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My mom bought Dakota for me
as a Christmas gift.
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Hi! My name is Dakota

I am a Sun Conure from Devine, TX.

9 years old   M

Sun Conure

loves to eat apples

Dakota's house

She takes good care of me &
loves me.


love me or leave.

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10/29/2008 10:20.43 AM  
  Oh my! What a beautiful bird!
We needed to leave you a vote for sure! You must win! What a beautiful bird, not kidding! wow! feather hugs!

Come visit me, RAZ (RAZBERRY) & baby Reaper.

08/23/2008 06:40.51 PM Report This Comment  
  Hey Dakota!
06/20/2008 07:54.42 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Dakota!
06/05/2008 11:11.12 AM Report This Comment  
  My lost friend
05/20/2008 12:15.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Sunday!
04/20/2008 02:35.41 PM Report This Comment  
  HELLO all our friends. We finally bugged Momma enough that she had to type our blog for us. Momma has been busy revamping the "Love Shack". We are getting more hanging play areas and a new fountain and even bird safe trees. Momma says its because she wants us birdies to live in more of a natural surrounding. Hey, what Momma wants...Momma birdies too. Not much going on here in the Great White North. At last Autumna and Holiday are free to fly again. The Cockatiel's eggs did not hatch so Momma said that it was safe for us to come out and play. Autumn was sooo excited that he chewed several holes in Momma's shirt today as she was working in our room. Its better he chews an old shirt than the wood work... The weather is warming up outside. We have had rain for the last two day. All our snow is gone now. All we see out the window is dirty property. Momma says soon everything will be nice and green. Perhaps we can get outside to enjoy all that warm sunshine. Polly and Little Man are doing rather well. Soon they will be moving in together and then coming to join the rest of us birdies in the Love Shack. Soon we won't have to scream back and forth to one another. Henry the Cockatoo is doing great. He was upstairs yesterday to visit all us birdies. He is sooo much bigger than the rest of the flock. He was sooo happy to see other birdies that he bounced up and down on Momma's shoulder as he called out to everyone. Momma says that Henry will not be joining us in the Love Shack because he is to big for us smaller birdies. He can only come and visit when Momma brings him in. Well the good thing about that is that we won't have to share our toys with him...hehehe Momma is going to add pictures of our aviary so everyone can see what a wonderful room we have. She hopes that others might get some ideas to help other birdies enjoy their play time. Well our friends it time to go. Momma has to feed feathers and skin kids alike. Have a wonderful evening. Vote for all. Birdie hugs and kisses from The Great White North Gang.

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

04/13/2008 04:46.40 PM Report This Comment  


Come visit me, Spyro & Gemini.

04/05/2008 11:41.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hey Dakota!
04/03/2008 05:25.05 PM Report This Comment  
  Well hello to everyone. I'm the newest member of the Great White North Gang in Canada. My name is Polly and I'm a Green Quaker. I'm almost 4 years old. This is my 3 home and what Momma tells me it will be my last home. I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the warm welcome to BC. I know my other flock mates have their own pages here. Momma has been busy getting me use to the new family. I have not see the other members of the flock because Momma wants to keep me safe as my wings are not clipped yet. The only member of the flock that I see is my room mate Little Man. We share Momma's bedroom together but we each have our own new cages. Momma sure does spoil us. I have been told that we all get new cages and toys when we are brought into the family. Momma has gone to great length to make me feel comfortable in happy in my new home. I am now allowed to spend as much time as I want out of my cage. Momma leaves the doors open to all our cages. See believes that we should beable to have that extra freedom as long as we stay out of trouble. I am very happy here. I was just put into my new cage yesterday. Momma waited until I adjusted to my new surroundings before she moved me. Its a much nicer and bigger cage filled with lots of toys. I now can see Little Man alot better. Little Man and I are getting along great. We chat away all day to one another. So far we have stayed on our own cages. However Little Man is venturing closer to my cage. I think he likes me but like a lady I'm am ignoring him. Momma says that if we get along that we have her permission to move in together. I think she wants Time will tell. I just want to enjoy my new home and then perhaps marriage will be the next step. I love to wake Momma up at 7 in the morning with a early "Hello" call. Momma talks to Little Man and I as she has her shower and makes her bed. She checks in on the two of us all the time. Momma says she loves having us in her bedroom. We keep her company at night and she enjoys our funny ways. Well I guess that is it for now. Hope all my new friends are happy and healthy. I look forward to reading all your blogs and I will try to keep in contact. With a big flock its hard to get my time for my blogs. Have a wonderful night. Love from Polly and a hello from the Great White North Gang. V4 all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/31/2008 08:51.39 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Dakota
Stopping by with our vote for the day. Have a good night. Hugs and kisses from the Great White North Gang.

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/26/2008 06:54.49 PM Report This Comment  
  I'm Back
Well hello everyone. I've been away for a few days busy with family and feathers. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter...Happy Easter to all. Its quiet now so I thought I would report to all my friends on BC. Well...I did it again.....yep another Polly is her name...a Quaker....check out her page on BC. Both Polly and Little Man are room mates. Separate cages for now. I'm hoping they will get along and beable to share one cage. So far everything between them looks good. They chat back and forth all day. Polly is starting to rub off her good eating habits onto Little Man. He watches her eat and now he is eating other things besides seeds. I'm very happy with that. Little Man is doing funny things with sticks. I think he is trying to build a nest...mmmmmm I wonder. I'll keep you posted on these two. I feel so bad that Autumn and Holiday are still under lock down because of the nesting Cockatiels. They both call and call trying to get me to let them out. Their calls tug at my heart and I can't stand for them to be locked up. However they do get extra treats (thats for my guilt) and they are allowed flight time during the day when I can sit down in the Love Shack to keep an eye on them. I'm sure they will be real happy when all this fuss is over. So will I. Lance and Cinnamon are still sitting on their eggs. I never see both of them out at the same time. Lance is the one that spends most of the time on the nest. I have not checked yet to see how many eggs they have. I'm afraid to disturb them since it is their first clutch. As for Babygirl and Prettyboy...well as in the past they have left the nest. They started out with 5 eggs..two ended up broken and the third I'm sorry to say that I sucked up with the vacuum. I did'nt mean it...honest. I had to pick up the last two so I could finish cleaning up without damaging the eggs. Babygirl was very quick to gently roll them off my hand one at a time to put them back into her nest. She looked at me funny as if to say...OK where is the third one. Can birds wonder. I'm sure they have lost interest in the eggs but I will leave them for another week so I don't upset them. Everyone here at home are well and enjoyed the long weekend. I'm glad its a quiet day today. I have so much to do and find it hard with a house full of skin kids. Well my friends, this is a short message for me. My tea is finished and I hear my chores calling me. Have a wonder day. Love from Jennifer and the Great White North Gang. V4all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/25/2008 08:37.02 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Autumn
Us Sun Conures rock. The weather is warmer than it has been. Not as warm as where you are. Must me nice to live in a warm area. Sooo new toys eh. I love when Momma buys us new toys. We have alot of toys at home. I have a nice bed to sleep in also. I never use it unless I am locked in my cage. Stopping by with our vote. Have a good day.

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/15/2008 05:08.37 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Jennifer and the Gang
Hello our friends. Well the weekend is upon us once again. Looks like rain here in Canada. Thank goodness its not snow. Its been a quiet few days. Not much going on in the Love Shack. I think all the birdies are on their best behaviour. Holiday is still under house arrest because I have two pairs of Cockatiels nesting and of coarse they can't use the nest boxes. They have picked spots under cabinets in their room. This will be the first time that a new pair have decided to be parents. I wonder if anything will come of it. I guess time will tell. Autumn is being a good boy. He knows I am still upset with him. He is trying everything to get my attention. He will fly on me and want to snuggle instead of chewing on my buttons etc. I wonder just how much they do understand. All the Finches are happy little birds. They have been allowed out of their cage to enjoy some free time. Something that I have not allowed them to do for awhile. I just might let them free like the other birds in the room. I have noticed that they are singing more so I guess that is a sure sign that they are happy. Hell..whats abit more poop to clean up daily! Little Man is enjoying his new adventures. He is becoming a real pet. I use to keep my curtains closed until the morning but because he was squawking earlier in the morning for me to get up and open them I decided to leave them open at night. This only worked until I started to take him with me in other parts of the house. Now he has caught on to the idea that if he squawks more and louder then I will get up and take him with me. You know Smart little thing. Today we started out on the perch in the kitchen. Ater picking him up 3 times from the floor I finally caught on to the fact that he wanted to be on my shoulder. He was more interested in me than the other birdies. So like a good Momma I did what I was told. He stayed with me while I did my chores....even as I talked on the phone...thus adding his two cents in when ever he felt the urge. Which was often.. For some reason he is very interested in the phone. Just what I need...another child who likes the phone. His progress in coming along great. I am very sure he will be a great little companion for me and the family. I just wanted to thank all my friends on BC for their blogs. I really enjoy reading about all the other families that enjoy birds as part of their lives. My guys sure have improved my life in ways I never thought possible. Keep up the good work my friends on BC. Your stories etc brings much joy to my heart. We all know that smiles and laughter plays a major role in all of our lives. Have a wonderful weekend my friends. Keep the blogs coming. Love from Jennifer and my beloved Great White North Gang...XOXOXO V4 all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/14/2008 07:01.59 PM Report This Comment  
  The GWN Gang
Flying by with a quick vote and a warm hello. Autumn was the bad one today. Momma let the Budgies out to fly and he started to beat up on one poor little one. This little birdie just stood there and Momma ran into the room and scooped him up. He is a young baby and does not know what aggression is. All is lose of feathers like Babygirl. So Autumn is in the dog house but not under house arrest like Holiday. Have a great day. V4all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/13/2008 01:20.10 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi from a fellow apple lovin' sun conure, POGO!
Please listen to Pogo's story in hopes that you will learn some lifesaving info. One day, Pogo was sitting on top of his cage. He was sitting up there on the door, and we thought it was so cute he could sit up there for a while. Well, around 5 minutes later, we saw that he had chewed off a piece of metal that holds the top together. We were worried, but we would have never DREAMED it was LEAD of all things! We started giving him bird charcoal, Ornabac, peanut butter, peanuts, and lots of calcium to try to get the lead to pass, because we heard that lead poisoning can be treated at home if the bird didn't eat much. A few days later I came home from a game and Pogo was falling off his perch. He was quickly going downhill. We rushed him to the only avian vet in the area (it was lucky that she was even in her office at 11:00 pm) and he was started on shots. We gave him 3 a day for 8 days and he also had to eat some other medicine. He had to be hand fed because he just didn't have the strength to eat pellets. He has almost fully recovered, but now his feet are curled up and he can't perch very well (he just balances). Sometimes he has occasional seizures, and we keep shots on hand just in case. PLEASE don't underestimate the power of lead or zinc, and if any bird gets poisoned, take them to the vet immediately! Curing them at home DOES NOT WORK! Please listen to this. Thanks and birdy kisses from POGO!

Come visit me, Cutie, Yoshi, Tiny & Pogo.

03/12/2008 12:02.56 PM Report This Comment  
Well hello friends. This is Little Man. I just wanted to share with everyone that I had a wonderful day today. Momma took me out of my room for my first visit with the rest of the flock. WOW what a welcome I recieved. Babygirl and Autumn where the first to greet me. Momma never heard me squawk sooo loud and often. I was so excited that I held on to Momma's fingers and flapped my wings in joy. I fluffed up my feathers and twitched my tail in joy. All the other birdies where scrambling to take a look. Each calling out in a very friendly squawk "Hey its about time you came to visit". Autumn was so funny. He turned himself inside out trying to get my attention. Although Momma did not let me go into the "Love Shack" this time she said in time that will happen. For now everyone was content to watch through the doors as I sat on the kitchen table or in Momma's hands. Its such a nice big room. Lots a neat toys to play with and climb on. I can't wait to join the rest of the gang. Momma says one step at a time. I was with my new flock for over 5 hours. Momma worked around the house doing her work as I sat and had a good visit with everyone. Momma took some pictures of me sitting so good on the table. They are posted on my BC page. Momma was sooo happy that I was such a good boy. Boy I was ready for my bed when Momma decided it was time to give everyone a break. I can't wait for tomorrow so I can visit again. I'll keep you posted on my new adventures. Birdie hugs and kisses. V4 all...Little Man

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/11/2008 09:13.16 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Autumn
Good day my friend. Just stopping by with a vote and a warm birdie hug. Momma has had a very hard day today that is why she is late with our blogs. Finally the snow is shoveled once again. Only two days this time to dig out. A hard two days. Momma said that today she did not have to go on her treadmill for her daily excercise. She burned enough calories by lifting all that snow. It was such a beautiful day today. The sun was sooo bright and even warm. Momma said it was nice to get outside even if the task at hand was not one she enjoys. The weather forecast for the next few days looks promising. No more snow until the end of the week. Hopefully not the snow we had recently. We are sure Spring is around the corner. Thats what Momma keeps telling herself. Well bad news in the "Love Shack" today. Holiday and Babygirl got into a really severe fight. Momma had to run into our room and break it up. Holiday is now under house arrest and not liking it at all. Poor Babygirl is now missing a few feathers but is happy that Holiday is not around to bug her when she is trying to nest. This is the first time that any thing like this has happened in the "Love Shack". Momma was upset at not paying more attention and blames herself for being stupid. I knew Momma was upset so I made sure I was extra playful and loving with her today. I made Momma laugh and feel much better. The skin kids are home this week for March break so Momma has been busy with them also. The youngest skin kid is giving Momma some problems that is causing Momma to be even more upset. I am sure that in time the hormonal changes in the feather and skin kids will get better. Hope your day was a good one. Its time for bed my friend. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Hugs and kisses from Autumn and the GWN gang. V for all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/10/2008 09:12.25 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Little Man
Good day my friend. Yep snow and more snow here in the Great White North. Momma is not to happy with all this white stuff. I'm sure she would much rather have the rain. At least you don't have to shovel that. We heard her mumble on her way out today to shovel. Something to the effect that if we where bigger she would have our feathered butts out there helping too. Well it is a beautiful day today. The sun is shining soooo bright. I guess that is a good reason to rejoice. Well I'm off to join the flock to watch Momma hard at work with that shovel. Have a wonderful day. V4U

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/09/2008 12:59.07 PM Report This Comment  
Well good evening to all. Its the Great White North Gang reporting guessed...the Great White North. That it is this weekend for sure. We have never seen soooo much snow. Its nothing but white outside of our window. Even Little Man has reported that he can't see much more from his view. Poor Momma just got done with the last shovel job and now you can't even get to the shovel to clear a path. You know the funny thing about all this...Momma has a snowblower but it is in the garage and the snow is sooo high that she can't get it out. Silly humans should learn to expect the unexpected. After all we do live in Canada. The land of SNOW!!! Soooo it looks like the family is snowed in this weekend. Momma says that one has to be nuts to even think about going out in this weather. The skin kids are now on March break. That means a few things for us birdies. 1.Momma is going to be busy keeping the kids out of trouble. 2.We will not have as much time for play with Momma in the beginning of the week. 3.By the end of the week Momma will be pulling her hair out because the kids have driven her to the brink of insanity. Either way we look at it we are sure Momma will appreciate us more thus recieving more frequent and longer visits. Sounds like a good idea to us. Go kids go!!!! So if we are slow to blog in the week to come its because of March break. Little Man has to report to all that he loves his new cage. Today was his first day venturing out to check on things. After about an hour of careful inspection he says it passes with flying colors. Its sooo much bigger and taller than the last cage. He says that when he sits on top of the cage he can see all his birdie friends outside in the trees. Maybe that is why he squawks so much and soooo loud at times. Babygirl and her mate Prettyboy are once again doing their nesting routine. So far they have never hatched any of their eggs. So Momma is not to concerned that she will have more babies to look after. However, and there is always a however. Lance and Cinnamin have now paired up and are also hiding under the dresser in our birds room. Love is in the air. Maybe that is why Holiday is abit bitchy these days. He has been rubbing himself against whoever and whatever is available. We are going to start calling our room The Love Shack. Must be daylight saving time kicking in. Well our friends, feather and skin, its time to bid a good night to all. Have a wonderful Sunday. For those who have to deal with all the careful. For those that have sunshine and warm weather...we are all coming to your place. Hugs and kisses from our gang to yours. V4all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/08/2008 07:44.50 PM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Little Man
Hurray, Hurray my friends, a nice new cage I have.... filled with warmth and love.....I am home at last....V4all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/07/2008 08:45.36 AM Report This Comment  
Stopping by with a vote for all and to say hello. Another day has begun. Not much will be happening here today. little Man is finally going to get to move into his new cage. Momma is making time today to get it all ready for him. We still have not met the new comer but we can hear him calling from upstairs. Momma says soon he will start to make visits. We just want to see what this new guy is all about. We are still recovering from the big ice and snow storm that we had. Momma is having trouble trying to shovel all that heavy snow. It will take some time to clear everything out once again. At least the skin kids are back to school today. Momma posted new pictures of Autumn, Holiday and Little Man. Stop by and check them out. Well we are off to keep the Momma moving on that new cage. Have a wonderful day our friends. Hugs and kisses from The Great White North Gang.

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/06/2008 07:21.37 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from The GWN Gang
Well its time to get the Momma to do our blogs for us. Momma has been way to busy today so we had to remind her how important it is to keep up on our communications. Well it looks like it is our turn to have all that bad weather. We now have snow fall and freezing rain warnings. Looks like the skin kids will have another day off school tomorrow. We are trying to convince Momma to take picutes of our bird room to share with everyone on BC. So much work has gone into our room to keep us happy and busy. Momma is always coming up with new ideas to keep us entertained. Today she hung up a nice big play area right under the ceiling light. She says that it is not done yet. More toys and lots of stuff to hang off of will be added. If anyone has any ideas on foraging for birds, let Momma know. She is looking for ideas to keep us busy plus make us work for our food. "Whats with that"???? Also any other interesting ideas that people have used in their rooms would be appreciated. Everyone here is doing great. Momma has been spending alot of time with Little Man. She says soon he will beable to come out of his room to visit. But we will only beable to visit through the glass doors until we all get alittle more use to each other. Little Man is still waiting to move into his new cage. Just never seems to be enough time to get all the things done at home. Holiday played a trick on Momma today. He went missing and Momma searched the whole house and could not find him. Momma thought that with all her coming and going in our room today that perhaps he flew out of the room. She was sooo upset because the cats where in the house. Finally when Momma was not looking Holiday showed up on one of our cages. Momma is not sure where the little trouble maker was but that did not matter. He was scolded but given lots of kisses. Well its late and time for us to go to bed. Have a wonderful night and a great tomorrow everyone. Hugs and Kisses from The Great White North Gang. V4all

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/04/2008 04:39.59 PM Report This Comment  
  Good Morning From Autumn
V4U What a beautiful day it is today. This is a day that the Lord has made so lets rejoice in it. We hope you have a wonderful day. The Gang is going to enjoy the sun and family time today. Hugs and kisses from The Great White North Gang.

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

03/02/2008 09:05.55 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Autumn and The Great White North Gang
Well at last Momma has some time to blog for us. We have realy missed our friends on BC. Momma has been busy with our new flock mate Petey...aka Little man. We have not been introduced to him yet. All we can do at this point is call out to each other. Momma says its for the best that we are separate for awhile. The weather here has been cold but the sun is so bright and warm. We know that the warmer weather is coming soon. We can't wait. Everyone in our flock is doing just great. Momma has been busy cleaning and making things for us perfect. Holiday, the more aggressive of all of us is coming along just great. Momma has been working with him and trying to teach him not to nip. Momma is now able to snuggle, give lots of kisses and tussle more with him. He is even better when he has to share Momma with the rest of us. Holiday is becoming a very sweet bird. Sometimes us birdies thinks Momma pays to much attention to Holiday. We understand and his progress has reaped many rewards for all of us. Its going to be a busy weekend for the family. The skin kids are having cousins coming over for the weekend. So once again Momma will be busy keeping them happy. We see Momma has bought a new cage for Little Man so we know thats another thing that will keep Momma away from us. Momma, we know will not ignore us and that she will be in to play with us. Well thats all for now our friends. Stop by and tell us whats going on in your lives. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and kisses from The Great White North gang. V4 all of you.

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

02/29/2008 10:07.13 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from the Oklahoma Gang
Hi Friends, news from our flock. Cotton Ball, speaking. I am getting my beak color now. Mom thinks I might be a girl. St.Patrick is lovin' the BOTW attention. He is drivin' Fortune crazy. He pecks on the PC all day and teases Fortune by (disobeying??) his nightly call for all to go to sleep. hehe. Mom tried to get new pics but Lonnie kept flying.. he likes the one on his page. Slate and Mica are chewing up paper. Yesterday, Fortune took a walk and played with the kids down the block. Well, it is time for LIMERICK OF THE DAY: An Amazon friend of ours Paco, stopped at a cafe in Morocco. His yellow crown down, he said with a frown,no where can I find just one taco.....The Lovies are chewing off your vote button as we speak.....TTFN....

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

02/28/2008 10:38.17 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from The Konawa Oklahoma Gang
TOP O' THE MORNIN' , AFTERNOON OR EVENING WHICH EVER APPLIES..TIME ZONES CONFUSE A BIRD, We are here with a vote from St. Patrick, Fortune, Cotton Ball, Lonnie, Mica and Slate....LOBH( Lots of Birdie Hugs) Patrick tried to write a Limerick...Mom said it is not poetically correct but who gives a feather...... ............. ............. ............. There once was a bird on the channel. Thought she was a lovely sweet girl, till she went to the vet, he said one moment yet, I think you should name this lad Earl......HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND OUR FRIEND

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

02/23/2008 03:46.42 PM Report This Comment  
  Happy Valentines Day!
02/14/2008 06:20.16 PM Report This Comment  
HAPPY VALENTINE DAY! Hope you have a wonderful day. Warm hugs and sweet kisses from Autumn and The Great White North Gang. V4U

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

02/14/2008 10:54.46 AM Report This Comment  
  Hello from Slate and Mica
Slate and Mica here, Thanks for the Blog and the vote. We are listening to THUNDER and RAIN. SCARY!!!! We have something neat to tell our friends. We took off in a big hurry yesterday to find out what was making all the noise in another part of the house. We found BIRDS!!!! They said they had been waiting to see us. YEAH. We know about Patrick and Fortune, but we found Lonnie and Ellie, Cotton Ball and all the Zebra finches. Three Budgies and 10 cockateils, we don't remember all their names, but they welcomed us to sit on the side of their cages an visit. Dad was so worried he could not find us. Mom said we were in the bird room because she could hear our screeches of delight. We are going to ask to join them soon...hehe here is a vote for you. and any of your flock..You might be surprised like us...We are in bird paradise....Slate and Mica

Come visit me, St. Patrick D'bird loves Ruby Sue, Lonnie, Slate and Mica, Fortune & Cotton Ball "I'm Tiki's Girl".

02/05/2008 08:15.04 AM Report This Comment  
  hey dakota
lemon and lime here. it was so nice out today. if i didnt know better i would have thought it was spring. we are watching the game too and mom was cleaning cages. all in all it was a nice day.

Come visit me, WOODSTOCK -IN MEMORY OF-7/28/2009, JJ -#24973, HEDWIG & LEMON & LIME.

02/03/2008 07:16.05 PM Report This Comment  
  02/02/2008 07:09.28 PM Report This Comment  
  Hi Dakota!
02/02/2008 05:47.19 AM Report This Comment  
  Morning our friend
Yippie the weekend is here. Hope you have a great day and a fun weekend. Heres a vote for you. Autumn and The Great White North Gang.

Come visit me, Babygirl, Holiday & Autumn.

02/01/2008 09:02.24 AM Report This Comment  
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