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African Grey from Hoover, AL
Dorian Grey

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A best friend of my parront's Father was dying and asked asked us to foster me until we could find a loving home. They'd never had a parrot, but Donna had years of experience with raptors at the Alabama Wildlife Center so, said they'd help me out. Clearly, they were not impervious to my gorgeousness or my not so subtle charms! Other Grey owners told them it could be years before I saw my way to accept them, but I loved them right away and decided my first day in the new house to make them love me! What human waterbag can resist a beaky-face? What human doesn't enjoy my singing, dancing and talking up a storm? I worked them beautifully and now this beaky faced bird friend has a loving home for life! Yay! Chirpy Whoo hoo!. Awards
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Hi! My name is Dorian Grey

I am an African Grey from Hoover, AL.

They call me Beaky-Face, Boo Boo Beakers & Feather Pants, but they are really thinking shall we say, of more colorful names when I'm being a naughty bird!

12 years old   M

African Grey

Apples, almonds & pecans. My regular foods are Beak Appetit, Avi Cakes & ZuPreem pellets, Veggie & Fruit Nutri-Berries and I love pasta and brown rice. One of the best treats is a frozen "niblets" ear of corn that I shred, chunk and throw everything and on eeverything near my cage!

In my pretty Cages By Design cage, on my birdie fun time gym, but "cuddle-bird" with my Poppie is my favorite spot.

If you aren't paying careful attention to glorious me and are messing with stuff in my cage while I'm in there, you will earn a peck on the head and a lost chunk of hair. Whoo hoo! I love to be a big sweet cuddle bird, but never touch that sexy red bootie feathers of mine or I will getcha! I don't cotton much to pushy strangers but I like to sing and dance to most everything else my parronts play.

Mama is an archaeozoologis- t and since she works from, she is always entertaining me by singing, playing birdie CD's for me, and she talks to me quite a bit too. I really like that she explains whatever is going on around me. I love my Mama Donna, but I adore my Poppie and am a Daddy's bird for sure!

I don't much like bath time, but am learning I pretty much have no choice in the matter! I dig it when Mama puts ice cubes in my water feeder and will splish-splash..

I prefer to reject your reality and to substitute my own!
Chirpy Chirps Crackers!
Dorian "Windybird" Grey

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01/27/2010 01:01.16 PM  
Here I am. I've come to see you. I have all my new summer feathers. Why not come and check them out.

Come visit me, PEANUT BOO, JESSIEKA, Rikki Woo, CHARLIE TOO & Sammi Gilmour Floyd Syd Parrot.

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01/27/2009 04:02.27 PM  
  Oh Dorian
You are so pretty. I hope you have had Happy Holidays and hope you will have a splendid New Year. My love to you and a vote to from Sammi, on behalf of his mommy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Come visit me, PEANUT BOO, JESSIEKA, Rikki Woo, CHARLIE TOO & Sammi Gilmour Floyd Syd Parrot.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Hi Dorian, its Brody and my mama Lisa. I see you got your pics up. My mama loves the pic of you sleeping. Supre cute! Well, we just voted for you. Have a good day!
From Texas!
Lisa and Brody the Grey

Come visit me, Brody.

09/11/2008 10:27.21 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Dorian
How do you keep your tail so beautiful? Mine gets bunged up so badly. Maybe you stay beautiful because you keep your real portrait in a closet! Max

Come visit me, Chyloe, Max & Taz.

06/21/2008 11:07.57 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Dorian Grey
You sure are a pretty bird yourself there and so talented too!! Did you ever eat fresh apricots? Mom got some today at the fruit stand and first time Gus ever ate one but he sure did like it. Then skin sister gave us some cherries off the tree and he never had them before either but sure did enjoy them. Now Chi chi just put her beaky in it and shook her head like it was the worse thing she has ever tasted but she sure did love the paper bags mom gave her today. She already has holes in it hihihihi. Come visit with us my friend know we enjoy your company anytime. Catch the vote as we say cheech to you later.

Come visit me, Gus--Chi chi ♥ RIP & Chi chi RIP my sweet girl..

06/17/2008 04:38.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Dorian
Thanks for the compliments I sent you a vote because you are just too cute. I am going to be busy building or more like designing my outside flight and fun house. I hope he is ready because I am worse than his wife.

Come visit me, Tony Soprano.

06/05/2008 07:49.45 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Dorian
Thanks for the compliments I sent you a vote because you are just too cute. I am going to be busy building or more like designing my outside flight and fun house. I hope he is ready because I am worse than his wife.

Come visit me, Tony Soprano.

06/05/2008 07:49.28 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Dorian...Caymus here.
Thanks for stopping by with the congrats! I love meeting new friends! my friend, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain...ah, well, WHAT A WEEK! Wow, I never expected to be BOTW but it sure was fun. My mom, Peachy and I have had such a blast celebrating with everybirdy and their parronts. And the reason it's been the best week of my life (so far) is because of YOU! Mom has finished rubbing my feet and tomorrow it's Bar-B-Q time! (hey dad, don't forget the watermellon!) And in honor of all those who have died for our country, for those who have served our country, and for who are still putting their lives on the line every day, please join me in a moment of silence tomorrow (any time during the day, doesn't matter when) to salute them and their families. Now as I two-step on out of here, I'm leaving big birdy hugs and of course, a vote for you! (Ladies and gentlebirds, Caymus has left the building.)

Come visit me, Blanche, Caymus & Peachy (2004-2010) - Thank you for BOTD!.

05/25/2008 02:46.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Dorian ! (Ö>
It seems as though our ‘Love Struck-est Birdie Couple’ for today is havin’ themselves just one glorious time. Don’t they look swell, all decked out in their ‘formal’ feathers, sippin’ tea like the high society fids? And can ya tell how excited Rocky is?! I guess Miss Fergie really is pretty shy. I haven’t heard a peep outta her the whole day. She just kindov sits there with her fella, grinnin’ and glowin’! Oh to be young and in love…. ~~ WHAT am I SAYIN’?! I ain’t nowheres NEAR ready for love!! Shucks I’m havin’ too much fun messin’ around with all my new friends here on the BirdChannel. Maybe after I’ve been here a year or so, THEN maybe I’ll consider choosin’ just one girl to spend my time with. But, geez, I haven’t even MET all the sweet young things in the BC flock, not to mention all those lovelies yet to come! I’m gonna hafta take my time about somethin’ THAT BIG! ~~ And speakin’ o’ time, we’ve just about run outta time for our Tour of Charleston. Tomorrow’s our last day on the tour. And our guests are “THE LOVE STRUCK-EST BIRDIE COUPLE on the BirdChannel”! At least accordin’ to the way y’all voted when we asked ya to. And, like I said, it’s gonna be the Social Event of the Season! And we’re gonna be havin’ it at one o’ Mom’s most favoritest places around Charleston: Cypress Gardens! ~~ Originally the site of a prosperous rice plantation, Cypress Gardens is a 170 acre tranquil swamp garden that has become a favorite destination for visitors of all ages. Flat bottom boats and nature trails wind their way through the rich landscape providing an abundance of scenic points of view. Images of tall cypress and tupelo trees reflect brilliantly in the swamp’s mirror-like black water. ~~ I just wanna make sure that you take the time to stop by my page tomorrow, and that you don’t miss what we’ve got in store for yas. It’s a really important day, and you’re definitely gonna wanna commit ‘Birdie Hari-Kari’ if ya miss it!!! ~~ Now, tomorrow’s gonna be a bit different, in that none o’ the pictures are gonna be posted until 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. (I TOLD yas that it’s a really special day!!) And we’re hopin’ you’ll ALL stop in to share in the excitement!!! ~~ Mark your calendars…and DON’T BE LATE! I’m treadin’ ever so secretly on your vote button today. (But I’ll make sure it’s hard enough for it to count!) AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>"

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

05/03/2008 01:20.49 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Dorian ! (Ö>
Well, now…I guess that proves it. I’m not the ONLY birdy that likes to play in the water! O’ course, when Patrick first laid his peepers on RubySue, he DID faint. But that was at her house when we picked her up this morning. So I can’t really say that we threw him in the fountain to revive him. That would be fibbin’! But I did have some difficulty explainin’ to him, standin' in that fountain, that any umbrella was NOT gonna help him stay dry when he’s STANDIN’ in water waist deep!! RubySue thought it was romantic, so she was no help either! As a matter o’ fact, Buddy and I had a dickens of a time keepin’ ‘em outta the water ALL DAY. ~~ I’m tellin’ ya, keepin’ up with those two kept us hoppin’ all day long. They wanted to run down the pier, and stroll the beach, and walk ev’ry path in Waterfront Park! Then they had to grace ev’ry bench in the park with their tail feathers!! There was just no controllin’ those two fids. But I can’t say as I blame ‘em. They were pretty excited to be here. And we were thrilled to have ‘em! ~~ As far as where were goin’ tomorrow, I’ve been just BEGGIN’ Mom to make this place a part o’ the tour! I’m so excited about this one myself, I-I-I prob’ly won’t sleep tonight. The first shots of the American Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter. [In case ya didn’t catch the hint, that’s where we’re goin’ tomorrow!] That first shot DIDN’T HIT ANYTHING! [Sheeesh! Even I-I-I’ve got better aim than THAT.] It was a 10-inch mortar shell that exploded above Fort Sumter as a signal for Confederate artillery to open fire on the Union-held fort. ~~ And, wouldn’t ya just KNOW it…Fort Sumter is an ISLAND!!! Ya just can’t avoid the water when ya live in Charleston! (So I don’t TRY…obviously!) ~~ It just tickles Mom and me to death to know how much y’all are enjoyin’ our hometown tour. It’s gonna be really quiet around here once all our ‘Love Struck Birdy Couples’ have had their days in Paradise. But we still have a few to go. So be sure to check in for the next few days still. We’ve got a few surprises left for yas. Including the Social Event of the Season. I promise, ya don’t wanna miss this one!!! ~~ And with that tease, I’m gonna get the heck outta this rain hat, and put on my Union Soldier hat. (I AM a Northerner livin’ in the South, don’tcha know?) I’ll fire my musket at your vote button for practice! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>"

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/30/2008 06:07.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Dorian ! (Ö>
Man, you shoulda seen these fids today! Flittin’ here and there…and then BACK AGAIN! Between the teeny, tiny rooms on the ships and the mile high ceilings in the museums, it was harder than the dickens to keep track o’ two birds the color of a shadow and the other two small enough to fit into just about any hiding space they could find!!! Talk about an adventure!! And you guys were razzin’ ME about gettin’ into stuff! But they truly seemed to be enjoyin’ themselves. And I couldn’t tell if it was ‘cause Patriots Point is such a cool place or ‘cause they were a coupla pairs o’ love sick birdies! Either way, to Fawkes & Jango, and SweetPepper (or PepPep, as I like to call her) & Kiddo: Thanks so much for sharin’ your time in Charleston with Buddy and me, and ev’rebirdy else on the BirdChannel! Yas made it fun for us, too!! ~~ Tomorrow’s location is a city park called Waterfront Park, and it’s just a really pretty, relaxin’ place to spend the day. I don’t know ‘bout you all, but I’m ready for a little time to relax. As the name implies, it’s right on the ocean with cool breezes and lots o’ palm trees, sunshine, and (I just can’t RESIST it…) WATER! But it should be tame, and it’s really what livin’ in the Charleston area is all about. Laid back and peaceful…..I hope!! ~~ Now I’m gonna go do some deep breathin’ exercises so’s I can get myself in the right frame o’ mind for tomorrow. You know, “chill out”, and just get ready to appreciate that notorious ‘slow Southern pace’. I think I’ll just blow a kiss on your vote button as I go by. AaaaaaAA!! I mean: aaaaaaa…scream at ya again soon. CR Jake (Ö> PS: Don’t forget to read about tomorrow’s ‘Love Struck-est Birdie Couple’ and Waterfront Park under my [nonexistent] Avatar [Mom STILL can’t get Adobe Flash Player to work on her computer so’s she can make me one!] in the “How we met:” section of my page, and under “My motto:” And o’ COURSE you’re gonna wanna check out all of Buddy’s neat pictures in my gallery at the bottom of my page too!"

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/29/2008 06:20.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Dorian ! (Ö>
All right you guys. First ya get on me for swimmin’ around in the ocean at Folly Beach. So, I decide to play somewhere safer, like the Great Ocean Tank at the South Carolina Aquarium, and ya holler at me for swimmin’ with THOSE fishes! Well then I try hangin’ around ON a boat at the Blessing of the Fleet, and you’re all ‘up in wings’ about maybe my fallin’ OFF!! Geez! What do y’all have against WATER?! Okay, so today I’m on DRY LAND, and you’re STILL yankin’ my chain about my choice o’ transportation!!! What’s WRONG with ridin’ a buffalo? I can only fall as far as the ground! And I got WINGS!! ~~ Well, fortunately Miss Miracle and Max behaved like a perfect Lady and Gentlemen today. Unless ya count all the gigglin’ and whisperin’ they were doin’ and hold that against ‘em! Honestly, they were like a coupla school kids. They spent the whole day at Charles Towne Landing smilin’ and blushin’ ev’ry time somebirdy so much as looked at ‘em! Sheesh, you’d swear they were in love or somethin’. ~~ Now tomorrow y’all are gonna hafta show a little respect. We’re gonna be goin’ to Patriots Point on historic Charleston Harbor. It’s one o’ the largest naval museums in the world! The centerpiece is the decorated aircraft carrier USS YORKTOWN, best know for its heroics in World War II. So y’all better just straighten up and fly right! And Buddy and I, and our moms have been workin’ real hard to make this a memorable day for our visitors tomorrow. And I hear tell that tomorrow is gonna be “u-n-p-r-e-c-e-d-e-n-t-e-- d”! Now, I’m not real sure I can explain exactly what that means, but a coupla ‘somebirdies’ are gonna be real happy about the company they’re gonna be keepin’ for the day! And that’s all I’m gonna say about THAT. ~~ I wanna thank ev’rybirdy that has gone to the trouble to send us their stories about our ‘Love Struck-est Couple’ each day. I think it’s really cool to be able to get to know fids that way. Keep those cards and letters…er BLOGS…comin’. That’s the only way we have to find out about ‘em. ~~ And thanks too for lettin’ us know how much you’re enjoyin’ the tour notes that Mom and I work so hard on. That tells us that what we’re doin’ is worthwhile to yas. Remember, you can always learn about the attraction of the day—AND our lucky couples-- by checkin’ out the “How we met:” and “My motto:” sections on my page. And Buddy says ‘Thanks’ too for your compliments on his photography! ~~ Well, I gotta get some sleep tonight! So I’ll just pull the chain on your vote button before I turn in. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/28/2008 05:37.12 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Dorian ! (Ö>
The party’s o-o-v-e-r. It’s time to call it a day. Dee da da da da dee da La da da dee da Dee da-a-a-a-a! Hey! Bein’ stuffed and happy just makes me wanna sing! And after all, the Good Book does say “Make a joyful NOISE!” (My DAD taught me how to sing. And I just know nobirdy’s got anything bad to say about HIM! Do ya???) ~~ Speakin’ o’ bein’ happy, you shoulda seen our ‘Love Struck-est Birdie Couple’ today! I’m beginnin’ to think that Mr. Webster came to these two when he was tryin’ to make up the definition for ‘Goo-Goo-Eyes’!!! But it was nice to see another one of our fav’rite couples enjoyin’ themselves, bein’ in love in the spring in the South. And this is real close to a one year anniversary for Asha and Stubby, so this was REALLY a special celebration for them! ~~ And whilst I have my dad in the middle o’ this conversation, Mom and I want ev’rybirdy to know that he’s doin’ f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! He even went to Costco today to do some shoppin’ with Mom. (And he confided in me that he picked out her HatchDay present while he was there! I think she’s really gonna like it. It’s a rather “timely” gift! Haw! HaW!! HAW!!! “Timely” I CRACK myself up! Can ya guess what she’s gettin’?! Shhhh…DON’T TELL! ~~ Mom hasn’t given me the lucky couple’s name for tomorrow’s activities yet. So I can’t give yas any hints about that one. But I CAN tell ya that we’re gonna be explorin’ Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site. Mom says we’re gonna be walkin’ on the very spot where English Colonists established the first permanent European settlement in the Carolinas more than 300 years ago, in 1670! That’s gonna be seriously COOL! ~~ Since the Blessing of The Fleet was over by 5:00 this evening, Buddy had plenty o’ time to run over there and get some really cool pictures. And o’ course there’ll a special pic with tomorrow's Lucky Couple! I’m busy workin’ on my tour notes so’s I can share all the interestin’ stories about the place with ev’rybirdy. Mom’ll be puttin’ all that stuff up on my page for y’all to be able to see first thing in the morning. ~~ Now, we’ve run into the same problem ev’ry day so far. Since these fids are all NEW friends o’ mine, I can’t really tell ya much about their romance. So, If anybirdy out there can come up with the goods on ‘em, Mom’ll be happy to add that to the info on my page too, so’s we can ALL get to know ‘em better! (‘Course, it’s prob’ly a good idea to wait ‘til ya find out WHO we’re gonna be hostin’ before ya start tellin’ tales!) ~~ Remember, ev’rything ya ever wanted to know about the tour is in the “How we met:” and “My motto:” sections on my page. I gotta scoot. Mom said she’d transpose my notes for tomorrow for me. But I’m gonna hafta TRANSLATE ‘em for her first! Before I run though, here’s a vote ‘for the history books’. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/27/2008 05:53.36 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Dorian ! (Ö>
Man, oh MAN! Is that South Carolina Aquarium somethin’ or WHAT?! And did ya notice all our avian cousins livin’ there too?! I think it was just p-e-r-f-e-c-t that Mom picked such a nice place for Buddy and I to spend the day with one o’ the BirdChannel’s sweetest couples I’ve met. BabyGirl and Ben are just the primo example of quiet strength and subtle beauty…inside and out! Ya just can’t help but feel content and peaceful when you’re around ‘em. (I wish I had been around ‘em just a bit longer BEFORE I decided to jump into that tank wearin’ nothin’ more that a MASK. I mighta had enough peace to think it through before I jumped! Or at least enough strength to swim like crazy once I saw who I had for comp’ny in there!!) And it was nice to have the description of the exhibits at the Aquarium that Buddy took pictures of, so’s we all knew what we were lookin’ AT in the pictures! (Let me tell ya, pictures are a lot safer perspective than ‘up close and parrot-sonal’!) ~~ Now, tomorrow is a VERY special day here in Charleston, so be sure to check my page early to find out WHO our Special Guest Couple for the day will be! We’re havin’ what they call here in the Lowcountry “a seasonal rite of passage”. I guess they mean that when this season PASSES it’s only RITE that we have a party! Anyways, the celebration is called “The Blessing of the Fleet & Shrimp Festival”. Ev’ry year, as shrimping season starts, they actually BLESS all the shrimp boats! And there’s all kinds of other stuff that goes on for the whole day too. So, I hope whichever Love-Struck Birdie Couple gets to spend the day here with me and Buddy has a BIG appreciation (…make that APPETITE) for seafood! ~~ And remember, part of my job as ‘Tour Guide’ is to tell all y’all who’re followin’ along on our tour about what we’re doin’ each day. And Buddy makes sure he takes enough photos to fill up the gallery at the bottom of my page so’s nobirdy misses out on any of the excitement. Then, o’ course, whatever we can find out about our Guest Couple for the day is there for yas to be able to get to know them too! So be sure to look at the “How we met:” section and “My motto:” for all o’ that info. ~~ AND, we’ve been providin’ a ‘message service’ for the Visiting Birdie Couple too. So feel free to leave your thoughts and wishes for them in a note on my page. They seem to be really enjoyin’ hearin’ from y’all thoughout the day. ~~ I gotta run now. But I’ll be sure and drop a vote for ya in one o’ the shrimp nets before I leave. Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/26/2008 05:28.40 PM Report This Comment  
  hi there!
v4u! *> tressa

Come visit me, vern--good bye, RIP tressa RIP, amos, RIP scarlett,rose,poppy, iris- RIP Chickens, noah, malachi, silas RIP & RIP ike RIP.

04/19/2008 07:54.54 AM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, Dorian ! (Ö>
HA HA..its me..Buddy!!Fooled ya!!!I am doing the clue today because Jake's Mom is having a big dinner because she said she has TOO MUCH ON HER PLATE to do the clue today!!! GEESHH>>>she must eat alot!!So..let's see...should I make it hard or easy...hmmm.. .well...there's a lady whose named like the one in Wonderland, a boy who sounds like he could eat pumpkins..and a Mom whose named for songs at Christmas.If you speak into the Dad your voice should be louder..and another boy could be an English policeman. And they ALL may be related to a very famous quarterback from the Northeast. Ok..that's it...good luck..there's only 2 more after guys have been too smart at guessing these..we have to come up with something else!!Here's a vote from Jake!!

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/17/2008 07:05.23 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya,Dorian ! (Ö>
Welllll….. My mom is SINGIN’ ! ! ~~~~ D-A-D C-A-M-E H-O-M-E ! ! ! ! ! ~~~~ And I’ll just bet you can’t guess what she’s singin’ either! O’ Course ya can’t…I haven’t given you the clue yet. ~~ But wait! This means that now I’m gonna hafta keep my promise to stop screamin’ so much. Uht-oh! Let me see if I got it all outta my system . . . Aaa . . . Aaaaa . . . AaaaaAA!! Okay, that’s better. (At least for now.) After all, Dad did keep his end o’ the bargain; he was a very good patient AND Mom says he behaved himself with the nurses too. I may hafta give that “steppin’ up thing” some serious attention now too. ~~ Anyways, Dad, I raise a toast to you, Good Buddy! To the start of a long, happy and healthy life in our new flockily for EV’RYbirdy!!! And I know just where to take ya to celebrate too! (Although it’s gonna hafta be a ‘Guys’ Get Together’ so’s Mom can’t put the kabash to our plans.) I just knew you’d “like to get away” for a while. And this is the kindov place “where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came.” I know, Dad, “you want to go where people know” their “troubles are all the same”. I got it covered Dad. We’re goin’ “where everybody knows your name!” ~~ Oh yeah, and lest I forget, the clue for tomorrow’s show is hidden in my blog already. It has to do with Mom’s singin’ the words to the theme song whilst I’m tryin’ to tell Dad where we’re goin’. ~~ AaaaaAA!! (I mean aaaaaaa!) Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/15/2008 12:32.13 PM Report This Comment  
  Sad News from Dorian's Cockatiel cousin
Sadly, my Grandma's 35 year old cockatiel, Baby, passed over the Rainbow Bridge this past weekend. My Grandma is a nurse and performed a heroic attempt at CPR, but Baby didn't come back and my Grandma is so sad. We will all miss Baby very much and I hope my human Mama will post a memorial page to him as soon as Grandma sends her some photos. To live happily for 35 plus years is a wonderful thing and he was singing, eating well and hopping around until the very end and guess it was just his time to go. My 100 year old human Great Grandma is really sad and has cried and cried all weekend too. Baby was loved by the whole human family and will be missed. :o(
Dorian Grey and Donna, my human

Come visit me, Dorian Grey.

04/14/2008 08:36.16 AM Report This Comment  
You asked for it…YOU GOT IT ! Yes, indeed, Mom and I have been workin’ on a way for me to satisfy my urge to explore AND satisfy Mom’s directive for me to STAY OUT OF TROUBLE ! ! (At least I THINK this will do it…) ~~ Buddy and I have decided that we’d like to ‘explore’ our creative side; try somethin’ new; jump into a new project; STAY ON THE GROUND ! And we thought we’d try our luck at the visual arts. You know…movies, TV. ~~ You might have noticed that I seem to excel at the dramatic. So, having been told I’d be a natural at it, I’m gonna try my hand at acting! And since Buddy’s talents lie in organization and presentation (i.e. his reputation as a ‘Master of Disguise’), AND he has one REALLY WILD IMAGINATION, he’s gonna take on the role of Producer/Director. ~~ Now, obviously, this is gonna hafta be a scaled down version. Since we operating on a scaled down BUDGET ! Each day, we’ll put a scene from a well-known movie or TV program in my main pic (‘cause we just can’t afford a real moving picture production), so you can see what we’ve been workin’ on. BUT…and here’s were YOU come in…I’m gonna be needin’ co-stars. So, you’ll just hafta take a peek everyday to see who’s gonna be in the ‘show’ with me! ~~ And to make it interesting, I’m gonna give you a clue in my note to you each day about what movie or TV program the picture is gonna be from tomorrow! Just a little way to keep havin’ fun with all my new BirdChannel f[eathe]riends. No big deal. Not a contest or anything like that. Just a game. I think I’ll call it “What’s My Line?” (Get it? Movie, script, line…) ~~ Hope you’ll play along. Watch for the first clue tomorrow. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö> Trouncin’ on your vote button on my way out…

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

04/08/2008 07:32.27 PM Report This Comment  
  HI from the other Dorian
How are you? You are quite handsome and intelligent. Goodness I bet you're a handful. here's a vote.

Come visit me, Sasha, Charlie Murphy & Penny Peepster, Boogie & Dorian Grey.

04/07/2008 08:00.20 AM Report This Comment  
Welcome-sounds like you found a great home!--My mom always wanted a grey, but are flock is about enough for now--with the exception that we are awaiting another linnie addition---have a great day--a vote for you --come visit us

Come visit me, Zeus, Achilles, Neptune, Ozzie & Zoe.

04/03/2008 06:42.45 PM Report This Comment  
It's nice to meet you Dorian. YOu are very cute...I will tell my mom and dad the advise you are giving us. Im so used to my mommy that I get jealous everytime daddy gets close and that's why I bite...:-) Im glad to be your friend. Talk to you soon..


Come visit me, Baby, Picolina & Lucky.

04/01/2008 10:40.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, DG! (Ö>
Geez… Ya know, if Buddy’s and my mom had just not bugged out of our ‘Winners’ Circle Party’ last Monday without so much as a “By your leave…”, WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS! Serves ‘em right though, that they should have to worry about where we are and if we’re safe. Myself, I’m just worried about whether or not we’re gonna make it back home! ~~ When we took off Wednesday evening, it was a great plane ride: Clear skies, smooth air. But BOY! When that tornado came up Thursday…. We STILL haven’t figured out where we are! Well, except for that sign that said “Welcome to MUNCHKINLAND”. But that still didn’t tell us much. Then all those little people singin’ and dancin’ at us, and tellin’ us to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road!” And this suppos-ed witch-type lady bird that looked awfully familiar. It’s enough to make a coupla fids NERVOUS! ~~ But, you know how the saying goes: “When in MUNCHKINLAND, do as the Munchkins do”…AND FOLLOW THE SILLY ROAD!!! ~~ So, here we are (who-knows-where), flyin’ along mindin’ our own business, and we come upon THESE three CHARACTERS. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d swear I recognize these guys too! Now, they want us to spend all day in a meeting with them doin’ some kind of strategic planning, or some such silly stuff. We’re supposed to be findin’ a way to get home, not strategizin’ with some looney tunes! And I wanted to get in touch with our friends back home to see if THEY could offer some suggestions. Maybe these guys have access to some ‘OZ-Net’ or somethin’ Buddy and I could use to send a message. ~~ Well, if it gets us to the end of this adventure, I suppose we can handle it…as long as they don’t forget to leave a vote when they send our notes out for us! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö>

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/30/2008 08:58.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hiya, DG! (Ö>
Whoooaaa…BUDDY ! ! ! Maybe we shoulda left a note for our moms tellin’ ‘em what our plans are…just in case! This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said we should strike out on an adventure of our own. What ARE our plans anyway?! Do they include landin’ this plane soon?! Hey, Dorian, do you know anybirdy in the PAA [Parrot Aviation Administration]? Can somebirdy get in touch with Rosalie at the Rainbow Bridge for us? Maybe SHE can put in a good word for us and get us outta this mess! ~~ Any help or suggestions you may have to contribute would be greatly appreciated…and welcomed…AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again R-E-A-L-L-Y SOON! CRJake (Ö> PS: I’m positive I felt the tail of the plane smack your vote button on one of spins we’re in!

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/28/2008 04:19.15 PM Report This Comment  
  Awww MAN! You’re not gonna believe THIS! (Ö>
Hiya DG! Thanks for stoppin' by my page. I got a good one for ya. Can you believe, my mom took off?! Yeah! She and Buddy’s mom just up and left…dissed us…DISAPPEARED ! ! ! This, after she let my thank you notes get behind just ‘cause she had to take time to get stuff ready for our “Winners’ Circle Party” on Monday evening. Now I-I-I’m the one who’s gotta get ‘em out! (‘Cause, o’ course, Mom’s teachin’ me how I’m supposed to behave with all my new friends here on the BirdChannel, and be sure to answer your notes and stuff. Is a GUY really supposed to do these things in life?!) I don’t know how to TYPE for cryin’ out loud! Let alone how to operate this ‘computer contraption’!! Maybe I can recruit Dad to help me out. ~~ At any rate, I really do appreciate your stoppin’ by my page to say “Hi” or “Congratulations” on my bein’ Bird of the Week this week. Like I said when I first found out, “AaaaaAA!! This is SO COOL!!” And I owe it all to my pal Buddy takin’ me all around the BC on a tour to meet a bunch of fids, and makin’ it so’s everybirdy who wanted to could come along for the fun! Y’all are really the ones who deserve the congratulations for goin’ through all that silliness with us. Or even just for puttin’ up with it while we were goofin’ around! ~~ Whatever it was ya did to help make it happen, thanks a bunch! ! ! I’ll never forget it…and YOU! Leavin’ ya with a vote o’ thanks. AaaaaAA!! Scream at ya again soon! CRJake (Ö> HEY MA? WHERE’D YOU GO…..

Come visit me, (Ö> CR Jake ~ 'Mater Cake CupCakes fer EVryBirdy! & ..

03/27/2008 04:02.20 AM Report This Comment  
  hey dorian just passin through to say hi !!! u sound like u have a happy and loving family !!! my mom feedfs me beak apetit also which ones do u like ? my favorits so far is nuts for alfredo but mom is buying me some different kind as soon as i'm finished this kind ... its my first time trying it !well just came by to say hi and give u a vote and tell u hi !

Come visit me, ~* MIKO *~.

03/26/2008 10:48.58 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Oklahoma Gang
Happy Lords Day and it is Easter Sunday too, Patrick here, Mom will be off to church soon. We had a great time with family yesterday. Fortune and I went outside to play with gkids but it is cold today so we will stay inside. Tell us about your day if you get a chance. Patrick and the flock...... ..LIMERICK OF THE DAY: ............. ............. ............. ............. ..............Jacques and Princess are cockatiels,.. ............. ............. ............. ........ they hail from NY, Harpursville. ............. .......... A sweeter boy and girl ............. ............. ............. ............. .............. you won’t find in this world........ ............. ............. Check’em out dear friends (if you will.)...... (03-23-08) Jacques has been nominated by his brothers for BOTW. His hatch date is April 3. ...........Please pray for Kathy, Mom of Tiki, Clyde and Buddy(Ocean City MD) and of course Tidbits Dad... Our friends need their parronts to be well. Votes for you, with soft beaky kisses... not too many Easter eggs ya hear?

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

03/23/2008 06:30.38 PM Report This Comment  
I'm back home playing with my toys again, it feels so good to be home. I think the Easter bunny was either getting sick or was just in a big rush to get somewhere. As so as the plane landed , he jumped out of the plane said goodbye and ran away. hope your having a great day.I'm so glad you like my pics, it means alot to mom!! Love your pics to very ...nice!! Knocking the V charm off your page, talk to you later.Gunner

Come visit me, Gunner, Savannah, Lucky...RIP & Stormy.

03/22/2008 09:29.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Dorian,
Sorry it took a while to get back with you but mom is in a remodeling and fixing up - mood. We put our house on the market and mom is trying to spice things up to get it sold. She is driving everybody crazy and dad told her to stop watching HGTV, hehehe. We love all them new pictures of you, especially the one with the shiny moosh beak. MOOSH??? My mom was just tickeled as she read that. She is german and now learned something new. But hey, that Beak Appetit is some good stuff. My favorite is Nuts for Alfredo. So you like to be touched by your people? Not me...if I feel like it then mom is allowed to scratch my head but thats about it. My sister Bella is the only one who loves to be cuddled but only by mom, maybe because mom had her since she was a baby. That crazy girl let mom do almost anything with her. By the way, who did the drawing from you? It's so cute. Well, mom says we have to go. I hope you all have a very nice Easter Weekend. Talk to you soon. Simu

Come visit me, Simu & Flock & BELLA - Panama Amazon.

03/21/2008 04:03.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from Suzie
Hi Dorian,

You are a beautiful grey :) I'm so happy you got a new loving home. I'm voting for you, we greys have to stick together, right? Love, Suzie

Come visit me, Kirby & Suzie.

03/20/2008 03:03.40 PM Report This Comment  
  One more thing from Dorian...
What's up with all of these Cockatiel's winning BOW anyway?
They are cute, no doubt, but seriously... Grey's Rule!
Don't these humans that vote know that?
Come on Grey people!!! :O)
Let's vote on some pretty pretty Greys to win once in awhile!
Whoo hoo!
Dorian "Beakyman" Grey

Come visit me, Dorian Grey.

03/20/2008 12:03.32 PM Report This Comment  
  My Mama is so naughty!
I'm indignant Mama put a new picture of me with my shiny beak all covered in "moosh" (that's what we call Beak Appetit) as my new website photo! Ak! Ak! Mama said I look so cute when my face is a mess she couldn't resist poking fun at how messy we Grey types are! She said she thought everyone was tired of my sexy Grey stripper pole dancing impression so we needed a change! Maybe one day one of her pics of me will win me Bird of the Week?! How cool that would be and I'd get new toys! Mom says I tear up so many toys she has to work just to buy new stuff for me to destroy, but dang! It gets boring in the cage if I'm just chillin' out so why not search and destroy?! Better than plucking too, right? whoo hooo!
Thanks for everyone's nice messages! Gotta fly but wanted to explain why I look a mess for awhile! I'm really quite a handsome, fastidious bird man and she just caught me in a moment! Ha ha! She's laughing! I must bite her now! Ouch Ouch!
Tee hee!
Dorian Grey

Come visit me, Dorian Grey.

03/20/2008 11:55.04 AM Report This Comment  
  Good afternoon Mr. Grey
Virgina here, just want to fly by and give you a vote and to say hi. BTW.. my friend Ripply was given to us by someone that couldn't keep her (alergy). We hang out together all the time now!! See ya later, Virgina

Come visit me, Annabelle Lee, Virgina Clemm, Emma Frost & Ripply.

03/16/2008 03:12.22 PM Report This Comment  
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