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Moluccan Cockatoo from San Juan, PR

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Rocky belonged to a well meaning but not too bird savvy older couple. He lived 12 years locked in a smallish cage (he could stretch one wing at a time.) with a too narrow and fixed metal perch. No toys. Seeds, apples, bread...that's it. I am told he was purchased from someone who had raised him and was selling birds on the street. He was hand fed and tame but when his wings grew out that was it for Rocky. Scared of his beak, he never left his cage again. When the couple moved across the street from us, I tried to teach them what I could. A couple of years later the man had open heart surgery and later left on vacation with his wife. They asked me to keep Rocky. "Sure! You go have fun and don't worry. Rocky will be in good hands." "No." They answered. "We want you to keep him." I assured them it wasn't necessary and that I would be happy to cross the street and even keep him company for a couple of hours a day. "NO." They repeated. "To KEEP him. Yours. A gift. Adopt him. Take him!" Well, I was floored, but home Rocky came. I told them it was tentative and it depended on my family's acceptance of him. I knew cockatoos were loud. The only other condition was permission to work with him. After two weeks, a lot of blood loss on my part and not a peep from Rocky, my family gave me the ok. I warned them. Honest. I told them... They did not believe the little angel that was responding so well to me would one day open his beak and announce his ownership of the world. When he finally did, dishes dropped, family ran to see who had died and windows rattled. Rocky was home. :D
Since, the family has ganged up on me and threatened with a coup. It got really serious a couple of years back but when I made my attempts and came with tears and the lousy feedback, they all eventually realized it was too late. He is here to stay! Besides, he doesn't holler any more than any other well behaved parrot. It is just in his anatomy that he has incredible volume when he lets loose. So the family acknowledges him when they go in and out of the kitchen and have to pass by Rocky's cage. In return, Rocky responds with polite quiet... .usually. Ignore him though and your rudeness will be severely admonished. I have now a very well mannered family. ;D
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Hi! My name is ROCKY PR

I am a Moluccan Cockatoo from San Juan, PR.

26 years old   M

Moluccan Cockatoo

Anything is fair game, but I guess celery & bananas are tops.

With my Mommy.
Showering on outside perch.
By my Mommy.
On his Boing rope.
Next to my Mommy.

Hyper and nervous people make him anxious and may trigger a screaming episode.
It's rude to speak on the phone where I can only overhear one side of the conversation, so it is my duty to remind you!
Rude people that walk in and out and don't greet me nor say good-bye!

She understands me and makes me feel safe. After initial hesitation, I have learned to eat things I didn't know existed.

Rocky likes to chew on his nails. He doesn't cut them. It's more like thumb sucking. He prefers exiting cage on his own or on a stick, not on my hand/arm..

NOTE TO ALL: AUGUST 22, 2009... An extraordinary thing happened today and I wish to share this with all who care to "listen". About 2-3 years back I rescued a dove. To tell you the truth, I cannot remember what was wrong with this particular dove, but it needed me and God crossed our paths. Following all the doctor's instructions, I nurtured and nursed "Palomita" back to health like I have done for so many others. The day came when she was released. For weeks I left her favorite pellets in the dish in the cage she had used. I left it outside under the trellis full of flowers. Time passed. Birds came and went, but Palomita stuck around. She would always appear as soon as I stuck my head out the kitchen door. I sometimes left her pellets and other times not. Occasionally she would fly back into the kitchen and bird room and I would have to catch her, "scold" her and shoo her out with a kiss and a handful of pellets. This brings us to today.
Not a minute had passed since I'd opened the kitchen door that Palomita flew right in and landed on the floor. I picked her up, way to easily and immediately alarm bells rang in my brain. I checked her all over and she was very skinny but without a scratch or a feather missing. Then I noticed she was breathing with her beak open, gasping for air. I soothed her and put a few drops of water on her beak which she greedily drank. Trusting Nature, I took her out and opened my hands. She stayed. I put her on the floor next to some pellets. She stayed and leaned to one side. "Oh, s**t! " I said to myself and quickly picked her up again. I cuddled her close to my chest, speaking softly, telling her it was ok to go and that she was safe now. Not a minute passed when she lay dead in my hands.
I feel humbled to think that this sweet little "wild" dove chose to return to where she felt safest to honor me with her last moments of her precious life. I now write this in honor of such a gentle soul. She was loved as she flew free. She still flies free, but just much higher....

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  `Ü´ Are you ready for some FOOT~BALL???
11/29/2014 07:18.16 PM Report This Comment  
  11/29/2014 07:18.07 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & A Happy Day After
11/28/2014 07:13.20 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & A Lovely Monday to You
11/24/2014 02:11.45 PM Report This Comment  
  11/24/2014 02:11.32 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & OH! MY!! GOODness!!!
11/21/2014 07:53.09 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & Good Evening
11/20/2014 09:01.20 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ ** TODAY is THE DAY ! ! ! **
11/19/2014 02:51.04 PM Report This Comment  
  11/19/2014 02:50.57 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & Happy Sunday
11/16/2014 09:52.47 PM Report This Comment  
  11/16/2014 09:52.36 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & Welcome to Week 11 …
11/14/2014 08:29.37 PM Report This Comment  
  11/14/2014 08:29.28 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings Mr Rocky PR!
11/12/2014 07:06.50 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings, Mr Rocky PR ...
11/10/2014 07:25.11 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & Happy Weekend
11/09/2014 12:32.27 PM Report This Comment  
11/09/2014 12:32.18 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Heavenly Father must be laughing
11/07/2014 12:10.20 PM Report This Comment  
  Now, moving on …
11/07/2014 12:10.12 PM Report This Comment  
11/07/2014 12:10.02 PM Report This Comment  
  `Ü´ Greetings & Happy FootBall Sunday to You!!!
11/03/2014 12:08.39 PM Report This Comment  
11/03/2014 12:08.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rocky!
Hello! Honey here! I've come by to thank you for welcoming me to BC, and for voting me Bird of the Day yesterday! I had lots of fun in the Castle meeting new friends! (: I really like my new home! My new mommy is very nice, she plays with Precious and I, and gives us lots of treats! Right now I am sitting on mommy's shoulder with Pressie, and she is sharing her snacks with us! :P Thanks for flying by! Hugs, Honey

Come visit me, Peatree ~ Love you forever, my BC friends!.

09/24/2014 11:46.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rocky
Boo Boo holds up her wings before Cori gives her talk. she implores every birdie to please not take pictures of Cori using any type of flash because bright lights scare Cori.
The United Nations has declared today as World Wildlife Day, coinciding with the signing of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Washington, D.C. on March 3, 1973.
World Wildlife Day provides a strong opportunity for the global conservation community to speak with a unified voice and declare that there is no excuse for the indiscriminate killing, selling, or captivity of wild animals.
march 3rd. todays topic WORDS FROM BIRDS:
1) BIRD IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO IN THE BUSH: better to cherish what we have than to look longingly at things that are beyond our reach
2) LIKE WATER OFF OF A DUCKS BACK: Let everyday annoyances leave us as quickly as water slides off the well oiled feathers of a duck
3) BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER: most of the time time. even in winter when large gatherings of flocks of ducks and geese are visible most stay in groups of their own species.
4) EAGLE-EYED: self explanatory
5) EATS LIKE A BIRD: if you did you would be very obese since most birds consume up to 20 percent of their body weight daily
6) HAPPY AS A LARK: refers to the birds exuberant song flight. larks have bad days
when troubles come home to roost gong them 7) SOMETHING TO GROUSE ABOUT
8) MAD AS A LOON: loons aren't mad but their call sure sounds that way
9) SWAN SONG: a belief that the mute swan silent all its life gives out a single song just before it is about to die
10) WISE AS AN OWL: HOO are we to say they are not wise!


love Cori and Boo Boo (campaign manager)

Come visit me, PaddyCake & PiddyGirl, CORI & BOO BOO.

03/03/2014 09:15.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rocky... it's Jaspy :)
02/21/2014 07:44.33 PM Report This Comment  

For every kiss he received, 25 cents was donated to a bird rescue in his area.

We had lots of fun and watched movies and played lots of games. We had snowball fights and made snow forts. We watched movies and TV and stayed warm and cozy.

We told each other lots of stories and had lots of good food.

Peppino is pretty much still a baby and his main thing was meeting lots of new friends...He loved making friends and at the kissing booth he made a lot of them !!!!

Thank you for your daily votes. Much love to all of you.
Snowflake. (Ms BB)

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/16/2014 03:47.33 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Mr PR
Hello again
Today is Jedi's KB picture.

It was all about riding with the wind blowing through our feathers on our hogs. Jedi led us all over the BC grounds on his Flathead.

Every night we would pull in before the sun went down and gather around our outdoor stage and rock out to Pearl and Silvers concerts.
We would party all night long and camp out next to our Harley Hogs.

We also had mischief night and there was lots of mischief !!! The General store ran out of that stuff our humans call Potty Paper. And we also put up a haunted house and told each other scary stories around the campfire.

Of course there was lots of good food, and we had a Northern Powwow our last two days at our Kissing Booth biker camp.

We had lots of fun...We were bad to the bone !!!
Thank you for your daily votes...
Much love to you, Snowflake. (BB)

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/15/2014 04:23.32 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello again
Happy Valentines day every birde!!!!

Today is Poppy's KB picture. She is currently there in the kissing booth.

We are having lots of fun, food fights, peanut butter cookies, and watching the movies and the Olympics.

The whole kissing booth is decorated for Valentines day today and every birdie will be exchanging Valentines cards. It's a great day to visit the kissing booth and see whats crackin !!!

Thank you for your votes
Much love to you
Snowflake. (Ms BB)

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/14/2014 01:43.56 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello Pocky
My name is Snowflake. I'm running for March BOTM. Please support me and vote for me.
I will be posting daily blogs about the BC Kissing Booth that Ms BB runs. Everyday there will be a different bird and his picture with a short description of what went on.

Today is Raffies KB picture.

There was lots of good food mixed with lots of activities.

We had chicken wings day, popcorn day, bowling day (we had balls rolling all over the place), musical instruments day (THAT WAS MUSIC??) and mystery mask day (who was in that mask??).

We had a Mexican hat day (we danced all over them), bingo day, a fondue party (yummy, chocolate), house of cards day, spooky cupcakes day, spooky Halloween cards day, scary Halloween movies day, pumpkin painting day and a Happy Halloween buffet.

Raffi says.... the KB is such a fun place to be ! Every birdie is so nice and friendly!

Thank you for your votes.
Much love to you, Love Snowflake (Ms BB)

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/12/2014 10:30.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello PR
My name is Snowflake. I'm running for March BOTM. Please support me and vote for me.
I will be posting daily blogs about the BC Kissing Booth that Ms BB runs. Everyday there will be a different bird and his picture with a short description of what went on.

Today is Stormy's KB pit at the Yellowstone park.

We got to ride the white water in the rafts and go exploring. We camped out and slept on buffalo robes.
We even got to go participate in a rodeo & ride horses. We had a northern protocol powwow with lots of fry bread.

The girls and boys made moccasins and made their own dance regalia. Ms Chirps and I taught them, hee hee.
The band of brothers sang at the drum. We had lots of fun.
Fun, dancing, exploring, bulls riding and romance at the KB.
Thank you for your votes. Much love to you.
Love Snowflake... (Ms. BB)

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/08/2014 09:19.48 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello Rocky
Today is Dixies KB picture.

We watched lots of 60s movies and TV. We played theme music from old TV shows to.

There was lots of fun food for the 4th of July. And we had bunches of fireworks that were sponsored by the business on BC.

Memories and good times at the BC Kissing Booth. Let the good times roll !!!
Thank you for your votes...
Much love to you.

Love Snowflake.(Ms BB)

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/07/2014 02:57.58 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rocky
My name is Snowflake. I'm running for March BOTM. Please support me and vote for me.
I will be posting daily blogs about the BC kissing booth that Ms BB runs. Everyday there will be a different bird and his pit.

My BOTM blog today is Cookie's KB pit. (2-5-14)
He's cute,fun loving and filled with mischief.
We had so much fun !!!!
(Good times and mischief at the kissing booth)
Thank you for your votes.
Much love to you
Snowflake. Ms BB

Come visit me, Jedi says Happy Spring, Snowflake says...Happy Spring, Tweety says Happy Spring & PANTHER SAYS HELP ME GET TO 10K. ALMOST THERE !.

02/05/2014 10:53.05 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rocky,

How are you? My name is Oz and I think we met before. My Brother, Apache was at the Milonga with his Girl, Snowflake, her Brother, Jedi was with my Sister, Cheyenne. He said that you introduced yourself as they were getting in the Limo. I was not there this time. Casper (The Friendly Too as I called him) was my Guy and he passed away on my Hatchday, January 1st. So I just couldn't go, at least not this time, it was just Too soon. Here's a vote for you handsome. Stop around sometime but I can't say I blame you if you don't because it's freezing here in Philly! I'm sure it's beautiful where you are. My Mommy was in San Juan (and old San Juan) back in the 70's and she had a blast. She even flew over to St. Thomas to do some shopping and said it was gorgeous but just a little bit expensive LOL. Bye for now.

Oz (The Pink Too)


01/26/2014 02:04.59 PM Report This Comment  
  VOTE MIKEY # 61671 & DIXIE #61444 FOR 10K CLUB


Teri, Joliet, IL.

01/25/2014 04:43.21 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rocky
04/05/2013 07:31.34 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Rocky, Thank you...
04/04/2013 01:39.15 AM Report This Comment  
  It's me... it's really me...
02/20/2013 06:08.50 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Guys, hope you are all ok

KING SKY here with a quick reminder of our BC NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY!
Music, fun and fine food, the perfect way to send out the old year Birdie style.
The party begins at 9PM EST until midnight EST.
where; page 224183 & page 163138-kissing booth
Come join me as we celebrate 2012 and welcome in 2013. The CORONATION of KING GIZMO shall take place during the evening as well.
Come one, come all, let's get together and have a ball!!!!!!!!!!


Come visit me, SKY, thank you for Jan 17th, 2016 BOTD & Little Angel.

12/31/2012 10:01.59 AM Report This Comment  
  ##•## ##•## #•# ##•## ##•##
# ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· #
# ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· #
##•## ##•## #•# ##•## ##•##

From the McFlock to yours~

RaneBeau, Kelly, Alfie, Kirby, Saber, Reba, Riza & Grover

Come visit me, RaneBeau ('> Thank You, Friends!!.

11/22/2012 06:40.18 AM Report This Comment  
  Hi Rocky
It's Popeye.
Good to see you again.
What's been goin' on?
We had a quiet day, yesterday. Except for cage cleaning. We're all nice and clean for the week.
Hope you are having a fun day. Stay cool.

Come visit me, ALEX has moved to YouPet., POPEYE has moved to YouPet., SAWYER has moved to YouPet., BLUE & JEWEL have moved to YouPet., GINGER has moved to YouPet. & CALICO has moved to YouPet..

09/07/2012 08:54.50 AM Report This Comment  
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