This foraging toy is proving a tough one- it don't come apart as easily as some-so I'm having to rely on some other bird eating out of it and dropping some of the food on the floor where I can conveniently pick it up. Am I lazy or what?! Nah- smart!
Hugs to you, Louie, and to Capt. Mac as well. R ('>

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

01/02/2010 10:21.58 AM Report This Comment  
  hiya louie!
We love your name and your pictures! Your such a handsome birdie so we are leaving you a vote.. Hugs from all of us Peeps xxxxxx

Come visit me, Callie*, * Mango*, GREEN* Today I am 10!!, Peetie Thank you for BOTD 3/26/15 :), Paulie* Today I am 9!! & Little Angel Peep meets Lola at the RB 6/8/14.

12/03/2009 11:31.46 AM Report This Comment  
The Closest Thing to a National Bird Day we're likely gonna get. Pity the Poster Boy for the whole ordeal's plucked. Not good for our collective image.

Hopin' you and your flock have more things to be thankful for than you've got toes for countin' on. And don't go fallin' off your perch doin' the countin' either.

Wishin' you a day stuffed with happiness. Happy Thanksgiving, Louie! R ('>

For the Thanksgiving Holiday all my flockmates who have a BC page have gathered on my page in the extra photos section. It's a family holiday after all!

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> ~ Your Mutuel Clerk.

11/26/2009 12:45.45 AM Report This Comment  
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